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How To Be Successful In Crypto Trading

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, October 25, 2021
The world of cryptocurrency can be fun, fast-paced, and profitable, but it is easy to get overwhelmed when you are first getting started. There is a lot to learn when getting into this digital world, and beginners need to take a step back and learn everything they can to prevent mistakes. 

Making mistakes when trading cryptocurrency can be expensive, and it may be difficult for you to recover from, which is why taking the time to educate yourself is vital.

The following are some crypto mistakes to avoid to ensure success every time.

Not Doing Your Research

As a beginner, the crypto market can seem overwhelming because there is a lot to understand. There are over 10,000 forms of cryptocurrency, which can seem like an incredible amount to someone who is just getting started.

While you do not need to know what every single cryptocurrency is and what its purpose is, research is still something you should take your time doing.

If there is a cryptocurrency that you are interested in, make sure that you do some research on your own to determine the best steps to take. This means reading more than comments or forums from other traders and looking into market trends that might affect your decision.

There are some great resources out there when it comes to trading cryptocurrency, and many of them are accessible to beginners.

Jumping Into Decisions

In any kind of trading, it is recommended for investors to leave their emotions at the door before they start working.

Feeling emotional about trading can lead to impulsive decisions, which can be very detrimental to your progress. This is why it is recommended for new traders to take their time before making any decisions and start their research early to ensure they understand clearly what they are doing.

Crypto trading is something that should be done based on logic and knowledge, rather than a snap decision based on greed, anxiety, or excitement.

Not Knowing Where To Start

Crypto trading is something that can be done on a range of platforms, and it is this decision that can slow down the progress of beginner traders.

Although there are several platforms that you can use for crypto buying, selling, and trading, not all of them are made to the same standards. For beginners, the currency exchange platform that they need to rely on has a lot of resources as well as a welcoming community that can help you on your journey.

Swyftx is one of the best currency exchange platforms out there as it supports over 250 digital assets, as well as global currencies.

This is an exchange platform that has a lot of resources that can help beginners get started.

As well as articles, community posts, and how-to guides Swyftx also has a crypto trading demo mode that allows beginners to become familiar with the global market without risking capital.

To get started in crypto trading, register with Swyftx today.

Biggest Hurdles to Building a Diverse Workforce (and How to Overcome Them)

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Diversity and inclusion aren't just corporate buzzwords, they're key issues of importance as socially responsible initiatives that are also critical for a company's success. When studying how employee engagement and diversity affect performance, Gallup revealed that the combination of gender diversity and engagement resulted in significantly higher financial performance (46 to 58 percent). A report by Deloitte found that 69 percent of executives believe diversity is an important issue.

We could list stat after stat, but the key isn't just to talk about it, it's to make it happen. If your business is struggling to do so, it could be harming productivity and your bottom line, or even creating an environment that leads to discrimination cases being filed against it.

If you want your organization to be successful, here's how you can overcome the biggest hurdles and build a truly diverse workforce.

Misunderstandings Between People from Different Cultures

When you have employees who come from different cultures, it's a great way to bring new ideas to the table with various perspectives, but it can also lead to misunderstandings. For example, if you give someone a thumbs up or pat them on the back, it can be seen as offensive in certain cultures. If you have an inclusive workplace that helps employees feel confident that their team members respect those differences, they're likely to give others the benefit of the doubt.

Be sure to create an environment in which team members welcome feedback and the opportunity to learn when they've done or said something that could be offensive. Taking advantage of teachable moments can help everyone learn to do their part, ensuring diversity and inclusivity.

Communication Problems

When hiring a group of diverse people in a primarily English-speaking environment, it can be difficult for those who don't speak English as their first language.

Even if their English reading and writing skills are strong, they may still be practicing to communicate verbally as it can be difficult, especially when nuances and slang are involved. They may feel ostracized and pressured to try and make a good first impression by contributing in a meeting, for example, but don't feel confident enough to speak up. These individuals may be left out of the conversation, and meeting leaders often don't make the effort to understand and recognize what the issue is.

Managers in this situation should acknowledge language barriers while providing guidelines for more inclusive meetings and encouraging employees to feel safe enough to speak up. Encourage those whose first language is English to speak more slowly and clearly, and avoid slang.

Biases and Stereotypes

As you work at diversifying your team, you may uncover biases. Unfortunately bias, prejudice, and stereotypes can be ingrained which means overcoming them not only takes a willingness to change, but humility.

If an employee doesn't feel comfortable with a coworker, is skeptical about their ability or perhaps would hesitate to put them in front of a customer, it's important to ask why. The answers will quickly reveal if there is an unconscious bias, discrimination, prejudice, or stereotype behind it, or, if there is truly a legitimate reason.

If there isn't a legitimate reason, it's essential to handle the situation quickly before it causes divisions at the company as it will interfere with your goal of building a more diverse workforce. Some employees might start looking for a new job while candidates might not want to work for your company.

Unwillingness to Change

If your business has been rather homogenized, with most employees coming from similar backgrounds, it's natural for some to resist change which means trying to implement diversity initiatives might be a battle. With good leadership, persistence, and an explanation of the values of diversity, that resistance can be overcome.

How To Start Freelance Business?

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, October 3, 2021
The need to start a freelance business is often born of an entrepreneurial mindset. All freelancers will tell you how difficult it is to keep up at the initial stages. Just like every other business, the early results are the inevitable growth we need to experience to make it far in the world of freelance.

This write-up is compiled with good detailing to help you swim the waters of the freelance business without having to drown.

You can order for your business and entrepreneurial-based wall arts at Elephantstock.

Before you dive in

It is safe to assume most people understand the exact reason they decided to start freelancing. Knowing why you have decided to start freelancing has a significant effect on how well the business will thrive.
How do you choose to see the business? Is it just a side hustle or something you are willing to invest the totality of your time in? Is it something to keep you busy? Whatever your answer, you will realize that each answer requires a different approach.

A side hustle is different from the main hustle, but the side hustle can thrive, depending on how well you manage your time. In point, be sure of the exact reason you are making the transition. That is the foundation of how your business will be shaped.

Ensure, to be honest with yourself and always set attainable goals. Disappointments are an unrivaled way to kill morale and dedication. Accept jobs you are certain can be delivered on, both time-wise and quality-wise.

The right niche

A host of startup freelancers often make the mistake of being sentimental when selecting niches. It is advisable to pick a niche that will support you financially.

The inability to make tangible money as a freelancer often brings fatigue and eventually an overall lack of interest in the business. Whatever services you can offer, ensure you can offer said services in its totality and not just a section or part of it.

In most cases, the attainable difference between a successful freelancer and an unsuccessful one is range. How good are you in your field? How fast you are willing to catch up with the knowledge you don’t have?

An experienced look

Your freelance business might just be starting up, but that doesn’t mean it has to look new and inexperienced. A business logo is the best way to show your quality, professionalism, and seriousness. It is difficult to take a business seriously if it doesn’t have a face or an image representing it.

A nice, eye-catching logo is a good way to promote your start-up business. To make it in the world of freelancing, there has to be an understanding that the competition is quite heavy. Ensure you have a standard profile, with good detail and an eye-catching image. The higher you climb, the better you modify it.

The importance of a website

It is understood that logos help attract clients, but it gets to a stage in your freelance journey where you inevitably have to build yourself a website. This cannot be overstated; websites are a great way to boost your freelance business.

They are a place of contact between you and your potential clients. Websites are great for many reasons, it signifies a high level of professionalism, and it instantly raises your class and price as a freelancer.

They are a great way to advertise your business, while simultaneously gaining some ground as a social media influencer. Implement the use of creativity in advertising yourself and your business on various platforms like LinkedIn, fiver, and freelancer, just to name a few.

The trick about pricing

Most startup freelancers are often unsure of how to price. This uncertainty can have detrimental effects; you could end up pricing too high or too low. This leaves you unsure and not confident, any smart client will pick up on that scent.

You should make research on how much freelancers in your niche charge for services provided. Once you have this information, you have to understand that you are new to the business. Start with smaller jobs and accept lesser pay, most of the jobs that come your way will most likely have those details.

From those smaller gigs and lighter pays, you will eventually build a standard and profitable business.

Follow these steps, be truthful to yourself, master your craft, and make your profiles attractive, and you will be amazed at how smooth you will sail the freelancing world.

New Payment Methods: Your Customers' Preferences

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, September 14, 2021
One of the key points that will help to successfully complete orders is the availability of various payment methods. The variety of payment methods significantly increases the conversion of your website.

The only thing that stops a buyer from making a purchase is the lack of commonly used payment methods. If such methods are present on your site, according to statistics, the chance of placing an order increases by more than 50%.

It is important to remember that if you sell your products in different countries, then you should initially research the most prevailing payment methods in a particular country.

Payment methods that should be provided

1) Bankcard

A bank card is an obligatory method of payment. This type of payment ranks second in the world for the choice of payment method. More than 20% of people prefer it. In countries where e-commerce is well developed, the rate increases significantly.

Paying by credit card will significantly increase your conversion since such payment is safe for both the buyer and the seller. Moreover, many banks offer various loyalty programs to their cardholders, which further encourage users to use this payment method.

2) e-Wallets

2 years ago, more than 40% of the world's purchases were made using e-wallets. It is expected that in a few years this percentage will increase to 50% and will be the most demanded.

This method is convenient in that all the information necessary for payment is already put in it and when making a purchase, the client does not need to enter data. When a user wants to buy something, he just needs to enter his username and password from the electronic wallet and the payment will be made.

Another thing that stops customers from making a purchase is to sign up, where you need to spend extra time in order to enter all details. In this case, such wallets solve the problem for the user.

Many business owners face unlimited hurdles when trying to increase their website conversion. In this case, specialists offer eCommerce software that takes care of all the problematic points and helps your business compete in the market.

The availability of which e-wallets also affects sales growth


PayPal ranks first among all e-wallets. The number of users using this wallet is more than 250 million people. Therefore, we can conclude that many of your customers use this service. This service makes a payment in just a few seconds, no matter what device you use. Most countries in the world have connected this wallet as a payment method. If you are an international company, then having this method is a must. Many studies support the fact that website conversion increases by 80%.

Amazon Pay

The giant seller Amazon is known to every person on earth. They introduced their payment method, Amazon Pay, to the site a long time ago. Moreover, this service is used not only on the Amazon website but also on other marketplaces and online stores.

Apple Pay

The most popular mobile payment method is Apple Pay. The presence of technology that reads your fingerprint makes this service one of the most secure. All your customer needs to do to make a purchase is to touch the fingerprint scanner. Also, this service is installed on all iOS devices.

Google Pay

Android device owners have a chance to pay for purchases using Google Pay. The information you need to make a purchase is already entered into your account, which allows you to quickly place an order. Also, such payment methods as Google Pay and Apple Pay allow online store owners not to pay an additional commission, which PayPal and Amazon Pay cannot boast of.


If your store sells products in Asian countries or reaches an audience from these countries, then the Alipay payment method is required. The owners of this wallet can make purchases in more than 50 countries around the world.


If your target audience is young people, then this service might stimulate your sales.

The peculiarity of this method is that customers can partially pay for the order, while they will not be charged interest on a credit card. Further, customers can rationally plan their budget without spending a lot of money on one purchase at once.

Summing up

With a wide variety of payment options, your customers will be more willing to shop.

When targeting the international market, make sure that you have analyzed the most popular payment methods in a given country.

If you need help analyzing various payment methods and choosing the most optimal ones, use the help of specialists at

FinancePal Review- Leading accounting solution provider to SMBs

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, September 11, 2021
If you’re a startup, you already be knowing how difficult is to manage financial stuff like bookkeeping, accounting, advisory services, payroll, bill pay, AR/AP, and more.

And this is where companies like FinancePal come to the rescue. It helps you manage all your accounting on the edge.

About FinancePal

FinancePal is a Chicago-based online financial service provider including bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, and payroll. It was founded by Jacob Dayan and Nick Charveron and are in service since 2015. Although FinancePal is offering a variety of financial services, but majorly known for customizable and affordable bookkeeping services. Thousands of startups and small business units are relying on FinancePal for business transactions, calculate taxes, and readable financial statements.

The best thing I found with FinancePal is they can also assign clients with a dedicated financial team of certified financial and tax practitioners. This setup costs you way less than having a dedicated team in-house.

Services offered by FinancePal

Many services are being offered by FinancePal in finance, tax, and accounting.

#1 Bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping is one of the flagship services offered by FinancePal. Bookkeeping involves everything from tracking your financial records to making sure no error is involved which can lead to a financial shortfall. Below are some of the major works, FinancePal team can do for you in bookkeeping services-

  • Recording your transactions
  • Preparing balance sheet
  • Preparing income statement
  • Working on tax preparation
  • Direct communication and financial advice to help your business grow

Just make sure you don’t mix bookkeeping and accounting services. Although both works towards the same goal but they are different entities. Bookkeeping is majorly the recording of financial transactions whereas accounting is analysis and strategy based on this information.

#2 Accounting services

Once you sign up for FinancePal’s small business accounting services, you gain access to the accounting team. The team acts as a one-point destination for detailed financial statements, insights, and recommendations for growing your business. You will also get access to FinancePal online platform that allows you to check in your business finance on the edge. Here are some benefits of using the accounting services of FinancePal-

  • Direct access to experienced accountants and tax experts
  • Hands-on customer service paired with the latest tech solution
  • Peace of mind that your business is financially compliant
  • Personalized services at an affordable flat rate
  • Easy-to-read reporting that provides the information you need
  • Secure and reliable so you can trust your data is protected

The good thing is you pay for the services you need.

#3 Online payroll solution

FinancePal offers an online payroll solution for all small businesses from any industry. It can offer payroll on your largest expense area and you will have the option to select the timeframe, either weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly. FinancePal’s dedicated and transparent reporting system can also highlight any risks or opportunities that need your attention. Following are the benefits of using FinancePal’s online payroll solution-

  • Accurate Records
  • Timely Filing with deadline tracking
  • Create action plans to help you prepare for or avoid tax liabilities and many more

#4 Tax preparation service

This is another major headache for any small business and FinancePal’s can help you get rid of this completely. They help any small kind of business-like sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs, and corporations, as well as non-profits. The services include tax consulting, optimize tax savings, and tax filing.

Apart from these, there are other varieties of services are being offered by FinancePal-

FinancePal pricing

FinancePal understands every small business may have tailored needs and so they have flexible pricing options. They offer quote-based pricing for the business where you will be billed for the services you’re intended to use. This helps the customer to pay for the services they use. As per the data available on the internet, a small business will be usually paying around $150 per month.

Even small to mid-size businesses will be also paying in the range of $400 per month for the bookkeeping services. This pricing includes-

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Account reconciliations
  • Monthly and EOY financial statements
  • Mobile receipt tracker

For large-scale payroll help and taxation service, you may have to pay more and can be in the thousand range. For the exact pricing, you can connect with them.

Features of FinancePal:

Although when you sign up with FinancePal, you get a dedicated team who will be working with you. But still, there is N number of features offered by FinancePal that you should know to make the most out of it.

Tailored dashboard

The customer dashboard for accounts payable and receivable is simple to use and easily accessible. It can be connected with any other accounting software for a small business like Quickbooks, Hubdoc, Tsheets,, Gusto, and many more.


The payroll service helps you to generate invoices online and customize how often you would like to bill. This is one of the best invoicing software you can find for enterprises and small businesses. Through their guides, you can also learn invoice overdue collection tips and get paid on time.

Expense tracking

Helps you track the expense with their mobile app and handles your company’s daily spending through a third-party system. 

Bank Reconciliation

The tax and expert’s team will be helping with any discrepancy during the tax and finance and will be reconciled with any need with the bank.


You will be able to generate many customs reports those can help you track your business and understand performance in a better way.

Integrations and Add-ons:

Although they don’t have a huge list of integrations, but you won’t be disappointed as they integrate well with major financial SaaS providers. Some of the major platforms FinancePal integrates with are- QuickBooks, Hubdoc, TSheets, ADP, Gusto, and more.

Customer service and support:

FinancePal offers many ways to connect with them. The best is, you can call them anytime and get quick support. Apart from calling, you can even mail them or chat in real-time as well 24x7.

Final verdict:

While trying FinancePal, I found it pretty much helpful for small businesses. If you’re also a startup or small size company looking for complete finance and accounting solution, you may rely on FinancePal. Check with FinancePal today about how best they can manage your company's finance.

The Most Popular and Profitable Affiliate Programs

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, September 10, 2021
Affiliate marketing is one of the ways to earn money. The essence of affiliate marketing is that you should recommend some service for your friends. Then, you can earn money if your friend does a certain action.

Hence, you should choose an affiliate program in which way you want to earn money: for a click, target action, or sale.

Most Popular and Profitable Affiliate Programs To Work

So there are multiple the most popular and profitable affiliate programs in 2021.

#1 Amazon Associates

If you want to work with famous services, Amazon is the best option to start with.

About a Company: Amazon is a well-known company you can earn from. It’s at the top of our list because of its fame and accordingly good reputation.

Affiliate Program: There are a lot of niches you can choose from to share affiliate links. Wide range of niches -- a wide range of commission rates. It can vary from 1% to 10%. Hence, when choosing, pay attention to the sum of money you’ll earn from working with Amazon.

You can get 10% of product sales when you recommend an offer from ‘expensive’ categories such as luxury beauty. You’ll receive only 1% from product selling when your recommendation will be a physical video game.

Keep in mind that Amazon doesn’t support PayPal. But you can use another international payment system, Payoneer.

Cookie: Cookie life lasts only 24 hours; therefore, if your friends like to think a lot about whether to buy a product or not, it’s better to ask them to add an offer to their cart because it leads to cookie life increasing to 90 days.

Also read: How to fill Amazon US affiliate Tax Information for Indian Affiliates   

#2 eBay Partner Network

If you buy items on this platform, you can boost your income by sharing its affiliate links.

About a Company: eBay is a platform where you can sell your items and set up biddings. For example, one potential buyer can set $100 for your drawing, and another person can set $150. You can choose the most profitable option for you and sell your offer for big money.

Affiliate Program: eBay partner network is the best bet for you if you’re a fan of choosing from different niches. This platform can offer you to choose from 300 categories. You can earn from a 1% to 4% commission rate from eBay.

When it comes to high-ticket items, you can earn $100 from them. And it’s no matter what their current value is.

Cookie: Like on Amazon, cookie life lasts only 24 hours. Therefore, it’s difficult to earn money from eBay affiliate programs when it comes to a seven-day auction period.

#3 Moment Affiliate Program

The third place on our top is taken by an affiliate program in the photography niche.

About a Company: The moment is a company for people who are passionate about photography. They gather into a big community and share inspiration with each other. For example, they make trips together to places they like to take photos in. Or they receive new gear for photographing and can purchase it before other people.

The creators of Moment set up guides and online lessons for their friends. Therefore, if you know a person who’d like to join such a community, it’s a good idea to suggest this service or just share one of its offers.

Affiliate Program: You can share the link on gear and earn from 6% to 15% from it. Or another option: it’s possible to earn 10% from photography lessons. Be ready that this service has a 60-day payment commission hold. It means that you should wait for two months before receiving your money. If you recommend traveling for your friends, you should wait even for three months to withdraw your income.

Cookie: Cookie ‘live’ for 30 days. You can’t make cookie life more extendable.

#4 Fiverr Affiliates

If your favorite niche is the online labor marketplace, Fiverr affiliates are the best bet for you.

About a Company: Fiverr is a marketplace that provides freelance services such as copywriting, translating, designing, SEO services, the list goes on. Fiverr is like Upwork or Freelancer when you can offer your service to potential customers.

Affiliate Program: As you guessed, you can earn money by sharing freelancers’ services on Fiverr. You can receive your money through a bank transfer or PayPal. Also, you can receive a Fiverr Revenue card and get money on this card.

Keep in mind that this platform doesn’t suit you if you plan to have a recurring income as Fiverr provides its affiliate program only for first-time customers you lead to this marketplace.

Cookie: Cookie lifespans are 30 days. It’s good for you because employers can choose who applies to work with them for several days or even weeks.

The Bottom Line

You can share affiliate links on social media or your own website. You can write about this service and make a text that will attract potential buyers for the service you’re promoting. If you’re worried about your quality of writing, you can develop your skills by working in writing services. It’s possible to make money from them, too. To understand what kind of work you should do there, you can go now to see essay samples.

CTF Loader in Windows 10- Everything To Know About It

By Ashutosh Jha →
When you use your electronic device and find that the “CTF loader” is running in the task manager, I am sure it made you curious to know what it is. You have found the correct article as today, I will mention what exactly is CTF and many questions related to it. The first thing to know about CTF is that it’s harmless. Many applications on our electronic devices such as Microsoft use it.

But if you feel like your CTF loader is causing your electronic device to slow down or is causing any errors then the service can easily be disabled. The CTF loader services can be disabled at any time if it's not required for your efficient working. If it’s causing you errors, then you can easily fix it by yourself without any help and here you will find out how that happens.

Before jumping to more questions and concepts about CTF, let's see what exactly is CTF loader.

What is the CTF loader?

While you found that your task manager was running a CTF loader, it must have raised the question in your mind as to what is CTF loader is. The CTF is an abbreviation for a “collaborative translation framework”. CTF loader is used by applications like Microsoft to deduce the handwriting and voice recognition on your electronic device.

If your computer is fine and working with the CTF loader in function, then simply ignore it. But if it's causing it to slow down or other errors, then you have to check the same. If you are using a program that doesn't need a CTF loader, then you can disable it as well. There is a slight possibility that you may have a virus in your computer that is disguised as the CTF or ctmon.exe.

The basic function of the CTF is to help the computer with keyboard translation, speech or voice recognition, and handwriting recognition. Everything that you write and the audios recorded for your electronic device will be deduced with the help of CTF. Now that we know what is CTF loader, let's understand if CTF is a virus or not.

Is CTF loader a virus?

The most common question asked about CTF is “is CTF loader a virus?”. CTF loader is running even when you are not using any Microsoft office tools. After shutting down the program, the CTF still runs in the background. The CTF is a legitimate Windows file and hence it is not connected to any virus, spyware, or malware.

It’s certainly true that people who create the malware apps may often name it CTF or something identical to the .exe file to disguise their malware, spyware, or virus as CTF loader. In general, it is not a virus. But if a virus has entered your computer disguised as CTF, then get it checked by your security task manager.

If you feel that the CTF is causing errors in your computer, then disable it and you will find out if it's a virus disguised as CTF or a different virus that is causing you problems.

What does a CTF loader process do?

The CTF loader process handles and monitors the user-related functions on the application such as Microsoft Office and all its tools, for example, word, excel, etc. The user-related functions it handles are the inputs of the keyboard, recognition of speech, handwriting recognition, translation from speech to text, and many other language-related functions of the Microsoft.

When you type something from your keyboard on a Microsoft office tool or upload audio that has to be converted to speech or transcribe, you will need the CTF loader process to be running on the background. If you have disabled it in the past, then you have to enable it for you to use the Microsoft.

Issues with the CTF loader windows 10

There are many functions of the windows 10 and one of them is the CTF loader. We now know the role, functions, and basics of CTF loader so let's focus on some of the common issues related to the CTF loader windows 10.

  1. CTF loader has crashed: The common complaint of many users is that the file of CTF loader windows 10 has stopped running itself. This leads other functions in the computer to cease its function as well. It causes great inconvenience for the user.
  2. The computer is sluggish: The other common complaint is that the CTF loader causes the computer to slow down. This happens because of the high RAM usage by the computer and users.

What causes CTF to have errors?

We know everything about what does CTF loader do as well as that it sometimes causes issues but why does it cause any errors in the functioning? The problems mostly arise after your system has been updated. The update can affect the performance of the computer significantly. This happens because many other files of the windows clash with the CTF loader.

Other errors arise due to the error in the inputs or the language packs. It is possible that when you try to change the language of the windows, there might be a warning, that the language you wish to choose is not available in the language pack.

The third cause of the error can be malware. There can be hidden malware that obstructs the working of your CTF. To impair your operating system, a program that has viruses can target as well as destroy the CTFMON.exe and this will create many errors in the efficient functioning of the CTF.

Fixing CTF loader: a guide

If you have run into errors and problems due to your CTF loader, then there are certain steps by which you can fix it by yourself without any professional help.

7 Best Free Online Proofreading Tools for Error-Free Writing

By Ashutosh Jha →
Whether you are a blog writer, columnist, feature writer, or any other type of writer, you have to ensure the quality content which is error-free and easy to read. There are writers who charge $100 for a post while others just get around $2-$3.

Why so much difference?
These are mainly because of the writing style, error-free, and data-driven content. While writing the content, we make loads of errors. These errors can be of grammar related or spelling mistakes or incorrect sentence creation etc.

You should do the detailed content analysis before publishing any article to ensure it is free from any kind of errors and mistakes. Usually, there are some errors which you won’t be able to find normally and so you may need to take the help of some tools which will detect such errors and help you to correct.

One such tool is Grammarly and there are many Grammarly alternatives that will help you to detect and correct the errors associated with the content.

As I wrote in my Grammarly review post that, it is a paid tool and the free version won’t much help especially if you are a beginner? So today, I will be sharing some best free online proofreading tools. These are also free Grammarly alternatives and are very useful for beginners who have just started.

So let’s get started with these Free Grammarly alternatives using which you can write an error-free and high-quality content. These free online proofreading tools will help all the writers no matter you are a beginner or an experienced professional.

Useful Free Online Proofreading Tools

Here is the list of 7 best online proofreading tools and software which will help you in your writing journey. These free online proofreading and editing software are available for free but some of them also provide the premium version with more features and customization.

Here are some of the common practice I used to do before publishing any post-

• I take a break after writing the article and proofreading. Usually, I do after a few hours.
• Read thoroughly and do with the cool mind. Better select a place with less distraction.
• Read from the visitors’ perspective
• Keep on editing in real-time. Some people find an error and mark it. After reading the entire article, they correct. But I prefer editing as soon as I find an error.
• Use an online proofreading tool.


Grammarly is trending and highly used online proofreading tool currently. This is a multi-purpose tool that will help you to check and correct any kind of content for any error.
If you will ask me to recommend only one online proofreading software, I will say you to go with Grammarly.

You can check our Grammarly review to know about the tool in detail. This software is a fermium tool which means, you can use it for free with some limitations but the paid version comes with a better result. Also, the tool has a web API, browser extension, and Microsoft Word extension for better editing. You can also check Grammarly alternatives to look for alternative options.

Join Grammarly, it’s free!


Ginger is another top grammar checker tool for editing and proofreading the articles. It is one of the best Grammarly alternatives.

It is a free online proofreading software and comes with all the major OS like Windows, Android, and iOS. It has many features like-

• Grammar checker
• Sentence rephrase
• Translation
• Dictionary
• Text Reader
• Personal Trainer and much more…



Polishmywriting works in a similar way as Ginger do but it won’t suggest you for the error like a/an, has/have, etc.

It provides a colorful interface where it shows the errors in three different color-

• Red for the spelling error
• Blue for the style suggestions
• Green for grammatical errors

I found this proofreading software most quick compared to any other online proofreading software.


Slick Write

I found Slick Write one of the best online proofreading and editing tools. If you are not in a hurry and want to deliver the quality content with NO mistakes, Slick Write is for you.

It doesn’t only help you to detect and correct the grammar and spelling errors but also helps you to improve your writing skills.

It will also help you to form the correct sentence and will help you with the word variety.



PaperRater is another good tool for online proofreading and has almost similar features that other free online proofreading services provide with an extra feature. It also checks your article title and rates your overall work like your vocabulary, word choice, style, etc.

You just need to submit your content and it will give you and score based on your writing, grammar, content quality, and sentence formation.

Again it is a fermium tool and you will get full functionality and features in the premium version. But the free version is also worth trying.


This is a bit different from what other online proofreading software provides. Using this tool, you can check your article in different languages.

This tool is highly useful when you have to proofread your entire blog. It will check and will suggest the best solutions for the errors found.


Language Tool

It is another new but impressive free online proofreading tool. It is an open-source proof­reading program for English, French, German, Polish, and more than 20 languages.

The tool is available for open office, desktop, Firefox, and Google Chrome. You can paste your content and can get the suggestions for the errors found.


The writer is a leading AI-enabled business writing assistant for business. It helps you write better content which are error-free and which makes an impact. The writer is comparatively new in the segment but due to its algorithm, getting immense popularity. And due to the strong platform, Writer is being used by organizations like HSBC, Twitter, Zoom+, Discovery, Intuit, and more.

The best thing with Writer is, it allows you to create your own rules for editing content across the platform without referring back to the reference document all the time.

Tommy Hyland who is the VP of Marketing at Ascend says- Writer has allowed him to centralize his content style guide and terminology, making it much easier for others across the company to create marketing content that is aligned to our brand. Please note it is a premium tool and only free trial is available.

Here are some of the features of the Writer which you can use regularly-

  • Available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs
  • Uses AI to recommend best and find the error
  • You can save your own style and use it anytime
  • Helps you to be consistent throughout the content in the organization
  • Control where the suggestions should show
  • Fully safe and secure

Access Writer

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best and free online proofreading tools. These free proofreading software helps you to check content for any possible grammar mistakes and also helps you to enhance your writing.

Do check your contents before publishing with any of these grammar checking tools and ensure that it is error-free and easy to read and avoid common blogging mistakes.

Let me know which online proofreading tool you use for content editing?