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10 Best SEO strategies in 2018 for Better Ranking

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, June 1, 2020
In the world of digitization, taking your business to the online world is crucial.

But just getting online is not sufficient and you should do all that you can to get the most out of the online world.

Best SEO strategies in 2018
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If you are maintaining all the flavors of professional websites also, it is incomplete without the traffic. And what can be better than the organic traffic?

Although you can get online traffic through multiple ways, but organic traffic works best for any business as those are the targeted traffic for you. Again, due to changing Google search engine algorithms, it has become difficult to maintain the ranking with the same logic we used to get earlier.

So, I decided to write a detailed guide on the best SEO strategy in 2018 which works and helps increase the keyword ranking. These best SEO strategies will definitely help you boost your keyword ranking and you will rank higher in the search engine.

I am also using the same SEO strategies and finding it useful with many of my websites. Below you can see how using the below discussed best SEO strategies, I am consistently increasing my traffic.

TricksRoad Traffic Overview
And so, you can also play with the same SEO techniques 2018 and get some quality and free traffic which will be highly useful for your business. Either you can do all these yourself or even you can take help of some trusted SEO agencies like brand summum media 360 who follow all the white hat techniques to rank your business online.

10 Best SEO Strategies in 2018 for better ranking in a search engine [proven tricks]

Let’s see what all are the best SEO strategies in 2018 you should follow for the best ranking in search engine. Also, once you will start implementing these SEO techniques in 2018, you should keep track on the ranking of keywords in Google.

#1 User Experience is the hot ranking factor

If you will look into the top SEO trends 2018, user experience comes among the top position. Search engines are emphasizing a lot on the user experience and so, the better user experience you will provide, the better your keyword will rank in the search engine.

From the first click on your visitor on your website, you should treat them like your customer and serve accordingly. Think like they are your real customer and how best you can serve them.

10 Best SEO strategies in 2018 for Better Ranking
It’s well said that:


Here UX is user experience and so you can think of how user experience is an important SEO ranking factor. Here SEO targets the search engine whereas UX targets the user experience and together fulfills the common goals of better keyword ranking. And below are the factors search engine checks when it comes to user experience-

  • How easy the website is to navigate from a user point of view
  • Whether proper heading tags (H1-H6) have been implemented or not. We have discussed more about heading tags in our on-page SEO techniques which you can check for reference.
  • Site structure should be good and easy to access
  • Should have the best experience irrespective of the devices being used
  • Speed should be good, we will discuss this factor later in this best SEO strategies as well
  • Color-combination, fonts, responsiveness are also among the top factors

#2 Make your website super fast

No website user wants to wait for too long!

Just put yourself in the visitors’ place and see how much time you can wait to get a certain page when you have thousands of alternatives available. And so, it becomes very important to reduce blog load time.

Especially, if you are starting a new blog from scratch, you must take care of the website load time. For this, you can use some highly SEO optimized themes or you can also do further customization and optimization.

It’s no more a secret and Google has publicly announced how website speed is an important search engine ranking factor. If you will look at the website load time report on my blog, you will find it’s not the best but yeah, it’s good.

TricksRoad Speed Test
Most of the business lose their potential customer while their website is loading and that’s the reason, Google has started giving preferences in terms of devices also. For example, you must have seen Accelerated Mobile Pages in the Google mobile search result for best and fast user experience.

Google AMP Result
These results load quite faster in the browser and user won’t even have to wait for seconds before these AMP enabled pages to load. So, definitely, these results increase the page speed as well as increase the user experience.

Google AMP Facts
As you can see how a bad loading website can impact your business and so, being a website owner, you should definitely keep the website loading time among the top priority.

Now the question is, how to reduce website load time?

Here are some of the techniques using which you can easily decrease the blog loading time fast-

Use Optimized Image

Images or any multimedia files contribute the maximum in website loading time and so, make sure you are using highly optimized images. Again, if you are like me who uses lots of images in the blog post then it became again necessary as it is one of the best SEO strategies in 2018.

I personally use, tinypng to optimize the image from a web browser or Smush image compression plugin while working with WordPress blogs.

Image Optimization for SEO
As you can see TinyPNG has optimized my four images size to 67% which is a great value. The best thing is, these plugins or tools optimized the size without compromising the quality of the images.

User Browser Caching

Caching is a mechanism for temporarily storing the web page data such as HTML files, multimedia files in order to reduce the bandwidth uses and hence decreasing the load time.

If you are a WordPress user, there are plugins like-
  • W3 Total Cache or
  • WP Super Cache
Which will help you enable the cache easily and improve the speed performance?

But for the non-WordPress sites, this becomes little tricky where you need to make changes to your .htaccess file.

So, access your .htaccess file from your file browser of cPanel. You can access this either through cPanel and find in the root directory or browse the file through the tools like FileZilla.

Once accessed you need to make the changes in the parameters like below-

<IfModule mod_expires.c>
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/jpg "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresByType image/gif "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresByType image/png "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresByType text/css "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType application/pdf "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType text/x-javascript "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresDefault "access plus 2 days"

Use Content Delivery Network

CDN again helps a lot in reducing the website load time by providing the requested content from the datacentre near to the requested center.

There are multiple CDN available in the market, but I personally use CDN77 for my multiple blogs and is working amazingly so far.

Apart from all these, loading any JavaScript file at the end of the page and using lazy image load can also improve the performance a lot.

#3 Completely Responsive to all devices

Did you find anything interesting from the below image?

Search Engine Traffic by Device
As you can see by the end of 2016, the source of traffic from desktop and Mobile/tablet got almost same and currently mobile is even dominating in some niches. This survey was done by StatCounter team at the end of 2016. And so, it becomes very crucial being a business to focus on all kind of devices through which you are getting the traffic. And here comes the responsiveness of website.

Usually, a big publisher house of business has dedicated websites for desktop and mobile, but everyone can’t afford it and even not required. But one thing that is required is the responsive website. You should take care all the gradients while designing a new website.

For this either you can use the responsive themes and templates or if you are developing a custom website, ask the developer to take care of the responsiveness. If you have an existing site, then make sure it is responsive and experience is great irrespective of the device used.

You can use the tools like Browserling or Google Mobile friendly testing tool to check whether your site is optimized for other devices or not.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

#4 Focus on Search Queries rather than Keyword

Google keeps on modifying their search algorithms and the way results are displayed in the search engine result page. If you will see the current result page, you will find it displayed with the rich snippets and local search.

Even for some specific searches (19.45% of total search to be specific), Google has started showing the direct result like below.

Google Rich Snippets
Now, who so ever just want to get the date of Black Friday can easily find it from search page itself instead of visiting any website. And the same applies to the local search result as well.

This is the reason, marketers and SEO analysts should focus on the search queries rather than the keywords. For this, you need to think from a user point of view and in this case, long tail keywords and related keywords can be the best help.

For example, let’s say you are trying to rank on “SEO techniques” then it will be difficult to rank instead of a bit longer keyword like “SEO tips and techniques”. Check the below screenshot from the search engine.

Long Tail Keywords
You can clearly see the difference. Also, for the first keyword, all the top websites are ranking, and it is hard to outrank them compared to the second result where average sites are ranked. And so, always focus on the long-tail keywords and search queries for easy ranking and best result.

#5 Create Quality Content

You might have come across the term- Quality content multiple times but what is a quality content?

Well, there is no fixed answer to this and vary depending on the scenario. But in a layman term, we can say those content which adds value to the user and internet are quality content.

Search engine loves the content which adds value to them and user and provides the depth knowledge of any search topic. For high competitive keywords, you will find in-depth articles ranked higher in the search engine. For example, for the keyword “create quality content” itself, see the below image and observe the kind of sites are ranking in the SERP.

Create Quality Content
All these ranked sites are authority sites and it is hard to outrank these sites. Again, if you will open these links and analyze their content, you will find how depth these contents are and how lengthy these are. They have all the flavors to be the best content on the internet.

The below research shows the ranking position of different contents based on the number of words involved in the article. And so, you should focus much on the in-depth articles rather than just writing few hundred words and switch to the next content. You can also use Google trend or blogging tools like Buzzsumo to analyze what kind of contents are performing better in the search engine.

Content Length vs Google Ranking

#6 Update old blog posts

Content creation is one of the most difficult tasks in blogging or marketing and quality content is our asset as we saw earlier. Although we should create evergreen content rather than seasoned content, but still evergreen contents need to be updated. Things are changing very frequently and so if you won’t update it, it will lose its relevance. Also, you should not only update the old blog posts but also promote old blog post effectively to get best out of it.

For example, let’s see this post is focusing in best SEO strategies in 2018 and next year there can be another SEO factor which may need to be in this list and so, will have to update this post accordingly.

#7 Quality Link Building

Link building is a part of off-page SEO techniques and together with on-page SEO techniques completed the main SEO strategy.

Quality Link Building
I am not going to discuss about the link building techniques in detail here as I have already talked a lot about it on TricksRoad and you can check TricksRoad Link Building section for details. Also, below is some link which will help you better.

But one thing that I want to share here is the- quality link building!

Building lots of links is not a hard job and using any link building gigs available on the freelancer's sites you can easily attain. But gaining a quality link is a tough job!

So, always focus on the quality over quantity!

You can various examples where a website ranking on the 1st position has fewer links compared to the other sites ranking way down. Also, do internal linking of blog posts as possible and required. You can take this post as an example and see how I am interlinking my other useful and relevant blog posts here.

#8 Optimize for voice search

A few years ago, it was unimaginable to communicate to the computer using voice but with the help of Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, it is reliable, and everyone is using it.

According to the report by KPCB, voice search queries have increased to 35x since 2008 and more than a 7x increase since 2010. And so, you should optimize your website so that if someone is using voice search also, your site should come at the top.

Google Voice Search
But the question is how to optimize your website for Google voice search result?

Well, this you can do how you are optimizing the google search result. Try to use long-tail keywords as much as possible and ensure that you are including the users’ search query rather than simple keywords.

#9 HTTP to HTTPS Migration

Yes, SSL certificate has become an important ranking factor as well. Google is now sincerely considering secured sites ranking over the non-secured websites.

How SSL helps in Google Ranking
As you can see the above data-driven graph, how HTTPS sites are ranking better than the non-secured sites and so, it’s time to move to HTTPS.

#10 Google is the King but what about Other Search Engines?

No doubt, Google is the king of the search engine but there are any other search engines as well which being a marketer you should take care. If you will look into the search engine market share, search engines like YouTube, Bing, Yahoo are also having a good market share.

Top Search Engine
And so, make sure you are optimizing your website for other leading search engines as well. You should register your website in the webmaster tools of another search engine so that you can have well presence and ranking in other search engines.

It’s your turn!

These were the 10 best SEO strategies in 2018 you should follow for better ranking in search engine. Also, once you have reached the top position, you should work to maintain the top ranking in Google.

Only these 10 factors can’t decide the ranking, but these are definitely the top latest SEO techniques 2018. To rank better in the search engine, you should definitely look into these SEO factors and make the best SEO strategies in 2018.

If we left any important factors here, feel free to share in the comment!

How To Take Your FBA Business To The Next Level

By Ashutosh Jha →
FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is a program that provides online sellers the opportunity to streamline and manage logistics of their product per the standards of Amazon. The program is not perfect and has its drawbacks but with the right strategy, you can maximize your profit while mitigating the costs.

How To Take Your FBA Business To The Next Level
In order to improve your FBA business, you need to take a look at your business and optimize it to increase your sales while minimizing costs.

Here are some tips to increase your sales and take your brand to the next level:

1. Don’t skimp on data

At this point, you already have numbers from the previous months and you pretty much have a picture of how you’re doing.

Typically FBA businesses have a 15% to 20% adjusted gross margin. This is your way of monitoring the pulse of the store. You will be able to make sound and well-informed decisions if you have accurate data. Amazon has its own revenue calculator which you can use to crunch in the numbers.

2. Take Advantage of FBA Suites

FBA Suites are powerful tools that you can use to elevate your business. Many suites offer different features all of which can help you monitor and manage your FBA. It uses analytics to measure your competitors, product listings, and market behavior.

Choosing the right Suite is important so make sure you read the full review before you sign up. You can read up on the benefits you can gain from these suites.

These reviews are made by experts in the business as well as they are knowledgeable in the online business. Here are some of the basic features you can gain with FBA Suites:

Help in Product Launches - When launching a new product, the program will give you a list of keywords that existing sellers use. You can make your adjustments to optimize your own keywords.

Keyword Management - This tool will monitor your keyword usage and its performance in SEO.

Keeping Tabs On Your Competitors - The tool can monitor your competitor’s traffic and will allow you to make your own adjustment for your store.

Conversion-Rate Optimizations - This allows you to increase the possibility to convert your visitors into sales. By evaluating the performance of the same product posted with different attributes tagged and choosing the one that gets the most sales will help drive your sales up.

3. Maximize Content Marketing

Creating a blog will help generate organic traffic which can then be directed to the product especially when you talk about the product niche. You don’t have to write and copyright the contents yourself, this can be outsourced.

Make sure you use the right keywords relating to the product and the topic should also be related.

4. Improve your Metrics

Amazon has its metrics, the BSR or Best Sellers Rank is an important guide for you as customers will look at that when they’re thinking of buying.

Although its algorithm is not clearly defined but it correlates to recent sales and older ones. Make sure you keep an eye on your price, shipping, and seller rating.

5. Be Passionate

Focus on things that you’re passionate about. This way you’ll be able to build relationships, which you can then turn into an advantage. If you’re looking at this long term, it’s easier if you’re within your zone. You can talk to your suppliers and ask if there’s a possibility to get yourself a better deal.

But first, you need to routinely communicate and build rapport among your peers. People will take you seriously if they can see that you’re passionate about your work.

Also Read: How to receive Amazon Affiliate payment using Payoneer

FBA is relatively easy to set up but taking it further will require diligence and ingenuity. Don’t be afraid to try new things and expand your audience to grow your market. Don’t try a lot of things at the same time, take things slowly and build on it until you’ve learned how to optimize it.

Make some mistakes but learn from them, you’ll find out that there are new things to discover about FBA and online business.

How To Start A WordPress Blog From Scratch? [2018 Updated Guide]

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, May 31, 2020
How to start a WordPress blog from scratch is probably one of the most widely topic in the blogging niche.

There are multiple platforms on which you can start your new blog. Few of those are,,, Drupal, and many others. Some are free and some cost money. Among all these, is most widely used, recommended and best of all - free.

How To Start A WordPress Blog From Scratch
Before we begin, you have two options:

  • If you are starting from zero - skip the paragraph below and continue reading this guide.
  • If you already have an existing website or an eCommerce store, or if you use one of the website builder platforms - you might not need a Wordpress blog since the majority of other platforms (e.g. Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion or Wix) has blogging features built into the platform. If that’s the case, we recommend visiting SupplyGem that covers eCommerce platforms, has comprehensive how-to guides, and more.

It is also no more secret that blogging is just a hobby; it is a profession and business. And so, you need a blog that should have the capability to turn into a business.

In this how to start a WordPress blog from the scratch guide, I will discuss all the steps in detail. I’ll ensure that this is the only guide you’re following to start a WordPress blog from scratch.

For simplicity, I am going to categorize this how to start a WordPress blog from the scratch guide into a different segment.

1. Platform selection
2. Niche selection
3. Domain Name selection
4. Choose Hosting
5. Theme Selection
6. Creating content for the blog
7. Working on On-Page SEO
8. Off-Page SEO
9. Blog/Content Promotion
10. Generating Money from the blog

I will be basically taking care of all the above 10 points in this how to start a WordPress blog from scratch guide.

Let’s start with each module in detail and start a WordPress blog from scratch.

How to start a WordPress blog from scratch- The Only Guide you need

Our main aim is not just to get you started but also to show you how to earn from the blog. This massive guide on how to start a WordPress blog from scratch will give you all the insights of starting blogging.

Platform Selection

Well, as I mentioned earlier, there are lots of blogging platforms available like,, Blogger, Drupal, etc. and all are doing good. The thing is where (self-hosted WordPress) has a greater market share, Drupal or others have very less.

From the below pie chart you can check that over 52% market as a blogging platform is captured by followed by custom blogs, Bloggers, and others.

Blogging Platforms
So, I will also suggest you go through a self-hosted WordPress blog ( There are multiple benefits to it. Although it is a bit costlier but will add a flavor.

The blog you are reading is on Blogger and I face issues while customizing. That is the reason all my other blogs are on self-hosted WordPress.

Even though you don’t need hosting while starting a blog with Blogger but apart from that everything will be the same. But when you will start using it you’ll find a lot of differences. Let me list a few of those here.

1. The customization is very hard in Blogger and you can’t do all the customization you want.

2. There is no concept of landing pages in Blogger inside a blog. If you want to remove sidebar from blogger, you can do it but that will be for pages or the whole blog, not the post.

3. There is always a risk that Google may delete your blog without any prior warning and all your work will be lost.

4. You can’t much play with the blogging tools as there is not many add-ons available for Blogger. Whereas for WordPress 46k+ plugins are available.

After going through all these points, I am sure you must have decided to go with (self-hosted).

Again, if you want to compare and, will be leading. You can check the below comparison between both.

Difference between and .org
So far, the blogging platform has been selected. Now it’s time to work on the niche in which you will be blogging on.

Blogging Niche Selection

I have written a detailed blog post on this topic- 10 best blogging niches to get started!

You can check that blog post for a detailed understanding of the blogging niches. Also, I have seen some people discussing whether they should start a single niche site or multi-niche site.

Here is my view and detailed analysis over it- single niche vs. multi-niche blog

It is always advisable to start working on the niche which is of your interest. Also, don’t go simply by checking the CPC of keywords. Some people find few keywords having CPC USD 100+ (e.g. Mesothelioma) and start working on it and end up getting nothing.

Domain Name Selection

The domain name is also one of the important factors in blogging. Your domain name should be easily readable and should not contain any name violating the trademark.

You should follow our articles on the domain name- How to select a domain name and cheap domain name registrar in the world.

Here are some of the best practices for domain name selection-

1. Choose a name which is relevant to your website
2. Keep it short
3. Should be easily pronounceable and memorable
4. Avoid using numbers, hyphens, etc. in the name
5. Should not have trademark names (like Google)
6. Prefer the TLDs like .com/.net/.org

You should know these things before starting any blog and I am sure after finishing this post, you can answer all these questions.

Choose reliable hosting

Once you’re done with the above steps to start a WordPress blog from scratch, it’s time to work on hosting.

Hosting is one of the most important parts of the website life cycle. Your hosting must have the following qualities.

1. High quality and fast processing server
2. 24x7 dedicated support- especially the technical support
3. Should be cost-effective
4. Must have high uptime to ensure your site is up every time
5. The company should take backup regularly and provide the copy/restore when required
6. Should be interactive and can accommodate the third-party apps

After going through all these features, you may shortlist few hosting provider companies and go ahead with them.

I personally support BlueHost for WordPress hosting. There are many reasons behind this including the fact that BlueHost is the officially recommended hosting from WordPress.

Apart from this, free domain, instant support, uptime, and server performance are the qualities due to which I recommend BlueHost for WordPress blog hosting. You can check our BlueHost Review for further details.

The good thing with BlueHost is the free domain for a lifetime. Till the time, you’ll be with BlueHost hosting, the domain will be free for you. If you will buy a domain separately, it will cost you around $10-$15 per year.

Buy a WordPress Hosting from BlueHost

In this section, I will be talking about how to buy WordPress Hosting from BlueHost. You can also check the BlueHost hosting review if you need any further details.

Click here to buy WordPress Hosting from BlueHost at Discounted price

Now open BlueHost and follow this section to buy hosting from BlueHost. Buy this you will be joining the community which powers more than 2 Million WordPress websites.

Note: At TricksRoad, we believe in transparency. If you will buy from the above link, I will get a small amount of commission without any extra cost to you. Even you will receive the discount if you will buy from this link 😊
Once you will click on get started now, it will take you to the plans page where different plans will be listed as shown below.
BlueHost Plans
If you are just starting with the WordPress blog, I will suggest you go through their basic plan at just $3.95 per month. Here you will be allowed to host one website.

If you need to host more websites, plus or prime plans will work best for you. The best thing is currently the prime plan is at the same cost of the plus plan.

Select the plan which suits you and you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter your account details, demographic information, and the payment summary.

Here, BlueHost will ask you to claim the free domain. If you are ready with the domain name, you can claim else you can select the option to claim later.

By default, BlueHost will add extra add-ons to your cart. Make sure you’re unchecking those as below.
BlueHost Plans

The Importance of Building Commissioning

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, May 27, 2020
It’s exciting having a new building created for you or even choosing to buy a building that has just been constructed. There is something special about being the first person to use the premises!

However, amongst the excitement, it is essential that you undertake some basic checks, this will help to ensure the building you’re acquiring is as good as it looks.

Building Commissioning
It’s surprising to find that the commissioning building is a fairly recent concept. You wouldn’t consider purchasing many items unless you knew they had been commissioned and were ready for the job they’re supposed to do.

There are many different ways to commission a building but the emphasis must be on non-destructive methods, such as magnetic particle testing. After all, if you destroy the building there is little point in testing it.

Testing methods that can ‘see-through’ the walls will ascertain that the structure has been built correctly. This doesn’t just have an impact on the safety of the building. It will also have a direct impact on the reputation of the builders.

Simply knowing that the building will be commissioned is generally enough to ensure the building companies do everything properly, without cutting corners. That will give you confidence in this building and in future buildings created by the same firm or firms.

Alongside improved reputation resulting in a business boost for the building contractor, there are a number of benefits to building commissioning.

Better Occupancy

A commissioned building is considered a safe bet. Anyone looking to buy or rent will have confidence that the building is up to standard and won’t become a money pit. That means people can be confident occupying it and using it.

If you’re the owner better occupancy equates to better revenue.

Energy Savings

A commissioned building with better occupancy will be more energy efficient than one that isn’t. This is because all the occupants will contribute towards the heating of the building, creating an accumulation of heat that benefits everyone.

If the building is only partially occupied then there will be pockets of cooler spaces that need to be continuously heated by the other occupants. This will reduce the energy efficiency of the building while increasing the cost to individual occupiers.

Better Maintenance

Again, thanks to the higher occupancy rate, there will be more willingness and support for routine maintenance. This will help the building to last for longer, rewarding all the occupants.


This is potentially the most important factor. A building that has been commissioned is a safe building. There’s no danger of it, or part of it, falling on someone, developing cracks, subsiding, or causing any other safety-related issues.

This means insurance is cheaper and there are unlikely to be costly compensation issues to worry about.

Safety can also be extended to cover health. A properly commissioned building will have fully functioning ventilation and other health-related systems. This will help to maintain the health of anyone in the building.

In short, building commissioning makes the building more attractive to everyone.

9 Literature Review Writing Tips

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, May 22, 2020
The literature review or a literary review is a scholarly analysis of the origin of a particular subject. This gives a concise summary of contemporary knowledge, which allows you to classify relevant theories, techniques in the present research.

Literature Review Writing Tips
If you are writing your literature review on your MacBook Pro, this process of writing and composing can slow down your MacBook. Here is how to speed up your MacBook Pro.

Coming back to Literary reviews, it consists of the management, publishing, evaluation, and analysis of your topic that relate to your research questions. There are five significant steps in the Literature review writing:

  • Explore relevant literature
  • Evaluation
  • Distinguishing different themes, debates, and methods
  • Arrangement and structure
  • Compose your own paper

The literature review appears at the start of your paper. It is a significant part of your general thesis composition. It is a summary of the ebb and flows arrangements of the field you are writing your paper about. To write a literature review, you have to thoroughly research your subject and make it understandable for your readers.

What should be there in your dissertation literature review?

A literature review does not mean that you have to write paragraphs and give a summary and title to each paragraph. It is more than that. Your literature review should have a subject and a theme. You should thoroughly research the topic before summering it in a review. It must be as concise and accurate as possible. Always put the name of the philosophers and authors in the related field of your dissertation subject.

Using headings and bullet points in your dissertation writing can also help you in clarifying different points to the readers. In this way, you can explain to the readers what would come next in the content you have written and what the reader can expect from your literature review.

How long should a literature review be?

According to the general guide, the dissertation literature review should be around 25% of the complete dissertation. However, this will also depend on the broader structure of your dissertation and the scope of literature available to you. While you consider your composition and exclusion criteria, it is essential to keep in mind the following things:

  • Your literature review should be relevant
  • The content of your literature review should be suitable
  • The content you used in your literature review should be very helpful

In practice, these pointers will ensure that the review remains concisely tailored to the topic discussed. Moreover, if you find that the literature available is sparse or converse, it is worth reconsidering your research questions to develop a more constrained focus on the topic at hand.

9 Great Literature Review Writing Tips

Here are the top nine tips that you can easily keep in mind while you are writing a dissertation. These tips will definitely help you score your goal grade in your class.

Content Importance

A typical slip-up in a review is to stall out in detail the substance of numerous books, articles, and reports that you have skimmed. Ensure that the content used in your paper is highly relevant and holds importance in the content.

Essential subjects

It will be essential to understand, describe, interpret, comprehend, and assess the significant subject that originates from the material that you have written. The first section will show your commitment to writing, which will further give you a push to assemble your composing body.

View Analysis

There is nothing in an evaluation that has not been examined, addressed, and unconfirmed. In your review, you have to ensure that the official clarification is expelled, and proper consideration is paid to the underlying investigation. Make convincing problems, contentions, and give motivation to your answer.


Do not start your literature review by investigating the literature before clarifying the research questions that will guide your dissertation. By expressing queries, in the beginning, you can avoid wasting hours in pointless reading. This will help your readers know the issues of concern.

Extensive investigation

To write a satisfactory literature review, you must exhibit your ability to search out relevant material from a wide variety of sources. Scroll online databases for useful dissertations and articles by using their abstracts to consider relevance, use all available university, college, and departmental libraries, consult the web for extra resources, and follow footnotes.

If you feel that writing a dissertation is too much for you, you can always hire a literature review writing service, which can provide you with a completely customized sample dissertation that can help you score your goal grades.


Always make sure that your material is based on some findings. Revolve your literature review around a specific subject to make the analysis of your subject more precise and better.


A useful literature review is the one in which you have categorized all the points in detail. The structure of your literature review is as natural, and it is highly based on reared research questions and theoretical logics, etc.

Hypothesis and theory

When you write material in your research literature review, make sure that your material has a theory based on a central point. It should not be based on assumptions, goals, and aims for the article. The material should be very rational, and it should have theoretical aspects along with the reviewed content.

Reference origin

While writing a literature review, always remember having to provide resources from which you have collected your research material. You have to make sure that the writer that you are getting inspired by is widely authoritative and broadly cited.

Wrapping it up!

A literature review allows the translation of late writing inside the most recent progressions inside the field—these aid in building up the consistency in data and association of more traditional materials. In case of difficulty, you can always get help from the literature review writing service.

The writing survey generally draws close to the start of your abstract or introduction. Your research paper in an academic field leads legitimately to your theoretical system. When you've completed the process of writing and re-examining your writing survey, remember to edit altogether before submitting it.

How to Receive Amazon U.S. Affiliate Payment Using Payoneer?

By Ashutosh Jha →
Are you using Amazon US affiliate but struggling to receive the payment? Then this article is for you. Although you are not alone and thousands of affiliate marketers are struggling with the same issue.

receive amazon us affiliate in payoneer
Although, now Amazon affiliate has enabled international bank direct deposit but still many countries are not included. Currently, Amazon affiliate supports 52 countries and if you’re among the below country, then you can receive the payment directly in your bank account.

International Payment from Amazon US Affiliate
But as you can see many countries are not on the list especially Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, etc.

So, if you’re from these countries, then you can follow this article on how to receive amazon U.S. affiliate payment using Payoneer?

How to Receive Amazon U.S. Affiliate Payment Using Payoneer?

Let’s start and see how you can get amazon U.S. affiliate payment using Payoneer. To do that we can get started with Payoneer. As we know Payoneer is international payment services that help you receive the payment globally and get it directly in your account.

To do that, you can signup for Payoneer first and verify your account. You can use this link to signup for Payoneer and you’ll also get $25 as a reward.

Sign up for Payoneer and receive $25 free

Once you will sign up and complete all the verification, then you’ll be landed on a screen like below-
Payoneer Dashboard
The best thing is, Payoneer gives you the bank details for different countries and currency. For example, if you want to get paid in USD then just use the US account, for GBP, use UK account and so on.

To get the US bank account details, hover to receive a menu and select a global payment service.
US Bank Account Details using Payoneer
This will take you to the global payment service dashboard which will look like below-

Payoneer global account details
As you can see global account details for USD, EUR, JPY, and GBP are already active for me. And also, at the top, the suggestions are showing to request the bank account for AUD and CAD. If you need you can request more currencies as well.

As we are looking for US account details, so just select USD receiving account and you will get the account details like below-

USD Account details
Now login to the Amazon US affiliate account and go to account settings-

Amazon US Affiliate account settings
Here, select the change payment method where you will find the three payment options-

  • Pay by direct deposit (minimum threshold- $10)
  • Pay by gift card (minimum threshold- $10)
  • Pay by check (minimum threshold- $100)

Here select the first option and just select the bank location as the United States and then fill in the details like bank name, account number, account type, and ABA number. These details you can get from Payoneer as I have shown you above.

direct deposit account details
And done!

These changes will be reflected in the 1st of next month. Once done, from next month, if you’re able to make $10 as an affiliate commission, then you will get the payment directly in the Payoneer account. And then that payment will be directly transferred to your connected bank account in Payoneer.

Payment from Amazon in Payoneer


These were all about how to receive amazon U.S. affiliate payment using Payoneer. I hope you will be now able to get the payment directly in your bank account from Amazon US affiliate. You can also check the video as shared above for steps. Here are a few more similar articles on affiliate marketing-

8 Smart Tips for Starting A Small Business

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, May 21, 2020
Starting up your enterprise is usually a learn-as-you-go process. And with the shrewder decisions you make at the beginning, the higher the chances your business has to succeed.

If you’re a new businessman, you may start with small business. And if you’re planning to start a small business, these starting small business tips will help you start a profitable business. Once you have started the business, later you can work on it and make the business profitable.

8 Smart Tips for Starting A Small Business
There are many profitable niches in which you can start the business. You can follow this guide for the most profitable niches to get started.

Best Tips for Starting Small Business

You can try using the following 8 tips if you feel you have an entrepreneurial spirit. Give some time to your business and see it making new height every day.

1. Absorb everything

Start-up business investors Max Funding say, “Always be a sponge when it comes to matters concerning your entrepreneurial objectives.” They suggest, “press your listeners to provide an honest opinion of what they think. The views you get collectively from your peers can act as a reflection of how the market will react. “

Don’t shrug off advice coming veteran business owners and experts. These guys know what will and what won’t work first-hand. Shrewd entrepreneurs make a point of learning from the mistakes others in the field have made.

2. Address excuses

The truth is that being an entrepreneur is pretty scary. In most instances, greenhorn business owners stand to lose a lot with little to no insight as to whether it will succeed. It’s only natural to worry about the risks that come with owning a business. However, excuses will merely be mitigating you from achieving your goals. If you’re serious about starting up a business, then you need to look over some of the reasons you think you can’t and discard them from your thought process. Find a fix for the problem instead of letting it hold you back.

3. Please keep it simple

As a novice business owner, try starting small and narrow down your focus. Learn how to evaluate your business concept best. Come up with a simple, quality good or service. An ideal business should meet promises made to consumers as well as exceed expectations.

Cut down on some unnecessary things watering down your offerings and are costing you money. If your business is just starting up, you don’t require all the whistles and bells like a giant corporation. It will be much easier adding to your business as it continues to grow.

4. Count the costs

When you begin formulating your business idea, adding up how much it costs is crucial. To launch and operate, you will have to factor in the necessary business expenses. Other costs to bear in mind include rent, location, marketing, supplies, and more.

Once you get a hold of all of your expenses, begin making a business budget. Firstly, you may be needed to get outside capital to help in making ends meet, such as a small business loan. Before placing your money in the startup, consider all your options.

5. Earn while you build

If you are thinking about starting up a small business, don’t think about quitting your day job just yet. Establishing a successful business venture is a process. Take stages to build up your business as you transition slowly from employee to entrepreneur.

It will take a while earning a steady income as an up and coming business owner. Hold on to your nine-to-five job, and during your off hours/days, work on your business. This will assist in drawing in some interest during the difficult first stages. Once you have sustained a healthy cash inflow from your business, that’s when you can quit and start focusing on your business full time.

6. Speak up about your business

Not knowing how to sell is one major challenge the majority of business owners face. When you’re new at this business thing, it can be overseeing sharing your idea with the rest of the world. Don’t worry about what other people may think concerning your business. It can be challenging making money in the event you are unable to convince consumers to buy products from you and help support your business. So if you’re not outgoing, you will have to fake it until you make it. You really can’t afford to be shy if you want your business to succeed.

7. Understand legal requirements for establishing a small business

Starting up a new business can be exciting. Laws, on the other hand, are not. You require to understand the regulations that come with starting a new business. You stand a chance of facing steep penalties by not following government guidelines and regulations. You will be required to follow the rules in an array of things from the accounting system to the legal structure. Other responsibilities include taking care of business-specific tax liabilities, registering your business with the state, and hiring workers following employer laws.

8. Have an equal amount of passion and wisdom

Passion will help you in moving forward, but having the information will steer you in the right direction. To know the potential of your business, research the market, and talk to the target audience. Contact professionals that can assist you with other parts of the company, like lawyers and financial advisors.

As your business begins coming together, let your passion and mind drive you forward.

16 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Blogging Themes

By Ashutosh Jha →
As you have searched for Best AdSense optimized WordPress Themes, you must be either thinking to start earning online or increasing your revenue to few folds. Definitely like we look for SEO optimized WordPress themes. Similarly, we should also use AdSense optimized WordPress themes for better output.

Ultimately you are not doing any extra work and in response getting your income multiple folds. Definitely, you can use AdSense plugins for WordPress but there are many AdSense optimized WordPress themes, and you can use those directly instead of installing many plugins which will just increase your blog loading time.

These themes have intentionally designed to get you more CTR and hence with the same traffic your AdSense revenue will get increased. You can also check our 12 super tricks to increase AdSense income.

These Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes provides great CTR and have enough spaces to place your ads and even in the demo of themes, it will show you, what are the best places to place your AdSense ads for maximum revenue?

In this article I have gathered around 16 Best AdSense optimized WordPress themes for you so that you can increase your AdSense revenue. Some of these themes I have used for my niche blogs while others are based on the user's review and what company claims.

Best AdSense Optimized WordPress themes for better earning

Here is the list of best WordPress theme for Google AdSense. If you are not using AdSense optimized WordPress theme and your primary source of income is Google AdSense, I would suggest you move as fast as possible to any of these best WP themes for AdSense.

1. Newspaper

This is the perfect theme I found after many times and I am really loving it. No matter if you are running a news site having multiple categories like Business, Entertainment, Technology, etc. or a simple blog, Newspaper theme is the perfect choice for you.

It is a WordPress AdSense theme created primarily for newspapers, news and publishing websites but definitely due to its highly customizable feature, you can use it for any site.

It is not only AdSense optimized WordPress theme but also SEO optimized theme for great use. It has separate space for ads, videos, social signals and much more which make your job easy. The design of Newspaper theme is very eye pleasant and will attract your visitors for sure.
Price: $59


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