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10 Best solarmovie alternatives- Top sites like solarmovie to Follow

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, October 28, 2018
Solarmovie is a leading movie site and every movie freak must have checked them out. But in recent days, there have been many instances when Solarmovie has been found down and so the need of Solarmovie alternatives needed.

If you’ll search for the term Solarmovie down, you’ll find a good number of resources out there. Never the less, no matter what is the reason, there are many other movie sites as good as Solarmovie. And these sites need your attention and consideration.

10 Best solarmovie alternatives- Top sites like solarmovie to Follow
Here in this post, we are going to talk about the 10 best sites like Solarmovie or you can say 10 best Solarmovie alternatives. These websites are also free and can be one of your best destinations to download the movies.

Solarmovie Alternatives- 10 Best Sites like Solarmovie

Let’s starts and see few best websites like Solarmovie which need your attention. These websites are free and have a huge library for the movie freak like you.

You can not only download the best movies from these websites but can also watch movies online. So, let’s start and check these sites. One thing I would like to mention here is Solarmovie is quite a popular website which receives around 1 Million visitors a day. And so, you can not compare the below listed Solarmovie alternative to traffic wise but yeah, from quality wise, these are equally important.

#1. Hulu

Cost: 1-Month Free, $7.99/Mon (Limited Commercials) or $11.99/Mon (No Commercials)


I can say, Hulu as the best alternative to Solarmovie as it provides the complete package for the movies lovers. You can get the movies and videos whenever and wherever you want.

Although Hulu is not completely free, you can enjoy a free one month of trial with all the features. Once you are satisfied, you can sign up for the premium plan.

The best thing with Hulu is, it is not just the movie streaming site but also a live tv. You can get on-demand channels as and when you want. They have 50+ channels you can enjoy and request. Another important feature of Hulu is, it is only a few websites like Solarmovie which has their own original series. And so, if you’re looking for a complete alternative to Solarmovie, Hulu is for you.

#2 AllMovie


Cost- Free

AllMovie is another popular site like Solarmovie which you can consider. They receive millions of visitors every month and known for the huge collection.

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You can consider AllMovie as a movie search engine where you can find thousands of movies on demand. And the best thing is AllMovie is free to use. When I say free, means completely free and there is nothing like a trial.

They also provide a small description of each movie where you can find some narration, actor, and actress name and other details. You’ll also find the box office details in case you want to go out and watch some movie in the theatre.

#3 Vumoo


Price- Free

Vumoo doesn’t only provides you the movies and TV shows but also you can find some great documentaries here. It is also one of the perfect Solarmovie alternative you can use.

Like AllMovie, Vumoo is also free and you won’t have to pay a single penny to use it. They have 60,000+ movie collection with HD quality. You can also select the quality in which you want the movie to stream.

Just visit the website and start searching the movie. Also, they have auto suggestions enabled in the search box. That means if you don’t know the complete movie name, just start typing and it will show you the movie name.

They give you amazing experience while movie streaming and gives you non-commercial popups and other windows. You will find the movies and videos from various category and generous.

#4 Rainierland


Price- Free

Rainierland is not completely like Solarmovie and is more convenient for the TV shows and series. You’ll find almost all the famous TV shows and series here. The best thing is, you don’t have to visit the other websites for the shows of different seasons.

They have a strong database of TV shows and that too season wise. All these are free, and you can watch anytime. We can say Rainierland more like of TV show streaming site which offers on-demand shows for their users.

They use the older history of the users to provide excellent user experience and hence you can expect some great result and experience.

Almost all kind of shows you can find here like action, thriller, comedy and much more as per your choice.

#5 Yify


Price- Free

Yify is an excellent Solarmovie alternative which has thousands of movies and videos for you to watch. They are also one of the best movie streaming site and TV shows streaming sites.

The best thing apart from being a free movie website is, you will find movies and videos of all categories and is divided into different genres, years, and categories.

If you want to enjoy the best quality on the internet, Yify is for you. They have some best movies in HD and Blue-ray print which will give you an amazing experience.

The only drawback with Yify is, they are the movie search engine and so Yify doesn’t host a movie or video on their own server. Instead, you will be redirected to some third-party websites where you can watch a movie. But the third-party websites are also real and trust-worthy.

#6 Movie Watcher


Price- Free

Movie Watcher is another perfect alternative to Solarmovie. You just name a movie or video, or TV show and Movie Watcher have that for you. The best thing about Movie Watcher is, it is a free platform with thousands of videos.

Movie Watcher can be sure one of the best destinations for everyone who is a movie freak. You can also consider it as an online movie streaming website which offers free service. Movie Watcher shows the recent releases and provides the on-demand movies. Also, they keep you updated with the upcoming movies and TV shows.

So, to all those who want to watch HD movie online, Movie Watcher is the best place for you. They have all the genres and categories like comedy, emotion, romance, action, and much more.

#7 NewMoviesOnline


Price- Free

If you are looking for a website which provides movies of all kind of languages with TV shows and series, then NewMoviesOnline is the perfect fit for you. I found movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and many other industries.

NewMoviesOnline can be your perfect Solarmovie alternative if you are a movie freak and want to get all the flavors of it. They provide year-wise movies also for the quick selection. Also, you can filter out the movies from different categories and genres.

The site is also a perfect fit for all the people who love biographic and web series. As the website is multilingual and so they attract the traffic from all the geolocation. So, choose your mood and depending on that select the movie/TV shows/biography/web series from the NewMoviesOnline. NewMoviesOnline is also considered as one of the best movie streaming sites and TV shows streaming site.

#8 TvBox


Price- Free

All the movies and TV show available at TvBox is an organized way and free from the ads. So, if you are in a good mood and want to relax, just browse through the hassle-free experience of TvBox and you will get what you’re looking for.

TvBox is also one among the top Solarmovie alternative which offers completely free services for everyone. If you are looking for the best place to watch and download movies and TV shows, TvBox can be a perfect fit for you.

Before watching any movie or shows, you can also go through the comments shared by the other TvBox registered users and can decide whether you should watch or not. There is a popular category as well where you can find the leading videos popular in your segment. Also, it acts as a video streaming website offering the service for free.

#9 Yes Movies


Cost- Free

It’s time to say a big Yes to one of the most movie download site Yes Movies. Yes, Movies is one of the most competitive alternative to Solarmovie and can be an ideal alternative.

They have recently come up with the new interface which is more like a movie search engine but still, you can access the old interface.

You can get all kind of movies and TV shows here. You can either download these or stream online. All movies from different categories and genres are available here for free and free to access. The best thing is you can also request for a new movie or video.

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They display a slideshow on the home page in older version which comes with the latest release and the popular movies watched by their users online.

#10 Movie4k


Price- Free

Movie4k can also be considered as some good alternatives to Solarmovie but I found some issue with the ads. I found Movie4k using some popup ads for their revenue. Although this is necessary from a revenue point of view but can annoy the user experience.

If you leave the ad issue, it is another perfect website to watch movie online or download movie online. They have all kind of movies and TV shows including adult shows.

As they also provide adult videos and so you should be cautious while using the website. If you have a movie which is not available on the website or you have the better print, you can add that movie as well.


These were the 10 best Solarmovie alternatives. These sites like Solarmovie can be used to watch and download the movies, videos, TV shows, and web series.

Most of these websites are free to use and doesn’t even force you to sign up. Just visit the website and watch whatever you want and leave. This is as simple as it sounds you.

Which is your favorite website to watch movie online?

5 Best SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, October 23, 2018
First and foremost, SEO is a game that is about competition. By its very nature, you are trying to defeat your competitors when you engage in any kind of SEO work. If you are moving up the organic search rankings, someone else is moving down. That’s just how it should be.

And for all these, you need to know what your competitors are doing. And what can be better than the tools which make the whole process automated and accurate?

Best SEO Competitor Analysis Tools
In this post, we are going to talk about a few best SEO competitor analysis tool which will help you analyze your competitor website and strategies completely.

With this in mind, competitive analysis is a key piece of the overall SEO puzzle. Knowing what your competitors are up to, and where they might be weak, is important if you want to find success in the long run. Below is a list of a few tools that many content marketing services use in their day to day work.

5 Best SEO Competitor Analysis Tools For websites

So, let's start and see 5 best competitor analysis tools for websites and blogs. These blogs will help you find where your competitors websites are, what links those are building, what link building strategies they are following and much more.

The best thing with most of these SEO competitor analysis tools is, those are available as fermium tools. That means to say, for some limited query and feature, you can use these for free. For full feature and uninterrupted uses, you can subscribe to their paid plans.

Also, you can make some automation here with the help of which you can be able to track the updates happening on your website as well as your competitor's website. This may include the tracking of keyword ranking in search engine, position changes and much more.

By this way, you don't have to look for these details manually every day and instead can simply get the mail whenever any changes are there.

SEMrush – My favorite SEO tool

We might as well start with one of the most popular competitive analysis tools available today. SEMrush is used by an incredible number of businesses, and for good reason. This is an extremely powerful tool which can help with things like keyword research, competitor research, and site auditing. If you haven’t previously used SEMrush, now is the time to get started.

You can start with their 30-days free trial and once you are good with their features and products, can subscribe to the paid plans. You will be able to know the details about the traffic, ranked keywords and how much traffic those keywords are sending, website link profile and much more.

Ahrefs- Leading SEO Tool For Marketers

Another popular tool, Ahrefs can help you to easily determine which keywords are being targeted by your competition. Where is your competition getting most of their traffic? Is there an opportunity for you to work your way into those keywords, taking some of their traffic in the process? You’ll be amazed at the amount of information you can extract from an Ahrefs account.

Earlier, I used to be a fan of this tool and have written a detailed review of Ahrefs as well. Even, Ahrefs was one of the most recommended link building tools in our expert roundup. But later on, due to some issues, I moved to SEMrush but can say, Ahrefs is still one of the best SEO tools on the market.

With Ahrefs normal overview, you can have the details like traffic on the website, their DR value, backlink profile and their distributions and much more.

MozBar- One of the best SEO browser tool

Our next competitive SEO analysis tool is a little bit different, in that it comes as a browser extension. This is a great way to analyze your competition, as you don’t have to do anything but browse the web in order to pick up valuable information. Install the extension within your favorite browser and look around at the sites on the web that make up your main competition. It won’t take long before you gain a clear understanding of what you’ll need to do in order to keep up.

It's not been long when the MOZ's domain factors such as Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) used to be one of the most trusted domain value factors. But with time people started knowing the tricks to increase domain authority of the website. Till this, it was good but some automated methods have come as well which increases DA irrespective of the quality.

But still, the MOZ trust factor, MOZ domain authority, backlink profiles are some of the trusted factors in the market for the website quality. MOZ keyword explorer is still one of the leading SEO tools in the industry helping you to get the insight about the site and domains.

SimilarWeb – My best free SEO Competitor Analysis tool

If you are trying to summarize up your content marketing efforts, SimilarWeb is a tool that is well worth checking out for yourself. You’ll be able to get a clear picture of the traffic flow of other sites on the web, meaning you’ll see where their traffic comes from and where it goes when it leaves.

If you are looking for the free SEO competitor analysis tool, I will always recommend you go ahead with SimilarWeb. Its browser extension is simply amazing. For a quick look at any website, you don't have to visit SimilarWeb. Just install their chrome or Firefox plugin and click on it while the website is open which you are trying to analyze. It will give you the overview like traffic, traffic sources, top-ranked keywords and much more.

If you need detailed analysis, you may visit the website and get other details. Again, there are limitations for the free version and if you need full feature with complete data, you may subscribe to the paid plan.

Web CEO- Great SEO Competitor Analysis Tool for Startup

Last but not the least, I found Web CEO as another useful SEO competitor analysis tool. I listed Web CEO when I was writing the top Ahrefs alternatives as well and I feel it deserves the mention.

Although Web CEO is not as famous as the SEO tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs but they are also the best in the business. The major reason I found behind this is, Web CEO focuses their marketing effort on small business and enterprises. Even their startup plan which is the minimum plan starts at $99 per month.

But the price worth as you will find multiple features and tools like keyword research, content marketing, social media analysis etc.

Wrapping It Up!

In the end, it is probably going to be best to use a combination of SEO competitive analysis tools in order to pick up all the information you need. Whether you choose to use some of the tools above or any of the others offered around the web, analyzing your competition is a key step on the road toward that number one spot.

10 Tools That Will Make Student Life Comfortable

By Ashutosh Jha →
Being is a student is a balancing act of so many factors. A lot of students today are overwhelmed by the amount of school work and extracurricular activities. Then there is still family and friends to consider. It is easy to see why students are struggling right now. If you could just master one aspect of your life, it would make a big difference. Once we start understanding that there are tools to help, it sheds a ray of sunshine.

You can also find a lot of services online that helps you achieve your goals. If you go online now, you can find an essay writing service Singapore. It is also easy to find grammar and spelling checkers without much trouble. There are however more tools to help you live a balanced life. Creators of these tools often have had some experience in finding their own balance.

When you understand the backstory of a lot of these helpful services, you start seeing the benefit for your own life. Let’s get right to the top 10 tools to help you be more comfortable as a student.

10 Apps to Make Student Life Easy

Here are some of the best tools which can make your student life easy and happening. These app will help you think, engage, and grow.

1. Thinglink

A lot of us approach studying differently. If you are a more visual learner, this tool will be helpful for you. It uses a method of attaching information to pictures. If you need to learn about history, add a video to the picture of a historical figure. It’s fun and you can commit information to memory much faster.


Another great tool for visual learners is this one. You can create infographics for a concept you have to master. Many people want information in a way that can be quickly understood. This is what infographics do and it is an effective way of summarizing the most important concepts.

3. Poll Everywhere

This tool is also effective for teachers to engage students. A quiz is sent to your mobile phone and you answer it on the app. Students enjoy using their phones and now you can do so while learning.

4. WeVideo

The sooner we accept that the world is moving towards digital, the better. Projects are now done in a video concept and this tool is great for it. You can create beautifully streamlined videos to present as a class project.

5. Picassohead

You do not need to be an art student to use this tool. We all need a little creativity in our lives. When you take a break from your studying, this is a great way to boost your creativity. Writing an essay on a computer can be tiring. Still be creative and learn to draw at the same time with this amazing tool.

6. Diffen

One of the most unique tools on our list has to be Diffen. You take 2 concepts that are somewhat alike and compare it. Take World War I and II for example. This will tell you the differences between the 2, which is a fascinating way of learning.

7. Saylor

You can find a lot of good educational resources on this website. The concept is to bring free education to the world and they are succeeding. It consists of so many subject options, that you will definitely find one you are looking for.

8. Coursera

Coursera is definitely not a new website and is trusted by many students. There are so many courses on this site and it is free of charge. Most of these courses have been developed by some of the best universities globally. Now you can expand any area of knowledge.

9. CoSchedule

Writing essays can be time-consuming and coming up with a strong headline is essential. This headline checker will be a fantastic help. The concept is simple, but students stress about these things. Create engaging headlines with CoSchedule. The tool does offer a lot, but this is one of the best features.

10. Udemy

We don’t always have the time to search for something specific on the website. There is so much information. You can use this tool to bring you tutorials that are of use. Users are allowed to score the tutorials, so the best ones get a higher rating. This makes it easier for you to decide which one to use.

9 Money Saving Tips for Bloggers [Take Action Now]

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, October 22, 2018
It is very easy to start a blog but getting traffic, making money from blog and most importantly saving that money is the big thing. In this post, I am going to talk about few best money saving tips for bloggers.

While starting a blog, every newbie faces issue regarding budget, knowledge and resource crunch.
Money Saving Tips for Bloggers
Almost every month, I receive 2-3 emails asking how to start a blog and make money with some problem listed like-

  • I don’t have much budget to start a blog
  • I am a student
  • How I can manage the time
  • I am not able to save money earned from blogging and so on…
Well, these are very generic questions and everyone face. Even I did too. Especially the last one where I was unable to save much money earned from blogging.

Then I tried many things and started making a to-do list and found significant improvements. Here in this blog post, I am going to list the main seven main points which helped to save more. I am sure this Nine money saving tips for bloggers will help you as well.

Top Money Saving Tips for Bloggers: 9 Proven Techniques

Let’s start with some of the best money saving tips for bloggers. You will find many bloggers or people living online life complaining about the saving and this post is for all those who wish to save some amount.

#1 Look for combination of Freebies

Usually, bloggers keep on searching the best blogging tools which can save their time and provide maximum ROI.

But as the price of internet marketing tools is high and so many are unable to buy. The best option for this is the combination of free tools which complete the same requirements.

For example, let’s say you need some software like Grammarly. Also, Grammarly provides many features apart from the main grammar checking like plagiarism checking, etc. which is available in only premium version.

Again the Grammarly Premium is available for at least $11.99 when you will buy their yearly plan, but everyone can’t afford this. Even you can use Grammarly premium free, but that is for only one month.

The best alternative to this is, use the free version of Grammarly and then use any plagiarism checker tool for plagiarism.

By this way, you can save some good amount of money. But there are some limitations also-

  • Premium version of tools have more features
  • You will have to manage multiple accounts

#2. Wait for Some Big Events/Holidays

During some holidays or events, manufacturers provide huge discounts and deals on their products.

Sometimes you may even find the discount up to 85-90% also which is huge. Let’s say some product cost around $100, and if you’re able to grab a discount of 90%, then you are getting at just $10.

You may find a bigger discount on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year, Easter, Christmas, etc.
Money Saving Tips for Bloggers

#3. Look for the Coupons

Coupons are the excellent way to save money on online transactions. You can get some lucrative offers and discounts using coupon codes.

There are multiple coupons sites where you can visit to get the coupon codes for a discount on any product you are purchasing online.

Recently, when I was buying hosting, I got a deal for 20%. I was about to make payment and simply checked coupons to get some additional discount and found a deal of 20%.

To get the best coupon just search “product name+ coupon” in Google and you will find hundreds of website offering coupon code. Just go through the description of the coupon and if it is suitable for you, copy it and apply.

For examples, if you are looking for American Swan coupons, just search this keyword in Google and get all the available codes.

Similarly, you can also search for “product name + offers”. For example, Ajio offers to get the offers available on Ajio.

You can also check our Tesla Theme coupon code and UniHost Hosting Review for the offers on WordPress theme and hosting.

#4. Participate in Giveaway/Contests

Giveaway and contests are a good and smart way to attract visitors and convert visitors into a subscriber.

Many bloggers and internet marketers keep on organizing a giveaway for some blogging tools, Hosting packages to attract some subscribers and promote their blogs and products. You should participate in those contests to get a chance to win the tools.

Such contests just ask you to like on Facebook, Tweet and/or subscribe which won’t take more than a couple of minutes. In response, if you will win the giveaway, you will have amazing blogging tools to use.
Money Saving Tips for Bloggers
Who knows you can be the lucky person or can be one of the lucky people? :)

#5. Reviews

You must be hearing bloggers getting some gift from companies and PRs’ to promote their brand and products.

Some companies ask you to write a review about the product and promote it in your network in exchange for some gift which may be the product.

You can approach the company which manufactures the tool you are looking to get and contact for the free copy and in response to a review post on your blog.

Recently I wrote a blog post on how to get Grammarly premium free where you can see how to approach a company to provide your free premium access to their product in exchange for a review on your blog.

Money Saving Tips for Bloggers
The benefit of this method is, you can also earn from an affiliate. If someone buys from the affiliate link of your review, then you can make a certain percentage of the sale amount which usually varies from 10-80%.

#6. Co-ordinate with other bloggers

Let’s say there are some products which you are not promoting and want to buy such products?

In such cases, check your friends’ blog or fellow bloggers’ blog. If someone from your group is promoting, just check how much affiliate commission company is providing in that product.

Let’s say it is 50%. Now approach that particular blogger and say you want to buy it from his/her link but want some part of the commission (e.g. 20-30%).

Your friend will never ignore such offers as he/she will also make some commission and you are also getting good deals.

The only thing you need to take care here is, the other person should be your close friend, or you have done any form of business together due to obvious reasons.

#7. Go for long term

You will always find companies providing great deals on long time subscription. For example, if you will look at the Ahrefs subscription, you will find 20% off on yearly subscription, and this is not just with Ahrefs but almost all the products.
Money Saving Tips for Bloggers
So if you have tried the product and you feel that it worth in the long term consider buying it for longer.

But before buying any product for a longer period, ask some questions to yourself to avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • Do you need this product?
  • For how much time you need?

#8. Diversify the investment

Many bloggers are struggling when it comes to the investment of the money they earned from blogging.

As I said, investment and saving are equally important as learning is and so you should plan accordingly. It can be something like below-

  • Invest some part to grow your blog/business through which you are earning
  • Keep some part of your expenditure
  • Invest few percentage to enhance your skills
  • Save/invest the rest of your amount
Usually, if you will see government employee investing, they don in FD or LIC, so similar fixed return funds. While IT or corporate sector employees tend to do in SIP, mutual funds, etc. apart from the traditional investment.

I have seen blogger also investing in Bitcoins, Bonds, etc. So the main thing is to diversify your investment and spread it across Fixed Deposits, PPF, Bonds, ELSS, Mutual Funds and Equity Market.

#9. Use co-working places

If you are a full-time blogger and feel working at home decreases your productivity then it’s time to move ahead and find a dedicated space for working.
Money Saving Tips for Bloggers
Well, for many people get a dedicated place for working can be expensive and so a co-working place is highly recommended.

You can opt for any of the below options-

  • Look for a co-working space like 91springbooard, Innov8, etc. where you will be issued a pass for daily/monthly/yearly basis as per sheet and facilities you require.
  • You can also get the space in partnerships. For example, you are working in the day time and so you can allow someone else (e.g. small call-center) to use the infrastructure and space during the night and can share the cost.
  • There are some companies which provide few sheets on a monthly basis at some cost.
By this way, you can increase your productivity at less cost. Here is an interesting stuff related to co-working spaces.

A 2011 Deskmag survey of more than 1,500 coworkers in 52 countries supported her findings:

  • 75% reported an increase in productivity since joining their space
  • 80% reported an increase in the size of their business network
  • 92% said an increase in the size of their social circle
  • 86% reported a decrease in their sense of isolation
  • 83% stated that they trusted others in their co-working space

Wrapping it up!

Saving money is crucial for everyone, and you should make it a habit like you earn. I have tried to cover all the important aspect of money saving tips for bloggers, and I am sure these will help you.

Don’t buy the stuff you don’t require and try to invest the money earned as much as you can. A start with the saving account can work better. Also, try the trial period of any product before buying it for the long term.

Apart from all these, you can also try the following to save money being a blogger-

  • Make monthly budget
  • Try to shop online for your monthly expenses
  • Avoid offers like buy two get one free
  • Plan your travel in advance and book accordingly to avoid surcharge
  • Use PPF, NSC, and LIC for tax exemption, etc.
I will love to know what you to save money. Also, do share if you have a fantastic money saving tips for bloggers like you and me.

10 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses

By Ashutosh Jha →
Is email marketing a priority for your business in coming time?
Are you looking for the best email marketing services?
Choosing the best email marketing services can impact your email marketing campaign a lot. This article is all about choosing the best email marketing services for your business.

But if you are not using email marketing as a part of your marketing campaigns, then you must check the below scenario as for how email marketing is helping business to grow.

See the ROI per $1 spent on advertising and the revenue generated from it.
In this article, I am going to share 9 best email marketing software for your marketing campaigns which will help you to grow quickly.

How to choose the best email marketing services?

Email marketing is one of the best forms of marketing and the cost-effective too. With email marketing, you can get in touch with your subscribers directly and can make a better contact which will be highly beneficial for your business.

A good email marketing software makes your work easy and enables to create an engaging email that impresses the user and fulfill the purpose.

Moreover, the best thing that you should look into a best email marketing service is, the delivered email should not land in the spam folder.

Since the time Gmail has allowed to create more tabs with the labels, it is also necessary to deliver your email in either primary or Updates tab. There are many email marketing software whose emails land in the promotion tab and users don’t check the promotion tab frequently.

A good email marketing services should not only collect data on email services but also get potential buyers on social media platforms.

Here are the 10 top features you should look for before selecting the best email marketing software-

• It should be simple: The features should be effective but the operation should be simple

• Should be flexible: It should be highly flexible in terms of design and customizable too

• Social Media Marketing-Ready: Make sure it’s integrated with social media platforms

• Event Marketing-Capable: Should have the feature to let you promote your next event. There are many other free ways to promote your events as well but email marketing works like a charm.

• Analytics & Reporting: Should give the details like how many emails sent, open through rate, and click-through rate and their reporting for business analysis.

• No Spam: The email must not be delivered in the spam folder

• Only Primary & Updates Tabs: For Gmail users, the emails should be delivered in only primary or updates folders.

• Cost-Effective: The email marketing software should have flexi plans to cater all kind of business.

• Excellent Support: The Company should provide high-quality support 24x7 through all major modes of communication.

Here Is a List of TOP Best Rated Email Marketing Services

Si No.Email Marketing ServicesUSPReview
1Aweber·       30-days free trialVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $19/mo.
·       Easy Integration
·       Widely Used Tool
2Constant Contact·       60-days free trialVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $20/mo.
·       Email Builder
·       1GB free storage
3eFlyerMaker·       Drag N Drop BuilderVisit Site
·       Heat Map Supported
·       Free to use up to 2500 list
·       Paid plan starts at $19.98/mo.
4SalesCatalysts·       Email BuilderVisit Site
·       Segmentation
·       Free for a list up to 400
·       Paid plan starts at US$1.79
5MailChimp·       Easy IntegrationVisit Site
·       Free to use up to 2000 list
·       Paid Plan starts at $10/mo.
·       Good Support
6GetResponse·       Template BuilderVisit Site
·       Features like webinar hostingCheck Review
·       30-days free trial
·       Plan starts at $15/mo.
7ConvertKit·       Drag N Drop template builderVisit Site
·       Segmentation
·       Plan starts at $29/mo.
·       60-days money back policy
8ActiveCampaign·       Integrations with CRMsVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $9/mo.
·       Can send SMS to subscribers
9SendPulse·       Completely Free for a list up to 2500Visit Site
·       Features like A/B TestingCheck Review
·       SMS Marketing
·       Free web push notification
10Campaign Monitor·       Drag N Drop template builderVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $9/mo.
·       24x7 support

Stunning Tips to Write SEO friendly Blog Posts

By Ashutosh Jha →
Do you know around 2 million blog posts are getting published every day? Yes, even more than that. But how many of those perform well? Definitely majority of those don’t perform well as per search engine point of view. To do well in search engines, you need to write SEO friendly blog posts. Yes, seo friendly blog posts don’t only mean keyword stuffing. SEO friendly blog posts have many more than that.

SEO friendly blog posts

In this post, I will talk about how to write seo friendly blog posts. What all factor you should consider to write a seo friendly blog post.

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post?

Here are the list of few points using which you would be able to write SEO friendly blog posts.

1. Convey your message properly

This point is important from both SEO as well as reader point of view. You should convey your message to your readers very efficiently. Write blog posts in such a way that it can be read easily and also fulfill the aim due to which it has been written.

Write a post having around 700+ words so that search engine can prioritize that and also where message can be conveyed easily. If your post is having more words, you can insert keyword easily and can be targeted well for search engines also.

2. Write Small Lines

Yes, breakup the sentences in to small sentences. This makes the blog post easy to read and understand. If you will write long sentences, it leave not so positive impression on the readers and also search engines don’t like much.

Properly use heading, sub heading and paragraph with bold words, italic words etc. These cautions help you to understand your reader well and also with these sentences length can be reduces.

If you are still not sure, then you can write something like this. “First I will discuss about this and then will share an example to make it more understandable” and then will ask your feedback.

Also, write eye catchy headlines. You can take help of these free title generator to write blog post headline.

3. Post frequently and at fixed interval

Search engine loves the site which are getting refreshed frequently. Here refresh means those site where contents are getting updated/added very frequently. Search engine treats these site active and give preference to those.

Also, fixed interval is very important. You should not write 4-5 blog post in a day and won’t write any post for next 3-4 days. Better write a post every day or alternate days.

If you are unable to write for your blog, you can hire freelancers from these top freelancers sites as well.

4. Do Internal & External linking

Yes, interlinking blog posts are very important. This tells the search engine that you are giving proper information and reference to your readers. Also, this leave positive impression to your reader as they get some more reference to the topic you have written.

Add wherever required external links as well. If you are writing any article and have come across any keyword on which a detailed article has already been written on some good site, don’t forget to add that as a link. Yes, you can give that as nofollow if you like but don’t forget to add external/internal links to blog posts. This makes seo friendly blog posts.

5. Optimize your Images

Now a days, Google Images are also one of the great source of traffic to the websites. Yes, there are millions of search done on Google image on daily basis and if you will optimize your images well then you can pull good amount of traffic every day.

To optimize your image, use keyword as the image name, add keyword in title tag and alt tag as well. Also, keep your image of small size so that your website loading time will not increase which is another important factor of SERP.

6. Make your article sharable

Yes, social signals are also considered as an important factor of SEO. Search engine give preference to the article which are having good number of social share. Even now, Google shows real time tweets as a search engine results.

So have the social share icon on your blog page so that if the user want, they can share immediately. Also, appeal to user anywhere in the article to share your article.

Over to you

These were some of the important tips to write SEO friendly blog posts. I am sure if you will follow these tips, you would be able to write SEO friendly blog posts.

If you liked this article, please consider it for sharing on social site. Also, do let me know if you have any good point using which we can write seo friendly blog posts.

Most Successful Online Business Opportunities to Start in 2018

By Ashutosh Jha →
The online business provides us the most perfect entrepreneurship avenues where you can start a business while sitting at your home and earning millions through it. Most of the work today is shifting online and it is great for you to build your market online and develop a base for yourself before the real competition kicks in.

Most Successful Online Business Opportunities to Start in 2018
It is also important to understand that profitability only comes when you put competitive prices on your services or products since online business requires no high maintenance costs.

With these negligible costs of maintenance comes the high margins of profitability for all the entrepreneurs looking to tap into this booming sector. The only thing required for such an online business to run profitably is regular updates to the interface and making it user-friendly. Plus you also require all the facilities to make the experience convenient for your customer.

So, it is important that you know, customer satisfaction is the most important thing in an online business and its profitability depends on whether you are able to provide it or not. It is not as easy as it sounds since you need to learn from your competitors and also indulge in brainstorming sessions to be better than the rest because trust me, the competition is tough. So keep the customer the king, and soldier on.

Look into E-Publishing

No one would have believed in the quantity of livelihood that a budding author would get without a proper publishing house backing him or her. And it is mostly a fantasy of many people to write their own book so that they can tell their story to the whole world and we all know that it is not that easy at all.

With the emergence of Amazon Kindle, the opportunities have been expanded by a much larger extent comma since now you don't need a publishing house to support you in order for you to succeed with your published material. It is now possible through Amazon Kindle that you become an independent author and publish your book on the internet.

This is a great way for you to earn money because if your book is good enough many publishing houses would look into it as they are regularly in search for independent authors who would write for them.

Gone are the days when people used to not believe in all the authors and writers since it was not considered a true profession. You can earn millions if you are good enough by not depending upon any connections, and just going with the flow with your talent and hoping that things turn out positive.

There are many opportunities as I said above as well where you can become ghost writers for the books published by big publishing houses so that you can earn huge profits by sitting at home and working online.

Know your way around a topic? Sell your expertise!

Many of you would be good at something and would want to showcase it to the whole world. Well, it is not that difficult nowadays with the emergence of online training portals where you can help people learn what you know better with the help of various YouTube sessions all seminars which are pretty common in case of affiliate marketing coaching. So basically you can sell your skill to others and help them learn what you know better.

So, you can sell your expertise by letting people know how you do it and making them understand and if you want to turn it into a large scale business you can also start an online coaching institute for the same!

SAAS – Software as A Service

It might seem a bit illegal at first but just flow with me on how it can be one of the most profitable and easy online business you can undertake. Software as a service can easily be seen as a tool by which people gain access to various apps such as Google Drive or various other software applications by paying a very nominal fee for the same to the provider.

This we act as a subscription which has to be paid regularly which if defaulted upon, the person automatically loses access to the applications.

SAAS, along with all the other ways discussed above, the whole idea of an online business is great for you. Just tap into these ideas and build a base, before others do!

7 Best SEO Link Building Tools and Software

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, October 21, 2018
There are many facets when it comes to blogging and growing doing so. If you have a website of blog and you are struggling with link building, you are not the only one. It is one of those concepts that you either understand or you don’t. There is nothing you can’t educate yourself on of course, but with these tools, it’s like clicking a button.

Mastering this technique will help you grow your website and get more traffic. The benefits of link building might take a little longer than you hope, but in the end it is effective. Doing an annotated bibliography apa 6th edition is daunting, but in the end, the reward is sweet. Look at link building in this manner, either you may build links with your own with the help of the below tools or you can look for different search engine packages for the agencies to make links for you.

Now let’s get into the details of some of the best SEO link building tools and software.


This is one of those tools that does all the hard work for you. You won’t have a need to plan a huge campaign to work on link building as this would will do it all. The tool will recommend links you have to consider and does all the thinking for you. It is effective and has become a popular program to use.

SE Ranking

One of the best link builders has to be this tool. It is the biggest competitor to programs like SEMRush at the moment. The great thing about this tool is that it does more than just link building. There are a lot of features you can use to up your SEO score using SE Ranking. You will be able to monitor and track everything on your website. If it could complete your annotated bibliography apa 6 it would be even more charming.


As mentioned above, this is a true competitor when it comes to managing your SEO ranking. Many webmasters and bloggers use this tool to help grow their sites. It is not only a competitor, but the leader of the pack. SEMRush has been around for a long time and by the looks of it, is not going anywhere.


If you are looking for an affordable tool that does all the work of their expensive counterparts, then you just hit gold. With more than 875 billion backlinks, I am sure you will find a few that suites your site. They do not play in the minor leagues at all. Auditing your website has also just become easier with Majestic.

Raven Tools

Have a look at what your competitors are up to with this tool. In order for us to gain success in any business, you need to keep an eye on those who are in the same field as you. This depends on a site’s niche. There is also a feature that gives you marketing reports, which is great if you are running a site by yourself. Many bloggers do not have a marketing team, but with Raven Tools, you have one right there on your PC.


The complete package when it comes to SEO can be found on MozBar. More than half a million users have downloaded this tool and it speaks volumes. After reading through an apa annotated bibliography 6th edition, you really want to have some time to relax. Leave all your link building and researching to this program.


Contact web owners directly through this tool if you need bad links to be removed. It’s simple and effective when it comes to communication and tracking of links. Google penalizes us when there are bad links on our websites and it is not necessary anymore. With good tools like these, one does not need to be concerned with this problem.


It is important to understand why link building works, but it is not necessary to be able to do it all yourself anymore. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and these tools provide a lot of it. Know why you are doing it, but leave it up to the experts. Good links are where the money is at and now you can tap into that as well. There is nothing wrong with educating yourself on link building. At least then you know what is happening in the background.


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