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Why Your Business Needs Enterprise Software?

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Being a startup, one isn’t aware of the need of his company well enough. I’m not taking anything away as they really do are very skilled already, but it’s also true that they are not experienced, and therefore do not understand the importance of certain things for their company, just take ERP for instance. 

Many startups think that they can do everything on their own and therefore does not require any enterprise app at all, but that’s where they are mistaken because being a business owner means that you have many important responsibilities upon your shoulders, which if not given the proper attention can cause big problems for your company, therefore you do require a little help form enterprise app development company.

I know that you are still not satisfied, therefore I have illustrated the importance of ERP below in detail so that you can better understand its need for your business, so let’s begin.

Reasons why Enterprise Application is Important for your company

It’s a Cost-Cutting Solution

Though installing ERP software might seem to come with a big budget as most enterprise software development services charge a big fee for it. But it also reduces and even eliminates many other expenses that are totally useless for your company like it eliminates the need for extra employees and thus saving a big amount of money spent on their salaries.

Enhances the Big Data Analytics

Even though if you are new, you might know this well enough that how important big data analytics is for your company. It helps you reach out for the business insights that can potentially benefit your company to great extent, therefore it is important to ensure that big data analyses are carried out with extra care, which is possible with the help of ERP as it really enhances the overall process.

Increases the Overall Productivity

ERP efficiently speeds up the overall productivity of your company. It helps increase the collaborative environment among the employees and provides them with a greater area to communicate, so as long as the workers are being provided with favorable circumstances with complete monitoring, it no surprise that they will show their greatest efforts.

Provides Competitive Edge

Enterprise app also provides you with a big space to seek the insights of your competitor, and not just this, it also introduces you to new techniques and strategies that can help you stay ahead of the race in the field and thus giving you a great competitive advantage.

More Control over Different Business Areas

With the Enterprise app, you can get more control over different aspects and areas of your business. It helps you monitor each and every activity being done under your nose and thus prevent any chance of employee fraud.

Improved Business Management

Enterprise software helps you manage the business data more efficiently. It eliminates the need for paper, and thus the risk of any physical damage to the documents eliminates. Moreover, it also helps you manage your day-to-day business tasks, employees, and other staff without any complexities.

Offers Flexibility and Scalability

If you are worried that you’ll be needing another software once your business starts to grow, don’t worry at all because ERP is designed to add more flexibilities to your systems which means that enterprise software will keep changing its priorities according to the growth of your business.

Helps You Meet Customer Demands More Efficiently

And finally, ERP helps you end up with happier and satisfied customers as it allows you to meet all the demands and requirements of your client without any hassle. And as long as you are providing your client with what he needs, your business will continue to bloom with success.

9 Tips On How To Take Care of Your Vehicle

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, April 11, 2021
Taking care of a car is no easy feat. Every little thing you do matters and if you want your vehicle to serve you for a long time to come, then this article is for you. In fact, we’ll throw in an easy tip! Head over to Simply Car Mats for a wide range of mats to protect your vehicle’s interior. 

9 Tips On How To Take Care of Your Vehicle

Read on for more tips and tricks on car care to keep your automobile running longer.

1. Start Off Easy

For newly bought cars, drive slowly during the break-in period (about 55mph for the first 1,000 miles). Importantly, for the first few hours of driving, acceleration should be kept below 3,000 RPMs. The car should not bear heavy weights yet, whether it's on the roof, trunk, or a tow trailer attached. Finally, leaving your car idle is never good at break-ins as the oil might not spread evenly to your engine.

2. Refilling Gas

Some dubious gas stations don't pump their filters, leaving car owners with dirty gas to feed their automobiles. Others make weird mixtures in their gasoline, at times even watering it down. The safest thing for your car is to go to a credible service station for gas.

Another tip is to refrain from buying gas if you see a gasoline tanker at the station. When gas is being refilled, the sediments in the tanks are riled up which can block filters and injectors in your vehicle. Soon, you’ll need a repair which is not worth the mistake.

Keep a record of your tank fills and mileage to make it easier to track. This helps drivers notice any issues with the mileage early.

3. When On The Road

If your vehicle gets stuck in soft grounds, going back and forth repeatedly only creates heat which damages other components of your car. The safer and cheaper option is to call a toll truck. Another tip is to occasionally run your air-conditioning unit in the winter and use a refrigerant. This keeps the AC system from freezing up rendering it useless in the summer.

If your car keys are put together on a chain with other heavy items, it could damage the key ignition over time as you leave the keys in. If you don’t want failed ignition that could get you stuck on the road someday, remove the keys from the chain to make it as lightweight as possible. The last thing you want is to get stranded because you can’t get your car started.

4. When Parking

The best places to park are in shaded areas. Whether it's in a garage or under a tree, providing shade from UV rays reduces damage to the interior of the car. If these places are not available to you, consider investing in car shades. Car shades come fitted with various ways of adhering to your windscreen and windows. When stationing your cars for the night, remember to keep the tire valve caps on at all times. They may be small but they function to keep contaminants out, preventing leaks and flat tires. It then follows that when changing tires, you should ensure that the valves are replaced as well.

5. Choose A Good Car Insurer

In the event of an accident, getting good car insurance can be a lifesaver. A comprehensive insurance plan includes coverage for originally manufactured parts and quality repairs. Make sure that the terms of the plan cater to these needs.

6. Cleaning

When washing your vehicle, vacuum first before cleaning it with a wet sponge stop. this minimizes scratches as well as corrosive damage from contaminant liquids. In terms of cleaning detergent, a mixture of mild soap and water will do. When cleaning your dashboard, gently use a moist cloth to remove dirt from the surfaces. The last thing you want is to scratch them, which could block visibility.

Car mats are great because they protect the floor of your automobile. You should be gentle in removing them to avoid appalling contaminants on the car floor. Clean them thoroughly before leaving them out to dry. This drying process is critical as it prolongs the life of the car mats.

Meaning of engine is tricky but a necessary step because it not only keeps your engine cool but also makes leaks easier to spot. All you need is a scrub, cleaning products as well as plastic bags to seal off other components like the distributor and electrical parts. If cleaning products sold in stores are unavailable to you, any dish washing liquid or grease-removing detergents will do the trick.

7. Maintenance

Leather seats are durable and require minimal cleaning. That said, they still do require maintenance such as the removal of contaminants and the application of a topcoat for the leather used in the car upholstery. The topcoat serves as a protectant to resist stains, making future cleaning an easier process.

Both tire inflation and alignment have to be regularly checked. Especially in the heat, tires that are insufficiently inflated spoil, warranting a pricey replacement. Ideally, you should have a pressure gauge to ensure that your tires are sufficiently inflated according to the manual. Wheels that are misaligned can cause difficulties in steering and controlling the vehicle, which will also lead to wear and tear effects on your tires. It is suggested as a guide to having your tires checked once every 30,000 miles.

To prolong the life of the engine, car owners should frequently change the oil in their vehicles so that abrasive materials and dirt are flashed out. Many manuals recommend a less frequent oil change but this would mean that contaminants remain inside the car, causing damages for longer periods of time. Importantly, you should also clean the drain plugs before putting them back as some plugs have magnetic properties that keep metal contaminants at bay.

Lastly, performing monthly checks on the power-steering fluid can not only improve steering efficiency but also prolong the life of the power-steering pump. If the level of power-steering fluid is low, chances are, there are leaks in the hoses and pumps.

8. Protecting The Exterior Of Your Automobile

Another reason for packing in shaded areas is to protect the paint on the car exterior. The paint not only makes your car look presentable but also prevents rust to a certain extent. Sun rays can be damaging to the paint layer so many car owners opt for a car shade for protection against moisture, dust, and even bird shit.

Cracks in your windshield, even small ones, can block vision and even spread if left untreated. The most cost-effective solution would be to get those cracks repaired early on. Speaking of the windshield, use washer fluid instead of water to fill the washer tank. If you think the fluid tank is empty, refill the tank first as continued usage may damage the pump.

9. Battery Maintenance

Even if you've been taught that your battery doesn't require maintenance, it's better to be safe than sorry. Start by cleaning the battery case with a damp cloth and mild detergent. There are guides available online on how to safely clean the battery terminals. While you're at it check the battery case for damages before reinstalling the batteries.


Overall, we have provided you with nine tips on how you can maintain your car and prolong its life on the road. Everything from the internal mechanisms like the battery to the exterior factors like the paint has to be considered and taken care of. Well, we understand the complexities of owning a car and we hope that this guide has been useful to you.

Join the Fun and Create an Exciting Photo Book to Entice Your Audience

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, April 9, 2021
We all love documenting the special events in our lives, especially the events we would love to remember in the future. Whether you are fascinated by capturing your family vacation photos, your baby’s growth milestones, or documenting your pregnancy, do not lock up the beautiful images in your folders forever.
Create photobooks you will love to cherish even in old age. Want to create a photo book with optimum results and minimal effort? Try your luck with Mixbook. Do not fret if you have no idea about creating a photobook. The site offers you several layouts and designs you can choose from to make your project enjoyable.

How do you make your photobook with Mixbook?

Before making a photobook, you probably have an idea of what you want and the story you would love to share with your folks. Suppose you do not want to go through the hustles of creation, let the professionals help you through the help option. However, if you are going to let the project have your touch, you will have to sacrifice your time to make it shout your personality.

To finally have your creation complete and bound to create a coherent story, you must evaluate your reasons for creation. Create a story that your children will look back in retrospection and reminisce on all the exciting moments you had in days gone. Ensure your layout is concise and your story is interesting. There are several things you should have in mind before you start the exciting creative process. They include:

Have an inspiration

Unless you want to start from a blank canvas, Mixbook offers you thousands of designed templates you could work from. Search for various layouts, moods, and colors to inspire you. From the multiple templates, choose one that you think would best bring out your story. Whether you want to create the book from scratch or explore the various designs to set free your spinning wheels, ensure your creativity stands out and draws your audience to your story.

Establish a theme

Several elements can help you establish your theme. You can use customizable elements like logos, icons, and hand-writing to make the book very authentic.

Personalize the book to give it your touch

Once you have settled on a template, customize it to give the book your personal touch. You can personalize the photo book by changing the font and font size and subbing out the images and replacing them with your selected photos you would wish to showcase in the book.

Flair up your project

Adding an extra flair to your work should be an easy task with Mixbook’s design assets. You could opt to add animated stickers or text animations to make the book exciting. If necessary, add collaborators to your work and bring life to your photo book.

A single look is enough to either draw an audience to your photo book or make them close the book and put it aside for other exciting stories. Hone your creativity today with Mixbook and attract an audience to your story. Make your photo book simple and straightforward, especially if you would love your children to relate with years after. Do not worry if you have no idea how to create a photo book. Let the experts handle the task for you.

Why a Unique Personality is Important for Blogging

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, April 1, 2021
Let us say you want to start a blog. You want it to be centered around something you are really passionate about. Alright, that is great! Sharing your interests and hobbies with others is a great way to further help hone your craft and potentially make some money on the side. Who does not like to earn money from their hobbies? But often people miss the general point of blogging.

Yes, the general theme and topic are important. But equally important, if not more so, is the personality you bring to the table. People will show up to read about your topics, but they will stay for you. Let us discuss why this is and how you can employ it to grow your blog.

The Psychological Aspect of a Unique Personality

If you had to think really closely about what makes you take an interest in a certain actor, news anchor host, celebrity, or musician, what is it that provokes this attraction? Sure, you found them and started engaging with their content because of their skills within their profession.
But you stuck around because you found them funny, sweet, relatable, or any other manner of the positive trait. Even negative traits are good to keep traction around your content. After all, people love to love, but they also love to hate.

When we start to identify with people, we form a bond with them. This bond breeds loyalty and sometimes even adoration. Just take a look at the band One Direction or Justin Bieber. Their music is decent, but what really keeps fans coming to the shows and streaming their music is their diverse and unique personalities that appeal to a wide array of people.

Establish Your Target Group

Having a great and unique personality is important. But it is also important to know exactly which target group would appreciate your personality. And if needed, this also gives you the ability to adjust your personality to fit a group you want more engagement with. If you are really interested in computer science, your target group will most likely be males in the age group of 25-40. If you like knitting you will most likely attract women.
Making considerations like this help you word and direct your content to match the people that will engage with the content of your blog. This increases engagement, naturally.

How Do I Know If My Personality is Interesting?

Good question! Truth be told, this is not something many people can claim to have naturally. You will really only find out once you start blogging and gauging people’s reactions.

Quite often, a unique personality starts to cement itself the more you act in a public forum. You will automatically start to adjust to the role of a content creator because your very survival in the field depends on marketing yourself and your hobbies in an interesting manner.
Sometimes it is just like an online casino, you never quite know what is going to happen. But you should never give up.

How Short Videos Have Helped Companies Increase Sales

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Approximately 87% of web users watched video content online. That figure alone places videos as the second widely known content form following visual images. 65% of successful marketing campaigns have used video content as part of their strategies.

What's more interesting is that 93% of digital marketers planned to leverage their current budget by including video content in their succeeding marketing strategies. These statistics alone indicate the efficacy of video content when it comes to enhancing your conversion rate.

Why Is Video Marketing Important For Your Business?

In a world filled with media content, video marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase customer engagement, showcase your product or service in action, and help build credibility with your target market. Creating short video content for marketing enables you to achieve three essential things: sharable sales tools, increase branding and authority, and improve conversion rate—sales.

For instance, if you are launching a new product or service, explainer videos are great tools to market with your target audience. This helps you demonstrate the procedure with straightforward and easy-to-digest content. This link:, for instance, gives comprehensive details of how animated explainer videos efficacy allows businesses, small and big, to convey their message effectively to your target audience.

According to recent studies, people will choose short video content that helps them understand a specific topic rather than reading about it online. About 1 billion hours of videos on YouTube are watched globally every day. Video content is forecasted to dominate the online marketing industry as it continues to grow, making it a powerful sales tool that must always be included in your next marketing strategy.

There are several imperative reasons why digital marketers include short videos on their marketing tools, proving their importance:

  • Video content will produce 85% of total generated traffic
  • Digital entrepreneurs testify that customers better understand their products through short videos
  • 83% of businesses used video content as part of their online marketing strategy
  • 95% of consumers claim that watching a video helps them make sound purchasing decisions
  • Live video content will increase generated traffic by 15% this year

How Can Short Videos Help Generate More Sales?

There are multiple ways video content can help your business grow: from talent acquisition, training, customer service, marketing, and generating sales. Most marketers who include video content as part of their marketing strategies see increased revenue growth by 50% compared to those who don't.

Video content is more than an effective marketing tool. It can explain everything visually. This allows businesses to showcase what they offer, attract new customers, simplify talent acquisition, and increase productivity.

Here's how short video content helps improve your business's conversion rate:


Regardless of which industry you are in or what product or service you offer, video content provides versatility. There are plenty of video forms to meet your business's unique requirements. Whether you'll go for live-action, vlogs, or animated explainer videos, something will surely fit your business perfectly.

Consider the following types of video content to help increase your conversion rate:

  • Explainer videos
  • Tutorials
  • Testimonials
  • Vlogs
  • Product videos
  • Podcasts
  • Live streams
  • Interactive videos

People prefer watching a video

People will always choose to watch videos rather than reading long 'boring' articles sometimes. Since video offers convenience and easy-to-digest content, most people choose to watch videos online to learn something.

70% of people choose to watch video content regarding a new service or product. Videos are a popular learning tool compared to infographics, articles, pitches, presentations, and eBooks.

It helps introduce your products or service

One of the most effective ways to increase your sales is to incorporate video when showcasing your products or services. To increase your brand's credibility and help with buying decisions, using product images and videos gives potential clients peace of mind. If you're in the B2B space, video content is one of the top 3 most practical content when potential customers purchase.

It simplifies your buying decision

To make shopping easier, aside from showcasing your product's benefits and features, you can also use interactive videos that support clickable links for customers to check out products from the website instantly.

Improves your SEO ranking

Adding a video to your content helps improve your SEO ranking, which helps contribute to increased sales. Whether you place a video on a product or home page, this increases the time your site visitor visits your website.

Dwell time is how Google measures the amount of time a site visitor stays on your site. The longer the site visitors stay, the higher the organic traffic you generate, and you're ranking together with your PPC ads performance.

It enhances conversion rates

The landing page incorporated with video content has about an 80% increase in conversion. Videos are engaging, easy-to-digest, and improve site credibility. Most shops that include videos of their product expect an average of 25% increase in conversion rates.

Improves lead generation

Videos are excellent tools to help improve your lead generation. You need to profit from the viewer's interest while the brand, service, or product is still new to a customer's mind. Increase your conversion rate by adding a CTA button after the video.

Broadens your audience

Video content is a prominent feature when it comes to generating online traffic. Posting a video on various sites broadens your audience.

It works—plenty of data to prove its efficacy

Videos are practical marketing tools simply because they work. There is plenty of data to support this claim. 90% of businesses, regardless of which industry, include video as part of their marketing tool. Above all, 85% testifies that video content provides better ROI.

How To Increase Sales With Video Marketing?

Assuming you've already incorporated video as part of your marketing strategy, not all videos are guaranteed to provide success without the right formula. Video marketing is highly competitive, and you need to ensure that each video is interesting, engaging, and conveys the perfect recipe. 

Here's are proven and practical tips to help increase your sales through video content:

Choose your video's optimal length

When producing video content, ensure you meet the optimal criteria when it comes to length. Your video length affects the viewer's attention, engagement, and even your product or service's conversion rate.

Post your videos on YouTube

Placing your video marketing content on one of the most popular sites like YouTube can increase your sales. Take advantage of the convenience and benefits that YouTube offers.

Ensure video content are shareable

If more people see your video, you'll have a higher chance of succeeding. The shareability factor includes content that tells a story, tugs feelings, or can do both.

Optimize your videos

To be on top of the competition and ensure success, organic traffic is vital. Optimizing your video includes using the perfect keywords on your description and title, tags, and engaging thumbnails.

Optimize mobile viewers

Optimizing your content and making it mobile-responsive is vital. About 25% of people watch various video content through mobile screens. Ensure that your video is responsive to multiple screen sizes.

Create customized videos

Customers expect more from various brands when it comes to presentation and personalization. This expectation provides stunning results to businesses who venture into providing custom-fit video content to their consumers.

Include a powerful CTA

The best way to improve conversion rate and increase your sales is to include a powerful call-to-action. You can place a CTA at the end of your video or verbally do so on your video content.

Final Words

As a marketer, you need to invest in tools that help improve conversion rates and increase sales. Video content is highly effective, which leads potential customers directly to purchase your product or service. Short videos that tell a story to engage viewers and provide solutions to the issue significantly contribute to the purchasing decision, increasing sales, and leveraging your business.

10 Types of Blogs that Make Money - 2021 Update

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, March 27, 2021
Are you looking to make money off the internet? The best way to do it is by blogging.

If you’ve checked the internet lately, here’s what you’ll see. Bloggers are some of the biggest moneymakers on the internet. Once you hit your stride as a blogger, this is what happens.

Types of Blogs that Make Money
You’ll be making outlandish income through your blog once the real money starts pouring. If you’re new to the blogosphere, you might have a few questions yourself.

What are the types of blogs that make money? Which blogs that make the most money?

Today, we’ll answer that for you. We have 10 of the best blogs that you can start with. They need a bit of research and a bit of extra passion to boot.

Are you ready? Here’s a laundry list of ways you can make good money.

1. Make Money Online Blog

Let’s start with the most obvious way to do it: the “make money online” blog. The make money online blog scheme sounds scummy, and for a reason. Many bloggers approach it the wrong way, some creating techniques that are questionable at best.
Among the types of blogs that make money, this blog type needs the following to be successful:

  • Good quality research
  • Sound understanding of trends
  • Ability to create long-term plans

If you have a knack for trends like buying and selling products, business tutorials, and the like, this is one of the blogs that make the most money for you. You can find more information on great ways for making money from home here as well.

2. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are one of the most popular influencer-type blogs out there, making some of the most significant money on endorsements. What types of blogs make the most money in fitness? They're the ones teaching people about healthy living.

In today’s internet landscape where everyone eats unhealthy foods and stays sedentary, an honest-to-goodness fitness blog that shows results will make some great money.

If you’re not super trim right now, that’s another niche you can try! Start your blog journey from Day 1, show what you're doing on your fitness journey, and the techniques that you’re using. Make your life an adventure!

3. Medical Tips Blogs

What types of blogs make the most money? One of them is medical blogs. People will always have complaints about their bodies, so teaching them how to take care of it works.

You would not, however, want to be one of the woo blogs on the internet. Do you want success in the health niche? Make sure that your information has scientific backing, and isn't pseudoscience.

4. Parenting Blogs

If you’re a parent and you think you’re doing your job well, some of the blogs that make the most money are parenting blogs. We’ve seen them, and they have a strong following.

The advent of helicopter parenting means you have people needing your advice. Provide some sound advice on crucial areas. Vaccination, healthy nutrition, and the like are some of them.

Again, if you’re planning to start a parenting blog, you would want to stay on the side of the evidence to keep the money coming.

5. Lifestyle Blogs

Unique lifestyle blogs are the types of blogs that make money and get success online. With the advent of lifestyle consultants like Marie Kondo, you need to have a method that works.

Lifestyle blogs can have many different topics to focus on. From college kids to mommy lifestyles to travel blogs, there’s so much you can talk about.

If you want success in this type of make money online blog, you need to have the aesthetics to do it. You want something that works and something that can inspire people to follow you.

6. Thrifty Living and Personal Finance

Money is tight these days, and people know that. Even then, many still lack the discipline to start saving themselves. They need someone to teach them better tricks to optimize their finances.

When we’re talking about blogs that make the most money, thrifty living and personal finance are some of the best. People like seeing new ways to save their money.

Tips on saving money don’t mean penny-pinching though. You want straight up methods on how to save a few hundred dollars at a time at the very least.

7. Home Decor and Interior

We love good looking homes. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in an apartment or have your own home. Learning how to make it look good and feel good is crucial.

Home decor is one of the types of blogs that make money from showing how to make gorgeous interiors and exteriors. They especially excel if you can put up quality images each time.

Teach how to organize the home, DIY crafts, and more. Men and women love these blogs and traffic is always good.

8. Food and Recipe Blogs

People will always love food. Food is life to many, especially niches that provide practical help to its readers. What types of blogs make the most money include blogs with good food in them.

People try to learn how to cook with recipes from online blogs. With so many recipe sites, a great option is to stick to one or two types of food.

You can pick anything between international fairs, quick and simple recipes, or even gourmet eats. You want something that you can do yourself and show artistic images for doing so.

9. Baby Care Blogs

Want to make a wad of cash from your blog’s income? Then you want to be one of the baby care blogs that make the most money.

A sub-niche of parenting blogs, baby care blogs are great for both traffic and income. You can monetize almost everything in this blog type, from baby gear, newborn care, and many more.

If you’re a mommy, this is an excellent opportunity to build on your rep. Teach people how to take care of their babies. People are showing interest.

10. Personal Development Blogs

In the age of the internet, where social media connects us, people tend to feel more isolated. Sadness and depression are the norms, and people are looking for blogs that inspire. Personality development blogs are one of the types of blogs that make money.

Personality development blogs are not all inspiration. They’re practical knowledge blogs that coach you through the hardships of life. You’re doing life coaching on the internet.

These blogs make much money not only from affiliates but from webinars, consultation, and 1 on 1 coaching. You do them right, and you’re getting stable income.

Try Out These Types of Blogs That Make Money

Blogging is one of the internet’s most profitable ways to make an income. If you plan on blogging, you want a unique niche that people want. The types of blogs that make money are those that help people.

If you’re looking for more ways to make money online, there’s a way to learn more. For that, check us out here at Tricks Road.

Don’t hesitate to read our other guides. From launching a powerful Adwords campaign to unique business ideas, we have your back.

Why Digital Marketing is Essential for the Online Business of Rugs

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, March 24, 2021
Digital marketing becomes the most prominent tool in the online business. It reflects the online presence of the business in the marketplace. The various methods are used in digital marketing for building the online presence, such as social media marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), PPC (Pay per Click), website ads, and so on. These methods enhance the traffic to the website. Thus the brand awareness will occur along with the enhancement in online sales.

If you are starting the online business of the Area Rugs and you would like to sell the rugs online to a wide range of target audiences of the global market. So the website's presence is essential, along with driving the digital marketing campaign to boost the business. That’s why investment in digital marketing is essential to grow the business.

Following are the reasons regarding the importance of the digital marketing campaign. Keep reading the below points that are briefly discussed below, through which you will get the guideline to grow your online business through digital marketing.

Reach the Target Audience Globally

Nowadays, people spend most of the time on the internet. When you see how much people spend their time on the internet, it shows that 7.7 billion is too much to target. Check social media to find the right target audience. Finding the right target audience is difficult to find on the global platform, but the social networking sites will help you if you will pay them for the promotion.

The target audience is the interior designers, households, parents, and others that are renovating their homes or require when their old one has become out of use. It would help if you targeted this audience globally of the various countries. It doesn’t matter which country you are targeting, but the audience must be required rugs for utilization in the home or organization.

If you would like to get the best results of digital marketing, see the competitor’s digital marketing strategy that will help you a lot in your business's growth.

Competitors are already Building the Online Presence

If any question is coming into your mind, why digital marketing is essential, so see your competitors who are already digital marketing their business for online growth. They are taking advantage of the social networking sites where people spend most of the time connecting in their social circle. They use SEO techniques and utilize paid promotions on various websites of the globe to target more and more audiences.

If you will not do digital marketing, how can you compete with the competitors? You require a place in the crowd of the competitors. If you do not do it, you will lose your place and fall behind.

Your investment is not in digital marketing, but it is in your growth to gain traffic and generate revenues. Participate in the ring by investing in digital marketing and keep moving forward.

Competition with the Large Corporations

To beat the competitors is the hardest part of digital marketing, and if you are competing with a big corporation, it will become too tough for you. But digital marketing can help you a lot to get success in this tough competition.

If you are running the local business of rugs in a city where you live, your target audience is limited to that city. When you start the digital marketing campaign, your business will be boosted to several cities and countries. Thus in that way, you can target a wide range of audiences.

SEO and PPC are the essential tools to reach your website at the top of the search engines. Digital marketing creates the opportunity for small and midsize businesses to grow and sell the products on a large scale.

If you would like to grab the people’s attention spontaneously, offer the Discounted Rugs in which you will decline the few percentages of the price that will gain the attention of the target audience easily.

Targeting the Ideal Audience

Due to the utilization of digital marketing, you can directly target that audience that is interested in the rugs. Traditional marketing can’t target the interested audience, but you hope to get better results. Through digital marketing, you will get the precise audience easily that is interested.

Utilize the information of the target audience to make the graphics and contents of the ad. You can directly create a psychological impact on the people by using their information. If you set the perimeters of the social media campaigns of ads, thus the ads will be seen by the interested people. The better results you will get through this technique, the more traffic will appear on your website.

Monitoring of the Ad Campaigns and Optimize the Website to get the Better Results

Digital marketing allows you to track the marketing campaign that your investment is driving better results or not if the results are not fruitful, so you will work more to get better results.

In the traditional marketing method, you can’t get the information regarding the ads they are reaching to the target audience. How can you ask people that they watched the T.V ad before appearing at your store? It isn't delightful and time-consuming.

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Best SEO Audit Tools In 2021

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, March 19, 2021
Before starting any SEO campaign, performing a proper SEO audit to assess your website’s current SEO performance is very important.

Without a proper SEO audit, we wouldn’t know which areas on our website that demands more optimization, and at the same time we might miss out on low-hanging opportunities like keywords we probably already ranked for on the second page of Google SERP.

However, many SEO practitioners neglected to perform a comprehensive SEO audit, and one of the most common reasons is because they simply don’t know where to start.

It’s important to know that SEO audits don’t need to be so complicated that they are only accessible by technical people. Instead, there are now various SEO audit tools that can make the process easier than ever, while at the same time ensuring the reports are accessible for everyone so we can take immediate actions.

Here, we will discuss some of the most useful SEO audit tools available in the market today, how they can help your SEO audit process, and other important factors to consider including price.

20 Best SEO Audit Tools in 20221

Without further ado, let us begin.

1. Google Search Console

It’s difficult to mention SEO audits without mentioning Google Search Console. After all, for most people, the objective of their SEO efforts is to improve their website rankings on Google, and so using Google’s own webmaster tool that is totally free is an obvious idea.

Not only Google Search Console is free, but it is also very beginner-friendly. You don’t really need to have any technical proficiencies to use the tool to get useful SEO audit insights like whether a page is properly indexed, page load speed performance, link profile, broken links, the status of HTML markups, and more.

If you don’t already have Google Search Console installed on your site, you definitely should, considering it’s absolutely free and coming from a reputable company (well, it’s Google).

Price: Free

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another free SEO audit and analysis tool from Google, and is the most widely used website analytics tool in the world.

Albeit totally free, Google Analytics is a very robust tool that is rich in features, and can integrate seamlessly with Search Console and other Google tools like Optimize.

While it’s not the most in-depth tool and is more focused on traffic analysis, it is still a very important SEO audit tool to have in your arsenal, considering it is totally free.

Price: free

3. Woorank

Woorank is a great SEO audit tool for analyzing a website’s SEO performance, providing a detailed analysis of on-page and off-page SEO metrics, link profile, broken links, defective/broken web pages, and can also provide thorough recommendations on how you should optimize the site so improve its visibility and ranking.

Woorank does offer a free version, but to unlock most of its useful features, you’ll need to subscribe to its premium plan starting from $59.99/month. You can download audit reports in PDF format, which covers not only SEO-related reports but also usability checklist, mobile performance analysis, social media performance analysis, and more.

Price: Basic plan costs $59.99/month

4. RavenTools

RavenTools isn’t solely an SEO audit tool, but a comprehensive SEO suite that can run a sitewide SEO audit to identify on-site and off-site SEO performance issues with your website. An interesting feature is RavenTools will label the identified SEO issues based on their priority level.

RavenTools’ site-auditor feature evaluates your website based on 17 different metrics including page speed performance, visibility analytics, semantics analysis, image optimization, meta content analysis, and more. You’ll get a user-friendly report that includes your overall site’s ‘health’ score between 0 and 100.

Price: Paid premium plans start at $49 per month ($39 per month for annual billing). A free trial is also available.

5. Ahrefs

Similar to RavenTools, Ahrefs is a full-fledged SEO suite solution, but it does offer a specific SEO audit tool called Ahrefs Site Audit. It can recognize more than 100 technical SEO-related issues from critical errors to content optimization issues. You’ll get reports for various metrics including link profile, broken links analysis, redirects, image optimizations, and CSS/JavaScript-related issues. You’ll easily spot these with Ahrefs Site Audit and can quickly fix it.

Ahrefs whole interface is very easy to use and it includes all the definitions and technical jargon related to SEO. You don’t need to Google anything, simply check Ahrefs dashboard and you’ll likely find your answer.

Price: Basic plan starts at $82/month ($990 per/year). Free trial option is available for 7 days.

6. Linkody

Linkody is a backlink checker tool that will provide a thorough insight of your backlinks, allowing you to easily identify, track, analyze, and disavow backlinks on a single dashboard. It is definitely one of the most versatile backlink checker tools available at the moment and can provide an automated process for monitoring and reporting backlinks.

While it’s not a comprehensive site audit tool and only focuses on backlinks, it is really good at what it does, and backlink checking should be an important factor of any SEO audit.

Price: start from as low as $14.90/month. A free 30-day trial is available.

7. Serpstat

Serpstat is a versatile SEO audit tool that can help analyze and improve metrics related to technical SEO optimizations. It offers features like comprehensive keyword research, content ideation, search ad monitoring, and more.

You can easily find errors related to content optimization like meta tags, indexation, heading optimizations, and also technical metrics like page speed, server parameters, HTTPS, and more.

Price: The basic plan costs $19 per month. Free trial is also available.

8. SEMRush

SEMRush is widely known as one of the best Ahref alternative, offering a comprehensive dashboard that will show everything related to your site’s performance and you can easily analyze the SEO performance of individual pages.

SEMRush offers a free site audit for 100 pages of your website, and most likely you can take advantage of this feature. You’ll get an in-depth technical SEO audit that can detect more than 130 different technical issues, SEMRush also offers an on-page SEO checker that ensures individual pages are properly optimized to rank for chosen target keywords.

Price: Plans start at $99.95/month or $83.28/month for annual billing.

9. Moz

Moz is also widely known as one of the most prominent SEO suites and you can use Moz’s service to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth website audit where you can get a report consisting of your site’s technical and SEO issues that may impact your site’s ranking performance.

Moz offers one of the most versatile on-page optimization tools offering unique features like scheduling regular crawls (for audit purposes), automatically tracking changes in issues over time, and more.

Price: Available on request. Free trial is available for 30 days.

10. SpyFu

SpyFu is a great SEO tool specializing in competitive SEO analysis, which should also be a part of your SEO audit process. You can easily observe all your competitor’s SEO activity to track information like rankings on specific keywords, paid search ads information, target keywords, and more.

A great competitive research tool both for SEO performance and advertising placements (including search ads). Very useful for finding keyword gaps between your site and your competitor’s.

Price: Plans start at $39 per month for monthly billing and $33 per month for annual billing.

11. SurferSEO

SurferSEO is not designed for a site-wide SEO audit, but you can simply enter a URL for individual pages and SurferSEO will perform a one-click audit for this individual page. It is very easy to use and yet very powerful, can analyze ranking factors including keyword and keyword density, heading optimizations, page speed performance, backlink analysis, and more.

Price: Plans start from $29/month, you save around 10% for all plans if you go for annual billing

12. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is a Chrome browser extension that will provide information related to the opened page’s SEO metrics in real-time.

This tool provides insights on metrics like best-performing keywords, domain authority, backlink profile, page word count, and more. Not the most powerful, but convenient and practical with its real-time audit.

Price: Starts from $29/month. 5-day free trial available.

13. Screaming Frog

You can deploy Screaming Frog’s SEO spider to crawl any website and identify on-page technical SEO issues. It is very powerful in detecting technical SEO issues with an easy-to-use interface.

You can find broken and error links, HTML tags errors, duplicate pages, and other technical SEO issues that may impact your site’s ranking performance. It is primarily a report-based tool, so you won’t find much interactivity. Yet, Screaming Frog is still a powerful and versatile SEO audit tool worth considering.

Price: The basic plan is available for free. Paid plan costs $149 per year.

14. WebCEO

WebCEO is a dedicated SEO audit tool that effectively identifies and tracks any SEO-related issues on your site including link profile issues, keyword optimization issues, and competitive analysis. You can access WebCEO from any device and anytime, and also offers a social media performance tracking tool to help with social media optimization.

Price: starts at $39 per month. $29 per month for annual billing.

15. BuzzStream

BuzzStream specializes as a link-building tool and finding backlink opportunities should also be an important part of your SEO audit process.

BuzzStream can help you identify backlink source candidates to help with the outreach process, and how engaged these sources are via various social networks.

Price: starts at $24/month (14-day free trial).

16. BuiltWith

A versatile and easy-to-use competitive analysis SEO tool that you can use to identify any technical on-site and off-site metrics related to SEO performance. It focuses on analyzing the architecture of the domain and provides an insight into how it is structured. You’ll get information on the OS version, type of server, CMS used, and more.

Also useful to analyze your own site, since your site’s architecture may also cause SEO issues.

Price: Basic plan starts at $295/month

17. DareBoost

Mainly focuses on checking your site’s speed performance, helps you in identifying issues related to page speed, and offers suggestions on how to boost your site’s speed.

The tool will run in your site’s background and constantly monitors your site for performance while providing optimization tips.

Price: Basic plan starts at $22 per month

18. SE Ranking

SE ranking is one of the most versatile and powerful SEO audit tools that won’t only provide insights on technical issues on your site, but will also help you in planning a list of optimizations to help develop and manage your B2B SEO campaign.

The tool will crawl your website and return with more than 70 SEO metrics like domain overview, page performance, meta optimizations, content and image optimizations, link profile analysis, and more.

It will provide an easy-to-understand report that you can save in PDF format for documentation purposes.

Price: starts from $31/month

19. Whatagraph

Whatagraph offers a really comprehensive SEO reporting template that can integrate with other SEO audit tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, and more, so you can easily get insights on various metrics related to SEO performance.

You can track metrics like total organic traffic, the number of clicks, click-through rate, link building performance, link profile analysis, and more.

Whatagraph offers beautiful and comprehensive data visualizations with charts, images, and tables, making reporting really easy and interactive.

Price: starts at $99/month

20. DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl is also a comprehensive SEO audit tool that can crawl millions of your web pages and provides in-depth reports for each page. One of the most powerful tools if you plan to perform large-scale B2B SEO on a lot of different pages or if you are a marketing agency running large-scale projects.

Also a really good competitive analysis tool and can provide reports about your competitor’s site structure, content performance, social media presence, and more.

DeepCrawl also offers some useful automation features like the ability to auto-schedule crawls and real-time monitoring of your website performance.

Price: The starter plan starts at $89 per month ($979 per year)


While the twenty tools we have shared above aren’t the only SEO audit tools available in the market today, they are among the most powerful and versatile available and can be a great foundation in assisting your SEO audit process.

In SEO audit, there’s no one-size-fits-all tool that can do everything related to SEO audit, especially considering the fact that SEO audit is a very deep and all-encompassing process on its own. Rather, it’s how you mix and match all the different tools to suit your project’s needs, available budget, and objectives.