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Why Do You Need A Company Incorporation Service

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Thinking of a perfect place to put up a business? If you haven’t thought about Singapore, maybe it is time that you consider it. There is a lot of opportunities to succeed in Singapore hence entrepreneurs are highly recommended to invest in this country.

Advantages Of Hiring A Company Incorporate Service

There are a lot of advantages in hiring a company to incorporate service, and to name some of them, read below:

To focus more on your business

There are just a lot of requirements to start a business not only in Singapore but in other countries too. Having an incorporation service can let you leave the hard labor to the professionals and allow you to focus on other important matters in your business such as improving your product, marketing your business, training your employees, etc.

Hiring someone to manage the requirements to start up a business is without a doubt a good idea.

To set up your business quickly

With the many requirements needed to furnish, it will take a lot of time before you can actually start up a business. With the help of a company incorporation service, you are assured that all the needed requirements will be completed the soonest time possible.

Also, these people have a strong connection with the right individuals and companies so processing of requirements will be done faster.

The earlier you can start your business, the better.

To ensure zero compliance default

They are the experts and with this, you are assured that you are always 100% compliant in terms of the requirements set by the country you plan to set up your business. This is hard to achieve especially if you are living outside the country or you just flew in Singapore recently.

Why would you take the risk if there is actually a way for you to be 100% compliant? Hiring professionals will ensure that everything will work towards your requirements.

Questions To Ask A Company Incorporation Service

Before you finally hire service from any company, it is best if you ask questions first. Asking questions can help you get the service you expect.

To help you get started, below are a few questions to ask a company you are planning to hire:

Available packages

What are the available packages do they offer? Getting a package is recommended as this is where you can get better rates. You have to make sure that everything you need is included in the package you will get.

Some of the things that you might need to be included in your package are a registered business address that is located in a prestigious location, a company secretary, and opening of bank account consultation and arrangement.

The package inclusion is dependent on whether you are situated locally or outside the country. Make sure that the package is complete and includes everything that you need to operate your business smoothly.

Customer service

Another important question to ask is the availability of their customer service support team. Customer service is critical especially for businesses that are operated remotely. It is necessary that you know the available numbers you can call, the email address you can send your email to, the availability of chat services, and also the social media account you can use to reach them.

Apart from this information, you may also like to know their availability. What time can you call their customer service team? If you are living outside the country, make sure that they cater to your hours. Choosing a company that is available to render their service and answer your queries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a good idea.

Contact person

Make sure that they will assign a contact person you can call and contact if you have questions about their service. Especially if you are living outside the country, you want someone to call in case you have questions. Continuity of information and business is best done if you are transacting business only with one person.

You have to be open with your contact person as he or she will represent you.


Another important question you have to know more about is the prices of their packages. Even how good the service they provide, if you cannot afford their service, it is useless to know more about them.

Asking the prices of their package is a good way to measure whether you can hire their service or you need to look somewhere else. Knowing the prices of their services will help you gauge which company offers the best service at the right price.

The cost of the service is just secondary to the quality of service yet, needless to say, making sure that you can afford their service is a must.

HostArmada Review- Best Cloud Hosting With Blazing Speed

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, September 20, 2020
We at TricksRoad have reviewed many web hosting providers so far in different spaces like budget, SSD, WordPress, and others. Today we are continuing this journey and going to talk about a cloud hosting provider called HostArmada.

HostArmada Review
In this HostArmada review, we will talk about the various features of HostArmada, the pricing of HostArmada, and much more. We have personally tried this and found it a wonderful hosting in the budget. You can consider HostArmada as a budget cloud hosting provider and one of the best SiteGround alternatives as well.

HostArmada Review

Let's start and look for the different aspects of HostArmada which can be beneficial for you if looking for great cloud hosting for your business. Even we are using HostArmada for one of my WordPress blogs and I am enjoying it.

About HostArmada

HostArmada is a web hosting provider who started this journey in 2019. Although they are new to the market but have made a great impression in terms of service and quality. It provides domain and hosting to clients across the globe.

One of the major reasons why HostArmada made so much buzz in the short period is- it offers fully managed and WordPress-optimized Cloud SSD hosting services.

Before using HostArmada shared hosting plan, I personally tested from all the aspects and decided to write a detailed review. It offers the following hosting solutions to the clients-

  • WordPress Hosting
  • SSD Shared Hosting
  • SSD VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated CPU Server Hosting
  • Open Source Hosting
  • Development Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Magento Hosting

Many of these are specialized hosting for WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, and more. HostArmada focuses on the following customer services-
HostArmada Customer Service
They also maintain the-

  • Transparency to the relationship with the customer
  • Keep focusing on innovation
  • Creating a highly tolerant system
  • Amaze customer with the experiences

Which HostArmada Plan you should buy?

HostArmada plans vary depending on the kind of hosting you're looking for. The shared hosting plan starts at $1.20 per month while VPS starts at $41.21 per month. In this post majorly we will focus on the shared hosting.

In shared hosting also, HostArmada offers managed cloud SSD shared hosting. All the shared hosting plans include-

Free cPanel
Free SSL for all sites
Web Server Cache
Daily Backups
Cloud SSD Storage
Support 24/7/365

Apart from the above features, HostArmada also keeps a low number of clients per server with 99.9% uptime. Also, you can enjoy 24x7 support with all their plans.

In the shared hosting, HostArmada offers three plans depending on the configuration of the server and the sites you need to host. Below are their shared hosting plans-

HostArmada shared hosting pricing
I personally recommend going with the Speed Reaper plan which costs $2.69 per month. In this plan, the company offers you to host unlimited websites. You will get 6 cores CPU and 6 GB RAM with unlimited bandwidths. The best thing with the hosting is, they offer free domain names and you can have 120K monthly unique visitors as well. Another great thing with this plan is, your site will be backed up almost every hour, around 21 times a day.

HostArmada Features

Here are some of the top features that HostArmada offers-

Moneyback Guarantee

The company offers 45-days money back guarantee on all their plans and so you can try freely.

99.9% Uptime

HostArmada gurantees for 99.9% uptime on all of their plans and so there are rare chances of the website getting down.

Free Site Migration

If you’re currently hosted on some other hosting provider, then the HostArmada team can migrate all of your site one-time for free to HostArmada hosting.

No Cancellation fees

If you cancel any service with HostArmada, there is no charge associated with it.

1-click installer

With HostArmada's 1-click installer, you can install all the apps like WordPress, Databases, and more on your server.

Web Server Cache

With the caching technique, your site will load faster with minimal resources

Enhanced Security

HostArmada uses AI-based security which takes care of very possible security concerns.

Free SSL Certificates

With any plan of HostArmada, you can get free SSL certificates for all your sites free. When many hosts are charging $10 or so for the SSL, here you can get for free.

Free Domain Name

With HostArmada you can ger a free domain till the time you're hosting with HostArmada.

HostArmada Datacenter

HostArmada is pretty rich when it comes to the datacenter and has a global presence. From the USA to Australia, it has got many data centers across the world. Below are the network of datacenters HostArmada has. Depending on the location where you're doing business, you can probably, select the nearest datacenter.

HostArmada datacenter

HostArmada Hosting Performance and Speed

Speed is one of the best factors while deciding which host you should go for. HostArmada's hosting services offer you the blazing speed for all their plan. I quickly checked the hosting speed using and see what I found below-

HostArmada Hosting Speed
So, HostArmada offers amazing speed for all their plans and is categorized as A+ which is rare with any hosting provider. Also, as said above, the company offers 99.9% uptime and so, you can rely on them. Further, I checked the Mobile speed score and desktop speed score using Google Page Speed Insights and see what I found-

HostArmada Desktop and Mobile Speed
So, I got a dazzling speed of 97 on both Mobile and Desktop which is considered a pretty good score. And let me clear here, website speed is one of the important SEO factors as well. Although this speed score will vary depending on the site you are testing.

HostArmada Support

The next part of this HostArmada review is about their support system. As said above, HostArmada offers 24X7 support to all its customers. It offers support via Live chat, phone, and ticket along with the huge knowledge base. Usually, a technical support ticket needs just 10 minutes for the resolution. You can look for the below in their technical support-

  • Website Support Service: Website Transfer, Application Setup, Website Optimization, Website Common Errors (403, 404, 500, 502 ... etc.), Hacked website assistance.
  • Domain Support Service: Domain Registration, Domain Transfer, DNS Modifications, Nameservers Modifications, Domain forwarding
  • Email Support: Mail Client Setup, Mail Accounts Management, Newsletter Setup, Mail IP
  • SSH Support: SSH Information, SSH Client Configurations, SSH Command Line assistance, File Operations assistance, Local Binaries usage
  • SSL Support: SSL Installation, SSL integration with your website, SSL renewal, SSL Issues investigation
  • cPanel Assistance

HostArmada Pros:

Here are some amazing benefits of using HostArmada-

  • Managed cloud SSD storage
  • Easy to use cPanel
  • Free SSL for all sites
  • Web server cache
  • Daily backups
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Lighting speed
  • Reliable security
  • More Data server Option
  • 1-Click Application Installer (WordPress, Magento, WooCommerce, Joomla & more)
  • More programming application support (Perl, Python, Node.js, PHP)
  • 45 Days Money-back Guarantee
  • Support 24/7/365
  • 1st year pricing at 85% off

HostArmada Cons

Renewal cost is high

Conclusion- HostArmada Review

This was all about HostArmada Review which we experienced while evaluating. I personally found it as one of the best hosting providers in the budget. Even for an unlimited sites with 120K unique visitors, you need to pay just $2.69 per month which is pretty cheap compared to other hosting providers.

Along with the pricing, free domain name, and SSLs, 21 times backup in a day, multiple data centers, are something that impressed me a lot.

What do you think about HostArmada?

If you are looking for a new host, you should try HostArmada at 85% off.

What Is Fiber Internet - An Introductory Guide

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, September 12, 2020
Fiber internet is one of the latest technological advancements that has revolutionized the internet speeds across the world. Offering much faster speeds as compared to cable or DSL, it is capable of transferring a large amount of data easily. Though some cable internet providers excel by providing blazing fast internet and amazing bundle deal offers.

There is no denying of the fact that users are happy to enjoy high-speed internet along with the vast Spectrum channel list they get to experience while subscribing to its exciting bundle offers. But with increasing coverage and availability of fiber internet as more providers have started investing in its infrastructure, the competition has grown tremendously.

People now seem to be more inclined towards fiber internet services because of its super-fast speeds. So without further ado, let’s dive deep into the fiber internet revolution:

What is Fiber Internet?

Fiber optic cables make use of small glass fibers used for data transmission. These fiber cables are capable of carrying multiple signals at one time. When bundled together, these form larger cables called fiber optic trunk cables that are capable of transmitting a huge amount of data and providing speeds up to 1 Gbps. In other words, it can be as much as 100 times faster than some cable internet and DSL connections.

Why Fiber Internet is Suitable for Covering Longer Distances?

It is a well-known fact that all the electronic signals weaken with distance. The longer the distance, the greater the degradation of the electronic signal. Thus it is important to maintain the signal strength over long distances. Fiber optic technology has an edge of delivering signals up to 25 miles without any losses. This makes it a very preferable option for carrying information over long distances without compromising on the signal strength.

No Radio Interferences

Unlike copper wires which are not immune to radio interference or electromagnetic signals, fiber optic cables made of glass or plastic are not affected by electrical or radio interference. This makes fiber internet a much secure option in terms of better signal strengths and minimal chances of signal dropouts as compared to cable, satellite, or DSL internet.

Immune for Wear and Tear

Fiber cables are less likely to be affected by weather changes or environmental impacts. Being extremely small in size as compared to copper wires, fiber cables have greater resistance. This is why fiber internet is more reliable when it comes to data speeds and network efficiency.


Though faster internet speeds, reliability, and efficiency are attractive features for fiber internet but the high investment in its infrastructure results in costly packages as compared to cable or satellite internet plans. Though if you are a heavy user with multiple members in the family who will be accessing the internet simultaneously, and you do not want to compromise on the internet speed, then fiber internet is just the right choice for you. It is worthy of every buck you pay for the high-speed connectivity you get to experience.

Is Fiber Internet The Right Choice for You?

In case you now know all about fiber internet and its perks, you might still be wondering if it is right for you. Well, the truth is that you will be paying a little more for lightning-fast speeds of up to 940 Mbps and reliable internet connectivity.

So, that should not be an issue especially if there are multiple users in the house. You can enjoy smooth online streaming, seamless gaming without the internet bothering you with speed slowdowns or network issues.

In fact, there is a probability that you might be paying less for a fiber internet package as compared to the cable internet plans available in your area. So it is essential to do some research on the internet providers offering coverage on your area. This will make it easier to pick a more cost-effective fiber internet plan to satisfy your connectivity needs to the fullest.

Wrapping Up

Fiber internet has gained widespread popularity because of the massive speeds, reliability, and stronger signal strengths as compared to the other internet types. It excels in delivering signals to longer distances without degrading them and is quite resistant to weather conditions.

However, it still has limited availability in the United States but more providers are stepping forward and investing in this new technology to extend its coverage and accessibility. This has also resulted in more cost-effective fiber internet packages rolled out by different providers.

5 Ways to Grow Your Business Smartly & Steadily

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, September 9, 2020
It’s a great comfort to know that some of the world’s biggest companies today all started somewhere, small and modest like yours. Take it as an inspiration to replicate their success or surpass it as you work toward your business’s survival and growth.
This success can happen in a few months or years, with so many factors involved, including the effectiveness of your strategies. Stability is a process, and this article is about getting to your goals smartly and steadily.

Are you all set to grow your business? Confirm first that you have access to a reliable and flexible platform for selling and more. Whether it’s an online store, a point of sale, or other sales channels, explore your options for what’s best for your business.

5 Ways To Grow Business Smartly and Steadily

Here are some of the top techniques for growing your business from the seed stage-

Prepare a Business Plan

The internet has sped up things for the modern entrepreneur with tools and platforms that are readily available and accessible. It still helps to have a business plan handy.


It’s easier to approach banks, investors, and agencies for loans, grants, etc. when you have a concrete document backing your funding request. The business plan, which can be detailed or high-level for start-ups, sets out facts and figures about your company and shows how well you know your business and industry.


Are you on track with your goals? Why did you have to shift gears? It’s like expectations versus reality with the business plan giving you an objective view of your situation.

Crisis management

The COVID-19 pandemic is a stark reminder of the many contingencies that can hurt your business. You need to have a comprehensive response to uncertainties. Better document it in your business plan.

Make the Most of Internet Marketing

Sales keep companies in business, and it’s not surprising for even the most-known brands to spend billions of dollars on advertising and marketing every year. Your budget for campaigns and ads may not be that huge, but it remains indispensable even in the time of recession.

Here are modern techniques to drive people to your website or storefront and generate sales while staying on budget.

  • Search engine marketing, or SEM, broadly encompasses paid advertising activities, exemplified by Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Yahoo Ads.
  • Social media advertising leverages Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to place targeted ads.
  • Social media marketing utilizes content geared toward attracting your audience and widening your customer base.

In a sense, SMM is free. It takes time to get results as one needs to regularly post relevant content and engage with users to convert them to customers.

Build Connections via Email

With at least 3.9 billion people using email, this medium can help form and build long-term ties with customers. You can use emails to welcome new users, send newsletters, introduce new products, or simply get in touch with subscribers like old friends.

Where do you start?

  • Create a landing page for email sign-up. Set up this email opt-in on the homepage, your blog posts, or at checkout—make sure your sign-up pages don’t annoy visitors.
  • Sweeten the deal with a freebie; a discount coupon upon subscription is one example.
  • Automate and streamline the process of sending out the kind of emails to whom.
  • Resonate with messaging that compels recipients to open the email and reflects your brand.

Be on the Same Page with Employees

Growth brings changes, be they more clients, customers, tasks, processes, budget realignments, and so on. Employees can better keep up with any shift or transition if they know what’s up and have been trained to handle the situation. You get their full support, and they’ll be more confident facing customers.

You may be a one-person team now, but you can expect to hire people to delegate tasks as your company grows.

  • Discuss short- and long-term prospects with employees to set their expectations. You can leave out the business-sensitive aspects and focus on practical matters that affect day-to-day work.
  • Ready an employee development plan. It carves out pathways for their professional growth, such as training for leadership roles or upgrading their knowledge on new processes.
  • Identify gaps in the system through constant communication with employees.

Learn and Improve

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to running a business. You have to make decisions that hold real-life consequences. You can only do your best, recalibrate, and keep going.

Persistence is indeed a valuable quality of an entrepreneur, along with these:

  • Realistic
  • Decisive
  • Calculated risk-taker
  • Innovative
  • Resourceful

It does look like a tough job creating a success story out of a small venture, but it can happen, all right.

What other traits or things can you add to the list?

Top 6 Grammarly Alternatives

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, September 8, 2020
As a quality, the article should be error-free. For this, you can use some proofreading tools like Grammarly or others. But if you are not much satisfied with Grammarly than this Grammarly alternative post is for you. Here in this post, I am going to list a few top Grammarly alternatives which you can use to write a quality article.

Grammarly Alternative

Grammarly is an online proofreading tool using which you can write an error-free article and can make quality content that will be loved by the reader and search engine both. You can check my Grammarly review here.

But there are a large number of people who don’t like Grammarly may be due to some factors like-

• The cost is high. The monthly cost is $29.95
• Maybe not satisfied with the quality they produce

So, if you are looking for some other options for the proofreading tool, then here are some top Grammarly alternatives to writing high-quality articles.

Grammarly Alternative: Top 6

Here are the 6 software like Grammarly which you can use in daily practice for error-free content. Some of these are free Grammarly alternatives while others are paid. So let’s start with software like Grammarly.
1. Ginger
2. GrammarBase
3. PaperRater
4. SpellCheckPlus
5. Slick Write
6. Writer

Now let's discuss all these Grammarly alternatives one by one in detail.

1. Ginger

Ginger is software like Grammarly and is a solid competitor of Grammarly in terms of market and features.

Ginger is a free online proofreading tool to check the grammar and spelling and help you to write error-free articles for websites and blogs. Below are some of the features of Ginger.
Grammarly Alternative

Basic features of Ginger are completely free while if you want to use their advanced features like “Text Reader” and “Personal Trainer” then you can go with their premium plan which just starts at $4.10 per month and is far much less than Grammarly.

2. GrammarBase

GrammarBase is another solid alternative of Grammarly which is a premium tool and checks the following stuff while scanning your articles for error-

Grammarly Alternative

  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Style
  • Plagiarism
  • Contextual Spelling

So as you can see from the above features, it not only checks for the error in the content but also for plagiarism which ensures your content is unique and will not get affected by any search engine updates.

The cost of GrammarBase is $15 per page which can’t be good for those who are looking for the cheap Grammarly alternative.

3. PaperRater

If you will talk about the best Grammarly alternative, I would prefer PaperRater due to many reasons-

Grammarly Alternative

• Basic plan is completely free for up to 5 pages
• Premium plan just comes at $7.95 per month which is far less than Grammarly.

Here are some of the features of PaperRater-

  • Plagiarism Detection
  • Auto Grader
  • Spelling and Grammar Check
  • Style and Word Choice Analysis
  • Readability Statistics
  • Title Validation
  • Vocabulary Builder tool

4. SpellCheckPlus

This web-based tool allows you to put your text in their content checkbox and then it will highlight all the mistakes like spellings, grammar, and many other things which you can correct in order to make a better article.
Grammarly Alternative
Spell Check Plus is a free online tool with a limit of 250 words; however, the full access can be accessed by registering to the portal.

5. Slick Write

Slick Write is also one of my favorite tools to check grammar and spelling online. It is powerful to check your writing for grammar errors, potential stylistic mistakes, and other features of interest. Below are some of the features of Slick Write-

  • The grammar checker is lightning fast
  • It provides customizable feedback to suit your audience and style
  • Add impact to reports
  • Improve your grades
  • It's free

6. Writer

Lately, the Writer is being called as best Grammarly alternative to business. It is an AI business writing assistant helping the enterprise write error-free and impressive content, email, and other content.

The writer is available for Google Chrome, Google docs, and Microsoft Word which fulfill almost all kinds of writing needs. The best thing about Writer which makes it even better than Grammarly for enterprises are-

  • You can build your own custom style guide and white label it
  • Check your content against your organization's style guide
  • Brand voice alignment which is very important in communications
  • Gender bias flagging
  • Qordoba follows SOC2, security, and HIPAA guidelines as well

The Writer provides two pricing structure and their starter plan costs $49 per month where 5 users are included and $9 per will cost for additional users. They also offer a 14-days of free trial which you can use to test the solution. There is no credit card required to avail of the free trial.


These were some of the best Grammarly alternatives. You can use any of these tools if you are looking for software like Grammarly. Some of these are a free Grammarly alternative while others are paid.

Which Grammarly alternative you liked most? Which one you use to write error-free articles?

8 Best Putlocker Alternatives

By Ashutosh Jha →
If you’re a movie lover then you must have come across this amazing site Putlocker. But as you might be knowing the original Putlocker site is down and so people have started looking for Putlocker alternatives.

In this post, we’re going to talk about the best Putlocker alternatives sites. These sites like Putlocker will help you watch and download unlimited movies in HD.

Best Putlocker Alternatives
Most of these Putlocker alternative sites don’t require registration and so you can download and watch movie hassle-free. We’ll also share the current Putlockers for you to download and enjoy online movie streaming.

Is the old Putlocker site down?

I have kept on seeing this kind of query all over the internet. And in a single word, the answer is Yes.

The old Putlocker site is down and no longer available to access. But the good news is there are many Putlocker alternatives which you can use which are quite similar to the old Putlocker. These current Putlockers are having almost a similar interface and features. Also, they are new and updated and so you can expect better collection and experience.

If you’ll try to access the old putlocker site there are high chances that you will get the error like below-
putlocker down?
But as said above, there are many new sites which act like putlocker alternative and has filled the gap.

Putlocker New Site

As we talk about the putlocker new site but one thing that you should check is it should be original. What I mean to say is there are many sites which claim to be the original putlocker but they’re not.

And so, you need to be careful before blindly following any putlocker site to be the original. For example, if you check the they’re currently getting redirected to a new site. But that site is not the original putlocker site.

Earlier what was happening whenever one torrent site was getting banned, their developers used to replicate the site on some other domain. And that site like putlocker was the original and just the domain name was changed.

But nowadays anyone simply buys a new domain which is similar to the original and start the movie download site. And you need to be careful while deciding on that.

10 Best Putlocker Alternatives: Sites Like putlocker

Now let’s start and see some of the top alternatives to putlocker which allows you to see movies online. Along with that, you can also download movies free using these sites like putlocker.

Also, all these alternatives to putlocker sites are real and original. And so, you can be assured of free from any issue. These sites are real, free from any malware, and contains very minimum ads.

1. SolarMovies

Solarmovies new site:

SolarMovies is one of the oldest torrent movies downloading site. Although the main domain is no longer working but still the new SolarMovies site is available and is managed by the same team. The new SolarMovies site is The new site is almost similar to what we had on earlier.

The site is clean and has an almost similar interface that we had earlier. You’ll have a search bar where you can look for your favorite movie. And at the top, they have categories through which you can browse through the movies.

The best thing with SolarMovies is, along with the movies, you can watch and download TV series. When you’ll open any movie, you will have the option to either stream the movie in HD or can download it in HD. The only drawback of this site is, for some movies you may have to buy a premium plan which starts with $5 per month. And if sometime this solarmovie doesn’t work, you have always the best solarmovie alternatives.

2. 123movies

123movies new site:

123movies is another old torrent site for movie streaming and download. Initially, the original domain was live but due to various reasons, the site was banned. And since then the team changed the domain name multiple times. Sometimes even the domain got blocked while many times the domain is blocked in some specific location.

123Movies, GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies, and 123movieshub were the series of sites operating from Vietnam allowing users to watch and download movies free.

If the domain is blocked just in your location then you may check how to unblock the blocked site to access it. Else you can use the new 123movies site which is which you can use. This new 123movies also has an almost similar interface and features. You can check for the different movies and TV series. Just click on your favorite movies or TV shows and start watching. Still, if someday this new 123movies also doesn’t work, do check some of the best alternatives to 123movies.

3. WatchMoviesFree

WatchMoviesFree new site:

WatchMoviesFree is another best alternative to putlocker which allows you to watch movies online for free. The site is clean and easy to navigate.

You can directly go through any movies and TV shows and watch those online. Also, the best thing about WatchMoviesFree is, it is ad-free. There won’t be any advertisement on the site which makes this one of the best putlocker alternatives.

The new WatchMoviesFree site is Once you open any movies and TV shows it will take you to the movie page where either you can watch those or download in different quality.

4. Fmovies

Fmovies new site:

Fmovies is also a site like Putlocker which allows you to stream and download movies free. The site makes the premium quality content and video for free for everyone.

This putlocker alternative site clean and very easy to navigate. You can download and watch all those for free.

The new Fmovies site is which has a great collection of movies from old to new. On the site, you can watch and download all kinds of movies and TV shows free in HD. You can also find the country-specific movies, Genre specific movies, and most viewed movies.

There is no ad on the site which makes your experience even better. Once you click on any movie, you can find the details of the movie along with the link to download.


YIFY New Site:

YIFY Movies is also known as YTS movie and has been one of the favorite sites for movie lovers. YIFY torrents is a peer-to-peer release group for distributing large numbers of movies that allow free download through BitTorrent.

YIFY Movies
Like any other torrent site, YIFY movies’ original site was closed and now the new YIFY site is This is the working site and is similar to the original YTS site. So, if you’re looking for sites like putlocker, YIFY movies are the solution for you.

What I found great about YIFY is, it allows you to download HD movies in the smallest size. They use some technique to keep the size as small as possible in high quality.

6. Rainierland

Rainierland New Site:

Rainierland is another site like putlocker. This putlocker alternative site allows you to browse and watch through all the old and new movies for free.

You can also get movies that have just been released and are in the theater. And the best thing is you can also request movies from the admin of the Rainierland.

Rainierland allows you to download and stream all kinds of TV shows, TV episodes, and movies free. When you click on any movie or shows, all the details around that will be shown and a link to stream and download. The site has some ad but those are not annoying.

7. LosMovies

LosMovies New Site:

LosMovies is also a great site for movie lovers. You can find all genre movies here free from any advertisement. You can click on any movie and the details page will be displayed to you. Here you will have various links to play the movie or download in different quality.

LosMovies currently holds more than 2000 shows and also displays the IMDB ratings for all the movies.

8. Popcornflix

Popcornflix new site:

Popcornflix is a big platform where you can browse, watch, and download unlimited movies without spending a single penny.

The site guarantees that users can access any content for free and that’s true. The site has ensured that every user is getting the proper content and delivery.

It has all the flavor from comedy to action to horror. And in the case when you’re not sure of what to watch than the category on the site can help you.


These were the top 8 alternatives to putlocker. These sites like putlocker allow you to stream and download any movies, TV shows, and TV episodes for free.

If you have come across any better site which you think is a similar site like putlocker then do let us know.

11 Best Safe ROMS Sites to Download ROMs

By Ashutosh Jha →
If you have been looking for the best ROM for your game to play on emulators, then this is the right place. Here we will talk about some best safe Rom sites using which you download safe ROMs. This best safe ROMs sites 2019 will provide you the best ROMs for all your favorite games.

All these safe Rom sites have been checked carefully and are free from any kind of virus or malware. And so, freely you can download safe Rom from these sites.

11 Best Safe Rom Downloading Sites [Best Safe ROMs Sites]

Let's start and see some of the best Rom download sites. As said above, all these sites are safe to use and download. You can download all stuff related to game Rom for free.

#1 Gamulator


This is the best safe ROM site currently available. Also, Gamulator is currently the best featured ROM site and emulator. They also keep on expanding their library with the new games regularly.

Gamulator allows you with two kinds of downloads-

1. Managed based download
2. Direct download

No matter which download you’re using both is safe and secure for you to download. The website lists the major ROMs like GBA, Mame, Sens, NDS, NES, and more.

#2 DopeROMs

DopeROMs is another best safe ROMs site which has a huge library of ROMs to be downloaded. It is also a site for interactive video games and allows you to play backups. And then you can play these backups of games on either on your mobile phone or computers as you want.

DopeROMs is having one of the largest libraries of thousands of ROM to download in a safe and secure environment. Even by category if you’re not finding the desired ROM, just use the search bar at the top and get the desired safe ROM.

#3 ROM Hustler


ROM Hustler is another best ROM site having a huge library for both ROMs and Emulators. You can also find a lot of games available on the site. You can find the ROM just by providing the keyword or by selecting through the console.

The site ensures that your device will be free from malware and any kind of virus. The listed ROMs and Emulators listed here are based on user reviews and votes. Also, they have a mobile version site which is also quite helpful.

#4 CoolROM


If you’re looking for the best ROM 2020, CoolROM is the solution for you. It is also one of the safest ROMs available. CoolROM has more than thousands of emulators and ROMs available on the site.

All the major ROMs are here available for downloads like Atari, Neo, Sega, and more. The site also lists the top 25 ROMs and also top 25 Emulators. From here also you can select the best suitable ROMs for you.

#5 Romania


Romania is a professional site offering the best ROMs download. The site offers the best ROMs, Emulators, and BIOS. You can also play these online. Either you can select the safe ROM from the list or can use the search icon to search the best ROM for you.

Romania also lists the top 100 games to be played. Once you’ll browse the site, you’ll come to know why Romania is the best ROM downloading site.

#6 Retrosic


With 51 consoles, 83000+ ROMs, and 383 emulators, Retrosic is one of the best ROM sites. Just name the popular ROM or emulators and you’ll get there.

The best thing about Retrosic is, it offers you the safe download link and doesn’t allow any .exe file. All you have to do is, just browse through the game you want and start playing in no time. If some game is not working, you can select the emulator available which can help you play those games.

#7 The Eye


The Eye is a kind of repository where you can find all kinds of files related to ROM and Emulators. The eye holds ROMs for more than 60 consoles which cumulatively make 3 TB+ storage. The best thing about The Eye is you can find almost all the ROM sites for almost all the consoles you can think of.

#8 Emuparadise


Emuparadise claims to be the biggest retro gaming website on the earth and somehow this makes sense as well. A properly arranged site with proper categories to download safe ROM fast and secure.

Emuparadise also has a community where you can discuss any requirement or any kind of issue. Along with the safe ROMs, you can also download games, ISO, video games, music, guides, and more. Emuparadise also allows you to play the games directly in the most secure environment.

#9 Emulator Zone


Emulator Zone is one of the oldest ROM sites available. The site provides all the details about the ROM, Emulators, updates, download links, games, and more. All the top-level games like Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and more are available here.

#10 Vimm’s Lair


Vimm’s Lair is another safe ROMs site in 2020 and is available since 1997 and is considered as one of the oldest ROM sites. The site provides us classic ROMs and Emulators. The site has almost all the classic games released in the US with more than 10 different game consoles. All the ROMs have been categorized nicely and you can even use the search criteria to find some.

#11 ROM World

Looking for one place where you can get the best safe ROMs for Atari, Nintendo, Sega, and Sony and all their models and platforms?

ROM World is the solution for you. A simple site dedicated to ROM where you can find the console for all the major players in the market. Even if you’re not getting the ROM you were looking for or not in the language you were looking for, just send them an email and they will update quickly.


These were the best safe ROMs sites. You can use any of these sites to download ROMs and emulators as required. We have a separate post for iOS emulators for windows also which you may check if looking for specific emulators.

5 Best iOS Emulators for Windows

By Ashutosh Jha →
Have you ever thought of running iOS apps on other operating systems? Here iOS emulators help!

If you want to run iOS apps on windows, you should get iOS emulators for windows. For all those who don’t know what is iOS emulators, keep reading this article and we will discuss it soon.

iOS Emulators for Windows
Usually, iPhones are very costly and everyone can’t afford it. But for all those who can’t afford iPhone and want to try iOS apps, iOS emulators are the best solution.

Here in this article, we will discuss 5 best iOS emulators for Windows operating system. These iOS emulators for PC will also help you to try iOS apps on your normal PCs.

What is iOS Emulator?

If you are new to this term iOS Emulator then here is a simple logic behind this. It is a computer program/software which helps you to run iOS apps on any other platform.

So, depending on the platform you want to run iOS apps, you will have to find the corresponding emulator.

For example, if you want to run iOS apps on Windows then download an iOS emulator for Windows. If on Android then download an iOS emulator for Android and so on.

Actually, iOS has been a favorite platform for developers to test any newly developed apps. Recently when Prisma was developed for many months, it was only available for iOS and then it came for Android.

So, if there is any app which is only available for iOS and you want to use on other platforms than iOS emulator is for you.

Using iOS emulator or simulator you can test and debug your apps on your normal PCs as well.

Use of iOS emulator

Apart from the normal use of iOS emulator for the use of gaming, apps, here are many other uses of iOS emulators.

  • Test and build the iOS apps during the software development process
  • Run the apps on multiple devices containing the same operating system
  • You can find issues while the development phase of app design and correct
  • Test your app with developer tools which are available only for simulator
  • Learn more about the XCode development experience and iOS development environment before becoming a member of iOS Developer Program

Advantages of using iOS Emulator

In the above section, we saw the uses of iOS emulators. Here we will check what are the benefits of iOS Emulators for Windows.

  • Almost all the iOS emulators available are either free or they have a free plan and so you can easily use.
  • Installation is quick, easy, smooth
  • It comes with SDK with the release of every new operating system
  • Simple system configuration needed to run iOS emulators for windows
  • Simple to use and ease of access
Now as of now we know what is iOS emulator, use of iOS emulators and advantages of the iOS emulator. It’s time to see few best iOS emulators for windows available in the market.

Although there are hundreds of iOS emulators available in the market, but we have compiled the list and selected 10 best iOS emulators for Windows for you to use.

All these iOS emulators for PC are simple and easy to use. Doesn’t require any additional configuration or technical expertise to run.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC 7/8/8.1/10 – Top 5

After compiling the list of top iPhone emulators, here are the list of top 10 iOS emulators for windows PC. Most of these are free to use and you can easily use iPhone apps for use or for development purposes.

Let’s start with the best iOS emulator for windows PC and see how they work for you.

1. SmartFace iOS Emulator for Windows

SmartFace is one of the leading iOS emulators for windows which helps you run iOS apps on the windows OS.

iOS emulators for windows
SmartFace is a full-featured integrated app helps to reduce cost, increase productivity, remove dependency and provide strategic mobility solutions. It also provides a complete feature to debug any apps which help developers to analyze the apps.

SmartFace Features

Here are some of the major features of the SmartFace iOS emulator for windows-

  • Plugins support to extend SmartFace apps and enterprise plugin supported
  • JavaScript library for better UI features
  • WYSIWYG Design editor
  • Single JavaScript codebase
  • Testing apps and debugging
  • Allows to emulate both iOS and Android apps on Windows platform
  • Network component wizards
SmartFace also supports the complete development of iPhone apps on Windows operating system. This helps the developers to develop amazing iOS apps by maintaining then cost.

SmartFace makes it easy to develop for iOS and Android on Windows with a new perspective for developing applications on Cross-Platform technologies.

How to install SmartFace iOS Emulator on Windows PC

The installation of SmartFace is similar to what we do for any other apps or APK. Here are the steps you can follow to download and install the app.

  • Download the SmartFace app/apk from this link- download
  • Simply install it by double clicking it
  •  You’ll get few screens which you can follow. You’ll have to accept T&C and then do next and finish.
  • Once installed, open the emulator and you can go to the Store section to download apps
  • Once done you can start working
Here is a video showing the working of SmartFace iPhone emulator-

2. iPadian iPhone Emulator

iPadian is one of the leading iPhone emulators for Windows PC you can use. It is available in a freemium version that means both free and premium version is available for this tool.

iOS emulators for windows
The premium version of iPadian will cost you USD 10 which supports the apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. But the free version is also worth trying.

The only issue with the free version is the ad. So, if you feel ad annoying then go for the $10 plan as every penny of its worth.

Currently, the new version of iPadian is scheduled to be released in May’17 which will be focusing on discovering creative Apps and games of iOS on Mac or PC, Developers will have the opportunity to show their Apps for millions of iPadian users.

Moreover, iPadian is a simulator rather than emulator but you can do all the stuff here.

Features of iPadian iOS Emulator

  • Available for both free and premium. Free version can also get your work done
  • Access to customized store App Store in free version as well
  • In premium version, you can use any app freely with Apple App Store
  • No ads in the premium version which comes at just $10
  • Cheap product and one-time charge

Cons of iPadian iPhone Emulator

  • Free version contains lot of ads
  • Premium version cost you $10

How to install and use iPadian

Follow the below steps to install and start with iPadian iOS emulator for windows PC 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Download the app from the following link- download
  • Double click on it and follow the normal process to install the app
  • Once installed, open the app and an interface will be shown to you
  • Now go to store option and install the apps you want to start on iPhone emulator for windows

3. Air iPhone iOS Emulator

Air iPhone emulator is a must try emulator for every iOS developer. Especially if you are not much happy with the free iPadian iOS emulator then you should use Air iPhone emulator.
iOS emulators for windows


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