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How to Hold a Perfect Local Social Campaign

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Do you want to know how you can increase the range and effectiveness of your local campaign? Then you are in the right place.

A social campaign can give your company that little push to reach the target group and thus boost your brand awareness. Such a campaign doesn't have to be as expensive as you might expect.

How to Hold a Perfect Local Social Campaign

How To Hold Perfect Local Social Campaign

Let's start and check how you can manage your social campaigns in a better way and make it profitable. Read below how to put your company in the spotlight.

1. Create a memorable message

Make sure that your message sounds as specific as possible. What do you want to make clear to your potential client with the campaign?

Try to summaries this message in a single sentence. In this case 'less' is 'more': keep the advertisement or campaign simple.

At the same time, an advertisement must be stimulating and distinctive so that customers are persuaded to take a look at your business.

2. Determine the target group

When you have set goals, it's important to find the target group that meets this wish. To create the clearest possible audience, it’s essential to be specific. One way to identify your ideal customer is to answer yourself several questions:

  • Do I focus on men, women or both?
  • How old are my potential customers?
  • What is the level of education of my clients?
  • How do my potential customers receive information?
  • What is the income of my customers?
  • What do my customers do in their free time?

The more questions you can answer, the better you get a picture of your target group.

3. Go for local Social Media

Social media, and especially Facebook, offer the possibility of having several local site pages under your main company page. This way you can help customers who are looking for a local branch.

Creating local location pages on social media has many advantages.

More visibility:

Social media can improve the online visibility of your local campaign and increase your website traffic.

Consistent brand:

Every local page automatically has the same profile and cover photo.

Access to all pages:

As the main page administrator you have access to all local pages. In this way, you can post messages or place advertisements anywhere, or only on some pages, in a powerful wave.

Local posts:

You can easily promote your posts locally by setting sponsored ads with your local target audience.


As a franchiser, you can clearly see how many people are interested in your campaign.

4. Go viral with discount codes and vouchers

People love discount codes. And once they have it, they also want to use it.

Suppose you have an online store and during checkout, your customers can get a discount code (for the next order). There is a high chance that they will come back soon for the next order.

5. Use the power of video

Video marketing continues to rise in popularity: in 2020, video is expected to make up more than 80% of total internet traffic.

With such statistics, your target audience probably watches online videos at least occasionally. That means that if you make great video content for your brand, there are chances that your potential clients will watch it.

6. Invest in promotional materials - custom stickers

Small promotional gifts are a great way to thank people for their attention. At the same time, such gifts strengthen your brand. For example, you can print custom stickers with your company logo on it: it will hardly cost you any money, and your customers will have your company name and contact details within reach in the coming months.

Remember that the visibility of your brand is not only short-lived. If you give away gifts of low quality, your company will make a wrong impression - the more creative the sticker is, the better results it can bring. The recipient will appreciate a unique, personal gift. Maybe he or she will post something on social media, which will put your brand in the spotlight even more.

7. Take your campaign to the street

For campaigns that focus mostly on people, there is no better way to gain brand recognition than to get in touch with potential customers. Order and spread custom designed t-shirts. Cool t-shirts with fresh design always draw attention and provoke interest, so don’t hesitate to invest money in this type of advertisement.

Make your campaign visible on the streets!

From a pop-up on the street to professional artists, a flash mob or people discovering a new world with VR headsets, the possibilities are endless.


There are many ways to promote your business. However, reaching out to local people is always a good idea to start. We hope that our ideas will help your company grow and achieve great statistics.

3 Ways to Make Students Write a Good Story Ending

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, May 19, 2019
The best stories start with a bang and end with the same. Too often, though, most students achieve only the former, neglecting the latter at worst or struggling to wrap things up at best. But a good ending to a story is a must—not necessarily a happy ending, but a proper one. It essentially ties up the entire story, making it one cohesive whole.

3 Ways to Make Students Write a Good Story Ending
Thus, whether the princess dies or she runs away with her prince to a secluded forest, ask your young students to give their narratives a good ending. Here are the best strategies to help them do that:

Discuss the different types of ending

To your students who have been struggling with writer’s block for days now, tell them the good news: there’s a formula to a good ending. Here are some words you can use as story ending-
Story Ending Words

In fact, they can choose among different types. For one, they can have an explicit ending, in which they will wrap up all loose ends. For example, they can reveal who the princess’ real mother is or how the prince defeats the evil witch.

They can also have an implicit ending, wherein their readers will be the one to make sense of the events.

For example, the supposed mother and the princess have identical heart necklaces. It’s also good to use a twist at the end, introducing an unexpected element.

Dedicate time for reading short stories and discussing each of their endings so that your pupils will be more familiar with the different ways of wrapping up their narratives.

Encourage pupils to make a story outline

There’s a good quote that goes, "Begin with the end in mind." Your students won’t have much trouble writing their ending when they already plan how things will turn out at the start.

Hence, in your freewriting session, let them write a story outline, filling in the beginning, climax, and ending. The rule of thumb is that the beginning should give a glimpse to the character’s usual routines or ordinary life, and then the climax should have an extraordinary thing happening, disrupting the protagonist’s life.

Finally, the ending should have the character responding to that change. With all these important elements in place, the students will just have to fill in the details in between each phase to make the story more interesting.

Use creative writing worksheets that feature templates for story outlines. There are some that you can access online or through software. Take advantage of these technologies to make writing easier for kids.

Ask students to envision their readers

If the class can’t really pin down the exact, concrete details of their ending, perhaps taking the abstract approach can help. Let them imagine their readers and ask them what it is they want these readers to feel.

Happiness? Longing? Fear?

From there, it’s just a matter of filling in elements that will contribute to bringing these emotions out. Take note that the exercise of thinking about readers isn’t just helpful in drafting endings.

It also inspires students further in being really serious about their craft. If you can make it real for students to have their pieces of writing read at a book launch, do it. It doesn’t matter if your students are still in second or third grade.

Having their story read publicly will have a huge impact on their writing journey. Ending a story can indeed be a tough challenge for young writers. Here is a summary of types of story ending-
types of story ending
However, there are plenty of ways to bring them into it. Don’t let them give up—wrap the story up.

Best VPN Services: Stay Secure Online with these Top VPN and Proxies

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, May 18, 2019
Online security is a top concern these days and more often you will be hearing that someone has been hacked, some data has been leaked and so on…

On an average, around 30,000 sites are getting hacked in a day and so you can think of how serious this issue is.

Last month itself, in a major data breach, over 50 Million Turkish citizen data were leaked online and this is not unique. Every day you will come to know about such news. The best way to get protected from such issues is precautions. Take utmost precautions you can take to prevent such data and security breaches.

How I got Google Adsense Approval in First Attempt : Complete Guide

By Ashutosh Jha →
Hello, Everyone! A couple of days back we received a fully approved account of Google AdSense.

Thanks to you all for giving support. I started blogging somewhere in September'14 as a passion and very soon got addicted to it. Truly speaking till Aug’14 I was not even knowing ‘B’ of Blogging world.

I was an IT professional and were working on a few IT projects like web development, web maintenance, application development etc. Then while reading some marketing tips for one of my clients and I reached out to Harsh’s blog ShoutMeLoud and few other blogs like Harleena’s Aha-Now, Anil's BloggersPassion, Problogger, CopyBlogger and came to know the blogging world closely.

These are the blogs which motivated me towards blogging. Until that time I already had developed around 30-40 websites for my clients and were having few maintenance projects also.

I managed some time and started blogging and all I can say at this point in time is, It’s Awesome!!

In this guide, I am going to share the secret tricks for how to get Google AdSense approval fast.

How to Get Google AdSense approval fast
I am not much successful in blogging till now, and still, I’m a newbie. I have just started this blog a couple of months back and getting approval for AdSense in Just a couple of months, and that too in the very first attempt is an awesome feeling.

So, just wanted to share the experience as to how I got approval for AdSense for a 2-month-old domain and a blog, which had only 20 posts at the time of approval (this is our 22nd post).

I’m not telling getting AdSense approval is a big thing, but at the beginning, I got so many rumors about the Google AdSense. I just want to clear those.

Also, AdSense is not the only way to earn from the blog and a few weeks back I shared a detailed article on How a blogger can earn from their blog or website. Here I listed around 17 real and proven methods to earn from blogs. I would suggest you to please check that post.

Below I’m going to explain the tips taken by me before applying to the AdSense. In this journey, the article that helped me is Alltop9’s AdSense guide. Thanks to Lasya for that.

How to Get Google AdSense Approval Fast- Exactly what I used!

Here are some of the tips I used to get Google AdSense approval fast and in my first attempt. I am sharing those so that you can also follow these and get AdSense approval very fast.

1. Get a Custom Domain

Now a day almost all the bloggers have their custom domain. If you don’t have and you’re using the free services of Blogspot or Wordpress, please get a custom domain for your blog, and it doesn’t charge more than $1. You can check our article on How to select a best domain name for the good name and 5 best domain name registrar to select the right company to register your name for online business. This is the important step friends as there is hardly a blog which gets approval through BlogSpot and Wordpress extension domain now. No doubt these are the best free platform to start blogging and you need not to spend a single penny for it.

Click here to buy a .com domain name just at $0.99

2. Use Top Domain Extension

This also effects in the approval process. If you’ve read our article on How to select the best domain name, you must have read a point where I’ve explained the need for the top level domain. We should use a top level domain like .com or .org. Avoid registering country specific domains as this indicates you’ve started blogging for just that particular country.

Click here to buy a .com domain name just at $0.99

3. Domain Age

Domain age plays a crucial role in the approval process especially for the accounts in Asian Subcontinent. As per AdSense policy, your domain age should be a minimum of 6 months, but it’s not mandatory in this subcontinent. As you can see, my domain age is just a few days more than two months. So I believe a domain with age one and half month is sufficient for the AdSense approval.

4. Blog Layout & Navigation

Yes, blog design is also an important step in the approval process. In fact, blog design is the main aspect in the success of the blog itself. We’re in 2014 and 2015 is just a few days ahead; so please avoid using the design of 1999. Give your blog a professional look. This will help to attract readers as well as an advertiser on your blog. You can check my article on how to select the best template for the blog or website.

Here I’ve explained each and every step in detail. Mark those points and match with your blog and see if all are good. It’s not that difficult to find a good template. There are so many templates available on the internet free of cost; just you’ve to search it. Also, the navigation on your site should be easy and clear. This helps in making the site more users friendly.

5. Average Daily Page views

This is the most common question a newbie blogger ask before applying to the AdSense. How much traffic really it needed to get approval? There is no exact answer to this question but as per my experience and what I read about this till now is 100-page view is decent to apply for AdSense. And you will agree with me, 100 daily page views are not too much right? You can take help of social media or blog promotion or even blog commenting method to get this much traffic daily.

6. Number of blog post

This is also one of the common questions that bloggers or webmasters usually ask. Generally, it’s seen that many bloggers have received approval with even 12-13 post and there are a plenty number of bloggers who are still getting rejected with over 100 posts. But it’s a good practice to start with 15 blog post.

7. Blog Post Length & Quality

This is very much important point in the approval process as well as for the success of your blog. It’s always advisable to write a long blog post and not to write a blog with less than 500 words. But this does not mean we should compromise on the Quality of the article. You should never copy anyone’s article else Google will detect easily and can reject your application and even can find your blog. So always try to write a quality article and try to have at least 350-400 words in each article. Google or any other search engines love lengthy and quality blog posts.

8. Add a few necessary pages

Add a few important pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages in your blog. At first instance, this will not feel you much important, but from a business point of view, this is equally important as the articles. One should know about yourself, about your blog and the peoples behind you and so about and contact page is vital.

Also, what are your terms and settings about the user who is visiting your site are also important and that can be covered in the Privacy Policy and Disclaimer pages. So try to include these pages before you apply. This will not take more than 5 minutes as many websites are available online which generates these pages free of cost.

9. Take care of content and Language

Please don’t put objectionable content like adult content on the site. Google will never approve these types of sites. Also, you should only use the English language on the site.

10. Follow the AdSense Policy

This is the general step. You should follow the policy of the company to which you’re going to apply. So I would suggest reading the Google AdSense policy before applying to it. This will not take your much of time. Anyway, this contains almost all the points that we covered above.

11. What if disapproved in the first attempt?

This is also one of the most common questions that most of the bloggers and webmasters ask. As AdSense has revised their policy, it’s getting a little bit difficult to get approval in the first attempt or so on. What to do in that case? Whenever AdSense reject any account, they send the reason for this.

You’ll get an email explaining why your application got rejected. Some of the most common reasons are like not having enough content, too new domain, not decent traffic or so on. So work on the reason they provided and apply again. This will not take much of your time. Don’t just sit idle after getting rejected. You should work on the reason and apply again. You’ll definitely get success.

Final Words

Friends these were few tips to get approved AdSense account fast. I’m sure if you’ll follow these tips, you’re definitely going to get approved Adsense account. Again AdSense is not the only way to earn from your blog. If you are not getting approval also, there is nothing to worry. You can use other mode of earnings like in text ads, affiliate to earn.

But as AdSense is the best ad network in the world, so everyone tries to have an account with it. If you’re getting rejected frequently check above tips and correct the blog. Also, you can drop your issue in a comment. I’ll surely try to find the solution.

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Hope this post will help you in getting AdSense approval fast. Please share in a comment if you know any awesome tip on getting approval. If you liked this post, please consider it for sharing this on your social sites. Also if you want to get such awesome tips on Blogging, Internet Marketing, and SEO, subscribe us.

List of Dofollow Forums to get High Quality Backlinks and Traffic

By Ashutosh Jha →
A single high-quality Dofollow backlink is better than 100 nofollow backlinks. So you can estimate the importance of Dofollow backlinks in the success of any blog or website.

The blogs or websites or forums which provide dofollow backlinks uses dofollow attributes which boost the traffic as well as a ranking of the blog. If you have got links from few high PR dofollow forums, you’ll get decent traffic, as well as your page rank, will increase. Indirectly you can say dofollow backlinks plays a significant role in the success of any blog.

How to increase dofollow backlinks
Today we’ll be talking about, how we can increase the dofollow backlinks using online forums. Remember you should not use the unethical way like auto link building or link buying method to increase backlinks. Because nowadays, Google or any other search engines are so intelligent that it’ll identify your blog and can ban you. So be cautious while building backlinks.

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To increase dofollow backlinks, first, you’ve to visit these forums and register yourself and then need to participate in the discussion because most of these forums allow links in your signature. So the more you'll take part in these forums, the more links you’ll get. By doing this, not only you’ll increase the links, but you’ll also get decent traffic as well as you can establish your blog as a brand too.

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Now the Question is how to get these dofollow links?

It’s simple. Don’t worry all forums are free and you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. What you’ve to do is, visit these sites and register yourself. Then complete your profile because many forums allow your website details in the profile section too. So just by completing your profile, you’re going to get one links.

Now go to the Introduce Yourself section and let the other members know about yourself and about your blog. This is the best way to start in a forum. Later move to the other section of the forum and check the threads and the question which you feel comfortable, answer that. And if on your blog, if you have any article related to that question, share your link.

By this way, you’re going to make decent traffic as well as quality backlinks too. But starting this method to increase backlinks and traffic, I would suggest you to first read forum policies and the below points carefully-
  • Don’t ever try to spam any forums. They’ll simply block your profile.
  • Don’t try to put unnecessary links in the post section on any thread.
  • Focus on QUALITY, not on QUANTITY
  • Reply to the threads indecent manner and try to solve the problem.
  • Try to make an image for you and your blog
  • Use signature in each and every post
Using these ways you’ll never get blocked from any of the online forums, and you’ll manage to get maximum benefit from those.

List of Top 20 High PR Dofollow Forums

1. SiteOwner Forum
2. Search Engine Watch
3. CNET Forum
4. V7N Forum
5. MySql Forum
6. 5 Start Affiliate Program
7. Sitepoint
8. HTML Forum
9. PHP Forum
10. File Sharing Forum
11. Web Hosting Talk
12. Joomla Forum
13. MyGame Builder Forum
14. Microsoft Answers
15. Videolan Forum
16. Chronicle Forum
17. Flicker Forum
18. Geek Village Forum
19. Book Forum
20. Cpanel Forum

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So, friends, these are the 20 best high PR Dofollow forums. Frankly speaking, it’s not possible for anyone to be active on all the forums. At most, you can be on 4-5.

Even I’m active on the only couple of forums. So it doesn’t matter how many forums you are on, be active and try to participate in the maximum discussion. By this way, most of the members of those forums will know you. Isn’t this is what you want? Yes by this way, if you do these regularly you will manage to get maximum promotion and extra traffic to your blog.

Once people have confidence on you, on your words definitely they will rush to your blog.

Final Words

Forums are one among the top ways to get a maximum promotion. I already talked about how we can promote our website or blog using online forums. It’s time to get benefit regarding traffic, backlinks, page rank and SERP. So I hope you’ll join some of these forums and you will start participating in discussions. If you’re not doing this, believe me, this is the best method to get an identity in the blogosphere.

Also, you should remember these forums frequently changes their policy and guidelines. So keep checking these. Hope you enjoyed reading this. So why don’t you share this with your friends? Maybe one of them needs this type of articles. If you know any other high PR forum which provides dofollow links, do let me know in comments. I’ll definitely include that in our list. Thanks for reading. Keep visiting!!

10 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses

By Ashutosh Jha →
Is email marketing a priority for your business in coming time?
Are you looking for the best email marketing services?
Choosing the best email marketing services can impact your email marketing campaign a lot. This article is all about choosing the best email marketing services for your business.

But if you are not using email marketing as a part of your marketing campaigns, then you must check the below scenario as for how email marketing is helping business to grow.

See the ROI per $1 spent on advertising and the revenue generated from it.
In this article, I am going to share 9 best email marketing software for your marketing campaigns which will help you to grow quickly.

How to choose the best email marketing services?

Email marketing is one of the best forms of marketing and the cost-effective too. With email marketing, you can get in touch with your subscribers directly and can make a better contact which will be highly beneficial for your business.

A good email marketing software makes your work easy and enables to create an engaging email that impresses the user and fulfill the purpose.

Moreover, the best thing that you should look into a best email marketing service is, the delivered email should not land in the spam folder.

Since the time Gmail has allowed to create more tabs with the labels, it is also necessary to deliver your email in either primary or Updates tab. There are many email marketing software whose emails land in the promotion tab and users don’t check the promotion tab frequently.

A good email marketing services should not only collect data on email services but also get potential buyers on social media platforms.

Here are the 10 top features you should look for before selecting the best email marketing software-

• It should be simple: The features should be effective but the operation should be simple

• Should be flexible: It should be highly flexible in terms of design and customizable too

• Social Media Marketing-Ready: Make sure it’s integrated with social media platforms

• Event Marketing-Capable: Should have the feature to let you promote your next event. There are many other free ways to promote your events as well but email marketing works like a charm.

• Analytics & Reporting: Should give the details like how many emails sent, open through rate, and click-through rate and their reporting for business analysis.

• No Spam: The email must not be delivered in the spam folder

• Only Primary & Updates Tabs: For Gmail users, the emails should be delivered in only primary or updates folders.

• Cost-Effective: The email marketing software should have flexi plans to cater all kind of business.

• Excellent Support: The Company should provide high-quality support 24x7 through all major modes of communication.

Here Is a List of TOP Best Rated Email Marketing Services

Si No.Email Marketing ServicesUSPReview
1Aweber·       30-days free trialVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $19/mo.
·       Easy Integration
·       Widely Used Tool
2Constant Contact·       60-days free trialVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $20/mo.
·       Email Builder
·       1GB free storage
3eFlyerMaker·       Drag N Drop BuilderVisit Site
·       Heat Map Supported
·       Free to use up to 2500 list
·       Paid plan starts at $19.98/mo.
4SalesCatalysts·       Email BuilderVisit Site
·       Segmentation
·       Free for a list up to 400
·       Paid plan starts at US$1.79
5MailChimp·       Easy IntegrationVisit Site
·       Free to use up to 2000 list
·       Paid Plan starts at $10/mo.
·       Good Support
6GetResponse·       Template BuilderVisit Site
·       Features like webinar hostingCheck Review
·       30-days free trial
·       Plan starts at $15/mo.
7ConvertKit·       Drag N Drop template builderVisit Site
·       Segmentation
·       Plan starts at $29/mo.
·       60-days money back policy
8ActiveCampaign·       Integrations with CRMsVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $9/mo.
·       Can send SMS to subscribers
9SendPulse·       Completely Free for a list up to 2500Visit Site
·       Features like A/B TestingCheck Review
·       SMS Marketing
·       Free web push notification
10Campaign Monitor·       Drag N Drop template builderVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $9/mo.
·       24x7 support

How to Unblock Blocked Websites: 3 Working Methods

By Ashutosh Jha →
How many times you have faced the issue where you are trying to access some sites and it is showing blocked?

Well, I have many times! And I am sure you too…

How to Unblock Blocked Websites
I am receiving such messages many times. The blocked websites can be due to many reasons and at multiple levels. Like sometimes government ban some websites due to security or illegal issues. Whereas if you are working in some organizations, usually you will find social networking sites, jobs sites or any other entertainment sites blocked.
Blocked Website screenshot
Sometimes we need to access those sites due to various reasons and actually, you can do too. You must have heard many techniques to unblock blocked websites but here in this article, I am going to show you a few best ways to unblock the blocked websites.

These methods to unblock the blocked sites are tested and have worked perfectly for me and so will work for you for sure!

3 Working Methods to Unblock the Blocked sites

So let’s start with a few best methods to unblock the blocked sites. I am sure these methods will work for sure and you would be able to access the blocked websites.

Methods 1: Through Web Proxy Servers

This is the easiest and quickest way to browse blocked sites anonymously. Type in the web address – you’re connected within seconds!

Now if you are thinking about how this is being done then let me explain you the working on web proxy.

Web proxy server is like a simple computer/server which acts as a middleman between you and your destination URL. Whenever you try to access any webpage, the request first goes to the proxy server and then proxy server request the web page requested by you and then it gives you the result.

So, if you are connected to the proxy server then there won’t be any direct communication between the source computer and the client system. The proxy will be there as a middleman for each request. The below figure explains the working of proxy server clearly-
Working of Web Proxy

Courtesy: Gohacking
There are a number of web proxy servers available and you can use any proxy server to get your work done.

The middleman in the above picture is the proxy servers which are available both free and paid and the price depends on the location.

What happens, these proxy servers have some IP in some locations and they request your requested URL through that IP.

Suppose you are in India where Torrent site is blocked and you want to access. Now see where this site is accessible? Let say this is accessible from the USA and so first connect to your proxy and select the Server/IP location as the USA and then you would be able to access the site for sure as you are now requesting the access through the USA and not India.

HideSter is one such Web Proxy which helps you to access the blocked websites for free. Let me share some more details about this tool.

HideSter is a VPN and free Web Proxy which helps you to unblock the blocked website through web proxy and helps you to access the internet securely through their VPN.

It is an internet security company provides lots of tools and service for the internet like VPN, Web Proxy, Proxy Checker, Proxy Filter, DNS and much more.

Services offered by HideSter

As stated above, there are various tools being offered by HideSter. Some of those are free while others are paid but all are worth to try. But mainly HideSter is known for their Proxy Servers and VPN.

Below are some of the amazing tools by HideSter-

• Web proxy- Easiest way to access any blocked site
• Proxy List- The best list of HTTP, https, socks4, and sock5 proxies
• IP Finder- Know the IP of the system
• Password generator- Helps you to generate a strong password
• Browser fingerprint- Will show you the properties of your browser like Adblock enabled, Do Not Track enabled (via HTTP headers), Do Not Track enabled (via navigator), etc. are enabled or not
• WebRTC leak- Check if your browser has WebRTC enabled
• DNS leak- Helps to find if your DNS is leaking or not
• Proxy checker- Verify up to 150 proxies for free
• VPN- Helps you to keep yourself secure online and browse the internet anonymously

HideSter Proxy List

Well, HideSter is considered a Top Web Proxy provider with high quality and at a reliable price. They have around 2k proxies which are getting updated every hour.

HideSter is having the best list of HTTP, https, socks4 and sock5 proxies which are getting updated in real time and are fully tested. Here are some additional features of these proxies-

Another best thing I found with HideSter is, you can get the IP of any locations. No matter which location you want, you can get that.

I tried searching for a random country Zambia and see what I found-

HideSter Proxies
You can filter the list as per your location, type etc. easily. You can also export the list. HideSter also shows the time when that IP was last updated and the time it takes to ping.

These Premium IPs are available just at $9.99 per year which is too cheap.

Also, installing and using these IPs are not a tough job at all and just follow the below steps depending on the browser you are using-

• Firefox
Tools > Options > Advanced > Settings (next to Connection) > Manual Proxy Configuration > then enter proxy details

• IE
Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > select “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and then enter proxy details

• Chrome
Tools > Settings > Show advanced settings > Change proxy settings (in Network section) > enter proxy details

HideSter VPN

VPN is the virtual private network and is being used to keep yourself secure online. You can browse the internet securely with the help of VPN.

HideSter is going to launch their VPN services by Next month and is expected to be one of the best VPN available in the market. Also, if I expected to be cheap compared to what other companies provide.

I enquired about the features of the VPN and came to know the below-

• It will be a strictly NO log VPN which means your identity will be maintained every time as no log will be maintained. No one will be able to know about your real identity, not even the company.

• They are also claiming to be the fastest VPN ever as speed has always been a problem after using VPN. HideSter is working on a way to solve this speed problem so that it can give the maximum speed with or without VPN.

• The price is also expected to be very low compared to what market is offering currently

• The UI will be super attractive and user-friendly and so anyone can use it very smoothly

So this was the easiest way to unblock the blocked site quickly. Now let me tell you a couple of other methods which you can use if no other ways will work for you. If you are new to the term VPN, then you can read this guide- Everything You Wanted to Know About VPN Connection.

Method 2: Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a way back machine which keeps the website data in an archive format. You can’t expect the up to date site here but their crawler crawls the sites very frequently and so you can expect the data of a day or 2 ago.
TricksRoad Web Archive
All you have to do is, open Internet Archive site and enter the URL you want to check and select the date for which you want the site. And it will show you the archived version of the site you requested.

Apart from the fact that it is very helpful to access the blocked sites, it is very useful for webmasters also.

Method 3: Use a Different DNS

When any website is blocked at your location, it is the ISP blocking traffic to and from that website. So if you will change the DNS then you might be able to access the blocked sites.

Here changing DNS means, you can change your DNS to Google public DNS.

Change DNS
To change DNS, right-click the network icon in the taskbar and select Open Network and Sharing. In the Window that appears, double-click on your network. It will bring up a dialog box and there you can change the DNS under IPv4.

Over to you!
There are many more methods using which you can unblock the blocked websites easily. I hope these 3 methods to unblock blocked websites will help you to access the blocked sites easily and quickly.

Do let me know if you know any other quick and easy method to access the blocked websites?

How to Add Star Rating in Blogger Post

By Ashutosh Jha →
A couple of days ago I was having communication with one of the clients for the review post and after finalizing everything he asked whether I will rate their product or not. As TricksRoad is on Blogger platform so I have many limitations. But I started searching for it and finally, I am able to implement it. That review post will be live in a few days where the first time I’ll add star rating in blogger post.

add star rating in blogger post
After adding a star rating in blogger post, it looks quite nice and so I am sharing the details as to how to add star rating in blogger post so that you can also do the same. Till now I have published many review posts but no one demanded the rating so never worked on it but it’s well said-

Necessity Is the Mother of Invention

But before going through the simple method to add star rating in blogger post, let me tell you few benefits about adding star rating in blog posts.

Benefits of adding Star Rating in Blog Post

There are many benefits of adding a star rating in blog posts. Below I am listing few of those.

• It increases the faith of your visitors on the product
• While reviewing you provide a rating (Usually 1-5) so the users simply can estimate how much that product worth of without reading the whole review.
• Increases traffic to the site
• Provides value to your clients

Now as you know the benefits of adding a rating system in blog posts, let me tell you how to add star rating in blogger post.

How to Add Star Rating in Blogger Post?

As we know adding star rating in WordPress is damn easy due to its rich plugins but in blogger, it is a bit difficult. Here difficult mean just it is not possible directly but with just a couple of minutes of work, you would be able to add star rating in blogger post as well.

Once you’ll add a star rating, it will look like the below in search engine.

add star rating in blogger post
To add the star rating in blogger post, just follow the below steps and within a minute you’re done.

Step1: Go to the blogger post in which you would like to add star rating and click on HTML view.

add star rating in blogger post
Step2: Now at the end of the post, add the below code.

<div>  <span> <span>Post-Name</span><br/> </span> Reviewed by <span>Reviewer-Name</span>on <span>August 25 2015 <span title=”YYYY-MM-DD”></span><br/>  </span> Rating: <span>Your-Rating</span></div>

Step3: Just change the items listed in bold in above code write post name (you may write product name if you are reviewing a product), Reviewed by, date and rating. Enter these values as per your convenience and hit the publish/update button of a blog post.

That’s all. Once your article is crawled, you can check the star rating in Google search engine.

Hope you liked this article, how to add star rating in blogger post. Do implement and let me know how it works. Also, please share this with your friends.


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