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The Top 10 Most Common HIPAA Violations and How to Avoid Them

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Did you know that HIPAA fines could go as high as $50,000, and the penalties could be as much as $1.5 million per year per violation?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, better known as HIPAA, was enacted into law in 1996. It features five sections that detail security and data privacy provisions. They safeguard the PHI, or protected health information, and serve to avoid common HIPAA violations.

Failing to comply with the HIPAA regulations attracts steep fines and penalties. It could result in civil or criminal charges as well. The minimum civil penalty would cost you $100 per violation, but repeat violations could set you back as much as $25,000. As a practicing physician, it's your responsibility to ensure compliance with the HIPAA regulations.

In this guide, we'll take you through the top 10 most common HIPAA violations and how you can avoid them.

10 Most Common HIPPA Violations

1. Keeping Unsecured Records

You possibly use written patient records and charts in your practice. If you leave them in a patient's exam room, unauthorized people could take a look at them. This is one of the most common HIPAA violations and one you should avoid at all costs.

You should never forget to log off a computer with PHI information. All your staff members must, at all times, lock physical PHI documents in secure locations. Any electronic information you have should have passwords or phrases that only authorized people to have access to.

2. Snooping on Patient Information

The Privacy Rule only allows access to healthcare information for three reasons. These include treatment, healthcare operations, and payments. Accessing the information for any other reason is a common HIPAA violation.

This is one of the most common HIPAA violations committed by employees. The problem is that once discovered, the violation leads to termination of employment. It may also lead to criminal charges against said employees.

3. Using the Wrong Technology to Relay PHI Information

Physicians in your healthcare facility need to communicate PHI. This results in the delivery of quality services and proper care to the patients. However, using unsecured technologies, such as text messages, is a HIPAA violation.

You need to use purpose-built secure communications specifically for this purpose. Moreover, the system should be authenticated, encrypted, and audited. This ensures that you meet the security requirements necessary.

4. Failing to Perform a Wide-Risk Analysis

Failing to perform a wide risk analysis for the organization is one of the most common HIPAA violations that attract financial penalties. If you fail to perform a wide risk analysis regularly, you will have no way of knowing what vulnerabilities you have to your confidentiality.

This will leave your doors open to hackers. When they strike, you risk facing dire HIPAA violation consequences even though it may happen without your knowledge. For this reason, you need to be aware of what vulnerabilities you have and catch them on time.

5. Improperly Disclosing PHI

When your employees discuss patient information with their friends, colleagues, or family members, they are violating HIPAA regulations. Discussions and conversations about patients should only be conducted privately with relevant authorized personnel.

Your employee policies must be clear about this issue. You should reinforce it to avoid possible HIPAA violation penalties. To prevent improper disclosure of information, you can also use security authentications.

6. Failure to Enter into HIPAA-Compliant Business Agreements

This is, by far, one of the most common HIPAA violations. A lot of people fail to enter HIPAA compliance business agreements with the vendors they associate with. As a healthcare provider, you're bound to share PHI with some of these vendors.

If you don't have an agreement, it's going to be a violation. You face HIPAA Enforcement should you or your employees fail to meet the rules.

7. Patient Signature Non-Compliance

All information you have in your practice must have authorizations. Files should be specific on what is released and for what purposes.

It should contain who is to disclose or receive PHI, the events or expiration date, and the patient's signature. If any information is released without the patient's signature, it'll be a HIPAA violation.

8. Improper Disposal of Records

You need to train your staff members on proper disposal of records that contain protected health information.

Any documents you have in your practice with driver license numbers, Social Security Numbers, illness diagnosis, medical procedures, etcetera should be disposed of properly. This could mean anything from shredding, destroying, or wiping hard drives depending on the type of information.

9. Denying Patients Access to Their Health Records

According to the HIPAA Privacy Rule, all patients are entitled and have a right to their medical records.

They should be able to obtain copies on request as it allows them to check for errors. If you deny patients these records, overcharge the copies or fail to provide them within 30 days of their request, you'll be facing a HIPAA violation.

10. Exceeding the Stipulated 60 Days for Issuing Breach Notifications

According to the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule, you have a maximum of 60 days after discovering the data breach to issue breach notifications.

Exceeding this time frame is one of the most common HIPAA violations. It's one you can easily find yourself paying for. You must meet this guideline to avoid further penalties and unnecessary charges.

The Most Common HIPAA Violations and How to avoid them

These are some of the most common HIPAA violations, although there are others you should be aware of. Most of these violations happen due to misunderstandings about HIPAA guidelines and requirements.

For this reason, you need to familiarize yourself with all the HIPAA requirements. Keep your staff well educated and always ensure that all procedures and policies follow the most updated rules.

Now, you're running a business, and HIPAA violations are only a part of it. If you want to know more about advertising, marketing, business, and technology, please check out our blog section. We have so much valuable and in-depth information lined up for you!

The Top 8 SEO Tricks and Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Site

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, August 3, 2020
Having a website up and running while thinking people will come across it is not enough to drive traffic to your site. Bringing people in and having them stay on your site takes a lot of time and effort.

Keywords and quality content are some of the key factors of driving traffic to your site. Here are five great SEO tricks and tips to ensure that you can drive meaningful traffic to your site.

SEO Tips

Top Must-Know SEO Tricks and Tips To Drive Traffic

Search engine optimization is optimal for increasing the visibility of your site to users who are searching for the specified content. Let's take a look at a few ways you can leverage it.

1. Increase Quality Content

The postings on your site should be of quality content. Posting for the sake of posting won't drive traffic to your website. Blog posts should incorporate keywords so that there is more of a chance to appear in searches.

Site owners should aim to post at least four times a week. Pieces should be informative and fact-checked before publishing. If users see that you have posts that are supported with evidence, they are more likely to trust you and continue to return to your site.

2. Use Keywords

Keywords should be used organically throughout the post and as frequently as possible, as long as they are relevant. Effective keyword usage allows users to identify sites that are useful for their purpose. Doing an in-depth analysis of popular phrases and words will allow you to use the keywords in a way that users will be able to notice. This will also ensure that you are more likely to show up in their searches.

3. Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose

Use the three Rs for all older, popular content. Finding a way to reuse old content is a way to drive traffic to your website. In doing so, you can spark interest and entice users to visit your site for other purposes as well.

Find new ways to use media within the repurposed material and connect it to your social media sites so there are multiple points of entry to your site. This article explains how to measure website traffic by location so you can reach a variety of users.

4. Encourage Content to Be Shared

Producing content that many users feel the need to share will drive traffic to your site. Keeping up with current trends, topics, and even current methods of delivery is a great way to get users to share.

Producing shareable content is a great way to get free advertising as the users will do most of the promotion for you.

5. Mobile-Friendly Formatting

Lastly, one of the easiest ways to drive traffic to your site while utilizing SEO is to make sure the website is accessible from users' tablets, and cellphones. This will make it easier for users to view the material they need.

6. Make site faster

Speed of the site is another important factor for the SEO and it is now generic that the site which loads faster, ranks better. Although this is not the only factor and there are around 200+ factors which impact the ranking of your keyword in search engine.

According to eConsultancy, the website which takes more than 3 seconds to load loses 40% of the users. And this is huge!

You should simply get rid of any factors or website items that will increase the load time. There are many sites that check the website load time. You can take the help of Google's official site to check the website loading time. Apart from Google, we have Pingdom, GTmetrix, and more which check website loading time for free.

Once done, you can analyze the improvement areas and work on them. Apart from it, here I have shared how to decrease website load time which you can check also.

7. Link to Internal and external link

Reference links are always helpful for both users and the website admin. These links can be internal links or external links. You can check our post on how to interlink blog posts for internal links.

Usually, I have seen people not linking more to external links. This should not have been done. The founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin says-

"Linking out sends trackable traffic, it makes your site a more valuable and scalable resource."

We at TricksRoad also ensure that we link to relevant resources wherever required.

This gives your blog credibility and also increase the metrics responsible for the quality and ranking.

#8 Have Webmaster and Analytics Installed

This is another issue I have faced with many sites. Recently, I was looking to acquire a blog and the site was decent. But the admin of the site had not installed Google Webmaster and Google Analytics and neither any similar tool to look for the traffic and quality of the site.

And so, I couldn't reach to the conclusion to buy or not. And so, it is really necessary to install Google webmaster and Analytics.

You may use the alternate option as well but there should be some solution that will provide a transparent system for the traffic and other queries.

Google webmaster helps you find the health status, the queries for which you're getting traffic, and more. Even most of the SEO experts suggest this as a must-have tool.

Whereas Google Analytics helps you track the traffic, keyword for which you’re getting the traffic, location, age group, and more.

Utilize SEO Today

Now that you are aware of some SEO tricks and tips, you can implement them as soon as possible to drive traffic to your site. Incorporating these easy 5 tips and tricks will make users build trust within your site and encourage them to share it with their friends and family.

Check out our site for more tricks to make your business successful!

Thought Leadership: 4 Must-Know Tips for Becoming a Thought Leader

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, August 1, 2020

There's a large handful of benefits to be had from establishing yourself as a thought leader. After all, consumers are far more likely to interact with a brand who they see as an authoritative presence in the industry.

While becoming a thought leader may not seem straightforward, there are steps you can take in order to make it more achievable.

Thought Leadership: 4 Must-Know Tips for Becoming a Thought Leader

Not sure where to start? Don't worry, we’ve got you covered.

Let's take a look at everything you need to know about becoming a thought leader in your industry.

Thought Leadership: 4 Must-Know Tips for Becoming a Thought Leader

1. Get as Much Industry Experience as Possible

As you may expect, you'll likely have a difficult time establishing your authority if you don't have enough experience to do so. But, there's also another factor to keep in mind.

If you attempt to become a thought leader without the experience to back it up, you could actually cause your audience to distrust what you have to say. This will have a notable negative impact on your brand and make it all the more difficult for your voice to be heard in the future.

2. Showcase Your Passion

Those who aren't passionate about their industry will have a difficult time keeping their audience engaged. Similarly, They may also seem like they're more motivated by expanding their brand than pushing the industry forward.

So, do all that you can to show your audience how passionate you are— it can go a long way toward helping you become a thought leader.

3. Be Genuine

Similar to how you should convey that you're actually passionate about what you do, it's also imperative that you show off your authenticity.

This also means, though, that you should never say or do anything that you don't believe in. Your audience will likely discern any false attempt at authenticity and your brand will suffer as a result. In many cases, you could also impede your ability to become a thought leader in the future.

4. Create Useful Content

You can't expect to establish yourself as an authority in your industry unless you provide something of value to your followers. This means that any content you create should be inherently useful.

The good news that you have plenty of flexibility when deciding on what you want to create for your brand. For example, you could write a thorough blog post that provides unique industry insights.

Or, you could create a video guide on how to deal with common industry-related issues. Those who are interested in learning more about creating video content can visit this blog post for guidance.

Becoming a Thought Leader Can Seem Difficult

But it doesn't have to be.

With the above information about becoming a thought leader in mind, you'll be well on your way toward building as much authority as possible.

Want to learn more tips that can help you out in the future? Be sure to check out the rest of our blog.

How to fill Amazon US affiliate Tax Information for Indian Affiliates

By Ashutosh Jha →
A few months back I wrote about how to get Amazon US affiliate payment in the bank account if you're in India. Even I created a video and if you have not seen, please do and signup for Payoneer.

In this post, I will be talking about how you can fill Amazon US affiliate tax information being an Indian or non-US resident.

Recently, when I was reviewing my payment, I found there is a huge gap between what Amazon has sent me and what I received in Payoneer. And then I found Amazon has deducted 30% as a tax from my payment.

Here is the recent screenshot where Amazon sent me a payment of $330.98.

Amazon US Affiliate Payment

And see what I received in my Payoneer account. If you're looking for how to get the Amazon affiliate payment in Payoneer then read this article.

Yes, I received just $231.69 which is just 70% and after doing some R&D I found Amazon has charged 30% as tax.

Amazon US Affiliate payment using Payoneer
You must have filled the tax form in your Amazon affiliate account. This is a mandatory form for everyone to receive the payment. So, if you have not filled the form correctly there are high chances that you will be in the 30% tax slab by Amazon US.

In this post, I will show you how to fill Amazon US affiliate tax information for Indian or non-US residents.

Amazon US Affiliate Tax Information India or Non-US

Let's start and just by using some simple steps I will show you how to fill Amazon US affiliate tax information being an Indian affiliate or Non-US resident.


Log in to your Amazon US affiliate account

Login to Amazon US Affiliate Account


Open account settings just by hovering over your email id.

Open Amazon Affiliate Account Settings


You will get a new screen where click on change tax information which will take you to a new page where click on take tax interview.

Change Amazon Affiliate Tax Information


In this tax interview form, there will be several questions and here I am highlighting some important questions.

There will be a question like, for U.S. tax purposes, are you a U.S. person?

If you are from India or outside the US, select No, else select Yes.
US Tax Purpose Form


Type of beneficial owner:

Select individual here

Country Of Citizenship

Select India if you're from India else your country name

Full Name

Just enter your full name

Fill your permanent address:

Enter your permanent address and also select mailing address the same as a permanent address if you have else entered the new one.

Are you an agent acting as an intermediary?


Location of Services Performed

This question is important and decide majorly your tax slab. Make sure to select-

All services are performed outside the U.S.

U.S. person tests – individuals

Here leave all blank

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Select the following checkbox-

I do not have a U.S. TIN or a foreign (non-U.S.) income tax identification number and then enter your country tax number. You can fill your PAN number if you're from India.

And that's all!

Just click save and continue. There a summary of what you have filled and selected will be shown to you. Click on save and continue and move to the next screen.


Consent to electronic delivery of Form 1042-S

Enter your full name as a signature

Form 1042-S delivery preference

Go paperless here by selecting the first radio button

1042-S Form
They may ask you a few more details on consent, just select all and submit.

Last Step:

Yes, you're done now with the Tax interview.

Just submit the final form and you will be shown your tax slab and it will show you 0% if you have filled correctly.

Final Notes:

I hope this quick guide will help you fill Amazon US affiliate tax information being an Indian affiliate our non-USA resident. Try doing yours and let me know if you face any difficulty doing it.

Packaging Solutions: Keeping Transportable Goods in One Piece

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, July 29, 2020
One of the most difficult things about successfully running a business is ensuring that the items a customer has ordered get to them in one piece. There are parts of this process that are beyond the control of the business, making it difficult to provide definitive assurances to any customer.

Packaging Solutions: Keeping Transportable Goods in One Piece
But, with the right packaging solutions, it is possible to virtually guarantee the safe arrival of any product.

Handling The Courier

There are two essential elements to getting the courier right. The first is to choose a firm that has a good track record. In this instance, it’s not necessarily the best option to go for the cheapest option. You can speak to other businesses, friends, and check on social media to ensure the business has a positive reputation.

The second part of this equation is ensuring that the individual drivers take as much care as possible. The most effective way of doing this is to add temperature indicators to your parcel.

These are stickers that are placed on the package, they have a colored dot on them, usually black. The stickers are sensitive to temperature changes. If the temperature moves outside a predefined range the sticker will change from black to red. This alerts the customer there is an issue and they can reject the parcel.

Providing the driver is aware of the indicator it also means that they will adopt the appropriate precautions during transit. They will be aware that failing to do so will result in a damaged item that can be attributed to them.

It’s not just temperature, there are an array of indicators that can be used, such as shock, impact, and even dropping from a height.

The Packaging

The other side of the coin is getting the packaging right in the first place. You need to select a box that offers protection through the thickness of its walls. This is a balancing act. The thicker the wall the better the protection but the heavier the item and the higher the shipping cost.

Ideally, the box should be close to the size of the product you’re sending. You should include packaging to fill any gaps between the product and the sides of the box. Brown paper is a good option for this. If you send a lot of items that are the same it is worth having a box designed for your product. This can speed up packaging time and help to protect it while it is in transit.

There are many different options available from mug boxes to book holders.

Taping It Up

As well as having the travel documents clearly displayed it is essential that you use a good quality tape around the box. This is what holds it together and gives it the additional strength it needs to survive the journey. Choosing the right tape is important and shows the customer you care about.

Scotch Tape Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape Scotch Tape Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape Scotch Tape Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape
  • Size:6 Count
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Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape
  • Size:3 & 12 roles
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Duck Brand EZ Start Packaging Tape Duck Brand EZ Start Packaging Tape Duck Brand EZ Start Packaging Tape
  • Size:1.88 x 30 yards each
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The bottom line is you may not get it right every time. But, if you get it right 98% of the time and look after the unlucky 2% of customers you’ll be doing well!

10 Best SEO strategies in 2020 for Better Ranking

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, July 27, 2020
In the world of digitization, taking your business to the online world is crucial.

But just getting online is not sufficient and you should do all that you can to get the most out of the online world.

Best SEO strategies in 2018
[Image Source: Third Party]
If you are maintaining all the flavors of professional websites also, it is incomplete without the traffic. And what can be better than organic traffic?

Although you can get online traffic in multiple ways, but organic traffic works best for any business as those are the targeted traffic for you. Again, due to changing Google search engine algorithms, it has become difficult to maintain the ranking with the same logic we used to get earlier.

So, I decided to write a detailed guide on the best SEO strategy in 2020 which works and helps increase the keyword ranking. These best SEO strategies will definitely help you boost your keyword ranking and you will rank higher in the search engine.

I am also using the same SEO strategies and finding it useful with many of my websites. Below you can see how using the below discussed best SEO strategies, I am consistently increasing my traffic.

TricksRoad Traffic Overview
And so, you can also play with the same SEO techniques 2020 and get some quality and free traffic which will be highly useful for your business. Either you can do all these yourself or even you can take the help of some trusted SEO agencies who follow all the white hat techniques to rank your business online.

10 Best SEO Strategies in 2020 for better ranking in a search engine [proven tricks]

Let’s see what all are the best SEO strategies in 2020 you should follow for the best ranking in search engine. Also, once you will start implementing these SEO techniques in 2020, you should keep track of the ranking of keywords in Google.

#1 User Experience is the hot ranking factor

If you will look into the top SEO trends 2020, user experience comes among the top position. Search engines are emphasizing a lot on the user experience and so, the better user experience you will provide, the better your keyword will rank in the search engine.

From the first click on your visitor on your website, you should treat them as your customer and serve accordingly. Think like they are your real customer and how best you can serve them.

10 Best SEO strategies in 2018 for Better Ranking
It’s well said that:


Here UX is user experience and so you can think of how user experience is an important SEO ranking factor. Here SEO targets the search engine whereas UX targets the user experience and together fulfills the common goals of better keyword ranking. And below are the factors search engine checks when it comes to user experience-

  • How easy the website is to navigate from a user point of view
  • Whether proper heading tags (H1-H6) have been implemented or not. We have discussed more heading tags in our on-page SEO techniques which you can check for reference.
  • Site structure should be good and easy to access
  • Should have the best experience irrespective of the devices being used
  • Speed should be good, we will discuss this factor later in this best SEO strategies as well
  • Color-combination, fonts, responsiveness are also among the top factors

#2 Make your website super fast

No website user wants to wait for too long!

Just put yourself in the visitors’ place and see how much time you can wait to get a certain page when you have thousands of alternatives available. And so, it becomes very important to reduce blog load time.

Especially, if you are starting a new blog from scratch, you must take care of the website load time. For this, you can use some highly SEO optimized themes or you can also do further customization and optimization.

It’s no more a secret and Google has publicly announced how website speed is an important search engine ranking factor. If you will look at the website load time report on my blog, you will find it’s not the best but yeah, it’s good.

TricksRoad Speed Test
Most of the business lose their potential customer while their website is loading and that’s the reason, Google has started giving preferences in terms of devices also. For example, you must have seen Accelerated Mobile Pages in the Google mobile search result for best and fast user experience.

Google AMP Result
These results load quite faster in the browser and users won’t even have to wait for seconds before these AMP-enabled pages to load. So, definitely, these results increase the page speed as well as increase the user experience.

Google AMP Facts
As you can see how a bad loading website can impact your business and so, being a website owner, you should definitely keep the website loading time among the top priority.

Now the question is, how to reduce website load time?

Here are some of the techniques using which you can easily decrease the blog loading time fast-

Use Optimized Image

Images or any multimedia files contribute the maximum in website loading time and so, make sure you are using highly optimized images. Again, if you are like me who uses lots of images in the blog post then it became again necessary as it is one of the best SEO strategies in 2020.

I personally use, tinypng to optimize the image from a web browser or Smush image compression plugin while working with WordPress blogs.

Image Optimization for SEO
As you can see TinyPNG has optimized my four images size to 67% which is a great value. The best thing is, these plugins or tools optimized the size without compromising the quality of the images.

User Browser Caching

Caching is a mechanism for temporarily storing the web page data such as HTML files, multimedia files in order to reduce the bandwidth uses and hence decreasing the load time.

If you are a WordPress user, there are plugins like-
  • W3 Total Cache or
  • WP Super Cache
Which will help you enable the cache easily and improve the speed performance?

But for the non-WordPress sites, this becomes a little tricky where you need to make changes to your .htaccess file.

So, access your .htaccess file from your file browser of cPanel. You can access this either through cPanel and find in the root directory or browse the file through tools like FileZilla.

Once accessed you need to make the changes in the parameters like below-

<IfModule mod_expires.c>
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/jpg "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresByType image/gif "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresByType image/png "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresByType text/css "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType application/pdf "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType text/x-javascript "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresDefault "access plus 2 days"

Use Content Delivery Network

CDN again helps a lot in reducing the website load time by providing the requested content from the datacentre near to the requested center.

There are multiple CDN available in the market, but I personally use CDN77 for my multiple blogs and is working amazingly so far.

Apart from all these, loading any JavaScript file at the end of the page and using a lazy image load can also improve the performance a lot.

#3 Completely Responsive to all devices

Did you find anything interesting from the below image?

Search Engine Traffic by Device
As you can see by the end of 2016, the source of traffic from desktop and Mobile/tablet got almost the same and currently mobile is even dominating in some niches. This survey was done by the StatCounter team at the end of 2016. And so, it becomes very crucial being a business to focus on all kinds of devices through which you are getting the traffic. And here comes the responsiveness of the website.

Usually, a big publisher's house of business has dedicated websites for desktop and mobile, but everyone can’t afford it and even not required. But one thing that is required is the responsive website. You should take care of all the gradients while designing a new website.

For this either you can use the responsive themes and templates or if you are developing a custom website, ask the developer to take care of the responsiveness. If you have an existing site, then make sure it is responsive and experience is great irrespective of the device used.

You can use the tools like Browserling or Google Mobile-friendly testing tool to check whether your site is optimized for other devices or not.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

#4 Focus on Search Queries rather than Keyword

Google keeps on modifying their search algorithms and the way results are displayed in the search engine result page. If you will see the current result page, you will find it displayed with the rich snippets and local search.

Even for some specific searches (19.45% of total search to be specific), Google has started showing the direct result like below.

Google Rich Snippets
Now, who so ever just wants to get the date of Black Friday can easily find it from the search page itself instead of visiting any website. And the same applies to the local search result as well.

This is the reason, marketers and SEO analysts should focus on the search queries rather than the keywords. For this, you need to think from a user point of view and in this case, long-tail keywords and related keywords can be the best help.

For example, let’s say you are trying to rank on “SEO techniques” then it will be difficult to rank instead of a bit longer keyword like “SEO tips and techniques”. Check the below screenshot from the search engine.

Long Tail Keywords
You can clearly see the difference. Also, for the first keyword, all the top websites are ranking, and it is hard to outrank them compared to the second result where average sites are ranked. And so, always focus on the long-tail keywords and search queries for easy ranking and best result.

#5 Create Quality Content

You might have come across the term- Quality content multiple times but what is quality content?

Well, there is no fixed answer to this and vary depending on the scenario. But in a layman term, we can say those content that adds value to the user and internet is quality content.

The search engine loves the content which adds value to them and uses and provides the depth knowledge of any search topic. For high competitive keywords, you will find in-depth articles ranked higher in the search engine. For example, for the keyword “create quality content” itself, see the below image and observe the kind of sites are ranking in the SERP.

Create Quality Content
All these ranked sites are authority sites and it is hard to outrank these sites. Again, if you will open these links and analyze their content, you will find how depth these contents are and how lengthy these are. They have all the flavors to be the best content on the internet.

The below research shows the ranking position of different contents based on the number of words involved in the article. And so, you should focus much on the in-depth articles rather than just writing a few hundred words and switch to the next content. You can also use Google trend or blogging tools like Buzzsumo to analyze what kind of contents are performing better in the search engine.

Content Length vs Google Ranking

#6 Update old blog posts

Content creation is one of the most difficult tasks in blogging or marketing and quality content is our asset as we saw earlier. Although we should create evergreen content rather than seasoned content, still evergreen contents need to be updated. Things are changing very frequently and so if you won’t update it, it will lose its relevance. Also, you should not only update the old blog posts but also promote old blog posts effectively to get the best out of it.

For example, let’s see this post is focusing on best SEO strategies in 2020 and next year there can be another SEO factor that may need to be in this list and so, will have to update this post accordingly.

#7 Quality Link Building

Link building is a part of off-page SEO techniques and together with on-page SEO techniques completed the main SEO strategy.

Quality Link Building
I am not going to discuss the link building techniques in detail here as I have already talked a lot about it on TricksRoad and you can check the TricksRoad Link Building section for details. Also, below is some link that will help you better.

But one thing that I want to share here is the- quality link building!

Building lots of links is not a hard job and using any link building gigs available on the freelancer's sites you can easily attain. But gaining a quality link is a tough job!

So, always focus on the quality over quantity!

You can various examples where a website ranking on the 1st position has fewer links compared to the other sites ranking way down. Also, do the internal linking of blog posts as possible and required. You can take this post as an example and see how I am interlinking my other useful and relevant blog posts here.

#8 Optimize for voice search

A few years ago, it was unimaginable to communicate to the computer using voice but with the help of Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, it is reliable, and everyone is using it.

According to the report by KPCB, voice search queries have increased to 35x since 2008 and more than a 7x increase since 2010. And so, you should optimize your website so that if someone is using voice search also, your site should come at the top.

Google Voice Search
But the question is how to optimize your website for Google voice search results?

Well, this you can do how you are optimizing the Google search result. Try to use long-tail keywords as much as possible and ensure that you are including the users’ search query rather than simple keywords.

#9 HTTP to HTTPS Migration

Yes, the SSL certificate has become an important ranking factor as well. Google is now sincerely considering secured sites ranking over the non-secure websites.

How SSL helps in Google Ranking
As you can see from the above data-driven graph, how HTTPS sites are ranking better than the non-secure sites and so, it’s time to move to HTTPS.

#10 Google is the King but what about Other Search Engines?

No doubt, Google is the king of the search engine but there are any other search engines as well which is a marketer you should take care of. If you will look into the search engine market share, search engines like YouTube, Bing, Yahoo are also having a good market share.

Top Search Engine
And so, make sure you are optimizing your website for other leading search engines as well. You should register your website in the webmaster tools of another search engine so that you can have well presence and ranking in other search engines.

It’s your turn!

These were the 10 best SEO strategies in 2020 you should follow for better ranking in search engines. Also, once you have reached the top position, you should work to maintain the top ranking in Google.

Only these 10 factors can’t decide the ranking, but these are definitely the top latest SEO techniques in 2020. To rank better in the search engine, you should definitely look into these SEO factors and make the best SEO strategies in 2020.

If we left any important factors here, feel free to share in the comment!

Everything You Should Know About Data Integration

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, July 26, 2020
Enterprises’ revenues depend on the data quality that is crucial for business analytics, sales, and marketing efforts. In order to extract insights from a multitude of databases and achieve complete, consistent, and up-to-date data, businesses implement data integration solutions. So, what is data integration and why is it so crucial for a business foundation?

Data Integration
Data integration is a technological process of combining data from various systems into a single and cohesive viewpoint. It helps to remove duplicates, clean data, and transform it into the required homogeneous format. Since the amount of data is growing exponentially, the establishment of robust data integration solutions has become more crucial than ever.

Why Does Your Business Need Data Integration?

With the velocity of digital transformation and data, salespeople need to find more efficient solutions that will help them to sell more and faster. You might wonder: most companies use CRM systems; don’t they provide the entire vision of relations with customers?

They do provide a lot, but it is not sufficient for them to deliver maximum results. There is a lot of information in different systems (for example, the ERP system) that are not present in the CRM system, and consequently, could bring much more value when combined with customer relationship management systems.

For instance, billing or accounting data, information about logistics procedures, or previous orders can immensely enhance the results of sales reps making them more efficient and faster.

With ERP-CRM integration your business can be much closer to your customers through streamlined and automated workflows. Here’s what you can get:

  • 360-degree view of customers
  • Effective marketing campaigns through accurate forecasts and predictions
  • Elimination of manual data entries thanks to synchronized data that are reflected in all integrated systems
  • Instant access to real-time information
  • High data quality

That’s why your business needs a robust cloud-data integration solution to boost revenue and provide team members with effective solutions to enhance business performance and customer experience.

Steps to Take When Planning Your Data Integration Project

To ensure consistent data across systems, you need to be strategic in your intentions coming up with a plan with detailed data integration process flows:

  • Define your business processes and determine how your data should synchronize.
  • Choose the right data integration software.
  • Map your connectors and fields.
  • Connect your systems.

Types of Data Integration Methods

The selection of data integration forms depends on your company preferences, goals, and business model. You have to know how and why your organization uses applications. In any case, the key success factor for any solution is high data quality. Generally, it is worth getting in touch with data integration professionals who will provide you with appropriate recommendations.

Most common methods of data integration. Infographic

Data consolidation (Uniform Data Access)

During the data consolidation process, data is physically fetched from numerous separate systems and presented in a unified form. Consequently, the number of data storage locations is reduced. There are two approaches to data consolidation:

ETL (extract, transform, and load). ETL extracts data transforms it into an appropriate format, and then data is transferred in the data warehouse. Because of the data staging, processing time can be high, however, this approach is better suited to large amounts of data.

ELT (extract, load, transform). In this approach, once extracted from the source system, data is loaded into the target destinations, and only afterward, the transformation logic is applied within the database. Because transformation occurs directly in the data lake destination, the latency is reduced.

Common Data Storage (aka Warehousing)

Being the most frequently used, this technique helps to collect data from different systems and combine it into a single place, enabling you to handle and store data securely. In contrast to data consolidation, using this approach, data is copied to the integrated system for a unified view and data can be combined from very different sources.

Common User Interface

This method is also called manual data integration since users have to homogenize and integrate data by themselves since data from relevant data systems are presented separately. There is no consolidated view of data. This approach can be used only for a small number of sources.

Integration by Application

Application-based integration solutions are suitable for limited amounts of data and systems with a small number of components. This approach covers software applications that retrieve, clean, and integrate data from disparate sources. Regardless of the fact that this solution allows automated and seamless data transfer, there are also drawbacks such as difficult data management, complicated setup, as well as limitations in case of large data volumes.

Middleware Data Integration

Middleware data integration serves as a mediator between two separate systems that enables different services and products to be connected and helps bring data to the master data pool. Being a common layer of software middleware connects different internal and external applications, software platforms, and devices. The goal of this technology is to foster the efficiency and sustainability of business processes through rationalizing legacy IT systems.

Final Thought

Data quality is a crucial aspect of data integration and data management. Companies have to manage a multitude of databases effectively in order to extract high-quality insights for enhancement of their business performance. Without a proper data integration solution, executives take the risk of getting inconsistent and incomplete data that can be harmful for a business foundation.

Data integration solutions are aimed for efficient and fast sales enabling business processes to be more streamlined and automated. There are many aspects worth considering before implementing a data integration project, such as a detailed plan of the data integration process, types of data integration methods, scalability opportunities of the integrated systems, etc.

Generally, to build a robust enterprise architecture your solution needs to be future-proof.

How To Make Your Virtual Meetings Memorable

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, July 22, 2020
Back-to-back virtual meetings can be exhausting and often lead to low retention of information covered in discussions with teams and clients. The phenomenon of zoom fatigue shows the problems people have encountered since transferring from face-to-face meetings to communicating via virtual conferencing and online calls.

Physical interactions are often largely influenced by non-verbal communication which all but lost in virtual meetings. It is therefore even more important to keep people engaged by varying format and presentation styles in virtual meetings.

How To Make Your Virtual Meetings Memorable
Holding a memorable meeting is difficult at the best of times, and may seem even harder via Zoom. Here are a few tips for using video conferencing software to your advantage when trying to make your calls more memorable.

Use all the features of your tools

You and your team are probably fully across the basic functionality of your communication systems. However, popular platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams have several useful tools that inject a bit of variety to your virtual meetings.

Zoom’s virtual whiteboard enables people to share ideas in a visually engaging way and allows teams to contribute to a live brainstorm. Explore different ways of using the tool to find the best features for your needs.

For example, you could allocate areas of the virtual whiteboard to specific individuals to avoid people drawing on top of each other.

Another useful feature to add to your repertoire is working on live documents that the whole team has access to. Linking your cloud storage system into your virtual meetings in this way will greatly enhance the transparency and productivity of your teams. Shared documents can easily be built using Google Docs or within Office.

Try using emojis

It may seem unprofessional to use emojis in your company’s digital communications but thinking with an open mind can make them into useful and insightful communication tools.

Without the body language that we often turn to in physical meetings for contributing to the conversation, the virtual meeting can feel distancing and alienating. Using emojis for engagement is a useful way to bring people into the discussion and to quickly gauge opinion on a certain topic.

Get a change of scene

Visual queues are central to recall and if all your virtual meetings look the same, it is likely that they will start to blur together and remember who said what and when will become harder and harder. Using virtual backgrounds in an imaginative way is an easy solution to this problem.

For example, try holding your next meeting with everybody using the same conference room background. Your team will then all remember that meeting like the one which took place in that particular setting. Explore the range of professional backgrounds from Hello Backgrounds to find the backdrop for your next virtual meeting.

Set the record straight

Whilst this won’t necessarily make your meeting itself more memorable, recording virtual calls is a great way to increase transparency and provide an objective and uncontestable archive of your meeting.

It will also have the added benefit of increasing engagement in the meeting as attendees will want to be shown to be active and contributing to the discussion. Having a recording of your meeting also means anybody unable to attend can catch up easily in their own time.


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