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5 Amazing Sides of Dubai

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, November 20, 2019
Dubai is a beautiful city with many wonders to explore; that is why you cannot spend your stay swimming at the beach only. Apart from the spectacular skyscrapers, rich culture, and high temperatures, the city has so much more to offer. Dubai is a safe destination to travel, whether alone or with your family.

Security is a top priority, and security agencies usually monitor the city at all times. However, be careful of how you handle your belongings.

Tips for Traveling to Dubai

Dubai and the rest of the UAE has conservative laws which must be followed by the residents and tourists. You might be shocked to find out that something permissible in your country could get you jailed or detained in Dubai. If you are a lady tourist, invest in decent clothes to ward off harassment, and show respect for the local culture.

Dubai can get very hot, try to stay out of the sun or wear appropriate clothes for the weather. Don’t forget to drink lots of fluids and to wear sunscreen. Also, be wary of sandstorms; otherwise, Dubai is a wonder waiting for you to explore.

Five Sides of Dubai: What to See

Dubai has diverse sites and attractions to see and explore as a family or alone. If you are tired of splashing on the beach, here are things to do:

1. Nature

Apart from staying at the best hotels in Dubai, you ought to go out and explore the desert. A desert safari is an exciting adventure to undertake because of the many exciting activities you can do.

The safari starts in the afternoon or at dawn when the temperatures are conducive. You can go dune bashing in the morning for about 30 minutes. How about riding a camel for fun? You can ride a camel and experience the beauty of the desert. Enjoy the wildlife and a falcon demonstration.

2. Gastronomy

The best thing about visiting Dubai is that you can enjoy various choices of gastronomy from hotels in Ras Al Khaimah and around the city -from Asian and European to Indian and American cuisines. There is also the cosmopolitan Dubai’s cuisine; this means that the city provides diverse and traditional dishes from all over the globe.

Tourists are treated to the best delicacies from the various hotels and restaurants all over the city. However, most visitors prefer traditional Arabian culinary compared to other delicacies. Other cuisines such as Indian and Moroccan complement the local culinary.

3. Shopping

Shopping in Dubai is an exciting experience from the large shopping malls to the traditional markets. The best hotels in Dubai are strategically located, which means that you can easily access these shopping centers. You can update your wardrobe, pick unique jewelry, or souvenir from the market.

Dubai shopping is impressive, from having the largest shopping center in the world, to having shopping neighborhoods, and modest village outlets. You can also visit the gold or textile souqs for unique products.

4. Culture

Dubai is one of the cities in the world that values and preserves its culture for all to see. During your visit, you will see Arabs dressed in traditional attire and Abayas. You will also notice activities in the mosques during prayer time; the smell of shisha, Arabic talks in coffee shops, and beautiful writings, which are all part of the culture.

Dubai culture is rooted in Islam; this is why you ought to dress decently and respect the laws. Alcohol is not forbidden; however, you have to take it in designated areas. It is forbidden to drink in public.

You should also respect the religious practices of the locals, for instance, during the holy month of Ramadan. Eating, drinking, or smoking is not allowed in public during the day; however, there are other religions in the city.

5. History

You can learn about the history of the city by taking a trip across the Dubai creek. This is the oldest place in Dubai, and it connects bur Dubai to Deira. Dubai creek is the first major port in the city, and it has a rich history.

You will have much to see because both sides of the creek are surrounded by museums, heritage buildings, and old-style markets. You can ride a traditional wooden dhow across the water, shop in the souqs, and explore the wind towers, which tell more of the traditional life of the Emiratis.

If this does not satisfy your curiosity, you can visit the Al Fahidi historical district. Here you can explore traditional architecture. You can also enjoy watching flamingos as they migrate to Al Khor, an extension of the creek.

If it is your first time or you have visited Dubai before, you cannot miss a new activity or place to visit. Most people know Dubai for its skyscrapers, infrastructure, and shopping malls; however, there are many exciting places to explore.

How to increase Upload Limit of All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, November 15, 2019
All-in-One WP Migration Plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins for WordPress website migration. It allows you to export the backup of the existing WordPress website and then import it to somewhere else.

But the problem is, All-in-One WP Migration Plugin free version allows a limit of only 128 MB size which is too small for any site. Even for a small WordPress site, the file size will be around 200-400 MB.

As you can see from the above screenshot, the maximum limit for file upload is 128 MB only. This can vary from version to version of All-in-One WP Migration Plugin.

And even for a small site, this is not enough and if you’ll go with the premium version then you need to buy it.

If you don’t want to pay for this, then this article on How to Increase Upload Limit of All-in-One WP Migration Plugin is for you.

By this time, I assume that you have already taken the backup of your site and have installed WordPress on some other platforms like Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, etc. You may also check how to start a WordPress site from scratch to understand more.

The requirement to increase Upload Limit of All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

To increase the upload limit of All-in-One WP Migration Plugin, you should have the plugin version 6.77 or lower. You can download the lower version of the plugin from here.

Note: Some platform allows this plugin by default. And so, if that is already installed and even though you will install the version 6.77, still it will create the new version. To avoid this, you need to delete the file related to All-in-One WP Migration Plugin from the folder and then install the version 6.77 or lower.

How to increase Upload Limit of All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

Once you’ve ensured the above steps, it’s time to increase the upload limit of All-in-One WP Migration Plugin. To do that, please follow the below steps-

Step-1: Activate All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

From your WordPress admin dashboard, follow Plugin → Installed Plugins → All-in-One WP Migration Plugin → Activate

Step-2: Open Plugin Editor interface

Again go to the WordPress admin dashboard and follow Plugins → Plugin Editor

Step-3: Select the All-in-One WP Migration Plugin

At the top right corner, you will find an option for the selected plugin to edit. Select All-in-One WP Migration Plugin from the drop-down and then click on the select button.

Step-4: Open constants.php

Here you will find all the files related to the plugin. From the files, please select constants.php.

Step-5: Increase Upload file max size

Here go for line number 249. This may change from version to version as well. In that case, search for the term “Max File” and you will find lines something like below-

We have added that 20 to it as a multiplication factor. This will increase the max upload file size is 10 GB. If you need even more, just increase that factor (which is 20 here). Once done, please save the changes.

Step-6: Check the changed new max file size

Just to ensure that the changes have taken place, please follow again dashboard → All-in-One WP Migration Plugin → Import

Here you should find the updated maximum file upload size.


These were all about how to increase the Upload Limit of All-in-One WP Migration Plugin. This way you can import the bigger file as well without paying a single penny. Do try this and if you find any issue, please comment below and will solve your issue.

If you’re a tech-savvy guy, you may make changes directly by accessing the constants.php file from the file directory. You can find constants.php file by following the below directly- /wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-wp-migration/constants.php

SERP Empire Review- Increase Your SERP Position

By Ashutosh Jha →
Are you looking to increase your organic traffic but somehow not able to achieve or trying to increase CTR but the same result?

Well, you’re not alone. There are thousands of bloggers and marketers like you who keep on trying but not getting the desired result.

But you no longer have to worry about these issues now!

There are multiple SEO and marketing tools in the market that can help you achieve such goals. One such and in fact the leading tool is SERP Empire.

With the help of the SERP Empire, you’ll be getting organic traffic which in turn makes your position better in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and others.

In this SERP Empire Review, we will talk about all the details about this tool. I have been using these amazing blogging tools for a while now and pretty impressed with the kind of results it provides.

SERP Empire Review

Before starting with the features of the SERP Empire, let’s talk about the tool first.

What is SERP Empire?

SERP Empire is a perfect solution to increase search engine ranking. It gives you the quality organic traffic which can help you increase the keyword rankings in search engines. You can rank in all the leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and more.

It helps you get rid of the traditional approaches of ranking keywords and provide faster delivery.

How does the SERP Empire work?

The working of the SERP Empire is very straightforward and just involves their steps while ranking your keyword.

Step-1: All you have to do is, just sign up to the site and get started. To sign up, just enter your email id, the keyword you want to rank, and your website name and get started.

Enter the keyword which you want to rank. For example, let’s say I am looking to rank for the keyword "Best Invoicing Software" then simply put that in the above field.

Step-2: Once signed up, you need to verify your email id.

After email verification, you will be transferred to your dashboard where the dashboard will show you the current position of your keyword.

It will show you the keyword you added and the position in SERP on different days.

What the SERP Empire bot will do is, it will search your given keyword in search engine and will keep on searching till it finds you in SERP.

Step-3: Once the bot will find your site in the SERP, the bot will start clicking on it and also will follow some other pages of your website to make it real. This helps in improving the search engine ranking of your website. And even if you’re ranking for the top, still such exercise will help you retain top ranking in search engines.

SERP Empire Features:

Here are some top features of the SERP Empire which will help you improve search engine rankings. Along with the ranking, it will also help in improving the CTR.

#1 Customize Campaign

You can customize the campaign based on the plan selected. Like in the free plan it is just 5 searches per day. You can make the customization on the basis of the number of page views and bounce rate which are the major search engine ranking factors.

#2 Geo-Targeting

This is another important search engine ranking factor and also one of the important attributes if you are doing location-specific business. SERP Empire allows residential proxies which give you targeted traffic from specific countries and cities.

#3 Scan inner search page & Fast response

The best thing about the SERP Empire is, it searches for the inner pages of the search engines as well. That means, even if your current ranking is on the 3rd page, the SERP Empire bot will visit the 3rd page and start clicking on it.

Also, as soon as you start the campaign, within a moment, SERP Empire will start working and you can expect visits.

#4 24×7 campaign and support

All your campaigns will be running 24×7 without any manual intervention. Also, if there will be any issue, SERP Empire has 24×7 support to get you out of any issue.

SERP Empire Pricing:

SERP Empire offers flexible pricing to suit everyone. It has 4 plans-

  • Newcomer- $59/month
  • Standard- $129/month
  • Professional- $299/month
  • Agency- $499/month

So, if you’re a beginner, I would recommend you going with the standard plan which allows you to use 30 keywords with 300 visits. This makes around 10 visits/keywords which will give you a good boost in search engines.

Another good feature I found is the tracking dashboard. So, on your dashboard, you’ll have a tracking graph that will say how many hits have been done for which keywords. This makes tracking easy.


This was all about the SERP Empire review which helps you get organic traffic and in turn increase SERP ranking along with CTR.

If you’re also looking for some authentic solution to increase the search engine ranking, SERP Empire is the right tool for you. Do try and let us know about any issue.

You can also try a 15-days trial to check how SERP Empire can help you with ranking.

Benefits of NoFollow Backlinks

By Ashutosh Jha →
If you are an SEO guy or a webmaster or blogger, you must be knowing much about SEO. I am not going into the basics of SEO as you must be having sound knowledge of that. The off page SEO nowadays matters a lot and backlinks are one of the main constituents in off page SEO.
Benefits of NoFollow Backlinks
As we know, backlinks are of two types-

  • DoFollow Backlinks
  • NoFollow Backlinks
It is the “rel” in hyperlink tag that decides whether the link will be of nofollow or dofollow. For example, the first link below is nofollow while the second is dofollow.

  • <a href= rel=”nofollow”>TricksRoad</a>
  • <a href= rel=”dofollow”>TricksRoad</a>

No doubt, to keep yourself away from spams and Google Penalty, you must create a proper ratio of nofollow and dofollow backlinks. We all know the benefits of dofollow backlinks as it helps much in the off page SEO but what about nofollow?

Does nofollow backlink help?

Well, nofollow also helps a lot in SEO. Here in this post, I will talk about the benefits of nofollow backlinks. But before talking about the benefits of nofollow backlinks, let’s see what nofollow backlinks are?

What are nofollow backlinks?

In very simple words, nofollow backlinks are those backlinks which don't pass any link juice. This type of links says the search engine that doesn't follow/count this link. These kinds of links are just for reference purpose but still value a lot.

E.g. <a href="" rel="”nofollow”">TricksRoad</a>

Though nofollow links don't provide any link juice but still much valuable for the SEO and several other benefits which I am going to talk away right now. So here are the advantages of nofollow backlinks.

5 Benefits of NoFollow Backlinks

1. Make your site NATURAL

This is one of the main benefits of nofollow backlinks. Though Dofollow links provide link juice if you will make an excess of dofollow links, Google will treat that as spam and maybe your site can get outranked.

So it is necessary to keep a good ratio of nofollow and dofollow backlinks. Usually, a 50/50 ratio of nofollow and dofollow is considered impressive. More than 10% can be managed, but more than that of dofollow links may cause penalty for your site.

2. Traffic...what else you want?

Traffic is the most important thing for any website. We have talked a lot about TRAFFIC in the past as how it help in blogging or any online venture.

Nofollow links help you to get good and quality traffic. Suppose you have commented on some blog, and you are getting traffic from it. So this traffic will be your targeted traffic as you have commented on the blog which is in your niche and their traffic can be beneficial for you as well.

I remember once I commented on a blog (which had good social signal) and almost every month it was giving me around 500-600 traffic. This was not much but was quite good as I had to do nothing and was targeted. I received it for around 3-4 months.

So this is the power of nofollow links. I am not saying that dofollow can’t bring traffic, but most of the site from a similar niche provides nofollow links, and we should not ignore that.

3. Help You to have AUTHORITY

If you are writing a quality post. Here quality post means the post which has been written for the users, not for the search engines.

For example, you have written a high-quality post, and it has been linked my few sites so just think about how much referral traffic you will get. Also, as some good site will link you so, it will also help you to increase your authority which is very much necessary to be in the game. These are very powerful tips to increase links and hence authority.

4. Increased PA and DA

As we know Google has stopped updating PR and so a couple of things those have come into the picture to estimate the quality of blogs/websites are-

Now advertisers check the quality of the site through Alexa rank and DA. Lower the Alexa and higher the DA, the high is the quality of your site and the more amount you will get on advertising something.

So by getting recommended by some of the authority blogs through a link, you can increase the domain authority of your website easily.

Also, through blogger outreach campaign you can increase nofollow links and referral traffic.

5. You will never get penalized

This is another beauty and benefits of nofollow backlinks. If your domain has 100% nofollow backlinks also, you will never get penalized. This is due to the reason that the search engine considers nofollow links as just a reference and doesn’t pass any link juice and so no harm to your website.

However, if you have 100% dofollow backlink, you will undoubtedly get hurt from search engines.

So, it’s safe to have nofollow backlinks.

Over to you
No doubt both dofollow and nofollow backlinks have their importance and benefits. Dofollow helps you to rank well in search engines whereas nofollow gives you several other benefits as explained just above.

So you should make a good ratio of dofollow and nofollow backlinks. I hope I was clear enough to explain the benefits of nofollow backlinks.

If you have any other benefits of nofollow backlinks, please share with us.

How to Promote Your Website and Get More Visitors

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, November 14, 2019
Your website might look great, it might contain excellent content, and it might even be focused on a sought-after niche. However, if it's not getting any traffic, it's all for nothing.

The question is, how do you get traffic to your website? How do you get people to notice that your website even exists?

How to Promote Your Website and Get More Visitors
Successfully promoting a website isn't the easiest of tasks, but it's most definitely possible. The key is in focusing on the right advertising techniques. Without further remark, here is how to promote your website and get more visitors. 

Here's How to Promote Your Website

There is a lot that goes into promoting a website. In order to secure optimal traffic for your website, you must:

Focus on SEO

If you really want to drive traffic to your website, you need to prioritize SEO or Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process in which you optimize your website so that it ranks high for specific keywords on search engines such as Google and Bing.

So, what's involved with SEO? Well, a little bit of everything. In addition to publishing quality content on your website, you must also utilize appropriate keywords and on-page SEO practices.

There's a fairly steep learning curve associated with becoming an SEO master. It couldn't possibly be explained in one blog post.

For this reason, if you're not well-versed in SEO, you might consider hiring an SEO company such as JSA Interactive. Companies such as this have studied SEO for years, and know exactly how to optimize their customers' websites.

Take Advantage of Social Media 

While SEO might be the most important promotional tool for advertising websites, social media is arguably the second most important. If you aren't advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other such social media platforms, you're missing out on huge swaths of potential traffic.

Social media is terrific for websites because it allows them to get up close and personal with potential visitors. Sharing content, engaging with other social media accounts, and posting important updates will all help you to attract more visitors to your website.

Note, though, that the key to social media is consistency. You can't use it once a week and expect results. You must be engaging with your audience on a daily basis.

Create Engaging Blog Posts  

A big part of increasing web traffic is maintaining the traffic that your website already has. If you can't get anyone to stick around for more than a single visit, you're not going to have any success at all.

How do you get visitors to stick around? Perhaps the best way is by maintaining a blog on your website.

And it can't just be a blog about anything. It needs to focus on a specific subject, and it needs to provide value to those who are interested in that subject.

One of the most successful methods in blogging is to answer specific questions within blog posts. If readers find that they can learn from your website, they will almost certainly come back.

Make Informative Videos 

When it comes to social media, video often reigns supreme over the written word. Not only are videos easier for online users to consume, but they also feel more personal. This is why, if you have the capability, you should create informative videos which relate to the subject of your website.

Your videos don't have to be elaborately planned or impeccably edited. In fact, a simple video of you sitting in front of a camera and explaining something can get the job done just fine. The primary points are to teach your audience and to make your website more recognizable in the process.

Place Paid Ads 

If you have the money to spend, you could consider placing paid ads. Paid ads have proven time and again that they are capable of bringing in substantial amounts of traffic.

The best platforms for paid ads are Facebook and Twitter. Placing ads on these platforms will get your website noticed by thousands of people in a very short amount of time.

Post on Forums 

Another website marketing technique is to post in forums while adding links to your website. If you're adding value to the forum discussion, and are not just spamming links all over the place, you will almost certainly attract some new visitors. Not to mention, you'll build on your SEO efforts through backlinking.

The goal is to target forums which are relevant to your website. For instance, if your website is about WordPress, you would be wise to apply this technique in WordPress-related forums.

Network, Network, Network 

It's impossible to overstate the importance of networking as it pertains to promoting your website. The more relationships you make with fellow webmasters, the more opportunities that open up for your website.

Attend blogging conventions. Follow popular bloggers on Twitter. Join relevant groups on Facebook.

Whatever you have to do to make more connections, do it. You have to stick your neck out there in order for your website to get noticed.

Write Guest Posts 

One of the best ways to increase website traffic is by writing guest posts for other websites. Writing guest posts is beneficial in two different ways.

On one hand, guest posting will get you and your website noticed by readers of other websites. On the other hand, because guest posting provides your website with valuable backlinks, it will also improve your SEO ranking. Because of this, your website will become easier to find through Google and other such search engines.

Securing guest posts isn't too difficult. All you have to do is find the "write for us" section on a website that you like and then follow the guidelines. While not every website will supply you with a guest posting opportunity, one of them eventually will.

Need Help Promoting Your Website?

Still not sure of how to promote your website? Looking for a little help with the task? If so, TricksRoad can help.

Utilizing social media marketing, content marketing, and other online marketing techniques, we not only help clients to attract more web traffic but to convert more sales as well.

Contact us now for a free consultation! 

Top Best WhatsApp Group Names List [Updated]

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, November 10, 2019
There is no doubt that WhatsApp is the largest chatting platform currently and almost all are using this for messaging to someone. It is easy and convenient way to message someone for free. Even you can call (both audio and video) to others for free with just internet connection.

Top Best WhatsApp Group Names List
In Q1 2019, more than 500 million active users are being served daily by WhatsApp. Also, they have over 1.5 Billion users across the globe. More than 1 million users join WhatsApp on daily basis and on and average 23 times users open WhatsApp daily.

WhatsApp Active Users
If you’ll further look into the data, in most of the countries across the globe WhatsApp is the most popular app. In more than 100+ countries, WhatsApp is the most popular app and so a lot of groups are being created daily.
Most Popular Messaging Apps
Earlier there was limitation of number of users (up to 100) you can add in a group which has not been increased to 256 members. So, in a group utmost you can add 256 members.

Also, as per the report in Q1 2019, more than 1 Billion active groups are on WhatsApp. Which means it is pretty popular. This becomes even more interesting when we know WhatsApp has a user base of 1.5 Billion and more than 1 Billion groups are already there.

WhatsApp provides a lot of features like-

  • Message to someone
  • Create group and discuss
  • Create your status for 24 hours- Check cool WhatsApp Status
  • Audio and Video Calls
  • WhatsApp Pay and more

And in this post, we’re going to talk about WhatsApp group. We’ll talk about some best WhatsApp group names which can help you keep a unique name to your WhatsApp group.

Best WhatsApp Group Names List

If you’re also looking to start a new WhatsApp group then you can keep the WhatsApp group name interesting with the help of below names. You can select any of the below names and keep as the group name.

Latest WhatsApp Group Names List

  • Hopeless group
  • Just do it
  • The Unknowns
  • Chat Lounge
  • Feel free to write
  • Tech Ninjas
  • Crazy world
  • Coffee lovers
  • Staunch Ladies
  • Brothers from Different Mothers
  • Lions
  • Busy Buddies
  • Swag Partners
  • 24×7 Love
  • Back Benchers
  • Avengers
  • Just talk
  • Open Book
  • Unfired
  • No Spamming
  • Smile please
  • Ninjas
  • All Us Single Ladies
  • Block heads
  • Join at your own risk

Funny WhatsApp Group Names List

  • Drama Club
  • Langotia Mitr
  • MastiKhana
  • Ghanta Engineers
  • Utha Le Re Baba
  • Langotia Yaar
  • Automobile Gangsters
  • The Disco Ninjas
  • Funky Monkeys
  • The Rowdy Roosters
  • What’s in a Name
  • Yaar Annually
  • Yaarana
  • Chat Stars
  • Sadda Adda
  • Best Brothers
  • The Disco Ninjas
  • Phone Pals
  • Pin Drop Nonsense
  • Recycle Bin
  • Langoti Friends
  • Best School Friends
  • Friends Tent
  • Best Friends Forever
  • Udhaari Group
  • Captain Crunch and the Cereal Killerz
  • Adults Out of Order
  • Fortnite and Chill
  • We’re Better
  • Fast and Serious
  • Lords of the Bling
  • Kick-Ass Boys
  • Sponsored
  • Chalo Chale Himalaya

Best WhatsApp Group Names for Family Members

  • ABC Family
  • Rocking Family
  • My Family
  • Mera Family
  • Modern Family
  • Family Bus
  • The Adams Family
  • Always Happy Family
  • The (surname) Bunch
  • The Family Knot
  • My Team My Family
  • ABC Family
  • Naughty Family Club
  • The Family Gang
  • Fantastic Family
  • The Fantastic Four
  • Dad Is Don
  • Karate Family
  • Irritating Family
  • My Folks
  • Happy House
  • Best Family Ever
  • Strong Bonding
  • Meri Superb Family
  • Happy Family

WhatsApp Group Names for Lovers

  • Befikre
  • Fabulous Fairies
  • 24×7 Love
  • Love Paradis
  • Crazy Lovers
  • One-Sided Lovers
  • Spring Love
  • Naughtiness
  • We Are Lovers
  • Crazy Sport Lovers
  • Aashiqui
  • Romantic gossips
  • Online Hangover

Best WhatsApp Group Names for Friends

  • 3 Idiots
  • So Called Engineers
  • Enter at Your Risk
  • Teenagers
  • Life and Music
  • The Back Benchers
  • Chatter Box
  • The Spartans
  • Devils VS Angels
  • Langoti Friends
  • Best School Friends
  • Friends Tent
  • Best Friends Forever
  • ABCD Friends
  • Fabulous Friends
  • Friends for Life
  • Life for Friends
  • Friends Forever
  • Changu Mangus
  • Chor Bazaar
  • Amazing Pals
  • Counter Strike Batch
  • Non-Veg Friends
  • Freaky Friends
  • Crazy School Friends
  • Wondering Minds
  • So Called Engineers
  • Bachelor’s

Cool WhatsApp Group Names

  • zindagi na milegi dobara
  • Dil Dhadakane Do
  • No girls
  • Best Dudes
  • When is the Party
  • Rocking Stars
  • Life Suckers
  • Let’s Party Guys
  • Non-Stop Chat
  • Hackers
  • Super Heroes
  • We are Hulks

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best WhatsApp group names list 2020. Depending on the kind of WhatsApp group names you’re creating select the group names accordingly.

If you found any more interesting WhatsApp group name, please share with us in the comment as well.

10 Best Movie Download Sites

By Ashutosh Jha →
Who doesn’t like movies?

Well it be better if that can be free and you can get easily. And if you’re also looking for some best sites to download movies then this post is for you.

In this post we’re going to talk about some best movie download sites. Most of these are free movie download sites where you can stream or download any movies. You may also watch or download TV shows or TV episodes.

Although there are many websites and apps nowadays where you can watch many movies, TV shows, and originals. But most of those are paid. For example, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many others are there.

10 Best Movie Download Sites

Let’s start and look for some of the best online movie downloading websites where you can watch and download movies free. These are the top sites and allow you stream and download old as well as new movies.

Even with some of these websites, you can also request for some movies. Most of these movie downloading sites are related to torrent and offers pictures in HD. Here are some of our other posts related to movie download-

Note: It is recommended you to use VPN while browsing and downloading from these sites. You may use any free or Paid VPN. Here are some best VPN software which you can use.

#1 Megabox HD


Do you enjoy watching movies on phone?

If yes, then Megabox HD is the solution for you. Megabox HD is available for Android as of now and soon it will be released for iOS as well. If you want to use it on your Laptop or PC then you may need to use an emulator.

Droid4x emulator can be helpful in this case. Using Droid4x emulator you can easily install Megabox HD on your laptop. There are many other emulators as well which you can use for the same.

Here are some of the great benefits of the Megabox HD-

  • Apps are being updated on regular basis
  • Stream movies fast as they use cloud storage
  • You can also share the movies with friends and family
  • You can make a calendar and add movies in that

#2 AZMovies


AZMovies is another great site to download movies. Although the original site is no longer available but is an AZMovies mirror site.

You can browse through the different genre, year, and featured movies. The site is clean and almost no ads are being served. Although they use pop-up ads and so sometime when you click you may be redirected to any other page.

Just click on any movie and it will take you to the movie page where you can simply watch that movie.

#3 StresmLikers

StresmLikers is another best free site movie download site. The site is having clean interface and very easy to use.

You will find here the collection of movies and doesn’t serve any kind of advertisement. That makes your movie watching experience even better.

Along with movies, StresmLikers also allow you watch TV shows and Web series. Just click on the shows or movies you want to watch or download and it will take you to the dedicated page. Here all the details of the movie will be shown along with IMDB ratings. There you’ll find two options- one for download and another for streaming in HD.

#4 MovieWatcher


New MovieWatcher site is which keeps on adding more movies to make the experience better. With its commitment to make all content free, MovieWatcher is one of best free movie download site.

They have large number of movies from different genre and year and even languages. Along with movies, MovieWatcher also have TV shows and web shows. You can also get the country specific serials from US, Japan, China, Korea.

Just look for the video you’re looking for and either watch there or download right away. The site serves popup ads and so be little conscious while using it.

#5 Retrovision TV

If you enjoy blog like content then Retrovision is the site for you. This site serves the major movie download in the form of a blog.

Just click on any blog post and in the details page you can watch that movie online. The drawback of this blog is, for most of the movie download link is not available and you may need to use any external tool to download these videos.

From scientific movies to horror and comedies, Retrovision has all in their bucket. Visit the site and start watching the movies.

#6 123Movies


123Movies is one of the oldest movie download sites. It is one of the oldest free movie download sites allowing you watch and download movies.

Although the above is not the original but the mirror site of 123Movies. But the interface of 123Movies is same as original site. Here you can watch TV shows and movies. You can watch them and download in HD. If you’re not finding the desired movies then the search bar is there to help you out. If sue to some reason you're not able to open this site, do check sites like 123movies.

#7 P2P Guru


Looking for all kind of entertainment at one place?

P2P Guru is the solution which offers movies, Books, Audio, TV Shows, and much more. All these are free to watch and download. So, you can consider P2P Guru as one of the best movie download sites and also best music download site.

The site is pretty clean and doesn’t have any kind of advertisement which makes the experience better. If you’re willing to download any video, then you can select in what quality you are looking for. Accordingly, you can download movies free.

#8 Afdah


Afdah is a movie download site where movies are available in different year, country, and languages. Having movies in different language is the biggest asset of Afdah. Along with movies, you can also get TV shows to watch and download.

Just browse through the library and open the movie you would like to download. There either you can download or watch. Even if one server is not working you can try other servers.

#9 Tubi TV


Tubi TV is a premium movie streaming site offering you the premium content free. They have the mobile app available for both iOS and Android which makes your experience even better.

Tubi TV is little different from the competitors for the reason that they have legal content. All the movies displayed here are legal and have been brought by the thousands of channels available. Just it is free. So, if you’re looking for premium content free in legal way, Tubi TV is for you.

#10 Snagfilms


Snagfilms is also one of the free best online movies downloading website. With over 2000 movies, they have one of the largest databases available.

Starting from movies to TV episodes, short films, documentaries, and what not. All these are available for free to be downloaded and watched.

Snagfilms is also having its own app for iOS and Android which makes the experience even better.

Conclusion- Which is top movie downloading site?

These were top 10 movie download sites. You can watch or download movies, TV shows, and documentaries on these top sites for free. Many of these sites have mobile apps which makes your experience even better.

11 Best Safe ROMS Sites to Download ROMs

By Ashutosh Jha →
If you have been looking for the best ROM for your game to play on emulators, then this is the right place. Here we will talk about some best safe Rom sites using which you download safe ROMs. This best safe ROMs sites 2019 will provide you the best ROMs for all your favorite games.

All these safe Rom sites have been checked carefully and are free from any kind of virus or malware. And so, freely you can download safe Rom from these sites.

11 Best Safe Rom Downloading Sites [Best Safe ROMs Sites]

Let's start and see some of the best Rom download sites. As said above, all these sites are safe to use and download. You can download all stuff related to game Rom for free.

#1 Gamulator


This is the best safe ROM site currently available. Also, Gamulator is currently the best featured ROM site and emulator. They also keep on expanding their library with the new games regularly.

Gamulator allows you with two kinds of downloads-

1. Managed based download
2. Direct download

No matter which download you’re using both is safe and secure for you to download. The website lists the major ROMs like GBA, Mame, Sens, NDS, NES, and more.

#2 DopeROMs

DopeROMs is another best safe ROMs site which has a huge library of ROMs to be downloaded. It is also a site for interactive video games and allows you to play backups. And then you can play these backups of games on either on your mobile phone or computers as you want.

DopeROMs is having one of the largest libraries of thousands of ROM to download in a safe and secure environment. Even by category if you’re not finding the desired ROM, just use the search bar at the top and get the desired safe ROM.

#3 ROM Hustler


ROM Hustler is another best ROM site having a huge library for both ROMs and Emulators. You can also find a lot of games available on the site. You can find the ROM just by providing the keyword or by selecting through the console.

The site ensures that your device will be free from malware and any kind of virus. The listed ROMs and Emulators listed here are based on user reviews and votes. Also, they have a mobile version site which is also quite helpful.

#4 CoolROM


If you’re looking for the best ROM 2020, CoolROM is the solution for you. It is also one of the safest ROMs available. CoolROM has more than thousands of emulators and ROMs available on the site.

All the major ROMs are here available for downloads like Atari, Neo, Sega, and more. The site also lists the top 25 ROMs and also top 25 Emulators. From here also you can select the best suitable ROMs for you.

#5 Romania


Romania is a professional site offering the best ROMs download. The site offers the best ROMs, Emulators, and BIOS. You can also play these online. Either you can select the safe ROM from the list or can use the search icon to search the best ROM for you.

Romania also lists the top 100 games to be played. Once you’ll browse the site, you’ll come to know why Romania is the best ROM downloading site.

#6 Retrosic


With 51 consoles, 83000+ ROMs, and 383 emulators, Retrosic is one of the best ROM sites. Just name the popular ROM or emulators and you’ll get there.

The best thing about Retrosic is, it offers you the safe download link and doesn’t allow any .exe file. All you have to do is, just browse through the game you want and start playing in no time. If some game is not working, you can select the emulator available which can help you play those games.

#7 The Eye


The Eye is a kind of repository where you can find all kinds of files related to ROM and Emulators. The eye holds ROMs for more than 60 consoles which cumulatively make 3 TB+ storage. The best thing about The Eye is you can find almost all the ROM sites for almost all the consoles you can think of.

#8 Emuparadise


Emuparadise claims to be the biggest retro gaming website on the earth and somehow this makes sense as well. A properly arranged site with proper categories to download safe ROM fast and secure.

Emuparadise also has a community where you can discuss any requirement or any kind of issue. Along with the safe ROMs, you can also download games, ISO, video games, music, guides, and more. Emuparadise also allows you to play the games directly in the most secure environment.

#9 Emulator Zone


Emulator Zone is one of the oldest ROM sites available. The site provides all the details about the ROM, Emulators, updates, download links, games, and more. All the top-level games like Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and more are available here.

#10 Vimm’s Lair


Vimm’s Lair is another safe ROMs site in 2020 and is available since 1997 and is considered as one of the oldest ROM sites. The site provides us classic ROMs and Emulators. The site has almost all the classic games released in the US with more than 10 different game consoles. All the ROMs have been categorized nicely and you can even use the search criteria to find some.

#11 ROM World

Looking for one place where you can get the best safe ROMs for Atari, Nintendo, Sega, and Sony and all their models and platforms?

ROM World is the solution for you. A simple site dedicated to ROM where you can find the console for all the major players in the market. Even if you’re not getting the ROM you were looking for or not in the language you were looking for, just send them an email and they will update quickly.


These were the best safe ROMs sites. You can use any of these sites to download ROMs and emulators as required. We have a separate post for iOS emulators for windows also which you may check if looking for specific emulators.


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