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10 Best solarmovie alternatives- Top sites like solarmovie to Follow

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, October 28, 2018
Solarmovie is a leading movie site and every movie freak must have checked them out. But in recent days, there have been many instances when Solarmovie has been found down and so the need of Solarmovie alternatives needed.

If you’ll search for the term Solarmovie down, you’ll find a good number of resources out there. Never the less, no matter what is the reason, there are many other movie sites as good as Solarmovie. And these sites need your attention and consideration.

10 Best solarmovie alternatives- Top sites like solarmovie to Follow
Here in this post, we are going to talk about the 10 best sites like Solarmovie or you can say 10 best Solarmovie alternatives. These websites are also free and can be one of your best destinations to download the movies.

Solarmovie Alternatives- 10 Best Sites like Solarmovie

Let’s starts and see few best websites like Solarmovie which need your attention. These websites are free and have a huge library for the movie freak like you.

You can not only download the best movies from these websites but can also watch movies online. So, let’s start and check these sites. One thing I would like to mention here is Solarmovie is quite a popular website which receives around 1 Million visitors a day. And so, you can not compare the below listed Solarmovie alternative to traffic wise but yeah, from quality wise, these are equally important.

#1. Hulu

Cost: 1-Month Free, $7.99/Mon (Limited Commercials) or $11.99/Mon (No Commercials)


I can say, Hulu as the best alternative to Solarmovie as it provides the complete package for the movies lovers. You can get the movies and videos whenever and wherever you want.

Although Hulu is not completely free, you can enjoy a free one month of trial with all the features. Once you are satisfied, you can sign up for the premium plan.

The best thing with Hulu is, it is not just the movie streaming site but also a live tv. You can get on-demand channels as and when you want. They have 50+ channels you can enjoy and request. Another important feature of Hulu is, it is only a few websites like Solarmovie which has their own original series. And so, if you’re looking for a complete alternative to Solarmovie, Hulu is for you.

#2 AllMovie


Cost- Free

AllMovie is another popular site like Solarmovie which you can consider. They receive millions of visitors every month and known for the huge collection.

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You can consider AllMovie as a movie search engine where you can find thousands of movies on demand. And the best thing is AllMovie is free to use. When I say free, means completely free and there is nothing like a trial.

They also provide a small description of each movie where you can find some narration, actor, and actress name and other details. You’ll also find the box office details in case you want to go out and watch some movie in the theatre.

#3 Vumoo


Price- Free

Vumoo doesn’t only provides you the movies and TV shows but also you can find some great documentaries here. It is also one of the perfect Solarmovie alternative you can use.

Like AllMovie, Vumoo is also free and you won’t have to pay a single penny to use it. They have 60,000+ movie collection with HD quality. You can also select the quality in which you want the movie to stream.

Just visit the website and start searching the movie. Also, they have auto suggestions enabled in the search box. That means if you don’t know the complete movie name, just start typing and it will show you the movie name.

They give you amazing experience while movie streaming and gives you non-commercial popups and other windows. You will find the movies and videos from various category and generous.

#4 Rainierland


Price- Free

Rainierland is not completely like Solarmovie and is more convenient for the TV shows and series. You’ll find almost all the famous TV shows and series here. The best thing is, you don’t have to visit the other websites for the shows of different seasons.

They have a strong database of TV shows and that too season wise. All these are free, and you can watch anytime. We can say Rainierland more like of TV show streaming site which offers on-demand shows for their users.

They use the older history of the users to provide excellent user experience and hence you can expect some great result and experience.

Almost all kind of shows you can find here like action, thriller, comedy and much more as per your choice.

#5 Yify


Price- Free

Yify is an excellent Solarmovie alternative which has thousands of movies and videos for you to watch. They are also one of the best movie streaming site and TV shows streaming sites.

The best thing apart from being a free movie website is, you will find movies and videos of all categories and is divided into different genres, years, and categories.

If you want to enjoy the best quality on the internet, Yify is for you. They have some best movies in HD and Blue-ray print which will give you an amazing experience.

The only drawback with Yify is, they are the movie search engine and so Yify doesn’t host a movie or video on their own server. Instead, you will be redirected to some third-party websites where you can watch a movie. But the third-party websites are also real and trust-worthy.

#6 Movie Watcher


Price- Free

Movie Watcher is another perfect alternative to Solarmovie. You just name a movie or video, or TV show and Movie Watcher have that for you. The best thing about Movie Watcher is, it is a free platform with thousands of videos.

Movie Watcher can be sure one of the best destinations for everyone who is a movie freak. You can also consider it as an online movie streaming website which offers free service. Movie Watcher shows the recent releases and provides the on-demand movies. Also, they keep you updated with the upcoming movies and TV shows.

So, to all those who want to watch HD movie online, Movie Watcher is the best place for you. They have all the genres and categories like comedy, emotion, romance, action, and much more.

#7 NewMoviesOnline


Price- Free

If you are looking for a website which provides movies of all kind of languages with TV shows and series, then NewMoviesOnline is the perfect fit for you. I found movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and many other industries.

NewMoviesOnline can be your perfect Solarmovie alternative if you are a movie freak and want to get all the flavors of it. They provide year-wise movies also for the quick selection. Also, you can filter out the movies from different categories and genres.

The site is also a perfect fit for all the people who love biographic and web series. As the website is multilingual and so they attract the traffic from all the geolocation. So, choose your mood and depending on that select the movie/TV shows/biography/web series from the NewMoviesOnline. NewMoviesOnline is also considered as one of the best movie streaming sites and TV shows streaming site.

#8 TvBox


Price- Free

All the movies and TV show available at TvBox is an organized way and free from the ads. So, if you are in a good mood and want to relax, just browse through the hassle-free experience of TvBox and you will get what you’re looking for.

TvBox is also one among the top Solarmovie alternative which offers completely free services for everyone. If you are looking for the best place to watch and download movies and TV shows, TvBox can be a perfect fit for you.

Before watching any movie or shows, you can also go through the comments shared by the other TvBox registered users and can decide whether you should watch or not. There is a popular category as well where you can find the leading videos popular in your segment. Also, it acts as a video streaming website offering the service for free.

#9 Yes Movies


Cost- Free

It’s time to say a big Yes to one of the most movie download site Yes Movies. Yes, Movies is one of the most competitive alternative to Solarmovie and can be an ideal alternative.

They have recently come up with the new interface which is more like a movie search engine but still, you can access the old interface.

You can get all kind of movies and TV shows here. You can either download these or stream online. All movies from different categories and genres are available here for free and free to access. The best thing is you can also request for a new movie or video.

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They display a slideshow on the home page in older version which comes with the latest release and the popular movies watched by their users online.

#10 Movie4k


Price- Free

Movie4k can also be considered as some good alternatives to Solarmovie but I found some issue with the ads. I found Movie4k using some popup ads for their revenue. Although this is necessary from a revenue point of view but can annoy the user experience.

If you leave the ad issue, it is another perfect website to watch movie online or download movie online. They have all kind of movies and TV shows including adult shows.

As they also provide adult videos and so you should be cautious while using the website. If you have a movie which is not available on the website or you have the better print, you can add that movie as well.


These were the 10 best Solarmovie alternatives. These sites like Solarmovie can be used to watch and download the movies, videos, TV shows, and web series.

Most of these websites are free to use and doesn’t even force you to sign up. Just visit the website and watch whatever you want and leave. This is as simple as it sounds you.

Which is your favorite website to watch movie online?

Environment Friendly Residential Complexes - The Need of the Hour

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, October 15, 2018
Today, people are becoming aware of various environmental issues like, global warming and playing an active role in reducing carbon footprints. This has resulted in the demand for environment-friendly or sustainable residential complexes. But, these complexes mean a lot more than just segregating the waste and calling it a day.

 True eco-friendly buildings are made of several facets, from the use of renewable energy to building materials and so on. Yes, this does mean added costs of implementing eco-friendly construction principles and designs. But, fortunately, such costs can be quickly recovered by attracted admirers and staunch believers of green living.

Premier developers of the country have already started building sustainable residential complexes. If you want to go green, here’s a quick guide as suggested by Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, CEO of Mani Group.

Think about the location and transport facilities

According to industry experts, the first thing that you have to find is a good location for your residential complex, that is close to public transport and local amenities like, schools, shops, post offices and so on, are within cycling or walking distance. This way residents will not have to depend on their carbon-emitting vehicles to get from one point to the other. This will not just reduce carbon emissions, but also help the residents save money on fuel.

You can also think of incorporating retail shops, grocery stores, gymnasiums, and cafes into your residential complex so that the residents can get everything they need in the complex itself. These can be built on the ground floor so that occupants of the building can reach by foot. As an added bonus, this will help to foster a sense of community amongst the occupants of the building.

Choose green materials and with emphasis on recycling capabilities

Being a champion of sustainability, Mani Group uses eco-friendly materials for its buildings that can be easily recycled. Even the waste materials during construction are recycled by them so that the amount of waste generated can be significantly reduced.

You can use green construction materials like natural stones, bamboo for flooring and hardwood. These materials are not just durable, but also easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. Furthermore, you can use low-emission or non-toxic materials, such as formaldehyde-free flooring and VOC paint to decrease the number of contaminants that you are releasing to the indoor environment.

Also, starting a complex-wide composting and recycling program is a good idea so that the impact of waste on the environment can be reduced and managed even after construction is complete.

Energy and water efficiency considerations

Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, CEO of Mani Group states that energy-efficient residential complexes are not just good for the environment, but also help to reduce utility bills of the residents. He suggests the use of double-glazed windows for your building, which will offer optimal insulation and help to control the indoor temperature.

You can also use spray foam insulation and appliances with a high Energy Star rating, as well as, environment-friendly plumbing fixtures. For the lighting of your residential complex, you can invest in energy-efficient LEDs or CFLs and also energy-efficient HVAC units and other such household products.

A complex that is powered completely by solar and wind energy is the next big step. You can install solar panels and wind turbines between each floor to generate electricity. However, for that, you need to check if the location and design of your complex support the installation of solar panels and wind turbines, and whether it is feasible.

Just like energy, water is another natural resource that needs to be saved and now. In order to save water, you can install water-efficient showerheads, faucets, washing machines and dishwashers, and design dual-flush toilets. They will optimize the water consumption levels without making any compromises on the water pressure.

You can even add a greywater system and water tanks. The construction of a wetland can further limit the use of water. You can also have in place rainwater harvesting, which is a very common sight in most new residential complexes.

Lush green gardens

The best way to cut down carbon footprint is by planting more trees. So, you can make your complex green by having a beautiful garden. Residents will be able to breathe fresh air, thanks to the abundance of trees in the complex. You can also encourage the residents to grow plants in the garden plots.

Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, CEO of Mani Group believes that little steps can lead to bigger results. So, if you join the bandwagon of environment-friendly developers, you can significantly reduce the impact on your environment.

Moreover, you can save vital resources for the future generations. Building green also means that you are providing potential residents with a cleaner and better place to live.

25 Snapchat facts you should know

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, October 10, 2018
Snapchat is one of the leading social media and people are crazy about it. But Snapchat has not received such popularity in a day. It has taken years to make Snapchat where it is today. We are going to talk about all those Snapchat facts in this post.

Snapchat came with a unique concept of sharing snaps and got viral in the youths. It came in existence in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown and very soon become one of the leading social media apps.

Snapchat Facts
Although their concept is no longer unique and Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram has already copied it. And now you can find the similar feature in their status. Somewhere in 2014, Snapchat got few measure features which made Snapchat the leading choice for youths. Few of those features were- Geofilters, Stories and Discover as well as cool Spectacles.

So, we are going to talk about all those Snapchat facts in this post. I am sure you'll enjoy these.

25 Useful Snapchat facts you should know!

Here are those Snapchat facts which you should know. These are interesting and if you are a business owner looking to advertise at Snapchat, these stats will be helpful.

#1 34 Unsuccessful attempts

Yes, Snapchat was created by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown when they were the students at Stanford. Evan revealed in an interview that the idea of Snapchat came while they were working for the final year project. And also, he mentioned that they failed 34 times before Snapchat came in existence.

Snapchat Founders
Snapchat Founders

#2 Before 2012, it was known with Picaboo

When Snapchat created, it was known with the name Picaboo and it was an iOS app only. Later their founder renamed it with Snapchat and made it available for both iOS and Android.
Picaboo to snapchat
#3 Almost on daily basis, Snapchat receives over 100 million users. This clearly shows how popular the app is. Just imagine 100 million users sharing millions of snaps to their friends daily.

#4 Those 100 million plus users shares over 3.5 billions of snaps every day.

#5 Snapchat receives around 400 million stories per day. Stories which can be either a photo or text can be kept as stories and it came in 2013. It became so popular that now Snapchat receives almost around 400 million per day. Now the stories you are seeing on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are inspired by Snapchat.

#6 Snaps containing drink image are most popular on Snapchat. Snaps those are being shared on Snapchat have the large contribution of drinks-related snaps.

#7 18% of the USA social media users use Snapchat

#8 In 2014, Facebook offered to buy Snapchat at a valuation of $3 billion but their founders declined the offer.

#9 On an average people spend around 34.5 minutes daily on Snapchat. While people under 25 spend more than 40 minutes daily.

#10 Snapchat's average revenue per user is around $1.4 (in Q2, 2018) which is higher than in 2017 when the average revenue was $1.17 per person.

#11 Snapchat launched snap map in 2017 which helps you locate nearby friends, stories, and news

#12 Within the 3 months of the launch of the snap map, 19 million users were checking snap maps daily. This is around 11% of total users of Snapchat.

#13 A survey agency Cowen found that 96% senior ad buyers prefer buying ads on Instagram rather than Snapchat.

#14 Forbes listed Evan Spiegel, Snapchat cofounder, the youngest billionaire in the world in 2015

#15 Currently, the Snapchat share is around half from the time it was listed on stock and also the valuation has been cut by half compared to when it was listed

#16 45% Snapchat users are in between 18-24 age group

#17 55% male Snapchat users shares their selfie on Snapchat which is less compare to female users where the percentage is around 77%.

#18 More than 25% of UK users are using Snapchat while the count is way higher in Norway where the percentage is around 50%.

#19 Active Snapchat users open Snapchat app 25 times a day

#20 60% active Snapchat users create new content daily

#21 An interesting Snapchat fact is, it will take you around 10 years to view all the photos those were shared in last one hour

#22 More than 20,000 photos are shared on Snapchat every second

#23 528k snaps are being sent every minute on Snapchat

#24 One major problem with Snapchat is sexting. In a survey by the agency Survata shows, users below 18 who uses Snapchat, use the app majorly for sexting rather than snapping. This a notable snap chat hack.

#25 In 2013, Snapchat launched Snapchat kidz where the interface is for taking snaps, captioning, drawing, and saving them locally on the device. But you can't send or receive messages or add friends.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best Snapchat facts you should know. No doubt Snapchat is one of the leading social media apps in current age but apps like Instagram and WhatsApp are giving a tough fight to the snap sharing platform.

If you are an active Snapchat user, do share your experience with us.

Domain Name Registration Myths You Should Know Before You Go For It

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, October 6, 2018
Social media has changed the landscape of the internet pretty heavily. Whereas before, having a website was considered a privilege and quite a big deal, now we have the ability to create a Facebook page or an Instagram account that serves as a marketing or informational hub for a product, business or blog.

Domain Name Registration Myths
[Domain Name Registration Myths]
As these changes occurred and a lot of people went onto the bandwagon, web hosting and everything along with it, including domain names got mystified. There are talks about expenses, memories of the dot-com bubble and various other whispers that grow some pretty big misconceptions. It’s about time we take the chance to bring them down.

A domain is a much simpler thing than you think that works in a beautifully sophisticated way. You can get your very own domain here. Hostinger’s domain search tool is one of our favorites. Get suggestions, it’s a trusted registrar and doesn’t break the bank.

So the excellent place to start is talking about the idea that domains are just for websites. Right out of the gate, let's address the fact that it isn’t true. No one is going to force you to make a site. There are multiple reasons to own a domain that aren’t a website.

For starters, if you’re looking towards becoming an influencer, or put your voice out there as a public person, it might be smart to secure domains with your last name, to protect yourself from any disinformation. Treat your name as a brand. You can’t go wrong with that. If you can think of an idea that would make a brand vulnerable, chances are the same might apply to your name too.

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That’s not all. You can have a domain based email, send out emails from a professional looking address. When you see a businessman use Gmail, it doesn’t exactly scream trust.

As we move on, it might be a good time to touch on the idea of the dot-com burst of 2002. It’s not like some people think, that people literally over invested in a domain. What happened was that too many eggs were put in a single basket. Multiple businesses and retailers invested massive amounts of money without redundancy plan. When these online businesses went under, there were financial repercussions that to an extent are still felt today.

By the way, you don’t actually own a domain name, technically. Once you register it or reserve it, you do indeed choose to do whatever you want with the domain (within the legal means), but at the end of the day, the domain works as something similar to a subscription model. You can register and reserve the domain for anything from 1 to 10 years.

But once time runs out, and if you forget to renew your reservation, you might lose it. It won't be taken away from you, but someone else might reserve it before you.

Sounds like a massive commitment, doesn’t it? Ten years, must be tons of money? Well, it isn’t. Really. A common misconception is that domain registration is super expensive. It really isn’t, especially if you’re going about the registered smart.

Sure, if you’re going for .com domains with one-word labels, they’re going to be reserved or will cost an arm and a leg. But if you’re smart, you can try and shoot for a .xyz or many other kinds of domains with alternate TLDs. Don’t get caught up on .com!

So, you decided that having your own domain is indeed a good idea. What now? Time to google and figure out how that goes? Luckily, that’s not the case. You can use a tool like the one above, provided by Hostinger and become a proud owner of your very own domain within minutes. There are no restrictions on who can register a domain name!

That tool will help you find alternatives if the one you want is taken and will go through the process along with you! All you need is to provide some really basic personal information and have a working payment method. It’ll take a minute. Literally.

Final Words

That’s about as much as you need to know. With the most common wrong ideas cleared away, you should have the know-how of going at it and picking out a domain. For extra help, there are tons of tools that can help you come up with brand ideas, teach you about SEO and other notes that are worthwhile to take into account.

A domain name is more than just a link. It’s a representation of your business. It’s the first impression. Make the right one.

The Start-Up Costs You Need to Consider for Freelancing

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, October 4, 2018
Starting a freelancing career is a big step and not the one to be taken lightly. It does offer some benefits, such as being your boss and setting your hours, etc., But it often comes with some significant downsides, such as a lack of consistency in gigs, no benefits, and more. Therefore, before you start your freelancing career, you need to look at the start-up costs.

The Start-Up Costs You Need to Consider for Freelancing
Many of these might be obvious, but some aren’t, which is why anyone thinking about a career in freelancing needs to take a long in-depth and hard look at the start-up costs. After all, most of the time there’s going to be some costs that you’ll overlook when thinking about it. That’s why we’ve collected some of the biggest start-up costs you need to be aware of before considering freelancing.

Outfitting Your Office

This one is probably the most obvious in terms of costs before attempting a career in freelancing. After all, how can you do freelance if you’ve got nothing to work with? While exactly what you need depends on what type of work you’re planning to do, such as designer, writer, blogger, etc. There are some things that every freelancer needs.

For example, you’re going to need a desk, office chair, and computer, at a minimum. The chances are that you’ll also need a multi-function printer as well, for creating hard copies of invoices and receipts, as well as whatever else may come up. Setting up your office space is mandatory, as you’ll often be taking calls from clients, and some of these may be video calls. You’ll need to look professional for these, so the need for proper office space is undeniable.

If you don’t know what you need, think about what you had in your old office; most of the stuff you had there will be required in your freelance career. You may have taken most of these for granted, but once you become a freelancer, you realize just how important they were. This expenditure is probably one of the most significant start-up costs for freelancing, but in most cases, it’ll be a one-time investment.

Get the Software You Need

The kind of software depends on what kind of freelancer you’re looking to be in the future. After all, a designer’s needs are different than a writer’s. Here you will need to purchase these stuff on your own so that is definitely an extra cost since in office you had the access of these for free. You might have taken office supplies for granted in your old job, but they’re crucial for freelancing.

For writers, the software could be as simple as a copy of Microsoft Office, but for designers, it could mean a whole lot more, such as Photoshop, InDesign, Lightworks, and others. Bought in packages, they can be affordable enough, but it is indeed one of the major cost while doing settling your freelancing career. Because they’re important, they’re not something that you can put off while your freelance career develops. However, there is free software out there that you can use, such as Google Docs and Drive, which may help allay some of the initial costs of freelancing.

Some people might also want to consider a type of accounting software, in order to manage all of their books, invoices, payments and expenses. While this isn’t mandatory, but it could be extremely beneficial in the long run, especially when it comes to paying taxes.

You Could Have Higher Household Costs

Household costs definitely increase after you settled at home and start performing your tasks. These are costs that are going to exist no matter which stage of the freelancing you’re at. The exact amount is difficult to put a dollar figure on.

When you’re working in an office, it’s obvious that you’re not at home using electricity, heat, etc. However, once you’re working in a home office, you can expect that bills are going to increase noticeably, but it’s an unfortunate and unavoidable part of freelancing. Like was stated earlier, these are one of the hardest costs to predict, as it comes down to your usage of electricity, air conditioning, phone, etc.

There’s also the issue of spending more on food, as you’ll now be eating more of the food that you have at home.

Finance & Its Interest- A Major Cost

These costs might mean that you’ll need to take out some loan to purchase everything, even if it’s just a small one. After all, if you don’t have the money to start freelancing, you can’t start freelancing. For some people, a small business loan might be the best thing you can do to start your freelancing business. If you are looking to start small and don’t want to have too much financial burden than a 24-hours emergency finance or personal loan would be a path to go.


We mentioned accounting software already, but at some point, if you’re successful, you’re probably going to need to get an actual accountant. While accounting software can help put this off for a while, it’ll eat your time as a freelancer, and as someone who hasn’t done accounting for a living, you could end up making some costly mistakes.

Save some money and get a bookkeeper or an accountant. This employee may be a start-up cost, but it’s is going to be a major ongoing payment; it’s something that’ll end up becoming necessary, especially as your business grows. That’s why it’s imperative that you start saving for it as soon as possible. The accounting software will only get you so far, so the sooner you begin to save, the better.

Final Words

Freelancing is undoubtedly a way to get some peace of mind along with some handsome amount of money if you get to succeed at last. At the beginning these costs seem a lot and might discourage anyone but believe or not, it is worth of risk. A successful freelancer does things those are hard to think off while doing a regular 9-6 Job with a monthly fixed payment.

Freelancing is the primary point of developing entrepreneurial skills. Think it as an opportunity to pursue your dreams in the future.

7 Top Beauty startups In 2018

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, October 2, 2018
The beauty industry is becoming more and more high-tech every year. What new came up this year?

There is a brand, but there is no idea!

What do the Silicon Valley and Lady Gaga have in common? New project! The star patented its trademark "Haus Beauty" in advance. Executive Director Ben Jones hopes Lady Gaga's name will ensure the entire campaign success. In any case, the singer's startup has already received sponsorship support of $10 million. The sponsor was the venture fund Lightspeed Venture Partners (one of the largest in Silicon Valley).

#1 Wanna Nails- Smartphone instead of imagemaker

The new application Wanna Nails will replace the consultant in the cosmetics store. Varnishes for nails can be "tried on" online. At the same time, different lighting options, skin color and even clothes style are available. Through this application, you can immediately buy goods for manicure from the Amazon platform.

#2 Function of Beauty- Individuality in everything

What about the shampoo and hair conditioner for you? The site Function of Beauty creators will provide you with this service. It is enough to indicate the hair type in the questionnaire and select the target (humidification, straightening, color protection or any other). Shampoo and conditioner for individual recipes will be delivered to the house in laconic bottles with the owner's name.

#3 Kolibree- The beauty industry has reached even children

The Kolibree company has released a toothbrush with the function of connecting to smartphones. Need to download the application Magic Mirror. Battling monsters in the game, the child thoroughly cleans his teeth.

#4 Glossier-Skincare & Beauty Products

Glossier is a skincare and beauty product company offering wide ranges of fashion related products which are inspired by real-life. Started by the founder of into the glass, Emily Weiss, Glossier is growing very rapidly. They have recently bagged a hilarious $24 million series B round funding which will be spent on expansion. This funding will also be used for international shipping and launching of new products. It’ll be interesting to see how Emily is using that money to make Glossier even more strong.

#5 Milk Makeup- Live your look

Founded in 2016, Milk Makeup is another entry to girl’s orbit. You can say Milk Makeup as the more colorful entry in the market of Glossier. To use the products of Milk Makeup, you don’t need the brush and it is as per the market demand.

#6 Memebox- Beauty box

This Korean company secured over $160 million of funding is one of the fastest growing company in fashion segment. Memebox majorly promote the Korean product but later they moved online as well and secured a total sale of $100 million in a year.

#7 Seed Beauty- Changing face of beauty

Have you heard and used the products of Colourpop and Kylie Cosmetics?

Then you’ve already using the products of Seed beauty!

They started their operation in 2014 and since then have launched several products in the international market successfully. The best thing with the Seed Beauty products is, they are achievable to everyone. You’ll find their price ranging in between $5-$8 which can be afforded by anyone and so they became quite famous in US market.

Bonamark-Trademark registration

If you have a valuable business idea, register a trademark before it is implemented. You can do this without leaving home. For example, using online service Bonamark. On the site you can verify the brand uniqueness and perform its marketing analysis.

Innovative technologies are rapidly filling our lives. In time, a patented idea can bring good dividends to its owner.

Top 5 Programming Blogs in the World To Follow

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, September 28, 2018
Programming as a profession is on the boom and this industry is creating new jobs for millions of people across the world. Along with the classroom training, programming blogs plays a crucial role in the learning process. This post is about the top programming blogs in the world.

Top Programming Blogs in the World
Programming blogs help you to keep yourself updated about the latest developments in the programming world. Usually, each blog author sticks to topics that he or she is the most familiar with. 

One blogger could write only about node.js, another only about web development, another one only about shell scripting. When you reach a certain programming expertise such blogs are essential for your career development. 

Another major benefit is that all blogs are usually free and so you won’t have to think about the budget.

5 Top Programming Blogs in the World to Follow

We have compiled a list of the best programming blogs in the world by the quality they provide, the variation they have, number of followers they have and tweet they get.

Based on all these factors, here are the top programming blogs that will help you to keep yourself updated with the programming languages, debugging software bugs, development tips & tricks, and web design skills.

#1. Catonmat

Catonmat is one of the oldest programming blogs that follow good coders code, great coders reuse theme. Started by Peter Krumins, this blog mainly deals with topics like programming, hacking, software reuse, software ideas, computer security, Browserling, Google, and other software techs.

It doesn’t focus on one particular topic but talks about many different things and that’s very interesting.

Catonmat is 10 years old and it shares tutorials with examples, open source code, and case studies. The most popular blog post is about building Reddit Media website and it includes the source code of the project.

This blog receives around 150k unique visitors every month, making it top most visited programming blog in the world.

#2. David Walsh Blog

David’s blog mainly focuses on modern web design and development tutorials. Topics like React, Node.js, Angular, Underscore.js and other new technology.

This blog contains many demos and most of the demos have source code available. Each blog post starts with a goal and at the end of the post, you can get results. David’s blog receives about a million visitors a monthly basis.

#3. Erik Bernhardsson Blog

Erik’s blog is a relatively new blog but it’s popular because of Luigi open-source Python library that he created, that helps you build complex pipelines of batch jobs. Erik currently works at a Better and has worked at Shoptify and other companies in the past.

What’s really great about Erik’s blog is that he writes what is on his mind, rather than targeting latest technology, which can often be boring. Erik is skilled in Math, PHP, Perl, Matlab, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, and R.

#4. Coding Horror

Coding Horror blog is the grand-daddy of all programming blogs. The oldest dinosaur in the room. You can’t make a top 5 blog list without it. Written by Jeff Atwood, creator of Stack Overflow and a prolific C# programmer.

Coding Horror focuses on personal opinions of Jeff and his own research about various programming, management, and productivity topics.

#5. HDFS Tutorial Blog

HDFS Tutorial Blog is mainly focusing on the big data technologies which are currently the hot cake on the market. Although this blog is comparatively new but growing rapidly in the data field.

You can find tutorials, blog posts, and tips, tricks and examples related to big data technologies, such as Hadoop, Hive, HDFS, Pig, HBase and BI tools like Tableau.

If you are looking for a place where you can start with the Hadoop, HDFS Tutorial Blog can be the best place to do so. All the tutorials are completely free, and you can also ask questions related to your doubt. They also provide one paid book named Sqoop Playbook which has received some great response in the programming community.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the top programming blogs in the world. If you want to keep your knowledge up to date and learn new stuff every day, these programming blogs will help you a lot.

If you know any other programming blogs, which you think needs to be mentioned here, please comment. I am not saying these are the only blogs which deserve the top positions instead I have personally gone through many programming blogs and found these deserving.

Also, if you liked this post please share with others! :)

On-Page SEO Techniques: A Detailed Guide to On-Page Optimization

By Ashutosh Jha →
When it comes to on-page SEO techniques, you must have heard a lot about the Meta tag and Meta description.
On-Page SEO Techniques
But On-Page SEO techniques are much more than just Meta tag and description. In this comprehensive guide to on-page SEO techniques, I will take you through all the in and out of on-page SEO optimization techniques. In this on-page SEO guide, you will also see some practical strategies to On-Page SEO Checklist and optimization techniques.

If you follow this on-page SEO guide thoroughly together with Off-Page SEO, then you will see some good ranking in SEO of your keywords.

Best On-Page SEO Techniques Checklist

Let’s start with this detailed on-page SEO checklist. Just follow these on-page SEO techniques and make your blog post completely optimized for on-page SEO.

#1. Start Title with the Keyword

Before starting with any blog post, chose one main keyword for which you mainly want your article to rank. You should also select some LSI keyword as well.

The title is one of the most important on-page SEO factors and must contain your primary keyword.
Tips: It is not always necessary to start the title with your main keyword, but it must be in your first 65 characters. The sooner it will be, the better it is considered.

#2. SEO Friendly URL

URL is another important on-page SEO factors. You must use your primary keyword in the URL.

If you are using long URL also, make sure your main keyword is in the first 3-5 words. But I would suggest avoiding very long URL.

Here you can see the best practice for SEO friendly URL.

Let’s say we are targeting the keyword on-page SEO, and so the URL should be like-

If you are using dates in the URL then, use the keyword after that, and it won’t effect.

But make sure you don’t have URLs like below- etc.

Your URL should be short and meaningful to make sure SEO friendly.

#3. Main Title in H1 Tag

Your blog post’s main title must be in H1 tag. Google consider the heading tags (all H1 to H6) while ranking and so you must use these very efficiently.

Usually, most of the themes and templates already use the main title in H1 tag, but there are many themes which don’t (e.g. Masala Template for Blogger).

You can use inspect element and check your blog post main title is in which tag like below.
If it is in H1, then you are good else change it to H1 from the CSS or HTML editor.

Tip: You should also make sure that there is only one H1 tag on one page and contains the main keyword. If there is any another keyword, make sure to change it to another heading tag.

Many times, you will find some plugins also using H1 tag to increase the font, and you should check the code and act accordingly.

#4. Subheading in H2 Tag

After the H1 tag, H2 tag values a lot in search engine ranking. You should include sub-heading in the H2 tags.

It is advisable to use your primary keyword at least once in any H2 tag as well.
Tip: It is not required to keep the keyword at the start of the H2 tag, but there should be in the H2 tag anywhere.

#5. Use Images & Video

It’s well said that a visual speaks much more than the words. It is true also.

If you are following TricksRoad, you must have seen that I usually use many images in the blog post. There are multiple reasons behind it. Let me list some of those below-

• It makes the user reading experience better and interactive
• Users don’t get bored with just text
• Images and videos are an impressive way to say your word in a better way
• Most important, it increases the average time per user and decreases the bounce rate.

As per the study by Inbound, around 46% of marketers say photography is critical to their current marketing and storytelling strategies.

#6. Keyword in First Paragraph

If you are using SEO by Yoast plugin to optimize your post for on-page SEO in WordPress, then you might have seen the following warning by the plugin-

The focus keyword doesn’t appear in the first paragraph of the copy. Make sure the topic is clear immediately.

It is recommended to use the focus keyword in the first 100-150 words of your article. Algorithm says that it is good to clear the motive of your post and so keyword should be in first Para.
Tip: Usually sometimes bloggers write the introduction first and then start with the main topic and so forget to place the keyword in the first paragraph. But you should drop your keyword in the first 100-150 words for a better result.

#7. Modifiers in the Title

SEO has changed a lot!

Earlier mainly people used to search with the small keywords like “Hosting Services”, but with the advancement, long tail keywords have come in existence and so you should focus on log tail keywords.

Apart from focusing on long tail keywords, you should also add modifiers in your title.

For example, if you are writing blog post on “Hosting Services”, you can consider making title like below-

• Best Hosting Services
• Top Hosting Services
• Top 10 Hosting services etc.

So it is recommended to use the modifiers like “Top”, “Best”, “Year in the Title”, “Guide”, “Review” etc.

#8. Use Internal Links

I have written a detailed guide on Blog post interlinking. In this guide, I have explained all the aspect of using internal links.

You should link your other pages in the new page as and when you find it relevant. You can consider this post as an example to see how many times I have linked my other pages.

Wikipedia is a perfect example of interlinking-
It doesn’t only help in SEO but also it increase the average page view, and average time visitors are on the website: Both are again significant SEO factors.

Tip: I recommend playing the safe game here and using the internal links as and when required. Although Wikipedia has 50+ links in almost all the pages, they are the big player.

On the safer side, you should use 4-5 links of an older post whenever possible in 1000-1200 words article.

#9. Use External Links

Using outbound links in blog posts shows that your site contains quality information and Google will prefer your content as well.

But make a sure you link to only authority sites. Authority sites can be Wikipedia, product site or the well-established and popular sites in your niches.

Here is the example which shows where and how you should use outbound links-
Tip: It is recommended to use 2-3 external links per 1000-1200 words of the article. But make sure to link only high-quality and relevant sites else it may harm as well.

#10. Use of Responsive Design

Since the time users have started using mobile devices majorly to browse, responsiveness has become one of the major on-page SEO factors.

Your website should work smoothly and provide a great user experience on all the devices. You can use Google Official responsiveness checker to test the responsiveness of your site.
There are several other tools also available through which you can check the responsiveness of your website.

Tip: Here are the 5 points while creating a responsive website. Usually, now themes and templates come as responsive.

#11. Decrease Website Loading Time

Loading time is also an important search engine ranking factor, and you should work to reduce blog load time.

Ideally, a page load time should not be more than 3 seconds else there is a probability that your user might leave your website.

There are multiple methods to decrease website load time like using CDN, using common JavaScript and CSS files, etc.

You should read our detailed guide on tips to reduce blog load time.

#12. Image Optimization

Images are something which contributes the maximum to server response in web page loading time.

Before uploading the image to the server and using it in your post, you must optimize it for a better result.
There are many tools available for image optimization like TinyPNG etc. which will reduce the picture size without decreasing the quality of the image.

Also, use your focus keyword in the Alt tag and make the image name on your keyword name. It will help your image to rank in Google Image search engine which is again one of the major contributors to traffic.

Tips: You should check below before using the image.

• Make sure to reduce the size
• Try to use images in PNG/JPG/JPEG formats only
• Use Keyword in Alt Tag
• Use keyword in image name

#13. Use of LSI keywords

LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) are keywords that are semantically related to your primary keyword.

With such keywords, Google determines the page relevancy and so you should use them. If you are writing long content, then you must use at least 2-3 LSI keywords so that you can rank for those as well together with your main keyword.

The simple way to find the LSI keyword is, just search your main keyword in Google and scroll to the bottom and check the related search.
Now just use two-three keywords from these in your blog post.

#14. Content-Length

Content length together with the quality is also considered as one of the important factors for on-page SEO.

You should write lengthy content but of good quality. It should not like you are writing 2000-3000 words of the post but of zero relevance.

You must write a detailed post with relevant information so that users won’t be able to leave your site soon.

Here is a chart showing how the lengthy content performs in the search engine. Remember this is not a formula, but a long content has been seen performing better in the search result.

Tip: Try to write your main articles of more than 1200 words at least to play it better in the search engine. Neil Patel has explained in this interview, how he use to write the content of 3k+ words regularly.

#15. Social Media Promotions

Social Media also plays a significant role in ranking as it tells the search engine that people love the content and so it is relevant information.

Although it doesn’t impact directly on the ranking, you must not ignore it. To get social sharing, you can use some sharing button on the site so that your readers can share the post if they like.
Tip: You can refer our below resources on Social Media to touch the depth-

Tips to Increase Traffic from Facebook
5 Top Social Networking site to Boost Traffic & Create Brand
Social Media Mistakes Bloggers Should Avoid

Apart from these top 15 On-Page SEO techniques, you should also consider the below on-page SEO factors-

• Target search phrase is repeated three to 10 times within body copy depending on the content length. Better keeps it between 1-3% including LSI and Semantic keywords to avoid any penalty.

• No misspellings or poor grammar. To make sure this you can use any of these free online proofreading tools.

• Use Quality content and should do a detailed content analysis to ensure it is of high quality.

• Meta Tag & Meta Description should not be missed. If you are using your own coding platform, you can include meta description in the header in the following tag-
<meta name = “description” content=””>

Bonus: You can also download our complete on-page SEO checklist to make sure whenever you write a new blog post; it will be perfectly on-page SEO optimized.

Download our exclusive on-page SEO checklist (Click to download)

Wrapping it up!

This was all about On-Page SEO Techniques. Hope you enjoyed this on-page SEO guide, and I am sure if you follow these on-page SEO techniques, you will be able to create a perfectly on-page optimized content.

Will love to hear your opinion on this!!


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