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How To Convert Video To HTML5?

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, June 25, 2019
Remember the days when we used to upload the entire video on your web page to show it?

But now with the help of the latest version of HTML, HTML5, we can simply embed the code and add any video without actually uploading it to the server.

How To Convert Video To HTML5?
Also, the advanced multimedia feature of HTML5 avoids the need for using the adobe flash player. And so, you don’t have to think about whether the user is having any external tools or not. The native HTML5 video player also supports all the devices including laptop, desktop, mobile phones, and tablets to consider. It’s not that HTML5 covers all kind of videos but there are some limitations.

For example, HTML5 supports only the following format- OGG, MP4, and WebM of videos. And so, if your video is in some other format that should be converted into the allowed format. Also, it supports only H.264 encoder that means again if you got any other encoding then that needs to be converted to the allowed format.

So, if you are thinking to use any video on your website then you need to convert video to HTML5 first and then use. In the next section, I am going to share how to convert video to HTML5 free.

How to convert video to HTML5 free?

To convert video to HTML5, I am going to use one tool from the company named Liquivid. Liquivid is currently the leader in the market of this segment and allows the smooth video to HTML5 conversion for free.

What is Liquivid?

Liquivid is a video editing software making the editing and using the video easy. They create tools that combine different features which makes videos and photos editing easy and fun. There are different products shared by Liquivid which works for a different purpose. All the products are available for MAC and Windows PCs. All the products are also available for a free trial.

#1 Easy Cinemagraph- Here you can create cinemagraphs from the videos. This is quite helpful for running ads online
#2 Video Improve- This tool helps you improve the photos and videos with minimal efforts possible.
#3 Video to HTML5- This is the tool which we’re going to talk today. It makes videos to be used on the web
#4 Icon Effects- This is the new product introduced by the company where you can recolor, animate, and make the image transparent

Apart from all these major products by Liquivid, there are many tiny tools that Liquivid offers-

How to use Liquivids’s Video to HTML5 Converter

Using the tool is really simple and anyone can easily do that. The best thing about Liquivid’s tools are those are pretty easy to use. And so, if you are looking to add videos on your own website by hosting it on your own server, this is the solution.

Just follow the below steps to download, install, and use the tool.

Step-1: Download convert videos to HTML5 formats tool from the link given.

This will take you to another page where you can download the software depending on the operating system you have. The size of the software is around 90MB for windows and 100MB for MAC systems.
Step-2: Once downloaded, you can simply install it like you install any other windows software.

Step-3: Once the tool is installed, open it and you will find an interface where you will be able to convert video to HTML5. Here you can browse/add the video which you want to convert to HTML5.

There are many filters also which you can apply to adjust some argument of it like color, zoom, etc.

Step-4: Once done, simply click on export and you will be shown different option in which you may want to export.

Step-5: Just copy this HTML code and add it in any of your web pages to show it

Features of the tool

There are many features of this video to HTML5 tool which makes the conversion and using process quite easier. Here are some of the major features which you may want to check out-

  • Fast process while making HTML5 from videos
  • You can convert videos to images as well in the following format- GIF and WebP
  • Multiple customizations can be done in terms of adjusting resolution, frame rate, and output quality to reduce the file size
  • Customization can also be done on white balance, exposure, colors and more
  • You can rotate the videos, crop it with different aspect ratio and can also add text on it
  • Basic video editing like cutting, cropping, and combining the clips are also possible
  • Available for both the major OS- Windows and MAC
  • Very easy to use and quick guides are also available

System Requirements:

Although nothing special is required to use this video to HTML5 converter but it’s good to look at these before starting-

  • Windows 7 (or later), x64, 4GB RAM (8GB for 4K videos), ~300MB HDD
  • macOS 10.11 (or later), Intel x64, 4GB RAM (8GB for 4K videos), ~300MB HDD

The same configuration is valid for all the products of the Liquivid.

Pricing of Video to HTML5 Converter

The only drawback of the free trial is, it will add the watermark on the output file. Rest of the features will work as usual. So, if you want to remove that watermark and use the tool for commercial use, you can buy the license which just cost $19.99.


These were all about how to convert video to HTML5 free. Although for commercial use you need to pay some amount but spending $19.99 for lifetime use is very cheap. Try downloading the software and check the different features.

How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working?

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, June 17, 2019
The answer to the question- How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working?, will be as easy as you would expect it to be. There are many factors into play including how good your website was initially, whether you had SEO done before, and even how much SO your competitors have invested in. Thus, the answer digital marketing experts give is that "it depends".

How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working?
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An SEO agency will usually claim that it will take you about four to six months before you can start seeing results. It is critical that you know that in that period you will only start seeing results, there is a lot of growth you will achieve over time.

Does ranking matter?

Yes, the ranking might give you a sense of how well the SEO is functioning; but no, it is not the final goal you want to achieve. While being placed in a higher rank in the search engine page is good to look at, it is useless if you don't get any leads or sales. It is important that you rather see your goal as generating more sales and leads rather than just being on top of the search engine results.

Factors affecting SEO

There are many factors that affect how long it will be before you can start seeing results of your SEO investment


Your content is the most important part of your website. Having proper content that people enjoy will translate into more traffic and higher rankings in search engines. While it might seem simple, creating well-written content will take a lot of time and money.

You can make a content plan like what all you will publish and when you will publish those. Also, you should stick to it. You may use the content planning tool like Trello or Google spreadsheet. Below is a simple content plan for a month-


Your keywords are your golden tickets to bring in your targeted customers. Thus creating content with required keywords will generate you the quality traffic you need. You may use the keyword planning tools to find easy-to-rank keywords which can actually rank in search engine.

Your business

Your business plays a key role in your SEO. It will give you an idea about how you want your SEO optimized. The methods of SEO for an international conglomerate are different than the ones used for a local dentist.


The more competition you have, the longer it will take for you to see results.

A standard timeline for the first few months of SEO

No two websites are the same, each one has its own history and the amount of time and money invested in it. While it is not to make a timeline that every website conforms to, here is the most plausible situation you will be in the first few months along with the results you might expect.

Month one

In order to effectively plan out an SEO strategy, research is Key. The first month is usually focused on gathering data on your website, thinking up of keyword strategies, researching and finally planning everything out. The period of research will vary between each site. If you are able to manage to do the research part quickly, you can soon move on to making technical changes to your website. A few big sites though require more than a month in doing research.

Month two

This is usually when you start working on the technical aspects of the SEO work. You will start using the data you've collected from your research to modify your website. In some cases, the website will have to be completely overhauled and this might even take months. Instead of wasting time waiting for the website to be back up, you could invest your time in creating better content for your pages and linking profiles. During this phase, you won't be able to see any increase in traffic until the technical work is complete

Month three

This is when you should start focusing on creating better content for your website. Work on your FAQs, company information, product descriptions, articles, and blogs. You could start optimizing your content while working on the technical aspects, but that can be a bit hard on your budget. Once you have started working on your content you must see an improvement in your ranking and should be getting more traffic. Don't keep high expectations that this little increased traffic will lead to better sales.

Month four

You must continue to invest in creating better content, optimizing the look and feel of your website and creating a healthy link profile. In this period, you must start seeing a significant increase in your rankings, organic traffic, and lead generation. While this is great you must remember it is just the starting.

Month five

Once you have your website's content and technical features optimized, you must start focusing on increasing your traffic. You must get started on the social media management part of your plan; this will help you produce better content while also increasing the direct traffic for your website. You must still be focusing on new and optimized content as it will help you increase your ranking while also possibly investing time and money into PR or media outreaches. By now you must start seeing more and more traffic pouring into your website through SEO and this should be translating into significant growth in your leads and sales.

Month six

Once you have noticed that the traffic on your website is growing towards your final goal, you must start working on converting this traffic into leads and sales. Conversion rate optimization is important in cashing in on the increased traffic. After this you must start focusing on creating better content and promoting it, you could also get creative with your website. The specific path that you must take depends on your company and the goal that you have in mind for your website.

An SEO is a long-term investment, the more the time you invest in it, the better the returns you will get. So, make sure you are ready to invest in SEO for a period of six to twelve months if you want to see results. Investing in SEO for just a month or two will be a waste of your money.

Although, SEO is a daunting subject matter whether it is unfamiliar to you, it’s crucial that you have some fundamental knowledge and review of your potential SEO agencies. In case you have any queries concerning how to pick an SEO service, you may want to get in touch with Search Media.

How to Use Technology To Protect Business Interest

By Ashutosh Jha →
The rapid growth of technology has made way for some freaky cool gadgets and gizmos, opening up a whole new realm (and need) for security. Today’s robbers and thieves don’t have to break into your store to take you for everything you own.

Be wiser than those who would wish harm to your operation, and stay a step ahead of the game. Utilize the latest technologies both boost and protect your business. Here is a brief explanation of a few ways you can use technology to protect the best interests of your business.

How to Use Technology To Protect Business Interest

The widespread availability of video

The widespread availability of video recording capabilities offers a chance to create visual evidence of key situations regarding your business. For instance, if your business have to be present in court, videography will help assure that everything stays on the up and up.

Video doesn’t lie, as far as most legal proceedings go, and today’s tech makes it easier than ever for your professionals to create a video log of critical meetings and proceedings.

Seamless design of surveillance

Surveillance devices have become much more efficient and much easier to hide in plain sight. It’s important for business owners to keep an eye on what is happening in their operation at all times.

If an incident were to occur, you would instantly have video reference material to make your own assessment of the situation. It’s worth investing in the most high tech video surveillance.

Fraud protection software tools

Fraud protection software is great for boosting the safety of e-commerce businesses. The software can work to detect high-risk transactions, and it can notify you after analyzing the risk factors.

Don’t let mischief go unnoticed in your business, and protect yourself from those who would see your enterprise harmed. Invest in the latest and greatest fraud protection or fraud management software today.

Encryption functions and capabilities

21st-Century technology means that your business has the ability to encrypt every piece of information it passes across the web. Sending sensitive documents and files is a common part of running any type of business.

Keep your files secured, and turn on the encryption capabilities on all of your devices. This means you will have to contend with entering a password several times throughout the workday, but the security is worth the sacrifice of seconds.

Firewall protections

While you’re fiddling around with the settings on your computer, make sure to run across the firewall options. Setting up your firewall will act as a second line of defense against digital invaders.

Without firewall protection, your crucial operating information is left open to the public. A novice hacker could penetrate your files, so play it safe with firewall protection.

Why Borrowing Money Is Better Than Giving Up Equity- Top 5 Reasons

By Ashutosh Jha →
Financial matters can be a sensitive subject for many people these days. This is completely understandable because it has been drilled into you that there is no such thing as good debt. In fact, when most people talk about owing money these days they are usually talking about mortgages and the national deficit. The truth of the matter is that this is not always the case. This is especially true when it comes to business matters or equity. You are always far better to borrow money than to give up valuable equity. And, below you are going to learn why.

Debt Is Less Expensive

When it comes to the long-term side of things it is always much more advisable to borrow money than to just give away valuable equity. This is because when you give up equity, you are literally giving up a portion of your business forever. This is something that no business owner wants to do, especially when they are just starting out.

Reduces Tax Expenses

Tax season is always a rough time for many businesses. Not only do you have to scramble to get all your records together, but you are probably going to end up paying in money. No one wants to have to pay in money at the end of the year, but this is just a simple part of doing business. That being said taking out a loan could help reduce this burden. Most business owners aren’t aware of the fact that they can use the interest rates they are paying on the loan as a tax deduction.

Build Your Discipline

No business or individual wants to be in debt, but sometimes this is something that is unavoidable. The key to this is to take this as a learning experience. Learning to borrow, spend, and invest wisely will only help you with future business ventures. It is true that no one would take on debt just to increase their discipline, but being in debt could be seen as a positive asset. When you learn to optimize the dollar or stretch your budget, you are going to put your business in a prime position to end the year with a profit.

You Only Pay Back What You Borrow Plus Interest

One of the best things about money borrowed from lenders like låna pengar utan inkomst is that you only have to worry about paying back what you borrowed plus the interest. This means that if your company is successful, you will be in a position to reap a larger portion of the rewards. This would not be the case if you sold out various stock options or other equity.

Everything Can Be Done In House

Another excellent thing about borrowing money is that you do not have to consult other shareholders, partners, or board members. This would not be the case with equity. You would have to consult owning members of the business to get approval for the loan. This not only makes business owners feel like they are not in control of their own business, but it could delay plans that need to be acted upon in a moment’s notice.

6 Advantages of Using WordPress

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, June 5, 2019
More than a few blogging platforms have come and quickly disappeared, but not WordPress.

Since it was first introduced in 2003, WordPress has grown from a ubiquitous and simple blogging site to the preferred open source web development platform. Today, it’s the most widely used content management system accounting for approximately 25 percent of all new websites.

6 Advantages of Using WordPress
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For businesses or individuals thinking about creating a new website, getting to know some of the advantages offered by WordPress can help them see why this is such a smart option.

Keep reading to learn what these benefits are.

1. It’s Affordable

No longer does the creation of a website have to cost a small fortune. With the WP SiteKit, the process of designing and developing a WordPress site is extremely affordable. Also, the maintenance and upkeep expenses are cost-effective, and most people can handle this on their own, rather than hiring a designer each time the content on the site needs updating.

2. Update the WordPress Site from any Location

If a website owner opts to use a WordPress theme website, they can make changes to it from anywhere. All that’ required is a reliable and secure connection to the internet.

3. SEO Ready

A WordPress website is designed to be SEO ready. Websites created using WP have constant and simple codes, which makes them perfect for Google to index.

Also, SEO components for all the pages are customizable, giving the user full control regarding what pages rank high in search engines. Put simply; this allows a website owner to focus their SEO campaigns on the higher converting pages of their site.

4. Convenient Syndication

Using this feature offered by WordPress websites provides website owners with an efficient way to gain inbound links to their site. Each time a new blog entry is posted, it’s automatically sent to an RSS feed.

This makes it easier for other people to syndicate the content across other websites and directories.

5. Responsive Web Design

Today, mobile traffic surpasses desktop and laptop traffic. This means having a responsive website isn’t an option; it’s a must-have. By using WordPress for website design, the website owner gets the benefit of responsive web technology automatically. They don’t have to develop a separate website for different devices.

6. Easily and Quickly Update the Site’s Capabilities

Adding new functionalities and features to a website is often cumbersome and challenging. This is especially the case for traditional websites, especially those created using more sophisticated platforms.

For WordPress websites, the exact opposite is true. There is an array of plugins available that can be installed with ease. Most of them require just three steps.

The community of WordPress users is also extremely active, and virtually all best practices are documented. If a new WordPress site owner needs to add a new feature to their site, there’s a good chance there are other WordPress users out there with instructions on how to do this process correctly.

Using WordPress Just Makes Sense

For most website owners, ease of use and maintenance are top reasons specific platforms are selected. WordPress offers all of this and more. For those who aren’t sure if WordPress is the right option, they can explore some of the options, themes, and features this content management site offers.

5 Tips on How to Find Affordable Essay Writing Service Online

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Essay writing is not as easy as one may think. Besides putting pen to paper, there is a lot that goes on in the background. You can find many Singapore essay writing services if you look in the right places. There was a time when these services were exclusive to those who could afford it, but it is more affordable now.

[Image Source: Third Party]
With that being said, there are still very expensive writing services out there and if you are not prepared, you could easily fall into that trap. In order for you to get the best deal, you can start by applying the following tips.

1. Know your budget

Before we can even bargain with anyone, we need to understand what financial limitations we have. Make sure you approach a writing service with a budget in mind. This way you will be able to know if you can afford it or not. It is easy to commit to an outrages price when you have not set the limits yourself. If the writer is out of your budget, it may be time to move on and find something more reasonable. This also puts you in control of the situation, which is important.

2. Shop around

You do not have to go with the first writer you make contact with. Simply inquire about what services are offered and what the cost is. This is the first steps to take. You can always engage more after you have determined that it is a possibility for you financially. If you need a Singapore English essay, you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune.

The internet is a great place to start your search. You may feel bombarded with all the options at first, but you can quickly eliminate a few. It is all about having variety and choosing the best one for your needs and your budget.

3. Ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask important questions when engaging with potential writers. We all have different essay needs and this is where you can determine if the writer is capable of completing the job. Ask about timelines, experience and anything else you want to know. Always keep in mind that you are the potential customer and that comes with some power. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you committed too early.

4. Reviews

The most expensive writing services does not always equate to high quality writing. This is where you have to be very careful. Always look for reviews on the writer or ask for customer testimonials. A professional writing company will already have this in place as it is easy marketing tools. Have a look at what the previous customer have said about the writer.

You want to look for testimonials within the genre you need your essay done. It seems like a lot of trouble, but it would serve you well going forward with this process.

5. Quality

It is important to get the best deal, but you want to make sure you also get high quality writing. Even if you find a very affordable writing service, it does not mean you have to compromise on the quality. If your essay is on famous best friends in history, you need research to go into it.

The writer should not take shortcuts and give you information that is false. You are still entitled to get fantastic writing. Your score depends on this essay, so you cannot compromise on this one.

Final thoughts on affordable essay writing services

The internet is full of businesses trying to market themselves. You can find any type of services you want on the net. Writing is actually a very popular service and there are thousands to choose from. Be sure to know what you want. Know what you are willing to compromise on and what you won’t.

Stay in control during the process, but also allow the writer to use their experience to help you. It is a fine line, but it can be reached. At the end of the day you want a reasonable price, but you also want quality work. This can definitely be achieved.

For more such writing tips, please check this!

7 Ways to Boost Your WordPress Site for Marketing

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, June 3, 2019
WordPress is popular as a CMS platform for a reason. The platform is flexible to use, allowing businesses and individuals to build a wide range of websites using WordPress as the core. WordPress can be used as a platform for personal blogs as easily as it can be used for powering complex e-commerce websites.

Paired with digital marketing, WordPress becomes a powerful tool to use online. Even better, there are things you can do to boost the overall marketing performance of your WordPress site.

We are going to take a closer look at the top three tips you can try in this article. These methods to boost WordPress site for marketing are easy and effective. The best thing with these methods to boost WordPress site for marketing is easily implementable and most of these are free.

#1 A Step Further with Customization

WordPress is a great platform to use if you want to deliver a stunning user experience. The theme structure of WordPress allows you to customize virtually every part of the site, including inside pages and elements of those pages.

7 Ways to Boost Your WordPress Site for Marketing
You don’t even have to write new code to create specific looks. Mangomatter's guide on hiding titles, for instance, allows you to hide titles from certain pages (i.e. the landing page) using a simple plugin or a CSS trick. Other more advanced changes can be made the same way.

WordPress also has a powerful customization engine that got more powerful with the release of version 5.0. You have a front-end customizer tool to work with every time you want to fine-tune how your WordPress websites look and feel.

#2 Content and Call to Action First

It is very tempting to invest in a good-looking website; in fact, you should, especially if you want to elevate your brand in the eyes of potential customers. However, focussing on visuals isn’t the only thing you need to do in order to have an effective website.

In the end, visitors come to your website to seek information. You want to make that journey – from knowing the kind of information that users find valuable to finding the information on your website – to be as pleasant and as short as possible; short being the important keyword here.

call to action example
This means making sure that content comes first. You can do this by structuring how the site is designed and loaded. To go a step further, you can then add a strong call to action to strategic locations on the web pages for the purpose of maximizing conversion.

#3 Think Performance

Last but not least, here is the most important UX element today: site performance. No matter how good your marketing campaigns are, users will not wait around for your site to load. Site performance, especially on mobile devices, is a crucial element that cannot be neglected.

Boosting the performance of WordPress site is easy now that there are plenty of tools to use. You can also find WordPress tips and tricks on to get started with your own performance optimizations. The rest should be easy from here.
site performance vs user acquisition

#4 Use mobile responsive WordPress theme

Although nowadays all the WordPress themes are mobile responsive and so you don’t have to think much. But yeah, you should make sure that your website is responsive to all the device. If you will look into the below image, you will find around half of the traffic coming from the mobile phone. And so, the responsiveness of a website is quite necessary.

User Vs Mobile Traffic

#5 Use Sales Landing Pages

Landing pages are those pages of your website which are specifically created to boost the sales or capturing the leads. For example, let’s say you have got a product and want to increase the sales of it and so you can create a dedicated page where you may list its features, few feedback, and few calls to action buttons. This will help you increase the sales and conversion of the products. There are many landing page creator sites which will you create stunning landing pages.

Landing Page Sample

#6 Optimize blog post to share

Social media plays an important role in the success of any online venture. And so, your blog posts must have shareable options at least for major social media platforms. There are many WordPress social media plugins that you can use to allow users to share your blog posts on social media. Some of these are free while others are premium. I found Sumo, AddToAny, etc. as one of the leading free social media plugins.
Share Blog Post

#7 Create exit pop-ups for important pages

Yes, you read it right!

Usually, you’ll find site owners using exit pop-ups being used on entire site but this is not a good idea. You should only use the exit intent pop-ups on some important pages.

As per the study by, GillAndrews, the pop-up has 2.9% click through rate which is greater than 2% by normal ads.

Pop Ups Conversion Rates
The major reason why I said, we should not use exit pop-ups on all the pages is majorly due to the experience. This can be annoying for your users and can sometimes lead to the wrong impression. And so, use it to only those pages which are important or to the sales/landing pages.

Exit Pop Ups Example

Wrapping it up!

If your goal is to make your site more optimized for marketing purposes, these are the three tips you need to keep in mind. The more you refine your site, the more effective it will be in attracting, pleasing, and converting users that come to your website.

Benefits of Behavior Change Marketing in Digital Spaces

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, May 30, 2019
In the modern era, digital spaces are the primary arena for individuals to interact with their community, voice their opinions and receive information about a variety of topics. The digital arena is the leading platform for e-commerce, information distribution and public debate. It, therefore, provides an abundance of information in relation to motivations and values of the general public.

This information is vital in order for any digital agency to influence sustained behaviour change. Read on to find the benefits of behaviour change marketing in digital spaces.


The growth of digital technology has revolutionised how the general public can be reached and influenced. Those attempting to change behavioural patterns have the ability to reach their intended audience in real-time on digital platforms. This produces a powerful and emotional connection to a subject matter or message, with the ability to reach a wider audience than is offered from traditional print and other non-digital media.

Digital media platforms are inherently consumer-driven, making them the most effective platforms to utilise when developing behaviour-influencing content. All digital and social media platforms include psychographic targeting tools, which deliver content to an individual based on their interests or previous online activity. This allows your message to reach the specific audiences whose behaviour you intend to influence. For any powerful digital campaign, outreach is a major method.


The concepts of exchange, rewards and incentives are integral when attempting to influence behaviour change in others. Digital and social media platforms utilise incentive-based marketing in order to influence consumer choices. No other marketing platform has the reach and ability to influence individuals in the same way as digital platforms.

Human beings are inherently influenced by the actions of others within their social communities. Using digital platforms, leading brands and retailers monetize this social trait by engaging influencers to promote their product or service. This motivates other members of the online community to make the same purchases.

The desire for human beings to mould to ‘group behaviours,’ can be utilised in order to created sustainable and wide-reaching behaviour change. When the desired behaviour is promoted as an aspirational or pro-social trait by leading influencers, other community members are encouraged to follow suit.


Due to their interactive and real-time nature, digital platforms heighten the level of community engagement to behaviour change campaigns. Rather than simply reading and forgetting an individual message, digital platforms allow organisations to create social forums and interactive applications that continuously reinforce the desired behaviour change.

Individuals are more likely to remain engaged and motivated to pursue and keep a changed behaviour when they are supported by other members of the community. Digital platforms enable high levels of engagement through the creation of online social networks, a community that no other platform is capable of forming.

Online weight-loss and healthy living programs are a prominent example of digital platforms creating an interactive environment that stimulates sustainable behaviour change in a broad online community.


The built-in analytics on digital platforms make it easy to evaluate and demonstrate the success of a behaviour change campaign. Many of these analytics are free to view and easy to understand. This enables organisations to monitor how their campaigns are performing and make any required amendments.

Just some of the analytics provided on digital platforms include:

  • Conversion rate
  • Number of likes
  • Number of views
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Web traffic
  • Segment traffic

Creating sustainable behaviour change through marketing requires a people-centred approach. By utilising the principles of sociology, psychology and anthropology, organisations are able to understand the motives of the general public and influence sustainable behaviour change via digital spaces.


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