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When Do I Need To Hire Experienced NESTJs Programmer?

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, May 4, 2021
NestJS was developed by Kamil Myƛliwiec and other contributors as an open-source platform having a modular framework for creating scalable, reliable, testable, flexible, and efficient backend applications which is why individuals and companies want to hire NestJs developer for their projects. Nest.Js support databases like MongoDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.

The framework provides a mix of components and elements of object-oriented programming (OOP), functional reactive programming (FRP), and functional programming (FP). Nest.Js uses HTTP Server frameworks with Express as the default but it can also be configured to use Fastify as well.

Presently, the fastest-growing Typescript framework in Node.js is Nest.js and it is influenced by React, Vue, and Angular, that’s why many companies are looking to hire experienced NestJs programmers or a team of programmers.

When do I need to hire experienced NestJs programmers?

Whether to develop an application from scratch or an existing project, hiring experienced Nest.Js programmers is important if you want the development of your app to include;


Nest.Js is a highly scalable framework. Scalability is the ability of a tool or system to maintain its reaction time, efficiency targets and increase its capabilities as the demand for software functionalities grows. It can adapt to overhauls, upgrades, changes while remaining stable without diminished performance.

As earlier discussed, Nest.Js combines elements of OOP (Object Oriented Programming), FRP (Functional Reactive Programming), and FP (Functional Programming. The scalability can be Vertical scaling (the size of your server determines how big you can get) or Horizontal scaling (which gives you the capability to scale wider to accommodate traffic).
To scale up (vertical) more power is added to your existing machines with hardware and tools while to scale out (horizontal) more machines are added to share processing and memory workload.

Automated Testing

Testing is a process of evaluating the performance of a software application to discover if the software meets the specific requirements it was produced to meet and to find out if there are any bugs in the software and for improving the software generally. Most times to do this developers have to execute a testing system.
By building using the Nest.js development framework, this testing system is simplified as it comes with a default testing environment and tools. Test suites or individual tests are replicated easily and with speed. With this, you will be assured that the product will meet the requirements of quality, efficiency, and performance.

Same Frontend and Backend Language

JavaScript is the most commonly used language which is what Nest.js uses and having it used for your whole application, frontend and back end makes it more flexible. Using the same language for your user side and server-side means tasks relating to both sides can be easily carried out. This reduces the tools and time needed to develop your application since programmers can reuse codes, communicate easily on different parts of the system at both ends.

In-Built Exception Filters

Nest.js framework comes with an in-built exceptions layer that handles exceptions that the application code does not catch across an application and then returns an appropriate user-friendly response automatically. This is executed by a global exception filter that handles HttpException and its subclasses. A string is taken as a first argument and a status code like a second argument which when thrown into the controller the layer catches it and returns a response according to the specified status code.

Optimize Search Engines for increased traffic

Hiring an experience Nest.js developer can make your website rank higher in search engine optimization making it more visible and generating organic traffic. Using the Nest.js framework will make your website crawlable by offering crawlable content for search engines and you can choose either to prerender your website or do a server-side rendering.
Adding metadata to your website helps search engine crawlers understand the content of your pages and Next.js adds most metadata automatically including the content and viewport type of metadata. It also helps to have a sitemap so that search engines can index your website properly and although it is not easy to create a sitemap when you hire experienced NestJs programmer, Nest.Js can be used to automate the process to an extent.

Which is Better, Arbitration or Litigation?

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, May 1, 2021
When it comes to solving legal disputes, people are always confused between arbitration and litigation. Although there is no concrete answer to this process, still people are always struggling to choose the right option. Arbitration vs litigation is one of the most searched phrases on the web because those who are new to these concepts find it challenging to settle for the right option.

However, experts believe there are several ways that arbitration is better than litigation when it comes to solving legal disputes in the courtroom. Here, we will guide you through a few ways, arbitration is better than litigation. Continue reading this text till the end:

Benefits of Arbitration Vs Litigation

Bear in mind, the arbitration claims can vary to a great extent. For your information, a state might also be required to intrude for the compensatory claims in the long run. Especially when an international case is being registered, the legal proceedings can be done in the long run as well.
Moreover, if the general impression is that arbitration could include litigation or the courts, this myth could have problems with many areas. However, all the parties can still make sure that a proper agreement is drafted. This aspect is within the control of the parties involved because they can identify the rules that will be beneficial for them. Therefore, it is fair enough to say, arbitration is a good attempt to improve the conscious efforts of the parties that are working together to come on common grounds.

Most parties will try to negotiate in the first place and see if they can find a common ground to stay on. Additionally, there is no need to compare arbitration with litigation but to evaluate the following factors:

1. The Quality of Decision Making

Experts claim the quality of decision-making is better in arbitration because an attorney is involved who will negotiate on behalf of his/her party.

2. Involvement of the Decision Makers

As discussed earlier, the parties included in the process have a say in the decision-making of the process. Especially if there are a few clauses that the parties are not comfortable with, they can ask the attorneys to not use them during the decision-making process.

3. The Flexibility of Each Forum

The most intriguing benefit of arbitration is, you get to enjoy the flexibility of the process. This is because, with litigation, you are not entitled to independent decision-making.

4. Procedural Fairness

As mentioned above, the parties get to choose the right arbitrator for the process. However, if you settle for institutional arbitration, the management will take care of the process. Therefore, when the parties get to work with professionals, they can rest assured about coming across a fair decision.

The most intriguing reason to settle for arbitration is that it consumes less time. Bear in mind, when a case is filed in the courtroom, the solution will be wrapped up in less than 6 months. In contrast, when you settle for litigation, it might take a couple of months to solve your dispute. Because the intrusion of an arbitrator is beneficial, you can rest assured about everything gravitating in the right direction easily.
Especially when you get to work with an arbitrator who specializes in your area of interest, you can rest assured about having the case get resolved quickly. An arbitrator will guide you through the right ways to solve a dispute, therefore you will have to trust their decision.

Today, arbitration is applauded by millions because it is streamlined with the needs of the modern era. Secondly, the expenses are minimal because you don’t have to hire a traditional lawyer who will work on the condition that you milk them with a lot of money.
A professional arbitrator will charge a certain amount of fee and the charges of the courtroom are minimal as well. Today, most businesses choose arbitration because it is a discreet way to solve their issues.
Bear in mind, arbitration maintains the secrecy and privacy of your venture. Not one inch of the valuable business information will go to you so you can rest assured.

Common Negligence and Liability Personal Injury Issues

By Ashutosh Jha →
Cases of personal injury arise when a party injures another by failing to act with reasonable care in a situation. Personal injury cases are unique. Each case has its own set of variables, making it impossible to predict a personal injury claim’s magnitude. However, there are some common threads in all personal injury cases that a plaintiff must understand.

The laws for personal injury vary from state to state. However, these laws are very clear in California. Whether you face a huge medical bill after an auto accident or need help to understand your options in workers’ compensation, understanding the basics of these laws can be very helpful. Your personal injury law firm is meant to guide you to the best of their abilities, but some knowledge on your part will go a long way to ensure a sizable reward.

Claims for Negligence in Personal Injury Cases

Negligence refers to a failure in exercising a reasonable degree of care in a specific circumstance. To win such a claim, the plaintiff and their attorney must clearly show that the injury or damages were caused by a lack of reasonable oversight by the defendant. The plaintiff must identify the breach of duty of care and provide a complete breakdown of damages resulting from such breach.

When you start building your personal injury claim, your lawyer must highlight the factors that may complicate your case. The two typical problems that plaintiffs face are comparative negligence and unclear liability between multiple parties in California.

Comparative Negligence

The term ‘comparative negligence’ refers to specific situations when the plaintiff is partially responsible for causing damages. It occasionally happens in ordinary auto accidents. The plaintiff files a claim against the defendant for damages. The defendant files a counterclaim for the plaintiff’s partial responsibility. The statutes for comparative negligence can influence how much can a plaintiff win from a personal injury claim.

The state of California upholds a pure statute for comparative negligence. It means that the plaintiff may still win some compensation for partial damages with no threshold for denial of a suitable award. Several states follow the statute that denies plaintiff awards if their fault is greater than 50%. However, California holds no such limits. Here, the plaintiff only loses an award equal to their measure of fault.

Multiple Defendants

Sometimes the liability for a personal injury falls upon multiple defendants. In such cases, the plaintiff must establish each defendant bears a measure of responsibility for the damages. This may make settlement negotiations more complex. However, it generally falls to the court to decide each named defendant’s share in damages.

Commercial vehicle accidents can often implicate multiple parties. For instance, if the driver operates a commercial vehicle and causes an accident under the influence of alcohol, the driver will face liability for driving under impairment. Additionally, the company that owns the vehicle may also face liability for their failure to do appropriate background checks on the driver and allowing him or her to drive under the influence.

A personal injury attorney may advise you on the appropriation of fault. If the judge finds all defendants responsible for the accident, they will share suitable percentages of compensation. When the time comes for settlement negotiations, the defendants typically decide amongst themselves what they owe.

Hire a Capable Personal Injury Attorney

Remember that even a tiny procedural error or a missed court deadline may ultimately jeopardize your claim. That’s why it is imperative to hire a competent personal injury attorney who understands all the law’s ins and outs. He or she may help you navigate these treacherous waters for a fruitful recovery claim.

Self-Storage 101: Guide, Tips, Dos, and Don’ts

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, April 28, 2021
As a homeowner, you need to keep your belongings safe. You need to neatly organize your home. And the best way to do this is to adopt practical self-storage tips. Self-storage is an incredible way to store your house belongings and free up some space. But for you to achieve this, you need to figure out how to optimize your storage and keep everything safe.
Here are simple self-storage tips to help you tackle your home’s storage like a pro. Keep on reading to store your goods in style. Good luck!

Carefully Pack Your Items

While some items might not need special handling, it’s always advisable to carefully package the most valuable things. And this is particularly true for stuff like dishes and electronics. You can use bubble wrap to keep them cushioned.

It’s also important to place your most frequently utilized items in the front. This will make them easily accessible. For the less used items, consider placing them toward the back.

Avoid Over Packing the Boxes

Don’t over-pack the boxes. If a box is already full, don’t keep adding more. Carrying heavy boxes can cause injuries and soreness. So, avoid making any of them too heavy. But if you must over pack the boxes, be sure to get someone to help you lift them.

Don’t Stock Perishables

Restrain from storing perishable items like food inside your self-storage unit. When they begin to go bad, they can smell awful and eventually damage other valuables. Plus, they can invite rodents and bugs.

Utilize Pallets

Pallets can be an incredible addition to your storage unit. If it’s possible to get some pallets, go ahead and incorporate them into your store. While most storage units are designed to be strong and robust, you never know what the weather can do. Keeping your belongings on pallets can go a long way in ensuring that they remain dry and well aerated. Plus, it will provide adequate airflow throughout your items.

Keep the Unit Locked

Make sure that your storage unit has a lock. While the manufacturer might offer professional security monitoring, it’s always important to keep your unit locked. Most self-storage units are outfitted with high-security cylinder locks that utilize pick-proof, drill, as well as, strike locks.

Key Takeaway

It’s always important to keep your home neat. Everything needs to be organized. If you want your home to look cozy and stylish, consider investing in a self-storage unit. This will make it easier for you to store your belongings. Choosing a reputable vendor like Seaside Storage will go a long way in ensuring that you get the most out of your self-storage unit.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to get yourself a self-storage unit? Well, that’s one of the best decisions you can ever make. The above article provides a deeper insight into self-storage units and how to choose the best one for your needs. Just be sure to choose a reliable company. Go for a unit that’s uniquely designed to offer adequate storage space.

7 Best Free Online Proofreading Tools for Error-Free Writing

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, April 25, 2021
Whether you are a blog writer, columnist, feature writer, or any other type of writer, you have to ensure the quality content which is error-free and easy to read. There are writers who charge $100 for a post while others just get around $2-$3.

Why so much difference?
These are mainly because of the writing style, error-free, and data-driven content. While writing the content, we make loads of errors. These errors can be of grammar related or spelling mistakes or incorrect sentence creation etc.

You should do the detailed content analysis before publishing any article to ensure it is free from any kind of errors and mistakes. Usually, there are some errors which you won’t be able to find normally and so you may need to take the help of some tools which will detect such errors and help you to correct.

One such tool is Grammarly and there are many Grammarly alternatives that will help you to detect and correct the errors associated with the content.

As I wrote in my Grammarly review post that, it is a paid tool and the free version won’t much help especially if you are a beginner? So today, I will be sharing some best free online proofreading tools. These are also free Grammarly alternatives and are very useful for beginners who have just started.

So let’s get started with these Free Grammarly alternatives using which you can write an error-free and high-quality content. These free online proofreading tools will help all the writers no matter you are a beginner or an experienced professional.

Useful Free Online Proofreading Tools

Here is the list of 7 best online proofreading tools and software which will help you in your writing journey. These free online proofreading and editing software are available for free but some of them also provide the premium version with more features and customization.

Here are some of the common practice I used to do before publishing any post-

• I take a break after writing the article and proofreading. Usually, I do after a few hours.
• Read thoroughly and do with the cool mind. Better select a place with less distraction.
• Read from the visitors’ perspective
• Keep on editing in real-time. Some people find an error and mark it. After reading the entire article, they correct. But I prefer editing as soon as I find an error.
• Use an online proofreading tool.


Grammarly is trending and highly used online proofreading tool currently. This is a multi-purpose tool that will help you to check and correct any kind of content for any error.
If you will ask me to recommend only one online proofreading software, I will say you to go with Grammarly.

You can check our Grammarly review to know about the tool in detail. This software is a fermium tool which means, you can use it for free with some limitations but the paid version comes with a better result. Also, the tool has a web API, browser extension, and Microsoft Word extension for better editing. You can also check Grammarly alternatives to look for alternative options.

Join Grammarly, it’s free!


Ginger is another top grammar checker tool for editing and proofreading the articles. It is one of the best Grammarly alternatives.

It is a free online proofreading software and comes with all the major OS like Windows, Android, and iOS. It has many features like-

• Grammar checker
• Sentence rephrase
• Translation
• Dictionary
• Text Reader
• Personal Trainer and much more…



Polishmywriting works in a similar way as Ginger do but it won’t suggest you for the error like a/an, has/have, etc.

It provides a colorful interface where it shows the errors in three different color-

• Red for the spelling error
• Blue for the style suggestions
• Green for grammatical errors

I found this proofreading software most quick compared to any other online proofreading software.


Slick Write

I found Slick Write one of the best online proofreading and editing tools. If you are not in a hurry and want to deliver the quality content with NO mistakes, Slick Write is for you.

It doesn’t only help you to detect and correct the grammar and spelling errors but also helps you to improve your writing skills.

It will also help you to form the correct sentence and will help you with the word variety.



PaperRater is another good tool for online proofreading and has almost similar features that other free online proofreading services provide with an extra feature. It also checks your article title and rates your overall work like your vocabulary, word choice, style, etc.

You just need to submit your content and it will give you and score based on your writing, grammar, content quality, and sentence formation.

Again it is a fermium tool and you will get full functionality and features in the premium version. But the free version is also worth trying.


This is a bit different from what other online proofreading software provides. Using this tool, you can check your article in different languages.

This tool is highly useful when you have to proofread your entire blog. It will check and will suggest the best solutions for the errors found.


Language Tool

It is another new but impressive free online proofreading tool. It is an open-source proof­reading program for English, French, German, Polish, and more than 20 languages.

The tool is available for open office, desktop, Firefox, and Google Chrome. You can paste your content and can get the suggestions for the errors found.


The writer is a leading AI-enabled business writing assistant for business. It helps you write better content which are error-free and which makes an impact. The writer is comparatively new in the segment but due to its algorithm, getting immense popularity. And due to the strong platform, Writer is being used by organizations like HSBC, Twitter, Zoom+, Discovery, Intuit, and more.

The best thing with Writer is, it allows you to create your own rules for editing content across the platform without referring back to the reference document all the time.

Tommy Hyland who is the VP of Marketing at Ascend says- Writer has allowed him to centralize his content style guide and terminology, making it much easier for others across the company to create marketing content that is aligned to our brand. Please note it is a premium tool and only free trial is available.

Here are some of the features of the Writer which you can use regularly-

  • Available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs
  • Uses AI to recommend best and find the error
  • You can save your own style and use it anytime
  • Helps you to be consistent throughout the content in the organization
  • Control where the suggestions should show
  • Fully safe and secure

Access Writer

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best and free online proofreading tools. These free proofreading software helps you to check content for any possible grammar mistakes and also helps you to enhance your writing.

Do check your contents before publishing with any of these grammar checking tools and ensure that it is error-free and easy to read and avoid common blogging mistakes.

Let me know which online proofreading tool you use for content editing?

7 Best Web Hosting Providers Of 2021

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, April 24, 2021
If you own an online business, you understand how important it is to have a website. Business websites are no longer a luxury but a necessity of Nowadays, even brick and mortar shops must have an online presence. Gone are the days when customers would look up your business on the Yellow pages.

Today, if you don’t have a website, chances are your potential clients will not be able to discover you and before long you will be out of business.

The first thing you need to do before creating a website is to identify the best web hosting provider. A web hosting company will be responsible for storing your website's files on their servers and making them available for your readers' and customers' browsers.

If you are a beginner, this best web hosting Reddit guide will help you make the right decision.

Top 10 Web Hosting Providers of 2021

Let’s look at 4 of the best web hosting providers of 2021.


If you are a beginner, SiteGround is usually a great place to start. The setup process is very straightforward and most of the time you will get 100% uptime. SiteGround has three major hosting plans which are Startup, GrowBig, and GoGeek.

Your website speed will be determined by the plan you choose therefore if you are looking for high speed then it’s recommended that you go for the GrowBig plan.

SiteGround recently updated its backend GUI to make it more modern and user friendly for new users. If you think Siteground is costly for you, you can check some best Siteground alternatives.


One thing you will enjoy when using BlueHost is the free domain name and an SSL certificate that allows you to operate a secure website for the first year. If you are using WordPress BlueHost will be your best choice because you get to choose between Specific WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

You will also get management support and if you need a migration service, it is available at an additional fee. Check our detailed BlueHost review here. Currently, BlueHost is offering a discount on their hosting and you can get in just $3.95 per month from this discounted link.


DreamHost is a top hosting company for many reasons. For as little as $2.59 a month, you can get shared hosting. Cloud hosting starts at $4.50 and month while dedicated servers go for $149 monthly. Beyond that, you need to know that DreamHost has its own control panel which makes it very easy to understand. SHH (Secure Shell) is available for more technical users.

One thing you will love about DreamHost is that the pricing is very straightforward and transparent. There are no hidden costs and you will get 97 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service making this web host a zero risk when you try them out.

Check our detailed review of DreamHost here and also we have written a detailed guide on how to start a blog on DreamHost in just 5 minutes.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is credited for doing a lot of things right. First of all, it offers Windows and Linux based servers for all plans. You will also get malware scanning and automatic patching no matter what plan you are on.

A2 Hosting also provides a managed hosting service known as HostGuard. When you subscribe to this service you will get access to 24/7/365 support that will manage your network, hardware, software, and security.

However, the greatest complaint about A2 Hosting is that the published prices can be quite misleading. This is because; you will not get the $2.96 monthly hosting unless you pay a total of $71 for 2 years of service. The renewals are also very high but you can always ask for a loyalty discount. You can check our detailed A2 Hosting review here for more details.


DigitalOcean is a cloud-based hosting provider and is one of the most popular cloud hosting providers in the world. Digital Ocean offers droplets, Kubernetes, Databases, and object storage. If you’re looking to host a website on DigitalOcean, you can buy the droplet.

DigitalOcean offers multiple pricing plans for different sizes of users. The pricing heavily depends on the memory, the number of CPUs, and space (SSD size) and starts at $5 per month.

For just $5 per month, you will get 1 GB memory with a 25 GB SSD disk with 1 vCPU. This is ideal for any starter site. Especially if you are looking for hosting for a niche site, DigitalOcean can be one of the ideal hostings for you. And as DigitalOcean is a cloud hosting provider and so when you need to upgrade it, you can simply ask for more space and bandwidth.

WPX Hosting

The next in my list of the best web hosting providers for 2021 is WPX Hosting. WPX hosting is one of the fastest WordPress hosting and if you’re looking to start a long-term site or blog where a lot of content is there or some kind of business websites like eCommerce or booking systems, etc. then WPX hosting is recommended.

One great thing with the WPX hosting is the support. On average, you can get a response from their support team in 37 seconds. Although the pricing of WPX hosting is on the higher side and so only recommended if you have a site with good traffic or some heavy site. For beginners, it is not recommended.

The pricing of the WPX hosting starts at $20.83 per month where you can host up to 5 websites with 10 GB storage and 100 GB of bandwidth. With this hosting, you get more than 99.9% of uptime, free site migration, custom CDNs, free SSLs, manual backups, and more.


InMotion is another top web hosting provider on our list for 2021. It is one of the hosting companies that offer a complete web package starting from domain to website building.

In terms of the pricing also, InMotion is pretty affordable and the shared hosting price starts at just $3.99 per month. With this, you can get a free domain and can host up to 2 websites. So, if you are just starting with the blogging or online journey, this is a perfect solution for you.

With every hosting, you can get a free domain and free SSL, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, and email. When we checked the average website loading time with InMotion, we found it is around 1.39 seconds which seems to be great. The hosting also offers 99.9% of uptime.

buy InMotion Hosting

Wrapping it up!

These were all about the best web hosting providers of 2021. Depending on your budget and requirements, you can select any one of these.

If you have used any other web hosting services apart from these, please let me know in the comment.

How I Bought a Domain in $0.99 and Earned $200 in 15 Days [Make Money From a New Blog]

By Ashutosh Jha →
This post is for all who are struggling to make the first few dollars online without much effort. So, if you are also struggling to make money online, you should go through this post completely. Here I will be sharing how I make money from a new blog.

Also, if you are earning well through blogging but still want a few more dollars without much effort, this post will help you. Without wasting much time let’s see how I did this and how you can earn as well exactly. Just replicate the process I followed to make $200 in 15 days from one blog just from one domain which I bought for just $0.99.

Make Money From New Blog

What is the concept behind the method?

As we know, there are many ways to make money online but all the methods won’t work for everyone. Also, there is no guarantee that the tricks which have worked for me will work for you as well.

But the beauty of this method is it may work for all because we are not doing anything extra special. So, let me tell you what I did.

The idea to make money from a new blog is fairly simple where we will buy one expired domain and then will set up a blog. After adding some content, start selling links and posts from that newly created blog.

Using this method to make money from a new blog, you can easily earn $100-500 per month. But again it depends on the quality of your blog and blogging niche. Please note, I just made this as an experiment and the result was damn good.

What I did and what you can do also to earn the same?

First of all, you need to select the niche in which you want to start. I’m going to show you the exact method I did and you should also do.

Blogging Niche Selection

For this method, I will advise you of the following profitable blogging niche-

  • Technology niche- Although it is very competitive for such types of blogs, the tech domain is recommended as you will get paid posts easily.
  • Blogging niche- You can try this as well and cover both technology and blogging stuff like advertising networks, content services, etc. You’ll get several advertisers looking for links and posts from your blog.
  • Software Niche- Software related blogs can also work best as you may get many posts for software from different segment like VPN software, PDF related software, and much more. The only issue with this niche is, whenever in the future, you may want to continue with that blog for the long term, it will be comparatively difficult to rank.
  • Or the niche which you are interested in and think advertisers will be interested to buy the links and posts.
Blogging Niche
Once you are done with the niche selection, you can move ahead and find the domain.

What I did: I selected a blogging niche domain which was having topics like blogging, technology, and software earlier as well.

Search Expired Domain

This is the main step as the more powerful domain you will get the more money you will be able to make. You can even start with a fresh domain but in that case, you will have to work for months to increase its metrics like DA (Domain Authority), PA (Page Authority), Spam Score (Make it as low as possible), Backlinks, etc.

Find Expired Domain
And this process needs time after which only you will be able to sell the links and posts. So, as the topic suggests, let’s get started with the expired domain. In this post, I am not going to tell you how to find an expired domain as I have written a dedicated post for that. You can find the link below to find expired domain free.

>> How to find expired domain free

Using this guide, you can easily find some good expired domains without spending any penny. I have also explained what metrics you should look for how to apply those filters to the tool.

For quick earning, you should look for good quality domains. Here are the few parameters you should look for in the expired domain-

  • Make sure the DA is 25+ and PA 30+
  • The domain name should be readable so that it will look authentic
  • Its spam score should not be more than 2. Better go for zero spam score
  • Should have some good backlinks (500+)
  • The anchor text of the expired domain you are selecting should be clean
  • The history of the domain should be niche relevant and you should also continue with a similar domain.
  • Go for top-level extensions (. com/.net/.org)

As of now, you are done with niche selection and domain selection. Now register that domain and select a hosting partner.

What I did: I selected a DA 27 and PA 31 domain with readable names and 8 letters with .com extension. Here are the metrics of that domain-

Register Domain and Hosting

Once you have selected the domain name, it’s time to register it. You can register a domain name starting at just $0.99. There are many cheap domain registrar companies who offer domains starting at just $0.99. GoDaddy, Bigrock, NameCheap, 1and1 are among the top domain registrar company.
Register Domain and Hosting
You can check the below two links to find more about registering domains-

>>Top Domain registrar companies
>>How to get a free domain with BlueHost hosting
>>How to select a good domain name

Once you have bought the domain, it’s time to go for hosting. If you want to spend on hosting, you can go with WordPress else, Blogger platform can also work well. You can get cheap hosting for one domain at just $3.99 from BlueHost. You can follow the below resources for hosting buying.

>>Buy Hosting from BlueHost- BlueHost Review
>>How to set up a website on DreamHost in 5 MinutesDreamHost Review
>>Top 5 SiteGround Alternatives
>>How to save money on hosting renewals

What I did: I registered a domain with GoDaddy which cost me $0.99. And I already had unlimited domain hosting and so I hosted the domain there. You can also go with a blogger to avoid hosting fees.

Now as you have bought both domain and hosting, it’s time to set up the website which we will see in the next section.

Setup the blog

In this section, we will set up the blog so that it can start making money immediately. Depending on whether you are going with Blogger or WordPress, follow the below two guides to set up the blog. I have explained each step in detail.

>>How to start a WordPress Blog from scratch
>>How to start a free blog on BlogSpot

Just use the normal theme as I have explained in these posts and make a professional blog. Also, add the basic pages like-

  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Privacy policy
  • Advertising page
  • Terms & Conditions etc.

What I did: As said, I had hosted and so I created

So far, your blog is set up and now you need to add content to your newly created blog so that it will look natural and you can attract advertisers.

Add Contents to the blog

Make sure before reaching to any advertisers, you have at least 10-12 posts. And while publishing the post, remove the dates from the post, Meta tag, and comments.

If you have time and can write, write few posts else you can outsource it. You can also get the content for free. To get the free content, you can follow the below methods-

  • You can offer the free guest post to a few people initially and in response provide a DoFollow backlink. This will give you a few good posts for free.
  • You can check the way back machine and search the expired content. Now check their history and open articles. Copy that article, check for duplicate, and if it is coming as not duplicate, publish on your blog after some changes.

What I did: I have one writer who writes for me. I outsourced 10 articles from her and around 5 from the above-explained way back machine.

In these ways, you will have around 10-20 posts which are good to get started.

Start earning money

This is the section of which we are talking for long…isn’t it?

Make Money Online
Now, your blog is set and everything is in place. It’s time to start making money. Our main aim is to sell links and posts. We are not focusing on product reviews as those companies look for traffic, social media followers, and more quality.

But at the same time, we have not built PBN and so you should not sell links for $1-$2 else you will end up earning pennies. Here are the few ways I followed to earn money from that site.

Post on Facebook groups

I am a part of a few buy sell group and other related groups where I posted an ad asking for $5 for a link or post. If someone wants a link from an existing post, he/she needs to pay $5 or if they need a post, content needs to be shared from their side.

I received around 20 orders from Facebook which gave me around $100. As all of those were Indian customers and so no PayPal charges or exchange charges involved.

This is the easiest way to get some handsome orders as you know people and if your site is good and as per what I explained above then getting $5 per post won’t be difficult.

Sell through Fiverr and SEOClerks

As you know Fiverr is one of the top micro job niche sites and the world’s largest $5 marketplace and so I followed it to get some orders.

Also, go through SEOClerks as they have the largest marketplace for SEO related stuff. I targeted these two sites and created a gig. I followed the gig details from the others’ gig which was working well in the same segment.

Here are few tips to get good orders from this marketplaces-

  • Keep your price low
  • Provide early delivery
  • Compare with your competitors' service and provide a better solution
  • Offer content also in just $2-$3 extra, this will help you increase average ticket size
  • Responds to the queries and messages as quickly as possible.

Together these marketplaces helped me to earn around $105 after PayPal and marketplace fee deduction. You can also target some other small job sites which may get you few extra bucks.

So, this was my journey to earn $200 in 15 days from a blog which cost me just $0.99. I hope you found it simple that can be implemented very easily.

Also, I am sure the majority of you will be knowing this but it all depends on whether you implement it or not. Here are a few of my suggestions on this-

  • Don’t keep the cost too high else you will not get orders initially
  • Don’t spend too much on anything in this process
  • Target those advertisers who look for links. Coupon sites can work better.
  • Maintain the quality of the blogs so that it will not look spammy.

Wrapping it up!

These were all about how I made $200 in around 15 days from a new blog where I invested just $0.99. If you are a beginner and looking to earn your first few dollars online, this article can be a huge help.

Hope this article on making money from a new blog will help you earn a few dollars initially. Later you can use that as a motivation and attain growth in blogging.

Do try this method to make quick money online from the blog and share your success story with me.

7 Best Web Scrapping Tools For Data Extraction

By Ashutosh Jha →
There may be multiple requirements when you need data for your projects. And for such requirements, the best web scraping tools can help you. Using the below top data scraping tools, you can scrap a website and analyze those data for your work.

Just make sure you are using these scrapped data for meaningful purposes and legally. Although there are many ways you can scrap the data like writing the code also but that needs technical skill. You may write code in Python to scrape website data. But as said, you need to be good in Python scripting to do that.

If you’re not that technical then this article on best web scraping tools for data extraction is for you. Here these tools will help you get the website data without writing a single line of code. All you have to do is, just add the keyword or website name and get the data. Also, some of the below tools also give you the data in a structured format.

Usually, scrapped data through coding will be in a semi-structured format and again you need to clean the data to make it in a structured format. And so, these data scraping tools are in high demand as this gives you the structure you need for analysis.

Best web scrapping tools - top 7

Let’s start and look for the best web scraping sites. Some of these are paid while others are free. So, depending on your requirement, select from the below list.

Scraper API

The first in our list of best web scraping tools are scraper API which does the job exactly the way you need. Scraper API provides the API for web scraping that can handle proxies, browsers, and captchas. This will result in the output in the HTML format from any webpage with the simple API call.

Scraper API has handled over 5 billion requests so far for over 1500 business. The most important thing about Scraper API is, it is meant for the developer. One of the best features of Scraper API is, it’s IP never gets blocked. Usually, the IP blocking issue is one of the major problems you will face with web scrapping. With Scraper API, your IP won’t get blocked.


  • You can customize the Scraper API completely for request type, geolocation, etc.
  • It is fast and reliable which guarantee unlimited bandwidth with speeds up to 100Mb/s
  • It is great for developers with a 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Scaper API offers 40+ million IPs, 12+ locations, easy automation with unlimited bandwidth option


  • Scaper API offers 1000 free API calls with up to 5 concurrent requests
  • The paid plans start at $29 per month with 250K+ API calls



Grepsr makes the web data easy for you using their managed data scraping solution. Grepsr offers lead generation data, pricing and competitive data, financial and market data, distribution chain monitoring, and more.

Grepsr offers multiple products to get the managed data for you. Those are- browser extension using which using a single click you can get the data from any website, Grepsr realtime using which you can convert any web content into easy APIs, and Grepsr concierge which is a data as a service.


  • You don’t need to install any software to start scraping the web data
  • You can scale your web scraping campaign anytime
  • You can easily integrate and sync data with platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and more


Grepsr browser extension offers a free plan with 1000 records per month and 500 records per run. If you’re looking for more and other features as well, start with the premium plan which starts with $20 per month which will be billed quarterly.



Scrapy is an open-source framework for extracting the data from the desired website. If you are a technical person then Scrapy can be one of the best data extraction tools you can use. Also, this is a free tool as it’s an open-source project. Using Scrapy, you can build and run your web spider and then can deploy them to Scrapy cloud as well.


  • Scrapy is a fast and powerful tool where you can write the rules to extract the data
  • You can plug new functionality easily without the need to change from the core
  • Uses an open-source system as it has been written in Python and runs on Linux, Windows, MAC, and BSD


It is an open-source tool and so using Scrapy is free

Site: scrapy 


Another tool in our best list of top web scraping tools for data extraction is Diffbot. It is a premium tool to search and extract almost anything on the web. Diffbot uses machine learning to transform the internet into accessible and structured format data.
The best thing about Diffbot is, it can crawl around 98% of the public web data. Diffbot offers the following four products - API for customization of the web scraping jobs, crawl bot for crawling, knowledge graph, and natural language.


  • Able to crawl more than 98% of the websites available publicly
  • Can parse the data correctly to the structured format
  • Integrate with the apps like Tableau, Salesforce, MS Excel, Google sheet, and more


Diffbot offers 2-weeks of free trial where you can test the products - extraction API and knowledge graph with a credit of 10k. The paid plan starts at $299 per month that comes with 250k credit and additional credit costs $0.001.


The next in our list of best data scrapping tool is This has been recognized by INC 5000 as one of the fastest 100 software growing companies in the US with 640% growth. helps you with data extraction, web harvesting, data preparation, and data integration as well.

The tool works on the principle of 4 concepts- scale where you can use any number of sites, accuracy where it takes care of anomaly and other validation rules, completeness where it takes care of all data formats, and reliability for delivering on time. 


  • Allows easy integration with web forms and logins
  • You can automate and schedule the data extraction and preparation
  • Allows you to store and access data on cloud
  • Provides great dashboard with insights, reports, charts, and visualization

Pricing doesn’t share the public pricing and is available only on the application

Webhose allows you to tap into the web data on the scale with their different products like news API, blog API, online discussion API, dark web API, and more. It helps you turn the unstructured web content into a machine-readable data format which you can further consume as per demand.

Webhose gathers the data related to- news, online discussions, blogs, reviews, dark web, data breaches, historical data, and more.


  • Get the data in a structured and machine-readable format usually in XML and JSON formats
  • It also helps with financial analysis, market research, AI and machine learning, media and web monitoring, cybersecurity, and more.


Webhose offers pricing depending on the work and classified into three major categories- open web data feeds, cyber data feeds, and archived data feeds. For open web data feeds and archived data feeds, they offer 10-days of a free trial, and then you can connect with their expert to get the customized pricing details.



Last but not the least, FMiner is the newest addition to our list of best data scraping tool for data extraction for multiple analysis. It is one of the leading visual web scraping software with macro recorder and diagram designer.

The software is available for both Windows and MAC. FMiner is an all-in-one software for web scraping, web data extraction, screen scraping, web harvesting, web crawling, and web macro support.


  • It’s a visual design tool and so no coding required
  • FMiner is available with multiple crawl path navigation options and also can upload your list of keywords
  • Nested data elements
  • You can export the result datasets in multiple formats including- Excel, CSV, XML/HTML, JSON, and popular databases (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL)


FMiner offers 15-days of free trial and then the premium pricing comes with the following options-

  • Windows: Here the basic version comes at $168 and the pro version comes at $248
  • MAC: It comes at $228

All these pricing are one-time price and include free upgrades.



These were the top 7 web scraping tools for data extraction. I have listed here the combination of free web scrapping tools and premium web scraping tools. Some of these tools also need some technical expertise while others are drag and drop interfaces. Depending on your requirement, you may select any of these tools for your data extraction project.

If you have used any of these or any other web scraping tool, feel free to share your thoughts below.