Ahrefs Review: A Powerful Tool for Link Building Campaign

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, June 14, 2018
Ahrefs is one of the best and the first link building tools that I have ever used. Few days ago I did an expert round up here on Link Building Tools and in the vote given by 31 industry experts, Ahrefs came at Top position with 13 votes.

Below is the image showing link building tools those came in top 5.
As we all know Links are something that search engines are mainly looking for. The more and quality links you get, the more visibility you'll have in search engine and hence the higher traffic you will get. So analysis of links for your blog or website is very useful. You keep on doing these works frequently to maintain the quality and quantity of links else you may also get penalized.

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Ahrefs Review

I've seen several people spending $400-$500 just for the link audit. So why don't you try yourself with the use of Ahrefs tool. It allows you to analyze your link profile completely and helps you to improve quality links for your blogs or websites.

Ahrefs provides a fast graphical representation that would be easy to understand for all. The tools integrated into the platform which includes:

•Site Explorer and Backlink checker
•Crawl Report
•Batch Analysis
•Domain Comparison
•Backlink Report

One of the world's best internet entrepreneurs Neil Patel also uses Ahrefs to check about the competitor’s links and Ahrefs is his top link building tools.

Ahrefs Features- Top Metrics You should look for

In a nutshell, here is a list of activities where I use Ahrefs as one of my link building tools:

• Link Discovery
• To Check and analyze the Backlinks
• Anchor Phrase
• To check from where I am getting linked
• To Create Detailed Report
So below I am going to explain this great link building tool with the help of above points for which I use this tool.

1.Link Discovery

If you're planning to start a new link building campaign or started a new campaign then link discovery could get you dive into both easy and hard to replicate links as well as give you better insights on which method will work perfectly for you and your niche.

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Ahrefs is a technical tool but the interface has been designed in such a way that even a non-technical person can also explore it very easily. It allows you to check Rank, referring page URLs, number of Internal and External links, link URL and other useful information.

For the user simplicity, you can use its filter option to check only those links which you want. Like you can sort the result by using all backlinks or backlinks/domain option.

2.To Check and analyze the Backlinks

The backlink checker tool of Ahrefs analyzes the links of your website from the external website. It will tell you how many other domains have linked your website. You can even do daily, monthly and yearly backlinks analysis.

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These reports will give you the detailed analysis of the newly added links (if you have received any new) or have lost any links. New and Lost links may be analyzed for the period of up to 2 months.

The loss of links may occur due to any of the below reasons-

• The site got down where you were linked earlier.
• The article/page is no longer available where you were linked due to some reason.
• The owner of the website has removed your tag due to some particular reason.

If in your case, 3rd is the reason, you still having a chance to get those links back. You can contact the website owner and ask for the reason for removing the links and can request to link back again.

3. Anchor Phrase

Anchor phrases are something that is very important in the SEO of any website or blog. Anchor phrase is the same that you write inside or the text inside  <a>..</a> tag. For example in the link <a href="http://www.tricksroad.com">TricksRoad</a>,  TricksRoad is the anchor text for this link.

In earlier days, search engine was loving the sites having exact matched keywords in the anchor phrase. But now those days gone. Now if you've received 100 links from 100 different domains and all are using the same anchor tag then search engine will consider those links as spam. Instead you should use different variants of anchor phrases. Like you can try the different combination of anchor phrases while link building-

<a href=”http://www.tricksroad.com”>TricksRoad</a>
<a href=”http://www.tricksroad.com”>Tricks Road</a> etc.

Using this Ahrefs tool you can identify these links and if you find all the referring domains have used same anchor texts then you should request the website owner to edit the link or to remove it.

4.Pages/Domains linked you

Using Ahrefs tool you can get detailed report of all the pages and domains wherever you have received links. By using this report you can analyze the performance. If your links are not increasing you should check your content strategy and need to write attractive and useful content so that your fellow bloggers can link you.

5.Do an SEO Audit and Create Report

Ahrefs also allows you to run a full Crawl report on your blog and website and analyze each aspects of SEO. This report will give many results. The main points are as below-

•Titles/Descriptions for all articles
•H1/H2 tags used
•Errors accessing any pages
•Performance of pages

As you know H1/H2 tags are very much important in the SEO of any website so if you don't have sufficient amount of these tags, check your posts again and try to create. Similarly check for other errors as well and try to fix those errors.

6.Competitor Analysis

Ahrefs is one of the best tools to analyze the competitor performance. In the below report you can see I have compared my blog with one of the top blog in the industry backlinko.com and below is the performance. Using this comparison you can analyze other sites and can see how they are performing well and can work on your week points as well.

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Over to You

While doing expert round up on link building tools, I received so many comments and emails that many newbies don't have much idea about these link building tools and so I decided to write detailed reviews about few main tools and so here is the first.

Ahrefs is one of the most powerful research tools for your blog using which you can not only analyze your own blog but also can check your competitors as well. So try this great tool and let me know your experience. Also if you've used this earlier, please share your experience with us.

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