Top 5 SEO Strategies To Try In 2019

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, December 28, 2018
The history of SEO marketing is a complex one. It seems to have started in the mid-1990s when the first search engines started cataloging the Web. At this time, indexing was the surest way of ranking highly on a search engine. Webmasters submitted their website's URL to search engines for ranking. Then, in 1997, the phrase 'Search Engine Optimization' came into being.

Top 5 SEO Strategies To Try In 2019
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In 2007, an attempt by Jason Gambert to trademark this name failed. Today, a new year is upon us and SEO strategies are quite different from what they were in 2007. Even yesterday’s strategies are unsuitable for today’s environment. Here are the top 5 SEO strategies to try this year.

5 Top SEO Strategies for 2019

Let's start and see what all methods you should use to rank keyword in 2019. These are the top SEO strategies for 2019.

1. Creating a Mobile Website

A mobile website refers to an optimized site that is suitable for various on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Unlike responsive sites, this website is a separate version from the desktop site. It offers you numerous advantages.
One of them is that the texts and images on the site are clear. Another one is that the icons and links on the website are suitable for tapping as opposed to clicking. Therefore, users have a positive experience when they use these mobile websites. Alternatively, going for a responsive site is also an excellent idea.

This layouts, fonts, and images on this website respond to the device. In other words, it adapts to any device including desktops and mobile phones as opposed to being suitable for a specific device.

2. Engaging People on Social Media

The daily time spent by an average internet user on Facebook is 9.43 minutes. It is worth noting that this social media giant has over 2 billion users. More importantly, more than 5,496,479 websites have links to Facebook. That means website owners recognize its importance in today’s world. Incorporate it into your SEO strategy this year. Doing so would boost your online presence while increasing your chances of securing potential leads.

It is worth noting that new social media websites are emerging. Incorporate them into your SEO strategy as well. Link your website to them and then have links on these sites that link back to you. Doing so ensures that you have a constant flow of new visitors to your website.

3. On-Page Optimization/On-Page SEO

On-Page Optimization refers to the direct measures that you take within your website to boost your ranking on search engines. For example, optimizing the content of your page is possible. You can optimize a web page's HTML source code as well. Start your optimization process by getting rid of defective links. The causes for such links include programming errors or adjusted links.

Crawling websites with defective links are difficult so search engines avoid them as much as possible. Get rid of this baggage this year by ensuring that your links are functional. Put up relevant content on your website, develop meaningful anchor texts, and make sure that your homepage is presentable. Successful SEO marketing for Chicago companies this year depends on these strategies.

4. Go for the Engaging Content

You must have heard of this line- "content is the king"

Yes, it is still relevant and will be!

Just imagine you’ve searched for the free movie download site and the result you’re getting is related to MP3 songs. How you’ll feel?

Yes, that is the reason, it is important to write the relevant content and high-quality content. And according to that, the search engine basically ranks the articles in the search engine.

So, try to write the content which should be relevant and useful for the users. Also, it should be engaging so, that the user will be on your site for longer. If you look into some of guides like-

You can see these contents are engaging and at the same time, it is ranking as well. And so, we can say that in the coming year, relevant and engaging content will be highly helpful.

5. Make relevant backlinks

We’ve discussed already about the on-page seo where we deal with the relevant and engaging content. Also, the interlinking blog post comes into it.

There is another aspect of SEO which is off-page seo where we need to create the relevant backlink for the keyword you’re looking to rank.

Please note, I am mentioning relevant every time. That means you should not create any backlink but it should be highly powerful and relevant.

Relevant backlinks mean-

  • It should be related to the niche you’re working
  • The domains where you’re looking to make the backlink should have good domain matrix

You may check the following resources to get some idea about the relevant and HQ backlink-

Follow the above articles to get the source of the sites where you can create the quality backlink.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the top SEO strategies for 2019. These are proven and authentic techniques which will help you rank the keyword in 2019 as well.

If you’re following any better way to rank your keyword, please share that in the comment section to help others.
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