5 Best SiteGround Alternatives [ Cheap & Best Solution Included]

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If you are a website owner then you must have come across SiteGround hosting. They are quite popular and have great user ratings but still, there are needs of SiteGround alternatives.

I will discuss later in this article as for why one is looking for best SiteGround alternatives. But before moving ahead, let’s talk something about SiteGround Hosting and their features. Later we will see the top SiteGround Alternatives.

There is no second thought that SiteGround is one of the best budget hosting available currently. I had few of small websites hosted their earlier. After using it for around 6 months, I found a couple of issues and then I moved to another hosting.

The two issues those I found was-

Limited traffic per website (CPU second limitation) and sometimes support can be bit challenging part as well. Especially when you need some urgent technical support, the response can be bit slow (personal experience).

Apart from these, there are few other issues which others may face due to which they might try to move from SiteGround hosting and look for top SiteGround Alternative.

We can summarize the reason for SiteGround alternatives below-

  • Cost of SiteGround hosting is comparatively high compared to another web hosting
  • There is a limitation to the amount of traffic per month
  • You might face some technical glitches if you are not from technical background
  • You may experience some delayed response from their support
So, what so ever the reason is, if you have decided to move and looking for the Best SiteGround alternatives, this post is for you.

We will discuss the 5 best SiteGround Hosting alternatives for use. We will also see how the others are the best alternatives to SiteGround. Let me quickly share the hosting like SiteGround here and then we will go into details.

  • BlueHost
  • DreamHost
  • CloudWays
  • Inmotion
  • Kinsta
Let me quickly share the different plans available with SiteGround hosting for reference.

Best SiteGround Alternatives- Top 5

Let’s start and see what the top alternative to SiteGround hosting is and how those are similar or better than the SiteGround hosting.

We will be featuring the SiteGround alternatives on the basis of price, features, and support. If you feel some other hosting service providers should also be on this list, feel free to comment and we will consider those as well.

#1 BlueHost Hosting- a Leading alternative to SiteGround

Bluehost is a leading be hosting company and is also a recommended host by the official WordPress website. They have quite a good support system and flexible pricing which starts at just $2.95/month (discounted price). You can also check our BlueHost Review for more details.

You will also get a free .com domain with the hosting till the time you will be with BlueHost hosting. I found BlueHost one of the most flexible and robust WordPress hosting. There are many tools which can be installed using 1-click including the famous WordPress.

Even their shared hosting which starts at $2.95/mo is able to handle loads of traffic and their support system is just amazing. Here are some features of BlueHost hosting I found.

BlueHost Pros

  • Very easy to start with and install CMS like WordPress
  • A free domain for lifetime
  • Can handle loads of traffic
  • Excellent customer and technical support
  • Free site monitoring and analytics are included

BlueHost Cons:

After the initial billing period, you will be charged as per the standard plan.

CloudWays Hosting- Another alternative to SiteGround Hosting in Cloud

CloudWays is another good hosting company you can think of as a SiteGround Hosting alternative. They host your website on the cloud supported by the world’s leading infrastructure companies like-
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • DigitalOcean
  • Kyup
  • Vulture
You can quickly start your business with CloudWays and host all your files securely. Also, their pricing is in the mid-range and so affordable to all. The other benefit I found with CloudWays is, you can select your Datacenter near to you. That means check from which location you are getting maximum visitors and accordingly select the Datacenter near to it.
Apart from all these, you will have all the features of SiteGround hosting or any other hosting like 1-click install, backups, support, etc.

CloudWays Pros

  • Choose your own cloud technology, app and deployments can be done in 10 minutes
  • Easy and interactive interfaces and anyone can get started with
  • Pricing depends on the infrastructure you will select and for DO, it starts at just $0.01/hour
  • Full control over your infrastructure and excellent tools available for DB management
  • Plenty of power for large sites on more expensive plans
  • Free website migration from another hosting

CloudWays Cons

For beginners, again the price can be one of the factors (although it is less) and a large number of apps and customization, beginners will have to do little struggle as which one to choose.

#3 Inmotion Hosting –Budget Hosting Alternative to SiteGround

Inmotion is quite a famous name in the hosting industry. It is very much popular in the shared hosting segment and is ideal for all which is getting few to a small range of traffic.
Recently, they have launched a website builder platform named, BoldGrid and if you an Inmotion customer, access to BoldGrid will be free for you. It is just like any other website builder (like Wix) with some rich features.

Inmotion provides all kind of hosting services starting from shared to dedicated servers. You can select the one as per your need and budget (famous for shared hosting).

Their servers are SSDs which means you will get better performance than the hosting which uses HDDs. The WordPress hosting plan for two websites starts at $3.49 per month and you get unlimited bandwidth and disk space along with unlimited emails.

Inmotion Pros

  • All the servers are SSDs which gives you 200% better performance
  • Low cost compared to another cloud hosting
  • Excellent customer support which is available 24x7
  • BoldGrid is included in all the plans which give you the flexibility to build your website
  • Free website transfer and all the general benefits like 1-click install, backup, etc. those are all the other hosting companies.

Inmotion cons

If you are having a very high traffic website, you may experience some glitches and so not recommended for high traffic sites.

#4 DreamHost Cloud – Cheap and Best alternative to SiteGround

DreamHost is not a new name in the hosting community and they are really a very old player. Yes, their DreamHost cloud is comparatively new but gaining the market very rapidly.

Like any other cloud hosting services, DreamHost also charges on an hourly basis and is quite less than what other companies charge. I had my site hosted on DreamHost for around 11 months before I moved to NameCheap and the main reason was the support. DreamHost’s support is one of the major cons I found during my tenure. Although they respond to each query, the turnaround time is quite large.

You can check my DreamHost Review and how to start a WP blog on DreamHost in 5 minutes articles to know more.

No matter how much time you will use their servers, you will be charged for max 25 days per month. Their plans start at just $0.0075/hour which comes at $4.5/month which is less than CloudWays or any other SiteGround alternative.

DreamHost Pros

  • Very less price compared to other alternatives to SiteGround even for cloud hosting
  • All the other normal features those are provided by every hosting company
  • Servers are ready for SSH in less than 30 seconds
  • All servers are SSDs and so speed and performance will be better

DreamHost cons

The major is the timely support. You will get the full support but timing will be a constraint. Also, if you are using their shared hosting, no cPanel will be provided.

#5 Kinsta- One stop alternative to SiteGround for high traffic sites

Kinsta, you might not be well aware of but is one of the best hosting companies in the world. The major reason is not so well known is their price. Kinsta is very much costly and so everyone can’t afford it and even a small or mid-range sites should not try as well. We can say Kinsta is the most expensive SiteGround alternative.

Their servers are powered by the world’s top infrastructure, Google cloud platform and so you will not have to compromise in terms of performance.

All the plans have almost same features but start at $100/mo. and so it is not recommended and feasible for all. With all the Kinsta plan, you will get unlimited traffic but you will have to think of the Bandwidth. So, select the plan which suits your bandwidth requirements.

Kinsta Pros

  • Free site migration
  • Great and reliable cloud infrastructure
  • Regular backup and great support

Kinsta Cons

Kinsta is one of the most expensive clouds hosting in the industry

Which SiteGround Alternative you should try?

Finally, we have come to the end of this best SiteGround alternatives post and I hope you got enough alternatives to SiteGround Hosting.

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to SiteGround, then you may try BlueHost, DreamHost, or Inmotion.

If you are looking for costly and reliable SiteGround alternative then you can go with Kinsta without a second thought.

For all the options between these two, CloudWays is always there to host your website :)

Do let me know which you think to be the best SiteGround alternative.
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