25 High PR CommentLuv Enabled Websites For Building Quality Backlinks

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, July 21, 2017
Nowadays getting good Google page rank and ranking high in Google is very difficult. The very first thing that you have to do is to create quality content which will attract the visitor to read your post and after having content advertise it. Advertising is very important because if nobody is there to read your post, it’s of no use. You can advertise your content in many ways like spreading the post on social networking sites, writing guest posts and building backlinks. Today we’ll talk about the most famous and beneficial method- Backlinks building.

Tips to increase quality backlinks through commenting on other's blog
Backlink building is the key to the success of any blog or website. The more number of backlinks a blog have the more will be the page rank and the number of traffic that blog will get. High PR (page rank) backlinks always play an important role in building the domain authority of the blog as well as attracting the traffic to the blog. So you want it, right?

Now the question is what is backlinks?

Backlinks are one blog’s link on some other places. It may be an internal link on your blog or any other link anywhere on the internet. It’s an incoming hyperlink from some other web page to your websites.

The more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more popular it will be.

When search engines calculate the relevance of a site to a keyword, they consider the number of QUALITY backlinks to that site. Here I have used the word ‘QUALITY’. Yes, you heard it right. Quality backlinks are those which have some relevance. Suppose you have a technical blog and the backlink that you have is on a blog which writes about movies. Does that worth? Of course not. So a relevant link is necessary to build a good traffic and brand in the online market.

How to build backlinks?

There are several ways using which you can build backlinks like-
  • You can write guest post and in return, you will have 1-2 backlinks from that blog
  • Using advertisements. But I’ll say to avoid this, at least for a new blogger
  • You can use Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumble Upon etc.
  • You can participate in forums and can include the link in signature
  • You can comment on other’s blog which is having Comment Luv enabled.
Today I’ll talk about building backlinks through commenting. This is one of the easiest ways to build backlinks. Just you have to visit the blog and comment on their posts. But simply visiting blogs/website and commenting won’t help you. You have to identify those blogs where you can get backlinks and that too Quality backlinks. Many bloggers make backlinks disabled on their blog so it’s necessary to find links enabled blogs.

You need not have to worry about searching those blogs which have enabled backlinks. There is a great plugin called ‘Comment Luv’ which will help you in this. And coming to quality backlinks, target only those blogs which are having high page rank.

Note: Now Google has stopped increasing/decreasing Page Rank of websites so nowadays it’s difficult to find that in new sites. But at the same time for new blogs, you can check their Alexa ranking or DR.

High PR links will help you to have a better rank in SERP. Now you must be thinking of what comment Luv is and where to find such blogs. Right?

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What is CommentLuv?

CommentLuv is a Wordpress plugin (now can be integrated with blogger also) which was developed to grow the blogging community and encourages blog readers to leave a comment on the blog posts.

If you’ve enabled CommentLuv on the blog, then a user who leaves a comment on your blog posts, the plugin automatically goes out and searches their blog (if the user has given website name) for the latest post. Then CommentLuv will automatically include a link to the latest or one of their top 10 blog posts at the end of their comment. By this way, the readers who comment on the blog gets a backlink for their blog also.

But to find the comment enabled blogs are not easy and that too with high PR CommentLuv enabled blog. But nothing to worry, we have done that job for you. Below is the list of blogs which are having CommentLuv enabled commenting and also having good PR.

List of top high PR CommentLuv enabled websites: Tested

1.       http://w3blog.dk/ PR 6
2.      http://famousbloggers.net/ - PR 4
3.      http://comluv.com/ - PR 4
4.      http://growmap.com/ PR 4
5.      http://bloggerspassion.com/ PR 3 (No Longer Support)
8.     http://freebloghelp.com/ PR 0
9.      http://wassupblog.com/ PR 2
25.  http://techbugs.net/ PR 2
So that’s for today friends. These are most famous high PR CommentLuv enabled site. By commenting on these sites you can easily get the backlinks and you can increase your domain authority as well as ranking in Google. The best practice is whenever you write any post select at least 10 sites from above list and leave a valuable comment. But before commenting you should consider few points-
  • First, read the article before commenting. This will help you to leave a good comment.
  • Most of the sites have comment moderation enabled, so don’t try to spam.
  • Try to leave valuable comments not a single word or couple of words comment.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post. If this post has helped you do share on your great social environment and let me know the ways you are using to get backlinks. Also, let me know if you are using any other high PR CommentLuv enabled sites for commenting.
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  1. Will surely check them out. Thanks for sharing Ashutosh. I loved your idea of sharing your posts throughout the day with some regular interval of time. That's impressive!

    1. Thanks Rohan a lot Bro !!

      These are the best commentluv enabled sites to build links and get good traffic. Thanks for your valuable comment Rohan. Keep visiting :)

    2. And yes we need to be active on the social media to get maximum publicity. I'm glad that you like it. Thanks bro.

  2. do we need to install comment luv plugin,,,or it is installed by these sites,,

    1. Yes CommentLuv Plugin is already installed in these sites. Just you need to enter your website/Blog url and their API will automatically detect your posts. Then you can select any post and that will be visible with your comment on that site.

  3. Thanks for sharing the info, keep up the good work going.... I really enjoyed exploring your site. good resource...
    Thanks for sharing the info, keep up the good work going.... I really enjoyed exploring your site. good resource...

    1. Thanks Daniyal for the Nice words. Keep Visiting !!


  4. Dear Ashutosh,

    Very good article. List is very good. Keep it up. I am going to the list to get backlinks. Thanks for this good share.

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

  5. hello ashutosh post helps me. i tried on one website where i got link. but week later i comment on other website where i got these problem thesy said-
    "Thanks so much for adding your comment here!

    But, you failed the following criteria to get your links enabled

    Not on whitelist
    Not using CommentLuv
    Not using CommentLuv Premium
    Not enough approved comments
    Sorry but until you have been whitelisted or pass the above criteria, you wont get any backlinks shown on your comment."
    what should i do? i have on 1 comment approved on that site.

  6. I am new to this blog. But I have enjoyed your post and learned something
    new.I hope next post will be very helpful for me so Waiting for your next update.

  7. Hello Ashu - greetings to you for providing such an important list of top commenting blogs. Most of these blog URLs are really great and would help to gain on the domain authority.

  8. Thanks Friend!!! Great List of Websites for Building High Quality Backlinks

  9. I mentioned this article in an upcoming blog post. I used blog commenting way back in the day and I think it still works. You have to be consistent and focus on providing value while getting backlinks at the same time. A well rounded link profile gets attention in the search engines. Find out where your audience hangs out and speak to them.

  10. Awesome list thanks for sharing, going to try all for my blog link building :)


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