10 Types of Blogs that Make Money - 2021 Update

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, March 27, 2021
Are you looking to make money off the internet? The best way to do it is by blogging.

If you’ve checked the internet lately, here’s what you’ll see. Bloggers are some of the biggest moneymakers on the internet. Once you hit your stride as a blogger, this is what happens.

Types of Blogs that Make Money
You’ll be making outlandish income through your blog once the real money starts pouring. If you’re new to the blogosphere, you might have a few questions yourself.

What are the types of blogs that make money? Which blogs that make the most money?

Today, we’ll answer that for you. We have 10 of the best blogs that you can start with. They need a bit of research and a bit of extra passion to boot.

Are you ready? Here’s a laundry list of ways you can make good money.

1. Make Money Online Blog

Let’s start with the most obvious way to do it: the “make money online” blog. The make money online blog scheme sounds scummy, and for a reason. Many bloggers approach it the wrong way, some creating techniques that are questionable at best.
Among the types of blogs that make money, this blog type needs the following to be successful:

  • Good quality research
  • Sound understanding of trends
  • Ability to create long-term plans

If you have a knack for trends like buying and selling products, business tutorials, and the like, this is one of the blogs that make the most money for you. You can find more information on great ways for making money from home here as well.

2. Health and Fitness

Health and fitness are one of the most popular influencer-type blogs out there, making some of the most significant money on endorsements. What types of blogs make the most money in fitness? They're the ones teaching people about healthy living.

In today’s internet landscape where everyone eats unhealthy foods and stays sedentary, an honest-to-goodness fitness blog that shows results will make some great money.

If you’re not super trim right now, that’s another niche you can try! Start your blog journey from Day 1, show what you're doing on your fitness journey, and the techniques that you’re using. Make your life an adventure!

3. Medical Tips Blogs

What types of blogs make the most money? One of them is medical blogs. People will always have complaints about their bodies, so teaching them how to take care of it works.

You would not, however, want to be one of the woo blogs on the internet. Do you want success in the health niche? Make sure that your information has scientific backing, and isn't pseudoscience.

4. Parenting Blogs

If you’re a parent and you think you’re doing your job well, some of the blogs that make the most money are parenting blogs. We’ve seen them, and they have a strong following.

The advent of helicopter parenting means you have people needing your advice. Provide some sound advice on crucial areas. Vaccination, healthy nutrition, and the like are some of them.

Again, if you’re planning to start a parenting blog, you would want to stay on the side of the evidence to keep the money coming.

5. Lifestyle Blogs

Unique lifestyle blogs are the types of blogs that make money and get success online. With the advent of lifestyle consultants like Marie Kondo, you need to have a method that works.

Lifestyle blogs can have many different topics to focus on. From college kids to mommy lifestyles to travel blogs, there’s so much you can talk about.

If you want success in this type of make money online blog, you need to have the aesthetics to do it. You want something that works and something that can inspire people to follow you.

6. Thrifty Living and Personal Finance

Money is tight these days, and people know that. Even then, many still lack the discipline to start saving themselves. They need someone to teach them better tricks to optimize their finances.

When we’re talking about blogs that make the most money, thrifty living and personal finance are some of the best. People like seeing new ways to save their money.

Tips on saving money don’t mean penny-pinching though. You want straight up methods on how to save a few hundred dollars at a time at the very least.

7. Home Decor and Interior

We love good looking homes. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in an apartment or have your own home. Learning how to make it look good and feel good is crucial.

Home decor is one of the types of blogs that make money from showing how to make gorgeous interiors and exteriors. They especially excel if you can put up quality images each time.

Teach how to organize the home, DIY crafts, and more. Men and women love these blogs and traffic is always good.

8. Food and Recipe Blogs

People will always love food. Food is life to many, especially niches that provide practical help to its readers. What types of blogs make the most money include blogs with good food in them.

People try to learn how to cook with recipes from online blogs. With so many recipe sites, a great option is to stick to one or two types of food.

You can pick anything between international fairs, quick and simple recipes, or even gourmet eats. You want something that you can do yourself and show artistic images for doing so.

9. Baby Care Blogs

Want to make a wad of cash from your blog’s income? Then you want to be one of the baby care blogs that make the most money.

A sub-niche of parenting blogs, baby care blogs are great for both traffic and income. You can monetize almost everything in this blog type, from baby gear, newborn care, and many more.

If you’re a mommy, this is an excellent opportunity to build on your rep. Teach people how to take care of their babies. People are showing interest.

10. Personal Development Blogs

In the age of the internet, where social media connects us, people tend to feel more isolated. Sadness and depression are the norms, and people are looking for blogs that inspire. Personality development blogs are one of the types of blogs that make money.

Personality development blogs are not all inspiration. They’re practical knowledge blogs that coach you through the hardships of life. You’re doing life coaching on the internet.

These blogs make much money not only from affiliates but from webinars, consultation, and 1 on 1 coaching. You do them right, and you’re getting stable income.

Try Out These Types of Blogs That Make Money

Blogging is one of the internet’s most profitable ways to make an income. If you plan on blogging, you want a unique niche that people want. The types of blogs that make money are those that help people.

If you’re looking for more ways to make money online, there’s a way to learn more. For that, check us out here at Tricks Road.

Don’t hesitate to read our other guides. From launching a powerful Adwords campaign to unique business ideas, we have your back.

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