List of Dofollow Forums to get High Quality Backlinks and Traffic

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, December 1, 2019
A single high-quality Dofollow backlink is better than 100 nofollow backlinks. So you can estimate the importance of Dofollow backlinks in the success of any blog or website.

The blogs or websites or forums which provide dofollow backlinks uses dofollow attributes which boost the traffic as well as a ranking of the blog. If you have got links from few high PR dofollow forums, you’ll get decent traffic, as well as your page rank, will increase. Indirectly you can say dofollow backlinks plays a significant role in the success of any blog.

How to increase dofollow backlinks
Today we’ll be talking about, how we can increase the dofollow backlinks using online forums. Remember you should not use the unethical way like auto link building or link buying method to increase backlinks. Because nowadays, Google or any other search engines are so intelligent that it’ll identify your blog and can ban you. So be cautious while building backlinks.

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To increase dofollow backlinks, first, you’ve to visit these forums and register yourself and then need to participate in the discussion because most of these forums allow links in your signature. So the more you'll take part in these forums, the more links you’ll get. By doing this, not only you’ll increase the links, but you’ll also get decent traffic as well as you can establish your blog as a brand too.

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Now the Question is how to get these dofollow links?

It’s simple. Don’t worry all forums are free and you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. What you’ve to do is, visit these sites and register yourself. Then complete your profile because many forums allow your website details in the profile section too. So just by completing your profile, you’re going to get one links.

Now go to the Introduce Yourself section and let the other members know about yourself and about your blog. This is the best way to start in a forum. Later move to the other section of the forum and check the threads and the question which you feel comfortable, answer that. And if on your blog, if you have any article related to that question, share your link.

By this way, you’re going to make decent traffic as well as quality backlinks too. But starting this method to increase backlinks and traffic, I would suggest you to first read forum policies and the below points carefully-
  • Don’t ever try to spam any forums. They’ll simply block your profile.
  • Don’t try to put unnecessary links in the post section on any thread.
  • Focus on QUALITY, not on QUANTITY
  • Reply to the threads indecent manner and try to solve the problem.
  • Try to make an image for you and your blog
  • Use signature in each and every post
Using these ways you’ll never get blocked from any of the online forums, and you’ll manage to get maximum benefit from those.

List of Top 20 High PR Dofollow Forums

1. SiteOwner Forum
2. Search Engine Watch
3. CNET Forum
4. V7N Forum
5. MySql Forum
6. 5 Start Affiliate Program
7. Sitepoint
8. HTML Forum
9. PHP Forum
10. File Sharing Forum
11. Web Hosting Talk
12. Joomla Forum
13. MyGame Builder Forum
14. Microsoft Answers
15. Videolan Forum
16. Chronicle Forum
17. Flicker Forum
18. Geek Village Forum
19. Book Forum
20. Cpanel Forum

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So, friends, these are the 20 best high PR Dofollow forums. Frankly speaking, it’s not possible for anyone to be active on all the forums. At most, you can be on 4-5.

Even I’m active on the only couple of forums. So it doesn’t matter how many forums you are on, be active and try to participate in the maximum discussion. By this way, most of the members of those forums will know you. Isn’t this is what you want? Yes by this way, if you do these regularly you will manage to get maximum promotion and extra traffic to your blog.

Once people have confidence on you, on your words definitely they will rush to your blog.

Final Words

Forums are one among the top ways to get a maximum promotion. I already talked about how we can promote our website or blog using online forums. It’s time to get benefit regarding traffic, backlinks, page rank and SERP. So I hope you’ll join some of these forums and you will start participating in discussions. If you’re not doing this, believe me, this is the best method to get an identity in the blogosphere.

Also, you should remember these forums frequently changes their policy and guidelines. So keep checking these. Hope you enjoyed reading this. So why don’t you share this with your friends? Maybe one of them needs this type of articles. If you know any other high PR forum which provides dofollow links, do let me know in comments. I’ll definitely include that in our list. Thanks for reading. Keep visiting!!

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  1. Can you plz tell me some site domain age is only and they getting traffic in millions how they do it?

    1. Hi Pranav,

      First of all Thanks for visiting and the comment. I agree with you. Some site's domain age is less but is getting huge traffic. There may be plenty of reason behind this. One thing is sure, if a site is only 2-3 month old, that can’t get millions of traffic from search engines. But there is other ways through which you can get decent amount of traffic like social media, online forums and many more. I would recommend you to go through the below 2 links to know about these-

      Using these methods you can bring thousands of traffic to your site.
      Now in between you have to work for the SEO to get organic traffic. For this you build few quality backlinks.

      These are the possible ways to get instant traffic. Apart from this, suppose if you’ve written some content that got viral or any top blogger has recommended that then you can expect huge traffic. But all I can say is getting huge traffic is not a single day work. You’ve to put great effort for months to get good traffic constantly. Hope I’m clear. Please let me know for any other doubt. I’ll be very happy. Thanks and keep visiting.

  2. Dear ashutosh,
    the following site disabled new registration.

    1. Search Engine Watch
    2.5 Start Affiliate Program

    Please check it now

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

    1. Thanks Satish for the updates. I'll update in the article.


  3. Hey If I took link from these list how many day it take to index.

    1. @Atish- It will depend on many things including the stats of your site but will index fast as these are high quality forums.

  4. Wow! These are bunch of list. Thanks for your suggestion.

  5. Hello Asu,
    Are you using these do follow forums to increase traffic? If yes then what is your favorite forum to hangout?

    1. @Pallab

      Not all! As i mentioned in the article also, it is not possible for anyone (normally) to be active in all but yeah you can be in 1 or 2 and so what I do.

      Hope that clarifies :)

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