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How to Identify and Target Your Digital Audience

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, May 6, 2022
When it comes to promoting their brand, digital media organizations need to create focused advertisements and marketing campaigns to attract the attention of their target audience. When you understand what makes your audience tick, you can make the right decisions to efficiently retain users and expand your existing community.

But spending money on marketing can be a waste of time if you don’t know how to determine what your target audience should be. With so many potential customers on the web, there’s a wide variety of preferences and tastes to account for. It would be ideal if you could implement a marketing strategy that covers the widest possible range - however, the best chance for success lies in identifying a specific niche audience that’s sure to love your content and focusing your efforts on them.

Platforms like’s solutions help you and your digital media brand acquire and analyze the data you need to find your digital audience and tailor your marketing to attract more consumers. Here are some key steps that you can follow to successfully determine and focus on your target digital audience.

Showcase Value, not Function

It’s easy for digital media brands to get their marketing efforts caught up within the various features and content categories offered to readers. So much so, in fact, that some completely forget to consider what the user wants. Your vast and diverse offerings don’t mean much if the reader isn’t interested in the topic at hand, or if they’re not finding the specific content they were looking for.

Instead, focus on targeted marketing that takes into account the individual user’s preferences. Use data (preferably first-party) to make meaningful connections between the content you’re offering and their interests. It’s also a good idea to focus media efforts on communicating what benefits you bring over the competitors, so they’re clearly aware of this before they make a decision to buy.

Analyze Your Existing Audience

Your existing audience shouldn’t be ignored during your marketing efforts. In fact, they’re a valuable source of information and a good guide on what types of customers are into your content and platform. Based on their individual preferences and behavior as they engage with your brand across various channels, you can gain a lot of meaningful data that can be analyzed to build an accurate profile on the ideal target audience member.

There are several easy-to-deploy software solutions that can be implemented onto your website to parse and analyze your audience’s data and provide meaningful insights. You can easily leverage this data to get an idea of what your audience likes and doesn’t, and use it towards improvements and changes on your platform.

Look At What Your Competitors Are Doing

One of the best strategies for keeping up with the market is to take a leaf out of your competitor’s books. Depending on where you are in terms of experience and ability, you might be able to learn a lot from looking at how other digital media brands are reaching out to potential users.

Whether it's their handling of social media accounts, advertising strategy, or their content itself, there are several factors that come together to make a brand enticing to a digital audience. Make consistent efforts to emulate what works for your competitors, and you’re sure to see it start working for you too.

Reach Out to Your Users with Questionnaires to Get Feedback

If you’re finding that you have plenty of visitors to your platform but your conversion rates are lower than expected, it's a good idea to take in consumer feedback proactively through questionnaires or surveys. You can ask questions related to their interests, opinions on the content and platform features, what improvements they think could be made, and what factors play a part in encouraging them to convert.

Surveys and other tools like this can give you a closer look at what drives potential leads to convert and what prevents your visitors from becoming paid subscribers. There are several free survey tools, such as Google Forms, that can identify your audience persona and decipher what’s missing from your strategy.

Analyze trends and patterns in your user feedback

Using surveys and other forms of data gathering, you get a lot to work with when assessing potential areas of improvement in your brand’s approach towards the customer journey. However, it’s just as important to look for underlying trends that might point to a bigger problem in the long run.

For example, you might change the layout of your sports section towards a cleaner, more user-friendly UI, but instead get a negative response overall. Analyzing user feedback across the board might reveal that your update removed a key convenience feature that many individuals liked.

It’s not just direct improvements - keeping an eye on trends that unfold over an ongoing period of user feedback is a good way to stay on top of how you can improve your brand reputation amongst users.

Try to Establish Your Own Niche

Users are most likely to remain engaged with your brand and keep returning to your platform if they can occupy a niche that no one else quite manages to cover. This largely depends on your brand’s willingness to pivot and adjust their content strategy for the sake of more impressions and conversions, but can be quite manageable even without a significant shift in your goals and practices.

Make this clear to your audience as well - nothing resonates more effectively with your users than when your description of an ideal audience member suits them perfectly. They’re likely to keep you as their first choice for content and news services when they realize that you’re catering specifically to their niche.


The process of identifying and effectively targeting the ideal digital audience for your platform is not easy, and it doesn’t happen quickly either. It’s a process that takes time and continuous effort on your part as a digital media brand. But by following the suggestions we’ve covered, you’ll be well on your way towards expanding your brand’s reach across the web and converting more users into paid subscribers.

A Guide on Company Registration in Offshore Countries

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, April 30, 2022
If you look at any company who has been into business for some time, you will find they have at least one offshore location. It's not just luck but it's profitable to have an offshore life along with many other benefits. In this post, we are going to talk about the same - company registration in offshore countries and its benefits.

Why Open a Legal Company in Offshore Countries?

There are different reasons why someone can choose to go the route of company registration in offshore countries. Key benefits of the company's establishment in offshore countries include:

Lower administrative costs

If you find it difficult to comply with the requirements for company formation in your home country, offshore jurisdictions are a great way to start a business. They provide you with a much simpler and more flexible form of the company formation process. This way, you can cut your costs in half or more.

Optimized taxation

Foreign businesses enjoy better tax treatment than they would in their home country, especially if they conduct enough research to find a jurisdiction that offers them the lowest taxes possible. Tax regulations differ from country to country, and it’s a good idea to check if they suit your specific business.

Economical and political stability

This is particularly important for foreign businesses in countries that are not as developed as, say, the US or Germany. In fact, offshoring can be an effective way of reducing the chance of experiencing business problems related to domestic political instability or economic downturn. Accelerating your growth by setting up a company in a stable offshore jurisdiction is just one of the many reasons why it’s worth moving your business.

This list of reasons for choosing an offshore jurisdiction is not exhaustive. Every single company will have its own unique reasons for setting up shop in a specific country.

How Long Will It Take to Register a Company in Offshore Countries?

With the exception of really peculiar situations, it usually takes a few business days or a week to set up a company in an offshore jurisdiction. The process is as straightforward as can be: you submit an application form with all required information, pay a non-refundable fee (sometimes), and finally, you get the registration certificate after the authorities accept your documents.

It’s as quick and simple as it can be. In order to simplify the process, some companies hire a local team to assist them or seek help from firms that deal with offshore country registrations.

After a few weeks pass, your company will receive authorized copies of the registration documents.

What Organizational / Legal Things to Consider Before Even Starting a Company in Offshore Countries?

Before starting to form a company in offshore countries, it’s worth taking a few steps to ensure you understand the process of setting up a business. At its most basic, it can be separated into three distinct stages:


That is where you need to first assess if you need a company to conduct your business. The planning stage involves settling on the jurisdiction, business name, legal structure, and more.


Now that you examined the rules and guidelines for the jurisdiction of your choice, it’s time to get the legal documents you will need.


This stage encompasses all steps related to finalizing the process of setting up the company.

Throughout this process, you will be faced with several decisions, which require careful analysis and consideration. Take the following factors into account when taking on such a task:

Geographical position

Regulatory requirements are important, but the location of the company/jurisdiction matters just as much. Do you ever plan on visiting the area, or is it a strictly remote venture?

Legal framework

You have to make sure that the legal framework suits your business' needs.

Country membership in trade organizations

This can play an important part in decreasing the profitability of some businesses.

The additional legal and/or organizational considerations will depend heavily on the nature of the business you are setting up. What can really cost you, though, is not having the foresight to get these details in advance.

Why Is It So Easy to Register a Company in Offshore Countries?

The ease of setting up a company in offshore countries should not come as a surprise - it is the reason why the offshore industry is huge and booming in the first place. Levels of demand across the globe have skyrocketed in recent years, and are only expected to continue. This high demand causes the offshore countries to simplify their regulations and policies in an effort to attract even more businesses and grow their economies.

Why Do People Choose Offshore Companies for Company Formation?

Top reasons for offshore company registration include:

  • Privacy
  • High levels of asset protection
  • Lesser tax burden
  • Limited lawsuit penalties
  • Plentiful long-term business opportunities
  • Relatively simple to set up and maintain
  • Transparent business laws
  • Confidentiality

The above factors are by no means the only reasons why people elect to set up a company offshore, but it gives you a general idea of the reasons why many entrepreneurs and businesses choose to go that route. The top of the list of disadvantages can be summed up in three words: subjective reputational value.

Some people and/or firms refuse to do business with offshore companies because of the perceived risk associated with operating in such countries. The perception is mostly just that offshore companies can be less accountable than companies based in Western countries, which is simply not true.

How To Improve Digital Branding

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, April 15, 2022
Depending on the nature of your business, digital branding strategy may change but you need for sure. Especially after the pandemic, almost every industry is focusing more on getting online and in such scenarios, the importance of digital branding is even more.

Now digital branding is not just about setting up a website, adding a basic logo and submitting the site in Google console for auto-indexing. A lot more needs to be done and, in this article, we will talk the same – how to improve digital branding?

7 successful steps to improve digital branding

Here I am going to talk about some of the very important steps to improve digital branding. When there is a lot of competition now, standing out is a real challenge and through this article, we are trying to solve the same.

#1 Business logo

Well, I am not definitely talking about a logo which has been just sketched for the sake of logo. Your logo should talk about brand identity. Take any big company – Apple, Target, Tesla, etc. all have one thing common and that is – strong brand identity.

These companies have tried to connect with their customers in such a way that next time when they see their logo, immediately it should be recognised. A logo should be good enough to talk about what you are doing so that users can relate to it. A few things those you should keep in mind when getting a business logo developed-

  • Avoid complicated designs as your customers would like a simple yet effective one which is easy to recognise and remember
  • Select the colours which is your branding colour and suits your aspirations
  • Don’t make it look similar to your competitors when you are going for logo design
  • It should be adjusted to use in other branding materials like website, merchandise, cards, advertisement, and others

#2 Brand story

Storytelling is one of the most demanding skills these days and there is a reason behind it. The better story you tell your customer about you, your brand, your business, the better they will be able to connect with you. The only thing that you need to take care of while storytelling is authenticity. Trust is always built with transparency and so when you tell the story, it should be transparent. For example, if you are telling a story about one of your existing customers like how they benefited by using your product, then you should have facts and figures that are pretty transparent.

Below are some points you should take a note in order to say your story with full impact –

  • Numbers should reliable and with full transparency
  • Try connecting with your audience at personal level
  • Be consistent
  • Be at your word

#3 Professional website

In digital business, your website is the shop or office or whatever you say and so it should be professional and completely depicting your business. Your website content should be authentic and it should connect to your users. For some important pages where you are selling, you may consider using landing pages as well. Following are some of the important elements you should keep in a business website-

  • Keep your pages brief and don’t overload with texts
  • Use proper combination of colour and fonts on website
  • Use CTA properly, have the navigation sorted

#4 SEO

SEO is search engine optimisation which gives you visibility in the search engine. When you are new, you may consider getting some paid traffic but you can not run your business with just paid traffic. You need free and quality traffic which can only come from search engines and for this SEO is best. If you have in-house SEO capability it’s great, else get it outsourced. Also, there are majorly two parts of SEO activities - On-page SEO & off-page SEO and a balance between these two should be maintained. For detailed on-page SEO, you can follow our guide. Following are some of the top pointers you should note while doing SEO of your business website -

  • Highlight and focus on your main & additional keywords
  • Use keyword research tool to get the best keywords for your website and pages
  • Do a thorough competitor research to understand how they are ranking
  • Incorporate all important pages in your website - about, contact, services, privacy policy etc.
  • Keep an audit on your brand mention and backlink

#5 Brand messaging

Building a brand is not easy and so brand messaging is one of the things that your website or company should say clearly. Every aspect of your brand message should encourage your customer to take some action on your website - it may be buying something or contacting you. Here are a few examples of brand messaging -

  • Coca-cola says - To inspire moments of optimism and uplift
  • Nike – Just do it
  • Red Bull – Red Bull gives you wings
  • Geico: 15 minutes or less can save you 15% or more on car insurance
  • Walmart: Save money. Live better

#6 Social media marketing

SEO alone might not be sufficient enough to pull all the traffic you need. This may be due to many reasons like - SEO is not giving you expected result or you are in a competitive niche where it's taking time to get the expected result or maybe you are in a fashion or wearable niche where quality traffic may come from social media. You should target some of the best social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn for your major targeting strategy. Below are some of the common hacks for getting the best result from social media marketing-

  • Have interaction with your users, engage with them, answer them
  • Keep sharing posts, photos, videos at regular intervals. For this you may use social media post planner tools like Hootsuite
  • Have an idea when your followers are mostly active and schedule your posts accordingly to get the best result

#7 Email marketing

Another great form of marketing is email marketing where you don’t have to spend much and results are impressive. Start collecting the emails using some form on your website and then re-target those emails with some offers using email marketing. The great thing is there are many email marketing services that you can use to send automated emails, and can do A/B testing as well. A few things to remember while doing email marketing-

  • Emails should be easy to read
  • Should be scheduled carefully
  • Emails should fulfil the motto of what you want to achieve


These were some of the quick ways to improve digital branding for your business. Apart from all these, you may follow content marketing, PPC marketing, and more to get you the best. You should also work on brand protection to ensure it’s going in a positive and expected way.

Why You Should Send Handwritten Letters Instead of E-mail

By Ashutosh Jha →
Are you also thinking that in this digital world, personal touch is missing somewhere?

Well, one of the things that I am going to discuss today will somehow solve this problem for you. If you are in the business and trying to get a personal touch with your customers, start sending them handwritten letters instead of e-mails. There are various benefits of it which I will talk in details today.

Why handwritten letters are better than emails – 6 reasons

Let’s talk 10 points on why handwritten letters are better than emails –

#1 Letters get opened

If you are doing email marketing then you must be knowing about its open rate. As per MailChimp, the average open rate of email is only 22.7%. Although this is good compared to many other marketing medium but when it comes to handwritten letters, numbers are amazing.

In fact, handwritten letters should not be even included in such comparison as it enjoys an amazing open rate of 99%. This is not abnormal as when someone sends you a handwritten letter, it is directed to you, written with personal feel and so who won’t open it. Handwritten letters are so special where the sender put a lot of efforts writing it. So, even if the receiver doesn’t know the sender, still they open it.

#2 Long lasting impression

Think about sending a thank you note to your customer that too handwritten, how your customer will feel. What would be more authentic than this rather than a generic typed email.

Not only this, handwritten letters are doesn’t create impression one time, usually people keep such letters in their drawing room and open multiple times leaving a long-lasting impression.

#3 Separate you from competition

Emails are very simple to draft and send to someone. It is also economical where you draft/design the email only once and can print thousands of copies. This is exactly what your competitors are doing and if you are also doing the same then how you will stand out? One simple and easy thing that you can do for communication which will keep you at a better place than your competitor is - handwritten letters. It will definitely make your customers surprised and even if they don’t open the letter immediately, they will open later for sure. Usually, the generic emails your competitors are sending largely goes into spam or promotion tab which usually no one opens.

#4 Handwritten letters are memorabilia

If you are thinking of solving multiple things with just one thing, probably handwritten letter is one of the best. With handwritten letters, you don’t only send a personalised note to your customer but also works as a branding. Usually people consider handwritten letter as a gift and they save it for longer period and keep opening as and when they want. Also, as such letters are kept in their drawing room and so even the guest have a look and works like a free and authentic promotion.

#5 Affordable way to create a relationship

It is always a misconception that handwritten letter will take hours to write and send. This is not the case and in fact it is the most affordable and time saving way to build a relationship with your customers. We should appraise the handwritten letter writing service offering which makes such work damn easy in the best pricing.

Compared to handwritten letter, Email is impersonal and text message have limited features and again takes time to write it. Comparing all, seems handwritten letter are affordable, impactful, and time saving way of marketing.

#6 Sending handwritten letter is easy

When you have penned down all the letters, sending those is the last thing you can do. It is not difficult to send those as nowadays there are bunch of courier companies and even postal services who can do this for you at the minimal charges. If you are sending such letters more frequently, you can have a corporate tie up with the courier company and then will take care of the admin stuff.


These were some of the very important points to consider when you are confused with handwritten letter vs email. I am sure by now you must have understood how important and beneficial it is to send your customer handwritten letter. Let me know your thoughts on this.

EaseUS Todo Backup Review: Backup & Restore & Clone your Data

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, April 14, 2022
Many times we come across the issues like hard drive got corrupted etc. and that time we don’t have any option and we lose the data. So it’s good to prepare for the worst case scenario.

Although the new version of Windows OS has the backup feature but it is very limited and users feel the need of some external software and tools which can save them from any such digital disaster. EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a standalone program which helps you to create backups, disk clones, emergency disks and much more.

I am using it since few days and it is working well for me and I am sure you will love it. I am using the free version of it and so have bit limited feature but if you are going with premium then you will have access to all the features which are much useful. Here in this EaseUS Todo Backup review, I am going to share all the features of the tool and will let you know how it is going to help you.

EaseUS Todo Backup Review

What is EaseUS Todo Backup?

EaseUS Todo Backup tool is a software by the well-known software product company EaseUS which is known for their data products since years.

This tool is free for Home but you will have to buy if you're using it commercially i.e. for business purpose.

In the free version, you can use Todo Backup Free. In the premium segment, you will have access to many tools which will help you a lot. I will be talking about those in detail later in this EaseUS Todo Backup review.

Who’s it for?

This tool is for all who need versatile backup and restore solutions. This Todo backup tool is a perfect solution if you need a solid tool which can help you in any situation and if you don’t have any technical knowledge as well.

Anyone from the average user to a seasoned administrator can benefit from this wizard-based backup solution. You can mount up the backup once created to ensure that all the files are at their places and working.

Features of EaseUS Todo Backup Tool

Let’s start with the features and usability of this awesome and helpful backup software. To get started, I would first suggest you to download the software and check exactly how it is going to help you!

This software comes with four kinds of backup solutions-

• Disk/Partition backup
• File Backup
• System Backup
• Smart Backup

Now, let’s start with all these features one by one.

Disk/Partition backup

Using this option, you can backup any drive of you system or any partition. For this all you have to do is, open the wizard and select the drive you want to backup.

You can also backup external hard drive easily using this feature.

File Backup

If you don’t want to backup the entire drive and just need to backup the important stuff, then this feature is for you. Select the files you want to backup and done.

System Backup

This feature will backup your entire system including the software and apps installed in your PC with the files. If anytime you need to restore the system, you can easily do it.

Smart Backup

This is a smart feature by the company where it will automatically backup some important files from your system like files on desktop, documents sections etc.

Clone Feature of EaseUS Todo Backup Software

Using this feature you can clone a drive to another, a folder or anything you may need and want. This tool will show you all the partitions you have in your system which even includes the hidden files.

You can easily clone the hard drive using this software. You can check this article on how to clone hard drive for more details. You can also clone HDD to SSD (solid state device) using this tool.

There are much more features of this tool like-

Emergency disc creation: This can be used to create a disc quickly in case of any emergency like while restoring if the required disc will get failed or corrupted, you can create the new one quickly.

Wipe data: This will help you to delete everything in a one go

Mount/Unmount: Will help you to unmount the mounted drive and vice versa easily.


EaseUS Todo Backup tool is really a very helpful tool for everyone who use any kind of storage device no matter it is internal or external. It’s good to have some precautions rather regret later.

The best thing with this software is, it works perfectly with all the windows OS and you won’t feel any compatibility issue.

Which tool you use to backup and restore your data?

CTF Loader in Windows 10- Everything To Know About It

By Ashutosh Jha →
When you use your electronic device and find that the “CTF loader” is running in the task manager, I am sure it made you curious to know what it is. You have found the correct article as today, I will mention what exactly is CTF and many questions related to it. The first thing to know about CTF is that it’s harmless. Many applications on our electronic devices such as Microsoft use it.

But if you feel like your CTF loader is causing your electronic device to slow down or is causing any errors then the service can easily be disabled. The CTF loader services can be disabled at any time if it's not required for your efficient working. If it’s causing you errors, then you can easily fix it by yourself without any help and here you will find out how that happens.

Before jumping to more questions and concepts about CTF, let's see what exactly is CTF loader.

What is the CTF loader?

While you found that your task manager was running a CTF loader, it must have raised the question in your mind as to what is CTF loader is. The CTF is an abbreviation for a “collaborative translation framework”. CTF loader is used by applications like Microsoft to deduce the handwriting and voice recognition on your electronic device.

If your computer is fine and working with the CTF loader in function, then simply ignore it. But if it's causing it to slow down or other errors, then you have to check the same. If you are using a program that doesn't need a CTF loader, then you can disable it as well. There is a slight possibility that you may have a virus in your computer that is disguised as the CTF or ctmon.exe.

The basic function of the CTF is to help the computer with keyboard translation, speech or voice recognition, and handwriting recognition. Everything that you write and the audios recorded for your electronic device will be deduced with the help of CTF. Now that we know what is CTF loader, let's understand if CTF is a virus or not.

Is CTF loader a virus?

The most common question asked about CTF is “is CTF loader a virus?”. CTF loader is running even when you are not using any Microsoft office tools. After shutting down the program, the CTF still runs in the background. The CTF is a legitimate Windows file and hence it is not connected to any virus, spyware, or malware.

It’s certainly true that people who create the malware apps may often name it CTF or something identical to the .exe file to disguise their malware, spyware, or virus as CTF loader. In general, it is not a virus. But if a virus has entered your computer disguised as CTF, then get it checked by your security task manager.

If you feel that the CTF is causing errors in your computer, then disable it and you will find out if it's a virus disguised as CTF or a different virus that is causing you problems.

What does a CTF loader process do?

The CTF loader process handles and monitors the user-related functions on the application such as Microsoft Office and all its tools, for example, word, excel, etc. The user-related functions it handles are the inputs of the keyboard, recognition of speech, handwriting recognition, translation from speech to text, and many other language-related functions of the Microsoft.

When you type something from your keyboard on a Microsoft office tool or upload audio that has to be converted to speech or transcribe, you will need the CTF loader process to be running on the background. If you have disabled it in the past, then you have to enable it for you to use the Microsoft.

Issues with the CTF loader windows 10

There are many functions of the windows 10 and one of them is the CTF loader. We now know the role, functions, and basics of CTF loader so let's focus on some of the common issues related to the CTF loader windows 10.

  1. CTF loader has crashed: The common complaint of many users is that the file of CTF loader windows 10 has stopped running itself. This leads other functions in the computer to cease its function as well. It causes great inconvenience for the user.
  2. The computer is sluggish: The other common complaint is that the CTF loader causes the computer to slow down. This happens because of the high RAM usage by the computer and users.

What causes CTF to have errors?

We know everything about what does CTF loader do as well as that it sometimes causes issues but why does it cause any errors in the functioning? The problems mostly arise after your system has been updated. The update can affect the performance of the computer significantly. This happens because many other files of the windows clash with the CTF loader.

Other errors arise due to the error in the inputs or the language packs. It is possible that when you try to change the language of the windows, there might be a warning, that the language you wish to choose is not available in the language pack.

The third cause of the error can be malware. There can be hidden malware that obstructs the working of your CTF. To impair your operating system, a program that has viruses can target as well as destroy the CTFMON.exe and this will create many errors in the efficient functioning of the CTF.

Fixing CTF loader: a guide

If you have run into errors and problems due to your CTF loader, then there are certain steps by which you can fix it by yourself without any professional help.

8 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress

By Ashutosh Jha →
Barbara Januszkiewicz has rightly said, “Creative thinking inspires ideas and those ideas inspire change”. If you are a creative person, WordPress welcomes you to turn your imagination into the reality.

This globally renowned CMS platform opens endless possibilities for creative people. Whether you are a photographer, blogger, graphic designer or a young entrepreneur who has a great startup idea in mind, you can easily begin your online journey with WordPress.

WP Website Types
WordPress is a very flexible content management system. With the correct combination of plugins and theme, you can build nearly anything with it.

It would not be wrong to say, with WP, the sky is the limit. The best thing about WordPress is, unlike most CMS platforms, the need of hiring a developer is almost slim to none.

8 Top WordPress Websites Types for your Next Business

Let’s have a look at types of websites you can build with this amazing CMS platform. These top WordPress website types will help you understand what all kind of websites can be built with WordPress so that you can start your online journey.


If you keep a passion for blogging and want to show your interest and talent to the world, you can’t find a better platform than WordPress.

WordPress was first started as a simple blogging platform and today it is a popular content management system in the world. Therefore, it understands each and every requirement of a passionate blogger.

Why WordPress is the Right Platform for Blogging.

Adequate Support

As a newbie, you may require technical support frequently. WordPress comes with easy support forum where you can get all kind of support to set up your blog.

Countless Theme Options

As a blogger, your primary concern might be the design of your blog. WordPress has a number of options for themes. Apart from official WordPress theme directory, there are countless marketplaces that provide both premium as well free themes.


WordPress supports various ad networks such as Google AdSense, Propeller Ads, etc.

Some of the popular blogs built on WordPress are TechCrunch, Reuters Blog, After Ellen, Spoon and Tamago, Darren Hardy, The Positivity Blog, etc.


With the popularity of the internet and advancements in technology, more and more businesses are switching from offline to online. If you are also planning to enter online market with your products and services, WordPress gives you this opportunity through its WooCommerce plugin.

This free plugin allows you turn your WordPress site into an eCommerce store. The plugin lets you perform various tasks with just a few clicks such as accepting payment, managing inventory, product shipping, etc. WooCommerce needs to be installed and activated just like any other WP plugins.

There are various tutorials available that guide how to turn WordPress into an e-commerce site, one easy one you can find on

Online News/Magazine Portal

Over the past years, you might have noticed a huge growth in digital magazines and online news portals. You will be surprised to know that in the United States only, there are more than 18 million e-magazine readers and this count is growing with each passing day.

If you are planning to launch online news or magazine portal, look no further. WordPress has thousands of responsive themes that can give the best professional look to your online news and magazine and can handle all requirements perfectly.

The Newspaper is a well-known WordPress theme that lets you create a professional and eye-pleasing news portal. The theme provides exceptional ease to write blog posts. Apart from news portal, you may use this theme to build an online magazine and a review site.

Apart from themes, there are numerous plugins which have been specially designed to help you present your news in a better way. Some of the popular plugins that can turn your WP into an online magazine are:

  • Storyform
  • IssueM
  • WP jQuery Pager
  • WP Easy Columns
  • Aesop Story Engine
  • Gridster


If you are expert in your niche and want to impart this knowledge to others via an online medium you can easily build a knowledge website with WordPress. Such websites come with various service tools that help you provide your audience a quick answer to their queries.

There are hundreds of professional themes and plugins available that you can use to build a knowledge base site. Some of the popular ones are given below.

  • InfoCenter
  • Uncode
  • Helper
  • Flatbase
  • KnowAll, etc.

Using these tools, you can easily create a Wikipedia like knowledge-base.

If you want to add documentation section on your current WordPress website, you may install Knowledge base plugin on your site. This plugin lets you build self-service customer desk within few minutes. Using it, you can easily create a professional resource of helpful articles.

Community Forums

For last few years, we have been seeing a huge rise in the community forums. They are the best platforms to create an open discussion on specific topics.

Even from the marketing point of you, community forums have proven quite effective. So if you’re looking for the right platform to build a community forum, invest in WordPress.

WordPress is the best platform for community forums. It supports various plugins and tools that can help your build an excellent forum support. Let’s have a look at few popular forum plugins for WordPress.


This plugin lets you integrate a forum into your WordPress site. The best part is, it uses the same WP core and follow the same coding standards as WP.


With this tool, you can create your own social network within your WordPress site like bbPress.

CM Answer

If you want to create a question-answer community on your WP Site, CM Answer lets you quickly set up this feature. This plugin can integrate with almost every WordPress theme. CM Answer will enable your user vote on question and answers.

DW Question Answer

It acts as similar to CM Answer. You can create a question-answer site in just a few steps. With this plugin, users can vote and comment on answers. Moreover, you can use it as a support forum.

Business Website

In the present digital world, having a professional website is quite crucial for every business. Today, if you don’t have a website you’re definitely going to lose some great opportunities.

You probably don’t know, but a business website can be used to run various marketing strategies. It has a wider reach than any other form of advertising.

WordPress is one of the best platforms to build any type of business website. With WordPress, you can create a professional looking website within a few minutes. Even some powerful brands such as BBC America, The New Yorker, Bloomberg Professional, Variety, Sony Music, PlayStation, etc. have chosen WordPress.

Avada is a popular multi-purpose WordPress theme that you can use to build any kind of business WordPress website. It is a fully responsive theme, which can adapt to any screen size. As Avada is a Retina Ready theme, everything looks sharp and crisp. Moreover, it comes with dozens of pre-designed page layout that means you can set up your site within few minutes.

Online Business Directory

Are you planning to build an online business directory something similar to CitySearch, Manta, Yellowpages or Yelp? If yes! WordPress is the platform you were looking for.

There are numerous WP business directory plugins that can help you to turn WordPress into an elegant business directory.

As business directories and job boards are high in demand, building such websites can be your smart move.

Some popular WP plugins for online business directory

Sabai Directory

It is a fully responsive premium plugin that lets you create a community-driven directory like Yahoo Local, Yelp, Google +, etc. It gives you an option to display listing in a map, list, and grid view.

With this plugin, you can give your users option to search your listings by keywords, locations, distance, and category. Moreover, you can also set auto-suggestion feature for user convenience.

Connections Business Directory

It is another high-rated business directory plugin which you can use to build a business directory or link directory. Its simple design, unique features makes it more popular among people.

Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin is a fully customizable plugin you can use to create a local directory.


If you are a photographer, home designer or any other artist, a portfolio website is a great platform for you to showcase your talent in the best possible manner to your audience. By building a professional portfolio, you can take your business to the next level in a cost-effective and noticeable way.

The WordPress theme ‘Heat’ allows you to build an eye-pleasing portfolio site. Its layout is designed to fulfill the requirements of graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers. That is why countless artists across the globe are using this WordPress theme.

Some of its great features are:

  • Responsive design
  • Built-in shortcodes
  • Custom post types for a large-scale website.
  • Featured Content Slider.

Final Words

Started as a blogging platform, Today WordPress is used to build almost any type of website. Its powerful content management system is more powerful and easy to use than any other platform. That’s why 30% of the total internet is powered by WordPress only.

7 Best Free Online Proofreading Tools for Error-Free Writing

By Ashutosh Jha →
Whether you are a blog writer, columnist, feature writer, or any other type of writer, you have to ensure the quality content which is error-free and easy to read. There are writers who charge $100 for a post while others just get around $2-$3.

Why so much difference?
These are mainly because of the writing style, error-free, and data-driven content. While writing the content, we make loads of errors. These errors can be of grammar related or spelling mistakes or incorrect sentence creation etc.

You should do the detailed content analysis before publishing any article to ensure it is free from any kind of errors and mistakes. Usually, there are some errors which you won’t be able to find normally and so you may need to take the help of some tools which will detect such errors and help you to correct.

One such tool is Grammarly and there are many Grammarly alternatives that will help you to detect and correct the errors associated with the content.

As I wrote in my Grammarly review post that, it is a paid tool and the free version won’t much help especially if you are a beginner? So today, I will be sharing some best free online proofreading tools. These are also free Grammarly alternatives and are very useful for beginners who have just started.

So let’s get started with these Free Grammarly alternatives using which you can write an error-free and high-quality content. These free online proofreading tools will help all the writers no matter you are a beginner or an experienced professional.

Useful Free Online Proofreading Tools

Here is the list of 7 best online proofreading tools and software which will help you in your writing journey. These free online proofreading and editing software are available for free but some of them also provide the premium version with more features and customization.

Here are some of the common practice I used to do before publishing any post-

• I take a break after writing the article and proofreading. Usually, I do after a few hours.
• Read thoroughly and do with the cool mind. Better select a place with less distraction.
• Read from the visitors’ perspective
• Keep on editing in real-time. Some people find an error and mark it. After reading the entire article, they correct. But I prefer editing as soon as I find an error.
• Use an online proofreading tool.


Grammarly is trending and highly used online proofreading tool currently. This is a multi-purpose tool that will help you to check and correct any kind of content for any error.
If you will ask me to recommend only one online proofreading software, I will say you to go with Grammarly.

You can check our Grammarly review to know about the tool in detail. This software is a fermium tool which means, you can use it for free with some limitations but the paid version comes with a better result. Also, the tool has a web API, browser extension, and Microsoft Word extension for better editing. You can also check Grammarly alternatives to look for alternative options.

Join Grammarly, it’s free!


Ginger is another top grammar checker tool for editing and proofreading the articles. It is one of the best Grammarly alternatives.

It is a free online proofreading software and comes with all the major OS like Windows, Android, and iOS. It has many features like-

• Grammar checker
• Sentence rephrase
• Translation
• Dictionary
• Text Reader
• Personal Trainer and much more…



Polishmywriting works in a similar way as Ginger do but it won’t suggest you for the error like a/an, has/have, etc.

It provides a colorful interface where it shows the errors in three different color-

• Red for the spelling error
• Blue for the style suggestions
• Green for grammatical errors

I found this proofreading software most quick compared to any other online proofreading software.


Slick Write

I found Slick Write one of the best online proofreading and editing tools. If you are not in a hurry and want to deliver the quality content with NO mistakes, Slick Write is for you.

It doesn’t only help you to detect and correct the grammar and spelling errors but also helps you to improve your writing skills.

It will also help you to form the correct sentence and will help you with the word variety.



PaperRater is another good tool for online proofreading and has almost similar features that other free online proofreading services provide with an extra feature. It also checks your article title and rates your overall work like your vocabulary, word choice, style, etc.

You just need to submit your content and it will give you and score based on your writing, grammar, content quality, and sentence formation.

Again it is a fermium tool and you will get full functionality and features in the premium version. But the free version is also worth trying.


This is a bit different from what other online proofreading software provides. Using this tool, you can check your article in different languages.

This tool is highly useful when you have to proofread your entire blog. It will check and will suggest the best solutions for the errors found.


Language Tool

It is another new but impressive free online proofreading tool. It is an open-source proof­reading program for English, French, German, Polish, and more than 20 languages.

The tool is available for open office, desktop, Firefox, and Google Chrome. You can paste your content and can get the suggestions for the errors found.


The writer is a leading AI-enabled business writing assistant for business. It helps you write better content which are error-free and which makes an impact. The writer is comparatively new in the segment but due to its algorithm, getting immense popularity. And due to the strong platform, Writer is being used by organizations like HSBC, Twitter, Zoom+, Discovery, Intuit, and more.

The best thing with Writer is, it allows you to create your own rules for editing content across the platform without referring back to the reference document all the time.

Tommy Hyland who is the VP of Marketing at Ascend says- Writer has allowed him to centralize his content style guide and terminology, making it much easier for others across the company to create marketing content that is aligned to our brand. Please note it is a premium tool and only free trial is available.

Here are some of the features of the Writer which you can use regularly-

  • Available for Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs
  • Uses AI to recommend best and find the error
  • You can save your own style and use it anytime
  • Helps you to be consistent throughout the content in the organization
  • Control where the suggestions should show
  • Fully safe and secure

Access Writer

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best and free online proofreading tools. These free proofreading software helps you to check content for any possible grammar mistakes and also helps you to enhance your writing.

Do check your contents before publishing with any of these grammar checking tools and ensure that it is error-free and easy to read and avoid common blogging mistakes.

Let me know which online proofreading tool you use for content editing?