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How to Earn Money from Your Blog

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, December 11, 2022
Blogging is a fun hobby that can turn around and bring in quite a bit of valuable income. The key to being successful at what you do is to have a site that people are going to want to visit.

This involves investing in your domain and finding a niche that is interesting enough to keep people engaged and earning cash using sponsored posts and affiliate linking. Your website will be a source of regular income that you can count on day in and day out.

The great thing about keeping a blog is that you can work right from your own home. You can even get the whole family involved, especially if you're planning on writing a lot about your everyday life.

Regardless of the type of site that you choose to create, there are a multitude of ways to earn some money off of your efforts. Over time, the domain will grow exponentially and be something that you look forward to maintaining in order to see it grow further.

Invest in Your Site

First and foremost, you need to invest into a quality domain name. Sure, there are tons of free hosting options available to you, but you need a site that is specific to your very own blog. You should also invest into how the domain looks, since this is what people will see when first coming by for a visit.

If you have old student loans and debts, now's a great time to consolidate them so that you can have more money to put towards your goals. A single payment with a lower interest rate can help free up extra money each month. Don't hesitate to take that extra savings and hire a web designer or developer who is going to be able to get your URL off the ground in a timely manner.

Find a Niche

People who are visiting your site are doing so because they are interested in what you have to say. Because of this, it's a smart idea to find a niche that is going to bring in a larger audience. For example, you might want to write about cooking and recipes, or you'd rather have a blog that is completely devoted to your family's animals or farm.

By having a topic that you can fall back on day after day, you'll likely gain quite a large following of people who are interested in the same things.

Have Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts essentially allow you to write according to a client's products or services. For example, a client might ask you to write about buying chicken feed online, and you can compose a blog post about how you've always wanted chickens and then link to the client's chicken feed website. This is called a sponsored post, and the client will actually pay you in order to write them.

In order to get a solid client base, it's important that your domain be popular and rank well on search engines. Your client won't necessarily be willing to pay you for a sponsored link if you only get five visitors to the webpage every day.

Advertise Your Blog

Advertising will get people interested in what you're all about and what you have to offer. You can advertise using a variety of different methods, and some of these options won't even cost you a lot of money. You may choose to create a social media account specific to your life as a blogger. You can pay to advertise on other web pages through a process known as affiliate linking.

The more that you advertise and market your new webpage, the more people are going to find it and be willing to visit it. In return, your rankings will skyrocket and you'll be able to make more money off of your sponsored posts.

Keep it Updated

The key here is to continually keep your site updated as often as you can. This doesn't mean that you need to create a new post five times a day, but you also shouldn't allow the blog to go dormant for weeks at a time. Your visitors may have bookmarked your URL or they have signed up for updates. They are interested to read more content and will lose this interest if you fail to meet their expectations.

It's a good idea to get in the habit of creating new content everyday or every other day. If you're going away for any length of time, you can choose to automatically archive new posts so that they are added to the main page for you. This allows you to get away from your computer for a little while without having to worry that the site goes dead as a result.

Try to keep each article or post that you create as interesting and engaging as possible. This is what your visitors are coming by to read, so it needs to be informative or interesting enough to keep their attention.


These were some of the top steps on how to earn money from blogs. Using the above steps, you can create a quality blog and scale it up. Once your blog is having some quality, you can see it earning money easily.

Effective Ways to Make Money with Digital Marketing

By Ashutosh Jha →
The world has changed to a new level, and so have the ways we make money. Digital Marketing is one way to do that, which can be done from home or anywhere with access to the internet on your phone. There are many reasons why people choose to work at home through digital marketing, such as flexibility, lack of commute time, and saving money on gas/car expenses, to name a few. 

How would you like to make money without leaving your house? Well, this is possible with digital marketing. Many people have made a full-time income by starting their own online business. You can too! This blog will teach you how to start making money through digital marketing so that you can take a break from your day job and live the life of your dreams.

Decide Your Task

The first step to making money through digital marketing is deciding what business you want to start. People can sell many different things online, including items such as e-books, digital products (such as downloadable PDFs and video courses), and physical goods (such as clothing or jewelry, chobi rugs, and even subscriptions for services. Once you decide which business to pursue, the next step is figuring out who your audience will be. Knowing this will help a lot when it comes time for marketing and advertising!

9 Effective ways to make money with digital marketing

Digital marketing is the new wave of business, and there are endless opportunities for everyone in this field. Let's discuss the ideas that can help you get started on your path towards success.

#1 Freelance Writing

Can't think of anything to write about? Take the time out of your day, grab some coffee, and then find something interesting on Google that isn't already written about! And start writing. Freelance writing is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to make a side income. All it takes is an idea and a little bit of elbow grease. Then you can put together some content that will sell!

You might be wondering how much you're going to get paid as a freelance writer? There are many factors, such as the quality of your content, how often you write, and what type of writing it is. Some people find that they can earn as much as $400 a day on freelancing sites like UpWork or Fiverr!

#2 SEO Expert

If you have an eye for keywords and a knack for internet marketing, then SEO might be the best work for you. You can earn up to $100 an hour by helping people with their SEO issues or starting a company and charging your clients. You can even make revenue from other people's websites by placing ads on them or creating a website with affiliate links.

#3 Social Media Expert

If you can create interesting content, then social media marketing might be the perfect job for you. You'll have to find out what type of humor your audience enjoys and tailor some posts accordingly, but once you know their taste and choice, you can make your tweets or posts go viral.
Social media experts can earn $500 a day just from advertising, and if you have an audience of millions, then it might be worth your time to start monetizing! You can also work with other companies to handle their social media platforms, leading to a paycheck higher than $500.

#4 Content Creator

You'll need some experience in digital marketing before working at a large company as a social media manager, but you could start as a content creator. Many blogs, websites, and online platforms need people to create content for them. It could be interesting work that will help build your experience in digital marketing while still earning you income.
If you're good at content creation and know how to write headlines that attract people's attention, then writing for blogs might be the perfect job for you. You can earn money per article or blog post, and if your content is good enough, then it might help grow an audience that will monetize over time! You can create your content on any niche in the start, like fashion, furniture, home designs, Pakistani rugs, or even traditional handicrafts worldwide.

#5 Google Ads

Another effective way to earn money with digital marketing is through Google Ads. It's a great way for small businesses and new entrepreneurs to grow their audience while also making revenue from the traffic they bring in. If you have your website or blog, then this might be an option that will pay off over time. No matter what type of content you're creating, you can create a Google Ads campaign to help monetize your content.

#6 Network Marketing

Network marketing is also an effective way to make money through digital marketing. It's an easy and sustainable way for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. In network marketing, you can create long-term, sustainable income. One of the beauties of this is that it allows many different types of businesses to thrive and grow without being limited by location or size.

#7 Consulting Services

Sell your services as expertise. You can use your skills to help others by consulting with them on various business and marketing topics like SEO, conversion optimization, internet marketing strategy, or social media management.

#8 Freelancing

If you're a professional in the creative industry (e.g., web designing), freelancing is one of the best ways for digital marketers to earn money. Money. Freelancing also applies to other types of professions, such as writing and data entry. In this type of work, you are an independent contractor rather than a regular employee, so you'll need to take care of all the duties that come with being a freelancer, including finding your projects, billing clients, marketing yourself for new opportunities.
As a freelancer, you can do the work remotely, which means you can do it from home. Freelancing is often easier than trying to find employment. It also means you can work on more diverse types of jobs and industries. With freelance digital marketers charging $15 per hour to $50 per hour, the potential earnings are huge.

#9 Make Vlogs

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, and you can use it to your advantage. You should make videos for a few reasons: increasing brand awareness, driving traffic back to your website from YouTube's algorithm (it will rank higher in searches), and branding yourself as an expert when people are searching on Google or YouTube.
You can create vlogs while traveling or make your content, such as a documentary or cooking show. You also have the option to film an interview with someone (especially women) who has their own online business, like RugKnots (an online rug store), to talk about their struggles and successes.
If you want to make a vlog, the best way is to use YouTube's Creator Studio and go from there. You should set up your channel (including adding titles) and then add your video content on production sheets using a template provided by them.

On a Final Note

If you are looking to earn money through digital marketing, you must know your goals and expectations for the business venture. This can be not easy with all of the different options available on how to make money online.
However, taking a few moments to think about what type of income you want to generate from this endeavor will help narrow down some potential ways to start earning cash now or later.

What are the Most Effective Ways of Making Money Online?

By Ashutosh Jha →
For a lot of people, making money online from home is the dream scenario. Rather than slogging through a long commute every day working for someone else in a job you hate, being able to run your own online business offers much more. As long as you have space to work in, a computer, an internet connection and the required skills, there is no reason why you cannot start making money online.

What are the Most Effective Ways of Making Money Online?
The main challenge to overcome is actually choosing which areas to focus on. The internet has given us many ways of making money online – so many that it can be hard to know where to start!

Which are the best ways of making money online?

If you need some guidance as to the online ventures that are best for making money, then the below should help.


Of course, the first one we have to put on our list is blogging! Blogging is a fabulous way to make money online while using your passion and creativity. Popular platforms such as Blogger are free and easy to use, so you can get going right away. The key to making money with blogs is using either sponsorship from brands, affiliate marketing or Google AdSense to monetize them.

Stock trading

Another great online money-making idea is to begin trading in stocks and shares. While this does involve some risk, if you take the time to understand the stock market first and plan out how you will trade, then you can make some serious money. A great tip to help is subscribing to a dedicated stock market news feed. This will ensure that you always have the latest news and breaking stories to trade with – many traders will use The Feed from Hammerstone for exactly this purpose.

Self-publish an e-book

At one time, publishing your own book was either costly to do yourself or hard to convince a publisher to do for you. The internet has made self-publishing your own e-books via platforms such as Smashwords much simpler and more cost-effective. Once ready, your book will be sold via the platform you publish it on, so you can count the money as each sale rolls in.

Sell stuff online

This is one online money-making idea that many people follow, and you should also. You could make your own handcrafted items professionally and then sell them via an online marketplace such as eBay. Many people will also be inspired by shows such as American Pickers to find old items to buy and then sell online. Of course, for many, it is as simple as selling off the old stuff that you already have but no longer want.

Making money online is simple

Although there are many pretty easy ways to make money online, you still need to put some work in. If you do this, then any of the methods that we have looked at can really pay off. If you are thinking of how you can make some extra money or start a new career with the internet from home, then there has never been a better time than now.

These were some of the best ways to make money online. You may check more detailed guide on this here.

Ethereum vs. Ripple Trading

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, December 1, 2022
The list of top crypto assets includes coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Tether and many others, including XRP. Ripple XRP is one of the most traded digital coins, and we would like to compare it with the second asset in the ranking - Ethereum.

Ripple is a network that operates in the financial market and is used by financial companies, developers and individuals. The platform offers the XRP token that enables speedy, secure and cheap payments across the globe, making a worthy competition to the outdated SWIFT system.

Some facts about Ripple:

  • Ripple coin price is $0.38 (end of November 2022)
  • Payments on the Ripple network are completed within 2 - 3 seconds
  • The network performs 1,500 transactions per second
  • Low transaction fee - $0.0002 per operation
  • Energy Efficiency Network

The Ripple network is used by banks and financial companies. With the XRP token, they can issue crypto assets they can control and manage, facilitating payment processes and offering cheaper and faster transfers for their clients.

App developers use Ripple ledger to create and deploy blockchain products.
Individuals use the XRP token as a faster and cheaper option for money transfers at any point in the globe.

Ripple vs Ethereum: the Difference of Purpose and Application

The Ethereum network was designed as a decentralized solution for developers where they could build and deploy apps, NFTs, blockchain games and other products within being dependent on any centralized body. Based on Ethereum, developers create new tokens and share ideas while working on the products.

We can say Ethereum was created by rival financial institutions and offers a better option for developers to meet, create and work together. On the contrary, the Ripple network is meant to improve those institutions, bringing their services to a brand new level. Ripple brings blockchain technology to financial establishments, allowing them to improve their processes and provide faster and more efficient transactions. Ethereum rivals financial institutions while Ripple cooperates with them. That is the main difference between Ripple and Ethereum technology and purpose.

The Ethereum price is much higher than XRP price - as of late November 2022, $1,201. You can buy Ripple and Ethereum crypto on the WhiteBIT exchange. In addition, the WhiteBIT blog offers many interesting articles for you to read and learn more about these crypto assets.

How to Write SEO Articles in Four Easy Steps?

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, November 30, 2022
Being a blogger or internet marketer, you can't ignore the search engine. To rank your website or article in the search engine, you need to work on SEO. In this article Aspire Media will share some of the important tips to help you with SEO.

Again, SEO is having two parts-

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO

How to Write SEO Articles in Four Easy Steps?
We have earlier written a detailed guide to on-page SEO which you can check for reference and for off-page; link building is a major factor. You can check the following resources for the off-page SEO-

>> 25 websites for comment backlinks

In on-page SEO as well, content is the most important factor. You need to optimize your content from an SEO point of view to rank higher in the search engine. Although there are around 200 different ranking factors in the search engine, the content is definitely the leading one.

If you have ever outsourced your content writing work from some micro-job portals, you might have found differences in pricing. The major reason behind the differences between pricing is the content type.

The writer who writes SEO optimized content charges comparatively higher than a then normal content writer. Below I have compared two content packages from the leading micro-work site Fiverr and see the pricing differences. When the normal content is getting started from $10; SEO optimized content from $30. I am not saying this is standard but yeah, the SEO optimized content is normally priced higher.
Normal Content Price vs SEO Content Price
But usually, people find it difficult to write SEO optimized content. If you’re a newbie and just starting with it, I would suggest using the WordPress plugin Yoast SEO which analyzes your content and let you know if your content is optimized for a search engine for a particular keyword or not.

Never the less, in this How to Write SEO Articles in Four Easy Steps, I am going to explain the tricks to write perfectly on-page SEO optimized content.

Let’s start and see how to write SEO articles in four easy steps!

How to Write SEO Articles in Four Easy Steps?

Although a detailed guide to writing SEO optimized content can’t be covered in just 4-steps but yeah, I will summarize those. For detailed steps, you can follow our On-Page SEO optimization techniques post.

#1 Choose the focus keyword for your article.

Yes, this is the first work one should do while starting with the SEO optimized content. This is something like while starting any business; you first decide what to start. Similarly, we first fix the keyword while starting with any new article.

For example, for this post, my main keyword is- how to write SEO articles in four easy steps

And I have tried to optimize the content according to this keyword. One thing you should note here is, don’t spam your article with the keyword else there are chances of Google Penalization. Optimization is a good thing but not spamming.

Also, along with your main keyword, try selecting some secondary keywords which can be LSI keywords. The best way to find the LSI keyword is through the related search terms of any keyword in Google as shown below.

LSI Keywords Examples
Especially when you’re writing the long articles, you should select more than one keyword to rank for various other keywords as well. This is the best way to rank a single article for multiple keywords. If you’re new to keyword research, you can start with free Google AdWords or Google AdWords Alternatives.

#2 Frame the content Outline

Now that you have selected your primary and secondary keywords, it’s time to frame your content. It is always advisable to have most of the lead headings in the content (H1-H6).

A typical blog post content outline can be of the following format-

Content Outline Example
Although this is not the only format in which you can write, yeah, it is one of the standard content layouts. You can follow this for reference and frame your own content.

Make sure your title is H1 followed by H2, H3, H4 etc. depending on how deep you’re going. Also, try to use your keyword in the title, first paragraph, one of the subtitles and conclusion. Although this is not necessary but recommended!

As you can see, my main keyword “how to write SEO articles in four easy steps” is following an almost similar pattern.

#3 Write Introduction and Body of the Post

So far, you have done keyword research and decided to outline the content. It’s time to go ahead with the content introduction and body of the post.

In the introduction part, you may want to summarize your content like what the article is all about and bit insight on it. Try to insert your primary keyword once in the introduction part as well. A typical article introduction can be as below-

SEO optimized Post Example
Similarly, in the body section include all the subheadings and explain everything about the article. You can also include images and videos as required. You can also interlink your articles for deep linking. The body section is the lengthiest section of an article and you can use this to show everything about the topic. You can explain each and every aspect of the topic and convey your messages to your visitors.

#4 Write the conclusion paragraph

We have come to the last section of our how to write SEO articles in four easy steps. Here you can summarize the stuff you have written above and appeal something to your readers.

The appeal can be any of these-

  • You can ask your visitors’ thought on your article and ask them to comment
  • You can ask them to share your article on social media
  • Even you can ask them to subscribe to your blog
  • Or any other call to action kind of thing you can insert here

Wrapping it up!

This was all about how to write SEO articles in four easy steps. Hope you got a clear idea to write SEO optimized articles easily. But sometimes writing lengthy content can be difficult if you don’t have an experienced writer. In such cases, you can buy dissertations online easily.

Out of all these steps, keyword research and the content outline is the topmost and one should do this carefully. I would like to know your thoughts on this!

5 Great Ways to Use Online Resume Builder In Blogging

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, November 26, 2022
There have been so many developments when it comes to blogging. It started with sharing your personal thoughts, to money making businesses and now it can be used to find employment. A lot of employers will check out potential candidates online. This can be done on your social media platforms or even a blog. When you look at WordPress, you can find a plugin designed to help you create a resume.

5 Great Ways to Use Online Resume Builder In Blogging
[5 Great Ways to Use Online Resume Builder In Blogging]
A resume online builder is a perfect tool to use when you want to create a nurse resume that is professional and has the accepted format. A lot less thinking has to go into the structure of the resume. Using these types of resume builders is going to allow you to add information that is required and leave out those aspects that just take up space. Find the best resume builder for your needs and add your information. It’s as simple as that. There are other great ways you can use an online resume builder.

5 ways to use online resume builder in blogging

Here are the tips using which you can use online resume builder in your blogging career.

1. Widgets

When someone is visiting your blog, you can create widgets to remind them to check out your resume. This is done in an underwhelming fashion and leave control with the reader. You can hide your actual resume, but simply have a clickable icon displayed in case someone would like to hire you. It is something often missed, but it can have great potential. When you create a widget, it will automatically appear on every page. If someone is looking for resumes for nurses and your blog is about nursing, it is a perfect opportunity to add a resume.

2. Add to menu

What is great about an online resume builder on a blog is that you have full control. You decide who gets to see your resume and who doesn’t. If you would like it to be seen by as many of your blog visitors as possible, add it to the top menu. This is easily done and would work the same way as adding a new page. It’s uncomplicated, but your resume will see a lot more people if done in this way.

3. Use the guides

Every resume builder will give you some kind of guidelines and suggestions to up your chances of success. You want to be able to use these guidelines as they were created for the plugin. When you look at the tips on the plugin, you will notice a trend and these are based on success rates. Do not skip this step and at least read through some of these suggestions.

4. Include keywords

If you have been blogging for a while, you understand the power of keywords. Do not exclude these from your resume itself. You stand a better chance of having your resume found online if you include relevant keywords. I say relevant, because it is a crucial step in getting the job you want. If you look at a student nurse cover letter it’s easy to see how many medical terms are used. You can do the same with any industry. Do a keyword search for the position you would like to be hired in and include the ones that are most suited for you.

5. Bullet points

Make sure someone can easily scan over your resume and get the just of what you have to offer. Do not write large paragraphs because it is a waste of time. You can write one summary, but you want to break it down into smaller sections. Bullet points and lists are a great way to achieve this. Simply use one line per achievement and skill. It’s simple and effective. This is one of the reasons resumes have been reduced to 1-2 pages. Hiring managers no longer have time to read a 10 page resume. Keep it short and to the point.


There are great benefits in using an online resume builder in blogging. These are some ways you can improve your online resume. A lot of success awaits you when you do something right and give it the time it deserves. There is no rush in creating your online resume. Take your time and make sure you are proud of the final product.

How to use to buy cheap domains and WordPress hosting?

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, September 21, 2022
This guide will teach you how to use to buy cheap domains and WordPress hosting?

You can also use this guide to build WordPress PBNs if you want to.

Also, the word “cheap” plays a key role here. I’ll show you how to avail the best discounts without sacrificing any quality.

In less than $6.00, you can get your WordPress blog up and running in the next few seconds (with a .com domain)!

How to use to buy cheap domains?

There are various ways you can buy “cheap” domains on, or lower your costs. (I’ll show you the exact steps in the later sections on this guide).

The primary factor impacting your domain cost are:

  • Your domain extension.
  • The time-period you register your domain for.
  • Discounted domains (domains which may be going through promotional discounts).

If you need a “cheap” domain, you need to go with a cheaper extension, preferably discounted, and then register it for a smaller term.

How much do domains cost? is almost always running promotional discounts, generally 30% or more. Currently, it lets you register the following domains at the prices mentioned below:

• .in-$3.25/year (70% discounted)
• .com -$5.99/year (50% discounted)
• .dev-$14.00/year (30% discounted)
• .app- $14.00/year (30% discounted)
• .ca-$7.99/year (47% discounted)
• $$4.99/year (41% discounted)
• .it- $15.00/year
• .ch- $16.00/year
• .de- $8.00/year
• .io- $78.00/year
• .website- $25.00/year
• .online- $37.00/year
• .tech- $54.00/year
• .blog- $30.00/year
• .org- $15.00/year
• .net- $15.00/year
• .co- $30.00/year
• .nl- $8.00/year
• .ae- $50.00/year
• $12.50/year

Do note that these prices are true for September 2022. These may or may not remain the same by the time you read this review.

What is the best domain extension?

If you ask me, I’ll advise you to go with the .com domain extension. Here’s why:

• it’s global
• Can be used for any industry/niche/project.
• Is the most common?
• Helps with SEO and is easy to remember.
• Despite all that, it is one of the cheapest.
Also, registering a .com domain doesn’t require any additional credentials or information. In other cases (e.g., when registering or many other country-specific extensions), you’re required to enter a trading name and other such additional details.

You can also go with:

• Niche specific domains: .tech /.dev /.blog /.website etc. these will be the best bets if you’ve got a very specific project in mind.
• Country specific domains: If you’re creating a very national project and global branding isn’t your top priority.

How to use to buy cheap domains?

Before you can buy a domain, you need to search and check availability of the domain, don’t you?
Before you can search for the domain, you need to register at
Just click on this link and fill out the registration form.

1 Once you’re in, click on the Domain name button and then click on Register domain.

2 [Optional] You need “cheap” domains, don’t you? The best way to get those is to check which domains have an offer on them.

You can do that if you click on the “Offers” tab on the next page. This will only show you the domains that have one or the other kind of discount available.

3 If you find an extension you like, search for domains using that extension in the search box above. Once you find the domain you like, click on “Add to cart”.

4 [Tip: You can completely skip the entire “offers” step mentioned above. You can simply and directly search for a domain and then check its price.]

For the next step, click on the “checkout” button that you see. This will take you to the purchase page. Here, just click “next”.

5 will ask you to enter information such as your name, address, contact details, etc. Enter these and click on Next.

6 Lastly, choose how you wish to pay, enter your payment information, and click on Order Now.

7 You can now access this domain that you purchased under Domain name-domains from the options on the left.

Is there a domain refund policy?

Alike most other registrars, doesn’t offer refunds on domains.

This is because “domains” are something that doesn’t provide on its own. They’re registered with a third-party, a central registry and hence it’s not easy for a provider to simply scratch a domain name at will.

However, its hosting trial plans (discussed next) will probably impress you.

What is WordPress hosting?

Let’s first talk about exactly what WordPress hosting is?

It’s a hosting service which allows you to host WordPress blogs. In most cases, it’s additionally optimized for WordPress blogs. One-click WordPress installation too is generally found with WordPress servers. also offers a few settings you can configure even before installing WordPress.

How much do WordPress hosting servers cost?

Here are the WordPress hosting packages:

• Starter: $1.49/month (1 website)
• Standard: $5.50/month (3 websites)
• Growth: $8.00/month (5 websites)
• Premium:$12.00/month (10 websites)

7 day free trial lets you use all of their hosting plans completely free for the first 7 days.

There are no feature restrictions or spec limitations. You get the complete server that you’d get if you pay for the server.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get the free trial when buying your hosting server.

Let’s get to the point then?

How to buy cheap WordPress hosting on

Click on the Hosting plans button. Then select WordPress hosting.

9 [Tip]: You can also click on the A class IP hosting button. This too offers you WordPress servers, but the most premium IPs. These are more expensive. The steps will remain exactly the same.

You should click on the “7 day free trial” link if you wish to try without having to pay anything.

15 You can also click on the “Choose plan” button if you do not need the 7 day trial. The next steps do not change depending on your choice here.

You then need to enter your name, address and other such personal details. Then, if you need “cheap” hosting, you can choose to go with the “Annual” plan. It offers you nearly 33% discount as compared to monthly payments.

10 You can obviously also choose to pay monthly. Once you’ve selected your payment terms, click on the continue to subscribe button.

Then just make your payment.

11 This is how you can purchase a cheap WordPress hosting using

How to access the WordPress control panel?

I’m sure you’ve noticed there’s no “cPanel”.

Hence, in order to access your WordPress site, you need to click on Websites & blogs. Then if you click on WordPress Sites, will let you install WordPress.

12 There are two ways you can install WordPress.

• One-click installation: Once you click on the “Add new WP site” button above, you’re then asked to enter a few basic details. You can enter your blog domain and blog title. No other details are required.

13 • Advanced installation: If you click on the “WordPress settings optional +” button, you get a few more options. You get to change your admin e-mail, theme, and install dozens of plugins in a single click.

14 So this is how you install WordPress on your WordPress hosting server.

Things to do after installing WordPress on

I wouldn’t stretch this further. I’m sure you know what follows next.

However, in case you’re completely new to this, here’s the general direction you should head in:

• Go to your WordPress control panel and copy your nameservers.
• Go to your domain control panel and unlock domain > paste the namservers.

I’d also advise you to enable the free SSL that you get with

Wrapping it up - How to use to buy cheap domains and WordPress hosting?

I’ve tried to make this guide as straightforward and simple as possible.

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Where To Find A Loan In A Hurry?

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, September 10, 2022
Whether you need a loan for emergencies like - funding education loan for kid, home renovation, sudden medical emergencies or to cover some other unexpected expenses, personal loans can help you in all these situations.

The best thing about personal loans are - unlike any payday loan or credit card cash withdrawal, personal loans usually have lower interest rates and will be beneficial for you when you are in a hurry. The interest rate can further be negotiated if you have a good credit score. Even if you don’t have one, there are still many loan sites and apps available that can offer you personal loans at a lucrative rate.
In this post, I am going to talk about where to find a loan in a hurry - basically I will talk about the top 5 companies that offer when you need a loan in a hurry.

5 Apps those offer loan in hurry

Here are the top 5 applications where you can get a loan in a hurry. These sites are genuine and can help you find loans in the United States when you are in hurry-

#1 WithU

The first in our list of where to find a loan in a hurry is WithU. WithU offers personal loans up to $2500 within minutes when you are in urgent need. To get a loan from WithU, there is simply a three step process-

  • Add your personal details
  • Enter the loan amount you need - please note WithU offers up to $2500
  • Disbursal - get the amount the same business day

I personally prefer WithU for personal reasons due to many reasons including - low interest rate, same day disbursal, special offers, and flexible payment options. If you are looking for more details, you can contact the team here.

#2 LightStream

The second app on our list of where to find a loan in a hurry is LightStream. LightStream is a trusted consumer lending platform which was formed by merger of SunTrust Bank and BB&T. If you are looking for a personal loan amount greater than $2500 then you should switch to LightStream instead of WithU. LightStream offers the amount between $5K to $100K. Repayment period that LightStream offers is between two to seven years with some customization options available based on your profile. Usually, the APR range offered by LightStream is between 3.99% to 19.99% and you need a minimum of 660 as credit score.

#3 Rocket Loan

The third in our list of where to find a loan in a hurry is Rocket Loan. The company offers a personal loan to all users with a minimum credit score of 580 in the range of $2K - $45K. I found their APR range is little on the higher side - 6.72% to 29.99%. One of the reasons for such a high range of APR is the low requirement of credit score.

#4 Avant

Avant is another low requirement personal loan site where anyone with a minimum credit score of 580 can get a personal loan between an APR of 9.95% to 35.99%. Avant offers loans between $2K to $35K and you can get a loan disbursed immediately the next business day. You can repay the loan within 60 months. Please note, Avant charges an upfront administrative fee which you need to pay. Also, you are not allowed to add co-applicant or co-signers.

#5 UpStart

Last but not least, UpStart is also an excellent platform which offers unsecured personal loans. If you are looking for a lower loan amount with a comparatively lower credit score, UpStart suggests. Here anyone with a minimum credit score of 600 can avail loans as low as $1K to a maximum of $50K. They cover quite a wide range of loans. The best thing about UpStart is the customized payment date. One of the major problems I see with UpStart is - an origination fee of up to 8% of loan amount which is quite high.


These were the top five platforms where you can get a loan when you are in a hurry. I personally prefer WithU when I need a smaller amount with a decent APR percentage.