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How To Add Second Number To Your Smartphone for Business Purpose

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, January 22, 2022
How to add a second number to your smartphone for business purposes and stop carrying two phones? Follow this post where we are explaining different easy options for you. Business owners, managers, and other people involved in various kinds of business activities have to be on the phone almost all the time.

For this reason, they are forced to carry two or even more phones for different communication purposes. It is extremely inconvenient and may cause a lot of difficulties and confusion. A virtual SIM is an instrument for making life easier and more comfortable. Being in a constant rush and having to answer multiple calls is not a problem if you have a virtual SIM card that operates through the Internet.

What is a virtual SIM card?

A virtual SIM card from Freeje works within 100 countries and provides high-quality connections at local rates. It helps you to avoid overpaying and spend the budget on some more useful things. A virtual phone number for calls is an efficient tool as there is no need to buy a usual SIM card for its successful performance. Moreover, it even does not require investing money in costly software.

What are the ways of usage of a virtual SIM card?

The procedure of obtaining the VoIP phone number is incredibly effortless. You just need to register on the Freeje website or in the application and put some money on your balance. After performing these simple actions, you receive the following set of possible implementations:

  • Possibility to choose the desired country or necessary location
  • Making and receiving calls at the local prices
  • Possibility to persuade your customers in your nearby location
  • Establishing local offices
  • Negotiating with potential partners and creating new business links
  • Personal motives for using the calls
  • Affordable per second or per billing

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, you also get full confidentiality and round-the-clock access to the statistics, the possibility to manage call records, and billing information.

Second number apps

If you are thinking about going with the apps for the second number, then I have a few recommendations for you - Google Voice, Sideline, Burner, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, and more.

In terms of cost, currently, Google meet, WhatsApp, and Telegram are free while many others are paid as well. Sideline costs $3 per month, Burner is $5 a month, Line 2 costs $10 per month, while Skype varies by location. Let’s talk about Google voice here-

Google Voice

In Google Voice, you basically create a Google voice number and then use Hangout to make calls and send SMS messages. You can start with Google Voice by visiting this link. Now connect the Google voice to your main number. Once the main number is connected, go to the setting, where you will see an access number of your voicemail.

Alongside, you will find the “get a Google Voice number” link, upon clicking you will get further options like-

  • I want a new number
  • I want to use my mobile number

As required, you can select the first option, which is I want a new number. Here you need to search for your zip code based on which you will be given some second number to select.

Once you have selected the number you liked, you can start using it. Now when someone starts calling you on your second number which you created above, it will ring in Google voice/hangout by default. You can also make a setting so that when someone calls you on your second number, it will be forwarded to your main number. This way it can work as a normal call.

Key Takeaways

Virtual phone numbers from Freeje are a savvy solution if you are annoyed with overloading your working space. Reducing loads of bulky equipment and effective managing of communication with clients are among the key advantages for any business.

6 Best Browser-Based Games To Play Free

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, November 29, 2021
Playing game is one of the best stress relievers and can be a good exercise in your free time as well. But often we are afraid that we need to install the game to play. If you’re also in this dilemma then this post is for you. Here we are going to talk about 6 best browser-based games you can play.

The best thing about browser-based game is, you don’t have to install anything. Just open your browser, wait for the game to load, and enjoy the game. Once you’re done, just close it and you’re all done.

Without wasting any more time, let’s start with the list of best browser-based games to play in your free time.

6 best browser-based games

Here is the list of free browser-based games you can try and enjoy your free time-

#1 Klondike

Klondike is one of my favorite browser-based game to play online. You can find this game available for free on Solitaire is a leading gaming site where you can play dozens of games online free. The best thing is, neither you need to install anything nor you need to sign up on the site to play games. Just open the game and start playing.

If you’re not sure about how to play this game, Solitaire site offers you a detailed instruction on how to start and play the game.

As you can see, Solitaire has tried to mention the detailed steps on how to play the game and score. Depending on whether you want to play easy mode or normal mode, select the right option. If you’re playing it for the first time, I would recommend you playing in easy mode. Once you select the easy mode, the screen will look like this-

As you can see only one card is shown at once as this is in easy mode. Follow the instruction and keep playing till you win. This is really an interesting game and you can spend some good time enjoying the game.

Play at:

#2 Spider

Spider is another popular browser-based game by which you can play online. You don’t have to register on the site or download anything. This game can be played in three modes-

  • Easy: 1 suit
  • Medium: 2 suits
  • Hard: 4 suits

When you start the game, you start with 500 points, with every move, you get 1 point and 100 points for each royal flush.

Don’t get confused between spider solitaire and classic solitaire. In classic, all four suits are used while in Spider solitaire depending on the difficulty level you get number of suits.

Play at:

#3 Prodigy

Prodigy is a fantasy inspired multi-player games which is role based with over 50 million players. This is a game dedicated to kids which helps boost confidence and improve math skills. As this is kind of boosting the confidence and improving skills and so can be a positive point for your kids.

Please note, this is not a free game and you need to buy membership to play the game.

Play at:  


Do you used to be playing that classic snake game om your Nokia phone and missing that? then is for you. This is a newer version of the older snake game where you’re not only competing with that neon snake but also with other neon snake for supremacy.

If you want to gain speed in the game, you need to slighter other neon snake. This causes some electrical impulse and eventually gives you speed.

Play at:

#5 AdventureQuest

It’s a single player game where you create a character, select a class, and fight against monsters. Depending on your expertise, you can select to be ninja, wizard, fighter, rogue, or paladin among others. The game is full of monsters and dozens of quests. The more you take part in quests and win, the stronger you will be become.

Play at:


The next in our list of best browser-based game is Slither. It’s another snake like game where you eat dots and grow your snake. At the same time, you defeat another player’s snake. If you have ever played, you will find it similar but better interface, controls, and experience.

When you start playing, it will ask you for your name and then on the top right corner, there will be a leaderboard which shows your score against other players. All you have to do is eat the dots and keep on building your snake bigger.

Play at:

Wrapping it up!

These were the top 5 browser-based games to play for free. Whenever you get some free minutes, it's worth checking these and have fun playing. If I missed any good one, please let me know in comment. You can also check our post - free online games for more.

How To Find a Videography Company for Your Gaming Channel

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, November 23, 2021
Video gaming has become a huge industry in the United States and across the world. People play games for personal enjoyment, in addition to participating in professional gaming tournaments. One aspect of the gaming industry that has grown over the years is video game streaming.

Many people play video games for legions of fans from the comfort of their home studios. To provide quality production during such streams, gamers will hire videographers. We’ll focus on how to find a solid videography company by looking at various qualities.


When seeking out a videography company for your gaming channel, it helps to first check what their specialty is. Since you’re going to be investing money and time in a videography company to help your gaming channel grow, you must see if they are a good fit. If you waste your time and effort on a company that isn’t a good fit, then you’ll have wasted good money.

Your finances aren’t finite as a professional gamer and should be saved for important items, such as a streaming microphone and other supplies of this ilk.

One way to see if a videography company specializes in gaming-oriented production is to first check and see what genre they fit in. Many videography companies will present themselves as being able to “do it all.” You don’t want that. You want a company that specifically has experience with gaming.
Ask them questions about the gaming industry to check if this is a specialty that they’ve encountered before. Get them to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable about the topic at hand and see if they know even more about the gaming industry than you do.

Don’t think that you are being a difficult customer in such circumstances. You are a consumer who is seeking the best services for something that you care about. Finding a videography company that specializes in filming for game streamers will help you in the long run.


When you do an internet search titled "video production company near me,” you want to ensure that you’re seeking out quality vendors. As a customer, when it comes to anything you’re spending money on, you want to get the best bang for your buck. Included within this “bang” is quality. Purchasing a quality product will keep you satisfied as a customer that whatever you purchased was worth it and will have a long life. This also applies to purchasing videography services for your business.

While discerning the quality of a videography company, look at more than their demo reels or tapes. Demos are going to highlight all the best parts of a videography company's work, in brief, and easy-to-take-in tidbits. Ask the company for longer examples of the work that they’ve done.
This will give you a better idea of the quality of their work. If you have the time, look at several of their online videos, through websites such as YouTube. At the end of the day, you’ll be given much more content to study to form an opinion on the company’s video work.

Pricing and Reliability

 When seeking out the services of a video production company, first do your research into the costs of such work. Use this as a comparison point for when you visit a video production company and they provide their pricing to you. If the pricing is too far out of your budget, then find another videographer. If you can both agree to a price that works best, then make sure to get all of that in writing.

If there’s even the remote possibility of the price changing, tell the video production company to bring this to your attention before doing the work. This way, you can accept or not accept the changes, and not be surprised. Lastly, make sure you don’t hire a flaky videographer.
Make sure they stay on schedule and don’t veer from what you’ve hired them to do. Include a schedule in your agreement that the video production company must adhere to. This will help the company complete your project in a quality and timely fashion.

Does over-trading cost money in Forex?

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, November 18, 2021
If you don't know about over-trading, it is a system that increases the frequency of executing orders. In the Forex trading markets, this strategy is common among individual performers. The rookies are the most prominent to utilize this strategy in their businesses.

Since their minds are full of greed, they do not think of anything other than making profits. Most individuals neglect the risk exposure and position sizing to achieve a short success. They increase loss potentials by using irrelevant trading fundamentals.

Some traders experience significant losses from their businesses. As they don't care about safety precautions, their purchases do not receive valuable closing points. When they experience significant losses from the markets, their minds become desperate. Due to the desperation of the trading minds, every participant picks over-trading. With this strategy, they experience even more losses.

If anyone wants to succeed in Forex, no vulnerable quality should be present in the trading process. Over-trading is one of the faulty trading strategies in Forex. It ruins the profit potentials of the participants. The traders also feel uncomfortable with high-frequency executions. Since their minds cannot utilize every crucial aspect of the trading process, they fail to gain pips from the markets.

Why do traders trade so frequently?

If traders want to avoid over-trading, they must learn what it is. To experience better potential from the trading business, many traders take this route. Some individuals even follow a short-term trading method to achieve success. When they follow short-term trading systems, their trade executions remain close to each other. Traders might also place an order right after exiting an order.
If the markets are profitable to place one order right after closing another, traders can follow this system. In a volatile marketplace, however, the traders are safe with considerable distance between purchases.

Some rookies also use the overtrading strategy when they feel uncomfortable with too many losing purchases. It increases desperation and greed for a comeback. The participants then choose over-trading to gain significantly from this industry. Some individuals even execute an order when they experience the first purchase is losing capital. This practice might seem legit, but it only increases the loss potential of the participants. When you actively participate in Forex trading in Dubai, always consider the risk factors. Never become aggressive with your actions as it will make things worse.

How do traders invest their capital?

When the participants use the over-trading system to perform in Forex, they also ruin the investment policy. Most traders choose the wrong risk per trade strategy. They also slaughter the leverage ratio sometimes. Since the over-trading mind is desperate for earnings, it doesn't think of safety.
Alongside inefficient trading frequency, it also damages the risk exposure of each purchase. Everyone should know about this quality and make their minds up for efficient performance.

To reduce the loss potentials, participants must stick with a safe investment policy. It will provide better protection to the trading capital. Since traders can utilize the investment strategy for a reliable trade composition, they can experience better profit potentials and a low loss rate. You can also generate valuable Stop-loss and take-profit setup for the trades.

Avoiding short term trading approach

As we know so far, most individuals select over-trading as a way out of losses. Unfortunately for them, they lose more than ever using this system. Some individuals even damage the account balance significantly. We also learned that frequent trading approaches cause over-trading. Those who follow a short-term technique like scalping participate in the markets multiple times a day.
Due to the highly congested trading system, everyone fails to keep distance between two distinctive purchases. When the traders follow this strategy, they cannot contribute to money management and position sizing.

Due to their incompetence, they lose money. After losing too much capital from the accounts, most individuals choose over-trading to get over the damages. When they invest money in over-trading, their career remains in even greater danger.
That is why everyone should try to avoid short-term trading techniques. Even if a participant prefers this system, he should routine the trade executions efficiently.

What Is Mobile Service Apps? All you Should Know About

By Ashutosh Jha →
Many cellphones come with a pre-installed application called Mobiles Service Manager. It's a multi-functional system that comes pre-installed with the device's operating system. Installing and upgrading programs, retrieving information, and controlling various settings are all functions of the mobile service manager. 

Manager of mobile phone service

Although the mobile service manager can perform various tasks, it is not as capable as it appears. This application has dissatisfied millions of users. The device's service manager installs a variety of programs, both wanted and unwanted. The mobile service manager's haphazard deployments have several ramifications.

Unwanted programs installed by mobiles service managers are the most typical issue users have with it. These programs eat up a lot of storage space and are just bothersome. It wastes a lot of cellular data in addition to the wasted storage space. It's been suggested that mobile service providers install mobile service managers on purpose to chew up their customers' data. This allows service providers to make more money by charging customers for additional data on their phone bills.

Many software firms pay mobile service providers to deploy their apps on customers' cellphones through a mobile service manager.

Many users are concerned that some of these apps are harmful to their devices and have access to their personal information. Once an app is loaded on a machine, it gets access to confidential information such as contacts, financial information, and even the smartphone user's photographs, which they may want to keep private and secure.

Many smartphone users consider the mobile service manager to be a significant security risk. They are concerned that hackers and scammers may use the mobile service manager programs to steal their personal information and data. As a result, users believe that iPhones are more secure than Android devices since they do not have the same concerns with the mobile service manager. This could be a contributing element in Apple's smartphone market dominance.

Many smartphone users are irritated that the mobile service manager might install apps without their consent. Some apps are installed without the knowledge of the device's owner!

What is the best way to get rid of or disable the mobile service manager?

There is, however, some good news. The mobiles service manager can be removed or disabled. Disabling the mobiles service manager in the new device setup will accomplish this. The mobiles service manager can be disabled in the device's settings for individuals who have already completed the form. The app area of the device's settings is usually where you'll find it. It can also be found in the show system section and under DT ignite on some devices. If you come across DT ignite, pick uninstall to remove the mobiles service manager.


To summarize, a mobile service manager is a program that comes pre-installed on many cellphones. It's primarily installed by service providers, who use it to install apps from developers who pay the service provider to have their programs installed.

Although the mobile service manager can be bothersome and intrusive, it can be turned off in the settings.

7 Tips On Making Sure Your Home Is Ready To Be Sold

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, November 12, 2021
Selling a home is not an easy job and you need to do some homework before you can consider it being sold. The good thing is, there are certain easy checklists using which you can identify whether your home is ready to be sold or not. This is what we are going to talk about in this post.

So, if you’re planning to sell your home, make sure you follow these pointers which will help you sell your home smoothly.

How to make sure your home is ready to be sold?

Please follow the below pointers and ensure all these are fulfilled before you put your home on sale.

#1 Deep clean

Deep cleaning a home can be a long process. It's a lot more than dusting your furniture and vacuuming the floor. If you really want to make an impact, then you're going to need to get deep into the cleaning process. This must include cleaning toilets, wiping down surfaces, mopping floors, cleaning rugs and scrubbing bathrooms. You can also consider calling an expert/agency to take care of these minute stuff.

#2 Hire a Professional Photographer

Professional photos can draw more attention to your online listing. Halton real estate listings with professional photographs sell faster than homes without professional photographs. Professional photographers can capture what agents can’t, they have the knowledge and talent to effectively capture the home’s most notable features. Professional photographers bring proper equipment and lighting to capture photos that would otherwise be impossible. Also, you should make sure to edit the images as required before you put this on real-estate listing sites or sharing with local brokers.

#3 Declutter the Home

The size of your home doesn’t change when you declutter, however, many real estate agents will tell you, oftentimes it is not simply about objectivity. It is about perception. And clutter does make your home look smaller. If you have too many things in one place, that will alter the perception of the prospective buyer. Big furniture pieces and knicknacks everywhere make the home look busy and lived-in. However, they also make it seem smaller. Decluttering your home before selling it is a great way to visually expand it.

#4 Refresh Paint

Paint is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to update the look of your home before you list it. And you don’t need to be a professional painter to make this work for you, either. Watch a few videos online, pick your colors and start painting. Painting your front door can add value and is one of the least-expensive paint jobs you can do. This not only gives a fresh view to your home but also gives a positive impression to potential buyers that you have kept your home in good hands.

#5 Make Minor Repairs

Minor and major repair issues can deter buyers from making an offer. Basically - if it’s broken, fix it. Buyers are often looking for a home that needs limited repairs. The age and condition of the roof, air conditioning, and heating systems are things to consider replacing if worn out. These minor repairs should include- fixing bathroom essentials, doors, panels, floors, kitchen, etc. These are small things to fix but very helpful and give a good impression to your buyers.

#6 Organize Closet Space

Buyers love when closets have an organization system already in place. This includes shoe racks, built in shelves, tie and belt hangers, and loads of hanging space. If you don’t have these yet in your home, you may consider buying some from a local cheap market and make it best for the buyers. It’s simple, if you see a raw home and a furnished home, definitely a furnished home will attract more as buyers will be knowing how it will look when they buy that home. So, buying some stuff to make it organized won’t be a bad idea.

#7 Add Special Touches

Fresh flowers! You don’t need to spend a fortune to have fresh flowers throughout your home. A simple daisy in a bud vase brightens a bathroom counter. You can also use potted flowering plants that are in season for a low-cost solution.

Wrapping it up

Well, these were some of the easy tips to ensure you are doing everything needed to attract the potential buyer and get the best rate of your home. No matter whether you’re selling your home to buy another home or for some other reason, these are some of the essential checklists everyone should follow.

If you have sold your home recently, do share your experience like what went well, what could have been better!

How To Be Successful In Crypto Trading

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, October 25, 2021
The world of cryptocurrency can be fun, fast-paced, and profitable, but it is easy to get overwhelmed when you are first getting started. There is a lot to learn when getting into this digital world, and beginners need to take a step back and learn everything they can to prevent mistakes. 

Making mistakes when trading cryptocurrency can be expensive, and it may be difficult for you to recover from, which is why taking the time to educate yourself is vital.

The following are some crypto mistakes to avoid to ensure success every time.

Not Doing Your Research

As a beginner, the crypto market can seem overwhelming because there is a lot to understand. There are over 10,000 forms of cryptocurrency, which can seem like an incredible amount to someone who is just getting started.

While you do not need to know what every single cryptocurrency is and what its purpose is, research is still something you should take your time doing.

If there is a cryptocurrency that you are interested in, make sure that you do some research on your own to determine the best steps to take. This means reading more than comments or forums from other traders and looking into market trends that might affect your decision.

There are some great resources out there when it comes to trading cryptocurrency, and many of them are accessible to beginners.

Jumping Into Decisions

In any kind of trading, it is recommended for investors to leave their emotions at the door before they start working.

Feeling emotional about trading can lead to impulsive decisions, which can be very detrimental to your progress. This is why it is recommended for new traders to take their time before making any decisions and start their research early to ensure they understand clearly what they are doing.

Crypto trading is something that should be done based on logic and knowledge, rather than a snap decision based on greed, anxiety, or excitement.

Not Knowing Where To Start

Crypto trading is something that can be done on a range of platforms, and it is this decision that can slow down the progress of beginner traders.

Although there are several platforms that you can use for crypto buying, selling, and trading, not all of them are made to the same standards. For beginners, the currency exchange platform that they need to rely on has a lot of resources as well as a welcoming community that can help you on your journey.

Swyftx is one of the best currency exchange platforms out there as it supports over 250 digital assets, as well as global currencies.

This is an exchange platform that has a lot of resources that can help beginners get started.

As well as articles, community posts, and how-to guides Swyftx also has a crypto trading demo mode that allows beginners to become familiar with the global market without risking capital.

To get started in crypto trading, register with Swyftx today.

Biggest Hurdles to Building a Diverse Workforce (and How to Overcome Them)

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Diversity and inclusion aren't just corporate buzzwords, they're key issues of importance as socially responsible initiatives that are also critical for a company's success. When studying how employee engagement and diversity affect performance, Gallup revealed that the combination of gender diversity and engagement resulted in significantly higher financial performance (46 to 58 percent). A report by Deloitte found that 69 percent of executives believe diversity is an important issue.

We could list stat after stat, but the key isn't just to talk about it, it's to make it happen. If your business is struggling to do so, it could be harming productivity and your bottom line, or even creating an environment that leads to discrimination cases being filed against it.

If you want your organization to be successful, here's how you can overcome the biggest hurdles and build a truly diverse workforce.

Misunderstandings Between People from Different Cultures

When you have employees who come from different cultures, it's a great way to bring new ideas to the table with various perspectives, but it can also lead to misunderstandings. For example, if you give someone a thumbs up or pat them on the back, it can be seen as offensive in certain cultures. If you have an inclusive workplace that helps employees feel confident that their team members respect those differences, they're likely to give others the benefit of the doubt.

Be sure to create an environment in which team members welcome feedback and the opportunity to learn when they've done or said something that could be offensive. Taking advantage of teachable moments can help everyone learn to do their part, ensuring diversity and inclusivity.

Communication Problems

When hiring a group of diverse people in a primarily English-speaking environment, it can be difficult for those who don't speak English as their first language.

Even if their English reading and writing skills are strong, they may still be practicing to communicate verbally as it can be difficult, especially when nuances and slang are involved. They may feel ostracized and pressured to try and make a good first impression by contributing in a meeting, for example, but don't feel confident enough to speak up. These individuals may be left out of the conversation, and meeting leaders often don't make the effort to understand and recognize what the issue is.

Managers in this situation should acknowledge language barriers while providing guidelines for more inclusive meetings and encouraging employees to feel safe enough to speak up. Encourage those whose first language is English to speak more slowly and clearly, and avoid slang.

Biases and Stereotypes

As you work at diversifying your team, you may uncover biases. Unfortunately bias, prejudice, and stereotypes can be ingrained which means overcoming them not only takes a willingness to change, but humility.

If an employee doesn't feel comfortable with a coworker, is skeptical about their ability or perhaps would hesitate to put them in front of a customer, it's important to ask why. The answers will quickly reveal if there is an unconscious bias, discrimination, prejudice, or stereotype behind it, or, if there is truly a legitimate reason.

If there isn't a legitimate reason, it's essential to handle the situation quickly before it causes divisions at the company as it will interfere with your goal of building a more diverse workforce. Some employees might start looking for a new job while candidates might not want to work for your company.

Unwillingness to Change

If your business has been rather homogenized, with most employees coming from similar backgrounds, it's natural for some to resist change which means trying to implement diversity initiatives might be a battle. With good leadership, persistence, and an explanation of the values of diversity, that resistance can be overcome.