5 Security Advantages of Cloud Computing Every Business Should Know

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, March 23, 2019
One of the advantages of cloud computing commonly touted among businesses is this: it generated revenue of over $411 billion by 2020!

But as great as revenue generation is, security is just as crucial. Luckily, the benefits of cloud computing extend to business security as well.

In the following article, we'll be talking about the security advantages that come with migrating to the cloud. Let's start flapping those wings, shall we?

1. Hardware Independence

Traditional computing leaves significant vulnerabilities. That's because you own, operate, and manage those physical servers. It requires hiring someone on-site (which is expensive!), and it still leaves you open to malicious attacks or natural disasters.

In other words, anything that happens to damage your equipment that's outside of your control could end you. And it could happen any day of the week, or when you least expect it. Getting on the cloud means shifting those responsibilities to a full-time managed platform.

2. Automatic Updates

Cloud computing security saves you money by not needing to hire a full-time employee alone. But it's also more effective security-wise.

That's because you're paying for engaged, competent IT Services whose full-time purpose is to maintain the integrity and stability of the cloud computing platform. And when security threats do arise, they're able to address them immediately with automatic patches, updates, and upgrades that take place while you're tending to your business.

3. Quality Control and Oversight

Another reason for the importance of cloud computing in business organizations is the QC and oversight advantages that it provides. Organizations are able to better track and monitor progress and the quality of work.

This turn toward more dependable analytics becomes the norm in every work environment in which it's utilized. As a result, employees become more plugged into what they're doing, thus raising their level of professionalism and attention to detail.

On a side note, they grow to appreciate the cloud. Their appreciation stems from the fact that it enables more freedom and flexibility in when and how they work. That only boosts motivation.

4. Malicious Actor or Disaster Safety Net

Core among the various cloud computing benefits is the fact it provides a virtual safety net to whatever might happen in the "real world." The safety and longevity of your business are no longer tied to a breakable object.

Likewise, cloud computing enables you to save virtually unlimited data and backup data. This means any threats from malicious actors that do arise can be repaired by reverting to saved, stored, and redundant data.

5. Building a Sustainable Business

Last but not least, cloud computing has a positive environmental impact with less strain on natural resources and lower costs. It also gives a business the ability to remain competitive moving forward.

The accessibility of cloud computing technology may even allow them to exploit unexplored market share. And that's even when they're playing in crowded spaces or going against large companies.

The Advantages of Cloud Computing Are Clear

Enjoying the advantages of cloud computing for revenue purposes is great. But just know that it goes well beyond that.

Security perhaps is more important to your business. That's because security breakdowns can end your business overnight, wherein you might be able to survive a few lean years earnings-wise.

So if you've been holding off, stop what you're doing and start the migration. And for more advantages of cloud computing, check out this previous post examining the technology's importance.
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