5 Importance of Cloud Computing Security

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, February 5, 2019
With small businesses spending at least $75,000 a year on digital marketing, much of that work is done by analyzing collected data. The data that you store on the cloud has a massive amount of value; if you don't know the importance of cloud computing security, you could lose out. The effort that goes into gathering this data will be lost if you don't secure it from hacks and breaches.

Here are four reasons you need to focus on securing your cloud storage this year.

1. It's Not Just for the Big Companies

When you're seeking solutions for cybersecurity, you might not think that it applies to your business model. Most small businesses think they're not at risk of losing their data because of a hack or a phishing attack. This leaves them vulnerable to cybercriminals.

It's taking fewer resources than ever before to get into a company that doesn't have the proper protection behind it. Small businesses have fewer resources to protect themselves but can have just as much valuable information as large companies.

If you're running a small business, you shouldn't think that you can't afford to protect your data. You worked hard to get information from your customers and collect data to help your business grow. If you're not careful with what you've been trusted with, you could lose out to another competitor.

Thankfully, there are a lot of companies that provide outsourced IT and cybersecurity solutions to ensure that your business interests are protected. No matter how big or small your company is, one unsecured WiFi station or one misplaced password could put you at risk.

2. One Breach Could Take Out Your Company

With the cost of a data breach currently hovering around the $4 million mark, there are few companies that could weather the storm of even one hack. With the cost of just one security breach, your company could be sunk.

A security breach costs you money from a damaged reputation for new customers, customers fleeing a sinking ship, and customers who file lawsuits against you.

It could take you years to recover from just one data breach. Releasing sensitive data that your customers consider private could make you seem toxic for years to come.

Building trust and a strong reputation take years for just about any company. It could take you decades to bounce back after your company's reputation has been struck by a breach.

Trust is a vital element in building any company. It takes so long for a new company to be trustworthy and relied on by new customers that you can't focus on building trust while lacking on cybersecurity. If you do, you risk building a house of cards that could be taken out by one small leak of customer or client data that haunts you.

3. Climate Change Could Ruin You

Climate change is real and climate change is here. While many people in the tech industry think they're immune to it, they could be making things worse for themselves or their customers.

The storage of redundant data requires resources in electricity. Keeping data in a place that isn't secure requires redundant paper or physical storage.

If you want to store things on the cloud, you're making an effort that's going to protect you from climate problems. Storing things in the cloud isn't doing away with physical storage altogether. However, it diversifies your storage to ensure that it's not all in one place that could be wiped out by a climate disaster.

If all of your data is located on your site, even in the most physically secure conditions, you could be violating your customers' needs for security. If you're thinking about ways to mitigate potential security issues, you need to consider cloud computing.

Cloud computing is a more secure solution than keeping everything on site.

However, you need to ensure that your cloud storage provider is doing everything it can to keep that data secure. You shouldn't store your data just anywhere. You need it to be at a cloud computing service provider who knows the value of securing it and why you've chosen them over physical security.

4. Data Is a Precious Resource

Every year, companies are spending more of their money on collecting and organizing data. The more data they can get from their customers that has to do with their purchasing habits or personal information, the more they can make from it. However, most customers don't give their information out to companies without any strings attached.

People expect the information they give to companies to be protected and safe from hackers. Even if they're not savvy, it's not up to them to protect their data. It's up to the those who collect data to ensure that it's protected by the companies they give it to.

In the modern era, data is as much of a precious resource as material that we mine from the ground. That's because it offers companies and marketers the opportunity to make predictions. It has also birthed an entire industry.

Your cloud services hold more data about your company and your customers than you might even realize. If you're not protective of it, your customers could get the edge on sales this year by being able to predict what you're going to do next and how you'll do it.

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The Importance of Cloud Computing Security Is Paramount

If you're not convinced of the importance of cloud computing security, you risk leaving yourself vulnerable to a breach. One small breach could have a profound impact on your company. Data breaches are responsible for profit losses that can last for years.

If you're looking for secure ways to grow your business, follow our guide for tips.
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