3 Pieces of Old Technology That Still Work Best

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, March 23, 2019
With over 46 million iPhones sold in the first quarter of 2018 alone, it's obvious that most folks are anxious to get their hands on the latest tech and gadgets.

But what about the old adage, "old ways are the best ways"?

Old Technology That Still Work Best
When it comes to some old technology, it's just hard to beat the tried and true. Here are three interesting pieces of technology that still work best the old way.

1. Calculators

Ok, ok, before you whip out your smartphone in protest, here this one out.

Calculators have long been used by students, accountants, and anyone needing to crunch some serious numbers quickly.

While modern smartphones and even watches now come with a standard calculator feature, the old-school calculator is still better for multiple reasons.

First of all, you may have the most slender fingers on the planet and still, the likelihood of you "fat-fingering" numbers on your phone is much greater than when using a real calculator.

Because of the sensitive screens on smart devices, the margin for error is far greater.

Not to mention, you aren't going to be seeing any major standardized tests like the ACT or MCAT allowing smartphones to be used instead of an old-school calculator anytime soon.

The concern for cheating isn't even the only reason, "old" calculators come equipped with much more advanced calculating abilities.

Sure, your phone calculator can help you figure out how much to tip your waiter, but can it help you with asymptotes and intercepts? We didn't think so.

2. Magnets

When it comes to marketing, refrigerator magnets are still a great way to help customers remember your name and contact information. Even employee name tags are best worn by using magnets.

Clips, stickers, even, (heaven-forbid), pins. There are many alternatives to the tried and true magnetic name tag.

Still, this "older" method for keeping names and titles visible on your clothing or fridge is still the most reliable and clothing-friendly method.

This website and others continue to apply this simple technology to protect clothing and promote companies or brands.

3. Film Cameras

Two words: shutter lag. Any professional photographer will know what we're talking about, but for the millions now using their smartphones to take copious amounts of photos, here's what we mean:

When you rely on a fancy digital camera to capture that perfect moment, there is an inevitable delay. This is simply how digital cameras are made.

Think about it. Before you capture the image, you must wait for the focus-assists, the red-eye correction, the slow camera startup, and more.

This delay usually leaves you with a disappointing image of the moment after the candles were blown out.

Film cameras need no battery charging and will let you snap precise images the moment you mean to.

Adapting Old Technology

While many forms of old technology are still the best in their respective area, most of the modern business world is moving forward with new technological advances.

For ideas on how to support old technology systems in a modern business world, check out our blog post here.

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