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TeslaThemes Coupon Code 2016: 50% Flat Discount

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, May 27, 2016
Premium theme is the basic necessity of any website but many times due to high cost, people avoid this. So today I am going to share the solution for this. Here is TeslaThemes coupon code which will give you flat 50% discount on all the TeslaThemes WordPress themes.

TeslaThemes is the premium WordPress theme developer and is known for the attractive, highly customizable and low-cost premium themes.

They have already developed some awesome themes for the blog, agency, portfolio, business/corporate websites, photography, hospital, university, e-commerce, Magazine, Music related websites and more.

However, if you are going to buy TeslaThemes WordPress theme then here is the reward for you. For TricksRoad users, they are providing 20% of flat discounts on all their premium themes. Just use the TeslaThemes coupon code TricksRoad and enjoy the flat 20% discount on all the premium themes.

The best thing I found about TeslaThemes that they are very much confident about their product and that is the reason behind the free test drive. You can use any TeslaThemes theme for three hours as a test drive to check if it is the best fit for you or not.

Coupon Code for 20% Flat Discount: TESLA3YEAR
Coupon Code for 20% Flat Discount: TRICKSROAD

How to use TeslaThemes coupon code

If you are first going for the test ride, then just click on this TeslaThemes Test Ride link and enter your email id. Very soon you will receive an email from TeslaThemes with the test ride credentials. Use them and try the wonderful premium themes free.

Now let me tell you how to use TeslaThemes coupon code while buying-

Once you have selected the theme you want to purchase, at the checkout page you will find Enter Coupon Code field. Just enter 20% discount TeslaThemes coupon code TRICKSROAD and your price will decrease accordingly after clicking the update button.

Now let me tell you some of the best-selling and popular themes from TeslaThemes.

Popular and Best Selling TeslaThemes WordPress Themes

Although almost all the themes are being sold like hot cakes but still below are some of the amazing themes by them which you should try for your blogs and websites.

Shape – Photography WordPress Theme
MyCountdown – Theme for Coming Soon Site
Design Portfolio – Responsive WordPress Theme
Revoke – Customizable WordPress Theme
• Cool Stuff – Magazine Style Theme
• SkyWalker – Portfolio Theme
• AXA – WordPress Theme for Corporate Site
• Belle – Small Business WordPress Theme
• Vulcano – Agency Theme
• Wedding Day – Wedding WordPress Theme
• Winterfell – Unique Theme
• MedPark – Medical WordPress Theme
• Electra – Multipurpose Theme
• Zoomy – Photography Theme
• Universe – Multipurpose WordPress Theme
• Display – Creative Theme

Use the same Tesla Themes coupons code 2016 for any of their themes and get 20% discounts. Also, let me know if this coupon code has worked for you or not.

Now let me take you through some details about TeslaThemes like features and pricing.

About TeslaThemes

TeslaThemes is a premium WordPress themes developer coupled with clean design and advanced features. Filled with highly customizable features and attractive design, TeslaThemes is considered as one of the best premia WordPress themes developer.

The best thing with them is the FREE support. No matter you have bought a single theme or all of their themes, you will get quality support from their side every time.

Why TeslaThemes?

You might be thinking about this question. I also used to do before I tried TeslaThemes on one of my micro-niche sites and I can say that it’s awesome. No matter you are starting a simple blog or big e-commerce store, TeslaThemes has everything you need in terms of design.

Below are some of the reasons as why you should use TeslaThemes.

• Theme options– TeslaThemes offers smart, fresh design and contemporary usability for a huge collection of WordPress themes. There are many niche themes which you can use on any type of sites like freelancer site, blogging site etc.

• Ease of use– Build on the sturdy Tesla foundation framework, all themes are equipped with the required documentation so that even a non-technical person can also use it very easily.

• Customization- This is the feature I liked most about TeslaThemes themes. You can customize all their themes very easily to all the extent. No matter it is simple color change or design tweak, you can do all such stuff there. Extensive HTML documentation for every theme, allied with visual aid and set up guides are available.

• Marketing– Only excellent marketing services can get your website noticed among a pool of others. From simple search engine optimization (SEO) and analytics to the full suite of affiliate marketing options, back-linking, pay-per-click offers and unobtrusive advertisements, you get the whole package.

• Best-in-the-class Support– TeslaThemes has a dedicated team of customer support people who are ready to take you out of any situation. Just get in touch with them and be sure to get instant and satisfactory resolution. They are available 24x7 through all means of communications. Also, you can refer their FAQ section for normal issues. Even you can post and discuss your issues in their forum where experts can help you quickly.

General Features of TeslaThemes WordPress themes

Apart from the above stunning features, here are some additional general features mainly from the themes point of view.

• 12 columns grid
• 7 custom widgets
• 12 custom posts
• 6-page templates
• Featured video support
• Twitter Bootstrap
• Cross-Browser Optimization
• Well-commented code
• Free support

TeslaThemes Pricing

TeslaThemes is very flexible to pricing options and understands the need for everyone! You can either buy a theme or all the themes. Even you can buy the themes for a lifetime and get rid of paying yearly or monthly. Below are the detailed pricing plans of TeslaThemes. Remember the TeslaThemes coupon code I mentioned above will be at this price and so you don’t have to pay full being a TricksRoad reader.

For a single theme, you just have to pay $48 per theme. But if you want to get all their stunning themes, you can get at as low as $59 per year but PSD files won’t be there.
So if you’re a developer and need PSD file as well, go with Developer plan at $79 per year and get all their themes with PSD files.

Also, if you don’t want to pay yearly, subscribe to lifetime plan and get all the themes with all the details and file at just $199.

Though the prices are low and all themes are highly customizable with excellent features, but still if due to some reason you are not satisfied, you can ask for the money back anytime within 14 days from the date of purchase.

TeslaThemes FAQ

Here is some common questions being asked about the TeslaThemes. You can also join TeslaThemes affiliate program for the tiered commission if you are a publisher or marketer.

Over to you

This was all about TeslaThemes and TeslaThemes coupon code 2016. Do try this and share your experience with me in a comment.

Also, let me know if this 20% flat TeslaThemes coupon code worked for you. Give us a buzz by sharing this on Facebook and Twitter.

Nactus Review; Enjoy the Modern Way of Learning and Teaching

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Do you think it’s too late for you to study something? I know how it feels when you turn out to be a student as an aged person. But what if I introduce you to a whole new level of learning?

Or maybe you are regretting the moment you chose the career decision. Are you disappointed not to be a teacher? Well, I have got a solution for that too.

Let me get into the core of this post without testing your patience.

Introducing Nactus: Nactus Review

Nactus is a mobile app for those who want to learn and teach something at the comfort level. You won’t have to wear a bag, ID card and take bus daily. All you need to do is just install a mobile app and start right away.

Nactus was founded exactly for the people like you who look forward to taking benefits from the ever-growing world of technology.

Features of Nactus

So now, it’s time to unleash the incredible features of Nactus.

For Tutors

If you are a tutor looking forward to widening your horizon, you will find Nactus in the following ways.

#1. Monetization is Possible

Yeah, you heard it right! Monetization is possible on Nactus if you are looking for an extra income stream.

You can set a price for the notes you provide to the students.

#2. Brilliant Schedule Management

I understand that you may have a full-time job or another primary business to focus on that you can't always provide classes. That's why Nactus has an effective schedule management system to set convenient timings.

#3. More Visibility

Nactus allows you to create a detailed tutor profile. Obviously, it will help you build a reputed brand as a tutor.

For Students

Nactus is going to amaze you with their students-friendly features given below.

#1. Tutors Filter

The number of teachers on Nactus is increasing day by day. But, you will never find it too hard to choose the best one among the lot using their efficient filter.

#2. 100% Privacy

No one can see your profile and contact details unless you register for their course. Yes, only your teachers are eligible to get your profile data.

#3. Instant Push Notification

Do you have a short memory? Then, Nactus keeps you with the flow by sending you push notifications about the upcoming classes.

#4. Chat Feature

Soon after you sign up for one’s class, you will be granted to chat with him/ her. No one else can message you other than your tutors. And, no one can sneak into the chats.

The doubt clearance becomes easy this way.

How to Sign up for Nactus?

Are you excited to join Nactus? As I said earlier, it is a mobile app available for both Android and iOS.

The following are the steps to join Nactus.

Step 1: Download the app and register for an account. If you are a tutor, you need to create a profile here.

Learners can search for teachers here.

Step 2: It is possible for students to get a trial so that, you will have a firm idea of what is in the full course.

On the other hand, tutors need to setup all the class settings and batch arrangement.

Step 3: Whenever you get a class registration as a tutor, communicate with him to make the process easier.

Similarly, students can use the chat feature to get a firm idea of class details.

Wrapping Up

I hope you have got a clear picture of what Nactus is and how it works. If you think you still have any doubt to be solved, don’t forget to use the comment section down below to let me know about the same. I will be more than glad to help you out.

5+ Best WordPress Autoblogging plugins for Content Curation

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, May 24, 2016
WordPress autoblogging plugins helps us to keep our blog and website refresh and keep it growing. Many times we face this issue that we don’t get much of the time to maintain the blog and you should be ready to maintain your blog when you are busy.

However it is not that easy to create fresh content every day and especially when you’re too busy. Another issue is that, many of us can’t afford freelance writers to write the new content and if we can also, there is no guarantee that it will be of high quality that we expect from our blog.

WordPress Autoblogging plugins

Recently I have started a niche blog (I’ll write the case study as how it will perform further) and have hired a girl for the content. She is delivering the content on time but not getting the quality that I expected and so have to spend much of the time to edit that article. So another approach of this is WP Autoblog plugin.

WordPress auto content generator can help you in such scenario. This WordPress autoblogging plugin allows you to generate free content for your blog.

Top WordPress Autoblogging Plugins

So here are the top WordPress autoblogging plugins for you to create fresh content for your blog and website. Some of these WP Autoblog plugins are free while others are paid and you’ll have to pay to have those plugins.

1. WP RSS Aggregator - FREE

WP RSS Aggregator is considered as one of the best autoblogging WordPress plugins and is completely free. This plugin is used for importing, merging and displaying RSS and Atom feeds on your WordPress site.

WordPress Autoblogging plugins

With this free core version of WP RSS Aggregator, you’ll be able to aggregate as many RSS feeds from as many sources as you'd like. The most important feature that I liked about this autoblog WordPress plugin is, it is highly customizable. You can arrange the feeds as per your need.

Here you can select the feed time interval and can also open the external links in the new tab and much more.

Here are the few amazing features of WP RSS Aggregator-

• You can always export a custom RSS feed depending upon your feed sources.

• It allows you to display your imported feed items with the help of a short code.

• You can set the name of feed source along with the features like pagination, date format, and links as well.

• You’re allowed to limit the number of feed items in the database.

• It also can open video websites like Daily Motion, YouTube and Vimeo directly on your blog.

• I guess the above features are enough for you to choose this plugin and if not, then here are some of the add-ons available for it.

• Categories – This add-on allows you to show your content in an organized way and according to the category you wish to show first.

• Full Text RSS Feeds – It connects you to the Full-Text premium service and hence you get the unlimited feed items for every single feed.

• Keyword Filtering – As the name suggests, it imports the feeds as per the keywords set by you.

• Excerpts and Thumbnails – It clear by the name, the add-on shows excerpts and thumbnails with the title, date and source as well.

2. FeedWordPress – FREE

FeedWordPress is another free autoblogging WordPress plugin and can be helpful to create free content.
WordPress Autoblogging plugins

FeedWordPress is an Atom/RSS aggregator for WordPress. It syndicates content from feeds that you choose into your WordPress weblog; the content it syndicates appears as a series of special posts in your WordPress posts database.

The best thing that I liked about this free autoblog plugin is, here all the incoming categories will be turned into tags and if there is any new category, the system will automatically make it a new tag.

3. WPeMatico - FREE

If you’re looking for a decent and easy to use wordpress autoblogging plugin, I would suggest going with WPeMatico. This is quite a decent and very easy to use with lots of customization available.

WordPress Autoblogging plugins

This plugin also offers you a nice interface like the default WordPress to manage all the feeds you import. Here you can import feeds from multiple sources and can arrange as per your need so that it can look better.

4. WP Robot – Premium

WP Robot is one of the best WordPress auto content generators but it is a premium autoblogging plugin. Though it is a paid one, but believe me every penny of it worth. You will clearly identify the difference between free autoblog plugin and the paid one in terms of quality, in terms of ease of use and many more.

WordPress Autoblogging plugins

You can use this plugin with any WordPress theme and with any version. Another important feature of WP Robot is, you can insert your affiliate links in the content. Currently, WP Robot supports more than 20 affiliate links including Amazon, eBay and much more.

You can buy WP Robot just by paying a one-time fee of $89 for basic version while the full version is available at $129 and developer version at $329. Below are the features of all the plans.

WordPress Autoblogging plugins

They also provide 14 days money back guarantee. In case you’re not satisfied with the service, you can get your money back within 14 days. Today more than one million blogs are using WP Robot.

5. Autoblog – Premium

Autoblog is another excellent plugin by wpmudev which is known for their premium themes and plugins used by millions of bloggers and web masters. Few days ago, we wrote AdSense optimized WordPress themes and many of wpmudev themes are there.

It uses RSS to share blog content from around the web in a single WordPress feed. Want to repost blog content from multiple sites to one place? Automate posting to WordPress and Multisite using RSS feeds with Autoblog.

Below are some of the features of Autoblog and ad-on supported by Autoblog.

WordPress Autoblogging plugins

This WordPress autoblogging plugin has been downloaded more than 63k times till now and is quite popular in blogging community for WordPress auto poster.

This wpmu autoblog plugin is bit costly compared to other autoblogging plugins available in the market and costs $19 per month. This includes premium support as well. Here are the few features of Autoblog WordPress autoblogging plugins.

• Post content from anywhere on the web
• All the controls- like tags, most used phrases etc.
• 17+ ad on
• Premium support and much more

6. WordPress Automatic Plugin – Premium

Wordpress automatic plugin is another premium autoblogging WordPress plugin for the bloggers and webmasters for creating contents. This plugin is from the market leader codecanyon which is #1 market place for all the major themes and plugins.

WordPress Autoblogging plugins

Wordpress automatic plugin posts quality targeted articles, Amazon Products, Clickbank Products, YouTube Videos, Vimeo videos , Feeds posts, eBay auctions, Flicker images, Instagram Images, Pinterest pins, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts and SoundCloud songs on auto-pilot.

It is compatible with all the browsers and WordPress versions and without any issue you can use it easily.

If you are looking for an amazing WP autoblog plugin, I will suggest you go with it as it has lots of features and is most cost efficient.

Wordpress automatic plugin just comes at $18 which includes premium updates and supports from developers.

7. Buzz Burner –Premium

Buzz Burner is a paid autoblogging plugin used by multiple internet marketer and bloggers. They create some good quality of content (of course not the original) and it generate the content after running it through a translation and a spinner. Buzz will Auto Curate content and then populate this filtered content into the pages of your WordPress site.

WordPress Autoblogging plugins

Here are the few features of Buzz Burner-

• Create Campaigns (Campaigns to order and sort your feeds)

• Select Category (Select what category each campaign posts to)

• Post Time (Select when to post by the hours or by the day and time)

• Custom Post Titles (Customize Posts Titles, by including date, time, random imported item title or number your posts)

• Post Header Images (Set a dedicated post header images to be inserted at the top of every post)

• Post Status (Automatically publish posts or set them to draft so you can review and edit before publishing)

• e-Mail Notification (Get an e-mail every time a new post is created to keep you up-to-date with your auto blogging)

• Tag Generation (Auto generate tags using a keyword relevancy formula to create tags that appear most in your post)

• Images (Import images from feeds to use in your own post, with Alt Tag and keyword renaming – SEO Best Practice)

• Featured Image (If your theme uses WordPress’s Featured Image, Buzz Burner auto-selects your featured image from one of the feeds)

• Keyword/Domain Filters (Filter posts by including or exclude keywords and domains to only get the content you want)

• Post Header/Footer Text (Enter in a set of opening and closing paragraphs for your posts to be randomly selected and inserted for you)

• Source Back Links (choose how to give credit to the source… Link back or not, it’s up to you)

The price of Buzz Burner is $7.97 per month or $97 onetime charge. If you are looking to buy this plugin then I would suggest you buy for $97 as you can use unlimited time without thinking of any monthly charges.

Also, as they provide 60 days money back policy so there is no risk also. If anytime you feel that it doesn’t come at your demand, you can get your money back.


These were some of the best WordPress autoblogging plugins. As mentioned some of these are free autoblog plugin while others are paid one. You can select the one which suits you.

One thing that I want to mention here is, despite of using any of these best autoblogging plugin, you will not get the super quality as most of these are using spinner and various other methods to generate content. But due to the competition now the quality is better and readable. So if you are sort of time and need to keep your site updated, you can go with these WordPress autoblogging plugins.

Do you use any autoblogging plugin for your blog?

Best VPN Services: Stay Secure Online with these Top VPN & Proxies

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, May 22, 2016
Online security is a top concern these days and more often you will be hearing that someone has been hacked, some data has been leaked and so on…

On an average around 30,000 sites are getting hacked in a day and so you can think of how serious this issue is.

Last month itself, in a major data breach, over 50 Million Turkish citizen data were leaked online and this is not unique. Every day you will come to know about such news. The best way to get protected from such issues is precautions. Take utmost precautions you can take to prevent such data and security breaches.

How to Unblock Blocked Websites: 3 Working Methods

By Ashutosh Jha →
How many times you have faced the issue where you are trying to access some sites and it is showing blocked?

Well, I have many times! And I am sure you too…

How to Unblock Blocked Websites
I am receiving such messages many times. The blocked websites can be due to many reasons and at multiple levels. Like sometimes government ban some websites due to security or illegal issues. Whereas if you are working in some organizations, usually you will find social networking sites, jobs sites or any other entertainment sites blocked.
Blocked Website screenshot
Sometimes we need to access those sites due to various reasons and actually you can do too. You must have heard many techniques to unblock blocked websites but here in this article, I am going to show you few best ways to unblock the blocked websites.

These methods to unblock the blocked sites are tested and have worked perfectly for me and so will work for you for sure!

3 Working Methods to Unblock the Blocked sites

So let’s start with few best methods to unblock the blocked sites. I am sure these methods will work for sure and you would be able to access the blocked websites.

Methods 1: Through Web Proxy Servers

This is the easiest and quickest way to browse blocked sites anonymously. Type in the web address – you’re connected within seconds!

Now if you are thinking how this is being done then let me explain you the working on web proxy.

Web proxy server is like a simple computer/server which acts like a middle man between you and your destination URL. Whenever you try to access any webpage, the request first goes to the proxy server and then proxy server request the web page requested by you and then it gives you the result.

So, if you are connected to the proxy server then there won’t be any direct communication between the source computer and the client system. The proxy will be there as a middle man for each request. The below figure explains the working of proxy server clearly-
Working of Web Proxy

Courtesy: Gohacking
There are a number of web proxy servers available and you can use any proxy server to get you work done.

The middle man in the above picture is the proxy servers which are available both free and paid and the price depends on the location.

What happens, these proxy servers have some IP of some locations and they request your requested URL through that IP.

Suppose you are in India where Torrent site is blocked and you want to access. Now see from where this site is accessible? Let say this is accessible from the USA and so first connect to your proxy and select the Server/IP location as the USA and then you would be able to access the site for sure as you are now requesting the access through the USA and not India.

HideSter is one such Web Proxy which helps you to access the blocked websites for free. Let me share some more details about this tool.

HideSter is a VPN and free Web Proxy which helps you to unblock the blocked website through web proxy and helps you to access the internet securely through their VPN.

It is an internet security company provides lots of tools and service for the internet like VPN, Web Proxy, Proxy Checker, Proxy Filter, DNS and much more.

Services offered by HideSter

As stated above, there are various tools being offered by HideSter. Some of those are free while others are paid but all are worth to try. But mainly HideSter is known for their Proxy Servers and VPN.

Below are some of the amazing tools by HideSter-

• Web proxy- Easiest way to access any blocked site
• Proxy List- The best list of HTTP, https, socks4 and sock5 proxies
• IP Finder- Know the IP of the system
• Password generator- Helps you to generate strong password
• Browser fingerprint- Will show you the properties of your browser like Adblock enabled, Do Not Track enabled (via HTTP headers), Do Not Track enabled (via navigator) etc. are enabled or not
• WebRTC leak- Check if your browser has WebRTC enabled
• DNS leak- Helps to find if your DNS is leaking or not
• Proxy checker- Verify up to 150 proxies for free
• VPN- Helps you to keep yourself secure online and browse the internet anonymously

HideSter Proxy List

Well, HideSter is considered as Top Web Proxy provider with high quality and at a reliable price. They have around 2k proxies which are getting updated every hour.

HideSter is having the best list of HTTP, https, socks4 and sock5 proxies which are getting updated in real time and are fully tested. Here are some additional features of these proxies-

Another best thing I found with HideSter is, you can get the IP of any locations. No matter which location you want, you can get that.

I tried searching for a random country Zambia and see what I found-

HideSter Proxies
You can filter the list as per your location, type etc. easily. You can also export the list. HideSter also shows the time when that IP was last updated and the time it takes to ping.

These Premium IPs are available just at $9.99 per year which is too cheap.

Also, installing and using these IPs are not a tough job at all and just follow the below steps depending on the browser you are using-

• Firefox
Tools > Options > Advanced > Settings (next to Connection) > Manual Proxy Configuration > then enter proxy details

• IE
Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > select “Use a proxy server for your LAN” and then enter proxy details

• Chrome
Tools > Settings > Show advanced settings > Change proxy settings (in Network section) > enter proxy details

HideSter VPN

VPN is the virtual private network and is being used to keep yourself secure online. You can browse the internet securely with the help of VPN.

HideSter is going to launch their VPN services by Next month and is expected to be one of the best VPN available in the market. Also, it I expected to be cheap compared to what other companies provides.

I enquired about the features of the VPN and came to know the below-

• It will be a strictly NO log VPN which means your identity will be maintained every time as no log will be maintained. No one will be able to know about your real identity, not even the company.

• They are also claiming to be the fastest VPN ever as speed has always been a problem after using VPN. HideSter is working in a way to solve this speed problem so that it can give the maximum speed with or without VPN.

• The price is also expected to be very low compared to what market is offering currently

• The UI will be super attractive and user-friendly and so anyone can use it very smoothly

So this was the easiest way to unblock the blocked site quickly. Now let me tell you a couple of other methods which you can use if no other ways will work for you.

Method 2: Internet Archive

Internet Archive is a way back machine which keeps the website data in an archive format. You can’t expect the up to date site here but their crawler crawls the sites very frequently and so you can expect the data of a day or 2 ago.
TricksRoad Web Archive
All you have to do is, open Internet Archive site and enter the URL you want to check and select the date for which you want the site. And it will show you the archived version of the site you requested.

Apart from the fact that it is very helpful to access the blocked sites, it is very useful for webmasters also.

Method 3: Use a Different DNS

When any website is blocked at your location, it is the ISP blocking traffic to and from that website. So if you will change the DNS then you might be able to access the blocked sites.

Here changing DNS means, you can change your DNS to Google public DNS.

Change DNS
To change DNS, right-click the network icon in the task bar and select Open Network and Sharing. In the Window that appears, double click on your network. It will bring up a dialog box and there you can change the DNS under IPv4.

Over to you!
There are many more methods using which you can unblock the blocked websites easily. I hope these 3 methods to unblock blocked websites will help you to access the blocked sites easily and quickly.

Do let me know if you know any other quick and easy method to access the blocked websites?

Hexlock: A Smart App Locker for Your Android Device

By Ashutosh Jha →
We are in a time where almost everything is getting controlled by technology. No doubt technology enhancement has made our life much easier but at the same time, few issues have come like privacy, security etc.

Although we have lock facility on our phone but the time comes when we have to hand over the phone for some use to others and that time our sensitive information can be lost or others may come to know. To avoid this situation, what best you can do is, lock those apps and folders which have your confidential information so that if you are giving the phone to someone else also, they won’t be able to check your data.

And Hexlock helps you here. Hexlock is a perfect App locker product by the very well-known company Liquidum which helps you to protect the privacy of your smartphone. It is an all in one customizable app locker and media vault app for Android devices.

There are many such app lockers available in the market but the features and customization you will find at Hexlock won’t be anywhere. I will talk more about the features and customization later in this Hexlock review.

How to setup the Hexlock App

For this, first, visit the Play Store and download the Hexlock app. As per the data available in the Play Store, this app has been downloaded over 1 M times and has an average user rating of 4.3 based on the rating provided by over 27k users, which is quite awesome.

Once you downloaded the app, just install it. You can install it on any Android devices like smartphone, tab etc.

For the first time when you will open the app, it will ask you for the pattern or PIN which will be used as a security pattern/pin to open the locked apps.

Do these basic settings and allow the app to protect your folders in the allow permission options. Now let me talk about Hexlock features.

User Interface

Hexlock UI is quite simple but attractive. Despite having such a clear and responsive UI, you won’t find any glitches while operating it.

At the home page, you can lock/unlock any apps as you want and whenever you will try to open any locked app, you will have to enter the password/pin/pattern as selected by you in the above steps.


This is another notable Hexlock features which allow you to customize your app as you want. You can customize the background of the app, font and colors easily.


Hexlock is a simple and lightweight app to use. The total download size id around 6 MB and once installed, it may consume your memory between 20-100 MB. This is the tested data and usually in my case, it used up to 40 MB which is quite good.

While using, I didn’t find any hang or unresponsiveness kind of issues with the app and it runs quite smoothly.

Auto-switching Lock Profiles

Suppose you want different sets of apps to work at different locations, then this app will work perfectly for you.

In Hexlock, you can create a set of groups as shown below and assign the apps to be used under that group.

Now suppose I have created Home, Party & Office groups then if I will at my home it will active the apps inside that group and so on. The app decides which groups to activate depending on the WI-Fi.

This is really a unique Hexlock feature which you will hardly find anywhere.

Fingerprint Lock

A fingerprint lock is another stunning feature by Hexlock. There is no need to setup the password or pattern. You can keep your fingerprint as the password and so only you can open it in either case. This makes the apps even more secure.

Media Vault

This is the recent feature incorporated in Hexlock where you can protect your personal files. You can protect your personal files and hide it.

All you have to do is, just import your personal files which you want to secure into Hexlock media vault and done. It won’t be seen without Hexlock password.

There are many more features of Hexlock which make it the top app lock software for Android. Below are some other benefits of using Hexlock-

• Parental control: you can give the device to your kids and they will not buy games or delete important folders without your knowledge.

• Shared devices: you can create separate profiles for shared tablets at home.

• Protection of social networks: you can lend your phone to someone and not be concerned that he will check your Facebook or WhatsApp.

• The app cannot be uninstalled by others

• Self-activate feature when you change networks


Even though there are many app lock apps are available at Play store but Hexlock is definitely ahead of those applock due to its amazing features and easy to use. The app can be simply downloaded and used without any glitches.

The features like Media Vault, Parental control, and Auto-switching profiles makes it far ahead of others and enables you to keep your files, data and apps even more secure.

10 Tips to Reduce Blog Load Time Fast [Detailed Guide]

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Since the time search engines have started giving much importance to the blog load time, it has really become to reduce blog time.

According to a recent Akamai research, the loss of the number of visitors to a site follows the radioactive first order decay from 4.001 seconds to 30 seconds. Immediately after four seconds there is a loss of one-third of the visitors who abandon the site.

So you can understand the importance of blog load time which does not only affect the SERP but also affect your business. So now it’s you who will have to decide whether to reduce blog time or not. I am sure you will definitely want to reduce blog time.

If you are on Blogger then you have bit less option to reduce blog load time but definitely you have great options to reduce blog load time fast if you are with WordPress. In recent days, mine blog’s blog load time is also bit more but I am working very hard and I am sure very soon I’ll get rid of it.

Here is an interesting research done by moz on how blog load time affects the search engine ranking. The ideal load time for any website should be less than 3 sec. As per Google,
A search result for a resource having a short load time relative to resources having longer load times can be promoted in a presentation order, and search results for the resources having longer load times can be demoted.

So here in this article I am going to take you through the complete stuff about blog load time like how to reduce blog load time fast, how to check blog load time and how to test the web page load time. So let’s start with how to reduce blog load time fast.

How to Reduce Blog Load Time Fast

Here are some of the best tips using which you can reduce blog/website load time quickly. Hope after implementing these tips you would be able to reduce blog load time quickly. Definitely these tips are for all the users no matter on which platform you are like Blogger, WordPress or it is coded HTML. You can apply majority of the tricks and can reduce website or blog load time.

1. Remove Unused Plugins

This is really a great stuff to decrease blog page load time. Usually we have regular practice to install and active too many plugins in our WordPress dashboard. Yesterday, I was checking one of my WordPress site and found around 40 plugins installed and when I checked how many I am actually using then it was just 17 so I removed the remaining. Definitely it will help me to reduce blog load time by at least a second or couple.

Similarly you can do it as well. There is no hard and fast rule to keep a fixed number of WordPress plugins but keep only those which you are actually using.

This is still a matter of discussion that how many plugins you should actually use in WordPress but definitely go for those which you use. Also, if you are not sure about that you can keep those inactive. So for better practice, you should follow the below 2 options.

a. Disable Temporary unwanted plugins

Suppose you have installed a plugin which you need right now and may be in future but you are not using frequently then it is good to disable that plugin once the work is over.

For example, you have installed a plugin to hide backlink and after sometime you don’t want to hide those so you can disable it till the further use. By this practice you can definitely reduce blog loading time.

b. Remove Unwanted Plugin

You should definitely remove those plugins which you are not using and not have any plans in near future as well to use.

Ok…honestly tell me how many of you are really using the Dolly plugin that comes by default with WordPress?

I am sure many of us DON’T. And now how many of us keep it as it is? I am sure many of us. But why? 

Remove such plugins so that your blog loading time can be increased.

2. Use a Fast Loading Theme/Template

Theme plays a major role while reducing the blog load time. You should use the fast loading themes for your blog. You can check my detailed article, how to choose effective template for your blog.

If you are a WordPress user, definitely go for My Theme Shop themes as they have really amazing collections of highly optimized themes. Their themes doesn’t have unnecessary codes or files which increase the blog load time. So definitely go with My Theme Shop WordPress themes.

It is the themes and templates which decides how much your website will convert apart from the blog load time. As said, first impression is the last impression and so theme should make an impact on the visitors.

Many times we find that people use some theme which is good for adsense but not looks cool. You should avoid such scenarios as there are multiple adsense optimized wordpress themes which you can use for both design and adsense earning.

3. Use a Good Hosting

This point is applicable to WordPress and other custom website users. Apart from the plugins and themes, it is the hosting which, majorly affect the website load time. In order to reduce blog load time, you should definitely use a high quality website hosting.

We recommend BlueHost for better speed and up-time. BlueHost really provides amazing services in terms of website loading time, customization, security and many other stuff which can reduce website loading time.

For our users, you can get a free domain with 50% off on BlueHost Hosting. So invest some amount while selecting the hosting and don’t go by considering only money as they harm your site. Here are the average loading time for some of the major hosting companies-

You can also try Siteground hosting. Check Sitegound coupon code discount.

4. Use Optimized Codes

This point must be taken care by custom coded sites with the WordPress and Blogger users. You should have optimized codes if you are making any changes to the themes in WordPress or Blogger and of course in custom HTML design.

Also, try to avoid the inline CSS codes for styling. Instead make a separate style sheet in your file manager (in case you are a WordPress user) or in Google drive or any shared drive (in case you are a Blogger user). This affect a lot when it comes to reduce the blog load time.

As we all know there are three kinds of CSS used-

• Inline CSS
• Internal CSS
• External CSS

All of these are having their own advantages and disadvantages. You can check more details about those here. But for SEO point of view, try to avoid much of inline codes.

The HTML users should use minimal codes that can fulfil your need. Also, you can take help of any external tool to compress your written code. You can take help of Textfixer for such help. I was using this tool when I used to be a web developer :)

Also, there is a plugin called autooptimize in wordpress which helps you to optimize your CSS codes. This is a free plugins and is a great help to keep your codes compressed.

5. Used Optimized and SEO Friendly Images

Here from the word optimized mean, you should use an image which is search engine friendly. Many times we uses may find royalty free images in Google or may be using the free/premium images from stock images sites or the custom images but if we are not compressing or optimizing those images, those are not going to benefit what it was supposed to be.

No doubt images increase the visuals of the web page but should be optimized properly. If you are a WordPress user, you should follow the below three tools before using the updated images in your blog post in order to reduce blog load time.

• Use SmushIt wordpress plugin to decrease the size of the images without losing the quality of the image.

• For PNG images, use TinyPNG to compress without affecting the quality.

• Want to be smarter? Why not? Yes, you can load the images only when users are reaching out to that place else not. You can achieve this using LazyLoad wordpress plugin.

Also, to optimize the images for best SEO practice, you should follow certain basic rules. Majority of those are listed below.

• Use Alt Tag and proper name of the images

• Use the correct size while upload. You can use 720px X 380px image for the main wordpress images.

• You may write a caption and description for the images for the best practice.

6. Limit Number of posts to show on first pages

This is another tweak that you should do in order to reduce the blog load time. The number of blog posts you will show, the much time it will take to load the blog. So try to keep it on average like 7-8. Seven to eight is a good number to have on the first page.

If you are a blogger user, navigate to Setting --> Post and Comments and in the Show at Most, select 7 or 8 or whatever posts you want to keep at first page as shown in the below image.

WordPress users should navigate to Settings --> Reading under your wordpress dashboard and then enter the number of posts you may wanna show on the home page as shown below.

7. Don’t Use too many widgets

Widgets also increase the blog loading time and so remove the unnecessarily installed widgets on your blog and reduce the blog loading time. You may want to have a subscriber box, ad box, social box and may be few other widgets on your blog but be sure you are really getting benefits of it.

Like you are using an ad widget on your blog which gives high commission but is not relevant to your niche and so won’t convert and so you should try to avoid such ads and reduce the blog load time. Instead you can use some relevant ads and can increase the revenue.

Also, whenever you are using AdSense ads in your blog, try to use asynchronous ads as they load faster than the synchronous Google AdSense ads.

8. Make rocket your most viewed page

This is necessary in order to get the maximum out of it. Ultimately your most viewed post/page/landing page is your asset and you should make most out of it in terms of revenue, in terms of branding and any other benefits.

You can find the most viewed post or page either by using any Top Post plugin or from Google Analytics and both are free to use :)

Now once you have found the most viewed page or post, what to do next?

You should do the below activity on those pages-

• Optimize that page or post as much as you can for best result

• See which ad is generating the income for you. If not generating either remove it or replace it. This will help you to generate more money as well as reduce blog post load time. You can simply find this by connecting your AdSense to your Analytics account.

• Optimize the images used on that page or post

• Make sidebar optimal for best loading and smooth experience. Overall that is your Golden asset out of your blog…Agree?

9. Use Caching Plugin

How many times you have heard that some app is working offline as well like Pocket? I am sure you must have.

Have you though how that actually work? They first download the data in either their local database or in your temporary file/folder when you are online and once you are offline and tries to connect to your temporary file and so works great.

You can use the similar kind of features in your blogs as well in order to decrease blog loading time. For this you will have to use a caching plugin like W3 total cache.

W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by increasing server performance, reducing the download times and providing transparent content delivery network (CDN) integration and it’s completely free.

This plugin downloads all the images and other stuffs of the page which you have visited and keeps in cache and next time whenever you visit the same page, instead of downloading everything from the server it take from your local cache and so take very less time to load. Company claims to reduce 10x website load time.

10. Avoid Flashes

This is another important aspects to reduce the website loading time. Flash media has much disadvantages in SEO as well as page load time. You should try to avoid to such flash files on your bog and it impact negative on your blog. Instead you can make a video and show that or a PNG image can work better.

These were 10 top methods to reduce blog load time. Hope by implementing these tips, you would be able to reduce your blog loading time fast.

Now let’s come to how to test the blog load time. For this I am going to use some online tools those and highly used and standard.

How to check blog loading time

Checking the blog load time is very much easy. There are N number of online tools available to check blog loading time. Their result may vary for some milliseconds as different tools considers different parameters to check blog load time.

Here I am going to show you two highly recommended tools to check website load time.

Tools to check blog/website load time

1. Pingdom Tool

This is highly used tool to measure website loading time. As I check my own blog TricksRoad which takes around 3 sec to load which is more and so I am working to reduce it. After showing the result it is also showing the pages which takes more time to load and how you can fix those. They provide some recommendations on which you should work to reduce blog load time.

In my case, it is the JavaScript which causes more load time.

2. PageSpeed Insight by Google

This is by our very own Google which inspect your entire blog or website on both desktop and mobile and shows how it is performing. Also, it suggests some recommended actions on which you should work.

3. GTMetrix

This is another tool to measure blog load speed and based upon their A and Y scores you should work to reduce website load time.

There are many others blog load time measurement tools but these three are considered as standard and you can use these blog load time measurement tools to check and monitor your website’s performance easily.

Over to you
These were some of the best techniques to reduce blog load time and tools to check blog load time. I hope this post was beneficial for you and by implementing these techniques you would be able to reduce website load time fast.

You should also check Google’s guidelines to reduce blog load time fast. Hosting also plays a major role in the improvement of website load time and so I recommend BlueHost for this.

So, how was the post? Share your feedback with me in comment and if you have any other ideas to reduce blog load time, please do share and also, please share this post on your social network if this had helped you.
Here is the video of this post, In case you would like to check.