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Top 5 Ahrefs Alternative

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, January 17, 2017
No doubt Ahrefs is one of the best link building tools but still people look for Ahrefs Alternative. I will tell you the reasons as for why one look for the Ahrefs alternative later in this post.
Ahrefs Alternative
For an efficient blogging and internet marketing, you need some great blogging tools so that you can achieve good results in less time. Also, blogging tools help you to automate your work and achieve more in less time. Now as we all know that Ahrefs is the industry leader when we talk about link building and link analytics tool then why someone will need an alternative to Ahrefs.

Well, if you don’t know about Ahrefs, you can go through our details Ahrefs Review guide. You should also check how industry experts voted Ahrefs as the top link building tools.

Here are some of the reasons due to which one think of Ahrefs Alternative-

• Price is comparatively high (minimum is $82 per month)
• Maybe some people are not satisfied with the features mainly because many other link building tools have additional features
• Only 7-days refund policy etc.

So let’s start with the few best Ahrefs Alternatives for your next link building campaigns. These tools will help you to analyze your competitor’s data and based on which you can do well with your sites and campaigns.

Ahrefs Alternative: Top 5

I have compiled the list and have come up with some of the best alternatives to Ahrefs based on their features, price, and support they provide. Few of these are Ahrefs alternative free also while others are paid alternatives but provides a trial.

Based on the features and the experts’ recommendations, below are the top 5 picks for Ahrefs Alternatives.
  • SEMrush
  • Majestic
  • SEO PowerSuite
  • Web CEO
  • SerpStat
Now let’s discuss these all Ahrefs Alternative one by one in details here.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is an amazing link building tool and is one of the best Ahrefs Alternatives. It helps you to see competitors’ best keywords, observe the search engine ranking tracking of the domain and much more.
Ahrefs Alternative
You can get insights into your competitors’ strategies in display advertising, organic, and paid search, and link building. Below are some of the great features of SEMrush.

  • Organic Research: You can see your competitors’ best ranking keywords, find the positions, etc.
  • Advertising Research: You can check competitors’ Ad Strategies and Budget with new competitors in Ad networks.
  • Display Advertising: Analyze competitors' display ads
  • Backlinks: Check referring domains, do link analysis, their health, etc.
  • Video Advertising Research: Find your competitor’s video ad strategy, create your video ads and much more.
  • Keyword Research: Find the right keywords for SEO and PPC
Apart from these amazing features, there are various SEMrush tools which will help you in your day to day work. Few of those SEMrush tools are below.

  • Keyword Difficulty: Find keywords for SEO and PPC with less competition
  • Site Audit: Check your site’s health with our SEO analysis tool and based on the result, fix the issue.
  • Backlink Audit: Find all broken and low-quality links
  • Reports: Get the site and link audit reports in different formats
The pricing of SEMrush starts from just $69.95 per month where you can work on five projects. With all these SEMrush is a solid Ahrefs Alternative.

2. Majestic

Majestic is another great link building tool which is used on a large scale. The fact people use Majestic is because it has multiple features.
Ahrefs Alternative
Here are some of the best tools of Majestic-
  • Site Explorer: It will give you all the insight of a domain or URL. You can get all the details like health, age, etc.
  • Backlink Checker: Using this you can check the backlink of any domain and based on which you can create for yours too. You can even do bulk backlink checking.
  • Search Explorer: You can search for any keyword, and the tool will display you the title, URL where it appears, etc.
  • Keyword Checker: You can do keyword research with keyword checker tool. So it can also be a Google Adwords Alternative when it comes to keyword research.
Majestic comes with a monthly price of $49.99 per month, but the issue is you will have to buy for one-quarter. The company also provides 7-days money back guarantee.

3. SEO PowerSuite

With over 500k users worldwide, SEO PowerSuite is another top alternative to Ahrefs. SEO PowerSuite will help you with the following-
  • Improve rankings and outrank competition
  • Generate more traffic and sales
  • Save time by running SEO quicker
  • Keep your SEO clients satisfied
Below are some of the major features of SEO PowerSuite-
  • Accurate rank monitoring: You will be checking result from 300+ search engines; comparing with ten others sites with unlimited keywords.
  • Profound link analysis: Analyze your links as well as of competitors’ based on 40+ various factors.
  • Keyword research: An excellent tool for keyword research showing Competition, traffic, KEI and other keyword quality factors
  • Competition analysis: Showing the details based on Backlinks, Content, Ranking progress, etc.
Ahrefs Alternative
Well, SEO PowerSuite is one of the very few link building and Analytics tools which have a free plan as well. You will have limited features in the free plan, and the paid one starts at $499 per month.

4. Web CEO

Web CEO is a complete internet marketing platform for internet marketers for SEO and SEM related works. They are providing over 15 internet marketing tools with brand reports.
Ahrefs Alternative
Here are some of the useful tools by Web CEO-
  • Keyword Research
  • Internal Links Optimization
  • Technical Audit
  • SEO Analysis
  • Backlink Quality Check
  • Competitor Backlink Spy
  • Content Submission
  • Social Metrics
  • Rank Tracking
  • Web Analytics
  • Competitor Metrics
The startup plan starts at just $75 per month if you buy for a year else it will cost you $99 per month. You can read more about Web CEO in our earlier post-WebMeUp Alternatives.

5. SerpStat

Last but not the least SerpStat is also one of the top Ahrefs Alternative. Features like Position tracking, backlinks analysis, Keyword research and site audit makes SerpStat as one of the leading link building tools.
Ahrefs Alternative
Here are some of the amazing features of SerpStat which make it one of the best sites like Ahrefs.
  • Keyword Research: It collects the keywords for SEO and PPC, show you the difficulty level as well as find the long tail keywords as well.
  • Search Analytics: Find the keywords which place your competitors top in search engine ranking, track their ranking changes, etc. It will help you to maintain the top ranking in Google.
  • Advertising Analysis: Research your competitors’ advertising campaigns and get the highest possible ROI from your PPC activities.
  • Content Marketing: Discover contents based on ideas and how it works previously. SerpStat takes help of previous social media share for the ideation.
  • Market Intelligence: Learn from domains leaders in your niche, country or around the globe and research their success.
  • Audit & Reports: The tool will do a complete audit for on-page SEO and will share the reports which will have the details like broken links, missing h1-h6 tags, missing pages, duplicate content and much more.
SerpStat also provides free services, and you can use many features of SerpStat free of cost. But as it will be a free plan and so there will be a limited feature.

Paid plans start at $19 per month which seems to be the cheapest in the industry when it comes to link building and analytics tools. If you buy for three years, you will get 50% discount as well.


These were some of the best Ahrefs Alternative. You can use any of these sites like Ahrefs for your link building campaigns, competitors’ data analysis, search engine ranking tracking and reports.

If you are into the internet marketing considering this as a business, these link building tools will be a great help to you, and one should use any of these.

Some of these tools are free Ahrefs Alternative while few are paid and depending on your need, you can subscribe.

Which tool do you use for your blogging and internet marketing?

Top 11 Effective Tips To Increase Traffic from Facebook

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, January 16, 2017
Facebook is the most popular social media sites for many years and with increasing members’ database, it will be on the top in the coming years also. This great social platform not only provide us the opportunity to connect with our friends, family but also it provides a great facility to Internet marketer, business owners, bloggers, webmasters and so on to grow their business. Here business is in terms of increasing traffic to the site and making the promotion of the brand/product etc. You can even have great sell-through facebook also.

How to Drive Traffic from facebook
With around couple of billions active users, facebook is getting demanding day by day and the most favorable thing with facebook is that it take care of its users. Time by time facebook brings lots of new features which attract the users to get more active here. And when at a single place you get so many active users, why don’t you use this great platform to market your business or blogs. Let me tell you currently Facebook is the second most traffic generator for TricksRoad.

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Perhaps the biggest assets going with facebook is that you can you can post updates, links, and directly insert videos from YouTube onto your page. This makes getting your message out as simple as possible. As a result, when you build your network of ‘friends,’ they see your updates in real time and those who are interested can visit your link.

By this way, you’ll be able to build a great network as well as traffic. Below I’m going to discuss few very important tips to drive traffic to your blog/any other online business and doing a great promotion. I’m sure you must be knowing some of these tips, but if you’re missing any, please incorporate those, especially if you’re a newbie. Because being a newbie, you get less organic traffic and so social media can be very helpful in that case.

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11 Tips to increase traffic from Facebook

Here are some of the best ways to increase traffic from Facebook to your websites and blogs. Use these methods wisely and you will have some good amount of visitors from the social media giant Facebook.

1. Create A Facebook fan page and complete profile

This is the most important step in creating a brand. Just think you’re promoting a product for which you haven’t given any information, what your audience will think? The same applies here. First, create a facebook fan page and complete its profile like profile pic, cover pic, about, contact and all the required sections. This will ask the users to know about your business very well and closely.

Similarly complete your own profile too and add somewhere about your business like working at so and so or founder of so and so. This will help your facebook friends to know about your business also who are not following your fan page and who know after checking fan page they might follow also.

2. Make friends and invite to like fan page

Use facebook search to find friends on facebook. You can send a friendship request to several people. But remember try to add only those people who can be your target audience. Suppose you’re running a blog on ‘wordpress themes’, so add the bloggers and webmasters who can be your potential user. Once they’ll accept your request, invite them to like your fan page. Not all will like your page but if only 10% will do, it’s sufficient for initial days. Once the user will start visiting your site and if they will find your site interesting they will follow you on facebook.

3. Become a fan of others

Yes, if you want a good fan following, you’ve to follow others. Initially, nobody knows you and so start liking other’s fan page and in return, they’ll also like your page. If they’re not doing this (chances are there), you can approach once formally also but don’t force to do so. Once you’ve some good fan following you will get popularity very easily and traffic will flow to your site.

4. Link your other social account with Facebook profile & Page

This is a very good practice and a smart way to increase engagement of your followers. Take some time to link your other profiles on your facebook account as well as on your facebook page. Especially add RSS link, twitter, and SlideShare account. This’ll help your followers/friends to get updated with your latest activities on other social sites.

5. Join Facebook Groups

This is the best thing I ever saw on facebook. Groups are the great point to drive massive traffic to your blog and also to do promotion. But use these groups legally, don’t spam those else you’ll get banned. Join the group which falls in your niche and share your latest posts there. Also, manage some time in a week to share your old posts also. This’ll help you to take your business to the larger community. Currently, I’m added to 25 facebook groups including my own group Advertising Adda. You can join this group to share your posts and promote your business.

6. Be Active and get Engaged

Being active doesn’t mean you’re online all the time. You should engage yourself with the others. You should like and comment on your friend’s status, posts, and shares. It’s not compulsory to do for all, but for few, you can do. And in this way indirectly you’ll build a good relationship with them. In return when you’ll share something, they too will do the same and you’ll see the result in terms of traffic, promotion and other benefits like sells also.

7. Promote your Facebook page link

Yes, this is also important. Take your facebook fan page to the people. The couple of ways that I’m using is-
  • Add a facebook feed section on your blog sidebar. If any readers are reading your article and found it interesting and want to like you for future updates, they’ll like you directly from your site. I know most of you are using this.

  • On your facebook fan page, there is an option connect to twitter, connect your facebook account with the twitter account. Now once you’ll share something on your facebook fan page, it’ll get automatically shared on your twitter account too. And this way you’ll save time also.

8. Use Pinned Post, Highlight feature & Schedule Post

These are the special features given by facebook. You can pin a post to the top of the page. I’m using this facility in my group where you can show one of your post on the top of the group. Use your one of the best post or the post you think should gather maximum attraction as a pinned post.

Also, you can highlight as many posts as you want. This gives visitors a special attraction and they tend to view that post. You should use these features but remember don’t highlight each and every post else it looks like common itself. Also, you can use post scheduling feature to schedule a post. You can schedule a post when your maximum connections are online.

9. Interact with your followers

This step is very important. Suppose you’ve shared a post on your facebook profile/page/group and someone has either liked/commented or shared your post, you should give a proper response to them. You should show your gratitude towards that. This will help you build a good relationship with others. If anybody has liked or shared you, say thanks for liking or sharing.

If anyone has commented on your post, write a proper reply and also mention their name in the reply. Also, you should do the same to them. Believe me, that'll give you enormous traffic to your site.

10. You can use Facebook Ads

This is not compulsory but if you want with a little investment you can promote your post/product to the large audience. It’ll directly give you benefit. Suppose you have written a great post or have published a good e-book, you can do little investment and can promote these. Remember facebook ads are much cheaper than the other ads network and cover the great source of audiences also.

11. Don’t overflow

Yes! Unlike LinkedIn and twitter, facebook has a social and personal edge where facebook members expect their connection to be personal, not promotional. You should not flood you facebook account with lots of posts, especially if your close friends and families are connected, who are not from the same profession. It’s a good idea to keep engaged your followers but not too much. You can use Twitter and LinkedIn for this purpose which leans more towards the business edge.

Final Words

These were the top 11 tips using which you can increase traffic to your site. But these are not the only way. I’m sure you must be using some more tips to get traffic from facebook, please do share those tips in a comment. If you’re not using these tips, you should use this great platform and get the maximum of it.

If you liked the post, please consider it to share on your facebook profile. Thanks and keep visiting!!

5 Best Google Fonts for Blogs & Websites for Better Readability

By Ashutosh Jha →
When it comes to readability, Website and blog fonts along with font size and line height play very important role.

There are many best Google Fonts for blogs and websites which can increase the readability and user experience a lot.

You may find many sites those have excellent content and design but as they are not decorating their fonts and text and so the whole site looks ugly.

Below are some of the things which you should consider apart from the blog design to have a good user experience in terms of text-

• Good and easily readable fonts
• Spacing between words and lines
• Font colors

For a better user experience and readability, you must work on all these above factors and believe me these are not hard at all. You just have to spend a couple of more minutes to all these.

How Fonts affects the user reading experience?

Some time ago, a study was done on Wikipedia user on the different font size and below is the result. This graph shows how font-size impact the accuracy of reading. They also checked the line spacing but fount it not impacting big.

Choosing the best fonts for your blogs and website is bit tricky and you should think about it before finalizing. The best way is, think from a user perspective or ask your friends how they feel by looking at your web page.

In an another research by Hyunjin Song and Norbet Schwartz, it was found that if you have to take action or have to complete some work, simple fonts are far better than the fancy fonts.

Let’s see what they did-

Two groups of people were given set of directions to complete. One group received directions in a simple font and the other group received direction in a fancy font.

The experiments reveal that the group which was given the directions in simple fonts just took 8.2 minutes to complete the work compared to 15.1 minutes taken by another group who had fancy fonts. So the group with fancy fonts took 86% longer than the group with simple fonts.

So while reading simple fonts works better compared to fancy fonts.

Again they conducted a research on the printed card. The first card was having simple fonts while the other one was having fancy fonts.

People thought that the designer who designed the card with simple fonts are lazy or less skilled compared to the designer who designed with fancy fonts.

So what’s the conclusion?

From the above two experiments, it is clear that-

• Different situation has different need of fonts
• If it is a text just for reading purpose, Simple fonts work better
• If you are designing any card or menu etc. fancy font works better

So now let’s start with some best Google Fonts for blogs and websites. Also, you should not change the fonts very frequently and so while deciding any font, stick to it.

5 Best Google Fonts for Blogs and Websites

All these fonts can be easily found on Google Fonts and can be used on any site just by incorporating a single line of code. These fonts are free to use.

I have incorporated both heading and body text in the example so that you can get an idea what you want exactly.

So let’s start with the best Google Fonts for blogs-

1. Lato Bold + Lora

I personally love this font and am using it at multiple places. Let’s have a quick look at the heading and body font design using this font-

2. Bitter + Muli

3. Playfair Display Bold + Droid Serif

4. Oswald + Cabin

5. Raleway Semi-bold + Roboto Light

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best Google fonts for blogs and websites and you should use these for better user reading experience.

Just give a try and let me know how your blog turned out after using these awesome Google fonts.

How to Promote Your Websites using Online Forums

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, January 15, 2017
Driving traffic to the website/blogs is the first step towards success. Earlier also I talked about the different ways of driving traffic to the blogs.

Tips To Promote Your Website

If you’ve not read those below are the links-

How to increase traffic using commenting on blog
How to increase traffic by submitting your site in high PR sites

There are other ways also to promote your blogs online for free. The most common is online forums. Several webmasters aren’t using this method but believe me it’s fabulous.

Just what you’ve to do is to select few forums from your niche and use the below techniques to promote your site easily. Below I’m giving you few most popular online forums’ name –

How to Promote Website Using Online Forums

Here I’m going to list few best techniques to get the best from the forums-

Complete your profile

This is the very basic and first step to promote your website. Join any site and complete your profile to 100%. A fully complete profile works great to show your identity. This attracts the visitor to spend some time on your profile.

Darren Rowse from Problogger says he follow or even checks only those people who have complete profile on the account as well as a real profile photo. So complete your profile after joining these forums and mention about yourself, your site name and details and your contact information.

Introduce yourself

Yes this is the second step you should follow. After completing your profile, introduce yourself, your website in a good way to the other members of the forum. This will help you a lot.

At least 20% of the active member will visit your site and if you have good content/product they may be your regular visitor also. In every forum there is a section called ‘Introduce Yourself’. Use this section very efficiently and ask for the review also.

People will visit your site and will tell you about the good and bad things about your site. This will give you many benefits-
  • Help you to increase the traffic
  • By review, you can improve your site
  • Help you to increase reputation

Focus on Quality not on Quantity

Whenever you’re joining any site or community first remember this ‘Give More Take Less’.

Yes if you’ll remember this, you’ll get the most of it. Use forum to help other and in this way people will start knowing you and slowly you will be a trusted name on those forums and people will start following you.

Talk influential

Just to increase the numbers of posts on the forums, don’t post anything. This is not going to help you. You’ve to talk in such a way that people will get influenced with your words. Else people will start ignoring you and you will simply waste your time there.

While writing any post or submitting any answers to the questions just think these are the people who will take your business to the next level and so write accordingly. Believe me this is going to work great for you.

Forum Signature

You must be thinking this is a very common method. Right? Yes this is. But are you using it to get the best out of it? Are you getting enough clicks on your signature link? No. Think about the reason.

There must some controversial and hot topic in every forum. Comment on those posts and you’ll see the effect. Similarly start a new thread on the hot and controversial topics and you’ll find the increase in number of clicks on your signature’s link.

Final Words

These are just 5 among many ways to promote your website using online forums. But I’m sure you are going to get lot of publicity through above methods.

Friends you must be using another or similar kind of tricks to get online exposure. Do share those. If you liked this post, a pin will be highly appreciable.

120+ Best Blogging Tools to Grow your Blog- [2016 Edition]

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, January 12, 2017
With the advancement of technology, almost made our work damn easy. No matter what you are doing, you will find such tools which can make your work easy.

The same also applies to Blogging. It’s no more a secret that Blogging is now a business and people are making Millions out of it. It is an art and with the help of tools, we can make this art run and shine.

Best Blogging Tools to Grow your Blog
Just for an example, a few years ago, if we had to build links, we type the keyword in the search engine and check on which all site we can make the links but what about now?

With the help of link building tools, we can get the list of all the sites, their status, ranking or say all the details about it in just a click. Isn’t Blogging tools have made Blogging easy?

There are many such best blogging tools those are making our way easy and we should use those as and when required. To get those on a single page, I have compiled the epic list of best blogging tools to grow your blog and business.

Personally, I have used many of these while others are based on the expert’s recommendations. You can use these tools without a second thought and can make your blog run like a business.

The Ultimate List of Best Blogging Tools

Here is the list of 120+ Best Blogging Tools for your reference. I have categorized all these tools in different sections so that you can pick the one which you like the most.

This post is going to be bit long so a cup of coffee is highly recommended :)

Blogging Platforms

WordPress: It is the leading CMS to start with blogging. WordPress is very popular as it has over 40k plugins to your required work easily.

Blogger: After WordPress, Blogger is widely used. It is a free platform and has good features available. You can start a blog on Blogger platform in minutes.

Joomla: Joomla is also a leading platform to start blogs and websites. There are several top sites hosted on Joomla. Drupal is also one good alternative of it.

Tumblr: recently it has become one of the top choices of blogger. Especially bloggers use Tumblr to rank their money making sites. You can find high quality expired Tumblr domain and can rank site easily.

Desktop Blog Editors

Evernote: I use this tool to make quick notes and it’s available via cloud syncing.

Desk: This is a paid tool for Mac OS and is a distraction free writing tool. Very useful for blogger using Mac.

Open Live Writer: This is one of the best tools to write and publish directly from the tool itself. Here once you will sync your blogs in the Open Live Writer, you can write and publish directly. The only this is, it works only for Windows and won’t work on Mac OS.

Blogo: Blogo is a desktop editor where you can do offline writing and directly publish to your WordPress blog from the dashboard. It is again only for Mac.

Blog Post Title Generator

I would recommend you to please check our detailed post of Best Blog Title Generator for details. Here is the list of Blog Post title generator.

• UpWorthy title generator: This is a viral title generator and will help you a lot. Great for a story like a site.

• Potent C idea generator: Will work both as a content idea and title generator for your next post

• Headline Analyzer: This is by Coschedule and is one of the best blog post title generator tools I have come across. Here you just paste whatever is in your mind as the title and it will give you the complete analysis as should you use it or not.

• Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer: It checks the emotional marketing value of a title. The higher the EMV score is, the better it will perform on social media channels.

• TweakBiz title generator: This is another great tool by Tweakbiz and helps you a lot to find the idea for the next blog post title.

Proof-reading tool

Grammarly: One of the best tool available in the market to check grammar today. It is available in both free and paid segment.

AtomicWriter: A good alternative of Grammarly. Again available as free and paid. For advanced checking, you will have to buy this tool.

Check our Top Grammarly alternatives to know about other proof-reading tools.

Ginger: Ginger is a free online proofreading tool to check the grammar and spelling and help you to write error free articles for websites and blogs.

Stock Image for Blog

Google Images: The best place to find the image for your blog post. But be careful while choosing it especially if you are not getting credit to the owner of the image. They may file DMCA and you will be in huge loss. You can check our article on How to Find Royalty Free Images in Google.

Flickr: Use advanced search to find images with a creative common license.

WP Image Suite: It is a paid WP plugin to find the image. This tools searches over 9 image sources and will give you the wide option to get the images. Also, you won’t have to provide the credit if you are using this plugin.

Canva: It is a graphic design software where you can design images and banners for your site.

Unsplash: It is a great tool to find the HD images. It’s a free source to get high-quality images.

Content Ideas

• Blog Comments: Get the ideas for the next blog post from the comments done by your readers.

• Google Trends: Check the trending topics of the current time or you can also search for the trendy topics based on your keyword.

• Ask your readers: You can also send an email to your subscribers and can ask what they want you to write. This is one of the best ways to get content ideas. You can also create a poll on your blog for the same.

• Social Media: Post some topics on your social media wall and ask your followers to suggest what they want you to write.

BuzzSumo: You can enter a website or topic and the tool will show you the most engaged topics and content shared on that.

Quora: One of the best Q&A sites where you can get unlimited content ideas. Just enter the keyword in the search box and you will get thousands of topics to write on.

Blog Submission Sites like Kingged: You can also check sites like Kingged where other share their posts and so you can get an idea what to write.

Offline Reader & Content discovery

Pocket: One of the most productive tool I am using. You can save the web pages which you want to read later or for reference purpose. You can read it later anytime.

Feedly: Subscribe to any blog feeds or search for your interested topic to discover new blogs to subscribe to.

Visitor Stat & Analytics 

• Google Analytics: The best and free tool when it comes to analytics. Given by Google, it will show you the complete traffic details, their behavior, real-time data, keywords, kind of traffic and much more. It is a must have the tool and must trusted analytics tool you must have.

How to Get Index your New Blog Post Quickly in Google

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, January 10, 2017
You have spent lot of time on ..
Finding the topic for your blog post
Done lot of research to write article
Done extensive search for keywords selection
Spent quality time on finding and decorating Images..

But still your blog post is not showing in Google. Why?

You must be thinking these..
Why my blog post is not showing in Google
Why Google has not indexed my web page
How to index blog post faster
So what you do in this situation? Do you just sit and wait for the Google to crawl your web page?

How to get index your new blog post quickly? Here is the solution.

how to index blog post quickly

How to Get Index in Google Super-Fast – Proven Techniques

In this guide, I am going to tell you few basic steps using which you can get your new blog post indexed in Google very quickly. I am also going to share the indexed time of this blog post in comment and request you to share the same :)

There is no magic in this but if you will do some work after writing your post, I am sure your new blog post will get index very fast. So below are some of the methods that you should do after hitting the publish button each time.

Also, one thing that you should know here is blog post of old and authority blogs are getting indexed faster than the blog post of new blogs.

Tips 1: Write Quality Content

I am damn sure you have heard this many times that Content is king. Yes, it is. Overall the content is your product that you are selling or using the content you are doing marketing through your blog..right?

So spent good time to research on contents and then only publish the post. I usually take around 4 hours to write a medium length post. What about you?

Do proper and deep research on finding contents and keywords.

Also, quality and length matter a lot. Your blog post should have quality so that Google can have enough reason to show your article and also write at least 500+ words blog posts to get index in Google quickly.

Also write regularly. I have mentioned this several times at TricksRoad. No matter how many you are writing a week but write at the fixed interval. This is going to help a lot.

Tips 2: Build Some Quality Backlinks

Backlinks help to increase the SERP of your blog and so increase the traffic to your blog post. Backlinks also help you to get your new blog post index faster. So after publishing the post, make some backlinks. But remember you are only making quality backlinks and that too from the white hat method. No black hat, please!

You can build few backlinks for the brand new blog post using below methods-
• Do Blog commenting
• Use Forum commenting
• Do proper interlinking of your links and pages
• Submit to the directories

These stuffs will ensure the quick indexing of blog post. Also, you can check few of my articles to know more about this-

Tips 3: Share on Social Media

how to use social media effectively Social media has a strong effect on our daily life and their number of users is increasing day by day. If you are using social media effectively then you can get the traffic as well as a promotion for FREE and quickly. This is also going to help you in indexing.

There are many social media platform and it is not possible to join each social sites. So this is the best practice to select few and work on that harder. Like I am on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumble Upon, Reddit, Pinterest mainly. So select few famous and beneficial platforms and work hard. You can also have a look at our social media section for quality information.

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If you are working to get indexed in Google quickly, share on Google+ and Google+ groups for sure as Google index this fast compare to another social site.

Tips 4: Use Pingdom Tool

It is a service to update different search engines that your blog post has been added. This is a very useful tool that will help you to get index faster in Google. There are several Pingdom tool available, but the two that I am using are- Ping-O-Matic and Google Ping Tool.

Here just you have to fill Name, URL and RSS and just Hit submit. That’s all. Isn’t that easy?

Tips 5: Submit in Google Webmaster

This is the first step after writing quality content I do. Go to the webmaster and select Fetch as Google and submit your URL.
how to fetch as google

First fetch and then Index. This will insure that your post has been submitted to Google and will take less time to crawl the web page. You should not forget this step for sure. Fetching as Google is very easy just you have to add your URL.

This will help a lot and will index your new blog post very easily.

Tips 6: Do Blog Commenting

Blog commenting will not only help you to get indexed quicker in search engine but also can give you high SERP. This will help you to get more organic traffic.

Select some good blogs, read the blog post and write a good feedback. This will also give you a faster result.

Also Read: High PR CommentLuv Enabled Website for Link Building

Over to you

These were all about how to get index new blog post quickly in Google. I am sure if you are going to follow these tips, you will get instant result.

What do you think on this? How much time your new blog posts take to get indexed? Do let me know in the comment.

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The 9 Best Skills for Digital Marketing Manager in 2017

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, January 7, 2017
Digital Marketing is one of the most lucrative industries currently. A manager with correct skills for digital marketing manager can play a vital role in the growth of business.

Skills for Digital Marketing Manager
All you need to have is a laptop with internet connection and passion for doing well, and the result will be regarding growth.

But digital marketing is not a niche topic; it is an industry like we have offline marketing. It is a broad term which is further divided into multiple sub-terms which are being taken care by their specialists.

For example, a complete digital marketing can comprise of-

  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Video Marketing and many such niche

Here is a small graphic showing the current trend of digital marketing-

Skills for Digital Marketing Manager
If you are good in any of the sub-niche of digital marketing, you can earn some handsome money every month. You can either start working in a company as a manager or consultant which can be of any size starting from a startup or an established company or even can start working for yourself.

Recently the digital marketing domain has seen a huge growth regarding business and opportunity. Here is a graphic showing the percentage increase and average package of people associated with digital marketing niche.

Skills for Digital Marketing Manager
But as I mentioned above, the term Digital Marketing is huge and needs lots of skills and experience to get the most out of it.

Here in this blog post, I will be discussing some of the top skills for digital marketing manager in 2017. This post will give you the complete insight into the online marketing skills one need to become a digital marketing manager in any company.

It is not required to be the champ in all the skills. If you have good command over one or two then also you’ll do awesome.

So let’s start with some of the most demanding and required skills for a digital marketing manager. It’s not like these listed skills are just for the digital marketing managers rather these applies to all who either want to make a career in digital marketing or start their own business.

Grab these online marketing skills as soon as you can and be a part of the revolutionary changes being done in marketing.

Skills for Digital Marketing Manager- Top 10

Some of these online marketing skills you may have already or at least you would be having a fair idea about it. However, for others, you may try depending on your interest and requirements.

1. SEO Specialist

Well, SEO was a top online marketing skill and it will be. What can be more beneficial than the organic traffic when it comes to customer acquisition and online sales?

Here are some of the interesting facts about SEO and organic traffic acquisition-

Skills for Digital Marketing Manager
Also, SEO is not just about getting your few search queries ranked in the search engine. It is much more than this considering the current market situation and requirements.

Your SEO team should be able to produce results from content marketing, guest blogging, bloggers outreach, etc.

With the changing algorithm of search engine especially Google, one should only focus on white-hat SEO for a stable result in the search engine. The SEO specialist should be perfect in both on-page SEO & off-page SEO, and most importantly, they should know how to maintain the top ranking in search engine.

2. Social Media Expert

With around 2.5 Billion social media users around the world, it is very important for the business to grab the users.

If you see the recent report of social media users, you will find that world’s half of the population is on social media. Here is a trend of the users-

Skills for Digital Marketing Manager
One thing here to note is, social media is never going to be outdated at least shortly. One platform can come and go, but the whole industry will be as it is or even more engaging.

Earlier we used to have Orkut and now we have Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. So this is getting just transformed with the new idea. Snapchat and Instagram are just couples of such examples.

Although it is not always possible to be active on all the social media and so you should target some of those as per the user and business needs. Here is an image showing the number of users on these platforms-

Skills for Digital Marketing Manager
You can target few or all of these to get maximum from these top social media channels.

Just posting on these platforms and sharing the post/content won’t help you much when it comes to business. You should know how to keep your followers engaged and active, and here social media marketing experts play an important role.

You should know what your audience is looking for and what kind of contents and offers they are looking for. Depending on that you can plan your social media marketing plan.

A good social media marketing manager should have the following skills-

  • You should be creative
  • Should understand what your followers and audience are looking for
  • Ability to learn about new technology quickly
  • Good in relationship building
  • Community Management
  • Good follow up skills
Here is a beautiful infographic showing how the life of social media managers used to be-
Skills for Digital Marketing Manager

3. PPC Experts

PPC marketing is also one of the backbones of digital marketing and is a sure proof source of getting qualified leads.

Almost every new business looking for some initial customers look for the PPC to gather the leads. This is because with a little effort your business will start getting work. Here are some more reasons as why one should go with PPC-

Skills for Digital Marketing Manager
PPC is a pay per click and is a kind of campaign where you do an advertisement with any of the best places to advertise your business online and start getting leads. You will have to pay on the basis of clicks you receive.

Google Adwords is still a leader in PPC advertisement, but there are many Google AdWords alternatives as well which you can use to advertise your business.

The PPC experts ensure that your PPC campaigns are highly optimized for better ROI so that you will get good business in less expense. They optimize the campaign in such a way that the person clicks on the ad will fill the lead generation forms or buy the product also.

There are many certification and courses for PPC, and a PPC specialist should go through those. If you are new to it, then you may also try these free digital marketing course for beginners.

Here is a process showing how to start a PPC campaign. Google has an official page depicting the details to set up the AdWords campaign.

Best Skills for Digital Marketing Manager in 2017

4. Analytics

Well, Analytics is again a broad term is used to analyze the data and represent in the business form based on which company take business decisions.

Here are some of the key benefits of Analytics which business and consultancies need to know-

Skills for Digital Marketing Manager
There are multiple analytics tools in the marketing which you can use to analyze your business and data. Some of these are paid analytics tool while many are free analytics tools like Google Analytics which can be an ideal place to start with.

Here are some of the top web analytics tools which you can use for your business-

The 9 Best Skills for Digital Marketing Manager in 2017
You can check our post-WebMeUp Alternative to get the latest web analytics tool. Make sure you are analyzing the reports and logs for better customer acquisitions and perception.

If you have raw data, you can analyze those using Hadoop or technologies like Python or R and present in the tools like Tableau, QuilkView, etc.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is another asset in digital marketing and one of the top skills for a digital marketing manager.

If you have a large list of email subscribers, then just by doing almost nothing you can earn some handsome amount of money every day and month.

But creating an email list is not as easy as it looks like. You will have to convert visitors into subscribers and then have to maintain as well.

Email marketing is again not just sending the emails to your campaigns. It should be in such a way that your subscribers open that email.

Here are some of the email marketing trends in 2017. You can see how this is impacting the users and help the business to grow sales.

There are many email marketing services which you can use to automate your email marketing campaigns. Also, the templates you are using to send the emails should be good and highly converting. You can check few welcome email templates you can use. 

6. Content Marketing

You must have heard about the like “Content is King” but you will also experience “content marketing is king” in internet marketing.

When it comes to online marketing skills, content marketing is one of the best digital marketing skills.

If you are doing business online or getting business online and don’t have some content which can bring the customers/visitors or can retain the customers, then you’re losing a major part.

If you know how to create an evergreen content, then it will be one of your best asset for your company. Creating an evergreen and viral content is an art, and that’s why you need content marketing experts.

A content marketing manager will get your content created, market those contents and where to promote blog posts after publishing.
Best Skills for Digital Marketing Manager
Content marketing will help you in all kind of marketing campaigns like Holiday marketing strategies etc.

7. Marketing Automation Expert

Things are changing and so experts are needed to automate the old works so that room will open for the new challenges.

For example, earlier you use to post on different Facebook group manually, but you can automate the same now also. Check this article to know how to automate Facebook promotions.

Similarly, you can also automate the email delivery. Earlier we used to send emails to each subscriber manually or by putting those in BCC, but now with the help of email marketing services, you can automate this process. You can even schedule the emails for later delivery.
Skills for Digital Marketing Manager
A good digital marketing manager should also know about the online payment processes like Merchant Account Solutions, wireless credit card reader, best credit card swiper, etc. for easy payment transfer.

8. UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is just not limited to the digital marketing skills but also you can get jobs in IT or can work as an independent consultant.

Good designers should know the in and out of the design, the kind of design which will attract the visitors. They are also responsible to create a responsive design which can work perfectly on all the devices.

Skills for Digital Marketing Manager
While creating the email campaigns or creating designs for a landing page or a simple website, UI designers play a very important role.

They know what should be the design, font, styles and color which user want.

9. Graphics Design

Again this is just not specific to the online marketing skills, but also you will get other jobs. Graphics designers are always in high demand they will be.

A unique graphic is the need of industry, and so there is a huge demand. A graphics designer should know the design tools like Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Piktochart, etc.

Here are the ten design principles for your reference by Pinmg.

Skills for Digital Marketing Manager

Wrapping it up!

Digital Marketing is one of the best and fastest-growing industry for the freelancers and consultants to grow in. It has grown a lot, and a more has to come also. Now government agencies like DMRC Result are also using internet marketing to grow their business.

The above-listed skills were the nine best skills for digital marketing managers. If you want to peruse your career in the digital marketing field, you should know these online marketing skills.

The best thing with the digital marketing is there is no middle man. What you will earn will get in your bank account.

So 2017 has just come and if you're interested in taking your digital marketing career ahead, go and adapt these online marketing skills.

5 Best Mobile Wallets in India for Online Transactions

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, January 5, 2017
Being a blogger many times I have to fight for the payment method in India when customers are not ready for NEFT. In such cases, these best mobile wallets in India help a lot to get the payment and to pay someone.

Best Mobile Wallets in India
Recently, I was working with one client, and he was unable to make payment through bank transfer due to his personal issue and that time had to struggle to get payments and finally we settled at paying through MobiKwik.

This post is all about the five best mobile wallets in India for online transactions. You can get your payment or even can pay to someone. I am using Paytm very frequently for transactions, and the process is quite smooth.

So let’s start with the five best mobile wallets in India for payments and transactions. These mobile wallets have been developed taking care of users for smooth transactions and processing. You can easily add money to these mobile wallets and also can withdraw the money from these wallets.

5 Best Mobile Wallets in India- Transforming payment way!

There are multiple mobile wallets operating in India, and almost all are doing well. You can use them as per your convenience and requirements.

Here I have screened and listed the top 5 mobile wallets in India which is doing pretty good, are famous and solving the daily issue with cash.

1. Paytm Mobile Wallet

Needless to say, Paytm is the leading mobile wallet in India. It is now a semi-wallet kind of bank as they have already received the license for being a mobile bank from RBI.
Best Mobile Wallets in India
Now all the existing Paytm mobile wallet customers will be migrated to the Paytm mobile bank, and by this way, they have become the largest mobile bank as of now.

Paytm has also experienced a growth of 300% in the mobile wallet segment after the demonetization announced on 8th Dec. 2016.

The another reason for this massive growth of Paytm is, they are not just the mobile wallet but also a marketplace for recharge, tickets, air travel along with the e-commerce segment.

You can buy the items from the e-commerce portal, use coupons, get discounts and cash backs and get that in the wallet.

You can easily add money to your Paytm mobile wallet and can transfer to someone else just by using their mobile number. The process is just of single step and is being done in seconds.

The monthly limit is INR 20k as set by RBI and if you want more capacity, just submit the KYC.

2. Oxigen Mobile Wallet

Oxigen is another leading mobile wallet in India who has received the license from RBI to become the non-bank wallet.
Best Mobile Wallets in India
Oxigen wallet was started by Oxigen Services India Private Ltd. that was founded way back in 2004 by Pramod Saxena in a tie-up with Blue Label Telecom, which is a South African company, as a payment solutions provider. 

They have grown quite surprisingly recently especially after demonetization. 

More than 130k outlets across India are accepting payments through and more than 35 million transactions being conducted on a monthly basis. 

You can transfer money to your or anyone’s else Oxigen wallet using the phone number and to & fro transactions to banks are also very smooth. 

Unlike Paytm, Oxigen wallet is just a wallet, and so any user won’t get confused as everything is one the same portal and self-explanatory. 

3. MobiKwik Mobile Wallet

Founded by Bipin Preet Singh and managed by MobiKwik Systems Private Limited, this online mobile wallet is rapidly growing at the very high rate. 

Best Mobile Wallets in India
More than 250k merchants are using MobiKwik including Cafe Coffee Day, Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza, Jabong, Snapdeal, Shopclues, etc. 

They are claiming to have over 40 Million customers, and they are also not the exception when it comes to growth after demonetization. The company has claimed to have a success rate of 90% which is recommendable. 

MobiKwik mobile wallet can be easily integrated with all the major platforms including Magneto, WordPress, etc. They have already received the prepaid payment instrument license from RBI and have applied for payment bank license from RBI. 

4. Airtel Money

India’s largest telecommunication company also owns a mobile wallet in India and is known for setting up the first mobile bank. They have already received the payment bank license from RBI and is launched the mobile bank. 

Best Mobile Wallets in India
You can do multiple other things like recharge, bill payment along with the wallet use with Airtel Money. You will also get exciting Airtel Offers on the transactions done using Airtel Money. 

You can do all recharges (mobile, DTH & Data Card), can pay bills (mobile, landline, electricity, Gas, Insurance, etc.) and do the online transactions on the single platform. 

As Airtel is already an established and reputed company and so the growth of Airtel Money is quite fast. 

5. PayUMoney

PayU has launched an online mobile wallet with the name of PayUMoney which is getting accepted at around 100k websites for the payment. 

Best Mobile Wallets in India
You can load money in your wallet using any means like a debit card, credit card or internet banking. Even the rewards earned on each PayUMoney transactions can be added to the wallet. 

Please note users receive a reward for each transaction and so are very beneficial. If you are a blogger, you should also use it for payment as this is also one of the best money saving tips for bloggers

A key feature offered is the PayUMoney Buyer Protection that ensures that you get the purchased product or service. If there will be any issue, their dispute team will jump quickly and will get it sorted.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best and top mobile wallets in India. You can use these mobile wallets for cashless transactions in India. 

Also, these companies run various offers on transactions and so you can get some cash back also on the money spent which is just additional perks. There are many more mobile wallets operated in India which you can also use. Some of those are as below.

  • FreeCharge
  • State Bank Buddy
  • HDFC PayZapp
  • ICICI Pockets
  • LIME by Axis Bank
  • PhonePe by Flipkart
  • Ola Money and many more...
Which mobile wallet do you use for daily use and business purpose? I mainly use Paytm as is widely accepted.