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10 Most Profitable Niche to Start Blogging

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Starting a blog on some profitable blog niches is something like money in hand. If your niche is good and money making, half of the things are already done and you have to just do the other half to get complete success. You can find thousands of bloggers making $2000-$3000 per month easily with just a small niche site.

What is the reason behind the success?

They must have selected some good, searchable and profitable blog niche and have worked in such a manner so that the blog fills their pocket. So you should be knowing how to find a profitable niche to blog and most profitable blog niches.

profitable niche to start a blog

But before you start a blog, I want you to do a small exercise. Yes, I am not joking :) Take a simple exercise and evaluate yourself, whether you are ready to start your next blog or not. Check the below article and try to answer the questions given in the articles.

Niche will be your main product and well you can say the income potential of your blog depends on your niche. So give enough time while selecting a niche. So before you start posting any contents on your blog, think once whether it is going to make you money? You just can't start a blog on anything and can expect money to roll in your account. So if you want to be successful in blogging and want to make money out of it then select a good niche first.

Don't worry if you are still confused about the niche. Here I am going to list 10 Most Profitable Blog Niches to Start Blogging. These niches are trendy and have great potential to make money. Also, traffic is quite high on these niches so if you are ranking for just a few keywords then also, you can make big money.

Also, let me clarify one more thing. Here with a most profitable niche to blog doesn't mean I am only talking about income from Google AdSense. But here I am considering wide ranges of income sources like-

• AdSense
• Affiliate
• Direct Advertisements
• CPA Offers
• Sponsored Posts and much more

If you want to know the different source of income as a blogger, you can check this guide. Here 21 methods of earnings have been explained.

So now let's start with 10 Most Profitable Niche to Start Blogging.

1. Health Care Niche

If I will talk about the complete health care domain then it would be a big blog so just think some sub-niches from this domain and start working. Healthcare is one of the most profitable blog niches currently and it will be in the coming days as well. Also, the most beneficial thing with this domain is the income source. You can earn great not only from AdSense but from other above-explained sources as well.

As I said, Health Care is a vast domain which consists of thousands of small niches like Weight loss, Nutrition, Diseases, Some particular trendy diseases like swine flu etc. These all are most profitable niches and if worked properly, you can make most out of it. If you are fine with this domain then you can start a blog with any sub-niches. The most popular sub-niches of Health Care niche are-

• Weight Loss
• Diet Blogs
• Nutrition Blogs
• How to Blogs in any Sub-Niches
• Exercise Blogs etc.

Also, if you are still not sure which you should follow, visit amazon once and you will find many ideas and pick the one as per your interest. Please let me know if you have any doubt in the comment.

2. Technology Niche

Even though this is one of the competitive niches available but still there are lots of scope in this niche. There are thousands of sub-niches in Technology niche and you can pick as per your interest.

Though you will not get much from the Google AdSense but there is a great scope to earn from Sponsored posts and affiliates. By giving useful information about the newly trend in technology, reviewing gadgets and products you can earn a lot. You can check the list of tech blogs here.

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There are quite large lists of sub-niches in technology on which you can start a blog right now and can start earning. Few of the most popular sub-niches under technology niche are-

• Gadgets and Products Review
• How to guides
• Android-IOS blogs
• Laptops and Mobile blogs
• Trending technology
• Newly product release and much more.

Even though the competition is more in this niche but still as technology is growing every second, there is great potential to earn.

3. Blogging Tutorial Niche

This is one of the most profitable blogging niche currently and competitive as well. A tutorial is a great source of learning. From a tutorial niche, by providing great tutorials about Blogging, SEO, Content marketing, Coding etc., you can help newbie a lot and in return, you can make a good number of loyal readers for your blog. These readers will help you to earn more from an affiliate.

Through blogging tutorial niche, though the earning through AdSense is a bit less as most of your readers would be bloggers, webmasters or the one who know about all these. So they easily know which is content and which is an ad. So these readers usually don't click on ads. But there is the great potential of earning through Affiliate, Sponsored review, and direct advertisements.

Blogging tutorials are also a big niche and if you want to focus on one particular area, you can target sub-niches like-

• SEO Tutorials
• Internet Marketing Tutorials
• Content Marketing guides
• Making money online guides etc.

As this niche is very profitable so competition is much and if you want to get success, you have to come up with unique contents and with the one which readers are looking for.

4. Business Niche

These types of blogs are very profitable for the upcoming entrepreneurs. By providing the relevant information like-

• How a newbie can start business
• How they can get success
• What are the risk and how to deal with those risks?
• How to get money to start business
• What is business plans etc.

By providing unique and real information, you can get lots of success in this niche. YourStory, StartUp Class, and onstartup etc. are blogs in the business niche.

To start a blog in this niche, you should be well prepared and should write only real methods which can help the growing youths.

The source of income in this niche is quite high and you can earn from many sources like AdSense, Direct Ads, Sponsored posts etc.

5. Insurance Niche

Insurance is one of the most profitable niches if we talk about earning from Google AdSense. Even you can get a CPC of $50-$60 from this niche. But at the same time, this is one of the highly competitive niches where you have to work really very hard to rank your blog.

So if you are ready to invest time and can work hard, this niche is for you. Again there are multiple sub-niches in Insurance niche-

• Health Insurance
• Automobile Insurance
• Property Insurance etc.

Google AdSense is the best source of income for these sub-niches even though you can earn from other different niches.

I am also working on one blog in Insurance niche and I will share my journey soon here.

6. Education Niche

Education is the basic necessity of any person. Since the evolution of technology, people tend to focus online for any education and so make this niche hot for online earning as well. You can start a blog on any sub-niche like-

• College and Universities’ information
• Courses information
• Syllabus and study materials.
• Tests and e-books etc.

This is one of the easiest niches to start. Here you can also do micro niche like a blog on the specific results. For example, Medical results, TISS results, engineering examination, etc.

7. Forex Trading

Forex trading is a trading currency from different countries against each other. For example, the currency of India is in INR and in the US it is Dollar. So the example of Forex trading would be buying dollars while selling rupee simultaneously.


Let me show you one example for better understanding. Like in 2014, one dollar was somewhere around 60 INR. If you could have bought 1000 dollars which have coasted you around 60k INR. Currently one dollar costs around 63 INR so if you have decided to sell those dollars, it's value will be 63k INR. So your profit is 3k INR. This is just an example.

The Marketer who does Forex trading keeps on finding the profitable market and currency and they easily earn $5k-$10k a month. Now let's get back to the point whether we should consider this as a blogging niche or not?

Forex trading is also good to start with but again this is a bit difficult to rank like Insurance due to huge competition. But if you are able to do so for a couple of keywords, you can easily earn a lot as the CPC for these keywords is quite high.

Also, you can get lots of advertisements and Sponsored post on such niche. So if you are all set to work hard, this is the niche for you.

8. Website Design, Domain & Hosting

To start any online business, you need primarily three things-

1. Web Design- This can be either hard coded or themes or customized themes.

2. A Domain Name- You can buy a domain name even for $0.99 or if you want to start with free, get a subdomain on BlogSpot/WordPress.

3. Hosting: To host a website/blog, you need space and hosting provide that space. You can even start with free hosting on Blogger/

Now you can start a blog on this niche. But as this is a very big niche so you can take any sub-niche from it and can start. Few of those sub-niches may be

• Website Design Tutorials
• How to buy a good domain name/how to find expired domain etc.
• Best Hosting for websites/Best WordPress hosting etc.

These are some of the sub-niches in this niche and are highly profitable. But here I would like to suggest you is, if you are ranking for this niche, don't use AdSense. Because if you are getting clicks on the ad, you will earn somewhere around $0.5-$1.0, which is not much for a niche like hosting. Better use affiliate marketing here. Select any hosting company, Hostgator, BlueHost etc. and promote their offer. If you are making any sell, you will earn at least $50 per sale, which 50-100 times of an AdSense click.

9. Social Media

You will agree with me here! Social media has become the need of one's life. Right? Yes. Daily Billions of people access the different social network all across the globe. So now I am sure you can judge the potential of this super niche. This is a vast niche and you can target one or two social platforms and can start a blog. Like you can target Facebook, G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit etc and can start a blog where you can post the details about these social platforms. The details may include (considering example of Facebook)

• How to best use Facebook
• How to promote your business through Facebook Free
• How to do paid advertisement through Facebook.
• How to earn from Facebook
• How to use Facebook API on blogs/websites
• How to make post viral on Facebook
• Tips and Tricks related to Facebook etc.

These are the kind of contents that you can post on such blogs. Again there are different ways to earn from these kinds of blogs like AdSense, Sponsored Posts, CPA Networks etc.

10. Listen to your Heart

Last but not the least. In fact the most important one! Listen to your heart. Because if anything is done from your heart, that must get success. Decide which is that area where you are good and start on that. No niche is bad. If work properly, every niche can earn good amount of money. Let me tell you how you can select a niche from your interest.

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Take a pen and paper and write down all the area which you like. This may include Entertainment, cricket, game etc. I am sure you will write 5-10 topics. Now think which is the area among all which will not bore you even if you will be with it for a whole day. I am sure you eliminate 3-4. So almost you are having 4-5 now. Now make a column for all 4-5 topics remaining and start writing the blog post topics, plans etc. And by the end of this select the area where you found the majority number of ideas. By this way, you can select the niche which you really like and this will go forever. You will never get bored of it and easily success will come to you.

What about you?

These are the 10 most profitable niches to start blogging as per me. You may differ with me but I would love to know your opinion. Please do let me know which niche you think is most profitable?

If you liked this article, please share it.

How to Optimize Feedburner Emails in 10 minutes for Best Result

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Even though there is several email marketing company available in the market which offer both free and paid services feedburner emails are still on the top. Feedburner email is no doubt the most popular method for emailing blog posts to subscribers. The most attractive thing with the feedburner emails are it’s completely free and comes through your Google account. Even though I use some other email marketing services also but Feedburner is still the best and I like it much. However, I think many users do not realize its potential and all the ways the service can be utilized to maximize readership and sharing. This post will take you through 5 major ways to teach you how to optimize feedburner email.

I know many of you know few points but if you’re going to implement all that will boost your traffic and engagement for sure. Few days back I was also not aware of few tips and was using the default setting provided by Feedburner email account but then one of my friends Rakesh Dursheti gave me beautiful feedback on Facebook and I researched for the best use of Feedburner and here are my experiences.

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How to Optimize Feedburner Email

Here in this post I’ll be showing you the top 5 ways to optimize feedburner emails in just 10 minutes. So that you can maximum out of it.

Summarize Emails or Not

This is one of the most important and debate question in blogging. The default setting in the feedburner email will mail the full blog post to your subscribers. Is this beneficial for bloggers? If you’ll ask me it’s not. Because by this way you’re not going to get traffic and engagements from your subscribers. They will get full post in email itself and so why to visit you. Just think why you worked to increase subscribers?

So just cut the full post to summary and mail. There is a setting in your feedburner account using which you can do this. I would suggest you to mail around 200 characters to your readers and for the remaining part let’s have them visit you.

10 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, March 20, 2017
Is email marketing a priority for your business in coming time?
Are you looking for the best email marketing services?
Choosing the best email marketing services can impact your email marketing campaign a lot. This article is all about choosing the best email marketing services for your business.

But if you are not using email marketing as a part of your marketing campaigns, then you must check the below scenario as for how email marketing is helping business to grow.

See the ROI per $1 spent on advertising and the revenue generated from it.
In this article, I am going to share 9 best email marketing software for your marketing campaigns which will help you to grow quickly.

How to choose the best email marketing services?

Email marketing is one of the best forms of marketing and the cost-effective too. With email marketing, you can get in touch with your subscribers directly and can make a better contact which will be highly beneficial for your business.

A good email marketing software makes your work easy and enables to create an engaging email that impresses the user and fulfill the purpose.

Moreover, the best thing that you should look into a best email marketing service is, the delivered email should not land in the spam folder.

Since the time Gmail has allowed to create more tabs with the labels, it is also necessary to deliver your email in either primary or Updates tab. There are many email marketing software whose emails land in the promotion tab and users don’t check the promotion tab frequently.

A good email marketing services should not only collect data on email services but also get potential buyers on social media platforms.

Here are the 10 top features you should look for before selecting the best email marketing software-

• It should be simple: The features should be effective but the operation should be simple

• Should be flexible: It should be highly flexible in terms of design and customizable too

• Social Media Marketing-Ready: Make sure it’s integrated with social media platforms

• Event Marketing-Capable: Should have the feature to let you promote your next event. There are many other free ways to promote your events as well but email marketing works like a charm.

• Analytics & Reporting: Should give the details like how many emails sent, open through rate, and click-through rate and their reporting for business analysis.

• No Spam: The email must not be delivered in the spam folder

• Only Primary & Updates Tabs: For Gmail users, the emails should be delivered in only primary or updates folders.

• Cost-Effective: The email marketing software should have flexi plans to cater all kind of business.

• Excellent Support: The Company should provide high-quality support 24x7 through all major modes of communication.

Here Is a List of TOP Best Rated Email Marketing Services

Si No.Email Marketing ServicesUSPReview
1Aweber·       30-days free trialVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $19/mo.
·       Easy Integration
·       Widely Used Tool
2Constant Contact·       60-days free trialVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $20/mo.
·       Email Builder
·       1GB free storage
3eFlyerMaker·       Drag N Drop BuilderVisit Site
·       Heat Map Supported
·       Free to use up to 2500 list
·       Paid plan starts at $19.98/mo.
4SalesCatalysts·       Email BuilderVisit Site
·       Segmentation
·       Free for a list up to 400
·       Paid plan starts at US$1.79
5MailChimp·       Easy IntegrationVisit Site
·       Free to use up to 2000 list
·       Paid Plan starts at $10/mo.
·       Good Support
6GetResponse·       Template BuilderVisit Site
·       Features like webinar hostingCheck Review
·       30-days free trial
·       Plan starts at $15/mo.
7ConvertKit·       Drag N Drop template builderVisit Site
·       Segmentation
·       Plan starts at $29/mo.
·       60-days money back policy
8ActiveCampaign·       Integrations with CRMsVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $9/mo.
·       Can send SMS to subscribers
9SendPulse·       Completely Free for a list up to 2500Visit Site
·       Features like A/B TestingCheck Review
·       SMS Marketing
·       Free web push notification
10Campaign Monitor·       Drag N Drop template builderVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $9/mo.
·       24x7 support

Where to Find Inspiration for Really Amazing Blog Posts

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, March 16, 2017
Working on your blog’s SEO, building up your social media presence and working hard on getting traffic to your posts are all quite important and you will have a hard time making it as a blogger if you don’t invest enough time working on all of those, but there is always one more thing that you need to focus on that can make or break your blog – your content.

Where to Find Inspiration for Really Amazing Blog Posts
 If you want to make an impact and you are hoping to start building an audience for your writing, your writing needs to be good enough and the topics you cover need to be interesting and full of insight.

If you don’t give your readers engaging content, sooner or later enough other blogs will capture their attention for them to forget about yours.

This is why you should only strive to write amazing content, but finding the inspiration to write something interesting and unique on regular basis gets really hard as time goes.

That’s why at some point you will certainly have to start actively looking for inspiration to be able to produce high-quality content that keeps readers coming back.

Where to get Amazing blog post ideas?

Here are a few tried and tested methods to get amazing blog post ideas. Use these excellent tips to get amazing blog post ideas.

Get Personal

If you try to make a list of the top ten blogs you enjoy reading and thing are good, I guarantee you that most of them will have a lot of personality to them and the writer will be writing in their own unique voice.

All of them will be using their real identity and many of their posts will talk about their own personal experiences regardless of the topic of the blog. That’s why it’s paramount that you do the same.

And when you start writing from personal experience as much as you can, you’ll find that finding inspiration would be much easier.

When I draw ideas about blog posts from what is happing in my own life and work, it’s much easier for me to write because I actually have something to share and interestingly enough, the more personal the blog post, the higher the engagement on social media and in the comments section.

So, if you are feeling uninspired, look at your own life and experience and start digging for interesting stories to share – it will make coming up with ideas easier and will make your content better.

Engage with Your Readers

One of the best sources of ideas for topics to cover on your blog that would resonate with your audience is unsurprisingly your audience. Chances are you rarely tap into that readily available resource despite the fact that it can be extremely helpful when you are stuck for ideas.

If you engage with your audience on regular basis, you will soon find out that a lot of the conversations you have with them are going to go into interesting directions that are well worth writing about.

All you have to do is make sure you spark enough conversion and that you participate actively and you’ll be able to draw inspiration for amazing blog posts directly from your audience.

Make Changes to Your Life

As mentioned above, your personal life can be a great source of material for blog posts, but sometimes there isn’t enough happing and you have written about so many things from your past already.

Well, if you really want to be a successful full-time blogger, why not switch it up for the sake of your blog. Feed your mind with new experiences and environments and it will start spewing out great ideas in bulk. It’s just a matter of how brave you are willing to be with it.

You can just make a weekend trip to a place you’ve never been to, you could ask for new responsibilities at work or you could even pick up your life and move to Singapore to find POA tuition, so you can expand your skills in international accounting. The bigger the change you make, the more it is going to boost your writing and creativity.

Read...Read and Read

It doesn’t get more straight-forward than this. In order for you to be a good writer you need to devote some time to reading and the more you read the more you are going to learn how to write and the more ideas you will be able to generate.

Read novels, read the news, read the blog posts written by your competition, it’s all going to give you food for thought and will result in more ideas and opinions to write about on your own blog.

These were some of the best ways to find amazing blog post ideas. I hope you found Where to Find Inspiration for Really Amazing Blog Posts. I will love to know the methods you use to find blog post ideas.

SEO for Startups: 9 Tips for Success

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, March 5, 2017
Obvious, that SEO as a part of website search engine marketing became everybody's concern, everyone is looking for effective practices.
To begin with, let's understand what SEO optimization is. It is a set of arrangements and activities affecting the appearance of a website in the organic search result. That means, unpaid search results, in contrast to other digital marketing methods. It leads to getting more traffic and attracting more potential customers for companies.

It is important to remember, that the optimization measures, first of all, are aimed to make your website more convenient and accessible for the visitors that may be interested in it. So, it is not about the search engine, it is about your customers.

Best SEO Tips for Startups: Top 9

So let's start with some of the amazing tips for SEO for startups. These all are very basic and if you will focus on these, you won't have to spend much on the search engine visibility.

1. Do the Basics

Before you start applying more complicated means, make sure that you've already done the top priority “must have” things. The accurate titles of your site pages indicate what about the definite page is. As they are displayed in the first line of results of the search, it is much better if they are unique and give a notion of the content. But at the same time, they should be brief. Use rightly the description Meta tag. Try to understand the process of the search.

2. Avoid long and knotty URLs

They look awful both on the site and in search results and will diminish the number of those, who will share a link or try to type it from memory. Also, this is not good for your website organization. It is helpful when the user can reach an upper directory removing the part of URL. Suppose, you name it like “http://tricksroad/part1/01/34617689”. It is obviously worse than “http://tricksroad/blog/SEO/link-building”.

3. Right Use of the Keywords

Use them in page titles and URLs. They should reflect customer's needs you can satisfy. Consider the Long Tail conception. It describes the advantages of niche, unpopular search phrases that can in total bring you more visitors, than very popular, but competitive keywords. They must be something specific to your business. Let's look at custom essay writing services. They may use keywords like “essays” or “coursework”, and these words bring massive traffic but are too competitive, but if the site uses a phrase like “custom essay in Australia”, it gets the visitors, who are interested in this particular service and place. So include them into your strategy too.

4. Build Links

The number of links to your site influences its order in the search results. But it has its peculiarities, especially for start-ups. For example, the co-cited sites and conventional, mutual links may be omitted. Also, the local links from topic-related communities are measured as more valuable than that of general websites. The links on highly trusted domains provide best results. The exclusive and relevant content is the best way to get links from other sites. Also, you can analyze your competitors’ links and can build.

There are many link building tools available which will help your to check your competitors’ links.

5. Keep everything simple

It is the general advice that works both for content and the organization of your website. The content overloaded with special terms will be unfriendly and hard to indicate. So optimize it and make easy to read. And the clear organization makes your website user-friendly and easy to navigate. It should go from general content to specific content. Using text links for navigation is preferable compared to animations, drop-down menus or images because it allows search engines to crawl and analyze the site. Create sitemap.

6. Concentrate on the Content

Remember, that you should at first care about the users, and not the search engines. Don't duplicate content on your site. Keep to the topic, be logical and concise. Write comprehensive descriptive anchor text, which will give a visitor a notion about the linked page. Optimize the use of the images. Give them an optimal proper filename, utilize the “alt”-attribute to write alternative texts in case the image will be unable to load.

Also Check: Detailed Content Analysis

7. Find a balance

Both onsite and offsite optimization are important. Onsite SEO means the strategy for you inner work. It includes optimization of your sites structure, keywords, web pages, tags, titles. Offsite SEO is about inbound links and using the SMM strategy for promoting your website.

8. Use tools

There is a range of search engine tools. Google Search Engine Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and Moz Open Site Explorer tool sets will help you to optimize your web pages, to adjust site links, to find crawl errors, malware etc. They have some common features and their peculiarities. They may help you better than an invited SEO consultant. Also, pay attention to the online tools to check grammar, plagiarism, compare pages and do other work with content.

9. Analyze

The listed tool sets provide information on linking, your site performance in certain search engine results, site performance (if you wonder whether your site loads fast for the visitors), web page indexation, and even an ability to compare two websites and find out why one of them has a better rank. Utilize the information to make your site even better.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best methods for SEO for startups. As startups have a limited budget and so we have considered the budget friendly startup SEO strategy for better results.

Hope you liked this post on SEO for Startups. Please share if you want to add value to this post.

A Complete Guide on Blog Post Interlinking

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, March 4, 2017
Many of us just run behind making backlinks here and there and usually don’t much focus on interlinking blog posts. There may be plenty of reason behind this like you don’t know why you should interlink blog post or why you should do internal linking and what are the benefits of blog post interlinking.

Blog Post Interlinking

So if you are among the above or want to know how to interlink blog posts, then this article is for you. Here I am going to share each and everything of Blog Post Interlinking.

Let me quickly summarize, what all I am going to cover in this post-

1. What is blog post interlinking?
2. Benefits of Blog Posts Interlinking- Why you should interlink blog posts?
3. How to interlink blog posts in Blogger and WordPress

That means I am going to cover each and everything about Blog Post Interlinking. But before that let me ask a simple question-

12 Tips and Secrets to Get Best AdSense Earning from Blog

By Ashutosh Jha →
For many bloggers, Google AdSense is the main source of income. But still I have heard a lot that even they are getting 1K+ visitors daily, they hardly manage to earn only a few dollars (in the range of $5-10) per month. This is not fair..right?

Also, you may have seen many bloggers who are making thousands of dollars from AdSense itself. There must be something that they are following and you don’t. You have really worked hard to get a good traffic for your content then why not try some few hours’ of work to get the best out of it. Overall we are trying to earn from the work/product which we have done :)

There are few basic things which I want to mention here before going into details like first select a beautiful design and make sure you are not doing any mistakes at the initial level.

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At this stage, I am considering that you are having an approved AdSense account and you are using their ads on your blog. If you don't have a fully AdSense approved account check tips to get AdSense approval. So below are few killer tips to get the best from AdSense account and I am sure after implementation you are going to earn best from it.

Responsive and ad-supported design

The very first requirement to earn from any ad is to have a good looking design of your blog and it should support the ads too. If you are having a design in which you can place the ad in the footer of the page, then how can you be sure that your user will go to the footer and will click on your ads? So select only those design which fulfills your blogging requirement and most importantly it should be responsive and should have space to place the ad units. You can read our article to select the best template for your blog here.

Use best keywords for your content

The selections of keywords are very important for the success of any online venture. In my previous article, I discussed the importance of keywords.

So before serving any ads on your site first check the density of keywords. You can find many keyword planner tools on the internet free of cost. Use any one of them and spend some time before selection. Just search in Google and you will find hundreds of such sites.

Below is some of the widely used website to plan the keywords-

But I will recommend you to use the Google AdWords to select the keywords at least initially, later you can move to any other.

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Take care of the tag: Content is King!

It’s only said that content is king, it has value. Just think what is the key from which you are trying to earn? It’s definitely your content. Due to the content, only people will come to your site so make your content rich blog. Rich content doesn't mean you will have anything, it should worth. I mean to say here is your content should have quality so that visitors will come to your blog. It’s well said that-

Your content needs to be likable, readable and shareable, to get maximum traffic.

From a survey, it has been found that more than a million blog post is getting posted on the net daily, so you should need to be unique to have readers. And most importantly you should write the content for your readers not for the search engines or any other stuff. Because once you will be able to build a relationship with your readers, another thing like popularity and money will come automatically.

Also, you should take care about the grammar, quality, and value of the content you write. You can also take help of tools to check grammar errors.

Write the blog post frequently (Daily or once in two days)

The frequency of posts on your blog should be good. You should write a blog daily or at least one in two days. This will help the search engine to keep active your blog and readers will get more engaged. The number of content you will have, the number of visitors you will get. From my personal experience, I am telling you, if any visitor searches for a particular topic and reaches out to your blog, after reading that, if you are having other effective posts also; at least they will visit them. So try to be regular while posting and keep the older blog active. Then put AdSense unit to each and every page to earn better.

Don’t spam

There are plenty of ways to get banned or penalized by Google. The most common are spamming. People try to spam the Google (highest market share in searching). Sometimes for few hours/days, they get success but the Google script is so will form that they will find you and can ban.

Do you want it? Of course not. You are well smart.

So don’t try to copy the content from any other site. Write your own view. Research well before writing and definitely you are going to get success.

Some days ago, I read a story on Facebook. A guy simply copied pasted some good post from top sites and made his own. Also, he used his AdSense and placed some ads and did some SEO and in 2 days made around $90. On the very third day, Google detected this and banned that person. So never let such case to happen.

Use correct AdSense format and styles

AdSense provides ads for the websites in several format sizes like-

  • Medium rectangle (300 x 250)
  • Large rectangle (336 x 280)
  • Leaderboard (728 x 90)
  • Large skyscraper (300 x 600)
  • Large leaderboard (970 x 90)
  • Banner (468 x 60)
  • Skyscraper (120x600)
  • Wide skyscraper (160x600)
  • Square (250 x 250)
  • Small square (200 x 200)

The below three are most famous and webmasters are widely using these-

  • 336x280 large rectangle
  • 300x250 medium rectangle
  • 160x600 wide skyscraper

Another successful format is the 728x15 horizontal ad links, which can be placed on your navigation bar. So depending upon the space and requirement, select those which suits your blog.

Also while creating the AdSense unit, consider the colors (background and fonts) of ads too. They should not look odd. Google Ads with no background color and no borders will always perform better. It’s a good practice to keep the background of ad similar to your page background.

Increase AdSense units but don’t overflow

If you have good content on a page, increase the number of ad units, but don’t flood it. At most, you can use three units on a page, two AdSense search boxes and one unit of ad links. To earn more, always use at least one AdSense search box.

Also, your content should be written in reader perspective, not the AdSense prospective. I am repeating this line because; when bloggers start getting dollars they mainly focus on ads, not the content. But you should remember, due to content itself, you have received ads.

Use AdSense preview tool

To avoid any issue like ads are not looking good or they are not at the correct place, you can take help of AdSense preview tool. There are several such tools available on the internet free of cost using which you can preview the ad unit before actually placing it. Few of them are-

Use filter in AdSense

You can ban those ads from display on your blog which are not paying well. By doing this with less click also you can manage to earn more. Few highest paying keywords are-

  • Note buyers
  • Car accident lawyer
  • Donate a car
  • Investment fraud
  • Search engine marketing
  • Web hosting

To complete this list, I’ll write a separate post on highest paying keywords :) But again remember, display only relevant ads on your blog.

Follow the Law

You must follow the AdSense terms & conditions and policy. You can read their T&C here. These terms vary depending on the location. This guide will help you to understand their terms and policies and you will avoid doing mistakes.

Never modify AdSense HTML codes

You should never modify the generated HTML codes. If you are having a problem while placing the ads in your post, just drop your question below and we’ll find the solution and will help you. Never ever edit the code.

Also never place ads in pop-up windows, error pages, and empty pages. Else Google will instantly ban your account.

 Not to do list with AdSense

There are few basics points that you should not try to do with AdSense ads. Else this will result in termination. So below are the lists on which you need to be more conscious-

  • Don’t click on your own ads and don’t even ask anyone to click.
  • Don’t use the ads on the adult sites
  • Don’t change the code of AdSense units
  • Don't employ cloaking, hidden text or farm links
  • Don’t place AdSense ads on the same page where you have Yahoo or some other ads that AdSense policy don’t allow

Conclusion: Making good money from AdSense is not too hard but at the same time it’s not too easy also. A lot of hard work and patience needed. But after following the above tips I am sure you are going to make good from it.

Friends what’s your thought on this. Kindly do share your opinion through a comment. If this article has helped you, please share it on your social sites.

120+ Best Blogging Tools to Grow your Blog- [2017 Edition]

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, March 2, 2017
With the advancement of technology, almost made our work damn easy. No matter what you are doing, you will find such tools which can make your work easy.

The same also applies to Blogging. It’s no more a secret that Blogging is now a business and people are making Millions out of it. It is an art and with the help of tools, we can make this art run and shine.

Best Blogging Tools to Grow your Blog
Just for an example, a few years ago, if we had to build links, we type the keyword in the search engine and check on which all site we can make the links but what about now?

With the help of link building tools, we can get the list of all the sites, their status, ranking or say all the details about it in just a click. Isn’t Blogging tools have made Blogging easy?

There are many such best blogging tools those are making our way easy and we should use those as and when required. To get those on a single page, I have compiled the epic list of best blogging tools to grow your blog and business.

Personally, I have used many of these while others are based on the expert’s recommendations. You can use these tools without a second thought and can make your blog run like a business.

The Ultimate List of Best Blogging Tools

Here is the list of 120+ Best Blogging Tools for your reference. I have categorized all these tools in different sections so that you can pick the one which you like the most.

This post is going to be bit long so a cup of coffee is highly recommended :)

Blogging Platforms

WordPress: It is the leading CMS to start with blogging. WordPress is very popular as it has over 40k plugins to your required work easily.

Blogger: After WordPress, Blogger is widely used. It is a free platform and has good features available. You can start a blog on Blogger platform in minutes.

Joomla: Joomla is also a leading platform to start blogs and websites. There are several top sites hosted on Joomla. Drupal is also one good alternative of it.

Tumblr: recently it has become one of the top choices of blogger. Especially bloggers use Tumblr to rank their money making sites. You can find high quality expired Tumblr domain and can rank site easily.

Desktop Blog Editors

Evernote: I use this tool to make quick notes and it’s available via cloud syncing.

Desk: This is a paid tool for Mac OS and is a distraction free writing tool. Very useful for blogger using Mac.

Open Live Writer: This is one of the best tools to write and publish directly from the tool itself. Here once you will sync your blogs in the Open Live Writer, you can write and publish directly. The only this is, it works only for Windows and won’t work on Mac OS.

Blogo: Blogo is a desktop editor where you can do offline writing and directly publish to your WordPress blog from the dashboard. It is again only for Mac.

Blog Post Title Generator

I would recommend you to please check our detailed post of Best Blog Title Generator for details. Here is the list of Blog Post title generator.

• UpWorthy title generator: This is a viral title generator and will help you a lot. Great for a story like a site.

• Potent C idea generator: Will work both as a content idea and title generator for your next post

• Headline Analyzer: This is by Coschedule and is one of the best blog post title generator tools I have come across. Here you just paste whatever is in your mind as the title and it will give you the complete analysis as should you use it or not.

• Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer: It checks the emotional marketing value of a title. The higher the EMV score is, the better it will perform on social media channels.

• TweakBiz title generator: This is another great tool by Tweakbiz and helps you a lot to find the idea for the next blog post title.

Proof-reading tool

Grammarly: One of the best tool available in the market to check grammar today. It is available in both free and paid segment.

AtomicWriter: A good alternative of Grammarly. Again available as free and paid. For advanced checking, you will have to buy this tool.

Check our Top Grammarly alternatives to know about other proof-reading tools.

Ginger: Ginger is a free online proofreading tool to check the grammar and spelling and help you to write error free articles for websites and blogs.

Stock Image for Blog

Google Images: The best place to find the image for your blog post. But be careful while choosing it especially if you are not getting credit to the owner of the image. They may file DMCA and you will be in huge loss. You can check our article on How to Find Royalty Free Images in Google.

Flickr: Use advanced search to find images with a creative common license.

WP Image Suite: It is a paid WP plugin to find the image. This tools searches over 9 image sources and will give you the wide option to get the images. Also, you won’t have to provide the credit if you are using this plugin.

Canva: It is a graphic design software where you can design images and banners for your site.

Unsplash: It is a great tool to find the HD images. It’s a free source to get high-quality images.

Content Ideas

• Blog Comments: Get the ideas for the next blog post from the comments done by your readers.

• Google Trends: Check the trending topics of the current time or you can also search for the trendy topics based on your keyword.

• Ask your readers: You can also send an email to your subscribers and can ask what they want you to write. This is one of the best ways to get content ideas. You can also create a poll on your blog for the same.

• Social Media: Post some topics on your social media wall and ask your followers to suggest what they want you to write.

BuzzSumo: You can enter a website or topic and the tool will show you the most engaged topics and content shared on that.

Quora: One of the best Q&A sites where you can get unlimited content ideas. Just enter the keyword in the search box and you will get thousands of topics to write on.

Blog Submission Sites like Kingged: You can also check sites like Kingged where other share their posts and so you can get an idea what to write.

Offline Reader & Content discovery

Pocket: One of the most productive tool I am using. You can save the web pages which you want to read later or for reference purpose. You can read it later anytime.

Feedly: Subscribe to any blog feeds or search for your interested topic to discover new blogs to subscribe to.

Visitor Stat & Analytics 

• Google Analytics: The best and free tool when it comes to analytics. Given by Google, it will show you the complete traffic details, their behavior, real-time data, keywords, kind of traffic and much more. It is a must have the tool and must trusted analytics tool you must have.