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SEO In 2018: What's Changed?

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, March 20, 2018
SEO trends and rules are constantly changing. The only way to win and get higher positions in Google rankings is to use the right optimization tools but also follow the constantly changing trends and rules. Here you can find some ideas on what to change in your website optimization plan for 2018.

SEO in 2018- Top 7 New Trends

Let's check how SEO in 2018 looks like and what it will take to rank your content now in the search engine.
SEO In 2018
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Fight Against Fake News and Low-Quality Content

For several years, Google tries to ban fake news and punish websites that publish it. It looks like in 2018 this company will focus more on finding sites with fakes, low-quality content, offensive content, so truthfulness will become one of the main ranking factors for websites. The quality will also matter. Many other sites like Facebook, are also working on systems that will filter unproven information and ban people who are posting it. Therefore, in 2018, everyone should be especially careful with the data they post.

Usage of AI Algorithms

We can see that AI is a very popular trend in computer technologies now. It attracts a lot of investments and many companies try to embrace AI for different goals. Google is currently using AI too and its role in search rankings is going to increase.

Most likely, it wouldn’t affect long-term SEO strategies much. However, we should be ready for even more difficult and unpredictable behavior of Google search results as its AI can learn itself and change its algorithms from time to time.

Linkless Mentions: Is It Real?

For many years, creating guest posts with links to specific websites was the part of SEO optimization. Posting links soon will be not so necessary, at least for Bing and Google optimization. Isn’t it something we were looking forward to? When gathering information, these companies are using not only URLs but also linkless mentions of other brands so even if your company is mentioned on another site without a link, it will help its page to rise in search results.

What Is The Role Of Mobile Content?

We all should know that the search traffic that comes from mobile devices is bigger than traffic from desktop devices. That is why Google and other companies are focusing on mobile technologies and developing mobile-first solutions. If you are planning to help write an essay, sell electronics, or teach other people by using video blog, you must know that most of your clients will be looking for your website from their mobile devices.

Mobile Content
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It means that companies should work more on small screen versions of their pages and pay attention to their SEO optimization. This will be very important in the nearest future. Google is going to analyze the mobile content of websites even for generating search results for its desktop version. If your website is not optimized for small screens or not configured properly, it will be much harder for you to get the higher position in rankings and it’s also not convenient for your customers.

In the Website Auditor, there is the Page Audit feature with a Page usability section. You can use it to find out whether your website is friendly for small screens and what you can improve to help your clients who are using mobile search.

The Faster, The Better!

Even if a page is well-structured and optimized, if it has a high-quality content but doesn’t load fast, it wouldn’t get ranking positions you need. The speed of loading pages is also one of ranking factors and its role is going to increase.

The recommended by Google time for loading a page is three seconds. If you can optimize your website to load pages faster, you should do it. There are many services and optimization tools that measure the time of loading pages on different devices so you can use them to find out how fast is your website.

Video and Images Search

Web pages are going to be more visual, use videos and images to present their content. Google and other engines know it and they are working on improving video and image search. That is why you need to use visual content on pages properly and optimize it well.

Pictures and videos attract attention, so customers like pages with such elements and thus, if there is a lack of good visual content on your website, you should improve it and support text information with images and videos.

What Are The Top Trends to Follow?

Top SEO Trends
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There are also many other things to notice for better SEO planning in 2018. Take a look at the following trends:

  • Customers will use voice search more and more, they prefer not to type keywords but pronounce them;
  • Increasing the number of search engine results features;
  • The bigger role of structured data;
  • The bigger role of personalization and custom search results;
  • Search results based on the location of a device and local SEO settings.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the top SEO trends in 2018 which will help you rank your content higher in search engine and also will help you maintain the top ranking in search engine. Keep an eye on the fast changing Google algorithms and adjust your content and SEO strategy accordingly.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, March 19, 2018
Due to increased competition in search engine ranking, high metrics expired domains are in huge demand. You can often find people posting on social media like how to find high authority expired domains free.

A couple of days ago, I was also searching for a high PA DA expired domain and was able to get many quality domains. This tutorial is for all those who are looking to find high PA DA expired domain free.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
At the end of this topic, I will assure that you’re going to find some high quality expired domains with great metrics.

But before starting with this how to find high authority expired domains free, let’s talk about where you can use this high authority expired domains.

What you will learn in this guide
  • How to find high authority expired domains free
  • The easiest way to find powerful expired domains in any niche
  • How to buy that high authority expired domains
  • Where you can use that high authority expired domains
We will talk each of these points in detail in the coming section.

Why find high authority expired domains?

If you’re wondering why bloggers and internet marketers are so mad about this high authority expired domains, then keep on reading. I’ll discuss several advantages and uses of this high authority expired domains.

#1. Building Authority Sites

It’s no longer secret that higher metrics domains perform better in search engine compared to new domains. When we say high metrics, that means high DA, PA, TF, etc.

You can increase the domain authority of website but that takes time. So, if you want to get those high figures quickly, you can hunt for high authority expired domain.

Whenever I start a new authority blog or website, I try not to go ahead with the brand-new domain. It takes a lot of hard work to make it rankable in search engines.

Better find high authority expired domains and avoid the initial search engine submission and link building. You can directly start with your real work and get your target achieved quickly.

Another great thing about the expired domains are, it will cost you the same amount of the new domain cost.

Usually, I go to PA, DA above 10 whenever I look for a new authority blogs and you can also do the same. Don’t worry I will explain how to find high authority expired domains free step by step here.

#2. Create PBN

If you’re into Blogging/SEO, you must have heard this term!

If not, then PBN stands for private blog network and is a set of different high metrics websites used to take links for the money website. Here money website means your main website.

Although ranking with PBN is not legal as per the Google T&C but still, it works like a charm and helps you rank faster.

If you will buy the PBN links from the companies, it may cost you some good amount of investment which is not possible unless you have a sound budget.

I was just looking at few PBN links providers and see their plans. None of the good PBN services provides links lower than $100 which is not less for the newbies.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
So, it’s a good option to find high authority expired domains free and then build your own PBN. But note that PBN is not legal as per Google terms.

#3. Sell the High Authority Expired domains

If you’re looking for the quick money, selling the found high authority expired domains can be a better option.

Just find the high authority expired domains free using the methods I will explain below and sell those at some good profit.

As I remember I have bought the expired domains from the sellers at $50-$60 also and so is a good profit.

You can use Facebook groups/pages to sell those expired domains easily. Just see the below screenshot to see how people are mad about the good expired domains.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
Such domains easily get around $50-$100 depending on the link profile, niche, and negotiations.

You can also choose Flippa or Godaddy auctions to sell such high authority domains and earn money.

#4. 301 Redirect

This is just a simple method. Register the expired domain with high PA DA you found and do a 301 redirect to your money site.

By this way, a portion of the link juice of the high authority domain will be passed to your money website. The things will be even better if your expired domains have some existing traffic. For example, see the below domains-

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
The first domain in this screenshot has over 20 Million traffic as per SimilarWeb. If you’ll buy and do 301 redirects of such domains then you can expect some traffic also redirecting.

But don’t do 301 much as this may lead to search engine penalization. 1-2 domains redirect is fine but such links can be harmful.

There can be many such uses of such high authority expired domains and you should use it very carefully for maximum benefits.

Now as you know where to use high authority expired domains, it’s time to look for the exact methods to find high authority expired domains free.

How to find high authority expired domains free- step by step guide

One thing you have noted that I am using consistently the word “Free”.

Because I mean so!

If you will look into the majority of the articles on finding high PA DA expired domains on the web, those explain the use of the tool DomCop.

And DomCop is a paid tool for finding the expired domain. You can search for expiring domain for free but the expired domain section if paid one.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
And the pricing starts at a minimum of $74 per month which is not less at all. And this is the reason I decided to reveal the exact method I use to find the high authority expired domains here.

I will explain each method in detail so that you will be able to find high authority expired domains FREE. When I say free, it means completely free.

Let’s start with the main work- how to find high authority expired domains free!

Step 1: visit Expired domains website.

Step 2: Here you’ll find different sections like-

  • Expired Domain Names: Thousands of domains are getting expired on daily basis. But remember there is a grace period for these domains to be available for the public. And so, if you are looking to register such domains, chances are you may have to pay more.
  • Dropped domains: All the expired domains which have not been renewed in the grace period also, are finally deleted and are available for the public to register. These domains cost the same amount a fresh domain cost. We will mainly focus on these domains.

Visit the site and on the home page, you’ll find different sections like below.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
For this article, we are going to hunt for high authority .com expired domains. Click on the “deleted .com domains” link and all the deleted .com domains will be available to you.
How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
As you can see, there are 22 Million such domains and we can’t check each domain for the best fit and so we will do some filtration.

Step 3: Make sure you are registered on the website to get the filtration criteria. Here we will apply some filter as per our requirements.

I will be looking for the tech related domains which have at least 50 backlinks and has been deleted in the last 7 days for the better result. You can check the filter I have applied below. Also, select only available domains so that registered will not come in result set.

Step 4: After all these 7 filters I applied, I ended up with 96 quality domains among which I can find the best fit high authority expired domain.

Step 5: Now we have the list and from this list, we need to find the high authority expired domains. Here we will select the domains which have DA greater than 10.

For this, export this list in a text file from the icon shown at the top and it will export all the domain names in a text file.

Step 6: Check PA and DA of that high authority expired domains

For this visit any bulk DA checker website. I am following this one-

Here you can check the domain authority of 20 domains at a time. Just paste the first 20 domains in the box and it will fetch the DA of those domains.
Click on submit and you are done. It may take few moments to show the result. Export those result in the CSV file and apply the filter. I did the same and selected all the domains which have domain authority greater than 10 and see the result below.

So, out of 20 domains we checked, 6 domains have domain authority greater than 10 and you can consider these domains. Please note all these have backlinks greater than 50 as we selected while filtration. You can further use any domain metrics checker tool to do further analysis of the domain.

Step 7: Once you will finalize the name, go with any cheap domain name registrar and register that domain. In most of the cases, these domain names will be available at the normal price.
By this way, you can find high authority expired domains free easily.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about how to find high authority expired domains free. I hope you are able to hunt a quality expired domain now. Also, we talked where you can use these domains for the best result.

Starting an authority site or selling it for some quick money can be an ideal use of such authority domains and should be used for high benefits.

Apply these steps and share your feedback. Also, let us know if you need any other help while hunting for expired domains.

5 Ways A Local SEO Agency Can Help Your Business

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, March 16, 2018
Have you been wondering how you can improve your business’s local online presence and have more local clientele access your business?

Wonder no more!

Local SEO agencies are online experts skilled in SEO, social media marketing, web design, Pay Per Click management on a local level. If you have searched something on Google for an area specific result, the search engine will show you something like this-

Here I have searched for the query “SEO company in Illinois” and you can see after certain advertisements, local SEO results are the top priority followed by the normal SERP. And so, usually, for local search, these results are getting maximum clicks and hence will help you grow your business and revenue.

How Local SEO Agency Help Business- Top 5 ways

Local SEO agencies are a lifesaver for local business. It is comparatively easy, less expensive, and gives you the best result from the search engine. Let’s review 5 ways in which a local SEO agency can help your business to grow:

how local seo agency helps business
[Image Source: Third Party]

1. Transform Your Site to Becoming User-Friendly

If your website has a poor design, an unfriendly interface responds poorly to mobile devices and is slow to load, you will end up losing potential clients. These agencies know the best elements of website design and so create the website or redesign the website as per the best of your need.

Local SEO agencies can help you redesign your website and make it highly responsive. As local clients browse through the search engine for businesses, products, and services within your niche, your business website will be in perfect performance when they click on it. The companies like website design Toronto, helps you manage all these very carefully and ensure that your website is completely professional.

2. Help You Boost Your Brand Positioning

Good branding attracts, engages, and ultimately inspires customers to take action. Your social media platforms should be perfectly aligned with the branding that’s on your website.

Local SEO agencies understand how the local market works, the appropriate branding strategy that places you above your competitors and attracts more customers, and the different techniques to use to make your brand stand out on social media platforms. As such, working with them will turn your brand into a local household name.

3. Help You Boost Search Engine Ranking

If your business has been ranking low on the search engine, it will be hard for new customers to find you. High ranking is vital if at all you are to tap into a larger local audience.

A local SEO agency will be able to check on your website’s content and advice on ways to improve it, as well as properly align your targeted metadata, alt tags, and pertinent hyperlinks, all of which will boost your search engine ranking. These local SEO companies even help you to maintain the top ranking in search engine after attaining the top.

4. Help Increase Your Business Website Traffic

If your online traffic for your local business hasn’t been on the high as you had anticipated, then you need to consult a local SEO agency for help. They will be able to perform an all-around analysis for your website as well as social media platforms and come up with suggestions to make them perform better.

Since local SEO agencies have a better understanding of the local market niche that your business is in, they will be able to develop strategies for your business that are anchored to drive more local traffic to your site.

5. Help You Boost Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Local SEO agencies have skilled professionals with enough knowledge of marketing and advertising. They can help your business optimize productivity in processes like social media posting in multiple platforms and assist in coming up with targeted plans to implement during high-value spending seasons, holidays, and events within your business locality.

As local customers search for products and services within your niche, they are able to find your business online, make purchases, and out of that, you’ll have a good Return on Investment.


Local SEO agencies are the bridge to success for local businesses in the online space. If you run a business in Leicester and have a website for it and need help with your local online presence, check out SEO Agency Leicester and transform your business today.

Also, if you are dealing some local market for your business, you should definitely try the Local SEO for the best benefits. These are comparatively easy, less expensive, and gives you the best result.

16 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Blogging Themes

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, March 13, 2018
As you have searched for Best AdSense optimized WordPress Themes, you must be either thinking to start earning online or increasing your revenue to few folds. Definitely like we look for SEO optimized WordPress themes. Similarly, we should also use AdSense optimized WordPress themes for better output.

Ultimately you are not doing any extra work and in response getting your income multiple folds. Definitely, you can use AdSense plugins for WordPress but there are many AdSense optimized WordPress themes, and you can use those directly instead of installing many plugins which will just increase your blog loading time.

These themes have intentionally designed to get you more CTR and hence with the same traffic your AdSense revenue will get increased. You can also check our 12 super tricks to increase AdSense income.

These Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes provides great CTR and have enough spaces to place your ads and even in the demo of themes, it will show you, what are the best places to place your AdSense ads for maximum revenue?

In this article I have gathered around 16 Best AdSense optimized WordPress themes for you so that you can increase your AdSense revenue. Some of these themes I have used for my niche blogs while others are based on the user's review and what company claims.

Best AdSense Optimized WordPress themes for better earning

Here is the list of best WordPress theme for Google AdSense. If you are not using AdSense optimized WordPress theme and your primary source of income is Google AdSense, I would suggest you move as fast as possible to any of these best WP themes for AdSense.

1. Newspaper

This is the perfect theme I found after many times and I am really loving it. No matter if you are running a news site having multiple categories like Business, Entertainment, Technology, etc. or a simple blog, Newspaper theme is the perfect choice for you.

It is a WordPress AdSense theme created primarily for newspapers, news and publishing websites but definitely due to its highly customizable feature, you can use it for any site.

It is not only AdSense optimized WordPress theme but also SEO optimized theme for great use. It has separate space for ads, videos, social signals and much more which make your job easy. The design of Newspaper theme is very eye pleasant and will attract your visitors for sure.
Price: $59

5 Best Ways to monetize A Blog

By Ashutosh Jha →
All of us mainly start blogging for basically three reasons. The first is Money and the second is fame, and the third is satisfaction. And of course, it can be all.

If I talk about my case, I will start blogging because I liked it and later I started earning money and I can say this is one of the best career options available. I have seen multiple people who started blogging just as hobby or passion but later they choose this as a full-time career and they are doing great this time.

So if you are already in blogging you know such situation and if you are planning to start your brand new blog I would suggest you to first go through the article 10 things to know before starting a blog. This guide will show you the real situation of blogging and if you answer the mentioned questions well you are all set to start a new blog which will rock!!

Once you have started a blog, the very next thing that comes to mind is how to earn money from it. So today I am going to talk about the five best ways to monetize a blog.

How to monetize a blog

There are several ways to monetize a blog. It depends on niche to niche as which will work best. Earlier I wrote a complete blog post on how to make money from a blog. If you have not gone through that blog post, I would suggest you to have a look at that.

Today I am going to discuss five different ways to monetize a blog. I have tried all of these 5 and got success as well with few. So it depends on. If you are not getting expected result from some particular methods, don’t worry try other and I am sure anyone will click and will give the best.

So below are the five different ways on how to monetize a website.

How to Monetize a Blog with AdSense: AdSense

I mention AdSense first because it is one of the best known and most popular ad networks. Whenever any new blogger enters into the blogosphere AdSense is the first way they apply to monetize their blog. AdSense is a very trusted Ad network from Google and getting approval is very easy for it. I received approval for AdSense in the very first step. You can check my guide on how to get AdSense approval.

But you can find several people complaining about AdSense that they have decent traffic but still unable to earn well from it. This can be due to multiple reasons like bad ad placement, allowing all the ads, etc. You can read the below article to increase your earning from AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of advertising some other’s product, and if anyone buys that product through your link, you will get some part of the sell. This commission can be from 3% to 70-80 % as well depending upon the product and affiliate company. I hope most of you must know about this. If not, just register to any affiliate site depending upon your niche and get the affiliate link.

This site can be any like Amazon, Click Bank, ShareASale, etc. Register on these sites and select the product you want to promote. Once done you will get an affiliate URL. You have to promote that URL. Once a person buys something from your link, you will make money. You can also read my experience about affiliate sell in the below article.

Build Email List

Building an email list is the best part of blogging. This shows you have these many loyal readers who read your blog regularly. As this is not the direct method of earning but make a great help in affiliate sales or any other CPA marketing.

Building an email list is not difficult to work. If you are posting quality content and offering good value to your readers, you can get a good number of the subscriber. Once you have subscribers, you can promote your affiliate links in the email and believe me this gives the best conversion. Read the below article to know how you can get more subscriber.

Text Ads

Text ads also play a crucial role in the earning. If you have good page views, you can earn much from text ads. The best thing with text ad is these ads don’t require extra spaces. It will be shown within your content itself. Infolinks, Kontera are the best text ad networks. You can check the below article to know more about Inline Text ads and networks.

One thing here is important to note is sometimes your visitor gets irritated with rolling text ads. So first decide whether you should use it or not and then only proceed.

Write reviews & Direct Ads

Once you feel you have grown and you are getting decent traffic, then you can try for the direct advertisement. Also, you can write reviews about the products and companies.

Once you get, good traffic people will start coming to you and will offer you the advertisements and can ask to write a review about their companies/products, etc. Here you can charge them depending upon the status of your blog. 

Also, you can apply to some direct advertising networks like BuySellAds for the direct advertisements. Remember that these networks only approve once you have good traffic but once approved you will get lots of money.

Over to You

These are the five best ways to monetize a blog. There are much more ways to monetize a blog, but depending upon my experience, I have listed these five. Which method do you use to monetize your blog? Do share your experience with it in comments.

Also, if you liked the post, please share it and subscribe us for the latest tips & trick of Blogging directly in your Inbox. Happy Blogging!

12 Tips and Secrets to Get Best AdSense Earning from Blog

By Ashutosh Jha →
For many bloggers, Google AdSense is the main source of income. But still I have heard a lot that even they are getting 1K+ visitors daily, they hardly manage to earn only a few dollars (in the range of $5-10) per month. This is not fair..right?

Also, you may have seen many bloggers who are making thousands of dollars from AdSense itself. There must be something that they are following and you don’t. You have really worked hard to get a good traffic for your content then why not try some few hours’ of work to get the best out of it. Overall we are trying to earn from the work/product which we have done :)

There are few basic things which I want to mention here before going into details like first select a beautiful design and make sure you are not doing any mistakes at the initial level.

Recommended: Which Is Better & Why - Single Topic Blog or Multi-Topic Blog

At this stage, I am considering that you are having an approved AdSense account and you are using their ads on your blog. If you don't have a fully AdSense approved account check tips to get AdSense approval. So below are few killer tips to get the best from AdSense account and I am sure after implementation you are going to earn best from it.

Responsive and ad-supported design

The very first requirement to earn from any ad is to have a good looking design of your blog and it should support the ads too. If you are having a design in which you can place the ad in the footer of the page, then how can you be sure that your user will go to the footer and will click on your ads? So select only those design which fulfills your blogging requirement and most importantly it should be responsive and should have space to place the ad units. You can read our article to select the best template for your blog here.

Use best keywords for your content

The selections of keywords are very important for the success of any online venture. In my previous article, I discussed the importance of keywords.

So before serving any ads on your site first check the density of keywords. You can find many keyword planner tools on the internet free of cost. Use any one of them and spend some time before selection. Just search in Google and you will find hundreds of such sites.

Below is some of the widely used website to plan the keywords-

But I will recommend you to use the Google AdWords to select the keywords at least initially, later you can move to any other.

Recommended: Tips To Check Keywords Ranking on Google

Take care of the tag: Content is King!

It’s only said that content is king, it has value. Just think what is the key from which you are trying to earn? It’s definitely your content. Due to the content, only people will come to your site so make your content rich blog. Rich content doesn't mean you will have anything, it should worth. I mean to say here is your content should have quality so that visitors will come to your blog. It’s well said that-

Your content needs to be likable, readable and shareable, to get maximum traffic.

From a survey, it has been found that more than a million blog post is getting posted on the net daily, so you should need to be unique to have readers. And most importantly you should write the content for your readers not for the search engines or any other stuff. Because once you will be able to build a relationship with your readers, another thing like popularity and money will come automatically.

Also, you should take care about the grammar, quality, and value of the content you write. You can also take help of tools to check grammar errors.

Write the blog post frequently (Daily or once in two days)

The frequency of posts on your blog should be good. You should write a blog daily or at least one in two days. This will help the search engine to keep active your blog and readers will get more engaged. The number of content you will have, the number of visitors you will get. From my personal experience, I am telling you, if any visitor searches for a particular topic and reaches out to your blog, after reading that, if you are having other effective posts also; at least they will visit them. So try to be regular while posting and keep the older blog active. Then put AdSense unit to each and every page to earn better.

Don’t spam

There are plenty of ways to get banned or penalized by Google. The most common are spamming. People try to spam the Google (highest market share in searching). Sometimes for few hours/days, they get success but the Google script is so will form that they will find you and can ban.

Do you want it? Of course not. You are well smart.

So don’t try to copy the content from any other site. Write your own view. Research well before writing and definitely you are going to get success.

Some days ago, I read a story on Facebook. A guy simply copied pasted some good post from top sites and made his own. Also, he used his AdSense and placed some ads and did some SEO and in 2 days made around $90. On the very third day, Google detected this and banned that person. So never let such case to happen.

Use correct AdSense format and styles

AdSense provides ads for the websites in several format sizes like-

  • Medium rectangle (300 x 250)
  • Large rectangle (336 x 280)
  • Leaderboard (728 x 90)
  • Large skyscraper (300 x 600)
  • Large leaderboard (970 x 90)
  • Banner (468 x 60)
  • Skyscraper (120x600)
  • Wide skyscraper (160x600)
  • Square (250 x 250)
  • Small square (200 x 200)

The below three are most famous and webmasters are widely using these-

  • 336x280 large rectangle
  • 300x250 medium rectangle
  • 160x600 wide skyscraper

Another successful format is the 728x15 horizontal ad links, which can be placed on your navigation bar. So depending upon the space and requirement, select those which suits your blog.

Also while creating the AdSense unit, consider the colors (background and fonts) of ads too. They should not look odd. Google Ads with no background color and no borders will always perform better. It’s a good practice to keep the background of ad similar to your page background.

Increase AdSense units but don’t overflow

If you have good content on a page, increase the number of ad units, but don’t flood it. At most, you can use three units on a page, two AdSense search boxes and one unit of ad links. To earn more, always use at least one AdSense search box.

Also, your content should be written in reader perspective, not the AdSense prospective. I am repeating this line because; when bloggers start getting dollars they mainly focus on ads, not the content. But you should remember, due to content itself, you have received ads.

Use AdSense preview tool

To avoid any issue like ads are not looking good or they are not at the correct place, you can take help of AdSense preview tool. There are several such tools available on the internet free of cost using which you can preview the ad unit before actually placing it. Few of them are-

  • Google AdSense Sandbox
  • Webmaster tips
  • Google Ad Preview

Use filter in AdSense

You can ban those ads from display on your blog which are not paying well. By doing this with less click also you can manage to earn more. Few highest paying keywords are-

  • Note buyers
  • Car accident lawyer
  • Donate a car
  • Investment fraud
  • Search engine marketing
  • Web hosting

To complete this list, I’ll write a separate post on highest paying keywords :) But again remember, display only relevant ads on your blog.

Follow the Law

You must follow the AdSense terms & conditions and policy. You can read their T&C here. These terms vary depending on the location. This guide will help you to understand their terms and policies and you will avoid doing mistakes.

Never modify AdSense HTML codes

You should never modify the generated HTML codes. If you are having a problem while placing the ads in your post, just drop your question below and we’ll find the solution and will help you. Never ever edit the code.

Also never place ads in pop-up windows, error pages, and empty pages. Else Google will instantly ban your account.

 Not to do list with AdSense

There are few basics points that you should not try to do with AdSense ads. Else this will result in termination. So below are the lists on which you need to be more conscious-

  • Don’t click on your own ads and don’t even ask anyone to click.
  • Don’t use the ads on the adult sites
  • Don’t change the code of AdSense units
  • Don't employ cloaking, hidden text or farm links
  • Don’t place AdSense ads on the same page where you have Yahoo or some other ads that AdSense policy don’t allow

Conclusion: Making good money from AdSense is not too hard but at the same time it’s not too easy also. A lot of hard work and patience needed. But after following the above tips I am sure you are going to make good from it.

Friends what’s your thought on this. Kindly do share your opinion through a comment. If this article has helped you, please share it on your social sites.

10 Best SEO strategies in 2018 for Better Ranking

By Ashutosh Jha →
In the world of digitization, taking your business to the online world is crucial.

But just getting online is not sufficient and you should do all that you can to get the most out of the online world.

Best SEO strategies in 2018
[Image Source: Third Party]
If you are maintaining all the flavors of professional websites also, it is incomplete without the traffic. And what can be better than the organic traffic?

Although you can get online traffic through multiple ways, but organic traffic works best for any business as those are the targeted traffic for you. Again, due to changing Google search engine algorithms, it has become difficult to maintain the ranking with the same logic we used to get earlier.

So, I decided to write a detailed guide on the best SEO strategy in 2018 which works and helps increase the keyword ranking. These best SEO strategies will definitely help you boost your keyword ranking and you will rank higher in the search engine.

I am also using the same SEO strategies and finding it useful with many of my websites. Below you can see how using the below discussed best SEO strategies, I am consistently increasing my traffic.

TricksRoad Traffic Overview
And so, you can also play with the same SEO techniques 2018 and get some quality and free traffic which will be highly useful for your business. Either you can do all these yourself or even you can take help of some trusted SEO agencies like brand summum media 360 who follow all the white hat techniques to rank your business online.

10 Best SEO Strategies in 2018 for better ranking in a search engine [proven tricks]

Let’s see what all are the best SEO strategies in 2018 you should follow for the best ranking in search engine. Also, once you will start implementing these SEO techniques in 2018, you should keep track on the ranking of keywords in Google.

#1 User Experience is the hot ranking factor

If you will look into the top SEO trends 2018, user experience comes among the top position. Search engines are emphasizing a lot on the user experience and so, the better user experience you will provide, the better your keyword will rank in the search engine.

From the first click on your visitor on your website, you should treat them like your customer and serve accordingly. Think like they are your real customer and how best you can serve them.

10 Best SEO strategies in 2018 for Better Ranking
It’s well said that:


Here UX is user experience and so you can think of how user experience is an important SEO ranking factor. Here SEO targets the search engine whereas UX targets the user experience and together fulfills the common goals of better keyword ranking. And below are the factors search engine checks when it comes to user experience-

  • How easy the website is to navigate from a user point of view
  • Whether proper heading tags (H1-H6) have been implemented or not. We have discussed more about heading tags in our on-page SEO techniques which you can check for reference.
  • Site structure should be good and easy to access
  • Should have the best experience irrespective of the devices being used
  • Speed should be good, we will discuss this factor later in this best SEO strategies as well
  • Color-combination, fonts, responsiveness are also among the top factors

#2 Make your website super fast

No website user wants to wait for too long!

Just put yourself in the visitors’ place and see how much time you can wait to get a certain page when you have thousands of alternatives available. And so, it becomes very important to reduce blog load time.

Especially, if you are starting a new blog from scratch, you must take care of the website load time. For this, you can use some highly SEO optimized themes or you can also do further customization and optimization.

It’s no more a secret and Google has publicly announced how website speed is an important search engine ranking factor. If you will look at the website load time report on my blog, you will find it’s not the best but yeah, it’s good.

TricksRoad Speed Test
Most of the business lose their potential customer while their website is loading and that’s the reason, Google has started giving preferences in terms of devices also. For example, you must have seen Accelerated Mobile Pages in the Google mobile search result for best and fast user experience.

Google AMP Result
These results load quite faster in the browser and user won’t even have to wait for seconds before these AMP enabled pages to load. So, definitely, these results increase the page speed as well as increase the user experience.

Google AMP Facts
As you can see how a bad loading website can impact your business and so, being a website owner, you should definitely keep the website loading time among the top priority.

Now the question is, how to reduce website load time?

Here are some of the techniques using which you can easily decrease the blog loading time fast-

Use Optimized Image

Images or any multimedia files contribute the maximum in website loading time and so, make sure you are using highly optimized images. Again, if you are like me who uses lots of images in the blog post then it became again necessary as it is one of the best SEO strategies in 2018.

I personally use, tinypng to optimize the image from a web browser or Smush image compression plugin while working with WordPress blogs.

Image Optimization for SEO
As you can see TinyPNG has optimized my four images size to 67% which is a great value. The best thing is, these plugins or tools optimized the size without compromising the quality of the images.

User Browser Caching

Caching is a mechanism for temporarily storing the web page data such as HTML files, multimedia files in order to reduce the bandwidth uses and hence decreasing the load time.

If you are a WordPress user, there are plugins like-
  • W3 Total Cache or
  • WP Super Cache
Which will help you enable the cache easily and improve the speed performance?

But for the non-WordPress sites, this becomes little tricky where you need to make changes to your .htaccess file.

So, access your .htaccess file from your file browser of cPanel. You can access this either through cPanel and find in the root directory or browse the file through the tools like FileZilla.

Once accessed you need to make the changes in the parameters like below-

<IfModule mod_expires.c>
ExpiresActive On
ExpiresByType image/jpg "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresByType image/jpeg "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresByType image/gif "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresByType image/png "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresByType text/css "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType application/pdf "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType text/x-javascript "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType application/x-shockwave-flash "access plus 1 month"
ExpiresByType image/x-icon "access plus 1 year"
ExpiresDefault "access plus 2 days"

Use Content Delivery Network

CDN again helps a lot in reducing the website load time by providing the requested content from the datacentre near to the requested center.

There are multiple CDN available in the market, but I personally use CDN77 for my multiple blogs and is working amazingly so far.

Apart from all these, loading any JavaScript file at the end of the page and using lazy image load can also improve the performance a lot.

#3 Completely Responsive to all devices

Did you find anything interesting from the below image?

Search Engine Traffic by Device
As you can see by the end of 2016, the source of traffic from desktop and Mobile/tablet got almost same and currently mobile is even dominating in some niches. This survey was done by StatCounter team at the end of 2016. And so, it becomes very crucial being a business to focus on all kind of devices through which you are getting the traffic. And here comes the responsiveness of website.

Usually, a big publisher house of business has dedicated websites for desktop and mobile, but everyone can’t afford it and even not required. But one thing that is required is the responsive website. You should take care all the gradients while designing a new website.

For this either you can use the responsive themes and templates or if you are developing a custom website, ask the developer to take care of the responsiveness. If you have an existing site, then make sure it is responsive and experience is great irrespective of the device used.

You can use the tools like Browserling or Google Mobile friendly testing tool to check whether your site is optimized for other devices or not.

Google Mobile Friendly Test

#4 Focus on Search Queries rather than Keyword

Google keeps on modifying their search algorithms and the way results are displayed in the search engine result page. If you will see the current result page, you will find it displayed with the rich snippets and local search.

Even for some specific searches (19.45% of total search to be specific), Google has started showing the direct result like below.

Google Rich Snippets
Now, who so ever just want to get the date of Black Friday can easily find it from search page itself instead of visiting any website. And the same applies to the local search result as well.

This is the reason, marketers and SEO analysts should focus on the search queries rather than the keywords. For this, you need to think from a user point of view and in this case, long tail keywords and related keywords can be the best help.

For example, let’s say you are trying to rank on “SEO techniques” then it will be difficult to rank instead of a bit longer keyword like “SEO tips and techniques”. Check the below screenshot from the search engine.

Long Tail Keywords
You can clearly see the difference. Also, for the first keyword, all the top websites are ranking, and it is hard to outrank them compared to the second result where average sites are ranked. And so, always focus on the long-tail keywords and search queries for easy ranking and best result.

#5 Create Quality Content

You might have come across the term- Quality content multiple times but what is a quality content?

Well, there is no fixed answer to this and vary depending on the scenario. But in a layman term, we can say those content which adds value to the user and internet are quality content.

Search engine loves the content which adds value to them and user and provides the depth knowledge of any search topic. For high competitive keywords, you will find in-depth articles ranked higher in the search engine. For example, for the keyword “create quality content” itself, see the below image and observe the kind of sites are ranking in the SERP.

Create Quality Content
All these ranked sites are authority sites and it is hard to outrank these sites. Again, if you will open these links and analyze their content, you will find how depth these contents are and how lengthy these are. They have all the flavors to be the best content on the internet.

The below research shows the ranking position of different contents based on the number of words involved in the article. And so, you should focus much on the in-depth articles rather than just writing few hundred words and switch to the next content. You can also use Google trend or blogging tools like Buzzsumo to analyze what kind of contents are performing better in the search engine.

Content Length vs Google Ranking

#6 Update old blog posts

Content creation is one of the most difficult tasks in blogging or marketing and quality content is our asset as we saw earlier. Although we should create evergreen content rather than seasoned content, but still evergreen contents need to be updated. Things are changing very frequently and so if you won’t update it, it will lose its relevance. Also, you should not only update the old blog posts but also promote old blog post effectively to get best out of it.

For example, let’s see this post is focusing in best SEO strategies in 2018 and next year there can be another SEO factor which may need to be in this list and so, will have to update this post accordingly.

#7 Quality Link Building

Link building is a part of off-page SEO techniques and together with on-page SEO techniques completed the main SEO strategy.

Quality Link Building
I am not going to discuss about the link building techniques in detail here as I have already talked a lot about it on TricksRoad and you can check TricksRoad Link Building section for details. Also, below is some link which will help you better.

But one thing that I want to share here is the- quality link building!

Building lots of links is not a hard job and using any link building gigs available on the freelancer's sites you can easily attain. But gaining a quality link is a tough job!

So, always focus on the quality over quantity!

You can various examples where a website ranking on the 1st position has fewer links compared to the other sites ranking way down. Also, do internal linking of blog posts as possible and required. You can take this post as an example and see how I am interlinking my other useful and relevant blog posts here.

#8 Optimize for voice search

A few years ago, it was unimaginable to communicate to the computer using voice but with the help of Google Now, Siri, and Cortana, it is reliable, and everyone is using it.

According to the report by KPCB, voice search queries have increased to 35x since 2008 and more than a 7x increase since 2010. And so, you should optimize your website so that if someone is using voice search also, your site should come at the top.

Google Voice Search
But the question is how to optimize your website for Google voice search result?

Well, this you can do how you are optimizing the google search result. Try to use long-tail keywords as much as possible and ensure that you are including the users’ search query rather than simple keywords.

#9 HTTP to HTTPS Migration

Yes, SSL certificate has become an important ranking factor as well. Google is now sincerely considering secured sites ranking over the non-secured websites.

How SSL helps in Google Ranking
As you can see the above data-driven graph, how HTTPS sites are ranking better than the non-secured sites and so, it’s time to move to HTTPS.

#10 Google is the King but what about Other Search Engines?

No doubt, Google is the king of the search engine but there are any other search engines as well which being a marketer you should take care. If you will look into the search engine market share, search engines like YouTube, Bing, Yahoo are also having a good market share.

Top Search Engine
And so, make sure you are optimizing your website for other leading search engines as well. You should register your website in the webmaster tools of another search engine so that you can have well presence and ranking in other search engines.

It’s your turn!

These were the 10 best SEO strategies in 2018 you should follow for better ranking in search engine. Also, once you have reached the top position, you should work to maintain the top ranking in Google.

Only these 10 factors can’t decide the ranking, but these are definitely the top latest SEO techniques 2018. To rank better in the search engine, you should definitely look into these SEO factors and make the best SEO strategies in 2018.

If we left any important factors here, feel free to share in the comment!


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