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How to Streamline Design Flow on Collaborative Projects

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, September 21, 2018
As every designer knows, it can sometimes be very stressful and chaotic during the design stage, in particular, when you are collaborating on a project. When it works, collaborating can be fantastic and produce excellent results, but often this is not the case. When you have lots of people weighing in, it can be hard to produce something that ticks all of the boxes that every member of the team like and adheres to the brief.

How to Streamline Design Flow on Collaborative Projects
One of the best ways to improve the design flow on a project is to identify ways how you can simplify the workload. Read on for a few tips on how you can streamline your team’s design project.

Focus On The Brief

The project will never succeed if you do not get off on the right foot, so you need to be thorough with the brief and make sure that everyone is on the same page from the get-go. A client may have their own brief, or you may have to create your own. Either way, make sure that you know exactly what they want and what you need to do. The brief should also contain approval processes in place and timelines from the first draft to the final project.

Improve Communication

Communication is vital for success when it comes to collaboration. Make sure that everyone is constantly kept up to date on what each other is working on and encourage designers to be vocal in meetings. It is also helpful to have regular individual meetings with the key contributors to monitor progress and make sure that you are on track for the deadline.

Utilize Design Tools

One of the best ways to simplify and streamline the design process is to utilize the latest and best design tools. CircuitStudio Powered by Altium is a handy tool that can make it much easier and faster to design 3D printed circuit boards so that your team can quickly create advanced board layouts. It’s one tool in particular which can be of great use to designers.

Regularly Check For Errors

It is important to regularly check for errors throughout the design process so that you can catch them early on and ensure that none slip through into the final project. It is easy to point fingers when errors are not picked up on, but you can avoid this problem by checking all areas of the project for errors on a regular basis.

Positive Feedback

When it comes to collaboration, you cannot overlook the importance of positive feedback for your designers. You need to applaud your team and give praise in public, but if you have any constructive criticism then be sure to do this in private. In addition to positive feedback throughout the design stage, you should also celebrate with the team once the project is complete.

Every design project will be a challenge when you collaborate on the project with other designers. When it works, collaboration is the best way to succeed as the project can benefit from everyone's different skills, but collaboration is also difficult and does not always go according to plan. Follow these tips, and it should streamline the workflow and allow for success every time.

When a Career in SEO should be considered?

By Ashutosh Jha →
Search Engine Optimization, SEO, for short, is not some skill that you can learn and acquire by attending a particular degree in a school, college or university. If you happen to meet an SEO expert and inquire from him/her about the journey of their career, you will be surprised to learn that the path to becoming an SEO expert is no less than a complicated maze.

Career In SEO
However, the demand for SEO experts refuses to surge down with more than half of small to medium businesses citing SEO as one of their primary requirements for hiring.

There are a lot of SEO courses available but only the best SEO course will teach you as to what exactly are the attributes of Search Engine Optimization and how you can be skillful in the same. However, SEO course is deemed as a mandatory requirement for candidates interested in the position of SEO experts. Taking up a course in SEO is enough to build a fundamental base and to make you know as to whether SEO is for you or not.

One of the principal reasons as to why not many individuals go forward with a career in Search Engine Optimization is that it is ever-changing. Google is the uncrowned king in the world of search engines and hence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that for becoming an SEO expert one must be a Google expert as well. Every year Google releases a few minor or some major updates to the Google’s search engine algorithm.

Apart from being familiar with any such updates, an SEO expert has to keep track of a lot of other associated elements as SEO has, almost, become synonymous with Google. You must have heard bloggers claiming that their page ranking on Google has improved. What do they mean by this? This means they have employed Search Engine Optimization techniques effectively and as a result, more traffic came on their posts leading to an improvement in page ranking on Google.

SEO is all about ranking good on Google and with a tremendous number of relative websites in the market; it becomes extremely arduous and demanding to fall in the first page of a Google search.

Moreover, if particular SEO settings are working well for an organization; it doesn’t mean that the same settings will work well for other organization. Speaking of metrics to calculate SEO requirements, again Google comes into the picture as their tool Google Analytics is extremely useful in SEO. Apart from Google Analytics, there is no other industry standard set for SEO. Hence, most individuals dread a career in SEO.

However, if you have an abundance of the below-mentioned attributes in you then you can be extremely good in SEO and can take advantage of the tremendous demand for SEO experts.

Reasons to Deliberate a Career in SEO

Here are some of the top reasons why you should look for career in SEO-

You are, absolutely, amazing with your vocabulary and words

If you happen to have a fantastic vocabulary tend to learn new words frequently then, my dear friend, you are a perfect candidate for becoming an SEO expert. This is because SEO involved nothing other than an excerpt which is written beautifully.

So, if you can write well, you can perform well by choosing a career in SEO. Words and the way you use them are your only weapons in SEO. If you happen to convey well to the people as to what your website holds then, by default, you will attract more traffic on your website and your page ranking will improve drastically because people love to read what you write.

You keep yourself aware of the digital news and upcoming trends in the digital market

Each and every SEO expert must be crazy for knowledge. SEO is an industry which changes rapidly and what could be working today might not work the very next day. Hence, staying updated is the key to become a successful SEO expert. You can take part in relative online discussions and forums which happen to share information about current developments in the relative industry.

You have a dual talent for words and analytics

Now, this combination is extremely difficult to find. This is because an analytical person is, usually, not good in words and a person good in words is, usually, not at all analytical. But, if you happen to possess the dual talent of words and analytics then, my dear friend, you must not think any further and give your career a heavy kick start in Search Engine Optimization.

Both words and numbers are extremely vital for anybody who is looking to become an SEO expert.

You have sufficient knowledge on designing a great user experience

Please note that SEO without proper design is, absolutely, nothing. Imagine you are visiting your friend’s website who is highly professional and experienced in developing good SEO strategies. When the website gets loaded you are surprised to find cluttered icons and a hazy design. Even for navigating from one page to another it takes a tremendous deal of efforts from your side.

Will you ever visit that website again?

The answer is a simple NO!

You will prefer a well-designed and clean website for your task. So, it really doesn’t matter how much you optimize the SEO for your website. If your design is ridiculous you won’t get to see any results. Hence, if you are considering to become an SEO expert, please keep in mind that you must have ample knowledge as to how to construct a well-designed website that is powerful and robust enough to enchant and entice its visitors and compel them to visit it again.


Becoming an SEO expert is not an easy task and it requires a person to put in a tremendous amount of efforts to become the same. However, the current demand for SEO makes it clear that an expert in the field will, indeed, receive job security as well as payment relatively higher than his/her peers.

How to Improve Your Gaming Skills

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, September 17, 2018
Got pro ambitions? Do you see yourself competing in professional gaming tournaments to win that $25 million prize pool and become an instant video game celebrity? It’s a good dream, kid, but know that pro gamer train intensively to play at the level they are in right now. They easily can go over 50 hours per week just playing that specific game they compete in.
How to Improve Your Gaming Skills
That’s just like a job, you say? Of course it is.

They don’t earn millions of dollars for nothing. They have a live stream audience to please, a MOBA team to carry, a corporate sponsor to represent. They’re professionals, after all, and not many aspirants can ascend to their class.

However, you can become a better player. Doing so can make gaming that much more enjoyable.

You can git gud. Just follow any of these tips.

Play, Play, Play!

One way to become better at anything is to practice, to do it repeatedly until you’ve improved, and then to do it some more. That’s easy with gaming, because you’re just sitting and playing video games.

So play. A lot.

In the case of pros, they play about 8 hours in a training facility with their teammates, then when they go home, they play some more. It may not be possible for you to match their hours, so make do with the limited time you have available. Just don’t compromise your studies, your work, or the time you spend with your loved ones.

You may also want to focus on one game style/genre (i.e., fighting, MOBAs, racing, etc.). It’s better to specialize than to be a general jack-of-all-trades. Your time and effort will yield better results, and your abilities for that specific genre won’t get rusty.

For example, play a lot of Over watch or Counter-Strike:GO, and keep on improving your aim. Then when new first-person shooters, like Battlefield V, come out, your skills will remain relevant.

Of course, you may also occasionally play other game genres so as not to make things dull. Otherwise, your passion for gaming may get extinguished by the monotony.

Get a Good Machine

Constant practice may take you far, but you are limited by how well your computer performs. Sometimes, you need a good gaming setup to keep up with your mad skillz. An eagle-eyed sharpshooter with a only stone ax is no match for a prepube commandeering an M1 Abrams battle tank, after all.

So here’s the second tip: get a good gaming computer.

They are typically expensive. However, you may find great deals if you keep your eyes and ears open.

Components that aren’t considered current tech anymore can have sudden drops in prices. Some manufacturers even make budget components, like the Ryzen 7 1700, as they know that not everyone can buy the latest $1799 Threadripper.

Play with Others

They say that your greatest enemy is yourself. Well, in games, that’s not the case.

You can play single-player games, but you’ll learn more if you play competitively or cooperatively with other gamers, especially those who are better than you. There will always be people who will be faster and smarter than you, and from their abilities, you can gain much insight that you can apply to your own.

Besides, where’s the fun in gaming when you can’t share your achievements with your friends, when you overcome a trial together with an online community, when you somehow win over a pro gamer in a public match?

Just be sure that you aren’t playing with the toxic kind of gamer, those who try to belittle you and ignore your worth. You don’t need that kind of negativity. For their kind, it’s better that you either utterly defeat them or walk away before you lose your cool.


Any of these three can make you a better gamer. You may even become the very best, like no one ever was. But if not, then at least you’ll get to cleave through noobs in your quest for power. That’s fun in itself. Try it sometime. It’s twistedly therapeutic.

5 Great Ways to Use Online Resume Builder In Blogging

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, September 13, 2018
There have been so many developments when it comes to blogging. It started with sharing your personal thoughts, to money making businesses and now it can be used to find employment. A lot of employers will check out potential candidates online. This can be done on your social media platforms or even a blog. When you look at WordPress, you can find a plugin designed to help you create a resume.

5 Great Ways to Use Online Resume Builder In Blogging
[5 Great Ways to Use Online Resume Builder In Blogging]
A resume online builder is a perfect tool to use when you want to create a nurse resume that is professional and has the accepted format. A lot less thinking has to go into the structure of the resume. Using these types of resume builders is going to allow you to add information that is required and leave out those aspects that just take up space. Find the best resume builder for your needs and add your information. It’s as simple as that. There are other great ways you can use an online resume builder.

5 ways to use online resume builder in blogging

Here are those tips using which you can use online resume builder in your blogging career.

1. Widgets

When someone is visiting your blog, you can create widgets to remind them of checking out your resume. This is done in an underwhelming fashion and leave control with the reader. You can hide your actual resume, but simple have a clickable icon displayed, in case someone would like to hire you. It is something often missed, but it can have great potential. When you create a widget, it will be automatically on every page. If someone is looking for resumes for nurses and your blog is about nursing, it is a perfect opportunity to add a resume.

2. Add to menu

What is great about an online resume builder on a blog is that you have full control. You decide who gets to see your resume and who doesn’t. If you would like it to be seen by as many of your blog visitors as possible, add it to the top menu. This is easily done and would work in the same way as adding a new page. It’s uncomplicated, but your resume will be seen a lot more people if done in this way.

3. Use the guides

Every resume builder will give you some kind of guidelines and suggestions to up your chances of success. You want to be able to use these guidelines as it was created for the plugin. When you look at the tips on the plugin, you will notice a trend and these are based on success rates. Do not skip this step and at least read through some of these suggestions.

4. Include keywords

If you have been blogging for a while, you understand the power of keywords. Do not exclude these from your resume itself. You stand a better chance of having your resume found online if you include relevant keywords. I say relevant, because it is a crucial step in getting the job you want. If you look at a student nurse cover letter it’s easy to see how many medical terms are used. You can do the same with any industry. Do a keyword search for the position you would like to be hired in and include the ones that are most suited for you.

5. Bullet points

Make sure someone can easily scan over your resume and get the just of what you have to offer. Do not write large paragraphs because it is a waste of time. You can write one summary, but you want to break it down into smaller sections. Bullet points and lists are a great way to achieve this. Simply use one line per achievement and skill. It’s simple and effective. This is one of the reasons resumes have been reduced to 1-2 pages. Hiring managers do not have the time anymore to read a 10 page resume. Keep it short and to the point.


There are great benefits in using an online resume builder in blogging. These are some ways you can improve your online resume. A lot of success awaits you when you do something right and give it the time it deserves. There is no rush in creating your online resume. Take your time and make sure you are proud of the final product.

Updated 1337x proxy 2018- 1337x unblocked & mirror sites [100% working]

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, September 11, 2018
1337x proxy: If you are on the internet and use the free movie download sites then you might be seeing the site working today might not work tomorrow.

Usually, government and your ISP (internet service provider) keeps on blocking those website which they find shady and those sites which promote piracy. And torrent sites are one of the them and 1337x is one of those torrent website.

So, if you are also unable to access 1337x torrent website in your location then there are chances that the site has been blocked in your region. Now the solution is 1337x proxy.

1337x Proxy
[Image Source: Third Party; Image- 1337x Proxy Website List]
There are many options using which you can access 1337x torrent websites on your mobile and laptop in 2018.

You might be familiar with the 1337x proxy servers, 1337x torrent mirrors, etc. But the problem comes how to find those working 1337x proxy sites list. In this article, we will help you with the 1337x unblocked with the help of 1337x Proxy & 1337x mirror sites 2018.

How to check if 1337x torrent is blocked in your location?

Well, this is the major challenge to find whether the 1337x website is blocked in your area or not. If 1337x sites are blocked also then whether that has been blocked by the government or your ISP. If this has been blocked by the ISP then you may change your internet provider. But if 1337x torrent site has been blocked by the government itself then you will have to use the 1337x proxy servers.

To check whether 1337x torrent site has been blocked by your ISP, you should visit the 1337x torrent site in the incognito mode. Because some time due to the server issue or cache issue, it may not work in the normal browser.

By opening the 1337x torrent site in the incognito mode, if you are getting the message like below-

the authority to access the site is blocked by your ISP or government

then this means, the 1337x torrent site is blocked in your area and you will have to use 1337x mirror site. Still, you should also check the same site on your mobile device. If the site is actually blocked, then you will get a similar kind of message. If on all the devices, the 1337x torrent site is not working then you will need to use 1337x proxy sites to unblock 1337x torrent site.

Major reason for blocking 1337x torrent site?

If you are still wondering why in your location 1337x site is blocked then here is the reason-

The major reason of blocking any site from the internet is privacy, security, copyright, piracy and other law related reasons. If any site is following these, today or tomorrow, that will be blocked for sure.

So, if you are looking to access the blocked 1337x site then you will have to use the 1337x VPN or 1337x proxy server or 1337x mirror site. In the next section, I am going to explain how to unblock 1337x torrent site?

1337x unblocked using 1337x proxy and 1337x mirror sites

In this section, we are going to talk about how to unblock 1337x site using 1337x proxy and 1337x mirror site. Here proxy means, you need to use 1337x virtual private network (VPN). Using these 1337x proxies, you can easily unblock 1337x torrent site.

To unlock 1337x torrent site, all you have to do is, just use any of the below 1337x proxy servers shown below. These are the mirror sites of 1337x. At the time of writing this article, all these 1337x proxy servers list are verified and working. Also, we will keep on updating it.

1337x Proxy/Mirror
Very Fast
Very Fast
Very Fast
Very Fast
Very Fast
Very Fast
Very Fast
Very Fast
Very Fast

Please note all the 1337x mirror sites shown here are just for the testing and educational purpose. Please don’t misuse it.

Wrapping it up!

VPN is a great way to access any website in the location where it is unblocked. Using VPN usually you use the dummy IP address of that location where the site is active. And so, your request will come through that location and you will be able to access the blocked site.

In the same way, you will be able to unblock 1337x torrent site with the help of these 1337x proxy, 1337x VPN, 1337x proxy servers, 1337x proxy server lists, and 1337x mirror sites.

Do try and let us know if you face any issue.

This article has been written by Nishant Malhotra who is an affiliate marketer and run various site including Data Analytics Books. If you also want to write an article for us, please follow write for TricksRoad page.

10 Call Tracking Tips To Implement Right Now

By Ashutosh Jha →
Nowadays every company uses their own call tracking platform for the call analytics. Using these details, they basically take strategic decisions. No matter whether it is a support call or an inbound call coming from your pay per call marketing campaign, you can implement the following techniques to make it better and beneficial for you.

So, let’s start and see some of the top tips for Pay Per Call Tracking-

10 Call Tracking Tips To Implement Right Now
10 Call Tracking Tips To Implement Right Now

#1 Dynamic Number Pool Tracking

You should invest more in a dynamic number pools to have a better accuracy with the call tracking. For those who are new to a dynamic phone number, dynamic phone number insertion (DNI) is a process that marketers use to measure the impact of digital efforts on inbound phone calls.

What happens with the dynamic phone number is, when someone clicks on the advertisement, the dynamic number displays a unique number of a different search engine, web page, keyword or other sources. And that number will be stored and can be used for the better call tracking purpose.

#2 Analytics Integration

No matter what analytics tool you are using like Google Analytics or Adobe Site Catalyst or any other, you should integrate with your system in order to understand more insights about the calls and other analytics details.

#3 Tag Manager Integration

Along with the analytics, you can also integrate the tag manager with the calls for better tracking. Again, you may use the same Google tag manager for the same purpose. This makes tracking as easy as possible.

#4 IVR

IVR is an interactive voice response which basically routes the calls to a different section depending on the input provided by the user. If you have called to any customer care, you must have heard the response like press 1 for this option, 2 for another option and so on. IVR serve this purpose and is very helpful when it comes to saving time and better customer satisfaction.

#5 Time of day routing

In the IVR system, you can use many setting including the one we discussed above. You can make additional setting based on the time of the day. Usually, in the normal business hour, you will get more calls compared to the non-business hours. And so, it is normal that the number of call agents in non-business hours will be less and so, you can make some adjustment so that none of the calls are being missed.

#6 Call Whisper

You can add a short message to the start of the call for the call operator to identify the source of the call. This will help the call agent to handle the call in a better way.

#7 Put tracking code in all pages

If you have your own website which is being used as the landing pages to drive the calls then you must put the tracking code everywhere. Even you should put the code on the page which is not converting. This will tell you the accurate tracking of the leads which will further help to optimize the pages and resources.

#8 Create reports based on captured KPIs

With the call tracking software and another analytics platform like Google Analytics, you must be capturing the different required KPIs to measure the performance of the call. Now you should make the dedicated dashboards for all those KPIs so that you can have a track on each KPI and improve the performance, quality, and make a strategic decision in favor of business.

#9 Bid Optimization Integration

Depending on what pay per call network you are using and how you are allowing the publishers to promote the offer, you can integrate the bid optimization as well. The integration will work in the similar fashion how you have added the Google Analytics code.

#10 Missed call alerts

There can be some scenario when you may miss some call. But you should follow those calls back asap. For this, you may make some system which will tell you when a call has been missed with the details. For this, you may integrate some email marketing software which will trigger the email whenever any call is unanswered.


These were the 10 tips to make the call tracking better. If you are a serious business owner and looking to get the most out of the inbound calls, you must work on these tips.

Tips for Businesses to Save Money on Their Vendors

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, September 10, 2018
It doesn't matter if you're new to owning a business or you're a well-versed businessperson trying to trim down a few expenses. The goal is still the same. You want to save money but keep your wonderful vendors.

Usually, what happens, a business tries to outsource the work where they don’t have the expertise. For example, if there is a shipping company, they might not have an expertise in IT. And so, instead of setting up their own IT, the company usually outsource it from the IT consulting services like TCS, HCL, Accenture etc.

Tips for Businesses to Save Money on Their Vendors
5 Tips for Businesses to Save Money on Their Vendors
There is nothing wrong with it!

In fact, this is a smart move as you are focusing on your core business without worrying about the other areas which are not your consumer-centric stuff. But the problem comes at the costing part. The procurement part takes a lot of resources.

So, you need to be careful while selecting the vendor to get your things done. This doesn’t only include the pricing but also the quality, timeline etc. depending on your need and priority.

5 tips to save money on vendor operations

Let’s start and see some leading tips using which you can save money on the work you are outsourcing from the vendors. These tips can be applied to any department like transport, food, IT, hardware, infrastructure, logistic etc.

Ask About the “Best” Price

This tip goes well beyond negotiating with vendors, but you can use it for your credit cards and even with your cable bill. Just call your vendor and ask if you're getting the best price for what you're ordering.

After you ask if you’re getting the best price, the representative for your vendor should take a few moments and ask a few questions before supplying an answer. If a representative responds too quickly, they may be giving you a rehearsed “of course we have the best prices in your area” answer. Ask them to look again or start looking for a new vendor.

The key to this tip is that you’re not threatening to pull out of a contract or find a new vendor right away. You are just a concerned customer calling for an honest answer.

Question Incentives

Grab your last few invoices and find the items that you’re ordering more than anything else. Then get a few facts together about your ordering history and preferences. Finally, call your vendor and ask if there are any incentives available for someone ordering the way you do.

Many vendors have negotiable payment terms, prices, and even advertising allowances for particular customers. Sometimes they rely on your ordering history to decide if you’re eligible to receive any incentives.

Control What You Can Control

Sometimes there’s no getting around vendor pricing, but you can incentivize the lower cost items to save money. From boutique stores to large franchise restaurants, many businesses will utilize reward coupons for a home to push the product that makes them the more significant profit.

Call the Competition

Even if you are happy with your vendor, it can’t hurt to see what is available. Some industries collect market data on vendors, but sometimes these results aren't current or only apply to specific regions.

Either way, call your vendors competition and ask what they can offer you. Sometimes you can even luck into some tremendous introductory deals if you do decide to change vendors.

Look for the perks

Most of the time you will find a vendor providing services for multiple services and offering discounts when subscribing to more than one services. For example, Adobe!

save money by hiring single vendor
Adobe offers cloud solution, email marketing solution, PDFs, and much more. So, if you need more solution and an existing vendor has that, do try to subscribe in order to save more. You may ask your vendor about it and then come to a common conclusion.


These were some of the implementable tips to save money on vendor operation. Again, it’s a good idea to outsource some work to the vendor but cost incurred should be in the consideration.

Do you have any other idea which should be considered while working with the vendors?

How To Safely Send Money Overseas- Top 5 Ways

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, September 6, 2018
Whether it is for business or personal reasons, many people now have the need to send money overseas. It could be anything from sending payments to an international supplier to receiving money from home while in a foreign country for your birthday. This has seen people searching for the best way to send money overseas safely and securely. If you are currently needing to find an easy way that protects you while moving your money, then there are some great choices out there.

[Image: 5 Ways to send money to overseas easily]

Best and safest ways to transfer money overseas

There are a few different options that you can choose from when it comes to sending money internationally. All represent a different way to do this and mean that you can find the best one for you. The most common ones are listed below:

#1 Online foreign exchange companies

One of the most popular ways to move money internationally now is via online foreign exchange companies. These companies make it easy to send or receive payments along with being secure. They also have no fees when compared to other methods and usually offer much better exchange rates. Finding the best overseas transfer rates is definitely worthwhile so that you get the best value when you transfer your money. When using this sort of method, you have the freedom to pick the company that is offering the best rates on the day.

#2 Bank transfer

This was at one time the main way that people transferred money between countries. This method is simple and secure with lots of regulations in place to protect your money. The drawback with bank transfers though is the length of time that the transfer can take, the lower exchange rates that you must use, and the bank fees that are applied to each transfer.

#3 Electronic payment solutions

Another way that people send or receive payments internationally now is with e-solutions such as PayPal. As with using FX companies, these usually offer quick transaction times and a secure way to do it. However, they do usually incur fees when moving money out of your home country, which makes them less popular than pure FX companies.

PayPal: PayPal is a leading online payment solution to send money almost ever where. If you need money within a day or two, you can use the PayPal. But for real-time money, this may not be helpful as it takes around a day to transfer the money to your bank account from your PayPal account. Also, I found PayPal charges on higher side for the receiver. For example, if you are sending someone $100 in India then the person will just receive around $95. Also, the conversion is way less than the market conversion rate.

Payoneer: Payoneer is another leading online payment solution. You can consider Payoneer as an alternative to PayPal. The best thing is with some imitated amount of money, Payoneer doesn’t charge any fee and the conversion is also at the higher side than PayPal.

There are many more solutions for money transfer to overseas. You can use Perfect Money as well wherever PayPal or Payoneer is not available. And then further you can transfer perfect money to PayPal.

#4 International money orders

When it comes to safe ways to send money, this is another method to consider. These can be purchased at your local post office and are then sent in the regular mail to the recipient. Naturally, this is much better than sending cash in the post! These orders are also replaced easily if lost in transit. The main drawback here is that they take longer to arrive than with transfer online.

#5 Money Transfer Operators

Money transfer operators are those companies which offers the transfer of money from one location to another location or even between the countries. They exist at ground like any other banks and you can visit them and transfer the money overseas.

Sending money overseas by the operator is an idea solution if you are looking to send the money quickly from one country to other. Such services can be availed both online and offline. And it has been seen that money transfer operators being heavily used in the location where PayPal is not available or those not having PayPal account. Here are some of the money transfer operators-

Western Union Money Transfer: Western union is one of the leading money transfer operators able to send your money to 4000+ locations worldwide. Using Western Union, you can send the money via online or mobile to some location. The best thing with Western Union is, either you can send money directly to the recipient bank account or the person can even collect the money from the western union branch as well.

Western Union is best suited if you need funds immediately. The fee that Western Union will charge you for the money transfer depends on the location. If you are willing to send $1000 to USA, you need to pay around $1028 while for Europe you need to pay $1058.

MoneyGram: MoneyGram is an alternative to western union for sending the money abroad. Again, similar to western union, you can send money to someone’s wallet, account, or let the person pick the money from MoneyGram branch. Worldwide, MoneyGram has over 300k branches.

The cost of sending the money to other country through MoneyGram is cheaper than Western Union. To send $1000 to USA, you will have to pay just $1020 while for Europe it is same as $1058.

Find the best way to transfer money safely

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to find a way that lets you transfer money overseas securely and easily. You do not want to send a large amount of money abroad only to discover that it doesn’t arrive or gets lost. Any of the above money transfer methods are great options for making sure that your payment arrives safely. Just do your research first to ensure that any company that you use to help make the transfer is reputable first.


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