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Best VPN Services: Stay Secure Online with these Top VPN and Proxies

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, July 22, 2017
Online security is a top concern these days and more often you will be hearing that someone has been hacked, some data has been leaked and so on…

On an average, around 30,000 sites are getting hacked in a day and so you can think of how serious this issue is.

Last month itself, in a major data breach, over 50 Million Turkish citizen data were leaked online and this is not unique. Every day you will come to know about such news. The best way to get protected from such issues is precautions. Take utmost precautions you can take to prevent such data and security breaches.

Optimize Your PC with Bitsum Process Lasso Software

By Ashutosh Jha →
If you are an admin or someone with a limited resource on the system, you can understand the pain of optimization. If you are a server administrator, then you might have experienced the pain to manage the load, especially during the peak time.

But if you are tired of doing this manually, you may try a software for this. Bitsum Process Lasso is one such PC optimization software which you can use. Here we will be talking about Bitsum Process Lasso PC optimization software in details. We will also see how it works, its features and pricing.

About the software

Process Lasso is a software by the software product company Bitsum. It is a Real-Time PC Optimization & Automation with ProBalance which you can use on daily basis. It is not another task manager but a software which allows programs to monopolize your CPU — leading to hangs, micro-lags, freezing (even crashing) and delays in your keystroke and/or mouse actions.

Process Lasso is a process priority optimization and system automation utility tool. It offers process priority optimization, CPU core affinity optimization, power plant automation, automated rules, and so much more; you name it (within this area), and Process Lasso does it.

There are multiple features of Process Lasso but the one which attracts the attention is the Process Balance (they called as ProBalance). ProBalance helps to improve your PC’s responsiveness and stability by making intelligent dynamic adjustments to the priority class and/or CPU affinity of problematic background processes. There are multiple features of the Process Lasso which we will discuss in the next section.

Features of Process Lasso

Here are some of the leading features of Process Lasso which you should know for better utilization of the software.

ProBalance: a USP of Process Lasso software which is a process optimization tool which improves the responsiveness of a PC.

IdleSaver: This helps you save energy when your system is idle. Also, it provides maximum performance when the system is active.

Automation: You can automate process priorities, CPU affinities, power plans and more which helps better optimization and performance.

Getting Started with Process Lasso software

Once you will install the software, it will open a dashboard where all the processes will be shown operating on your system. You can find the information about the resource usage, and activities log and when you click on any of the processes, it will show you the details of it.

As said above, Process Lasso runs on two major programs for PC optimization-ProBalance and Game Mode.

You should note here that Game mode is limited to steam by default. It ensures maximum performance by limiting the background apps. You can also select the CPU affinity and see the resources being used.

Later, you can also configure the watchdog process on the server for proper optimization and performance.

By these ways, you can optimize the PC that too on automation. You don’t have to do anything manually. Also, you can make the settings like which one should open at the system launch by the setting option.


You can initially try Power Lasso free and download for windows system depending on whether you have a 32-bit system or 64-bit system.

Their Pro plan starts at $19 per year for a single license. If you are looking for a lifetime license, you will have to pay $27.

If you are buying the lifetime license, the updates will be free for you. Also, the company provides 45-days money back guarantee with no question asked.

This was all about the reliable Power Lasso software by Bitsum. This is a complete CPU optimization software which ensures maximum performance and speed.

The best thing is, it just cost $27 for a lifetime license and company also provides 45-days money back guarantee and so you are in safe hands. Try the software and let us know how it worked for you.

Hidester VPN Review- Fast, Secure and Innovative VPN Software

By Ashutosh Jha →
VPN (virtual private network) is an essential part of web security nowadays. We have talked a lot about VPN earlier in our best VPN service provider article. There we have discussed some of the top VPN companies like Hidester VPN and how those are helping to browse the web securely and with high speed.

Hidester VPN Review
There are a number of features of VPN like using VPN you can unblock blocked websites easily. Also, you can hide your real identity and download the torrent files with faster speed.

Today we are going to discuss another leading VPN service provider called Hidester VPN in this Hidester VPN review. We will see how to use Hidester VPN, Hidester VPN Features, Hidester VPN installation steps and pricing. Also, we will make a comparison with another leading VPN software.

Hidester VPN Review

Hidester is a very old company and used to provide free proxy servers earlier. I have been associated with Hidester since months now and have seen their VPN product built and growing. I have even used the beta version of Hidester VPN and can say it is one of the leading VPN software in the industry.

It is a fully secured, low-cost VPN software helping you in many ways like-

  • Browsing Internet
  • Download Torrent files
  • Access locked content and websites
  • Gaming and many other purposes
Let’s start with Hidester VPN review and see how to install and start using the tool.

How to Install Hidester VPN?

To get started with Hidester VPN, you need to first download it and then locate the file. Now just double click on it like you do for any other software. You will get a welcome screen where you need to press Next button. You may download the Hidester VPN software depending on the operating system you are using like- Windows, IOS, and Android.

In the next step, the installation wizard will ask you for your location-
Now press the next button and then it will ask you the main purpose of VPN use. You may select accordingly.

The next step will be about the censorship where you need to declare whether your country has the blocked sites or not.

Now select the main purpose of the VPN like whether you are using it for high speed or security.

Once done, click next and the Hidester VPN will start installing on your system.

While installation, it may ask you some security and internet access, allow those for a smooth installation.

Once everything is done, it will show you the welcome screen something like below.

Here either you can register with Hidester VPN if you have not done yet. If you are already registered, login to the system to access the Hidester VPN. The tool is currently in Beta but you can use it smoothly. Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to the Hidester interface which will look like below.

You can connect or disconnect the VPN by clicking on the H button shown above. You can also change the location of the server. Just click on it and the tool will show you all the available servers and IP.

You can select any of these as per your need. Also, you can add any servers to your favorites list as well for quick access. By clicking on the advanced button, you may also check the connection and speed.

Also, if you want to change settings like the theme, you may click on the gear icon at the top left corner of the interface and make changes as per your need.

Hidester VPN Features

Here are some of the awesome features of the Hidester VPN which you should know.

High Speed: The connection is fast and reliable. Also, the load per server is less which ensures smooth connection and high speed.

No Log Storage: Hidester VPN also works on zero log policy where it doesn’t store original IP address, the assigned IP address, DNS requests, nor anything else about your online activities.

Multiple Devices: With just one Hidester License, you can connect up to 5 devices.

Low cost: You can access the Hidester VPN premium features at just $11.7. also, the company provides 30-days money back guarantee with no question asked.

Protocols: Hidester offers all the three major protocols- OpenVPN, CamoWeb, and CamoVPN

Download Torrent, P2P: Unlike many other VPN, Hidester allows you to download Torrent Videos and any other P2P items with high speed.

How to Buy Hidester VPN?

You can buy the beta version of Hidester VPN at just $11.7 for 3 months. Also, the company provides 30-days of money back guarantee and you can ask for money back if you are not satisfied.

You can make the payment via a number of payment methods like- Cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, Alipay, Union Pay, and WeChat. You will get following features with all the purchase.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about Hidester VPN Review. Currently, the software is in Beta version but has almost all the premium features of the full version. You can try the early discount which cost just $11.7 for 3 months which costs $3.9 per month.

The large number of IPs, excellent interface and zero log features are something I found amazing with Hidester. Also, the speed is recommendable no matter where you are using.

Do try the Hidester VPN and share the feedback with us!

                                              Download Hidester VPN Now!

25 High PR CommentLuv Enabled Websites For Building Quality Backlinks

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, July 21, 2017
Nowadays getting good Google page rank and ranking high in Google is very difficult. The very first thing that you have to do is to create quality content which will attract the visitor to read your post and after having content advertise it. Advertising is very important because if nobody is there to read your post, it’s of no use. You can advertise your content in many ways like spreading the post on social networking sites, writing guest posts and building backlinks. Today we’ll talk about the most famous and beneficial method- Backlinks building.

Tips to increase quality backlinks through commenting on other's blog
Backlink building is the key to the success of any blog or website. The more number of backlinks a blog have the more will be the page rank and the number of traffic that blog will get. High PR (page rank) backlinks always play an important role in building the domain authority of the blog as well as attracting the traffic to the blog. So you want it, right?

Now the question is what is backlinks?

Backlinks are one blog’s link on some other places. It may be an internal link on your blog or any other link anywhere on the internet. It’s an incoming hyperlink from some other web page to your websites.

The more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more popular it will be.

When search engines calculate the relevance of a site to a keyword, they consider the number of QUALITY backlinks to that site. Here I have used the word ‘QUALITY’. Yes, you heard it right. Quality backlinks are those which have some relevance. Suppose you have a technical blog and the backlink that you have is on a blog which writes about movies. Does that worth? Of course not. So a relevant link is necessary to build a good traffic and brand in the online market.

How to build backlinks?

There are several ways using which you can build backlinks like-
  • You can write guest post and in return, you will have 1-2 backlinks from that blog
  • Using advertisements. But I’ll say to avoid this, at least for a new blogger
  • You can use Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumble Upon etc.
  • You can participate in forums and can include the link in signature
  • You can comment on other’s blog which is having Comment Luv enabled.
Today I’ll talk about building backlinks through commenting. This is one of the easiest ways to build backlinks. Just you have to visit the blog and comment on their posts. But simply visiting blogs/website and commenting won’t help you. You have to identify those blogs where you can get backlinks and that too Quality backlinks. Many bloggers make backlinks disabled on their blog so it’s necessary to find links enabled blogs.

You need not have to worry about searching those blogs which have enabled backlinks. There is a great plugin called ‘Comment Luv’ which will help you in this. And coming to quality backlinks, target only those blogs which are having high page rank.

Note: Now Google has stopped increasing/decreasing Page Rank of websites so nowadays it’s difficult to find that in new sites. But at the same time for new blogs, you can check their Alexa ranking or DR.

High PR links will help you to have a better rank in SERP. Now you must be thinking of what comment Luv is and where to find such blogs. Right?

Also ReadTips To Check Keywords Ranking on Google

What is CommentLuv?

CommentLuv is a Wordpress plugin (now can be integrated with blogger also) which was developed to grow the blogging community and encourages blog readers to leave a comment on the blog posts.

If you’ve enabled CommentLuv on the blog, then a user who leaves a comment on your blog posts, the plugin automatically goes out and searches their blog (if the user has given website name) for the latest post. Then CommentLuv will automatically include a link to the latest or one of their top 10 blog posts at the end of their comment. By this way, the readers who comment on the blog gets a backlink for their blog also.

But to find the comment enabled blogs are not easy and that too with high PR CommentLuv enabled blog. But nothing to worry, we have done that job for you. Below is the list of blogs which are having CommentLuv enabled commenting and also having good PR.

List of top high PR CommentLuv enabled websites: Tested

1. PR 6
2. - PR 4
3. - PR 4
4. PR 4
5. PR 3 (No Longer Support)
8. PR 0
9. PR 2
So that’s for today friends. These are most famous high PR CommentLuv enabled site. By commenting on these sites you can easily get the backlinks and you can increase your domain authority as well as ranking in Google. The best practice is whenever you write any post select at least 10 sites from above list and leave a valuable comment. But before commenting you should consider few points-
  • First, read the article before commenting. This will help you to leave a good comment.
  • Most of the sites have comment moderation enabled, so don’t try to spam.
  • Try to leave valuable comments not a single word or couple of words comment.
Hope you enjoyed reading this post. If this post has helped you do share on your great social environment and let me know the ways you are using to get backlinks. Also, let me know if you are using any other high PR CommentLuv enabled sites for commenting.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Review- Screen Recording Software

By Ashutosh Jha →
Are you a blogger or marketer who work on videos as well? Then you must need some kind of video recorder. There are many free video recorders available in the market but for a professional video recording, you need a professional tool.

Recently, I was trying to record the video of my Tableau Training sessions and came across AceThinker Screen Grabber pro. After giving it a try, I switched to the premium version and can say I am enjoying it.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Review
In this AceThinker Screen Grabber pro review, I will be talking about my experience with the tool, features, and pricing. If you are using any other screen recording tool, you can drop the name in the comment and we will give a try as well.

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro Review

AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is a premium product by the parent company AceThinker. They have a number of daily useful technical products. They started their operation in Sept. 2015 and since then they have expanded very quickly. Currently, AceThinker has a product based on multiple products.

Once you buy any of their product, you will get free lifetime upgrade. The products are so popular that the company is getting over 100 installs per day.

Getting started with AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

To get started with AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro, you first need to download the software from their site which is free. You can download it for your respective system and install it. For windows, the size is around 16MB.

Here are some of the amazing features I found with AceThinker Screen Grabber pro-

  • Record any activity on a computer screen
  • Record the screen and audio simultaneously
  • Edit your screencast in real time with the built-in editor
  • Share screenshots and screencasts anywhere you like
  • Automatically record the screen according to your schedule

Once you have installed the software, you will be either asked to enter the license (if you have) or you can start the free trial. Once done, you can check the interface which will look like below.

You can go through the different options to explore and start with it. For example, you can check the first option, “Record” and here you can record the region, full screen, web camera, or only audio.

#1 Record Anything on Your computer

Using the above interface, you can record anything you want to record. You may just record certain region of your screen or even the full screen. You can also record the multiple screens using the region option which enables you to capture better and explanatory videos.

You can also simultaneously record the screen and audio from the system or microphone or insert webcam video to achieve a picture-in-picture effect.

#2 Create Scheduled Tasks for Recording

This feature is very useful when it comes to schedule any recording. For example, let’s say live cricket is streaming on some sports streaming sites and you are out for some reason and then you can schedule the recording in the software and the tool will do the rest for you. The tool will start recording automatically.

#3 Edit the recorded Videos

Once you are done with the recording, it will give you the option to edit the recording as well. Just click on the edit button and it will take some time to prepare the video for you.

You can adjust the contrast, add anything you want and can do many other things which will make your videos even more helpful.

Pricing of AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

You may start with AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro free as I explained above. Once you are satisfied with the features and working, you may go for the paid version which comes at just $29.95. The software is available for both Windows and MAC operating system.

Here are the couple of reviews shared by the existing users of AceThinker Screen Grabber pro which you can check for reference.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro review which is an excellent software for screen recording. You may try this software for free and later join the premium club starting at just $29.95 for personal use. The company also provides 30-days money back guarantee.

Also, the company provides separate plans for corporates which start at $59.9. If you are looking for screen recording solution with some excellent features, AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro is for you.

How To Save Money On Electronics Item Transcations

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Electronics are something that has become more of a necessary item than the luxury one. From past 20 years, there has been a tremendous advancement in them. With this advancement, we are able to achieve the best communication and electronic services.

Having numerous electronics has become very common phenomena nowadays as they serve a lot of purposes. You can use Flipkart coupons to buy electronics at a great discount.

Shop for Electronics with FreeKaaMaal

FreeKaaMaal is a leading bargain hunting website that provides offers and discounts on various categories here you can find lightning deals on your favourite electronic products. These deals are updated regularly to give the best shopping experience to the customers. Even at an online platform, it becomes a tedious task to search for electronics from one website to another.

So, at FreeKaaMaal you can easily find the best electronic deals from websites like Amazon, Flipkart, shopclues, snapdeal, ebay, etc.. With FreeKaaMaal you can be sure to get hot offers on your favorite electronic gadgets.

Categories of Electronic Items at FreeKaaMaal

There are many categories of electronic items that are really important for our day to day lives. At FreeKaaMaal you can find best offers across categories like

  • Mobile- Mobile phones provide us with the freedom to communicate with anyone at any time of the day. Now even young children own a mobile phone to stay connected to their family and friends. With its advent, the use of landline phones has been reduced as people have found wide entertainment choices on the mobile. Here you can shop for smart phones from brands like Samsung, Lenovo, Philips, iPhones, and more.
  • TV- Televisions have evolved to a great extent. The first TV showed us Black and white pictures now it has evolved to come in LED screen, LCD screen, Flat screen etc.. It is an essential gadget that can be seen in almost every other household. With FReeKaaMaal you can find best deals on brands like Sanyo, Samsung, Vu, Micromax, Sony Bravo, LG, Intex and much more.
  • Fridge - Fridge does a lot more than just give you cold water. It is essential to keep vegetables and fruits fresh also Dairy products like milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, can not last long without keeping in the fridge. You can grab ice from freezer whenever there are guests to be attended. Grab the best deals on famous fridge brands like LG.
  • AC- With the scorching heat one cannot imagine of surviving in summers easily. Air conditioners are also important to avoid getting sick on a high-temperature day. There are amazing deals available on brands like Voltas, Mitashi, Godrej, carrier, Haier and more.
  • Laptop- Laptops are important to organize our work and make the best use of the internet. It has more capabilities than a smartphone and a longer life span. Grab the best offers on brands like HP, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, Acer one and more.

There is a deal of the day section available on the FreeKaaMaal website from which you can find fresh offers on various categories.

5 Possibilities Why Your Organic Traffic Recently Dropped?

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, July 16, 2017
Recently, everyone in blogging community talks about why organic traffic recently dropped? Well for some person it might have increased (including me) while for many others, organic traffic has been decreased.

The largest search engine Google, keep on rolling updates to maintain the quality of search engines by removing the spammed sites from the search engine results. Whenever Google comes up with such updates, some site suffers while other gains momentum.

Organic web traffic means that the visitors come to your site due to organic search: not by a paid ad or from link on the other website.

If you also have seen some drop in the organic traffic to your website recently, then there can be multiple reasons behind it. Here in this article of why your organic traffic recently dropped, I have compiled a list of 5 possible reasons as for why your organic traffic has been decreased.

5 Reasons as for why Your Organic Traffic Dropped Recently?

Let's start with the 5 important reasons out of many for the traffic loss-

A Penalty

The website has been penalized. There are a lot of possible penalties for over-optimization and spam, provided by updates Penguin, Pirate, Panda, and Google is known even to penalize itself.

Here are the SEO algorithm updates 2014 those Google rolled. Sometimes they push silent updates while if it is a big update with some changes in search engine ranking, then they announce as well.
There are some most common issues are-

  • Thin, poor content
  • Direct copy paste
  • Over spam, or sticking too many keywords on the page
  • Showing different content to search engines and human visitors; hidden text
  • Too many ads
  • Issues with links: paid or spamming links

Natural Competition

You did nothing wrong, your business rivals just gained an advantage. Check your Google ranking with any free online SEO analytics tool. There are a great number of ranking factors and you might just lose to someone in part of them. Maybe, in organization or quality of the content, in domain or pages authority. Maybe, some expert is performing SEO practices better than you.

To avoid it, you should form a strong strategy and stick to it. To increase the traffic, you have to produce fresh relevant content and to check your links. For example, essay writing service reviews are relevant and helpful for students’ information, which will increase the traffic of an academic website.

Page indexation problems

Google provides information about indexation process and the report on Index Status. If you don't see a rise in the graph, it means, that the search engine has no regular access to your site. If you see sudden drops – it means that you had problems with a server, but a sudden rise is not good as well, it may indicate, that your site was hacked or you've got double content.

Make sure you hadn't occasionally disallowed to index your page in file robots Meta tag. Also, in order to avoid such problems, you should use canonical URLs and have no broken internal links.

Linking issues

Links are the key behind search engine ranking but sometimes bad links can spoil your complete SEO campaigns. Below is the kind of links which may cause issue with your SEO campaigns-

  • Linking on the low authority websites, that have a bad reputation for spamming, for example, may cause the traffic drop.
  • When the backlinks to your site are removed. It may disappear when the website ceases being online, or the site was redesigned. And later, when the search engine will update the web page index and you'll have your site rank drop.

You need to produce content that will result in more links to trusted sources of high quality. For example, this blog post on the up to date topic increased traffic of the site is was referring to.

Unnatural Competition

It is not quite about some hacking attacks on your server and a rival SEO expert deleting cracking your robots.txt file. It is a result of intended attempt to decrease your ranking. Negative SEO often involves previous points as a way to harm you. For example, create junk links to your site and cause a penalty for you.

This problem can be detected with analytics using SEO tools. Though Google claims that negative SEO cases are rare, indeed it is not impossible. If you have noticed the links to your site from foreign forums, senseless blog posts or adult sites – you may face such a dangerous problem. To protect yourself, you should monitor such links and remove them before they might influence your indexation.

Wrapping it up!

These were some 5 possible reasons as for why your organic traffic recently dropped. There are many bloggers who have recovered their blog and websites after getting penalized and if your site has been penalized then you can recover as well.

Just keep an eye on your Google Webmaster and if your site has been penalized then you will see a message with the possible reason for the same. Work on the reason and appeal to Google. If the search giant will find you have corrected the issue, the penalization can be rolled back.

For example, if the penalty is due to bad links, check the links and send an email to the owner of the site to remove the links. You can request something like below-

Do the follow ups and get your links removed. Once you have cleaned the profile, just appeal to the search engine and they will remove the penalty if found good.

Let me know if the recent search engine updates have benefited you or your traffic has been decreased?

5 Free Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, July 15, 2017
Digital marketing is the new bird in the industry, and every business is gripping it. So these free digital marketing courses for beginners will help everyone who wants to step in this marketing world.

Almost every business has gone global, and social media has helped it reach new audiences and market its products and services to people across borders and geographies.

Much of what we see regarding the product and services websites, the graphics, content, press releases, video advertisements and even the leaks, are part of an elaborate world of digital marketing.

Big businesses and corporations invest millions in their digital image and seek professional digital marketing and advertisement companies to handle their social media presence.

Social media presence can range from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter to Snapchat, giving Public Relation services and content on the leading blogs on websites.

Digital marketing experts, who know the ins and outs of the industry, manage these platforms. Now with the following beginner courses, you can also join them in running the digital landscape.

Free Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners- Top 5

The Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC)

Open for professors and students, GOMC led by Google Analytics offers a free learning experience, training, and challenge to fulfill as a team. The course will help gain certification in Google AdWords and provides a modular learning approach to the digital marketing content. Google also provides a sum of $250 to use on AdWords for real life companies and the winners are provided with cash prizes. Monitored by Google, all participants are provided with on-going support throughout the course.

Udemy - Content Inventory and Content Audit

The course gives a beginner look at how professionals manage content at a larger scale, what role content plays in in website strategies, while also giving ways on how quantitative and qualitative content metrics can be monitored. These can then be applied to help make better search results and a more uniformed audience targeting strategies. Other areas covered include the use of keywords and content warehousing techniques at a beginners level, while the course can be tailored for more advanced needs through a paid subscription.

Facebook Blueprint Online Courses

Facebook is the biggest example of a business that primarily works in digital content and marketing to help advertisers earn. It is the largest platform to see hands on how the digital marketing and advertising sphere works. The free online internet marketing courses for beginners and profusions offered comes with online certifications, live events, webinars and constant feeds to keep you updated with the latest happenings in the media industry. Facebook employees manage these themselves, for real life experience sharing.


Coursera - Digital Marketing Specialization

If you wish to get a complete digital marketing degree equivalent course to study, the Digital Marketing Specialization is for you. As cited best essay writing service, the course includes six courses ranging from:

  • how marketing is done in the digital world
  • how it is managed and measured through the use of analytics
  • how that analytics are used by professionals in practice and theory
  • how planning is done for the various digital marketing channels
  • at what landscape is it based on
  • A digital marketing capstone to test your ultimate skills.

All the content is managed and provided by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with paid certifications as well. However, the courses can be taken on a standalone basis as well.

ALISON Diploma in E-Business

Amongst all free online internet marketing courses, this free e-business diploma gives the most comprehensive marketing education available online. Classes are based on 6-10 hours, this course provides an understanding of all Google Analytics code, how can websites be better searched on the Google engine, AdWords, content management and tools to better align digital marketing tools for maximum content visibility and reach. Registered users are provided with an online certificate, only if they pass the tests with a score of 80 percent and more.

Wrapping it up!
Digital marketing has taken an afterburner approach in the past few years. Every business, who wants to make their presence felt at any social media and the digital landscape, needs to hire an expert or know how it can help them stay visible.

Nevertheless, all professionals in the marketing industry can also utilize these courses to help increase their skills and potential to assist their marketing teams and content providers. Online education websites such as Code Academy, Udacity, Coursea, EdX, HDFS Tutorial (for Big Data Hadoop) and Udemy can be searched for more free online cours4s to help you excel in a rewarding digital marketing career.