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How To Resolve Blogger Site Not Opening Without www.

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, May 29, 2017
Till some days ago, I too had the same problem. My site was not opening without writing www before the domain name. When even I was trying to simply start with or, it was not opening. And, so I was missing the quality traffic too. And, then I tried to resolve this issue and finally did that. And, this experience I am going to share in this post so that the other who is getting the same issue can resolve it. Try the report presented below and get the issue resolved-

1. First(after redirecting your BlogSpot url to your custom url), go to the setting tab of blogger and select Basics. Here you will see a pane named Publishing. In this section you will see your blogspot address and the domain name where you have redirected your blogspot url. Click on the Edit link corresponding to the domain address.

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2. After clicking on the Edit link, you will get a new window where you will get the publishing section as like below-

Here by default you will find the above check box as unchecked, click on that check box and you are now completed the setting to redirect the domain name to www.domainname. But this is not complete; you need to make some settings in your account from where you have registered your domain name (here I am considering godaddy).

3. Login into your godaddy account. Here you have make some changes in the DNS to match your blogspot. After login, you will have the page some what like below-

4. Now click on the Launch button correspond to the domain section and you will get a screen where the entire domains that are in your account will be listed. Select the one on which you want to redirect and click on it. It will take you to the next page likes below. Here select the 2nd tab DNS Zone.

5. Here you have to add the A host and the Cname in the records. So click on Add Records and select first A host and add four records one by one by adding the IPs shown in the below image-

6. Now again go to Add Record and select CName and add the cname as shown in below image-

That’s all. We’re done with your issue of blogger site not opening without www. Generally the changes reflect the point you have done all this, but in some scenarios it may take some time also (as you have selected TTL as one hour). Now try writing simply your domain name and you will see that is getting directly redirected to www.domainname.

Hope this article will help you in resolving the issue. If you will have any issue at any point in time, feel free to drop your comment below and get assured for the solution. If this article has helped you, do consider to share this on Facebook.

5 Important Components that Make Your Blog Comfortable to Read

By Ashutosh Jha →
I am sure most of you have experienced this!

Generally, you will find a good blog also may have at least few drawbacks and you can’t read that comfortably. If the content is great then you will find the design adorable or the navigation not correctly placed.

So, it is very important to keep your blog simple and easy to navigate so that user can access and read without any issue. Today I am going to share 5 most important components that make your blog easy and comfortable to read.

Top 5 Components that Make your Blog Easy to Read

There are many components that are essential to keep your blog user friendly and if you follow these definitely your blog is going to get the best readers. Here I am going to list 5 main points that are essential in terms of user friendly and growth.

1. Pleasant Design

You will agree to me that this is the first and very important step. Right? Yes the very first thing that comes in blogging is the neat & Clean and pleasant template. The template should be such that it is easy to navigate, color combination should be good and contents should be easy to read. There are thousands of templates online in both Free and Paid for all the platforms (WordPress, Blogger) but you should select as per your use. You can check my detailed guide on selecting Template.

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You can feel the design and if it is good looking and have basic components then it will provide the best option to read as well.

2. Simplicity and Navigation

The second most important point is the simplicity. If a blog template is looking great but is having lots of ad-ons or widgets, try to either customize it or avoid that template.

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You can find many plugins that offer free ads with it and you can make lots of money but these ads are not good for blogs and your readers may distract with the your blog. Try to avoid such plugins. Instead use simple plugins and use only those that are required.

Also, navigation of your blog should be smooth and easy so that user will not have any issue while accessing your blog.

3. Good Colour Combination and Font Size

Another important point is the font and colour. I have seen many people to use the default style of the CMS and despite of good content people don’t enjoy reading your article. You know the reason behind this? The main thing is the font style, font size and color combination.

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You should customize the default text style to look it better. Also, font size matters a lot. This helps the readers to read your blog easily and comfortably.

4. Proper Images, Videos and Graphics

It’s well said an Image tells thousands of words. A blog without graphics is unimaginable today and even doesn’t look cool. Today’s online world is full of creativity and if you want to survive in this competitive world you have to be unique. Graphics makes your articles more valuable and also search engines consider these as an extra point and your SERP will increase.

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So, try to include the required images and Videos in the article to add more values. Suppose you are writing a how to article, you can make a simple video on that as well. By this way you are providing more values to the readers and also you can monetize that video on YouTube to earn some extra bucks.

There is hundreds of website from where you can get free graphics or if you know little bit designing then with the help of HTML, CSS and editor you can make for yourself.

5. Use the Right Tools, Plugins & Blog Like Pro

Do you know blogging tools play a great role in the success? Like to engage your readers more you can use recommended posts features. Similarly, for collecting email ids of your readers you can use Hello Bar etc. These tools and plugins are very easy to use and help you a lot.

The next thing is blog like pro. Whatever you are writing or selling do like in convincing manner so that you can make a trust on your readers. By this way you can make more readers and money also.

Over to You

Those were the top 5 components that make your blog comfortable to read. I am sure if you will apply these tips, you will be able to get the best and your blog will improve day by day.

What tricks you are using to make your blog comfortable for readers?

5 Type of Gift Cards You can Use in Business

By Ashutosh Jha →
No matter what kind of occasion it is, everyone loves to receive gifts card on some occasion. Amazon gift cards are now common and most convenient ways to send and receive gifts.

You don’t have to think of the location, address, and any other such details. Just put the email id of the receiver and you are done. The receiver will receive the card and can send it to buy anything as per their choice.

Although, Amazon gift cards are not the only way to send gift cards to someone. There are many other types of the gift cards available which you can use.

In this post, we will talk about 5 different types of gift cards available to use in the market. We will also talk about the pros and cons of each gift cards.

Types of Gift cards available in the market

Let’s start and see which are the options available in the market when it comes to different gift cards. Each one of these has their own benefits.

So here are 5 kinds of gift cards to avail right now.

1. E-Gift Cards (Electronic Gift Card)

E-Gift Card is the type of gift card which is created using digital media. Let the occasion be wedding, birthday, housewarming, anniversary or anything, there is an ideal e-gift card which is made available by publishers on various internet sites. This can be in the form of vouchers, any special greeting messages or anything.
One can buy E-gift card from different websites as per their need. An e-card can be redeemed online only.

First of all, you required verifying your identity before your e-Card information is sent to your account. This is a very quick process which takes only 3 to 5 minutes and protects you from any potential fraud activities. These cards are composed of a card number and a PIN number, which is used to make online purchases.

E-gift cards are the perfect gift card and it can also be redeemable easily at any online stores. It should be redeemed within the given period of time and before it gets expired. This is the most common trending gift cards used now a day. Gift cards such as Amazon codes, free steam codes, domino's gift voucher are popular nowadays.

2. Physical Gift Cards

Physical Gift Card is also a good option to avail. One can find many online sites available for physical gift cards. A Physical gift card is redeemable in store and must be used in store with the physical card in hand.

Some of the physical gift cards can be used as an e-card as well as at the offline stores too. If a Physical gift card is issued along with a symbol of e-Card, this means you can select this card as an e-Card at checkout and use this card information for online purchases.

One of the best things about the physical gift card is that you can print it at home and take it into the store, or you can also show it on your mobile phone.

A large number of online stores and websites are available for issuing different types of the physical gift card. Gift cards are generally redeemable only for purchases at the relevant retail premises and cannot be cashed out, and in some situations, may be subject to an expiry date or fees.

The physical gift is totally different from e-card, only some of the physical gift cards functions as e-card that is it can be used for online purchases, otherwise, you need to go to offline stores and redeemed this physical gifts cards.

3. Customized Gift Cards

You can create your own different ideas and save them for your customized gift cards. There are many online websites available for customized gifts like,, etc. If you want more ideas of customized gifts then you can also visit offline gifts store situated in your city.

To avail this type of gift cards, you just need to provide your own creative ideas to the websites or offline stores issuing customized gift cards, and they will make one as per your requirement and will provide you. Maybe this may go a little bit costlier to you but if you want to go for creative gift cards then this is the best option for you.

Most of the people love to avail this type of gift cards because of it the most creative one. There are many stores available in all most all the cities. You can also choose to avail this type of gift card online by giving your own ideas to the websites or stores making customized gift cards or you can choose your own customized gift card from multiple varieties available from their shops.

4. Traditional Gift Cards

A traditional gift card is a great option for a gift card if you are availing gift cards for any occasion. Whether it is a festival, family function or any special occasion, this is the most basic option people go through.

You can buy traditional gift cards online but very less of online services and website store available to buy this type of gift cards. You will find a large number of shops in different cities providing traditional gift cards. If you are organizing any special occasion then traditional gift cards are the best one to avail.

This type of gifts cards of is totally different from the e-gift card and physical gift. One can neither redeemed it online nor at offline stores. These gift cards are used for a special purpose only. So, for the need of occasional purpose, one can avail this gift cards.

5. Corporate Gift Cards

Corporate gift cards are best options for promoting any business needs. Many online stores are offering a wide range of options to choose from corporate gift cards. Corporate Gift Cards are also given out by retailers and marketers as part of a promotion.
So, if you are planning to promote your business or anything related to your business then corporate gift cards are the best options for it. This gift cards also can be availed through different online stores and websites.

This type of gift cards is mostly used for advertising of a brand. So, if you want to promote or advertise any particular brand, institute or company then availing traditional gift cards is the best option. You can avail this gift card from any of the online gift card selling stores. Now a day almost all the online shopping websites are selling corporate gifts card. You can read through how to choose perfect corporate gift for more details.

Wrapping it up!

These were different types of gift cards available in the market to use. You can select any of these as per your requirements and send to someone.

E-gift cards are in huge demand and highly popular as well. People use it very frequently as it doesn’t require any transportation.

Which one is your favorite?

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for ECommerce Sites

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, May 27, 2017
Running a successful e-commerce site is no easy feat. Luckily, tons of good WordPress plugins for e-commerce sites make the process easier and more effective. So, if you are looking to take your online business further, these are 10 must have ecommerce WordPress plugins that’ll help to promote growth.

10 Must have Best Ecommerce WordPress Plugins

Let’s start with some of the best ecommerce WordPress plugins which you should use to take your ecommerce business up. Most of these top ecommerce WP plugins are free or free version is available. You can start with these best ecommerce WordPress plugins for free and later move to the premium version.

Ecommerce WD - The Top ecommerce WP Plugin

Ecommerce WD is a relatively new WordPress plugin but definitely worth getting. It allows you to easily create a shopping cart system that fits your specific needs and the most useful features don’t come as additional add-ons.

The plugin is also lightweight and it will ensure your e-commerce site loads fast. The payment gateways only support PayPal and PayPal Express. You will also benefit from the tax calculator included the latest version because it makes easier to sell products that might be subject to several types of taxes. Ecommerce WD also comes with a handy shipping option tool, which allows you to be more flexible with the options you offer to your customers.


For the big e-commerce sites, Shopp will provide high performance and fast loading times. The subscription-based service means you don’t need to add any additional add-ons – you get it all at once. You’ll also benefit from high-quality security features.
Shopp is designed to be PCI compliant and you notice how the plugin has paid extra attention to security at all stages. It’s perfect for creating a PCI-DSS compliant e-commerce website in WordPress. If you had to pick a downside, it’s the limited support you get without paying extra and the limited number of custom themes available.


As one of the most popular shopping cart plugins for WordPress, WooCommerce is a must-have. The design and user interface is easy and the plugin offers plenty of customization options. You can also seamlessly integrate it with the biggest payment gateways like PayPal and Amazon Payments.

It’s also worth mentioning that WooCommerce has tons of add-ons that can take your e-commerce site to the next level. For example, the WooCommerce Social Login allows customers to login with their existing social media accounts. The plugin also collects valuable data about the customers, which can be useful when you need to better target your marketing campaigns. Other plugins by the developer include things like WooCommerce Currency Converter and WooCommerce SEO.

Easy Digital Downloads

If you only sell digital goods, then Easy Digital Downloads plugin is worth getting. It’s a lot simpler and can thus be faster for your WordPress site. The purpose-built software doesn’t require the heavy elements of shopping carts for physical products, making efficient for a digital-only e-commerce site.

There’s still quite a bit of customization to ensure you can create a beautiful cart. Perhaps the most appealing part of the plugin is the support you receive without any extra cost. The forum has a lot of videos and tutorials to guide you through the installation process and you can even chat with experts on an IRC-chatroom.

iThemes Exchange

iThemes Exchange is a fantastic shopping cart plugin that can also sell membership and subscription options on your website. The setup process is simple and you will be able to select the things you want to sell and how you want to receive payments within a few minutes. The user interface is approachable and you can customize it to an extent.

Now, while most plugins charge extra for adding Stipe Addon on your e-commerce site, iThemes Exchange lets you use it for free. One of the biggest drawbacks to this plugin is the size of the community. Since it’s relatively young add-on, there aren’t that much support and other treats available. However, its popularity is experiencing an upward trend so things can change in the near future.


If your e-commerce site sells both digital and physical goods, you might want to consider Shopify. This plugin makes inventory management a breeze, as you can use the bulk importer to add large quantities of products at once. The plugin is reliable and you’re hopefully not going to encounter many technical problems.
Shopify will encourage your business to use its own payment gateway but you should know that other options are also available – only use it if you feel it is the best option for your business. Shopify is not the cheapest of the plugins and you do need to pay a monthly subscription fee to get your hands on all of the important add-ons.


JigoShop has been undergoing big improvements in recent months and it is now one of the must-have shopping carts. It’s snappy and fresh, with the development team always willing to lend a hand if you have any issues. You can also find a number of extensions to the plugin to allow you to customize the cart according to your needs.

PayPal Shopping Cart

Finally, you could go with the tried and tested PayPal Shopping Cart. The system is super easy to use and you can set it up in just a manner of minutes. Your customers will be able to use PayPal accounts or debit and credit cards for the payment. However, the plugin doesn’t have the most elegant look and it can feel a bit basic for a proper e-commerce site.
If you’re running the e-commerce section just as a side business and you don’t want to spend hours setting up a proper system, the plugin might be a good option. If e-commerce is your bread and butter, this might seem a little clunky and lame.

Product Countdown

One of the bestselling tactics is to give the customer a sense of urgency. When you are running a special sale or you only have limited stock, showcasing these figures on the shopping page can motivate the customer to buy. For this, Product Countdown is an excellent product. It lets you show the scarcity of time or products by adding a countdown for customers to view when you are examining a specific product.


Finally, you can’t improve your sales if you don’t know what is happening on your site. Therefore, the KISSherder plugin for WordPress is a must-have. It integrates with KISSmetrics and even on its own will show you crucial details on which products customers are engaging with, what products are selling and when. The data can really help take your e-commerce site to the next level.

Finding the right plugins

The above is a selection of the must-have WordPress plugins for e-commerce sites. If you want to take your business to the next level, you want to incorporate these as required to boost sales and make store management easier.

When you are shopping for plugins, it’s important to compare the different options and consider both free and paid options. Sometimes paid plugins offer a lot more functionality and quality, while some free plugins are also worth keeping in mind. When it comes to paid plugins and software options, is a good place for finding out exclusive offers and discounts.

So, consider your WordPress knowledge, your e-commerce needs, and your current business budget and pick the right plugins. The 10 plugins here are worth keeping in mind as you start building your e-commerce platform.

InstaPawn – The 1st and Only Mobile App for the Pawn Industry

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, May 24, 2017
InstaPawn is a mobile app for US customers to shop their favorite pawn store 24x7. Now, the pawn store never closes! Developed by Bravo Pawn Systems, it is the 1st and only mobile app available for the pawn industry. InstaPawn also allows customers to see all their pawn transactions, loan history, and even make a payment in the app.

InstaPawn Review
For pawnshop owners, the transaction is 100% automated and funds are directly deposited into their account. Pawn stores can double their layaway business by allowing customers to pay on mobile. With Pawnbrokers reporting decreasing retail sales as online competition grows, Bravo’s Mobile App – InstaPawn - is clearly the answer in this New World of Online Shopping, eCommerce, and Mobile.

InstaPawn Review - An Overview

Bravo launched InstaPawn in August 2016 and continually adds new features and updates. In April 2017, Bravo Pawn Systems announced $721K in eCommerce, eBay, and InstaPawn Mobile revenue for Bravo Pawnshops. Collectively, Bravo customers earned $649K in eCommerce revenue and $71K in Mobile revenue (including Layaway & Loan Payments) for the month, putting more money in their pockets than any other pawn software system.

The interactive and powerful interface of the InstaPawn app provides the convenience and customer service that customers demand. Now pawn stores can say "Download our mobile app and shop or make payments online 24/7 at our pawn store."

How to Get Started with InstaPawn

First, you need to download InstaPawn from the Google Play Store on your Android device or the App Store on your iPhone or Apple device. Once downloaded, you will see the screen below:
Next, you need a 4-digit activation code. You can get this code by calling or visiting your local pawn store. Just ask for your personal InstaPawn code. Enter the activation code when you see the screen below:

Once your InstaPawn account is active, you can shop online, view your loan or layaway history, make a payment, and view coupons.

Features of InstaPawn

InstaPawn makes it easy to search and shop your pawn store online 24/7, see below:

Payments for layaways, loans and merchandise are made through PayPal, see below:

What others say about InstaPawn

In a technological society that demands immediate gratification, InstaPawn is an idea whose time is long overdue. TNT Pawn and Capital Pawn are two of the 1st pawn stores to utilize InstaPawn to grow their revenue and profit. See and

Recognized as the “Future of Pawn” by industry experts, InstaPawn continues to amaze pawnshop owners and customers alike. It’s not surprising that InstaPawn was named “The Master App for Pawnbrokers” earning a 4.9 Star Rating. Clearly, today’s customers demand convenience.

Wrapping it up!

In 2017, Bravo expects to add over 500 pawn stores to their software platform. Pawnbrokers of all sizes - single store, multiple store operators, and international enterprises are choosing Bravo. Bravo continues to charge ahead with innovation, eCommerce, new applications, Mobile, Machine Learning AI, and best practices that drive efficiency and profits for pawnbrokers.

To find out more about Bravo Pawn Systems and InstaPawn, or request a demo, please visit or call 888-407-6287 option 2.

Logical Strategies & Link Building for successful blogging career

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Blogging and Internet earnings are on the boom, especially for unemployed citizens who inspired a lot reading other websites. If you to want to earn online as they do, first of all, you need a strong determination that you can do it, and say yourself that you are doing it for satisfaction and not to earn.

To start your blogging career, you have to do your niche research, gather your categories, and build some great articles about each topic you are going to focus. Blogging and Link Building Strategy
Before going into deep about this premiere link building strategies, let’s have some synopsis about selecting a niche for blogging, how to categorize your blog and how to choose your topics for your blog. Remember these are the exclusive tips that I share from my blogging experience, and many of them sell these tips as books on Amazon and click bank. :p

So, to summarize the effective blogging strategies here is an interesting graph by Zhang Jingyan on the blog strategy-
Effective Blogging Startegies

Selecting a niche for your blog

Well, you have decided to start your blogging career by making whomsoever your inspiration.

First of all, understand your inspirational blogger, research his/her articles and how he is monetizing his/her blog. Ok, all is good for now, you have decided to make your career or earn some bucks on blogging, it's all good up to now.

But taking your first step is the most important thing, never jump up into the race, do your research and practice, know the key point to success and start your work.
For example: “You can dig a mountain seeing others who are doing business for granite, but what if you get nothing from it”

If you want to start a granite company, what should you have to know?

Basics: How to register a company, knowing legal formalities, how to find granite from the hill, how much quality and price you can get and how much you should invest, and most important who are your clients and how to find it.

  Effective Blogging Startegies
Taking the real time example of above, all business have the same principles, and blogging is a single man show, so the most important thing is how much you know about the topic you are blogging about plays the key role in your success.

E.g.; if you are an engineering student, never blog about science subjects unless you know.

You can take help of this top 10 most profitable niches guide to select the best niche. So, if you believe you are on the right path and chosen a known topic, then do keyword research.

Selecting your Domain Name

You selected your niche, great…! Now, what?

A good domain name? Yes, you are right. Many bloggers fail due to lack of choosing a good domain. The domain name may or may not affect your domain name, but for a newbie, it is advised to take a related domain name.

Why I said to take a related domain name is, branding a domain name takes much time or cost which is a discouraging thing for a newbie.

SEO Experts can make any domain name to brand their niche, for example, moz or Quick Sprout is not related their niche, but they build their brand. As I said earlier branding makes time or cost, so I suggest a domain name related to your niche, preferably a Keyword Matched Domain rather than an Exact matched Domain, as studies reveal 32% success rate on KMD compared to 16% EMD.

For Long-lasting bloggers who never quit, I suggest you make your own brand rather than going with EMD. Here is some of the cheap domain name registrar.

Selecting Categories for your blog

All is well till now; you have chosen your niche and want to start your blog, but what about the categories or sub-parts of your blog. Didn’t understood? Let us take an example.

If you choose Health as your niche, then your categories should be Skin, Hair, Weight, Eyes, and Diet.

In starting stages, I have done the mistake of choosing a multi-niche blog where I wrote about employment, technology, health, and entertainment, and the result is, my employment news subscribers never liked entertainment posts and entertainment subscribers never liked science post, the overall loss of loyal readers.
I suggest you maintain a single topic for your blog, which looks great in the eyes of search engine and readers/visitors.

Suggestion for Article Length

The old monks in SEO suggests that article should be around 300-500 words in length, and the new generation so called bloggers suggest you write articles starting minimum 1000 to 6000 words length.

Effective Blogging Startegies
Well, I have seen pages that top the Google rankings just with a table, for e.g.: see typing keyword “301 redirect” or “LSI keywords” they are not many lengthy articles but topped due to Google knowledge graph.

The thing I want to tell you is, never write articles for the search engine, write for the real human, think you as your own visitor and write.

Well, these are very few tips about selecting a niche for your blog, categorizing your blog and writing articles, but the main thing is how to get on the first page of your blog?

After preparing your blog with a handful articles, submit your blog to all search engines using webmaster tools offered by Bing, Google, and Yandex by using your sitemap.

Exclusive free tool for you to submit all the search engines:
Please take care that you use this by taking at least four weeks’ time between your submissions

Link Building Strategy for New Bloggers

Choosing a keyword rich domain, and writing SEO friendly Content is not enough to rank on Search Engines.

As a new blogger, you need to register pages on popular social networking websites, like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus and many other for E.g.: if your website is, then register or, not only these, build as many as profile backlinks as you can, which may be useful further and gives your website/blog authority and social signal boost.

Few Honorable mentions for backlinks: Folkd, Delicious, Tumblr, BlogSpot, WordPress, Plurk, Diigo and Flipboard.

Beyond these, submit your website to feed to RSS feed directories. Those who don’t know about feeds, just type or or

Some of the RSS directories I suggest are,,, etc. These websites not only boost your domain authority but also gives you visitors.

Further, try to maintain blogs on web 2.0 sites to get backlinks.

Exclusive Tip: When to creating a profile or a blog or a feed for your website, it’s a one page with no authority, search engines never cares for those, try to build social signals and backlinks for your social profiles, web 2.0 pages and even for feeds, yes you heard it right, have you ever tried back linking your feeds from at least FeedBurner?

Try it and see the magic for low and medium competitive keywords.

These were all about Logical Strategies & Link Building for successful blogging career. I think I have tried to cover all the aspect of link building for new blogs and moreover the strategies you should follow if you are starting a new blog.

Do let me know what you think about these effective blogging strategies and also share what strategies you follow while starting a blog from scratch?

About the Author: Rakesh Dursheti

Rakesh is a Content Writer, Web Designer works at Kretya Web Services and author at

How to Reset Login Password on Windows 10

By Ashutosh Jha →
Windows 10 is now the most popular computer operating system on earth and there are millions of people who use it as the main workforce.

However, there would be some bad time when you forgot the login password, which happens quite common as there are so many things we need keep in our mind. In fact, you don’t need to worry too much.

You can actually reset forgotten Windows 10 password in a few minutes without reinstalling Windows OS. Please follow the tips in below.

Part 1: Reset Windows 10 Password by Resetting Microsoft Account

Microsoft is the default account type in Windows 8 and Windows 10. So, if your login password is same as your Microsoft account then you can easily take this to your benefit and reset the Microsoft account password to gain access to your computer.

Note: Microsoft accounts are exactly the same replica of your Skype, Outlook, Xbox and other Microsoft services accounts. So, if you are using any Microsoft service then resetting this password will reset all the password of Microsoft services that you are currently using.

Steps involved to reset Microsoft Account

Step 1. Go to from a separate working computer or mobile phone using your favorite browser.

Step 2. Choose “I Forgot My Password” and click “Next”.

Step 3. Enter the Microsoft email or phone number associated with it and hit next.

Step 4. Select how you would like to receive the one-time password. You can either select email or phone number to receive the security code.

Step 5. Enter the security code that you just received and click “Next”.

Step 6. Input the new password for your Microsoft account and confirm the changes.

Now, you should go ahead and turn on your locked computer but this time use the new password instead that you just setup a few minutes ago and VOILA! You can enter into your PC normally now.

This part is really easy and helpful if you are using a Microsoft account on your computer.


1. It should work perfectly if you are using Microsoft as your default account type.

2. No data loss will occur using this method.


1. Only works in Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is not supported in older version of Windows.

2. Won’t work if you are not using Microsoft as the default account type.

3. Completely absurd if you forgot your Microsoft email or phone number too.

Part 2: Recover Windows password using Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor is a Windows password recovery tool that helps to remove the password from the login screen completely. It is free to use but it requires a certain level of computer expertise to make this work.

If you are a novice user then you probably won’t be able to implement this part at all. In that case, move on to the next method. Learn how to reset Windows password using Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Step 1. Download the tool from the official website and store it on your computer. You may require using a different working computer for this part to work.

Step 2. Plug in an empty USB flash drive to the computer and burn the ISO image file using the default ISO burner.

Step 3. After burning the files of Offline NT Password & Registry Editor into the flash drive, take it out and re-insert it on the locked computer this time.

Step 4. Since it’s a bootable disk, the computer should automatically load the program upon startup.

Step 5. Choose the partition driver in which you have installed the operating system which is usually the primary drive.

Step 6. Select the password reset option and if you feel confused then simply uses the default settings.

Step 7. Choose the option that states, “Edit user data and password”.

Step 8. Input the username (case-sensitive) and select “Clear/Blank Password”. This should completely erase the password from the login screen.

Step 9. Type “!” to quit and then select “Exit” to close the program and eject the flash drive.

Now, turn on your computer and you should be able to enter into your PC normally without using any password at all.


In this brief tutorial, we just demonstrated how to reset Windows password if forgot using countless methods. Please use the suitable tip that is compatible with you. Most methods only work in certain Windows versions but if you are using UUkeys then you can remain tension free since it works in all versions of Windows computers.

There are many tools available on the Internet market that promises to bypass Windows password screen but fails every time.

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How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, May 22, 2017
Due to increased competition in search engine ranking, high metrics expired domains are in huge demand. You can often find people posting on social media like how to find high authority expired domains free.

A couple of days ago, I was also searching for a high PA DA expired domain and was able to get many quality domains. This tutorial is for all those who are looking to find high PA DA expired domain free.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
At the end of this topic, I will assure that you’re going to find some high quality expired domains with great metrics.

But before starting with this how to find high authority expired domains free, let’s talk about where you can use this high authority expired domains.

What you will learn in this guide

  • How to find high authority expired domains free
  • The easiest way to find powerful expired domains in any niche
  • How to buy that high authority expired domains
  • Where you can use that high authority expired domains
We will talk each of these points in detail in the coming section.

Why find high authority expired domains?

If you’re wondering why bloggers and internet marketers are so mad about this high authority expired domains, then keep on reading. I’ll discuss several advantages and uses of this high authority expired domains.

#1. Building Authority Sites

It’s no longer secret that higher metrics domains perform better in search engine compared to new domains. When we say high metrics, that mean high DA, PA, TF, etc.

You can increase the domain authority of website but that takes time. So, if you want to get those high figures quickly, you can hunt for high authority expired domain.

Whenever I start a new authority blog or website, I try not to go ahead with the brand-new domain. It takes a lot of hard work to make it rankable in search engines.

Better find high authority expired domains and avoid the initial search engine submission and link building. You can directly start with your real work and get your target achieved quickly.

Another great thing about the expired domains are, it will cost you the same amount as the new domain cost.

Usually, I go for PA, DA above 10 whenever I look for a new authority blogs and you can also do the same. Don’t worry I will explain how to find high authority expired domains free step by step here.

#2. Create PBN

If you’re into Blogging/SEO, you must have heard this term!

If not, then PBN stands for private blog network and is a set of different high metrics websites used to take links for the money website. Here money website means your main website.

Although ranking with PBN is not legal as per the Google T&C but still, it works like a charm and helps you rank faster.

If you will buy the PBN links from the companies, it may cost you some good amount of investment which is not possible unless you have a sound budget.

I was just looking at few PBN links providers and see their plans. None of the good PBN services provides links lower than $100 which is not less for the newbies.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
So, it’s a good option to find high authority expired domains free and then build your own PBN. But note that PBN is not legal as per Google terms.

#3. Sell the High Authority Expired domains

If you’re looking for the quick money, selling the found high authority expired domains can be a better option.

Just find the high authority expired domains free using the methods I will explain below and sell those at some good profit.

As I remember I have bought the expired domains from the sellers at $50-$60 also and so is a good profit.

You can use Facebook groups/pages to sell those expired domains easily. Just see the below screenshot to see how people are mad about the good expired domains.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
Such domains easily get around $50-$100 depending on the link profile, niche, and negotiations.

You can also choose Flippa or Godaddy auctions to sell such high authority domains and earn money.

#4. 301 Redirect

This is just a simple method. Register the expired domain with high PA DA you found and do a 301 redirect to your money site.

By this way, a portion of the link juice of the high authority domain will be passed to your money website. The things will be even better if your expired domains have some existing traffic. For example, see the below domains-

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
The first domain in this screenshot has over 20 Million traffic as per SimilarWeb. If you’ll buy and do 301 redirects of such domains then you can expect some traffic also redirecting.

But don’t do 301 much as this may lead to search engine penalization. 1-2 domains redirect is fine but such links can be harmful.

There can be many such uses of such high authority expired domains and you should use it very carefully for maximum benefits.

Now as you know where to use high authority expired domains, it’s time to look for the exact methods to find high authority expired domains free.

How to find high authority expired domains free- step by step guide

One thing you have noted that I am using consistently the word “Free”.

Because I mean so!

If you will look into the majority of the articles on finding high PA DA expired domains on the web, those explain the use of the tool DomCop.

And DomCop is a paid tool for finding the expired domain. You can search for expiring domain for free but the expired domain section if paid one.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
And the pricing starts at a minimum of $74 per month which is not less at all. And this is the reason I decided to reveal the exact method I use to find the high authority expired domains here.

I will explain each method in detail so that you will be able to find high authority expired domains FREE. When I say free, it means completely free.

Let’s start with the main work- how to find high authority expired domains free!

Step 1: visit Expired domains website.

Step 2: Here you’ll find different sections like-

  • Expired Domain Names: Thousands of domains are getting expired on daily basis. But remember there is a grace period for these domains to be available for the public. And so, if you are looking to register such domains, chances are you may have to pay more.
  • Dropped domains: All the expired domains which have not been renewed in the grace period also, are finally deleted and are available for the public to register. These domains cost the same amount a fresh domain cost. We will mainly focus on these domains.

Visit the site and on the home page, you’ll find different sections like below.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
For this article, we are going to hunt for high authority .com expired domains. Click on the “deleted .com domains” link and all the deleted .com domains will be available to you.
How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
As you can see, there are 22 Million such domains and we can’t check each domain for the best fit and so we will do some filtration.

Step 3: Make sure you are registered on the website to get the filtration criteria. Here we will apply some filter as per our requirements.

I will be looking for the tech related domains which have at least 50 backlinks and has been deleted in the last 7 days for the better result. You can check the filter I have applied below. Also, select only available domains so that registered will not come in result set.

Step 4: After all these 7 filters I applied, I ended up with 96 quality domains among which I can find the best fit high authority expired domain.

Step 5: Now we have the list and from this list, we need to find the high authority expired domains. Here we will select the domains which have DA greater than 10.

For this, export this list in a text file from the icon shown at the top and it will export all the domain names in a text file.

Step 6: Check PA and DA of that high authority expired domains

For this visit any bulk DA checker website. I am following this one-

Here you can check the domain authority of 20 domains at a time. Just paste the first 20 domains in the box and it will fetch the DA of those domains.
Click on submit and you are done. It may take few moments to show the result. Export those result in the CSV file and apply the filter. I did the same and selected all the domains which have domain authority greater than 10 and see the result below.

So, out of 20 domains we checked, 6 domains have domain authority greater than 10 and you can consider these domains. Please note all these have backlinks greater than 50 as we selected while filtration. You can further use any domain metrics checker tool to do further analysis of the domain.

Step 7: Once you will finalize the name, go with any cheap domain name registrar and register that domain. In most of the cases, these domain names will be available at the normal price.
By this way, you can find high authority expired domains free easily.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about how to find high authority expired domains free. I hope you are able to hunt a quality expired domain now. Also, we talked where you can use these domains for the best result.

Starting an authority site or selling it for some quick money can be an ideal use of such authority domains and should be used for high benefits.

Apply these steps and share your feedback. Also, let us know if you need any other help while hunting for expired domains.