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How to Receive Payment from Perfect Money to PayPal

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, January 18, 2018
Last week I was working with one client from Bulgaria and I didn’t check whether PayPal works for them or not. I completed the agreed work and sent the invoice for payment.

But received shocking news that PayPal doesn’t work there and he told me he can do payment through Perfect Money. This was the first time I heard about Perfect Money. I calmly asked my client whether he can choose any other option or list the options available for payment and he listed few as below and the interesting thing was, I was not having an account with any of those.

• Perfect money
• WebMoney
• Yandex money
• Bank transaction (in their country)

Then I requested him for some time and he was fair enough to accept that. Then I started searching for the methods as how I can receive payment through perfect money?

I posted this query on Facebook and one gentleman helped me and he explained the process and yeah, sent me his affiliate link for signup so that he can receive some affiliate commission (this is a good idea).

Although client gave 3-4 network to get the payment but Perfect Money seemed to best among all and I finally went with them and completed the process.

Before letting you know how you can receive payment through perfect money, let me tell you that the entire process is very costly and you should only go with it if you don’t have any other options like PayPal, Payoneer etc.

How to Receive Payment from Perfect Money to PayPal?

I am considering here, receiving money in your PayPal account as the destination as you all are champ in the further process of withdrawing money from PayPal to your respective bank accounts.

Getting payment into your PayPal account involves couple of steps as below-

• First, get the payment to your Perfect Money account
• Then use some exchanger to get that amount in PayPal account

In both the steps, the network will charge some amount and then again PayPal and that’s why I said, it is very costly.

So the complete process to get payment through Perfect Money to PayPal involve the below steps-

• Create account with Perfect Money
• Receive the Money in Perfect Money account
• Connect with any exchanger (I used Rchange as it is simple & quick to use)
• Create account with Rchange and connect your PayPal account with them
• Now initiate the withdrawal process from Perfect Money through Rchange to PayPal account

With the above steps, you would be able to receive money in PayPal account through Perfect money and Rchange. I.e. this is the complete process of perfect money to PayPal money withdrawal.

Now let me take you through each step and share how to receive payment through Perfect Money to PayPal.

Create Perfect Money Account

This is the first step to perfect money to PayPal processing. Creating account with Perfect money is a very easy task and can be done in a couple of minutes, but one thing I want to share here is, don’t ever use FAKE details as it may cause an issue.

Also, here we are trying to get money in PayPal from Perfect Money but if you want to get in Bank Account then you will have to do perfect money account verification which is not possible without real proofs.

To create Perfect Money account, just follow the below steps and get your perfect money account active.

1. Visit this link and fill the required details. The fields are self-descriptive and you won’t have any issue filling out.

2. Select Individual and accept the T&C at the bottom of the form and click on Register Button.

3. You will receive an email asking to verify the account. Please do so by clicking the link.

4. Now if you want to verify your account, you will have to complete 3 verification work-

• Name Verification- Can be done by uploading any your identity card. I gave my PAN card

• Address Verification- Can be done by uploading any utility bill like Gas/phone/water etc. I was not having on my name so I didn’t have address verified account. But don’t worry; it won’t affect our aim here.

• Contact Number- This will be done only if first two are verified

5. Now proceed to your account and there you will find there three account number in different currencies like below-

6. The one with a $ sign is your account is your account number and will be used to receive payment from your client. Just send this account number starting with U to your client and ask to send the payment to your Perfect Money Account.

7. I did the same and received my payment. But this is not done yet. You have just received the payment but it will not available for withdrawal until you will accept it. This can be done just by clicking the link shown at the end of payment received.

8. Just click the link and it will ask for a confirmation code (your client will send you this code). Enter it and done with Perfect Money work.

Now as you have your money in Perfect Money account, it’s time to get in PayPal account. For this, I took help of Rchange.

Create account with Rchange

Creating account with Rchange is also a very easy task and you just need to follow below steps-

• Register with them using this link
• Now add your PayPal email id with them
• Once done, it’s time to transfer the payment. Click on this link and select Perfect Money to PayPal

• Here you will have to select the PayPal Id where you want payment and connect with your Perfect Monet account.

• Select your Perfect Money account number where money is and authorize account.

• Here you will have to select the amount you are willing to withdraw. Perfect Money charges 1.99% as the processing fee and so do the calculation. I had $74 and so I choose $73.5 for withdrawal.

• Just click TRANSFER and done. You will see a row in your Rchange account that they have received the payment and it is under processing.

• Here again, Rchange will deduct your $2.5 as a processing fee and I received $71.5 in Rchange account.

• Now after some time, you will get the money transferred to your PayPal account and you will receive a confirmation email for the same.

• Again PayPal will deduct their fee (around 5%) and so finally I received around $68 for an amount of $75.

So in the whole process, networks deducted around 9.2% of the amount but yeah I received my payment and it was a great learning experience as I came to know about different other Payment and Exchanger networks.

From here I am sure you know how PayPal works and when you will get your money credited to your bank account.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about Hoe to receive payment from Perfect Money to PayPal. I hope if you need, you would be able to get payment from your clients from those locations where PayPal doesn’t work. If still you’re finding any issue, feel free to drop your query in a comment.

Had you come to similar situation ever? What did you do to receive money?

6 Tips To Buy an E-Commerce Business

By Ashutosh Jha →
Nowadays, more and more people are interested in buying an ecommerce business. However, not many know that although it seems easy on the surface, things are not always as clear as they seem, because every business has its issues. With that in mind, our goal is to offer some tips to help purchase an ecommerce store.

6 Tips To Buy an E-Commerce Business
That being said, the following tips are not a complete list of steps to follow, as you should seek guidance from experts before purchasing a business. Therefore, we intend to provide a few tips that we typically give to those who want to walk this path.

6 Best Tips to Buy an E-Commerce Business which will result to be profiatble

Let's start and see what all factors and tips you should consider while buying any business. Although these are not the only tips you should check and look if that is the perfect niche for your plans. Sometimes a profitable business for someone else may or may not be equally profitable for you and so you should do end to end analysis.

1. Stick to the facts and avoid sales pitches that sound too good to be true

When dealing with an e-commerce business or any business for that matter, skip to the facts, the real figures and ignore those well-advertised sales pitches from owners which are usually full of promises: "I did not truly invest a lot of time and effort into...but if you did, you could double your income".

If that was true, the seller would have done it themselves. It is never a good idea to buy something based only on someone’s words and not do your own research and calculations beforehand.

2. Discover why the business is for sale

There are many reasons why a person wants to sell a business. Some want to retire early, others want to pursue another career. Do your research and find out why it’s for sale because there are many business owners who want to get rid of a worthless online business for a shockingly large amount of money.

Why Business is for Sale?
Nobody will sell a profitable business and give a shady reason as to why they want to sell it, so be mindful of the owner’s reasoning as to why they are selling their business.

3. Establish if sales are sustainable

When buying an online business it is necessary to determine if the supply and demand ratio is sustainable and if the niche can survive the test of time. Take a yo-yo business for example — in UK every now and then the yo-yo craze appears and people make a fortune from selling it to enthusiastic kids.

Unfortunately, like most trends, it dies off and so does the whole business along with it.

4. Check up on suppliers and make sure they’ll support you

Suppliers are hard to keep, so if you buy a website from a salesman that doesn’t necessarily mean the supplier will continue to support your business. Bear in mind that a written agreement from suppliers is the best solution there is to make sure they will continue to support you.

6 Tips To Buy an E-Commerce Business

5. Understand where web traffic conversions come from and how much they cost

In order to ensure a successful online business acquisition, you must understand web traffic sources and how much they cost. Check out which kind of traffic source suits your business and how much it will cost, because some websites rely on paid traffic which can reduce your margins while other sites depend on traffic via a search engine.

Discuss the site with an SEO advisor and have them look over the backlink portfolio in order to avoid penalties that can interrupt your future sales.

You can use an online marketplace like Exchange by Spotify to find if the numbers are real because this platform automatically generates the listing based on their real store data.

6. Ignore GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) numbers and concentrate on profit

GMV refers to the total volume in the currency of sales over a certain time period on an e-commerce website. It is a common practice for salesmen and brokers to push forward the turnover figure in order to impress you, but the turnover rate is not reliable.

You need to get down to the details and see for yourself how much profit the store makes considering all fixed costs that were made.

In the end keep in mind you should be cautious and always ask the questions that you think are necessary. This way you can ensure that the investment will be a success.

TheOneSpy Review- Leading Windows & Mac Monitoring Software

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, January 17, 2018
Have you ever worked on the sharing system or in a group where you thought of having a control on what others do?

Well, this can be the situations when you are running your business and want to track your employees like what they are doing, whether those are productive or not. The similar cases can also apply in case of parental control when being a parent you may want to know what your children are doing?

TheOneSpy Review
Ok, so no matter what is your situation, if you want to know and keep your subordinates safe and productive on the laptop or desktop, you need some kind of monitoring system.

Although with some basic features of your operating system you can make a track like what they are browsing through browser history. And what they are opening from the log file but neither those are sufficient and nor a good way to do that.

So, the best solution is to use some external software for the same which is master in their segment. One such software that I have come across recently is TheOneSpy and after using it for certain period, I am impressed with the functions and features.

In this TheOneSpy review, we are going to talk about the tool in detail with features, uses, and pricing.

TheOneSpy Review- An Introduction

TheOneSpy is an advanced spy app for mobile phones, tablets, and computer (both windows and mac). It helps you monitor the activity logged on the device where the tool is installed and get you the details in real-time.

There are varieties of features of the software which we will discuss in the coming section which you can use to best utilize the tool.

TheOneSpy Review
TheOneSpy software is a quality product by the parent company Ox-I-Gen which is based out of Sydney, Australia and provide solution globally.

They have come up with the spy solution for almost all kind of devices and applications like-

  • WhatsApp Spy
  • Facebook Spy
  • Android spy software
  • Windows OS spy software and many more…

Now as we know what is TheOneSpy and the details about it, let’s see how to get started with the TheOneSpy software to monitor the windows and Mac operating system.

How to get started with the TheOneSpy Software?

This step is pretty similar to what we do for any other software. First of all, you’ll have to download the software for your respective operating system and then install on the device which you want to monitor.

You’ll have an admin dashboard where you will get the details of the servers where this TheOneSpy software has been installed something like below-

TheOneSpy Review
As you can see currently the three devices are being monitored using the TheOneSpy tool. Now if you want to see the details of any specific system, you can click the dashboard button and it will show you the health of that server or system.

TheOneSpy Review
As you can see this dashboard is for a dedicated system which shows the complete details of the server or computer. At the left side, you’ll find various icons and options. This is where you will find the spy details. Like you can check the browser history.

TheOneSpy Review
Similarly, you can record the screen of any or all system connected and see what exactly those are doing. Similarly, there are loads of options available which we are going to discuss in the next TheOneSpy Features sections.

TheOneSpy Important Features

These features apply to both the operating system and you should know these in order to make the best use of it.

TheOneSpy Review

#1 Reporting

I am keeping this at #1 because being an employer you might be interested to get the summary of what your subordinates are doing. If you’ll find something wrong, you can further dig into it. TheOneSpy provides some of the bets reporting it can be. The visuals are appealing and clearly shows the insight.

TheOneSpy Reporting

#2 Screenshots

You can take the screenshots and save it for further use of any device connected. This is not only helpful in spying but also helps to increase the productivity. This feature is on-demand and will be stored on the TheOneSpy server. You can check as and when you want from your dashboard.

TheOneSpy Reporting

#3 Block Website

This is the most common feature and you must have come across as well. You can block certain kind of websites from being accessed. This can be done from the TheOneSpy dashboard. This will not only help your employees to save time but also to keep safe & secure.

#4 Increase Productivity

After all, we are doing all these to increase the productivity…right?

There are few more by the company. It helps you develop, setup, and notify the task to the employees. By this way, they won’t be able to miss anything and there won’t be any loss.

TheOneSpy pricing

The pricing depends on which tool you are buying. For windows operating system the price starts at $20 per month. And for each software, three pricing plans are available which consists of 3 licenses. For Mac users, the price starts at $25 per month.

Depending on the operating system and platform you are using, you can subscribe to that pricing. For all the products, 3 plans are available and each consists of 3 licenses.

TheOneSpy Plans and Pricing

Wrapping it up!

This was all about the TheOneSpy review. Hope you got the clear idea of how to monitor your windows and Mac system using the TheOneSpy software.

I found it an excellent tool for all kind of device monitoring but you are recommended to use it legally. If you have used any similar software for computer and mac monitoring, please share those with us as well.

Everything You Should Know About Virtual Offices in Malaysia

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, January 15, 2018
The Southeast Asian paradise of Malaysia is more than just a tourist hotspot. It is also a popular destination for small businesses, as there is plenty of support for investors and a healthy real estate market. Many choose to launch from virtual offices – Servcorp Malaysia is a top provider and guarantees quality workspaces.

Everything You Should Know About Virtual Offices in Malaysia
[Image Reference: Third Party]
The virtual office is an alternative leasing arrangement. It is best suited to small businesses and lone entrepreneurs who are not ready for a full-time office. In fact, it works wonderfully as a support system for an existing home operation. The tenant gets to keep their low-cost routines, but they also add a suite of top-class corporate resources.

Keep reading to learn about virtual offices and why they’re a popular choice for businesses in Kuala Lumpur.

How Does the Virtual Office Work?

The defining feature is, ironically, a lack of a feature. Virtual offices do not sell or rent tenants any kind of physical, private space. Instead, they provide access to a range of tools that can be used to boost mobile operations (such as a home-based business).

There is a central facility located in the CBD area of Kuala Lumpur. Tenants can visit this building and make arrangements with onsite staff. There are also conference rooms that can be hired and privately used. However, the expectation is for most work to take place offsite.

Where Can I Find a Virtual Office?

The highest quality offices belong to providers with an international reputation. Therefore, they have the money to be associated with some very prestigious neighborhoods. You’ll find premium facilities right in the center of the city, in close proximity to major retail districts.

Though you won’t have an office here, the address of the facility is yours to use on company mail and other communications. Being able to present a formal, professional addresses is important, especially if you run the business from home. It adds a sense of credibility.

Why Should I Use Virtual Offices?

This is a big question. There are all kinds of benefits to leasing a virtual office. For one thing, it is a great way to save cash. There are no logistical expenses to pay for because you don’t have to maintain a full-time office. Heating, lighting, and other expenses aren’t applicable.

For this reason, virtual leases contribute to better risk management and future-proofing. You’re not responsible for anything beyond paying the monthly access fees. It takes a lot of the unpredictability out of renting. There is nothing to break down or cause you trouble.

Do Virtual Offices Support Networking?

Despite not being a tangible space, the virtual office is still a great way to network. This is because, with the right vendor, you’ll have access to all kinds of local events and communities. For instance, many of the Servcorp facilities host networking nights and other opportunities.

It’s important to realize that opening up and learning from fellow entrepreneurs is vital to success. Certainly, if you’re new to Malaysia and want to get ahead, it’s a good idea to start connecting with local figures and organizations.

Why Going Virtual Is Easier Than You Think

Many business experts believe that super flexible workspaces are the future for all enterprises. There are countless advantages to being able to work from any location with an internet connection. It makes the entire world attainable, even for smaller companies.

If you want to create opportunities in a new market, you can now do so within days (and for a fraction of the price). This is why virtual office solutions are changing the way business behave, structure their operations, and plan for the future.

How to Establish Yourself as an Industry Thought Leader By Blogging

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, January 12, 2018
Many times you would be hearing that somebody has a good influence in the industry and due to their name they are doing amazing. Even I have seen some internet marketer with just few thousand traffic in a month earning good money through an affiliate or by selling their own products/service. But how?

Well, they are quite established in their field, people value and believe what they say and buy what they recommend. But this doesn’t happen in a day, month or year. It takes years of hard working to create such an amazing image in the industry. They are now leaders in their industry.

You can take examples of Neil Patel, Blair Evan, John Chow and much more such people. Today, I am going to discuss how to establish yourself as an industry thought leader by blogging.

So are you ready to be the next industry thought leader in blogging? Go on…

7 ways to establish yourself as an industry thought leader by blogging

So let’s start with the top 10 ways using which one can be the next industry thought leader by blogging.

Here I am continuously mentioning the word BLOGGING because it is an effective way to create influence and reach to the people easily.

As per the study by think creative team, Small businesses that embrace blogging see 126% more growth in terms of leads than those that don’t blog.

At the end of this article, I have also, shared a beautiful infographic on Blog power by ResearchNow and it will show you how blogging help to become influential.

Before moving ahead, I just want to share few facts as for why blogging is so much influential. These have been taken from the tweets and blogs of Weber Shandwick.
• 74% search online for consumer electronic reviews before buying
• 28% ask social network friends or followers about a product they’re considering
• 79% of online shoppers spend 50% of shopping time researching products online
• 23% of total Internet usage time is devoted to social networks or blogs
• 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog
• 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs

And many such data supports why blogging and blog are one of the most influential ways to get the market and customer.

Now let’s start with the top 7 methods to establish yourself as an industry leader.

1. Create a blog

If you don’t have a blog then do it now! It won’t take much time to create and start a new blog. There are several tool using which you can start a new blog like Wix or you can use templates to start a blog on blogger or WordPress.

Either way, it is very easy to start and you can create in minutes. I would suggest you to use Wix as you will have to just drag and drop the required stuff and done if you are not much in the technical field.

Let me show you how to start a blog using Wix here-

• Just create your account on Wix and select the category in which you want to start. I have selected Blog as my main category.
• Now you can select the template which you want to keep from a variety of templates available.

• Now just make changes in the template you have chosen and done. You can make changes to background, color, menu, files, image and many other things. You need not be technical or coder to make the template make like you need and just by dragging and dropping you can get it done.

• Once done, just publish it and it will ask you where to host? Either you can choose the Wix subdomain or if you have your domain you can provide the details and get started.

Done, you are ready for your blog. Now just start posting your influencing thought or whatever you think will be beneficial for your reader.

you can also check more about how to design a website using Wix quickly in the below video-

2. Publish plenty of free content initially

Once you are done with your blog, it’s time to start doing for what you have created the blog. Start posting as much meaningful content as possible. These contents can include-

• Blog posts
• E-Books
• Videos
• Podcasts
• Influencer interviews
• Case study
• White papers or whatever you think will be beneficial

Make sure these are free initially so that you can get initial authority. If you are giving what a reader may need, then, believe me, you won’t have to think again as they will easily follow you and subscribe you which will later make you plenty of money.

The more quality content you will create, the better it will be. Around 60% of the well-known marketers create at least one new content per week.

3. Make it easily accessible

Here I mean to say that whatever you are providing on your blog, make it easily accessible. You must have seen many blogs asking your complete details like email id, phone number, name and so on to have access to the content or video.

I am not saying don’t collect the email ids or other details but initially, let it be easily accessible. There are chances that your reader may get annoyed and will leave your site.

If you are doing such things then keep it in limit and also first ask the question-

Whether it is so much value that someone will share their personal details?

4. Don’t Miss Social Media

You must have heard of the power of social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. As per Statista, over 2.22 Billion users are using social media and so being a business owner or a person who wants to be the industry thought leader can’t ignore such a huge presence.

You should have an account and good presence on all the major social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. Also, recently Snapchat has become one of the major places for teens and is getting very popular day by day.

Here is the latest statistics on social media-

Also, just don’t share your posts and thoughts on this social platform. Do some activities like-
• Answer the comments on your posts
• Appreciate who has commented/liked/followed to give a personal touch
• Share other’s posts which you may think will be beneficial for your readers
• Participate in forums and tries to solve queries which you can!

5. Contribute Guest Posts

It is the topic of debate whether guest blogging is dead or not? But if you will ask me then I will say a big NO. Just the perspective has been changed.

Earlier people used to do it for links and SEO but now it is done for popularity, authority, traffic and to build brand and image.

So if you want to increase your user base and popularity, make a good and convincing guest posts on some good blogs in your niche.

Believe me, if you are not asking for any links, more than 90% of the bloggers will allow you to do the guest post on their blog.

Also, once your post will get published, don’t simply forget it. Share with your audience, reply to the comments and be polite to negative comments.

Here are some common benefits of guest blogging-

6. Get out there and speak

Don’t miss a single chance to speak in events/seminars or in any forum. Rather than hiding your face behind the computer, get out of your comfort zone and start speaking in events, forums, and seminars.

Believe me, this will help you in all the ways and will give you a solid platform to become the next industry thought leader.

There are multiple ways to which you can get an opportunity to speak at an event-
• Mention on your blog that you are ready to speak in public forums
• Mention the same on your social profiles
• You may contact PR agency to get the list of such events and then approach the organizer. Even PR agency can help you to find
• Join local toastmaster club to get opportunity
• Join the groups on social media related to conferences
• Get in touch with those who have spoken earlier on some public forums

And once you will get the opportunity, don’t simply let it go. Use that in a way so that it will help you further.

7. Promotion works well

Well, initially you won’t be able to rank your content, promotion is the only way to which you can get initial traffic, success, and publicity.

But the big thing is you should know how to promote your website? There are multiple methods to do so and believe me very easily you can drive initial traffic which is very much necessary.

Below I am mentioning some amazing methods to promote your blog and content-
• Send regular updates to your email subscribers
• Don’t forget to share on social media with catchy headlines
• Bookmark your article on social bookmarking sites
• Participate in forum discussion and leave the link if required
• Share on content sharing sites like BuzzFeed
• Ask your friends to share with their network
• Do content outreach campaign
• You may do paid promotions and much more…

Here is a beautiful image showing the top category of promotion by relevance-

These were some of the amazing methods to establish yourself as an industry thought leaders. Here is the infographic, I was talking about at the start.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the practical approaches to establish yourself as an industry thought leader by blogging. This is not that easy as it sounds too but also not that difficult. If it can be done regularly and if you will take care of your people and business, you will be the one.

What do you think on this? What a person should be to become an industry leader?

How to do Website Flipping- How I Sold a New Blog for $400

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, January 4, 2018
This How to do Website Flipping post is a guest post by Abhishek, a website flipper, Blogger and Internet Marketer. If you also want to write guest post at TricksRoad, Please check this.

Making money online was like a big scam for me initially and I was avoiding this. One day i was reading a blog post about website flipping and thought to give a try.

I was not having much money to buy a blog that time and sell it after modification so thought to start a blog. This is my story of making a simple blog and selling it in $400 in just 2 month.

I will try to make you understand each and every step I followed and you can do the same to earn money online. It took me couple of months but I can say this for sure that now I can make such blogs in a month also.

how to website flipping

So, if you are an experience blogger then it will be easy for you to do so but if you are new then also you can do the same. The only difference is just you will take some extra time like me but you will earn for sure.

So let's start with the exactly path that I did from scratch. I am sure this guide on How to do website flipping will help you in your journey.

How I sold a 2 months old blog for $400: A Complete Guide on Website Flipping

These are exactly the same methods that I followed some time ago and still following almost same. You can also follow these methods and get success. Follow these footprints and get success in website flipping. So lets start with Website Flipping secrets.

1. Niche Selection

This was most confusing and hard task for me. I was quite confused while niche selection. First I was thinking to start an entertainment blog as those are easy to build but as my main aim was to earn money from selling it so I dropped that idea. Then the second priority was technical blog for me and as this is a global topic so chances are there to get good profit.

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Since technology is a large domain and one of the most competitive so I selected just a small niche from technology domain and started working on it. The niche that I selected was related to Windows operating system. I was providing tips and tricks for Windows OS and also was writing blog posts to solve issues related to windows like how to install it, how to boot it like this. To decide the niche and topics, I took around 5 days.

2. Domain Name Selection

The next step was to select a good domain name for the site and finally I decided to go with EMD (exact matched domain) as this helps a lot in ranking as the main keyword/part of it is already the domain name. Sorry, I can't disclose the name but it was a three word name and was quite good. It was a .com domain as top level domains get more preference and also, people have the tendency to use .com as a default address.

3. Theme Selection and Hosting

Again I was on the verge where I had to decide whether I should go with rich WordPress or easy Blogger. Since my main aim was to sell the blog and so i decided to go with WordPress and bought a single WordPress Godaddy Hosting. It is best in less range for a single website. You can also check BlueHost for best hosting.

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Note: Don't worry if you don't want to spend on hosting and want to use Blogger then also you are good to go. Usually you'll not find buyers for a blog which is hosted on Blogger platform and if you'll find also the price that you'll find will be less. I have sold one blog in initial days which was on Blogger :) but as said got very little money.

Then I selected a very basic theme. Actually it was a premium theme but got free from one of the website. So brand new blog was live in a week (I know I took more time and you can do this all in a day as well.) But later I boost up my selves and did the other thing fast.

4. Creating Pages and Initial Articles

Right after the blog was live; I created the basic pages like About Us, Contact, Privacy etc. and also published couple of articles of around 800 words each. This helped in initial crawling before submitting to the directories as some directory manually analyzes your site before approving.

5. Submitting Site to Search Engines and Directory

This is the first step towards traffic. I manually enter the site into all the major search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing, ask and few more. Also I submitted manually in an around 50 high PR directory to improve the ranking of my blog.

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I would suggest you to submit in more as some of those may not approve you or many take more time like a month or even more to approve. So the more you will target the better result you'll get.

6. Number and Quality of articles I published

My targeted was to publish 2 articles (guide/tips/tricks) each week and 2 how to resolve article each week. So total 4 articles a week. I was writing tips & tricks articles of around 700-800 words and How to resolve article depending on the issues. I was including screenshots and videos wherever required.

So in couple of months I was having around 30 articles and all were highly targeted to the niche.

7. How I got Initial Traffic

As my domain was a brand new domain and so getting traffic directly from search engine was not possible. So I worked on social medias and blog commenting. I was mainly targeting Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Stumble Upon. These are awesome social sites for the traffic.

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Try to post in different groups on Facebook and Google+ manually but if you don't have time use HootSuite. It's awesome tool to schedule your post on social media. Even the free version of Hootsuite allows you to post on 3 social media sites.

The most important thing to get more traffic is to engage the people. If somebody liked your post, don't forget to thank them and try to involve in conversation.

Also, I worked simultaneously on On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and started getting traffic.

8. I made around 1500+ email lists in just 1.5 Months

Yes! That's correct. I added the subscription box after around 15 days since the time my blog was live. But you should not make this mistake. Try to build email list from the first day itself. This will help you to increase traffic and also will help you to earn money.

how to grow email list

1500+ email id in just 1.5 months is not bad at all. What i used to build this list is the call to action forms after each post and i appealed my reader at the end of the post to subscribe. This helped me a lot to build this list.

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Apart from this, I used content locker in "How to resolve section". If you are providing quality information then believe me your user will not hesitate to enter email id to access the resolution. My 55% of the email was from content locker.

9. Monetization

The very important step in online business, site monetization. Nobody will buy a site which generates nothing. My primary focus was on Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. AdSense was the major contributor of my earning from that site but as I sold the site just in 2 month so didn't receive any payment till that time (AdSense release payment after 20th of every month). I entered the AdSense code after 15 days since the time blog was live.

10. Sold the site for $400 in 2 months

Finally as my main aim was to test flipping that blog and earn money so I put the blog for sell and in 5 days found a buyer and we finalized on $400. This was not a bad deal at all considering the time and money i spent on the blog.

In total I spent $1.5 for a .com domain and $2 for hosting (2 months). So total I spent around $3.5 for that blog.

But still I think if I could have worked more and had not sold the blog too early then I might have received around $1k. Below are few points that I want to mention depending upon my experience and if you want to do flipping you must read these.

learn from mistakes and grow

1. Post more articles. Posting 2-3 articles a week is not enough if your aim is just selling the site too fast.
2. Install Analytic from the first day as Buyers will ask you to add them in Analytics first.
3. Keep the proof of each earning no matter how small those are. You have to give proof to buyers.
4. Start collecting Email ids from the first day itself.
5. Make social profile for your blog. I made this mistake by not making any Facebook, Google+ pages.
6. Most importantly don't sell in just 2 months as I did. Take some time. I did because I wanted instant money.

Now it’s your turn!!

That's all. This was my journey for the first website flipping. I bought and sold many blogs after that and I love to do it. Currently I don't have any live blog but just few days ago I bought a new domain and now will start working on it. But this time I am planning to make it a long time blog but not sure I would be able to. Because each time I think to keep for long time but gets distracted in the half way and sell that :)

I would love to know about your experience about website flipping. Have you sold any? Please do let me know your experience/thought/suggestion in comment. Also, if you have any doubt in this feel free to ask.

About the Author: Abhishek

Abhishek is a teen from India who loves to do something productive. Marketing is his passion and he is an avid reader, Blogger and Website Flipper. He love to be busy with his own world where he do lots of experiments. He started blogging as a hobby and it soon became his passion and main source of income.

Tips To Check Keywords Ranking In Google [Free Method]

By Ashutosh Jha →
One of the great ways to achieve success in SEO is to keep track of it. This article is all about Tips to check keywords ranking in Google. Once you have created your blog, the first thing that comes to your mind is – How to bring traffic to the blog?

Check Keyword Ranking in Google
And of course, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the best way to attract traffic to the site. And to do SEO of the website, keyword planning is vital. And the selection of your keywords decides the success of your blog.

If you have selected the wrong keyword, then you won’t be able to attract the traffic to your site, or if you have chosen the keywords which are having high competition, again it will be tough to rank those keywords.

The best and free tool to plan a right keyword for your site is Google Adwords’ keyword planner. Using this free tool you can quickly decide the best keyword for your blog. Of course, another option would be to allow a company like SearchBloom to handle your SEO and keyword rankings, enabling it to be less of a headache for you

Tips: It is a good practice to pick keywords that have less competition and number of searches. Less competition will makes it easier for you to achieve higher rank in search engines and a large number of searches will guarantee that the keyword attracts web traffic.

Bonus: Best Google AdWords Alternatives

After the keyword planning, we start using those keywords in our blog post and link building strategies to increase the blog’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Once you will start following these steps, your selected keywords will start coming on the Google search page result. And then you can check the ranking of those keywords using any of the available keyword positions checker websites. But I could not find them very accurate and affordable. So today I am going to show you how we can get the rank of our keyword using Google search result itself. This is a simple and free method to check keywords ranking in Google.

Quick Guide to check keywords ranking in Google

Just follow some steps as described below to check keywords ranking in Google for free. Isn’t it interesting? :)

1. Go to

2. Type the keyword for which you want to check the rank in SERP and press enter. You will see around ten results for that keyword on the first page of Google.

9 easy tips to check the rank of keywords

Top 5 Programming Blogs in the World To Follow

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, January 3, 2018
Programming as a profession is on the boom and this industry is creating new jobs for millions of people across the world. Along with the classroom training, programming blogs plays a crucial role in the learning process. This post is about the top programming blogs in the world.

Top Programming Blogs in the World
Programming blogs help you to keep yourself updated about the latest developments in the programming world. Usually, each blog author sticks to topics that he or she is the most familiar with. 

One blogger could write only about node.js, another only about web development, another one only about shell scripting. When you reach a certain programming expertise such blogs are essential for your career development. 

Another major benefit is that all blogs are usually free and so you won’t have to think about the budget.

5 Top Programming Blogs in the World to Follow

We have compiled a list of the best programming blogs in the world by the quality they provide, the variation they have, number of followers they have and tweet they get.

Based on all these factors, here are the top programming blogs that will help you to keep yourself updated with the programming languages, debugging software bugs, development tips & tricks, and web design skills.

#1. Catonmat

Catonmat is one of the oldest programming blogs that follow good coders code, great coders reuse theme. Started by Peter Krumins, this blog mainly deals with topics like programming, hacking, software reuse, software ideas, computer security, Browserling, Google, and other software techs.

It doesn’t focus on one particular topic but talks about many different things and that’s very interesting.

Catonmat is 10 years old and it shares tutorials with examples, open source code, and case studies. The most popular blog post is about building Reddit Media website and it includes the source code of the project.

This blog receives around 150k unique visitors every month, making it top most visited programming blog in the world.

#2. David Walsh Blog

David’s blog mainly focuses on modern web design and development tutorials. Topics like React, Node.js, Angular, Underscore.js and other new technology.

This blog contains many demos and most of the demos have source code available. Each blog post starts with a goal and at the end of the post, you can get results. David’s blog receives about a million visitors a monthly basis.

#3. Erik Bernhardsson Blog

Erik’s blog is a relatively new blog but it’s popular because of Luigi open-source Python library that he created, that helps you build complex pipelines of batch jobs. Erik currently works at a Better and has worked at Shoptify and other companies in the past.

What’s really great about Erik’s blog is that he writes what is on his mind, rather than targeting latest technology, which can often be boring. Erik is skilled in Math, PHP, Perl, Matlab, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, and R.

#4. Coding Horror

Coding Horror blog is the grand-daddy of all programming blogs. The oldest dinosaur in the room. You can’t make a top 5 blog list without it. Written by Jeff Atwood, creator of Stack Overflow and a prolific C# programmer.

Coding Horror focuses on personal opinions of Jeff and his own research about various programming, management, and productivity topics.

#5. HDFS Tutorial Blog

HDFS Tutorial Blog is mainly focusing on the big data technologies which are currently the hot cake on the market. Although this blog is comparatively new but growing rapidly in the data field.

You can find tutorials, blog posts, and tips, tricks and examples related to big data technologies, such as Hadoop, Hive, HDFS, Pig, HBase and BI tools like Tableau.

If you are looking for a place where you can start with the Hadoop, HDFS Tutorial Blog can be the best place to do so. All the tutorials are completely free, and you can also ask questions related to your doubt. They also provide one paid book named Sqoop Playbook which has received some great response in the programming community.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the top programming blogs in the world. If you want to keep your knowledge up to date and learn new stuff every day, these programming blogs will help you a lot.

If you know any other programming blogs, which you think needs to be mentioned here, please comment. I am not saying these are the only blogs which deserve the top positions instead I have personally gone through many programming blogs and found these deserving.

Also, if you liked this post please share with others! :)