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Where to Promote Blog Posts After Publishing?

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, July 1, 2016
Generally what we do while writing blog posts?

• Find an idea to write a blog post
• Find keywords to target for that post
• Research for the content
• Make few suitable Images
• Draft the blog posts
• Finally publish

promote your blog post
But have you thought, are above steps sufficient? If you will ask me, I'll directly say no (till the time you are not a superstar). Writing and publishing the blog posts is a very common thing that lac of bloggers do. But are all successful? NO.

The main thing that matters with the content is the TRAFFIC. If you don't have traffic, no matter how evergreen content you write, it doesn't mean anything. So to let you potential readers know that you have written something that will help them, you need to take your blog posts to those audiences. And for this you have to promote it well.

Now the question is where to promote blog posts after publishing? If you're not aware of where to promote blog posts, don't worry just in this posts I am going to share all the details about Where to promote blog posts after publishing. This is exactly what I do and I am sure if you will follow, you will be able to drive traffic, engagement and good money for sure.

Where to Promote Blog Posts after publishing?

First of all think why you will promote your blog posts? There can be many reasons behind it like for traffic, for engagements, for visibility or all. So you have to target the places where people visit, where people come to get the thing you will share. Got my point? Ok. So let's start with some of the best places to promote blog posts after publishing.

1. Social Media

Social Media is the best places to share blog posts. As per Wikipedia, there are more than 200 social media on the internet and a total number of social networks users are around 1.96 billion in 2015.

Just think of the number around 2.0 Billion users. It is expected to have 2.44 billion users by 2018. Now the question is can you target all 200 social networks? Of course NO. You can target top 5 social networking sites or more which drives more traffic like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. These are the leaders in Social Media. You can check our posts on driving traffic through social media below-

Top 5 Social Networking Sites to Boost Traffic and Create Brand
11 Effective Tips to Increase Traffic from Facebook
How to use Reddit to Drive Massive Traffic

But be aware! Use social media sites very carefully else it may give you a negative result as well. You should avoid common social media mistakes.

2. Email Newsletter

You must have heard that subscribers are your real strength in Blogging or any online business. BUT WHY?

Because anybody simply can't join your list if they don't like you. Be sure if I have joined your list means I liked what you share. I liked the way you write, inspire and promote. So your email subscribers are the best traffic anyone can get.

As soon as you hit the publish button, send them the update writing some lines about the post that you have written something new and they must check it out. Also, you should focus on converting your visitors into loyal readers and increasing your email list.

3. Questions & Answers Sites

Why anybody comes to your site? Because they need the solution. What if you directly go there where people are seeking solutions? Whether anything can be better than this?

Question and Answer sites are the best way to drive valuable traffic. Because you are providing the thing they actually need. There are numbers of Q&A site but for now I will suggest you to focus on mainly two sites.

a) Yahoo Q&A

Yahoo is the second best and largest questions-answers site after in the world having more than 2 Million visitors a day and more than 1 Million questions are asked per day. If you are able to answer even 15-20 answers with a link back to your site also, you would be able to pull a large amount of traffic.

b) Quora

Quora is also one of the leading Q&A sites having 1.5 Million traffic a day. Similar to yahoo Q&A, Quora also has a large database of questions. You can work on Quora in the similar way as you do on Yahoo.

Few things you should note about these Q& A sites are -
• Don't spam these sites else you will be banned
• Answer only those questions which you know
• Provide meaningful links in the answers. If you don't have any article related to it, better first write and then comment
• Answer according to your niche. Don't try to enter all the niche
• Keep an eye on the trending topics on these sites and accordingly write the blog posts

4. SlideShare

SlideShare is a visual content marketing platform driving more than 60 Million visitors a month. You can just make a PPT on the topic you have written and post on SlideShare and add links back to your site. Now just sit back and see how much traffic it drive to your blog. Below are the things you should take care while publishing a PPT on SlideShare.

• Use eye catchy images
• Write only required text on each slides with decent fonts and color
• Provide a link of your blog post on every slide and in description
• Have good Title and Description

5. YouTube

YouTube (also a product of Google) is the second most used search engine after Google. Per month, YouTube receives more than 5 Billion searches. Now just think of the potential it has.

Now what you will have to do is, make a 30-60 seconds of a video about your blog post and publish it. Be sure to do proper optimization of video and include links on video as well as in the description.

You can also monetize your video and so now you have a dual source of income. You don't have worked hard in creating videos. Just use few graphics and texts and mix up in a better way.

6. Bloggers Outreach Campaign

Bloggers outreach is also one of the best ways to take your article where it can get lots of popularity. If you are an active blogger and have a good blog, I am sure you must have received emails similar to below.

What is in this mail? This guy first told that he read my blog and liked it. Then he explains he has written some content similar to what I have and then he asked if I can add his article's link in my blog post for reference.

You should also do like this. There are a couple of benefits of it like, if the blogger whom you have mailed will agree to add your link as a reference then you are getting traffic as well as a backlink also. You can read more about blogger outreach campaign in top methods to promote blog posts article.

7. Social Bookmarking sites

Social bookmarking sites are also a great source of traffic and engagement. These sites can give you more and instant traffic on your blog posts. You can target few major social bookmarking sites like-
• Biz Sugar
• Kingged
• Dig
• Inbound etc.

Wrapping It Up

These were some of the places where you should promote blog posts after publishing. I use these and I get quite interesting results. Do try and share your stats with me.

If you are already using these, let me know your experience.

How to Establish Yourself as an Industry Thought Leader By Blogging

By Ashutosh Jha →
Many times you would be hearing that somebody has a good influence in the industry and due to their name they are doing amazing. Even I have seen some internet marketer with just few thousand traffic in a month earning good money through an affiliate or by selling their own products/service. But how?

Well, they are quite established in their field, people value and believe what they say and buy what they recommend. But this doesn’t happen in a day, month or year. It takes years of hard working to create such an amazing image in the industry. They are now leaders in their industry.

You can take examples of Neil Patel, Blair Evan, John Chow and much more such people. Today, I am going to discuss how to establish yourself as an industry thought leader by blogging.

So are you ready to be the next industry thought leader by blogging? Go on…

7 ways to establish yourself as an industry thought leader by blogging

So let’s start with the top 10 ways using which one can be the next industry thought leader by blogging.

Here I am continuously mentioning the word BLOGGING because it is an effective way to create influence and reach to the people easily.

As per the study by think creative team, Small businesses that embrace blogging see 126% more growth in terms of leads than those that don’t blog.

At the end of this article, I have also, shared a beautiful infographic on Blog power by ResearchNow and it will show you how blogging help to become influential.

Before moving ahead, I just want to share few facts as why blogging is so much influential. These have been taken from the tweets and blogs of Weber Shandwick.
• 74% search online for consumer electronic reviews before buying
• 28% ask social network friends or followers about a product they’re considering
• 79% of online shoppers spend 50% of shopping time researching products online
• 23% of total Internet usage time is devoted to social networks or blogs
• 57% of companies with a blog have acquired a customer from their blog
• 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs

And many such data supports why blogging and blog are one of the most influential ways to get the market and customer.

Now let’s start with the top 7 methods to establish yourself as an industry leader.

1. Create a blog

If you don’t have a blog then do it now! It won’t take much time to create and start a new blog. There are several tool using which you can start a new blog like Wix or you can use templates to start a blog on blogger or WordPress.

Either way, it is very easy to start and you can create in minutes. I would suggest you to use Wix as you will have to just drag and drop the required stuff and done if you are not much in the technical field.

Let me show you how to start a blog using Wix here-

• Just create your account on Wix and select the category in which you want to start. I have selected Blog as my main category.
• Now you can select the template which you want to keep from a variety of templates available.

• Now just make changes in the template you have chosen and done. You can make changes like background, color, menu, files, image and many other things. You need not be technical or coder to make the template make like you need and just by dragging and dropping you can get it done.

• Once done, just publish it and it will ask you where to host? Either you can choose the Wix subdomain or if you have your domain you can provide the details and get started.

Done, you are ready with your blog. Now just start posting your influencing thought or whatever you think will be beneficial for your reader.

2. Publish plenty of free content initially

Once you are done with your blog, it’s time to start doing for what you have created the blog. Start posting as much meaningful content as possible. These contents can include-

• Blog posts
• E-Books
• Videos
• Podcasts
• Influencer interviews
• Case study
• White papers or whatever you think will be beneficial

Make sure these are free initially so that you can get initial authority. If you are giving what a reader may need, then, believe me, you won’t have to think again as they will easily follow you and subscribe you which will later make you plenty of money.

The more quality content you will create, the better it will be. Around 60% of the well-known marketers create at least one new content per week.

3. Make it easily accessible

Here I mean to say that whatever you are providing on your blog, make it easily accessible. You must have seen many blogs asking your complete details like email id, phone number, name and so on to have access to the content or video.

I am not saying don’t collect the email ids or other details but initially, let it be easily accessible. There are chances that your reader may get annoyed and will leave your site.

If you are doing such things then keep it in limit and also first ask the question-

Whether it is so much valuable that someone will share their personal details?

4. Don’t Miss Social Media

You must have heard of the power of social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. As per Statista, over 2.22 Billion users are using social media and so being a business owner or a person who want to be the industry thought leader can’t ignore such a huge presence.

You should have an account and good presence on all the major social media like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn etc. Also, recently Snapchat has become one of the major places for teens and is getting very popular day by day.

Here is the latest statistics on social media-

Also, just don’t share your posts and thoughts on this social platform. Do some activities like-
• Answer the comments on your posts
• Appreciate who has commented/liked/followed to give a personal touch
• Share other’s posts which you may think will be beneficial for your readers
• Participate in forums and tries to solve queries which you can!

5. Contribute Guest Posts

It is the topic of debate whether guest blogging is dead or not? But if you will ask me then I will say a big NO. Just the perspective has been changed.

Earlier people used to do it for links and SEO but now it is done for popularity, authority, traffic and to build brand and image.

So if you want to increase your user base and popularity, make a good and convincing guest posts on some good blogs in your niche.

Believe me, if you are not asking for any links, more than 90% of the bloggers will allow you to do the guest post on their blog.

Also, once your post will get published, don’t simply forget it. Share with your audience, reply to the comments and be polite to negative comments.

Here are some common benefits of guest blogging-

6. Get out there and speak

Don’t miss a single chance to speak in events/seminars or in any forum. Rather than hiding your face behind the computer, get out of your comfort zone and start speaking in events, forums, and seminars.

Believe me, this will help you in all the ways and will give you a solid platform to become the next industry thought leader.

There are multiple ways through which you can get an opportunity to speak in an event-
• Mention on your blog that you are ready to speak in public forums
• Mention the same on your social profiles
• You may contact PR agency to get the list of such events and then approach the organizer. Even PR agency can help you to find
• Join local toastmaster club to get opportunity
• Join the groups on social media related to conferences
• Get in touch with those who have spoken earlier on some public forums

And once you will get the opportunity, don’t simply let it go. Use that in a way so that it will help you further.

7. Promotion works well

Well, initially you won’t be able to rank your content, promotion is the only way through which you can get initial traffic, success, and publicity.

But the big thing is you should know how to promote your website? There are multiple methods to do so and believe me very easily you can drive initial traffic which is very much necessary.

Below I am mentioning some amazing methods to promote your blog and content-
• Send regular updates to your email subscribers
• Don’t forget to share on social media with catchy headlines
• Bookmark your article on social bookmarking sites
• Participate in forum discussion and leave the link if required
• Share on content sharing sites like BuzzFeed
• Ask your friends to share with their network
• Do content outreach campaign
• You may do paid promotions and much more…

Here is a beautiful image showing the top category of promotion by relevance-

These were some of the amazing methods to establish yourself as an industry thought leaders. Here is the infographic, I was talking about at the start.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the practical approaches to establish yourself as an industry thought leader by blogging. This is not that easy as it sounds too but also not that difficult. If it can be done regularly and if you will take care of your people and business, you will be the one.

What do you think on this? What a person should be to become an industry leader?

Top 5 Grammarly Alternatives

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, June 27, 2016
As quality article should be error free. For this, you can use some proofreading tools like Grammarly or others. But if you are not much satisfied with Grammarly than this Grammarly alternative post is for you. Here in this post, I am going to list few top Grammarly alternatives which you can use to write a quality article.

Grammarly Alternative

Grammarly is an online proofreading tool using which you can write error free article and can make a quality content that will be loved by the reader and search engine both. You can check my Grammarly review here.

But there are a large amount of people who don’t like Grammarly may be due to some factors like-

• The cost is high. The monthly cost is $29.95
• Maybe not satisfied with the quality they produce

So, if you are looking for some other options of proofreading tool, then here are some top Grammarly alternatives to writing high-quality articles.

Grammarly Alternative: Top 5

Here are the 5 software like Grammarly which you can use in daily practice for error free content. Some of these are free Grammarly alternatives while others are paid. So let’s start with software like Grammarly.

1. Ginger

Ginger is a software like Grammarly and is a solid competitive of Grammarly in terms of market and features.

Ginger is a free online proofreading tool to check the grammars and spelling and help you to write error free articles for websites and blogs. Below are some of the features of Ginger.
Grammarly Alternative

Basic features of Ginger is completely free while if you want to use their advanced features like “Text Reader” and “Personal Trainer” then you can go with their premium plan which just starts at $4.10 per month which is far much less than Grammarly.

2. GrammarBase

GrammarBase is another solid alternative of Grammarly which is a premium tool and checks the following stuff while scanning your articles for error-

Grammarly Alternative
• Grammar
• Punctuation
• Style
• Plagiarism
• Contextual Spelling

So as you can see from the above feature, it not only check for the error in the content but also for plagiarism which ensures your content is unique and will not affect by any search engines updates.

The cost of GrammarBase is $15 per page which can’t be good for those who are looking for the cheap Grammarly alternative.

3. PaperRater

If you will talk about best Grammarly alternative, I would prefer PaperRater due to many reasons-

Grammarly Alternative

• Basic plan is completely free for up to 5 pages
• Premium plan just comes at $7.95 per month which is far less than Grammarly.

Here are some of the features of PaperRater-

• Plagiarism Detection
• Auto Grader
• Spelling and Grammar Check
• Style and Word Choice Analysis
• Readability Statistics
• Title Validation
• Vocabulary Builder tool

4. SpellCheckPlus

This web-based tool allows you to put your text in their content check box and then it will highlight all the mistakes like spellings, grammar and many other things which you can correct in order to make a better article.
Grammarly Alternative
Spell Check Plus is a free online tool with the limit of 250 words; however, the full access can be had by registering.

5. Slick Write

Slick Write is also one of my favorite tools to check grammar and spelling online. It is a powerful, free tool that makes it easy to check your writing for grammar errors, potential stylistic mistakes, and other features of interest. Below are some of the features of Slick Write-

• The grammar checker is lightning fast
• It provides customizable feedback to suit your audience and style
• Add impact to reports
• Improve your grades
• It's free

Conclusion These were some of the best Grammarly alternatives. You can use any of these tools if you are looking for software like Grammarly. Some of these are a free Grammarly alternative while others are paid.

Which Grammarly alternative you liked most? Which one you use to write error free articles?

7 Things Which Are Stopping You to Continue Blogging

By Ashutosh Jha →
Blogging has become a business now and people earn many multiples of regular income in blogging. If you are frequent to social media, you must be seeing so many success stories people write about the success like they earn $10k/$20k per months. That’s true. But you will hardly find any stories of failure. No doubt the online industry has full of potential and money but it’s not that easy.

Many people who are not in online marketing/industry might be thinking what these guys do with just a laptop. But earning online is that easy? No.

In 2013, there were more than 152 Millions of Blogs online which is growing rapidly. But are all successful? No because there are something which stops those bloggers and so they are not. When it comes to successful bloggers there are hardly few..maybe thousands. You can check an interesting Infographic shared by BWHGeek on blogs.

Blogging Statistics Blogging is a platform which people choose to express their feeling and once they attract visitors, it starts making money. There are n number of examples where people from completely different professions have come to blogging and have done extraordinary.

But at the same time there are huge numbers who got failed. It’s not that people don’t want to or don’t try but there is something which stops them to peruse further. Today I will talk about the top 7 reasons those stop you to continue blogging.

Top 7 Reasons – Those stop you to Continue Blogging

1. You don’t have interest anymore

why bloggers fail
This is the main reason why bloggers leave blogging. It has been seen that majority of bloggers leave blogging as don’t find interest anymore.

And if you don’t have interest, you can’t do that thing. So now what? What should you do to make interest? Below are few points which you should consider-

• Blog only on the topic which you like
• Blog to the niche which admire you.
• Don’t simply blog! Do it passionately.
• Start selling from first day itself. Once money will come automatically you will find a reason to continue :)

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2. Don’t find an Idea to Write

why bloggers fail
Again the same thing as above. If you don’t have enough knowledge and passion on some particular topic you can’t blog for more time. No doubt you can write 20-30 posts but what after that? So to overcome on this, you may follow the below-

• Blog only on those niches which you like and admire you.
• Suppose you like entertainment niche but don’t find enough earning (which is not the case) then you can start a blog on profitable niche but hire someone to write the content for that as that’s not your expertise.
• Participate on forums to get an idea about topic. You may write on the questions people ask. What can be better than that?
• Ask your followers about which topic they want you to write etc.

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3. Your Younger bloggers are doing better than you

This is human tendency to keep checking others. You may find many bloggers who are younger than you but are doing better. You may feel shame in front of them and get depressed. When I started blogging last year found there are many bloggers who are making thousands and are just in schools/colleges and I was college pass out. But I took that positively and thought if they why I can’t?

You should also remove such thoughts that your youngers are performing better. Take this in a positive way as if they can do why you can’t. They might be working harder than you and so you should too.

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4. Google Doesn’t Like you

why bloggers fail
I am mentioning Google here as Google has highest market share compare to other search engines. More than 70% of searches are done on Google. You can find the statistics below about the search engine market share-

Google - 70.23%
Bing 10.33%
Yahoo - 9.54%
Baidu- 7.06%
AOL - 1.11%
Ask - 0.19%
Lycos - 0.02%
Excite - 0.00%

So if your blog is performing well in Google means you are 90% successful and just you need to convert that traffic further to make sell.

To remove the spams and low quality contents, Google keep on bringing updates which gives benefits to good quality blogs where as low quality blogs get penalized. There may be several reason of this –

• You may be writing copied content
• Your content quality id very poor
• You don’t provide quality to the users
• Your SEO strategy is incorrect and many more

But remember one thing here- Goggle doesn’t bring updates (panda, penguin etc) to harm blogs rather they save themselves. Suppose spammers take their blogs at high ranking but doesn’t provide quality and when you search anything you visit that blog which doesn’t have quality at all and this is coming repeatedly..then whether you will search that term again in Google? May be not as you may think Google is not displaying good result and the business of Google will go down.

So to protect themselves and to maintain quality Google brings updates. You should blog in a way that should be to solve the issue of needy person as well as search engine friendly also. Got my point?

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5. Drop in Your Earning

why bloggers fail
Money is the top most motivational factor..agree?

When I started this blog in around Nov’14, I didn’t earn a single penny since Feb’15. My first earning was $35 through a sponsored post. Since that time I am growing. But it’s not that my earning has only increased. It has down graph as well but this doesn’t mean I will get demotivated.

5 Points to Take care while creating a responsive website

By Ashutosh Jha →
Now a day mobile compatibility is a basic requirement for nearly every web development project today. Of course, the effort involved in creating a mobile optimized, responsive website differs from scope to scope – a static website requires significantly less effort to be made responsive than a dynamic website with user interaction features and content in multiple formats. But the increase in mobile traffic has made it more demanding. This is the time when people like to use mobile devices, tablets for all of their work and so to increase engagement and business, one will need mobile optimized or you can say responsive design.

Below are some of the basic points you should consider while creating a responsive design. Especially if you are a company and developing the site for your client. Usually, nowadays people are so busy that they even don’t have some specific time to check your design on laptop or PC. So you should develop the application in such a way that it can work on all type of devices. You can also take help of some website builder to create the site for you. Here all you will have to do is, just drag and drop the component and rest will be done by the tool.

1. Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is the most basic thing that you should take care while creating a responsive design. Each manufacturer has their own list of screen sizes & resolutions they believe to be ideal, which in turn increases a developer’s effort. On top of that, both portrait and landscape modes have to be considered while design. Web design Mexico or web design new York or in any part of the world these should be taken care of.

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2. Design matters a lot

After the screen resolution, the later that should be taken care of is design. It’s well said that “what is seen is sold”. So to attract the customers, you should have a good design. Either you can hard code it or you can use the templates available in the market. Depending upon your requirement, choose the one.

3. Content is King

I am sure you must have heard this line..right? Yes, content matters. You have done a good design and have good resolution but what about content. With just design you can’t express the feeling, you won’t be able to convey your message to customers. For this, you need something which sales and what can be better than few sales pitch.

If you can write those by yourself, it’s well and good else hire some freelancers and get it developed so that it can sell and make an impact.

4. Loading Speed

A good web designer has to take care of loading speed as well. There are many reasons behind it.

• Web loading speed has a great impact on search engine ranking. Google give great importance to loading speed while deciding SERP. So lesser the loading time, higher the SERP. Work in a way to reduce blog load time.
• From the user point of view as well, no one likes to wait and so if the loading time is more, you are losing your business.

An ideal site has the loading time of 6 sec. If it is more than 6 sec, you should focus on reducing. To reduce it, you can check the CSS, images, and JavaScript files and work to compress those.

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5. Important Pages

Suppose you have developed some website for some client. But why you have developed? There must be some specific requirement of the client like it may be their company’s website or some product related site or for a specific reason. No matter what is the reason and purpose, there are some pages which must be there.

I am sure you must be knowing about the importance of leads in online business. So there must be something which can capture leads like a contact page or any form which can save the member information. Similarly, you should have about or few other important pages.

These were the 5 basic points that you have to consider while developing a site for your client.

Have I missed any?

5 Best Ways to monetize A Blog

By Ashutosh Jha →
All of us mainly start blogging for mainly three reasons. The first is Money and the second is fame and the third is satisfaction. And of course it can be all.

If I talk about my case, I started blogging because I liked it and later I started earning money and I can say this is one of the best career options available. I have seen multiple people who started blogging just as hobby or passion but later they choose this as full time career and they are doing great this time.

So if you are already in blogging you know such situation and if you are planning to start your brand new blog I would suggest you to first go through the article 10 things to know before starting a blog. This guide will show you the real situation of blogging and if you answer the mentioned questions well you are all set to start a new blog which will rock!!

Once you have started a blog the very next thing that comes to mind is how to earn money from it. So today I am going to talk about the 5 best ways to monetize a blog.

How to monetize a blog

There are several ways to monetize a blog. It depends on niche to niche as which will work best. Earlier I wrote a complete blog post on how to make money from blog. If you have not gone through that blog post, I would suggest you to have a look at that.

Today I am going to discuss 5 different ways to monetize a blog. I have tried all of these 5 and got success as well with few. So it depends. If you are not getting expected result from some particular methods, don’t worry try other and I am sure anyone will definitely click and will give the best.

So below are the 5 different ways on how to monetize a website.

How to Monetize a Blog with AdSense: AdSense

I mention AdSense first because it is one of the best known and most popular ad networks. Whenever any new blogger enters into the blogosphere AdSense is the first way they apply to monetize their blog. AdSense is a very trusted Ad network from Google and getting approval is very easy for it. I received approval for AdSense in the very first step. You can check my guide on how to get AdSense approval.

But you can find several people complaining about AdSense that they have decent traffic but still unable to earn good from it. This can be due to multiple reasons like bad ad placement, allowing all the ads etc. You can read the below article to increase your earning from AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of advertising some other’s product and if anyone buys that product through your link you will get some part of the sell. This commission can be from 3% to 70-80 % as well depending upon the product and affiliate company. I hope most of you must know about this. If not, just register to any affiliate site depending upon your niche and get the affiliate link.

This site can be any like Amazon, Click Bank, ShareASale etc. Register on these sites and select the product you want to promote. Once done you will get an affiliate url. You have to promote that URL. Once a person buys something from your link you will make money. You can also read my experience about affiliate sell in the below article.

Build Email List

Building an email list is the best part of blogging. This shows you have these many loyal readers who read your blog regularly. As this is not the direct method of earning but make a great help in affiliate sales or any other CPA marketing.

Building an email list is not difficult work. If you are posting quality content and offering good value to your readers you can get good number of subscriber. Once you have subscribers you can promote your affiliate links in the email and believe me this gives the best conversion. Read the below article to know how you can get more subscriber.

Text Ads

Text ads also play a very important role in the earning. If you have good page views you can earn much from text ads. The best thing with text ad is these ads don’t require extra spaces. It will be shown within your content itself. Infolinks, Kontera are the best text ad networks. You can check the below article to know more about Inline Text ads and networks.

One thing here is important to note is sometime your visitor gets irritated with rolling text ads. So first decide whether you should use it or not and then only proceed.

Write reviews & Direct Ads

Once you feel you have grown and you are getting decent traffic then you can try for the direct advertisement. Also you can write reviews about the products and companies.

Once you will get good traffic people will start coming to you and will offer you the advertisements and can ask to write review about their companies/products etc. Here you can charge them depending upon the status of your blog. 

Also, you can apply to some direct advertising networks like BuySellAds for the direct advertisements. Remember that these networks only approve once you have good traffic but once approved you will get lots of money.

Over to You

These are the 5 best ways to monetize a blog. There are many more ways to monetize a blog but depending upon my experience I have listed these five. Which method do you use to monetize your blog? Do share your experience with it in comments.

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How AspectWise Can help you Find Best Smartphone?

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, June 26, 2016
Whenever you have to buy a new gadget like smartphone/laptop etc., how much time you take to decide?

Well, if you will ask me, then it can be several days. With a lot of options available in the market, people usually become confused to choose between those.

Different people have different need and it should be chosen very wisely. Recently I have come across a site AspectWise which will help you to choose the best phone available as per your requirement.

AspectWise at a glance!

AspectWise is a startup which enables you to find the best available products as per your need in the below categories-

• Mobile
• Headphone
• Speaker
• Laptop
• Tablet

You can select the above gadgets as per your requirements. Your requirements may be the best experience or hardware or price or may be designed and so it enables you to select what you want. Below are the different categories of needs you can select in smartphone section-

You can set your preference from the above and can get the best fits available for your selection. In the next section, I will show you how you can find the best product of your match at AspectWise.

How to use AspectWise to get Best Product

Using AspectWise is very simple and anyone can find the best product easily. For example, we have to find Best Selfie Phones under 20000 and so I will first visit their page which will look something like below-

By default, Mobile category will be selected. Here you will have to define your price range. As we have taken it to max INR 20k and so I will drag that to 20k and as I am looking for best selfie phone and so will select my choice as “Camera Lover”.

So once you have done the settings, it’s time to unlock the magic of AspectWise and click on Find Best Mobile button.

So you will be shown all the available smartphone as per your defined criteria. Now you can click on the result and see the details and the link to stores those have this phone on the left side.

You can also click on the link under “read user reviews about” links to know what they felt about the product.

I have clicked on Camera of Asus Zenfone Selfie and it showed me a pop-up window showing the reviews from the seller sites.

You can also click on the link given below the review to check on original site.

The similar analysis you can do with the other products as well.

Benefits of Using AspectWise

As you can see there are several benefits of using AspectWise. Let me summarize those here for a quick notice-

• Choose from various product from different brand
• It’s free to use
• Get the suggestion based on your criteria
• Will show the prices from different stores
• Shows the feedback from the trusted buyers
• It also shows the top products from different categories-


AspectWise is doing n awesome job and making our work easy while shopping? Using the suggestion you can easily define your need and as per need can get the product.

So before buying any of these goods online, you must visit AspectWise once to get the best suggestion for you.

Do share your feedback with us if you have used AspectWise while finding your smartphone online.

21 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, June 20, 2016
Website flipping is not new and recently a website was sold for $100 million. Similar to website flipping, domain flipping business is also getting on high demand and being sold for millions. Today we are going to list 21 most expensive domain names ever sold.

Most of the people who are in the domain brokering business buy domains, made those live and wait for the good opportunity to sell those. They treat the domains as an investment and sell those at many times higher price. Recently one of my friend had a domain which he bought around 10 years ago for around $200 and this year he sold that domain in $$$$$. Here in this post, I am going to share the list of 21 most expensive domain names ever sold.

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Also, the price of most expensive domain names depends on many factor like
• How short it is e.g. LL/LLL/LLLL etc
• TLD gets higher bid compared to other extension domains
• Easily pronounced domain gets good price compared to other. E.g. will get much higher price than even though both are
• There are many other factors like DA/PR/TF/PA and many others.

21 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

Here are the 21 most expensive domain names ever sold. Though giving the exact figure is difficult due to the mode of transaction done and other constraint but these are the most expensive domain names sold with known transactions.

1. - $35 M

This is the most expensive domain ever sold in the history. was sold back in 2007 for $35 million. The most expensive sale, however, actually wasn’t for a gambling or porn site. Instead, it was the purchase of in 2007 for a cool $35m. Brain Sharples, the founder of HomeAway, is new owner of this domain and accepted that he purchased it, as he did not want his competitor Expedia to acquire it.

2. $30.18 M

This deal was also very close to being most expensive domain names but lacked by a margin of little lesser than $5M. This was sold in 2012 for around $30.18 Million.

3. $17 M

This is the most recent deal happened for $17 million this year (2015) itself when Beijing Qihoo Technology Company Limited acquired from Vodafone in January 2015 for an estimated USD. The security software and mobile services company has used until now, but the .com domain was needed to drive their global strategy.

4. - $16 M was purchased by QuinStreet, an online marketing services and technology company in 2009. The website now provides life, car and health insurance quotes among others.

5. - $14.9 is owned by Gentile Philip. Gentile Philip bought this domain for £9.9 million in March 2008, which amounted to about $14.9 Million. However, this domain is not yet live and you will find a line written “Please come back later to check” while visiting this site. It seems this has just been parked for resale.

6. - $13 M

The story of should have been adapted for the big screen. In 1994 Gary Kremen, the founder of, registered In 1995 Network Solutions, the registrar, got tricked by a man named Stephen M. Cohen, who managed to get ownership of the domain name by falsifying letters and faxes. Kremen took Cohen to court and only got back the domain name after five years legal battle getting on top of this a compensation of $40 Million for lost earnings.

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Cohen had made an estimated $500.000 per month in traffic from the site during its heyday. He managed to flee the US and was later arrested in Tijuana, Mexico.

Kremen sold the domain to Escom in 2006 for $11.5 Million and it was later resold in 2010 for $13 Million to Clover Holdings. Currently Clover Holdings holds the right of

7. $11 M

This domain was sold for $ 11 million in 2001, however, new owner David Roche of this domain couldn’t actually confirm at what price the domain has been purchased, in a TV interview to BBC.

8. $9.5 M

Another adult domain which was sold in millions. This site is doing well in its category and no wonder why the buyer MXN Limited in 2007 bought this domain for $9.5 Million.

9. $8.88 M

Another adult domain which sold in million. bought in August 1997 by Rick Schwarz for $42 from a student that bought it the week before for $5. Sold in January 2015 to Czech Adult industry player WGCZ for $8.88M.

10. $8.5 M

Facebook managed to buy in $8.5 million in November 2010 from American Farm Bureau Federation who are using as their primary domain and announced they have raised $8.5 million by selling Currently is redirected to

11. - $7.5 M was sold in $7.5 million in December 1999 to Jake Winebaum, former chairman of the Walt Disney Internet Group.

12. - $7.5 M was also sold in $7.5 million in 2006. This was acquired by

13. - $7 M

Interbrew acquired this domain for $7 million in 1999. This domain is again listed for resales on

14. - $6.8 M

A single letter domain was sold in $6.8 million in 2014 to GMO Internet

15. - $5.88 M

This domain was bought in 1994 by Joel Noel Friedman, a 46-year-old Jewish American in $5.88 million. Even Google don’t have much information about this domain.

16. - $5.5 M was sold for $5.5 in 2007 to Mansion Limited of GIbraltar

17. - $5.5 M was also sold for $5.5 in 2010 to Bodog

18. - $5.1 M

ToysRUs bought this domain in $5.1 million in 2009

19. - $5.1 M

This domain was purchased by LA Group in 2000 for a price of $ 5.1 million. This domain was used to protect brand name “” of LA Group. This is biggest domain deal made for defense purpose.

20. - $5 M deal was done at price of $ 5 million in 2004. New owner of this domain is Communications. It was first registered in 1995 and resold in 2004. It is the most expensive country domain. was sold for $2 Million.

21. - $5 M

This deal took place in 2007 and is considered to be a wiser one. Michael Mann, owner of BuyDomains understood the importance of having a good domain name; therefore, he sold his company and invested in The deal was closed for $5 million.

By looking at the above deals, domain flipping is certainly a great investment and business where you can make great income. If you are seeing any good domain, grab that right now before one can do so.

I hope you enjoyed these 21 most expensive domain names. Do you know any other? Or do you own any premium domain? Do let us know in comments :)