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Save Money on Online Transactions Using 7Coupons

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, January 23, 2017
While making the monthly budget, there are a lot of things which need to be considered. Savings on the predefined list is one of the best things. You can save a lot of money by using coupons from the websites like 7Coupons.

Who wants to spend more when the same items can be bought at less price?

The same thing applies to online shopping as well. If you don't apply the coupons, you’ll have to pay more.

In fact, if you check the fact why people like to shop online then you should not be surprised to see less cost at the top positions.

Here is a survey showing why people prefer to shop online. Time-saving, fewer prices are among the top as usual.

Why Shop Online?
When we save less cost, it is the discounts and offers which make the shopping flexible and cheap.

There are many coupon websites which provide the updated coupons and deals for your online saving. 7Coupons is one of those by maintaining value.

In this 7Coupons Review, I will talk about the different aspects of the website. Also, I will talk about how 7Coupons is helping you to save more online.

7Coupons Review

Let’s start with the review of 7Coupons and its features!

7Coupons Review
7Coupons is a deals and coupon website for you to save money online. Recently, I wrote a post on money saving tips for bloggers, and I explained how coupon websites are helping communities to save more.

Usually, people don’t much try for the coupons because such sites are annoying. Once you click on any offer, a lot of pop-up windows gets generated.

If you are also fed up with such websites, 7 Coupons is for you.

7Coupons Features

Here are some of the excellent features of 7Coupons website which the end user should check.

Wide Selection of Offers

You will find hundreds of different offers floating on the websites to use. These offers are for all the major eCommerce websites as well as individual stores.

Here are some of the stores for which you will find coupons majorly-

• Amazon
• Flipkart
• Snapdeal
• Paytm
• Oyo Rooms and many such shopping websites

In fact, 7Coupons is one of the very few coupon websites which covers almost all kind of offers starting from ecommerce stores to hardware.

There are more than 3000 different active and beneficial coupons listed at 7Coupons which you can use to save online.

How to use 7Coupons?

Using 7Coupons to find the best available coupons is very easy. User-friendly interface and smooth scrawling make the journey even easier.

Here are some of the common methods using which you can find the best coupons and deals available.

At the top of the site, you will find a search box using which you can find the coupons and deals available.

Let’s say you are looking for Jabong vouchers and so just type Jabong in the store section and it will display all the available coupons.

At the end of the same page, you will also get details about when the next mega sale is coming and what are the famous section of that particular store, etc.

Similarly, you can find the offers for other ecommerce stores like Amazon offers, Limeroad Coupons, etc.

At the footer section, you will also find Popular Searches section. It shows the most popular stores for which coupons have been searched at 7Coupons like

Why use

Well, you might ask this question. There are thousands of coupon store online and so why to use only 7Coupons?

7Coupons is one of the largest aggregators of coupons for shopping website and only list the working coupons. All their coupons are manually verified.

They crawl the best deals and coupons on a daily basis and then list it on the website after verifying.

It is far better than the cashback sites as whatever offer you get; it will be yours and not some percentage of it.


Coupon websites are helping to grow ecommerce industry by providing discounts and deals. 7Coupons is one of that coupon website which is known for the updated and working coupons.

So if you are going for online transactions, do first check the available coupons on 7Coupons to save some extra bucks.

5 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin- Create stunning LP without coding skill

By Ashutosh Jha →
We bloggers keep on writing the good post which should be attractive, impressive and meaningful. But always the content doesn’t simply work.

Most of the times you would be hearing to write the impressive content which should convince your reader to buy the product you recommend. In such cases, a landing page works much better than a WordPress page.

As you can see with a landing page, it is much easy to convert your visitor into a subscriber.
Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin
If you want your reader to take action like signing up for an offer you are promoting or buying a product you recommend, then you need a perfectly optimized landing page. I am not saying, a standard page can’t convert, but the conversion rate with the landing page is far more.

But don’t worry! You won’t have to get into the technical and coding glitches while creating a landing page.

In this article, I will show you some best WordPress landing page plugin which will make your journey to create landing page easier and without writing a single line of code.

These top WordPress landing page plugin not only help you to design great looking landing page but also provides many features for best conversion and maintenance.

So let’s get started with some of the best landing page WordPress plugins.

Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin: Top 5

Here are the five best WordPress landing page plugin for your use. You can use these plugins to design landing pages for your newsletter subscription, sales page, summary page, etc.

Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin

Top WordPress Landing Page Plugin #1 Leadpages

Leadpages is currently one of the best landing page creators. They have fully functional drag and drop landing page creator which you can host either on your server or even you can host at Leadpages server.

They too have WordPress landing page plugin which you can install at your WordPress dashboard and can add as many landing pages as you want.

Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin
It is an easy, stylish, appealing and converting landing page. One of the best things I liked about Leadpages is, you can even publish your landing page on social platform like Facebook.

It is easy to use, and if you have used any template builder with WordPress, then you can also use Leadpages easily.

All you have to do is, just drag and drop the fields and designs as per your need and create an excellent landing page without any coding skill.

Here are some of the impressive features of Leadpages-

• Over 350 landing page templates
• Mobile friendly
• Drag and drop customization
• Easy A/B testing
• WordPress plugin that makes integration easy

Leadpages is also cost effective, and many top bloggers and internet marketers use Leadpages for their campaigns and blogs.

For a single user, the license just cost $25 per month, and you will be billed on a yearly basis. You can create as many landing pages as you want with this option.

With a higher plan, you can also get the feature of A/B testing which is indeed required for the sales campaigns.

So if you are looking for a perfect solution for the landing pages, Leadpages is your destination.

Top WordPress Landing Page Plugin #2 OptimizePress

OptimizePress is another demanding and useful WordPress landing page plugin to create stunning landing pages.
Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin
Unlike Leadpages which was platform independent tool, OptimizePress is exclusively built for the WordPress platform.

Again you don’t need any coding knowledge to work with the OptimizePress, and you can just drag and drop from your WordPress dashboard.

OptimizePress also provides 30+ landing page templates which you can use and edit as per your need. By this way, you won’t have to start from scratch. Although it is far less than Leadpages’ templates but still sufficient to initiate the journey.

OptimizePress is very cost efficient and just charge $97 as a one-time fee, and you won’t have to spend anything else to use. The license can be used on three websites.

Here are some of the features of OptimizePress-

• 30+ templates
• Mobile responsive designs
• Drag and drop editor
• 40+ elements
• One-time fee – no monthly charges

If you have some subscription based business, OptimizePress can work best for you!

So if you don’t want to pay a monthly fee for creating the landing page, OptimizePress can work best for you. It is easy, effective and can create some cool landing pages.

Top WordPress Landing Page Plugin #3 Thrive Landing Pages

Thrive landing page is new but getting huge popularity in the blogosphere and online space. Thrive landing pages is a WordPress specific landing page plugin, and you can create some stylish and optimized designs from your WordPress dashboard.

Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin
Thrive also have Thrive builder using which you can design your standard pages super awesome. I am using it for one of my blogging niche sites, and the result is just super, and your website will also look better.

Thrive landing pages provides around 150+ landing page template, and you can simply select the one and start editing it as per your demand.

Here are some of the unique features of Thrive Landing pages-

• 150+ templates
• Theme template sets
• Drag and drop editor
• WordPress-specific – do everything inside WordPress
• Mobile ready
• One-time purchase – no monthly fees

It is more economical than OptimizePress and just cost $67 as a one-time fee. So far I found Thrive as most economical WordPress plugin with these many features and design.

Top WordPress Landing Page Plugin #4 ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels is not just a landing page creator, but you can say it is more of a complete choice for internet marketers with the following features-

• Landing Page
• Email Responder
• Shopping cart option and much more…

Landing page creator is a major part of the ClickFunnels tool and comes up with a WordPress landing page plugin to manage all of your need.

Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin
Here are some of the excellent features those ClickFunnels provides-

• 40+ templates
• Drag and drop WYSIWYG landing page builder
• Email autoresponder software
• WordPress plugin
• A/B testing
• Full sales funnel support and much more…

Their video tutorials will help you a lot to set up the landing pages and other features easily, and in the case of any further issues, you may contact their support team.

The only drawback I found with ClickFunnels is the price. It is a bit costly compared to other Wordpress landing page plugin and comes at $97 per month.

But as many other features are also incorporated into the tool, so this price can be justified for those who uses all the features.

ClickFunnels also provides 14 days of free trial, and anytime you can switch to the premium plan.

Top WordPress Landing Page Plugin #5 Ultimate Landing Page

Once a blogger thinks of starting with the landing pages, the Ultimate landing page is among the first few they try. It is a fermium WordPress landing page plugin specifically available for the WordPress platform.
Best WordPress Landing Page Plugin
You can start with the Ultimate landing page free and is a great landing page WP plugin for beginner to start with.

Once you want to switch to the advanced version, just pay $27, and you will get access to all the advanced features.

It also provides some basic but good landing page templates which you can use and edit as per your need. Although it has not many features as other landing page WordPress plugin still an ideal choice to start with.

Which is the best WordPress landing page plugin?

The above listed top 5 WordPress landing page plugin will be very helpful if you are considering your blog as your business.

It helps you to optimize your newsletter, subscription, sales pages and any other money making pages for better leads and conversion.

If you are just looking for the landing page that can be used with WordPress, then Thrive landing page can be the best option.

But if you are an internet marketer who creates the landing page for your sales funnels as well, then I would suggest you go with Leadpages. Hope this list of best WordPress landing page plugin will help you to create a sales funnel.

I would love to know which landing page creator you are using.

Tricks to Earn $25+ by Writing a Review

By Ashutosh Jha →
Here at TricksRoad, we keep sharing various tips and tricks about blogging, Marketing, online Money Making and different stuffs. So continuing this journey today I am going to show you how you can earn $25+ through affiliate marketing.

Here I have mentioned affiliate marketing that doesn’t mean you’ll get money after a sale. $25 you’ll receive just for writing the post. I know this is not much but for the newbie this is not less also.

affiliate marketing is growing rapidly and there are lots of chances to earn money directly by enrolling for the products or through Affiliate marketing.

In my earlier post, I Shared, how I earned $100 just from a couple of sales through affiliate marketing. If you’ve not gone through that post, I advise you to read that post to know about the basics of affiliate marketing and about the promotion of affiliate offers.

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Steps to earn $25+ just for a review

So here I am going to share all the steps as how you can earn through this affiliate marketing. As we all know to earn from any affiliate marketing first we need to take affiliate network approval. Once you have network approval, apply for any product and once you are approved from the product/company for promoting their product/service you’re all set to go.

1. Register for the ShareASale affiliate network through this link.

2. Once you register, it’s hardly take a day to get approval from ShareASale affiliate network. ShareASale is one of the best affiliate networks for the bloggers and they are having thousands of company listed and depending upon your interest you can promote any product by getting approval.

3. Now login to your ShareASale account and hover your mouse on the "merchants" tab and go to "Search for merchants" tab.

4. Click on the Keyword tab and search for Grammarly.

5. It will display a result about the Grammarly affiliate program. Now click on “Join the Program”.

6. It will take 1-2 days to get approval from Grammarly affiliate network.

7. Once you’re approved, write a post about Grammarly and place their banner on you blog/blog post.

8. Once you’re done with publishing the post, share the URL of the post with Grammarly affiliate manager (reply to the same mail through which you’ll receive approval confirmation mail).

9. Very soon, you’ll get a reply that $25 has been deposited in your ShareASale:) that’s all!!

Extra Tip 1: There are few other merchants as well who also pay few amounts just for writing the post on your blog. Subscribe us and just drop your comment/mail. I will share those merchants with you all.

Extra Tip 2: I have heard several people complaining that Grammarly has rejected their blog for this program. If you also are having any issue while getting approval, let me know. I will help you in getting approval.

Over to You

There are several methods to earn money online like AdSense, direct advertising and all. But affiliate marketing is something which gives the best earning. You can check our blog tips to get first affiliate sale for more details about affiliate marketing.

Now just register for the program and earn $25 right now :). Also, let me know your experience with the affiliate marketing.

If you liked the tips don’t forget to subscribe us for such earning tips directly in your inbox. Happy Blogging !!

How to Find Royalty Free Images in Google

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, January 22, 2017
Let me ask a simple question to you? What you do whenever you need images for your blog posts. Do let me know your answer in a comment.

Most of us usually search the keyword in Google Image search and whichever image we like to download it and use it in our blog posts. Even some do watermarking as well.

find royalty free images in google
Do you know this is not a legal method? If the image that you have used is copyrighted, then the owner of that image may take a legal action on you. I have seen many bloggers have got penalized due to copyright issue and had to pay a lot of money. Even in some cases, you've to shut down your blog as well.

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So today I will take you to the simple method to find the royalty free images in Google. Royalty free images mean you can use that image in any way you want, and even you can use these images commercially. So let's start with the simple method to find royalty free images in Google. Step by Step Method to Find Royalty free images in Google.

1. Open Google Image search page and type the keyword which you want to search. Here I am going to search for “Blogging”.

find royalty free images online
2. This will display all types of results. Now we've to find those images which are royalty free. For this go to the right top of the page and click on the Gear icon. Here you will find an option called “Advanced Search”. Click on that.

find royalty free images for blog posts
3. Once you click on the advanced search option, you will get an entirely new page. Here you will find many fields. Just scroll down, and you will find a drop down named “usages rights” and select the last option “Free to use and share even commercially” and click on “Advanced Search”. No need to change anything else.

find royalty free images in google

4. That's all. Now the results those would be displayed contain images which are royalty free and you are free to use in any form. Now you have some more filters like a label, time, size, etc. If you need you can do more filtration.

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This is the easiest method to find Royalty free images in Google. Hope this article will help you to be safe and do blogging in a legal way.

I would love to know the methods used by you to find the royalty free images. Also, do share this article on your social media.

5 Social Media Mistakes that Every Blogger should Avoid

By Ashutosh Jha →
Making a successful and money making blog is not possible without much traffic. If there will be no one to read your content, you’ll never get an identity as well as you’ll not be able to make money in any way.

Without traffic, blogs are something like a content written on a paper which is in a closed box, which has almost no use. There are many ways to generate traffic, and social media is one of them. In fact, social media is a great way to drive traffic to any blog or websites due to its large number of users.

Especially if you’re a newbie, you have to promote your content or business on the social media to attract traffic because at the beginning you won’t be able to get enough organic traffic. In current scenario where lots of competition is there in every area, it’s well said that-

No promotion! No success

This is the truth friends. If you're following TricksRoad on social media or you've added to me, you must have experienced about my promotion on social media.

Promoting your blog post is as important as writing great content. If you’re spending 4-5 hours to write a blog post, you should spend at least 50% of it, i.e.,. 2-3 hours more to promote that post.

By this way, you’ll be able to reach to your target readers. There are many bloggers, webmasters and business owners who use social media to generate traffic and leads for their business.

There’re many ways using which you can get the most out of the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, etc. But as everything has pros and cons too.

The same applies to social media too. There are some mistakes that many people do while doing social marketing and promotion. You should avoid those common mistakes with social media to become successful as well as a good social marketer.

So today I’ll be discussing a few social media mistakes every blogger and webmaster make and you should not.

5 common social media mistakes every blogger and webmasters avoid

Being a blogger one should avoid the following mistakes. If you are following any successful bloggers like Neil Patel, you can find the below in their interviews.

So, let's start with common social media mistakes bloggers should avoid.

1. Not having a social media strategy

Like any other business or anything in life, success requires planning and commitment. Before starting anything, you should plan it well else unfortunate to say, you’ll not get the desired success.

Just, for example, suppose next day you’ve to catch the train in the morning somewhere around 8 AM. So you must be prepared and planning your other necessary in such way that neither any of your work should get impacted nor the scheduled train.

Without proper planning and strategy, you can do this. You had a goal to catch the train at 8, and so you planned everything accordingly. The same applies here also.

You should first set a goal like to get 400 visits a day from Facebook/Twitter or getting 100 likes/follows in a week or something like this.

Then prepare a strategy to achieve this goal. Because just by promoting on your profile page you’re not going to get 400 visits a day and so you’ve to prepare some other strategy.

Most of the bloggers or webmaster or business owners fail here. So if you haven’t made a strategy for your goal yet, please do it now.

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2. Not posting enough

This is the second most common mistakes most of the bloggers do. They don’t post on their profile page or fan page. Remember people who have joined or followed you are due to the content you post on your page and if you’ll stop doing that, who know they might unfollow you.

So part of your social media strategy should be to be posting regularly because your followers expect your posts on a regular basis and you should fulfill that.

3. Posting too much

Yes! The opposite of point #2 can also be harmful. Posting too little is a bad thing, but doing it excessively is also not good. People have followed just because they liked the thing you tell; they like the thing you shared in the past so maintain the consistency.

But posting anything or too much can be a little bit overwhelming to your followers. They may get bored.

Not everything that you’ve to say is interesting to your followers. So first think about the post you’re going to share. Judge it, whether you’ll like it if someone else will share this. If the answer is yes, go ahead.

4. Not engaging followers

This is the most important point in the success. Also, this applies to any business or condition not only in blogging. 

You should engage your followers, people who all are connected with you on different social media. Here engagement can be by various modes like, answer their questions, reply to their comment.

In one of my article on social media, How to get maximum traffic from Facebook, I advised for a single like also you should show gratitude. By this way, you can build better relationships. 

Also, apart from sharing just the post, you can ask few questions also where you can ask the suggestions from your followers or friends. These can be a good way to keep them connected.

5. Buying likes and followers

Yes, the last but imperative point and the misconception that many bloggers, social marketing people have.

This is common these days to buy likes and followers. You can find plenty of groups in any social media where lots of posts will be like buy 1k+ Facebook like, buy 500 twitter followers or something like this. Even there are many sites which do the same. You should never go with it.

No doubt having a good social base can get you to the success, but if you go through this way of buying, you’ll have a good number but of no use.

They just increase the count nothing else. No one will be your targeted customer. Suppose in a shop daily 1k people visit, but no one buys anything. Whether the owner will get profit?

The same applies here also. So focus on attracting the people with your content, tips so that they will like you; they will follow you. And believe me after liking your post, those who have followed you are the right and target customer for you.

Final Words

Social media plays a crucial role in the success of any online venture. But a tiny mistake may lead to failure also. So be careful while using these platforms.

If you use it with honesty and dedication, no one can stop you from getting success. These were just the top 5 among many common mistakes that we should avoid, and I am sure you will have something to say on this as which all mistakes we should avoid in social media to get success.

Do let me know those in the comments. If you liked the post, please consider it for sharing.

5 Best Ways to monetize A Blog

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, January 21, 2017
All of us mainly start blogging for basically three reasons. The first is Money and the second is fame, and the third is satisfaction. And of course, it can be all.
If I talk about my case, I will start blogging because I liked it and later I started earning money and I can say this is one of the best career options available. I have seen multiple people who started blogging just as hobby or passion but later they choose this as a full-time career and they are doing great this time.

So if you are already in blogging you know such situation and if you are planning to start your brand new blog I would suggest you to first go through the article 10 things to know before starting a blog. This guide will show you the real situation of blogging and if you answer the mentioned questions well you are all set to start a new blog which will rock!!

Once you have started a blog, the very next thing that comes to mind is how to earn money from it. So today I am going to talk about the five best ways to monetize a blog.

How to monetize a blog

There are several ways to monetize a blog. It depends on niche to niche as which will work best. Earlier I wrote a complete blog post on how to make money from a blog. If you have not gone through that blog post, I would suggest you to have a look at that.

Today I am going to discuss five different ways to monetize a blog. I have tried all of these 5 and got success as well with few. So it depends on. If you are not getting expected result from some particular methods, don’t worry try other and I am sure anyone will click and will give the best.

So below are the five different ways on how to monetize a website.

How to Monetize a Blog with AdSense: AdSense

I mention AdSense first because it is one of the best known and most popular ad networks. Whenever any new blogger enters into the blogosphere AdSense is the first way they apply to monetize their blog. AdSense is a very trusted Ad network from Google and getting approval is very easy for it. I received approval for AdSense in the very first step. You can check my guide on how to get AdSense approval.

But you can find several people complaining about AdSense that they have decent traffic but still unable to earn well from it. This can be due to multiple reasons like bad ad placement, allowing all the ads, etc. You can read the below article to increase your earning from AdSense.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of advertising some other’s product, and if anyone buys that product through your link, you will get some part of the sell. This commission can be from 3% to 70-80 % as well depending upon the product and affiliate company. I hope most of you must know about this. If not, just register to any affiliate site depending upon your niche and get the affiliate link.

This site can be any like Amazon, Click Bank, ShareASale, etc. Register on these sites and select the product you want to promote. Once done you will get an affiliate URL. You have to promote that URL. Once a person buys something from your link, you will make money. You can also read my experience about affiliate sell in the below article.

Build Email List

Building an email list is the best part of blogging. This shows you have these many loyal readers who read your blog regularly. As this is not the direct method of earning but make a great help in affiliate sales or any other CPA marketing.

Building an email list is not difficult to work. If you are posting quality content and offering good value to your readers, you can get a good number of the subscriber. Once you have subscribers, you can promote your affiliate links in the email and believe me this gives the best conversion. Read the below article to know how you can get more subscriber.

Text Ads

Text ads also play a crucial role in the earning. If you have good page views, you can earn much from text ads. The best thing with text ad is these ads don’t require extra spaces. It will be shown within your content itself. Infolinks, Kontera are the best text ad networks. You can check the below article to know more about Inline Text ads and networks.

One thing here is important to note is sometimes your visitor gets irritated with rolling text ads. So first decide whether you should use it or not and then only proceed.

Write reviews & Direct Ads

Once you feel you have grown and you are getting decent traffic, then you can try for the direct advertisement. Also, you can write reviews about the products and companies.

Once you get, good traffic people will start coming to you and will offer you the advertisements and can ask to write a review about their companies/products, etc. Here you can charge them depending upon the status of your blog. 

Also, you can apply to some direct advertising networks like BuySellAds for the direct advertisements. Remember that these networks only approve once you have good traffic but once approved you will get lots of money.

Over to You

These are the five best ways to monetize a blog. There are much more ways to monetize a blog, but depending upon my experience, I have listed these five. Which method do you use to monetize your blog? Do share your experience with it in comments.

Also, if you liked the post, please share it and subscribe us for the latest tips & trick of Blogging directly in your Inbox. Happy Blogging!

Which Is Better And Why - Single Topic Blog Or Multi Topic Blog

By Ashutosh Jha →
This topic, single topic vs. multi topic blog is a very common question that every blogger asks and this is also one of the most active topics for discussion in the online forums. They usually ask about-

  • Should I blog on one topic or should I on multiple topic
  • Should I create one blog for one topic or can I write on multiple topic in a single blog

In this post I am going to clear which one should you use and why to do so. Before starting a blog, just think once about the below-

On which topic you are going write?

This will help you to determine your niche (In blogging topic is normally called as Niche.). If still your mind is saying that you can write on technology, designing, health care, fashion designing and so on..

Then do one thing, create a list of topic on which you want to write and then think about the posts on which you are going to write in each topic. Decide at least 15-20 posts name and definitely you are going to remove some of them.

And if still you have many in your list, then create some free blogs on Blogger or WordPress (both are free, if you will select their domain) and try for some days and the one topic on which you are most comfortable go with that.

This is the one of the common reason behind the failure of any blogger that they are not thinking on which topic they are going to write and what they are going to write. So think once before proceeding.

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This is the common perception of many blogger that if they will write on multiple topics, they are going to get more traffic (directly corresponds to earn more). But this is not the fact. Ok let me tell one thing, out of the two images shown below- which one you like the most-

First Image-
    Blogs with multiple topics
Second Image-
Blogs with single topic
I am sure the second one you will like the most because in the 2nd image everything is not mixed up. The same applies to the blogging niche also. Your reader will like to go through multiple posts on a single topic rather than on a blog with multiple topics.

Note: If you are going to blog just for your interest and you don’t have any big dream from that then it’s ok to write on any topic and on many topics but if you want to earn from the blog and want to have some name then avoid writing on multiple topics.

Below are the some of the points that you should think before creating a blog with multiple topics-

You won’t be able to create a relationship with your visitors

One thing you tell me when you subscribe to your blog? When you need some information on any topic you are searching and some website have that one.

So you subscribe to that site. And think if suddenly that site has started publishing on many topics and continuously you are getting their email and that is not useful to you. What you will do? You will definitely going to unsubscribe that site and this happens.

Once you will start writing on many topics, your subscribers may unsubscribe to you and you will lose your valuable readers. So it’s better to write on single topic so that you can create a great relationship with your readers.

This is the common tendency of any readers that only when they subscribe to any blog when they find useful information on their site what they need.

Suppose I have subscribe a site providing information about the games and suddenly they have started providing information on healthcare and technology too, definitely I am going to unsubscribe that site. Because I don’t want to get bombarded with the emails in my inbox and will definitely switch to the one which provide information which I need.

It will be tough to do SEO of the Blog

It’s always tough to do SEO of a blog which is based on multiple topics. Suppose you are a search engine and someone has searched about healthcare and you have to display the result of search, which one you would select-

  • A site that are only focused on healthcare topic or
  • A site which is having contents for healthcare, movies, blogging and many more..
Definitely you are going to select the first website and the same happens while doing SEO of a site with multiple topics. Recently search engines have changed some rules in crawling a website, specially Google (which is having around 78% market share in searching) and they show the results from the blog which is on single topic rather than those which writes on multiple topics.

Making Money from multi topic blog is tough

This is one of the most important points. As which blog will make more money for you- Single nice or multi niche blog?

Yes this is true that a multi topic blog get more traffic compare to a blog which is on single topic, but is worth?

Suppose you have a company which manufacture PC games and you have to advertise your product but you are having limited budget, which will you select to advertise-

  • The blog which writes on Games and topics related to games
  • Or the one which write on topics like games, software, blogging and many more..
I am sure you are going to select the first one even if first blog get 1k page views per day and 2nd get 5k per day. Because by advertising on the first blog, they will get 1k targeted customers (many chances are they will get converted to sells) and the same applies to here also. If you are writing on one topic, there is more chance to attract advertisers with better CPC also.

Hope I am clear with this discussion and you got the answers for all your questions. If you have to ask anything or want to give some suggestion, please drop your comments below.

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How To Choose An Effective Template For Your Blog Or Website

By Ashutosh Jha →
How to choose the best template for your website
Whenever you are going to start your online venture, no matter it is a simple portfolio or a large e-commerce application, you should take care of its design. So it is always necessary to spend some time while selecting the design templates for your website, as this gives a good impression to your visitors. And it is always said that-

First Impression Is The Last Impression

So take care of your website design very carefully. Today I am going to discuss some key parameter you should take care while selecting the templates for your website. Below are those and I am sure with the help of these points you will be able to select the best template that will suit your business.

1. Know Your Purpose

This is the very first criteria that you should think before selecting anything for your online dream. You should be aware of the purpose, your motive of the online platform that you are going to create.

Suppose you are going to book store and in the front of the store some cloths are hanging, how will you feel. The same applies to your visitor also. If you are going to create a blog, the template should be like a blog. Show it’s always good to first decide your need before selecting any template.

2. Your Template Should Be Responsive

Responsive templates are those templates which supports all the devices VIZ Desktop, Laptop, Tablets and Mobile Phones. Sometimes people have confusion that responsive means those which have faster speed, but it’s not. I will talk about the speed of your template in the next point.

Try to choose responsive templates
So spend some time while selecting the template and it should be such that, it should support all the devices and should look good in all.

3. Template should be fast enough

The internet giant, Google Inc. says-

The Web Should Be Fast Enough –Google Inc.

And if some precaution is asked by the Google, definitely one should take care of it. After all Google has more than 80% control of search traffic.

Also it’s really frustrating for your readers, if your web page will take much longer time to load and they may switch to the other blog and you will lose a valuable visitor.

So focus on reducing the loading time of the website and select the template according to it. Also a slower site will prevent you to increase the domain authority.

4. Proper combinations of Images and Sliders

Images play a very important role. After all a single image can says thousands of words.

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Depending on the nature of website, you should have proper images and sliders. Like if you are going to start a fashion store or a news website, you should have a slider which will show the summary of the news. And your visitors who have less time can simply have a glance to the slider and they can get all the important news just in few seconds. And that will be the beauty of your website.

The same applies to your blog also. I don’t think it needs a slider but a proper image is necessary.

So whenever required, you should use the images. But be careful while selecting the images, as if you will use the HD images or image of large size that will reduce the performance of the site.

And it will increase the web page loading time and so it will violate the above point (Template should be fast enough). Try to reduce blog load time as much as possible.

5. Avoid using too many widgets

This is one of the common issues that I have seen on many websites/blogs that the admin uses many widgets. I think the idea behind that they are thinking is, it will attract the users and bla bla..

But this is not correct. Use only those widgets that are required. Like you can use subscribe option, recent posts, achieve, recent comments and few social media widgets. You can check this site, only the required and above mentioned widgets are used over here.

This makes the website beautiful and simple also, which attracts the users. Also if you have many widgets (Those are exactly not required), your website loading time will increase and you will face issue while doing SEO.

6. Avoid modifying the templates too much:

Usually whenever you select any template for your website, you customize it. It’s good and necessary also to customize the templates as per your need and use.

But as it’s said, excess of anything is bad and the same applies here also. Don’t change or modify the template that you have selected too much. It will look not too good.

To avoid this, the best way is too change the template each time and check the preview of the changes design and decide whether it is looking good or not.

You can even check the output in browser also, each time you change something. And by this way you can control it too get over modification and can prevent to give bad look.

7. Use good combination of colors:

I had read a good quote about the colors and I would like to share that over here-
Colors Speak All Languages

Color combination of your website makes a great impression on the visitors
It’s completely correct. Colors speak about the nature and it matters a lot when we talk about the online business. Use those color combination in your website, which suits your eye and can attract your visitors. Never use too much dark or too much light color for the site.

Also, fonts should be good enough. if you don't like the default fonts, you can try for the Google custom fonts for blogs also.

8. Don’t flood your blog with ads:

First of all, what a blog is?

A blog is a website where we share our thoughts and ideas with the online world. And of course if we want to earn from our work, it’s not bad (At least this I think).

But again excess of anything is bad and so same here. I have personally seen many websites which is having lots of ads and you won’t be able to differentiate where the content is and which is ad.

Try to avoid such scenario. Because due to this, you will lose the confidence of your visitors.

So it’s a best practice to use at most 3 ads in a web page. This will maintain the balance between your income and the quality of your blogs too.

And even in three ads also you can earn much more than the crowd. I will talk about this in later topic.

So this was all about How to choose an effective template for your blog. Hope after reading this article, you will be able to choose a best template for you as per your requirement. Hope you enjoyed reading this post.

Thanks for reading it friends. Keep visiting and i am eagerly waiting for your comments!