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How To Start A WordPress Blog From Scratch? [2017 Updated Guide]

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, September 11, 2017
How to start a WordPress blog from scratch is probably one of the most widely topic in the blogging niche.

There are multiple platforms on which you can start your new blog. Few of those are,,, Drupal, and many others. Among all these, is most widely used and recommended. There are various reasons behind this which we will discuss later.

How To Start A WordPress Blog From Scratch
It is also no more secret that blogging is just a hobby; it is a profession and business. And so, you need a blog which should have the capability to turn into a business.

In this how to start a WordPress blog from scratch guide, I will discuss all the steps in detail. I’ll ensure that this is the only guide you’re following to start a WordPress blog from scratch.

For simplicity, I am going to categorize this how to start a WordPress blog from scratch guide into a different segment.

1. Platform selection
2. Niche selection
3. Domain Name selection
4. Choose Hosting
5. Theme Selection
6. Creating content for the blog
7. Working on On-Page SEO
8. Off-Page SEO
9. Blog/Content Promotion
10. Generating Money from the blog

I will be basically taking care of all the above 10 points in this how to start a WordPress blog from scratch guide.

Let’s start with each module in detail and start a WordPress blog from scratch.

How to start a WordPress blog from scratch- The Only Guide you need

Our main aim is not just to get you started but also show you how to earn from the blog. This massive guide on how to start a WordPress blog from scratch will give you all the insights of starting blogging.

Platform Selection

Well, as I mentioned earlier, there are lots of blogging platforms available like,, Blogger, Drupal, etc. and all are doing good. The thing is where (self-hosted WordPress) has greater market share, Drupal or others have very less.

From the below pie chart you can check that over 52% market as a blogging platform is captured by followed by custom blogs, Bloggers, and others.

Blogging Platforms
So, I will also suggest you go through self-hosted WordPress blog ( There are multiple benefits of it. Although it is bit costlier but will add a flavor.

The blog you are reading is on Blogger and I face issues while customizing. That is the reason all my other blogs are on self-hosted WordPress.

Even though you don’t need hosting while starting a blog with Blogger but apart from that everything will be the same. But when you will start using it you’ll find a lot of differences. Let me list few of those here.

1. The customization is very hard in Blogger and you can’t do all the customization you want.

2. There is no concept of landing pages in Blogger inside a blog. If you want to remove sidebar from blogger, you can do it but that will be for pages or whole blog, not the post.

3. There is always a risk that Google may delete your blog without any prior warning and all your work will be lost.

4. You can’t much play with the blogging tools as there is not much add-on available for Blogger. Whereas for WordPress 46k+ plugins are available.

After going through all these points, I am sure you must have decided to go with (self-hosted).

Again, if you want to compare and, will be leading. You can check the below comparison between both.
Difference between and .org
So far, the blogging platform has been selected. Now it’s time to work on then niche in which you will be blogging on.

Blogging Niche Selection

I have written a detailed blog post on this topic- 10 best blogging niches to get started!

You can check that blog post for the detailed understanding on the blogging niches. Also, I have seen some people discussing whether they should start a single niche site or multi-niche site.

Here is my view and detailed analysis over it- single niche vs. multi-niche blog

It is always advisable to start working on the niche which is of your interest. Also, don’t go simply by checking the CPC of keywords. Some people find few keywords having CPC USD 100+ (e.g. Mesothelioma) and tart working on it and end up getting nothing.

Domain Name Selection

Domain name is also one of the important factors in blogging. Your domain name should be easily readable and should not contain any name violating the trademark.

You should follow our articles on the domain name- How to select a domain name and cheap domain name registrar in the world.

Here are some of the best practices for domain name selection-

1. Choose a name which is relevant to your website
2. Keep it short
3. Should be easily pronounceable and memorable
4. Avoid using numbers, hyphens, etc. in the name
5. Should not have trademark names (like Google)
6. Prefer the TLDs like .com/.net/.org

You should know these things before starting any blog and I am sure after finishing this post, you can answer all these questions.

Choose the reliable hosting

Once you’re done with the above steps to start a WordPress blog from scratch, it’s time to work on hosting.

Hosting is one of the most important parts of the website life cycle. Your hosting must have the following qualities.

1. High quality and fast processing server
2. 24x7 dedicated support- especially the technical support
3. Should be cost-effective
4. Must have high uptime to ensure your site is up every time
5. Company should take backup regularly and provide the copy/restore when required
6. Should be interactive and can accommodate the third-party apps

After going through all these features, you may shortlist few hosting provider companies and go ahead with them.

I personally support BlueHost for WordPress hosting. There are many reasons behind this including the fact that, BlueHost is the officially recommended hosting from WordPress.

Apart from this, free domain, instant support, uptime, and server performance are the qualities due to which I recommend BlueHost for WordPress blog hosting. You can check our BlueHost Review for further details.

The good thing with BlueHost is the free domain for lifetime. Till the time, you’ll be with BlueHost hosting, the domain will be free for you. If you will buy domain separately, it will cost you around $10-$15 per year.

Buy a WordPress Hosting from BlueHost

In this section, I will be talking about how to buy WordPress Hosting from BlueHost. You can also check BlueHost hosting review if you need any further details.

Click here to buy WordPress Hosting from BlueHost at Discounted price

Now open BlueHost and follow this section to buy a hosting from BlueHost. Buy this you will be joining the community which powers more than 2 Million WordPress websites.

Note: At TricksRoad, we believe in transparency. If you will buy from the above link, I will get a small amount of commission without any extra cost to you. Even you will receive the discount if you will buy from this link 😊
Once you will click on get started now, it will take you to the plans page where different plans will be listed as shown below.
BlueHost Plans
If you are just starting with the WordPress blog, I will suggest you go through their basic plan at just $3.95 per month. Here you will be allowed to host one website.

If you need to host more websites, plus or prime plans will work bets for you. The best thing is currently the prime plan is at the same cost of plus plan.

Select the plan which suits you and you will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to enter your account details, demographic information, and the payment summary.

Here, BlueHost will ask you to claim the free domain. If you are ready with the domain name, you can claim else you can select the option to claim later.

By default, BlueHost will add extra add-ons to your cart. Make sure you’re unchecking those as below.
BlueHost Plans

Tips For Promotional Refrigerator Magnets

By Ashutosh Jha →
Refrigerator magnets are most efficient and effective marketing tool as well as these are affordable. These are highly efficient and carry good value since very few people throw these away. This is the best way and trick to keep your promotional message and name display in front of an audience for a long time. Promotional refrigerator magnets or custom printed magnet print with full of colors to seek audience's attraction and progress recall.

The promotional magnet is the same as a business card, but it has print on one side, and these can be slapped on the fridge or cabinet, funky metallic pin boards and much more. These are much better than business cards in many ways. These work like a visual reminder as well as an introduction to the audience who will see it.

Best tips for refrigerator magnets

These some tips help you to consider for promoting your business or brand what makes you unique through this useful magnetic marketing tool.

It helps you Promote what makes you unique

These magnets are not an ordinary piece of logo or just contact details; every promotional piece can help you promote what makes you different from others.

Classifying continuity

Make sure to select the same look and feel of the promotional material that can match your business card and your other marketing material. Remember, branding stability is the major for building up trust in potential clients and customers.

Contact details

Always have your necessary contact information on magnets, it can be the physical address, email address, website, PO Box address, etc.

Attractive look

Make sure your magnet has a most attractive design if you want these to be picked up and display everywhere.

Make it interesting, so people love to fridge it

It is basic and important to fridge slap for easy reference and urgent need. Give them reasons to slap magnets on the fridge like to have an inspirational quote which is also relevant to your business. For larger magnets you can go for annual calendars, it can be handy, or a wine association invests along with wine variety diagram.

Distribution offer

You can provide limited time offer on an attractive card also you have a space to stick your magnet there. You can distribute through a letter-box mail-drop in your targeted districts, Networking event tables or game ‘show bag,' Magazine/newsletter inserts or surprise bonus with any purchase, etc.

Marketing tips with refrigerator magnets

Magnets are essential for the advertisement of your product. Today, Magnets are the biggest source of the publicity of your product. Many types of businesses are using magnets for their especially in promoting the products. Magnets increase the value of your product from low to very high. It helps customers to be exposed to your daily business. For increasing the value of your magnet with the aid of novel or by using a unique design that attracts the customers.

Magnets make your business successful in many ways. It makes it easy for the customers for contacting you whenever a service is needed. Magnets are the great source of communicating your changes. Must bear in mind that there must not be any obstacle when your customer needs you and contacts you.

How to Find Royalty Free Images in Google

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, September 10, 2017
Let me ask a simple question to you? What you do whenever you need images for your blog posts. Do let me know your answer in a comment.

Most of us usually search the keyword in Google Image search and whichever image we like to download it and use it in our blog posts. Even some do watermarking as well.

find royalty free images in google
Do you know this is not a legal method? If the image that you have used is copyrighted, then the owner of that image may take a legal action on you. I have seen many bloggers have got penalized due to copyright issue and had to pay a lot of money. Even in some cases, you've to shut down your blog as well.

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So today I will take you to the simple method to find the royalty free images in Google. Royalty free images mean you can use that image in any way you want, and even you can use these images commercially. So let's start with the simple method to find royalty free images in Google. Step by Step Method to Find Royalty free images in Google.

1. Open Google Image search page and type the keyword which you want to search. Here I am going to search for “Blogging”.

find royalty free images online
2. This will display all types of results. Now we've to find those images which are royalty free. For this go to the right top of the page and click on the Gear icon. Here you will find an option called “Advanced Search”. Click on that.

find royalty free images for blog posts
3. Once you click on the advanced search option, you will get an entirely new page. Here you will find many fields. Just scroll down, and you will find a drop down named “usages rights” and select the last option “Free to use and share even commercially” and click on “Advanced Search”. No need to change anything else.

find royalty free images in google

4. That's all. Now the results those would be displayed contain images which are royalty free and you are free to use in any form. Now you have some more filters like a label, time, size, etc. If you need you can do more filtration.

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This is the easiest method to find Royalty free images in Google. Hope this article will help you to be safe and do blogging in a legal way.

I would love to know the methods used by you to find the royalty free images. Also, do share this article on your social media.

5 Common Blogging Mistakes Every Bloggers Should Avoid

By Ashutosh Jha →
Avoid some common blogging mistakes that many bloggers do as this will help you in the long run.

I remember once I said to one of my friends that I have started a blog for an online living. But with no surprise he ignored it. Then I gave examples of some well-established bloggers and showed their income report too. Finally, he told, this might happen.

He was not wrong. Many new bloggers fail in their initial stage itself because they are not committing some basic stuff while blogging.
Apart from selecting a great template for your blog and a good and unique domain name for your blog/website, many other things are there on which you should focus and not make mistakes.

No doubt, everybody makes mistakes, but one should learn from their mistakes. And learning from your mistakes will make you a leader in your respective fields. This is my personal experience.

So in this article, I am going to tell you some common blogging mistakes that most of the blogger do, but to be a successful blogger you need to avoid that.

These 5 Mistakes Every Bloggers Should Avoid

1. Not making friends who are from same profession

This is the most common mistake that many people do. They usually don't make friends from their profession, in this case blogger. Few bloggers think, why should they make blogger friends. There are many benefit of it-

  • They will update you with the latest trend in the blogging.
  • They even help you while deciding the topic on which you can write.
  • They can help you with the different tools/technologies that you should use to increase the traffic.
  • They can also review your blog and can suggest to improve, if something is not correct.

There are many more advantages of it, so i will suggest you to make at least some blogger friends and have some discussion with them at least once in a while. This is a very good practice.

2. Write on a single topic instead of multiple topics

It's a good practice to write on a single topic instead of multiple topics. There are many benefit of it like-
  • You can attract the advertiser. Advertiser mainly choose those website which is about some particular product. And here your blogging is your product.
  • While writing on particular topic, you can make a base of your regular visitor. This will help you in getting the brand name.
There are many other benefits also, which you can read here.

3. Not using images and captions

This is another mistake that most of the blogger commit. They either not use images or if they use, they don't put a caption on it. It's great saying that-

A picture is worth a thousand words

ie. Even a complex story can be depicted with a simple image. So try to include images in your blog posts wherever necessary. Also, use appropriate title and captions for your used images. As you can see above, I have used a caption which tells why I have used that image in this post. The same applies to search engine also.

If you will not use title and captions, the search engine will not crawl that image and indirectly you will lose some search traffic. And isn't that everything.

So I would rather suggest to include few images, where ever required in your blog posts with proper title and captions.

4. Not replying to the visitor's comment

This is one of the common and biggest mistakes that a blogger does. They don't answer the reader's ask. In blogging, it's very necessary to build a relationship with your visitors. Especially the newbie bloggers should answer the queries raised by your readers.

You only think, you visited any shop and asked for certain things and the shopkeeper didn't answer you. How you will feel? Probably you will not visit that shop again.

The same applies to here also. If you won't reply to their queries, probably they will never return again and you will lose again your valuable visitors.

5. Once written the post, you think it's done

Generally, most of the blogger think that whatever they have written is just great to read and not doing any editing to their post. But it's not true. Even if you have written perfectly the post while writing first time, still it needs editing. Just read once after completing your post and see how much editing it needs.

So take some time around 20-15 minutes and edit the whole post. And then see the effect of it. It's always good practice to make a list of points which you should check while editing like grammar, font, color etc.


No one is perfect and all do less or more mistakes. But the one who learns from their mistakes grows. So consider my above points to make your blog and blogging career successful.

Apart from the above points, keep editing your posts depending on the requirements.

Did We Miss Anything? Or do you have some more tips with you? We Are Eagerly waiting for your comments!

Top 5 Cheap and Best Domain Name Registrars in the World

By Ashutosh Jha →
Before starting any blog or website, there are few things that you should take care for the success. The first and the most important is the domain name selection and the second is the design of the site. If these two are well settled, then only you should move ahead.

If you’re avoiding these two basic steps, you may never get the traffic you’re targeting, and traffic plays a critical role in the success right?
So you must avoid the common mistakes that many bloggers do. Of all the necessary steps, the domain name is the very first and fundamental constraint in the success of any blog. Having a memorable domain name is the key to building a successful blog. But the biggest problem is almost all the good names are already registered, so what to do?

Read our article, How to choose the best domain for your blog, and you’re going to select the best of available on the web. There are around 170k domain are registered each day (A current survey has disclosed that daily almost 170k domains are registered, and 125k are getting deleted, then also 45k are getting increased each day) so you can think about the availability of the domain names.

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Now the second important question is where you should buy the domain? There are plenty of domain registers companies available and also much more are getting opened each day. So it’s tough to choose the best among them. I’ve heard from many bloggers that they are not getting proper support from Domain registrar or they are facing some issue with it. But nothing to worry, I’ve researched well, and from my experience, I have collected few best and cheap domain name registrar available on the web.

But before going into that, there are few points that you should consider while registering a domain name from any company-
  • The company should provide ‘pay as you go’ method. Most of the well-established companies offer this. It means you’ve to pay every year you host on their servers.
  • Security for the domain should be there
  • Consistent support should be available through different modes of communication
  • Should not have any hidden charges. Many companies provide domain name at less price, but again they charge for DNS, security, etc. So be aware of this.
So now without wasting time, I’m going to provide you the list of top 5 cheap and best domain registrars available on the internet with their price and features. These will make your work easy while registering domains.

5 Best Domain Name Registrar for Domain Name Registration

1and1 Domain Registrar

1and1 is famous due to its low price for the first year and good support work. 1and1 was founded in 1981 and is one of the oldest and most reliable domain name registrar on the Internet now. The company offers 24x7 supports for their customers. The company claims to have more than 25 million satisfied customers and the company who emphasize on security of domains. Currently, offers are going on with 1and1, and you can buy a .com domain name for only $0.99/year for the first year. Later reasonable charges will be applied.

5 Free Blog Post Title Generator: Make Your Work Easy

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, September 9, 2017
The title is a crucial part of blogging. A blog post title decides whether people are going to read your blog post or not. No matter how better content you've written if, you don't have the good and catchy title, it will be difficult for you to attract readers. Also, a good title plays a critical role in search engine optimization which directly relates to the traffic of your blog.


If you're a WordPress user, you have the option to show different title to your readers and search engine. Also, you can use different title for different target audience like below-
  • Write a Title for readers on the Blog Post
  • Write the second title for search engine using SEO Meta Title
  • Also, write a different title for Social Media Promotion. As if you'll have a catchy title on social media you'll be able to attract more traffic. You can do this using WordPress plugin WP Social WordPress plugin.

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To do all this, you should have an excellent idea as for a single post you need to think three best title which is not that easy. But nothing to worry. Yes, today I am going to list 5 websites where you can generate best blog post title for free.

The Ultimate List of Top 5 Blog Post Title Generator

Let's start with the top free blog post title generator and see their pros and cons. All these Free Blog Post Title Generator have their own pros and cons, but at the end, you can go with any to get your work done for titles.

HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator


I have used HubSpot's title generator many times, and I feel this tool is one of the best to generate great blog post title generator. This tool not only helps you to create the best post title but also it will help you to get new blog post ideas. Just you've to enter the keywords and click on the Get Me Blog Topics. That's all you're done. For example, I just entered the keyword “Blog Title”, and it gave me 5 awesome blog post title-


Click Here to Generate Title Using HubSpot

Portent Content Idea Generator


Portent content idea generator is also used to generate the blog post titles but it's a bit different from the other available tool in the market. Once you'll place your keyword the tool will generate you generic title rather than some fix title.

I searched for the same keyword “Blog Title”, it suggest me something like below-

It shows you how you should put your title. Like at the end of the result it has Number. This means the number of tools that you will put in your post should be written over there. Also if you don't like the idea, just refresh the button and it will show you another set of suggestion. This is also one of the best blog topic generators. You should try this for sure once.

Click Here to Try Portent for Free

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator


This is also a nice tool to generate the title for your blog post. The best thing about this app that makes this different from other tools are- It generates blog post title in different category like-
  • List
  • How To section
  • Title like asking questions
  • Title like motivation etc
You can select any as per your need.

Click Here to Generate blog post Title using TweakYourBiz

SEO Processor Title Generator


I am sure you must be knowing about the SEO Processor. Yes, that's the same premium WordPress plugin. They have now come up with title generator tool also and it's working great. Just enter your keyword and you can also select the type as a description from drop down. It will display you the list of blog titles.

Click here to generate Title using SEO Processor

Link Bait Title Generator


Link Bait is also one of the most famous blog post title generator tool. Just enter the keyword, and you'll get lots of title suggestions. Also, you can select the style if you would like to choose to depend upon certain trends.

Over to You

These are some of the best tools for free blog title generator. You can use these to get blog post title ideas anytime. I will suggest you bookmark this post for your further use.

I am sure you must be using some tricks to get blog title. Let me know those in comments. Also don't forget to subscribe us to get best tips, tricks and offers directly in your inbox.

How to Receive Payment from Perfect Money to PayPal

By Ashutosh Jha →
Last week I was working with one client from Bulgaria and I didn’t check whether PayPal works for them or not. I completed the agreed work and sent the invoice for payment.

But received shocking news that PayPal doesn’t work there and he told me he can do payment through Perfect Money. This was the first time I heard about Perfect Money. I calmly asked my client whether he can choose any other option or list the options available for payment and he listed few as below and the interesting thing was, I was not having an account with any of those.

• Perfect money
• WebMoney
• Yandex money
• Bank transaction (in their country)

Then I requested him for some time and he was fair enough to accept that. Then I started searching for the methods as how I can receive payment through perfect money?

I posted this query on Facebook and one gentleman helped me and he explained the process and yeah, sent me his affiliate link for signup so that he can receive some affiliate commission (this is a good idea).

Although client gave 3-4 network to get the payment but Perfect Money seemed to best among all and I finally went with them and completed the process.

Before letting you know how you can receive payment through perfect money, let me tell you that the entire process is very costly and you should only go with it if you don’t have any other options like PayPal, Payoneer etc.

How to Receive Payment from Perfect Money to PayPal?

I am considering here, receiving money in your PayPal account as the destination as you all are champ in the further process of withdrawing money from PayPal to your respective bank accounts.

Getting payment into your PayPal account involves couple of steps as below-

• First, get the payment to your Perfect Money account
• Then use some exchanger to get that amount in PayPal account

In both the steps, the network will charge some amount and then again PayPal and that’s why I said, it is very costly.

So the complete process to get payment through Perfect Money to PayPal involve the below steps-

• Create account with Perfect Money
• Receive the Money in Perfect Money account
• Connect with any exchanger (I used Rchange as it is simple & quick to use)
• Create account with Rchange and connect your PayPal account with them
• Now initiate the withdrawal process from Perfect Money through Rchange to PayPal account

With the above steps, you would be able to receive money in PayPal account through Perfect money and Rchange. I.e. this is the complete process of perfect money to PayPal money withdrawal.

Now let me take you through each step and share how to receive payment through Perfect Money to PayPal.

Create Perfect Money Account

This is the first step to perfect money to PayPal processing. Creating account with Perfect money is a very easy task and can be done in a couple of minutes, but one thing I want to share here is, don’t ever use FAKE details as it may cause an issue.

Also, here we are trying to get money in PayPal from Perfect Money but if you want to get in Bank Account then you will have to do perfect money account verification which is not possible without real proofs.

To create Perfect Money account, just follow the below steps and get your perfect money account active.

1. Visit this link and fill the required details. The fields are self-descriptive and you won’t have any issue filling out.

2. Select Individual and accept the T&C at the bottom of the form and click on Register Button.

3. You will receive an email asking to verify the account. Please do so by clicking the link.

4. Now if you want to verify your account, you will have to complete 3 verification work-

• Name Verification- Can be done by uploading any your identity card. I gave my PAN card

• Address Verification- Can be done by uploading any utility bill like Gas/phone/water etc. I was not having on my name so I didn’t have address verified account. But don’t worry; it won’t affect our aim here.

• Contact Number- This will be done only if first two are verified

5. Now proceed to your account and there you will find there three account number in different currencies like below-

6. The one with a $ sign is your account is your account number and will be used to receive payment from your client. Just send this account number starting with U to your client and ask to send the payment to your Perfect Money Account.

7. I did the same and received my payment. But this is not done yet. You have just received the payment but it will not available for withdrawal until you will accept it. This can be done just by clicking the link shown at the end of payment received.

8. Just click the link and it will ask for a confirmation code (your client will send you this code). Enter it and done with Perfect Money work.

Now as you have your money in Perfect Money account, it’s time to get in PayPal account. For this, I took help of Rchange.

Create account with Rchange

Creating account with Rchange is also a very easy task and you just need to follow below steps-

• Register with them using this link
• Now add your PayPal email id with them
• Once done, it’s time to transfer the payment. Click on this link and select Perfect Money to PayPal

• Here you will have to select the PayPal Id where you want payment and connect with your Perfect Monet account.

• Select your Perfect Money account number where money is and authorize account.

• Here you will have to select the amount you are willing to withdraw. Perfect Money charges 1.99% as the processing fee and so do the calculation. I had $74 and so I choose $73.5 for withdrawal.

• Just click TRANSFER and done. You will see a row in your Rchange account that they have received the payment and it is under processing.

• Here again, Rchange will deduct your $2.5 as a processing fee and I received $71.5 in Rchange account.

• Now after some time, you will get the money transferred to your PayPal account and you will receive a confirmation email for the same.

• Again PayPal will deduct their fee (around 5%) and so finally I received around $68 for an amount of $75.

So in the whole process, networks deducted around 9.2% of the amount but yeah I received my payment and it was a great learning experience as I came to know about different other Payment and Exchanger networks.

From here I am sure you know how PayPal works and when you will get your money credited to your bank account.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about Hoe to receive payment from Perfect Money to PayPal. I hope if you need, you would be able to get payment from your clients from those locations where PayPal doesn’t work. If still you’re finding any issue, feel free to drop your query in a comment.

Had you come to similar situation ever? What did you do to receive money?

How to Protect your Blog Posts from Plagiarism

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, September 8, 2017
Blogger and writers put their heart while writing the blog post but think when they find that their effort has been copied. How will they feel? Recently, I found one guy on Facebook closing his blog because other was stealing their content and despite many notifications that guy didn’t stop copying his content. He even complained to Google but due to some mistake, Google removed his content from the search engine. I don’t want to happen this to you. In this article, I’m going to share few methods to protect blog posts from plagiarism.

protect blog posts from plagiarism

5 Tips to Protect blog posts from plagiarism

Below I am going to share few tips using which you can protect your contents from being copied. Also, I'll share some tips using which you can take action in case if your content has already been copied.

1. Give your articles a personal touch

This is a very uncommon method but belief me, this method will help you a lot. Let me tell you in detail. Once you’ll give your article personal touch it will look different.

At TricksRoad, I write all the content personally except few high-quality guest posts. So you’ll frequently find that I include more about my personal experience here like how I achieved it or how that method helped me etc.

So by using these methods I give a personal touch to my articles and one thing is surely more than one people can’t have an exactly similar story. So according to me giving a personal touch to your articles will help you to protect your blog posts from Plagiarism.

2. Copyright your content

Don’t worry it’s completely FREE. Whenever you write a good content, give some more time protecting that content. I’m sure writing a good blog post can take a minimum of 2-4 hours (I usually take around 3 hours for a blog post) so why don’t you spend 5-10 more minutes copyrighting it. The best way to register your site for copyright is by registering at Also, register with DMCA. These will help.

3. Take primary and important precautions

I say this primary because everyone knows this but many of us don’t use these. Let me tell you what all these-

• Add Disclaimer page & privacy policy pages to your blog and clearly, mention in which conditions your content or any other resources can be used.

• Make this a habit of bookmarking the image or put your logo or something like that to your images so that others can’t use it directly.

• Use copy scape and DMCA. Register your blog to these sites and get help in bad times.

4. Use Notification Sites and get informed

It is good to take precautions and keep yourself secured from any unusual stuff but still there are chances that your content may get copied. So what to do now?

There are many sites which can help you in such scenarios. These sites can tell you if someone has stolen your content and then you can take any manual action against thieves. Below are few such sites.


The simple and awesome ways to do this but is bit lengthy. What you have to do is, copy some part of your article and paste in Google and see if any site showing in the search result are using your content or not. But this is bit lengthy process.

Use copyscpae:

This is a free tool to check whether your blog posts have been copied or not. Just paste your link and copyscpae will display the list of sites that has the same content. If the result has any site, you can take further action.

Enable Ping in your WordPress blog:

This is only available on WordPress blogs. Here you can enable ping and it will notify you whenever someone will link to your blog.

Use Plagiarism checker sites:

You can also keep checking your contents using plagiarism checker sites like Small SEO Tools, Plagiarism Checker etc.

5. Use

This is also related to Step 4 itself but I am listing as a new method due to it’s added advantage. This website enables you to protect from the thieves by creating a link back to your site. So if anybody is copying your content, it will create a link back to your site and hence your site’s SEO will get improved.

This is the best that you can get from the thieves. This increases your blog's  SERP and hence increasing your traffic.

Actions you should take against Content thieves

After going through the above steps, I’m sure you will find the one who is stealing your content. So now it’s time to take action against them. Below I am giving your few tips using which you can get their copied content removed from the web.

1. Contact that person & Request

This should be your first step towards taking any action. You should be soft first. Reach out to the people who have copied your content and ask to remove your content. If it is image or infographic or any such shareable stuff you can ask for the backlinks.

You can contact them by emailing or using the contact form on their sites. In most of the cases once you will complain, the people who have copied your content will remove from their site. If not, move to the further steps.

2. File a DMCA complaint against the thieves

This should be your second step. If somebody has copied your content and he/she is not removing using step 1 you can go ahead and file a DMCA complaint. You can check this link of DMCA to know how you can file a complaint.

3. Report to Google Directly

You can also file a complaint to Google against those and ask Google to remove the copied content from the web. Google provides different complaint form for different blogging and website platform.

• BlogSpot user can use this link
• WordPress user can use this link
• All other users can use this link

Be sure while filling up these forms to provide the genuine information and explain each and everything in details. This will help for sure.

Be sure while filling up these forms to provide the genuine information and explain each and everything in details. This will help for sure.

Over to You

These were some tips about How to protect your blog posts from Plagiarism and what to do when someone have copied your content. I am sure by using these techniques; you would be able to protect your content in a better way.

I would love to know about the techniques that you are using to protect your content. Do let me know in comments. Also, subscribe us for free resources and freebies.