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5 Best URL Shortener Sites You Should Use for short URL

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, May 20, 2018
URL shortener was initially developed by Twitter considering their 140-character limitation. But since there are many URL shortener sites came in existence.

There are many top URL shortener sites which are doing perfectly fine and many have even started monetizing the short URL. URL shortener sites like monetize the short URL and you can even earn money from it.

Best URL Shortener Sites
But today we are not focusing majorly on the money part and instead focusing on best URL shortener sites you can use. Especially while sharing the link on social media sites we should use short URL in order to keep the post small and precise.

There are many benefits of using short URL like-

  • Keeps your post small and precise
  • You can track the analytics of the shorted URL using the URL shortener sites itself
  • All these URL shortener sites are free to use
  • You can earn money from shortened links

So, as you know why one should use shortened URL, let’s see some best URL shortener sites you can use for shortening URL. In fact, many big companies like Facebook (, Facebook acquired and Google ( are having URL shortener service.

Best URL Shortener Sites to make short URL

Here are some of the best URL shortener services which you can use to short your long URL. All these are free URL shortener sites and even you can customize your shortened URL easily.

Let’s start with the best URL shortener and see how these work and help you in getting the short URL.

1. by Google- My Favorite and Best URL Shortener is world’s leading and most used URL shortener service currently. It has been brought by the Google and is a free service like many other Google tools.

Best URL Shortener Sites
Also, it is the easiest URL shortener tool I found. Just enter the URL you want to shorten and it will give you the shortened URL in seconds. Also, if you are logged in to your account, then you can have the history of the shortened URL as well.

The other benefit I found with google URL shortening is the analytics. You can check how many times your shortened URL has been clicked, the location of the hits, browser, device etc. very easily.

Usually, many social sites block the uses of shortened URLs but if you are using then stay assured against any such issues.

2. is another most popular URL shortener site one has come across. They are one of the oldest URL shortener sites in the world as well.

You can get all the features what is providing at as well. You can customize the shortened URL as well as per your need.

For example, I can make URL like etc. for easy reading of the shortened URL.

But I don’t recommend using for those who are into affiliate marketing. According to FAQ, they add affiliate cookies into URL shortened by free users. So you won’t be getting for shortened affiliate link via They offer both free and paid plans.

3. is another leading URL shortening site you can use. The best part is with you can also earn money.

That means if you are shortening your URL through URL shortener then for every click on the shortened URL, you will get paid as well. They are not just the URL shortening tool but a URL shortening advertising network. You can read our review for more details.

The major feature I liked about is the mass URL shortening feature. That means you can shorten 20 URLs in one go. If you are blogging on WP platform, then you may also use their WP plugin to earn some extra bucks.

Note: I would suggest not using for your personal use as it will first show the ad and then the destination will be reached. So, this ad can irritate to your friends/family. That’s the reason you should avoid this URL shortening service for personal use and while sharing the URL on social media.

4. might be less known to you but it is the official HootSuite URL shortener tool. You can use this URL shortener site from the web or mobile no matter you are a HootSuite user or not.

It also has all the analytics and tracking feature you can find with other shortening sites. And of course, is also a free URL shortener.

5. is an official URL shortener tool from StumbleUpon. It allows you to syndicate content to StumbleUpon, Facebook and Twitter at the same time, suggests the best time of day to post and allows you to schedule posts in the future.
StumbleUpon is quite a popular social site and so you can trust this URL shortening site and can use for both personal and professional purposes.

Wrapping it up!

These were all about the best URL shortener sites you can use to shorten your long URL. In fact, all these 5 sites are best free URL shortener and can be used while logging in or without. But it is recommended to log in first and then shorten the URL as this will allow you to check the analytics of that shortened URL.

If you are not looking to monetize your shortened URL then it is good to use for all the use. Else you can also try

If you are looking for a trusted URL shortener and also want to monetize it, is best.

Which URL shortening tool you use to shorten your long URL?

7 Things Which Are Stopping You to Continue Blogging

By Ashutosh Jha →
Blogging has become a business now and people earn many multiples of regular income in blogging. If you are frequent to social media, you must be seeing so many success stories people write about the success like they earn $10k/$20k per months. That’s true. But you will hardly find any stories of failure. No doubt the online industry has full of potential and money but it’s not that easy.

Many people who are not in online marketing/industry might be thinking what these guys do with just a laptop. But earning online is that easy? No.

In 2013, there were more than 152 Millions of Blogs online which is growing rapidly. But are all successful? No because there are something which stops those bloggers and so they are not. When it comes to successful bloggers there are hardly few..maybe thousands. You can check an interesting Infographic shared by BWHGeek on blogs.

Blogging Statistics Blogging is a platform which people choose to express their feeling and once they attract visitors, it starts making money. There are n number of examples where people from completely different professions have come to blogging and have done extraordinary.

But at the same time there are huge numbers who got failed. It’s not that people don’t want to or don’t try but there is something which stops them to peruse further. Today I will talk about the top 7 reasons those stop you to continue blogging.

Top 7 Reasons – Those stop you to Continue Blogging

1. You don’t have interest anymore

why bloggers fail
This is the main reason why bloggers leave blogging. It has been seen that majority of bloggers leave blogging as don’t find interest anymore.

And if you don’t have interest, you can’t do that thing. So now what? What should you do to make interest? Below are few points which you should consider-

• Blog only on the topic which you like
• Blog to the niche which admire you.
• Don’t simply blog! Do it passionately.
• Start selling from first day itself. Once money will come automatically you will find a reason to continue :)

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2. Don’t find an Idea to Write

why bloggers fail
Again the same thing as above. If you don’t have enough knowledge and passion on some particular topic you can’t blog for more time. No doubt you can write 20-30 posts but what after that? So to overcome on this, you may follow the below-

• Blog only on those niches which you like and admire you.
• Suppose you like entertainment niche but don’t find enough earning (which is not the case) then you can start a blog on profitable niche but hire someone to write the content for that as that’s not your expertise.
• Participate on forums to get an idea about topic. You may write on the questions people ask. What can be better than that?
• Ask your followers about which topic they want you to write etc.

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3. Your Younger bloggers are doing better than you

This is human tendency to keep checking others. You may find many bloggers who are younger than you but are doing better. You may feel shame in front of them and get depressed. When I started blogging last year found there are many bloggers who are making thousands and are just in schools/colleges and I was college pass out. But I took that positively and thought if they why I can’t?

You should also remove such thoughts that your youngers are performing better. Take this in a positive way as if they can do why you can’t. They might be working harder than you and so you should too.

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4. Google Doesn’t Like you

why bloggers fail
I am mentioning Google here as Google has highest market share compare to other search engines. More than 70% of searches are done on Google. You can find the statistics below about the search engine market share-

Google - 70.23%
Bing 10.33%
Yahoo - 9.54%
Baidu- 7.06%
AOL - 1.11%
Ask - 0.19%
Lycos - 0.02%
Excite - 0.00%

So if your blog is performing well in Google means you are 90% successful and just you need to convert that traffic further to make sell.

To remove the spams and low quality contents, Google keep on bringing updates which gives benefits to good quality blogs where as low quality blogs get penalized. There may be several reason of this –

• You may be writing copied content
• Your content quality id very poor
• You don’t provide quality to the users
• Your SEO strategy is incorrect and many more

But remember one thing here- Goggle doesn’t bring updates (panda, penguin etc) to harm blogs rather they save themselves. Suppose spammers take their blogs at high ranking but doesn’t provide quality and when you search anything you visit that blog which doesn’t have quality at all and this is coming repeatedly..then whether you will search that term again in Google? May be not as you may think Google is not displaying good result and the business of Google will go down.

So to protect themselves and to maintain quality Google brings updates. You should blog in a way that should be to solve the issue of needy person as well as search engine friendly also. Got my point?

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5. Drop in Your Earning

why bloggers fail
Money is the top most motivational factor..agree?

When I started this blog in around Nov’14, I didn’t earn a single penny since Feb’15. My first earning was $35 through a sponsored post. Since that time I am growing. But it’s not that my earning has only increased. It has down graph as well but this doesn’t mean I will get demotivated.

How to Save Money on Hosting Renewals

By Ashutosh Jha →
Web hosting is one of the essential parts of any self-hosted blog or website. And it is the one which cost maximum as well. Usually, when you will buy a new hosting, you will get much discount but that is not the case with renewals.

You have to pay the full amount in case you are looking to renew your account. I was also facing this issue and figured out few methods to save money on hosting renewals. In this post, we will discuss on how to save money on hosting renewals.

How to Save Money on Hosting Renewals
Currently, I am using Bluehost and Hostgator hosting for my niche websites and I bought it a very less price initially but when I renewed it, it cost me a lot.

Usually, you won’t find any hosting renewal coupon code and so customer end of paying the full amount.

Let’s take an example here:

The basic plan of BlueHost for WordPress hosting cost you $7.99 per month. This allows you to host 1 blog and the other resources are enough to handle one WordPress blog.

If you are a new user, this BlueHost basic plan will just cost you $2.99 per month. And you will also get a free domain until the time you will be a Bluehost user. But the problem will come when you will go for renewal. While renewing your hosting, Bluehost will charge you the full amount and you won’t find any renewal coupon available.

So, initially when you paid just $35.88 for one year, next year you will have to pay $95.88 which is $60 more. And believe me, $60 is not a small amount at all at least for the newbies!

You should make a way which we will discuss below to save that $60 every year. After all, money saved is the money earned!

Save Money on Hosting Renewal- 3 Working Methods

Let’s start and see how to save money on hosting renewals. These methods are not just limited to WordPress hosting but for any hosting, you can save money.

#1 Buy hosting for longer period

This is the very simple and most effective method to save money on hosting renewal. Whenever you are buying hosting, don’t just buy for only one year, go for at least two or three.

By this way, you will have to pay the amount for all the years at the discounted price only. For example, you are going to buy the basic plan of Bluehost hosting for 3 years. It will cost you just 12*3*2.99=$107.64.

Now let’s say you bought initially for one year and renewed it further for 2 years then it will cost you: (12*2.99)+(12*2*7.99)=$227.64

Difference: $120

This is a huge amount that can be utilized to grow your blog further.

So, as and when possible, always try to but the hosting for a longer period to avoid spending more on hosting renewals.

But sometimes you may be not sure whether the blog or website you are starting will sustain for longer or not or you are not sure of the hosting service. And for these reasons, people end of buying just for a year or even less.

If you are also having the same reason, follow our next steps and save money on hosting renewals.

#2 Migrate your website to save money on Hosting Renewal

This is a sure shot method to save money on hosting renewals. What you need to do here is, when your existing hosting will be about to expire, don’t renew it. Instead, migrate all your sites to some new hosting.

Now when you will migrate to new hosting, you will be the new customer for them and you can get all the offers available for the new customers.

The only issue with this method is, if your new web hosting company won’t provide the free site migration service then you will have to do it on your own. Although migrating a site from one host to another is very easy but is time-consuming.

For this reason, prefer some good hosting company who provide free site migration so that you don’t have to be in such glitches. All the good hosting companies like Bluehost, HostGator, SiteGround, NameCheap, etc. provide free site migration service.

Few people have the misconception about the site migration like-

  • They will lose the traffic if they will move to new hosting
  • Their website’s SEO may get impacted
  • They may lose some files etc.

But nothing is going to happen from above. Everything will be like the earlier just your hosting company will be changed. So, it is completely safe to move to another hosting if you are not satisfied or want to save money on hosting renewal.

Also, you must check the feedback from existing customers of the hosting before buying it. You can also check Bluehost Review, HostGator Review, and DreamHost Review for more details.

#3 Ask for the discount on Hosting Renewal

It is 6 times easier to retain an existing customer compared to acquiring a new customer. Every company wants to retain their existing customer to grow their business and you can make use of it.

Just connect with the customer support team of your hosting company and ask for the discount on the hosting renewal. There is a great chance that your company will give you a decent discount on the renewal which you can use to save money on hosting renewal.

You can just email them saying something like below-

Hi Team,

I am the customer of so and so plan of your hosting which is going to be expired on this date. I was planning to renew it but found I will have to pay the full amount which is more than my allowed budget.

Also, I am getting a decent discount (mention discount and company name) from ABC company and I want to save money on hosting renewal. Please let me know if you can provide me any discount if I will decide to stay with you.

Awaiting your positive response!


This should give you a decent discount on your hosting renewal. But again there is no guarantee and it completely depends on the norms of the company.

If this is not working with you, 2nd option is always there to save money on hosting renewal and will work for sure.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the tips to save money on hosting renewal. You can save a good amount of money on web hosting renewals using these methods.

Earlier I was on DreamHost and I wrote them for the discount while renewal and they gave me a good discount coupon and that’s the reason I used DreamHost for over 3 years. You can check how to start a WordPress Blog on DreamHost in 10 minutes.

If you have ever used any other tricks to save money on web hosting renewal then please share with us. This may help others to save few bucks.

If you liked these methods for money saving on hosting renewal, please share with your friends :)

5 Free Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, May 19, 2018
Digital marketing is the new bird in the industry, and every business is gripping it. So these free digital marketing courses for beginners will help everyone who wants to step in this marketing world.

Almost every business has gone global, and social media has helped it reach new audiences and market its products and services to people across borders and geographies.

Much of what we see regarding the product and services websites, the graphics, content, press releases, video advertisements and even the leaks, are part of an elaborate world of digital marketing.

Big businesses and corporations invest millions in their digital image and seek professional digital marketing and advertisement companies to handle their social media presence.

Social media presence can range from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter to Snapchat, giving Public Relation services and content on the leading blogs on websites.

Digital marketing experts, who know the ins and outs of the industry, manage these platforms. Now with the following beginner courses, you can also join them in running the digital landscape.

Free Digital Marketing Courses for Beginners- Top 5

The Google Online Marketing Challenge (GOMC)

Open for professors and students, GOMC led by Google Analytics offers a free learning experience, training, and challenge to fulfill as a team. The course will help gain certification in Google AdWords and provides a modular learning approach to the digital marketing content. Google also provides a sum of $250 to use on AdWords for real life companies and the winners are provided with cash prizes. Monitored by Google, all participants are provided with on-going support throughout the course.

Udemy - Content Inventory and Content Audit

The course gives a beginner look at how professionals manage content at a larger scale, what role content plays in in website strategies, while also giving ways on how quantitative and qualitative content metrics can be monitored. These can then be applied to help make better search results and a more uniformed audience targeting strategies. Other areas covered include the use of keywords and content warehousing techniques at a beginners level, while the course can be tailored for more advanced needs through a paid subscription.

Facebook Blueprint Online Courses

Facebook is the biggest example of a business that primarily works in digital content and marketing to help advertisers earn. It is the largest platform to see hands on how the digital marketing and advertising sphere works. The free online internet marketing courses for beginners and profusions offered comes with online certifications, live events, webinars and constant feeds to keep you updated with the latest happenings in the media industry. Facebook employees manage these themselves, for real life experience sharing.


Coursera - Digital Marketing Specialization

If you wish to get a complete digital marketing degree equivalent course to study, the Digital Marketing Specialization is for you. As cited best essay writing service, the course includes six courses ranging from:

  • how marketing is done in the digital world
  • how it is managed and measured through the use of analytics
  • how that analytics are used by professionals in practice and theory
  • how planning is done for the various digital marketing channels
  • at what landscape is it based on
  • A digital marketing capstone to test your ultimate skills.

All the content is managed and provided by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, with paid certifications as well. However, the courses can be taken on a standalone basis as well.

ALISON Diploma in E-Business

Amongst all free online internet marketing courses, this free e-business diploma gives the most comprehensive marketing education available online. Classes are based on 6-10 hours, this course provides an understanding of all Google Analytics code, how can websites be better searched on the Google engine, AdWords, content management and tools to better align digital marketing tools for maximum content visibility and reach. Registered users are provided with an online certificate, only if they pass the tests with a score of 80 percent and more.

Wrapping it up!
Digital marketing has taken an afterburner approach in the past few years. Every business, who wants to make their presence felt at any social media and the digital landscape, needs to hire an expert or know how it can help them stay visible.

Nevertheless, all professionals in the marketing industry can also utilize these courses to help increase their skills and potential to assist their marketing teams and content providers. Online education websites such as Code Academy, Udacity, Coursea, EdX, HDFS Tutorial (for Big Data Hadoop) and Udemy can be searched for more free online cours4s to help you excel in a rewarding digital marketing career.

17 Proven Ways to Make Money Online from Blog

By Ashutosh Jha →
So you are having a blog but are you not earning what you deserve? A few days ago I wrote an article on how to increase your earning from Google AdSense.

But only using AdSense you are not going to make an online living. Every time you need to try some other ways to get enough income from your blog. Today I’ll give you all the proven ways to earn from your blog.

Make Money Online from Blog
Today I was exploring something on one of the Google+ community and found a question asked by one of the member can anybody here tell me how I can exactly earn from a blog. Please provide only real methods. So I decided to write a complete article on all the proven ways to earn a decent amount from your blog. Overall your blog is your product. It’s your business.
Thousands of bloggers are finding that blogging is a profitable medium. Whether it is a few dollars to have a cup of coffee on weekends or it is making enough dollars to stop your regular 9-5 job and continue blogging as your full time opportunity.

How to make a money making blogging

Here I want to share an image that depicts almost all the ways a blogger can earn from their blog and some other stuff. This visual representation will help the beginner most.

Click on the above image to get a clear view of it.
One thing that I want to make clear here is there are thousands of bloggers who are trying their luck in blogging but only a few got success. I’m sorry to say this but this is the reality, my friends. You need to be extraordinary if you want enough online money, name, and fame all.

But still there are many bloggers who are living on their blog so why not you?

If you have passion, you don’t want to do the 9-5 job, want to be your own boss, you can start a blog and can make far more money that you’re making from your daily jobs. But before staring your own new blogs, I would suggest you read this article as for whether you’re prepared to start it or now.

Hope you’re now prepared to start your blog. But remember making money from blogs is not a day work. You need to work days and nights to make money and somehow after few months, you’ll be able to earn few dollars. But those dollars will inspire you to work more and more and then by this continuous process you can become a successful blogger.

You have already read more than 500 words and till now I haven’t shared a single method to earn. Someone is talking too much :)

Now without wasting time I’m going to share all the methods that all the successful bloggers are using to get a six-figure income. And I’m sure after using these methods; you are going to be one of them.

But just remember to earn more you should have a proper layout of the blog, a good name, enough and quality contents and you need to avoid the initial mistakes done by many bloggers who fail to make money and finally close their blog.

Different Ways to Earn from Your blog

1. Google AdSense: I’m keeping Google Adsense at the top of the list because of the trust and the recurring income. Google Adsense is the biggest ad network in the world and many bloggers completely depend on AdSense for their income.

Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted ads on their websites.

AdSense works on the per-click or per-impression basis. Whenever anybody will clicks or view on the ads, you will get money from the advertisers. The money that you will get depends on the geographic locations, and the CPC.

You will get more money if you’ve received a click from US/Canada compared to Asian countries. There are many types of ads are provided by AdSense like Text, Images, Videos etc. But to earn more from your AdSense, you need to know these basic tips.

Also, to boost the CTR of AdSense, you can use AdSense optimized WordPress themes.

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2. Chitika: Chitika is a display advertising network that can serve as either a complement or alternative to other display ad networks, such as Google AdSense.

Chitika was founded in 2003 and very soon it became the alternative of the Great Google AdSense. Chitika is having more than 350,000 publishers currently and with this, you can think of their popularity.

You can read all the details Chitika publisher here.There are many other display ad networks also but AdSense and Chitika are the most famous. You can make a decent income through these. Many bloggers who are either not satisfied with the AdSense or got banned due to some reason tries Chitika.

3. Affiliate Program: Affiliate marketing is a program where an advertiser or a merchant recruits a webmaster to place their ads on the websites. Webmaster receives some commission whenever a user clicks on those ads and perform the desired action.

Suppose you have put an ad from a company who sell a book. Whenever you visitor will click that ad, they will get redirected to merchant’s site and if your visitor will buy that book you’ll get some money as a commission for that sell. This commission percentage depends upon merchant to merchant. It may be starting from 4% to 60-70% also.

There are many affiliate programs available on the internet like the most famous Amazon Affiliate program, BlueHost Affiliate and much more are there. The best about the affiliate program is if you can take your visitor in trust you can make much more than AdSense.

4. In Text Ads: In-text ads are one of the most popular monetization methods for blogger probably after display ad network and affiliate marketing. You have probably seen them all over the internet. They are a link with double lines.

Sometimes these ads are very beneficial for blogger’s pocket but need to be used with full precautions. Because these ads eventually irritate the user and in most of the cases, they leave the blog and never return.

So you these with cautions. Infolinks, Vibrant, Viglink are considering as the giants in this field.

Till now you’ve read around 1100 words and still many methods are yet to come. So why don’t you share this article with your buddies first?

5. Text Link Ads: If you’ve very good traffic and good reputation in your niche, this ad can be worship for you. Text link ads are not but it is a link to any product/website that you have put on your site.

Be careful while putting this as it seems to be relevant and the wording should be in such a way that it should match with the sentence if used in the article.

6. Sponsored Reviews: Many companies can pay you the money if you are ready to write a good and genuine feedback for them on your blog. What you have to do is just use that product and provide a genuine review.

By providing genuine review neither you’re cheating your readers nor the advertisers. And by this way, many companies can pay you a decent amount. Generally, companies pay in the range of $20-$500 for a single review and it depends on your blog reputations.

7. Sponsored Post: Like sponsored reviews, you can get sponsored posts also. Many website/companies can pay you if you will write a post they want. What this usually looks like is a post created for the specific website, target keywords, links back to their site or to get good audiences who are similar to your blog.

8. Direct Ads: This is the most profitable way to earn from the blog but one of the most difficult one. Here either you’ve to pitch the advertiser to do advertisement through your blog or if you’ve good reputation you can get a call directly from advertisers.

Then you’ve to explain about the available slots and cost to them. They best way to deal with this is to have a media kit or Advertiser page on your blog. Simply provide the URL of that page and you’re done.

9. Premium Content: The perfect example of premium content is SEOMOZ site. SEOMOZ is considered as the best site for basic SEO and so for some of the content they charge.

You can also do the same thing but you should have the content of that standard so that people will have to pay. Just lock the part for which you want to charge with the password and ask users for the money. You can simply ask for the money by PayPal. And once the user will send you the money provide the password for locked content.

10. Theme/Template Selling: If you’re good in designing, you can design your own themes or templates and can sell in the premium category. This can earn you a bigger amount.

A premium theme/template is getting sold in the range of $10-$200. Either you can sell your blog or you can also sell through the themes market ThemeForest or any other such sites.

11. Domain/Site Flipping: If you’re good in marketing and have a decent knowledge of domain name and Websites, flipping can earn you the best. For domain what you’ve to do is buy a good domain and sell it using some marketplace like Flippa or websitebroker.

And for the site flipping, you have two options-
  • If you’re very good in design and development then build your own site, do some SEO and bring some traffic. Then use some money making technique like AdSense, In-text ads etc. and when you see that site is now complete sell that using market place.

  • Else buy a good website from above marketplace itself and do some required changes, increase some traffic and sell it at a higher price.
12. Sell Services: Sell those items in which you’re good. Suppose you’re good in designing offer design service to your customers and you can earn decent money. Similarly if you’re good in making plugins, writing etc. you can provide these services to your clients through your blog. You can check the services those I am providing here.

13. Freelance Work: You’re a good blogger. You know the secret as for how to bring traffic. You know how to make blog/website/product a brand. Then why don’t you make money by providing theses service for few hours? Isn’t this interesting? Yes. Register on some freelancing sites, prepare a strong profile and earn.

There are many freelancers sites where you can work. Check the list of top 5 freelancers sites.

14. E-Book Sell: Suppose you’re in blogging for a couple of years and you’ve earned a lot of experience and tips. Club those in a simple e-book and sell. Keep the prices depending upon the quality of the book and the ability to solve reader’s problem. You can take the help of WP E-Commerce to sell your book.

15. Membership Site: If you’ve written a good lesson, lecturers, and videos about something, you can start a membership site where you can teach the people those secrets by charging little money.

16. Paid Surveys and Polls: If you’ve good reputations in the market, you can even earn for the surveys done at your site. Many companies want to know the mood of the public and for this, they do surveys/polls by the use of external vendors. You can be the one and can charge decent dollars for this.

17. Event Speaker: For an event speaker you really have to be best. Not all the blogger get this offer. You have to be one whose words influences others, whose recommendations have trust and values and if you have this quality, you can be the next event speaker. Darren Rowse and Harsh Agrawal are few among the famous event speakers.

Final Words

Above were the most famous and real ways of earning, a blogger can ear and can live a life with online income. I’ve tried to cover almost all the possible ways to earn but as no one can be perfect so there must some ways through which one can get better earning. Please let me know those methods in the comment so that I can include in this article.

If you liked this post a sharing will be highly appreciable. Thanks for joining us. Keep visiting.

5 Ways That SEO Can Benefit Your Business In Winnipeg

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, May 18, 2018
Several approaches are used in digital marketing. The dynamic nature of technology and online services has availed various techniques. One that is quite popular is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a common tactic used in digital marketing because it is effective. Most business people use it to attain relevant traffic and, ultimately, their goals. As a businessperson in Winnipeg, there are several benefits you can derive from search engine optimization. They include:

Benefits of SEO in Business- Top 5 Ways

Here are the top 5 ways, SEO can benefits in business. Follow these best SEO strategies and get your business growing in terms of traffic, leads, and sales.

1. Cost Effective

It is cheaper to hire an SEO company in Winnipeg compared to any other locations for your business. SEO is cost-effective since you are only targeting active users who are interested in online-sourced products and services. It is an inbound strategy that minimizes costs and helps you to easily attain your objectives by targeting people who truly want your commodities or services.

2. Increased Traffic

Search engine optimization will help you appear among the top positions of the result pages. Your page will get more clicks thus improving your rank. An improvement in rank increases the traffic on your site because the users are confident to click and check your page compared to those appearing at the bottom positions. You are not only guaranteed of increased traffic but quality. It is consistent and easy to sustain if you know what you want to achieve.

3. Brand Awareness

Once you have secured a top position and your web traffic has increased, the users have a good impression of the product and services that you offer. It provides exposure to your site. Using SEO means that you have to come up with unique keywords and domain names. Proper exposure is also achieved if people can associate your keyword or domain name with your product or service. Increased traffic and high ranking create a trustworthy relationship with the users thus your brand is trusted. The existing users are also likely to recommend your brand to new users leading to growth.

4. Provides An Edge For Small Businesses In A Competitive Set-Up

As a new business person in Winnipeg, it can be challenging to compete with established businesses especially when it comes to advertising. You do not have adequate capital to sustain high-end adverts. Effective SEO will make it easy for you to compete with other businesses because it provides exposure to the marketing world. Higher rankings will make it easy for you to survive the stiff competition giving room for you to expand your business.

5. Ease Accessibility And Increased Usability

Search engine optimization provides you with a platform to rearrange your site’s architecture. This approach makes it easy for the users to navigate your website. You can constantly review your page to determine if the users are struggling with accessibility and make changes that will suit their needs. It is more flexible to change the setup compared to other strategies.

Once you have achieved the ease to navigate, then it is a guarantee that the number of users will increase. Most active users will prefer pages or links that are easy to navigate compared to those with a long procedure.

Benefits of NoFollow Backlinks

By Ashutosh Jha →
If you are an SEO guy or a webmaster or blogger, you must be knowing much about SEO. I am not going into the basics of SEO as you must be having a sound knowledge of that. The off page SEO nowadays matters a lot and backlinks are one of the main constituents in off page SEO.
Benefits of NoFollow Backlinks
As we know, backlinks are of two types-

  • DoFollow Backlinks
  • NoFollow Backlinks
It is the “rel” in hyperlink tag that decides whether the link will be of nofollow or dofollow. For example, the first link below is nofollow while the second is dofollow.

  • <a href= rel=”nofollow”>TricksRoad</a>
  • <a href= rel=”dofollow”>TricksRoad</a>

No doubt, to keep yourself away from spams and Google Penalty, you must create a proper ratio of nofollow and dofollow backlinks. We all know the benefits of dofollow backlinks as it helps much in the off page SEO but what about nofollow?

Does nofollow backlink help?

Well, nofollow also helps a lot in SEO. Here in this post, I will talk about benefits of nofollow backlinks. But before talking about benefits of nofollow backlinks, let’s see what nofollow backlinks are?

What are nofollow backlinks?

In very simple words, nofollow backlinks are those backlinks which don't pass any link juice. This type of links says the search engine that doesn't follow/count this link. These kinds of links are just for reference purpose but still value a lot.

E.g. <a href="" rel="”nofollow”">TricksRoad</a>

Though nofollow links don't provide any link juice but still much valuable for the SEO and several other benefits which I am going to talk away right now. So here are the advantages of nofollow backlinks.

5 Benefits of NoFollow Backlinks

1. Make your site NATURAL

This is one of the main benefits of nofollow backlinks. Though Dofollow links provide link juice if you will make an excess of dofollow links, Google will treat that as a spam and maybe your site can get outranked.

So it is necessary to keep a good ratio of nofollow and dofollow backlinks. Usually, a 50/50 ratio of nofollow and dofollow is considered impressive. More than 10% can be managed, but more than that of dofollow links may cause penalty for your site.

2. Traffic...what else you want?

Traffic is the most important thing for any website. We have talked a lot about TRAFFIC in past as how it help in blogging or any online venture.

Nofollow links help you to get good and quality traffic. Suppose you have commented on some blog, and you are getting traffic from it. So this traffic will be your targeted traffic as you have commented on the blog which is in your niche and their traffic can be beneficial for you as well.

I remember once I commented on a blog (which had good social signal) and almost every month it was giving me around 500-600 traffic. This was not much but was quite good as I had to do nothing and was targeted. I received it for around 3-4 months.

So this is the power of nofollow links. I am not saying that dofollow can’t bring traffic, but most of the site from the similar niche provides nofollow links, and we should not ignore that.

3. Help You to have AUTHORITY

If you are writing a quality post. Here quality post means the post which has been written for the users, not for the search engines.

For example, you have written a high-quality post, and it has been linked my few sites so just think about how much referral traffic you will get. Also, as some good site will link you so, it will also help you to increase your authority which is very much necessary to be in the game. These are very powerful tips to increase links and hence authority.

4. Increased PA and DA

As we know Google has stopped updating PR and so couple of things those have come into picture to estimate the quality of blogs/websites are-

Now advertisers check the quality of site through Alexa rank and DA. Lower the Alexa and higher the DA, the high is the quality of your site and the more amount you will get on advertising something.

So by getting recommended by some of the authority blogs through a link, you can increase the domain authority of your website easily.

Also, through blogger outreach campaign you can increase nofollow links and referral traffic.

5. You will never get penalized

This is another beauty and benefits of nofollow backlinks. If your domain has 100% nofollow backlinks also, you will never get penalized. This is due to the reason that search engine considers nofollow links as just a reference and doesn’t pass any link juice and so no harm to your website.

However, if you have 100% dofollow backlink, you will undoubtedly get hurt from search engines.

So, it’s safe to have nofollow backlinks.

Over to you
No doubt both dofollow and nofollow backlinks have their importance and benefits. Dofollow helps you to rank well in search engines where as nofollow gives you several other benefits as explained just above.

So you should make a good ratio of dofollow and nofollow backlinks. I hope I was clear enough to explain the benefits of nofollow backlinks.

If you have any other benefits of nofollow backlinks, please share with us.

5 Best Google Fonts for Blogs & Websites for Better Readability

By Ashutosh Jha →
When it comes to readability, Website and blog fonts along with font size and line height play very important role.

There are many best Google Fonts for blogs and websites which can increase the readability and user experience a lot.

You may find many sites those have excellent content and design but as they are not decorating their fonts and text and so the whole site looks ugly.

Below are some of the things which you should consider apart from the blog design to have a good user experience in terms of text-

• Good and easily readable fonts
• Spacing between words and lines
• Font colors

For a better user experience and readability, you must work on all these above factors and believe me these are not hard at all. You just have to spend a couple of more minutes to all these.

How Fonts affects the user reading experience?

Some time ago, a study was done on Wikipedia user on the different font size and below is the result. This graph shows how font-size impact the accuracy of reading. They also checked the line spacing but fount it not impacting big.

Choosing the best fonts for your blogs and website is bit tricky and you should think about it before finalizing. The best way is, think from a user perspective or ask your friends how they feel by looking at your web page.

In an another research by Hyunjin Song and Norbet Schwartz, it was found that if you have to take action or have to complete some work, simple fonts are far better than the fancy fonts.

Let’s see what they did-

Two groups of people were given set of directions to complete. One group received directions in a simple font and the other group received direction in a fancy font.

The experiments reveal that the group which was given the directions in simple fonts just took 8.2 minutes to complete the work compared to 15.1 minutes taken by another group who had fancy fonts. So the group with fancy fonts took 86% longer than the group with simple fonts.

So while reading simple fonts works better compared to fancy fonts.

Again they conducted a research on the printed card. The first card was having simple fonts while the other one was having fancy fonts.

People thought that the designer who designed the card with simple fonts are lazy or less skilled compared to the designer who designed with fancy fonts.

So what’s the conclusion?

From the above two experiments, it is clear that-

• Different situation has different need of fonts
• If it is a text just for reading purpose, Simple fonts work better
• If you are designing any card or menu etc. fancy font works better

So now let’s start with some best Google Fonts for blogs and websites. Also, you should not change the fonts very frequently and so while deciding any font, stick to it.

5 Best Google Fonts for Blogs and Websites

All these fonts can be easily found on Google Fonts and can be used on any site just by incorporating a single line of code. These fonts are free to use.

I have incorporated both heading and body text in the example so that you can get an idea what you want exactly.

So let’s start with the best Google Fonts for blogs-

1. Lato Bold + Lora

I personally love this font and am using it at multiple places. Let’s have a quick look at the heading and body font design using this font-

2. Bitter + Muli

3. Playfair Display Bold + Droid Serif

4. Oswald + Cabin

5. Raleway Semi-bold + Roboto Light

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best Google fonts for blogs and websites and you should use these for better user reading experience.

Just give a try and let me know how your blog turned out after using these awesome Google fonts.


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