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10 Simple Ways to Prepare for XAT Exam

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, August 22, 2017
Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) is an All-India level management aptitude test conducted in online mode. XAT scores are used by more than 150 institutes for admission in MBA, PGDM, and other Management courses. The exam is conducted each year by Xavier School of Management, Xavier Labor Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur.

Candidates are selected for admissions into various management courses based on their performance in the XAT exam. The candidates are tested for their personality traits, common sense and logical abilities and students who are promising enough and show tremendous potential are picked.

XAT exam syllabus and pattern is quite like other MBA entrance exams like CAT. However, the difference lies in the difficulty level where XAT stands outs to be the toughest of them all. To make it even trickier the exam authorities do not declare any detailed official syllabus.

However, the candidates can get a fair amount of idea of the syllabus of the exam by analyzing and practicing previous year papers. XAT Exam Pattern may help one prepare for the exam smartly.
No. of Questions
Total Time
Paper I- Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation
Algebra and Functions
Number System
Co-ordinate Geometry
Arithmetic Sequence
Tables Chart
Multiple Graph
Profit & Loss
170 Minutes
Paper II- English Language & Logical Reasoning
Sentence Rearrangement
Sentence Completion
Paper III- Decision Making
High Value Questions related to the subject
Paper IV- General Knowledge

35 Minutes
Paper V- Essay

1 Essay

• Each question carries one mark each.
• One mark is awarded for each right answer
• 0.25 marks are deducted for every wrong answer (except in the essay paper where there is no negative marking).

Candidates qualifying the above papers are said to have qualified the XAT written exam. A final round of evaluation in the face of the interview is conducted for qualified candidates.

After the interview, merit lists are prepared for admission of candidates in that academic year. Counselling and admissions are done based on the merit list prepared for respective courses.

Successful candidates have issued call letters for counseling and admission process. They will have to appear on the given date and venue for the counseling and admission process.

Quick Facts about XAT

Those who are aspiring to appear for XAT exam this year can refer to the table below for some quick facts about the exam.

Exam Mode
Number of Sections
5 (Verbal and Logical Reasoning, Decision making, Quantitative aptitude and data interpretation, General Knowledge, Essay)
Question Paper Type
 Paper 1- Objective type
 Paper 2- Subjective one
Total marks
97Marks (Paper 1- 72, Paper 2- 25)
Exam Duration
210 Minutes (Paper 1 – 170 Minutes, Paper 2- 35 Minutes)
Language of question paper

Preparation Tips and Tricks

Preparation is a crucial step in determining the fate of candidate in the exam. However, it is often seen that candidates found themselves confused in terms of pacing and channelizing their preparations.

Listed below are some effective tips and tricks to crack the XAT Exam

• Make a list of all the important topics of the syllabus.
• Create a resource base of all the questions you can get related to the topic. (Take help from online and offline sources).
• Credibility and nature of questions must be kept in mind as many websites/books give wrong answers to these questions).
• Sections of the exam must be understood differently.
• Read Topics on current affairs for XAT.
• Start by solving questions without keeping track of the time.
• Once you have solved around 50 to 60 questions related to each topic you will start feeling comfortable with the kind of questions that are asked.
• Now, you should start testing yourself against time. Start noting the time taken by you to solve the question.
• After you achieve good pace, keep practicing, and try to increase the level (optional).
• When you have solved around 200 questions related to a topic and are satisfied with your performance you would realize that you are taking less than a minute to solve the question. This would mean that the fundamentals of the exam are clear to you.
• Once the fundamentals of XAT Exam are clear to the candidate, he/she must practice with Mock Tests.
If you have followed the plan diligently so far then by no question from any topic would be alien to you and now that you are aware of the exam pattern, stay confident and focused to crack the exam.

Books for XAT exam preparations

Candidates can take the help of both offline (Books) and online sources for preparation for XAT Exam. However, referring to standard resources is better for saving your time and help you achieve a better score. For that purpose, we have listed below study and reference material for XAT.

Recommended books

Verbal Ability
Ajay Singh
Data Interpretation
Arun Sharma
Quantitative ability
Arun Sharma
Previous year Papers
Study Notes Material on XAT
Sourav Sir’s Classes
XAT (Solved Papers 2008-2017)

LinkTrackr Review- Best Link Tracking & Cloaking Tool

By Ashutosh Jha →
If you are an affiliate marketer you must be knowing about the benefits of link cloaking and tracking. There are marketers who have increased their sales multiple folds just with proper affiliate links tracking and promotions.

LinkTrackr Review
For this marketers keep on searching for a reliable tool for affiliate link cloaking and tracking tool. And this is where LinkTrackr will help you. It is a leading affiliate link cloaking and tracking tool so far I have tried. In this post, I am going to talk about LinkTrackr Review.

LinkTrackr Review

LinkTrackr is another excellent internet marketing product by Kash Media. Recently we wrote about Shorty WP Review which was another product by Kash Media.
LinkTrackr Working
LinkTrackr is an excellent tool for all the internet and affiliate marketers out there who want to have better control over the affiliate links. Usually, if you have signed up for the affiliate networks like ShareASale or MaxBounty, you must have seen how ugly their campaign affiliate URLs are.

And as I said in my last post, a clean and readable URL increases sales with around 7% which is a huge amount. And so it is necessary to make the ugly affiliate URL generated by the affiliate network a clean and good one. And this is where LinkTrackr is going to help you.

Later in this LinkTrackr Review, we will also talk about the different features and pricing of LinkTrackr tool.

LinkTrackr Features

Here are some of the amazing features of LinkTrackr those you should know for better utilization of the software. This is a SaaS tool and if you know the feature, you can manage the URL more effectively.

Tracking Sales and Leads

If you’re using LinkTrackr then you can track the sales and leads in real-time. So, depending on the result, you can take action in real-time. This gives you the feasibility to track and maintain your campaigns better and beneficial.


Cloak and Track Affiliate Links

This is the best feature I found with LinkTrackr. You don’t have to depend on the affiliate networks for the affiliate links. LinkTrackr provides an opportunity to add the custom tracking id depending on the affiliate networks. Also, you don’t have to do this manually and LinkTrackr will do this automatically for you. There are certain predefined sub ids for each affiliate networks and so the tool will automatically do this for you.


Track PPC Ads

LinkTrackr also takes care of your pay per click campaigns and ads for you. You’ll be able to manage Facebook ads and Google AdWords using LinkTrackr easily. It helps you to optimize the keywords and help you scale the campaigns based on the data.


Split Testing and URL Rotator

Split testing and A/B testing are the important aspects of digital marketing. It helps you to understand your users and to know what exactly is working for you. LinkTrackr helps you design and manage landing pages for you, test affiliate offers from different networks.


Set your own rules as per campaigns

This is another great feature you will be looking for. You will be able to configure all the parameters of your campaigns using LinkTrackr. You can set custom cookie rules, time-out time and bot filtering from the LinkTrackr dashboard.

Here are some of the other features as well which you may want to see-

LinkTrackr Plans and Pricing

LinkTrackr offers different pricing options for different kind of users. They have considered from individuals to the organization while designing the pricing plans. Their plan just starts at $9 per month where you would be able to track 100 links and 10k clicks. If you need more, you can upgrade to the higher plans.
LinkTrackr Pricing
LinkTrackr also offers you 30-days money back guarantee and so you are completely safe with the company. Also, anytime you can upgrade or downgrade your plans as you want.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about LinkTrackr Review. If you are an affiliate marketer and want to have full control over the campaigns and links, you should use LinkTrackr. It is affordable and come up with some great features to help you with the entire sales process and reporting. Try the tool and share your experience with us.

Chatwing Review- Why It Is The Leading Chat Software?

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, August 21, 2017
If you are running an online business or a simple website where you sell something, you should use chatting feature to interact with your customer in real-time. If you are not interacting with your visitors in real-time, believe me, you are losing a good percentage of the business.

Chatwing Review
I have one education-related business where I am selling few courses and just by replying the chat query, I am able to convert at least 2-3 users daily. Things are changing quite fast and people now don’t want to submit the query and wait for the call from customer agent. All they want is the instant information/resolution. And this is where chat features can help.

I have also seen a significant amount of sales coming from one WordPress themes company where I was associated around a year ago. If your business is medium to large, you may hire a/team dedicated chat agent. While if you have a starting business/website, you may handle yourself or hire a virtual assistant for the same like I do.

Although there are many chat software available in the market, I found Chatwing the leading one. I have personally tried few free and paid chat software and found Chatwing the leading one due to their features, user-friendly, and supported applications. Here I’ll be writing about Chatwing Review and will share Chatwing Features, pricing, integration with other software, and other details.

Let’s start with Chatwing Review and see why it is the leading chat software.

Chatwing Review

Chatwing is the world’s leading World’s Leading Customizable Messaging Platform which can be easily integrated with any platform. They have their dedicated WordPress plugin for the WP users and a simple code that can be integrated into any website. Also, they have dedicated mobile plugins for iOS and Android users.

Using the Chatwing dashboard, you can create the chat room easily. We will discuss how to create a chatroom on Chatwing later in this Chatwing Review. It also includes your password protection, includes custom emoji, file sharing, image sharing, and make custom background images.
Also, Chatwing is the only chat software I have come across which provides the feature to add as many users you want. Usually, the pricing of the chat software depends on the fact that how many chat agent and request you want to have. But in Chatwing you can add as many chat agents as you want with a flat fee of $14 per month. Also, if you’ll subscribe their annual plan, it will just cost you $11.2 per month.

You can add your chat agents who will be handling the users’ chat and can also define some predefined answers. For example, if some user is pinging you, you can have the predefined replies like-

Hello, thanks for contacting! I am ABC chatting with you from XYZ Company. How may I help you today?

Such predefined templates help the chat agent to get on chat quickly and also helps your company to responds to the user faster.

Create your branded Mobile apps

This is the unique feature I found with Chatwing. You can have iOS and Android apps under your brand name. Basically, they have the apps but they provide the customization features to all their premium customers. This includes push notifications, real-time alerts and several other real-time communication features in your own app. So, more or less it will be similar to the public chat software like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp or Google’s Hangout.

It also comes with audio and radio integration and also can be integrated with YouTube live. So, together with the mobile app, website chat zone and integration with other systems, Chatwing provides an excellent experience to your customers and users.

Booking and Scheduling

This is the advanced feature provided by Chatwing where you can integrate your personal calendar to the Chatwing. And your customers or anyone can take/schedule an appointment/meeting with you in real-time without clashing with your other meetings.

Once the appointment is fixed by someone, both the Admin and the customer who has fixed the appointment will receive an email as well as a text message for better follow-up and confirmation.

Integration with Other Platforms

Chatwing allows the feasibility to integrate it with multiple another platform with having dedicated plugins and add-on for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Facebook. The chat room and interface support sign up with around 10 social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google etc. Being an admin, you have the right to select through which/multiple social sites you want your user to sign up.

The best thing is, for the sites like WordPress, Chatwing offers single sign in a facility where if you’re logged into the WP dashboard.

Handling Chats and Social Media apps

Chatwing makes it easy for you to handle the chat and your device specific apps. You can add as many moderators to the chats as you want and if some agent is busy in other chat, he/she can transfer the chat to the free agent. You can also ban some specific users with their IP address. It also offers the feature to view the message history and delete the message in real-time.

Embedding the chat into your website

If you are having a WP site, then it is easy to integrate as Chatwing provides WP plugin and you can install the plugin directly. For the other platform like Blogger or HTML sites, you can integrate the chat by adding few lines of code. There are three options to do so-

  • Group Chat URL
  • Embedded Options
  • Pop out Options

You can generate the code for the specific integration from the Chatwing dashboard and add that to the <head> section of your website.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about Chatwing Review. Chatwing is the leading chat software in the industry and many leading companies are using this tool.

Also, as the price is too low compared to what other chat software companies are providing and so many individuals are also using it. You can try Chatwing for free and test your website. Also, they have a strong support team to help you out if you will face any issue. You can signup and get access to the chat room for website free.

Where to Find Inspiration for Really Amazing Blog Posts

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, August 20, 2017
Working on your blog’s SEO, building up your social media presence and working hard on getting traffic to your posts are all quite important and you will have a hard time making it as a blogger if you don’t invest enough time working on all of those, but there is always one more thing that you need to focus on that can make or break your blog – your content.

Where to Find Inspiration for Really Amazing Blog Posts
 If you want to make an impact and you are hoping to start building an audience for your writing, your writing needs to be good enough and the topics you cover need to be interesting and full of insight.

If you don’t give your readers engaging content, sooner or later enough other blogs will capture their attention for them to forget about yours.

This is why you should only strive to write amazing content, but finding the inspiration to write something interesting and unique on regular basis gets really hard as time goes.

That’s why at some point you will certainly have to start actively looking for inspiration to be able to produce high-quality content that keeps readers coming back.

Where to get Amazing blog post ideas?

Here are a few tried and tested methods to get amazing blog post ideas. Use these excellent tips to get amazing blog post ideas.

Get Personal

If you try to make a list of the top ten blogs you enjoy reading and thing are good, I guarantee you that most of them will have a lot of personality to them and the writer will be writing in their own unique voice.

All of them will be using their real identity and many of their posts will talk about their own personal experiences regardless of the topic of the blog. That’s why it’s paramount that you do the same.

And when you start writing from personal experience as much as you can, you’ll find that finding inspiration would be much easier.

When I draw ideas about blog posts from what is happing in my own life and work, it’s much easier for me to write because I actually have something to share and interestingly enough, the more personal the blog post, the higher the engagement on social media and in the comments section.

So, if you are feeling uninspired, look at your own life and experience and start digging for interesting stories to share – it will make coming up with ideas easier and will make your content better.

Engage with Your Readers

One of the best sources of ideas for topics to cover on your blog that would resonate with your audience is unsurprisingly your audience. Chances are you rarely tap into that readily available resource despite the fact that it can be extremely helpful when you are stuck for ideas.

If you engage with your audience on regular basis, you will soon find out that a lot of the conversations you have with them are going to go into interesting directions that are well worth writing about.

All you have to do is make sure you spark enough conversion and that you participate actively and you’ll be able to draw inspiration for amazing blog posts directly from your audience.

Make Changes to Your Life

As mentioned above, your personal life can be a great source of material for blog posts, but sometimes there isn’t enough happing and you have written about so many things from your past already.

Well, if you really want to be a successful full-time blogger, why not switch it up for the sake of your blog. Feed your mind with new experiences and environments and it will start spewing out great ideas in bulk. It’s just a matter of how brave you are willing to be with it.

You can just make a weekend trip to a place you’ve never been to, you could ask for new responsibilities at work or you could even pick up your life and move to Singapore to find POA tuition, so you can expand your skills in international accounting. The bigger the change you make, the more it is going to boost your writing and creativity.

Read...Read and Read

It doesn’t get more straight-forward than this. In order for you to be a good writer you need to devote some time to reading and the more you read the more you are going to learn how to write and the more ideas you will be able to generate.

Read novels, read the news, read the blog posts written by your competition, it’s all going to give you food for thought and will result in more ideas and opinions to write about on your own blog.

These were some of the best ways to find amazing blog post ideas. I hope you found Where to Find Inspiration for Really Amazing Blog Posts. I will love to know the methods you use to find blog post ideas.

Monetize Your Website with OclickAd For Better Earning

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, August 19, 2017
Being a blogger, I keep on trying different CPM ad networks on my blogs. Some I find quite helpful while there are many others which are like any other ad network.

Also, I write about those advertising networks which I feel worth to mention here at TricksRoad. Recently, we tried OclickAd which is a comparatively new CPM ad network but I found it quite good. So, here in this blog post, I will be writing about OclickAd Review and will share my experience with it so far.

Let’s start with OclickAd Review!

Introduction To OclickAd -OclickAd Review

OclickAd is a UK based leading CPM ad network for publisher and advertisers. They are known for one of the highest paying CPM ad networks so far. OclickAd help publisher to monetize their site and earn money from it which will be much more than any other ad networks.

Also, OclickAd offers an excellent platform for advertisers to promote their products and business and generate leads and sales. All the ads of OclickAd are mobile optimized and responsive and so no matter which device you are targeting, you are safe.

Advertisers can expect some quality traffic and so the conversion as the OclickAd review every site before adding into the publisher network. In this OclickAd review, we will see both OclickAd for advertisers and OclickAd for publishers in detail.

OclickAd for Publisher

OclickAd offers some great advantage for publishers and if you are looking to earn more from the same traffic, you should join OclickAd. All you need to do is, just signup for the OclickAd and you will get a unique code for each size of ads similar to how AdSense works.

Also, they share 75-80% of the total revenue which is way ahead of what AdSense pays you. Also, you can get paid on monthly basis and the threshold is just $50.

Requirements for Publisher to join OclickAd

Although not much difficult there are some rules which you need to adhere in order to get into the OclickAd publisher network. Here are some of such requirements and the best thing is, they have same day approval system.
  • Your site should have a minimum of 25k page views per month
  • It must be free from malware, browser redirects, and any viruses.
  • The website must not host or link to streaming services for TV shows and sports etc.
  • The submitted website should not contain or link to adult content
  • Must not be under construction or incomplete
  • The site must not block, interfere, or manipulate with the browser or navigation. This includes hosting 3rd party ads that do this.
  • Must have been online and operational for at least one month
  • Must have a functional layout and adequate design
  • Must contain original content and comprise of at least a home page, article/blog pages, contact page and privacy policy.

As you can see all these rules are generic and has been added to stop the spam and maintain the quality of the network.

Responsive CPM Ads

As said above, OclickAd is a CPM based ad network and you get paid for every 1000 impressions. The rate varies from $0.10 to $2 and depends on traffic source and location.

The tier one traffic from organic source will get higher CPM compared to tier 2 or 3 locations.

Ad Unit Size

OclickAd offers all the standard size of ads and currently, they are offering in the following sizes-
  • 728x90
  • 300x250
  • 300x600
  • 160x600
  • 120x600

Payment Details

OclickAd offers NET30 payment system that means the earning of the current month will be paid to you after 30 days. Also, the threshold for the payment is just $50 which is easily achievable. If you are not reaching the threshold in one month, the payment will be carry forwarded to the next month. The payment method is PayPal.

How to Join OclickAd As a Publisher

To get into the OclickAd network, you need to join OclickAd as a publisher. Here initially you need to submit your demographic details and then site details. Once done, OclickAd team will manually review your site and if found suitable, you will get an email for the same.

Once you are approved, you can access the network and create the ad unit. Once done, you can add the code in your website head tag.

Referral Program

OclickAd also has an excellent referral program for the publisher where you can get 10% of what your referred person will earn. This is a good opportunity for all the publishers to earn some extra bucks. This applies to advertisers as well and you will get 10% of what they will spend.

Features of OclickAd Ad Network

Here are some of the excellent features I experienced after using the OclickAd network.
  • Global Ad Network: This network helps in monetizing traffic from every country and has a presence in many locations as well.
  • Once approved for one website, you can generate the ad code and add the same code on all your other sites.
  • High fill rates
  • Timely payments: The publishers receive their earnings on time.
  • User-friendly interface
  • The publishers can track their performances and earnings using real-time reporting system.
  • Dedicated support
  • Low threshold of $50 and competitive CPM rate ($0.10-$2)

OclickAd for Advertisers

Advertisers can expect very high-quality traffic which will get converted and provide sale for sure. As you can see OclickAd only accept quality sites and so these traffic converts at a high rate. Here are some of the features provided by OclickAd to their advertisers.

Advertisers can target the ads based on location, device, browser, operating systems etc. for better conversion.

Join OclickAd as an Advertiser


This was all about OclickAd Review. I liked the network a lot especially for publishers’ due to the excellent features. Also, the payout is comparatively high than the other ad network.

If you are having a mid-range traffic site but not earning much, you may try OclickAd and increase the revenue.

5 Possibilities Why Your Organic Traffic Recently Dropped?

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Recently, everyone in blogging community talks about why organic traffic recently dropped? Well for some person it might have increased (including me) while for many others, organic traffic has been decreased.

The largest search engine Google, keep on rolling updates to maintain the quality of search engines by removing the spammed sites from the search engine results. Whenever Google comes up with such updates, some site suffers while other gains momentum.

Organic web traffic means that the visitors come to your site due to organic search: not by a paid ad or from link on the other website.

If you also have seen some drop in the organic traffic to your website recently, then there can be multiple reasons behind it. Here in this article of why your organic traffic recently dropped, I have compiled a list of 5 possible reasons as for why your organic traffic has been decreased.

5 Reasons as for why Your Organic Traffic Dropped Recently?

Let's start with the 5 important reasons out of many for the traffic loss-

A Penalty

The website has been penalized. There are a lot of possible penalties for over-optimization and spam, provided by updates Penguin, Pirate, Panda, and Google is known even to penalize itself.

Here are the SEO algorithm updates 2014 those Google rolled. Sometimes they push silent updates while if it is a big update with some changes in search engine ranking, then they announce as well.
There are some most common issues are-

  • Thin, poor content
  • Direct copy paste
  • Over spam, or sticking too many keywords on the page
  • Showing different content to search engines and human visitors; hidden text
  • Too many ads
  • Issues with links: paid or spamming links

Natural Competition

You did nothing wrong, your business rivals just gained an advantage. Check your Google ranking with any free online SEO analytics tool. There are a great number of ranking factors and you might just lose to someone in part of them. Maybe, in organization or quality of the content, in domain or pages authority. Maybe, some expert is performing SEO practices better than you.

To avoid it, you should form a strong strategy and stick to it. To increase the traffic, you have to produce fresh relevant content and to check your links. For example, essay writing service reviews are relevant and helpful for students’ information, which will increase the traffic of an academic website.

Page indexation problems

Google provides information about indexation process and the report on Index Status. If you don't see a rise in the graph, it means, that the search engine has no regular access to your site. If you see sudden drops – it means that you had problems with a server, but a sudden rise is not good as well, it may indicate, that your site was hacked or you've got double content.

Make sure you hadn't occasionally disallowed to index your page in file robots Meta tag. Also, in order to avoid such problems, you should use canonical URLs and have no broken internal links.

Linking issues

Links are the key behind search engine ranking but sometimes bad links can spoil your complete SEO campaigns. Below is the kind of links which may cause issue with your SEO campaigns-

  • Linking on the low authority websites, that have a bad reputation for spamming, for example, may cause the traffic drop.
  • When the backlinks to your site are removed. It may disappear when the website ceases being online, or the site was redesigned. And later, when the search engine will update the web page index and you'll have your site rank drop.

You need to produce content that will result in more links to trusted sources of high quality. For example, this blog post on the up to date topic increased traffic of the site is was referring to.

Unnatural Competition

It is not quite about some hacking attacks on your server and a rival SEO expert deleting cracking your robots.txt file. It is a result of intended attempt to decrease your ranking. Negative SEO often involves previous points as a way to harm you. For example, create junk links to your site and cause a penalty for you.

This problem can be detected with analytics using SEO tools. Though Google claims that negative SEO cases are rare, indeed it is not impossible. If you have noticed the links to your site from foreign forums, senseless blog posts or adult sites – you may face such a dangerous problem. To protect yourself, you should monitor such links and remove them before they might influence your indexation.

Wrapping it up!

These were some 5 possible reasons as for why your organic traffic recently dropped. There are many bloggers who have recovered their blog and websites after getting penalized and if your site has been penalized then you can recover as well.

Just keep an eye on your Google Webmaster and if your site has been penalized then you will see a message with the possible reason for the same. Work on the reason and appeal to Google. If the search giant will find you have corrected the issue, the penalization can be rolled back.

For example, if the penalty is due to bad links, check the links and send an email to the owner of the site to remove the links. You can request something like below-

Do the follow ups and get your links removed. Once you have cleaned the profile, just appeal to the search engine and they will remove the penalty if found good.

Let me know if the recent search engine updates have benefited you or your traffic has been decreased?

How To Speed Up Your Website Speed With CDN77?

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, August 15, 2017
CDN (content delivery network) is the key to speed up the websites for today’s webmaster and is logical too. You don’t have to look for other resources to speed up your site.

CDN77 Review
For all those who are new to CDN, it is a system of connected web servers which deliver the pages and contents to web users based on geographic location, content delivery server, and web page origin.

The service is quite effective to deliver the content to the user effectively and quickly. CDN is mainly recommended for the sites having decent to high traffic and have global reach. The closer is the CDN to your location the delivery of the content and other resources will be faster to you.

How CDN works?

The working of CDN is fairly simple. Here the request will be fulfilled by the server which is nearest to the requester. There will be N number of servers on the CDN network spread across different geography and when someone will request for a web page, the requested server will look for the server which is closer to the user who has made a request. And the request will be fulfilled by the nearest server instead of the originating server.

Here the CDN copies the web pages to all their network servers and when the user makes a request, cached pages are served first and if the page is not cached, then the request is getting fulfilled by the originating server. The process is transparent and helps to speed up the request as every time a new request is not being made. Here is a simple image explaining the same.

CDN77 Review
There are so many content delivery networks available and we have tried many as well. Recently, we tried CDN77 and can say it is one of the best CDN available in the market. Here we are going to review CDN77 as per our experience so far. We will also cover CDN77 Features, CDN77 Pricing and many other things in this CDN77 Review.

Introduction to CDN77

CDN77 is one of the fastest growing content delivery networks which can be easily integrated with WordPress. It was started way back in 2011 with just 3 POPs which is now 33 and shows how rapidly they have grown. In the last 5-6 years, over 38000 websites are using CDN77 and serve Millions of request every day.

CDN77 is a strong team of 74 members and have 32 datacentres spread across different geographics location. From media companies to space agencies, all are using CDN77 to speed up their process.

CDN77 is basically the first content delivery network to introduce support of HTTP/2 and Brotli, as well as Let’s Encrypt and many similar technologies. Their R&D team keeps on working to make the web better.

Try CDN77 14-Days Risk-Free Trial

CDN77 offers 14-days free trial to everyone which you can try initially and if you’re satisfied, you can continue else you can leave without spending a single penny. You’ll have all the premium features while the trial as explained below-

  • Free SSL
  • Robust API
  • Secure token
  • Two-Step Authentication
  • 50GB Free CDN Storage
  • Average chat response time is 47s

To start with 14-days free trial, you need to sign up with a simple form.
CDN77 Review
Once you’ve filled the details, you can proceed and add your domain for which you want to use CDN. Here you’ll find a couple of more options which you can also add. Please note that use https only if your domain is SSL secured else use HTTP else you’ll start getting an error.

CDN77 Review
In the next step, you will be asked to setup the CDN which you can do in a couple of ways. Either you can do it with updating CNAME or without it. Steps are pretty straight forward and you can continue with it.

If you want to use SSL certificate, you can add the same by navigating the tabs easily. CDN77 lets you add a free SSL service Lets Encrypt.

CDN77 Review
Once you’re done with the configuration, you may navigate to the datacentre tab and select your desired datacentre. There is a number of datacentres location available and you may choose one or more as per your traffic location.

Once done, save the setting and you are good to close and start using CDN to your website. The trial will start from the day you sign up with CDN77 and you can use it for 14 days and can use up to 100 GB resources.

CDN77 Pricing

 If you are satisfied with the trial and want to continue using CDN77's service, you can choose from various payment methods depending on your traffic. One method is Pay As You Go which is vastly used for low to medium traffic - you simply pay for the amount of traffic being delivered. The other methods are well-known monthly plans which are rather used for medium and high volume traffic. CDN77 looks like a very cost-effective provider when looking at all their rates and prices.

CDN77 Review
And if you have very high-traffic and you need more resources, you may try the below plan.

CDN77 Review
With all these plans, there are no additional charges for Http/s requests and you can pay as you go. CDN77 offers both monthly and pay as you go plans to keep users at beneficial places. Here are some additional benefits are given to all the customers-

  • Free SSL
  • 50 GB Free Storage
  • Secure Token
  • Robust API
  • Up to 20 websites

CDN77 Features

There are many features that CDN77 provides to their users and we are going to discuss few important ones here in CDN77 Review.

CDN77 Review

Datacentre Control

As explained above that there are 32 datacentres available with CDN77 and many more locations. You will have full control to use which datacentre and which one not. By this way, you can configure and save a lot of money. Usually, people prefer those locations from where the site is having a majority of traffic.

CMS Integration

CDN77 allows you to integrate other blogging CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, etc. with CDN77. You can use the WordPress caching plugins with CDN77. We have tried the following WP cache plugins and those have worked perfectly.

  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Super Cache
  • WP Fastest Cache

Purge and Prefetch files

You will have the access to all the files available on the server. You can request for the files available on the CDN77 as and when required. You can also upload your own content and files on the server as well.


CDN77 offers 24x7 support to all their customers. You can contact their support team through Email/Chat, Phone, and Skype. You can also browse the knowledge base and API support for quick help. The best thing is, you won’t have to wait more than 50 seconds for the chat agent.

Performance with CDN77

We simply did a WordPress installation from scratch and tested the performance with Site speed test tool and here are the results. Here is the performance report of using CDN.

CDN77 Review
And after using CDN77 here is the performance report-

CDN77 Review
You can see the load time differences after using CDN77 and where it works best.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about CDN77 Review. Hope you got a fair idea on how to speed up the website using CDN77. If you’re looking to optimize your site for best speed, you should use CDN.

Especially, if your site is having medium to high traffic, you must use CDN for best user performance. If you own such sites, you must try CDN77 14-days trial.

If you have used CDN77, share your experience with us.

                                   Start 14-days free trial of CDN77

Start a Blog on DreamHost Hosting in 5 Minutes -A Step by Step Guide

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, August 11, 2017
If you are thinking to start a blog on DreamHost hosting, then this guide is for you. Recently I have moved some of my sites on DreamHost and found it very interesting and a good host.

There are plenty of reasons as why you should start a blog on DreamHost-
• It won’t take more than 5 minutes to start a blog with DreamHost

• It is reasonable – Total cost only $69

• You will get a free domain for lifetime (not necessarily to choose at the time you buy hosting. You can select anytime)

• Their support team is quite helpful and quick

• It offers SSD hosting for Shared hosting without any extra cost

• You can host unlimited websites

This is complete guide designed for the newbie who is just going to start a blog with DreamHost. I will show you from scratch and for this, I have bought one new domain as well.

For TricksRoad readers, I have one special flat discount of $50. Just buy from this link and get unlimited shared hosting just at $69 (inclusive all cost).

They also provide 97 days money back guarantee and so if in this 3 months of time, if you think you are not satisfied with their service, feel free to ask for a refund.

I think this is enough information to get you started and so far I am considering that you have bought the hosting and ready for WordPress installation on Dreamhost server.

As I have already used the free domain provided by Dreamhost and so I will use one other domain which I bought recently from one BigRock sale.

Also Check:  5 Cheap & Best Domain Name Registrar

Subscribe to our newsletter to get updated about the deals. This .com domain just cost me around $1.

How to Install WordPress on Dreamhost Hosting?

It’s time to start a blog on Dreamhost in just 5 minutes.

Step1: Login to your domain register (in my case it is BigRock), in case it is different from DreamHost (else jump to Step 4). Move towards your DNS management and add the below three name server under NS records and save it.


Usually, it will get reflected soon but if not, then wait for few minutes and your domain will be pointing to Dreamhost server.

Step 2: Now login to your DreamHost account and Click on Domain option.

Here you will find a link called “Manage Domain”. Click on that and a new page will be available. The new page will be something like below-

Just click on the 1st tab, Add Hosting to a Domain/Sub-domain and you will be taken to a new page where you will have to enter the details of your new domain which you want to host on DreamHost.

Step 3: Here add the details of your new domain and at the end of this section, one button will be there called, “Fully Host this Domain”. Just click on it.

Once done, you will receive a success message something like below. This indicates that your new domain has been added with Dreamhost successfully.

Now it’s time to install WordPress on Dreamhost hosting. Continue to follow the steps to start a blog on Dreamhost hosting.

Step 4: Just follow the three steps given in the below figure. Go to your dashboard, choose goodies option. Inside that select One-click installs and a new page will appear. There you will have to select WordPress.

Step 5: A new popup will appear. There you will have to select the domain name on which you want to install WordPress and click on the button to install.

Leave the deluxe install option auto-checked as it will install the default plugins like Jetpack, Akismet, WP Super cache etc.

Once done, it will show you the success message like below-

Now, just wait for few minutes as it takes around 2-3 minutes to install WordPress. Once done, you will receive an email to create the user and start with the WordPress. Hope you are getting my points and steps to install WordPress on DreamHost hosting. Just comment below if you are facing any issue.

Step 6: You will receive an email saying the details of the install and how to proceed further. Just click on the link that says, create a user. The link will be something like below-

Once you will click this, it will ask you to select the language. Choose your default language and move forward. You will find a screen like below. Here Provide the details like your site title, username (this will be username while logging into WP dashboard), password (will be your WP dashboard password) and admin email.

Once all done just click on Install WordPress. Don’t worry you can change these details later on as well.

Step 7: After installing it, you will be asked to log in to your dashboard. Use the same credentials you used in the last step and you will be redirected to your WordPress dashboard.

Done done done!!!

Yes, that was all the steps to install WordPress on Dreamhost hosting and start a blog on DreamHost in 5 minutes.

I am sure, all these steps won’t even take 5 minutes. So just follow this guide and start a blog on DreamHost hosting quickly.

Do try and share your comment with me. Also, let me know if you are facing any issue while installation.