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17 Proven Ways to Make Money Online from Blog

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, February 21, 2017
So you are having a blog but are you not earning what you deserve? A few days ago I wrote an article on how to increase your earning from Google AdSense.

But only using AdSense you are not going to make an online living. Every time you need to try some other ways to get enough income from your blog. Today I’ll give you all the proven ways to earn from your blog.

Make Money Online from Blog
Today I was exploring something on one of the Google+ community and found a question asked by one of the member can anybody here tell me how I can exactly earn from a blog. Please provide only real methods. So I decided to write a complete article on all the proven ways to earn a decent amount from your blog. Overall your blog is your product. It’s your business.
Thousands of bloggers are finding that blogging is a profitable medium. Whether it is a few dollars to have a cup of coffee on weekends or it is making enough dollars to stop your regular 9-5 job and continue blogging as your full time opportunity.

How to make a money making blogging

Here I want to share an image that depicts almost all the ways a blogger can earn from their blog and some other stuff. This visual representation will help the beginner most.

Click on the above image to get clear view of it.
One thing that I want to make clear here is there are thousands of bloggers who are trying their luck in blogging but only few got success. I’m sorry to say this but this is the reality, my friends. You need to be extraordinary if you want enough online money, name and fame all.

But still there are many bloggers who is living through their blog so why not you?

If you have passion, you don’t want to do 9-5 job, want to be your own boss, you can start a blog and can make far more money that you’re making from your daily jobs. But before staring your own new blogs, I would suggest you to read this article as whether you’re prepared to start it or now.

Hope you’re now prepared to start your blog. But remember making money from blogs is not a day work. You need to work days and nights to make money and somehow after few months you’ll be able to earn few dollars. But those dollars will inspire you to work more and more and then by this continuous process you can become a successful blogger.

You have already read more than 500 words and till now I haven’t share a single method to earn. Someone is talking too much :)

Now without wasting time I’m going to share all the methods that all the successful bloggers are using to get a six figure income. And I’m sure after using these methods; you are going to be one of them.

But just remember to earn more you should have a proper layout of blog, a good name, enough and quality contents and you need to avoid the initial mistakes done by many bloggers who fail to make money and finally close their blog.

Different Ways to Earn from Your blog

1. Google AdSense: I’m keeping Google adsense at the top in the list because of the trust and the recurring income. Google Adsense is the biggest ad network in the world and many blogger completely depends on AdSense for their income.

Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted ads on their websites.

AdSense works on the per-click or per-impression basis. Whenever anybody will clicks or view on the ads, you will get money from the advertisers. The money that you will get depends on the geographic locations, and the CPC.

You will get more money if you’ve received a click from US/Canada compared to Asian countries. There are many type of ads are provided by AdSense like Text, Images, Videos etc. But to earn more from your AdSense, you need to know these basic tips.

Also, to boost the CTR of AdSense, you can use AdSense optimized WordPress themes.

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2. Chitka: Chitika is a display advertising network that can serve as either a complement or alternative to other display ad networks, such as Google AdSense.

Chitika was founded in 2003 and very soon it became the alternative of the Great Google AdSense. Chitika is having more than 350,000 publishers currently and with this you can think of their popularity.

You can read all the details Chitika publisher here.There are many other display ad networks also but AdSense and Chitika are the most famous. You can make decent income through these. Many blogger who are either not satisfied with the AdSense or got banned due to some reason tries Chitika.

3. Affiliate Program: Affiliate marketing is a program where an advertiser or a merchant recruits a webmaster to place their ads on the websites. Webmaster receives some commission whenever a user clicks on those ads and perform the desired action.

Suppose you have put an ad from a company who sell a book. Whenever you visitor will click that ad, they will get redirected to merchant’s site and if your visitor will buy that book you’ll get some money as a commission for that sell. This commission percentage depends upon merchant to merchant. It may be starting from 4% to 60-70% also.

There are many affiliate programs available on the internet like the most famous Amazon Affiliate program, BlueHost Affiliate and many more are there. The best about the affiliate program is, if you can take your visitor in trust you can make many more than AdSense.

4. In Text Ads: In text ads are one of the most popular monetization methods for blogger probably after display ad network and affiliate marketing. You have probably seen them all over the internet. They are a link with double lines.

Sometimes these ads are very beneficial for blogger’s pocket but need to be used with full precautions. Because these ads eventually irritates the user and in most of the cases, they leave the blog and never return.

So you these with cautions. Infolinks, Vibrant, Viglink are considering as the giants in this field.

Till now you’ve read around 1100 words and still many methods are yet to come. So why don’t you share this article with your buddies first.

5. Text Link Ads: If you’ve very good traffic and good reputation in your niche, this ad can be worship for you. Text link ads are not but it is a link of any product/website that you have put on your site.

Be careful while putting this as it seems to be relevant and the wording should be in such a way that it should match with the sentence, if used in article.

6. Sponsored Reviews: Many companies can pay you the money if you are ready to write a good and genuine feedback for them on your blog. What you have to do is just use that product and provide a genuine review.

By providing genuine review neither you’re cheating your readers nor the advertisers. And by this way many companies can pay you decent amount. Generally companies pay in the range of $20-$500 for a single review and it depends on your blog reputations.

7. Sponsored Post: Like sponsored reviews, you can get sponsored posts also. Many website/companies can pay you if you will write a post they want. What this usually looks like is a post created for specific website, target keywords, links back to their site or to get good audiences who is similar to your blog.

8. Direct Ads: This is the most profitable way to earn from blog but one of the most difficult one. Here either you’ve to pitch the advertiser to do advertisement through your blog or if you’ve good reputation you can get a call directly from advertisers.

Then you’ve to explain about the available slots and cost to them. They best way to deal with this is to have a media kit or Advertiser page on your blog. Simply provide the URL of that page and you’re done.

9. Premium Content: The perfect example of premium content is SEOMOZ site. SEOMOZ is considered as the best site for basic SEO and so for some of the content they charge.

You can also do the same thing but you should have the content of that standard so that people will have to pay. Just lock the part for which you want to charge with the password and ask users for the money. You can simply ask for the money by PayPal. And once the user will send you the money provide the password of locked content.

10. Theme/Template Selling: If you’re good in designing, you can design your own themes or templates and can sell in premium category. This can earn you a bigger amount.

A premium theme/template is getting sold in the range of $10-$200. Either you can sell through your blog or you can also sell through the themes market ThemeForest or any other such sites.

11. Domain/Site Flipping: If you’re good in marketing and have decent knowledge of domain name and Websites, flipping can earn you the best. For domain what you’ve to do is buy a good domain and sell it using some marketplace like Flippa or websitebroker.

And for the site flipping, you have two options-
  • If you’re very good in design and development then build your own site, do some SEO and bring some traffic. Then use some money making technique like AdSense, In text ads etc. and when you see that site is now complete sell that using above market place.

  • Else buy a good website from above market place itself and do some required changes, increase some traffic and sell it at higher price.
12. Sell Services: Sell those items in which you’re good. Suppose you’re good in designing offer design service to your customers and you can earn decent money. Similarly if you’re good in making plugins, writing etc. you can provide these services to your clients through your blog. You can check the services those I am providing here.

13. Freelance Work: You’re a good blogger. You know the secret as how to bring traffic. You know how to make blog/website/product a brand. Then why don’t you make money by providing theses service for few hours. Isn’t this interesting? Yes. Register on some freelancing sites, prepare a strong profile and earn.

There are many freelancers sites where you can work. Check the list of top 5 freelancers sites.

14. E-Book Sell: Suppose you’re in blogging since couple of years and you’ve earned a lot of experience and tips. Club those in a simple e-book and sell. Keep the prices depending upon the quality of the book and the ability to solve reader’s problem. You can take the help of WP E-Commerce to sell your book.

15. Membership Site: If you’ve written a good lesson, lecturers, and videos about something, you can start a membership site where you can teach the people those secrets by charging little money.

16. Paid Surveys and Polls: If you’ve good reputations in the market, you can even earn for the surveys done at your site. Many companies want to know the mood of public and for this they do surveys/polls by the use of external vendors. You can be the one and can charge decent dollars for this.

17. Event Speaker: For an event speaker you really have to be best. Not all the blogger get this offer. You have to be one whose words influences others, whose recommendations have trust and values and if you’ve these quality, you can be the next event speaker. Darren Rowse and Harsh Agrawal are few among the famous event speakers.

Final Words

Above were the most famous and real ways of earning, a blogger can ear and can live a life with online income. I’ve tried to cover almost all the possible ways to earn but as no one can be perfect so there must some ways through which one can get better earning. Please let me know those methods in the comment so that I can include in this article.

If you liked this post a sharing will be highly appreciable. Thanks for joining us. Keep visiting.

5 Free Blog Post Title Generator: Make Your Work Easy

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, February 20, 2017
The title is a crucial part of blogging. A blog post title decides whether people are going to read your blog post or not. No matter how better content you've written if, you don't have the good and catchy title, it will be difficult for you to attract readers. Also, a good title plays a critical role in search engine optimization which directly relates to the traffic of your blog.


If you're a WordPress user, you have the option to show different title to your readers and search engine. Also, you can use different title for different target audience like below-
  • Write a Title for readers on the Blog Post
  • Write the second title for search engine using SEO Meta Title
  • Also, write a different title for Social Media Promotion. As if you'll have a catchy title on social media you'll be able to attract more traffic. You can do this using WordPress plugin WP Social WordPress plugin.

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To do all this, you should have an excellent idea as for a single post you need to think three best title which is not that easy. But nothing to worry. Yes, today I am going to list 5 websites where you can generate best blog post title for free.

The Ultimate List of Top 5 Blog Post Title Generator

Let's start with the top free blog post title generator and see their pros and cons. All these Free Blog Post Title Generator have their own pros and cons, but at the end, you can go with any to get your work done for titles.

HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator


I have used HubSpot's title generator many times, and I feel this tool is one of the best to generate great blog post title generator. This tool not only helps you to create the best post title but also it will help you to get new blog post ideas. Just you've to enter the keywords and click on the Get Me Blog Topics. That's all you're done. For example, I just entered the keyword “Blog Title”, and it gave me 5 awesome blog post title-


Click Here to Generate Title Using HubSpot

Portent Content Idea Generator


Portent content idea generator is also used to generate the blog post titles but it's a bit different from the other available tool in the market. Once you'll place your keyword the tool will generate you generic title rather than some fix title.

I searched for the same keyword “Blog Title”, it suggest me something like below-

It shows you how you should put your title. Like at the end of the result it has Number. This means the number of tools that you will put in your post should be written over there. Also if you don't like the idea, just refresh the button and it will show you another set of suggestion. This is also one of the best blog topic generators. You should try this for sure once.

Click Here to Try Portent for Free

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator


This is also a nice tool to generate the title for your blog post. The best thing about this app that makes this different from other tools are- It generates blog post title in different category like-
  • List
  • How To section
  • Title like asking questions
  • Title like motivation etc
You can select any as per your need.

Click Here to Generate blog post Title using TweakYourBiz

SEO Processor Title Generator


I am sure you must be knowing about the SEO Processor. Yes, that's the same premium WordPress plugin. They have now come up with title generator tool also and it's working great. Just enter your keyword and you can also select the type as a description from drop down. It will display you the list of blog titles.

Click here to generate Title using SEO Processor

Link Bait Title Generator


Link Bait is also one of the most famous blog post title generator tool. Just enter the keyword, and you'll get lots of title suggestions. Also, you can select the style if you would like to choose to depend upon certain trends.

Over to You

These are some of the best tools for free blog title generator. You can use these to get blog post title ideas anytime. I will suggest you bookmark this post for your further use.

I am sure you must be using some tricks to get blog title. Let me know those in comments. Also don't forget to subscribe us to get best tips, tricks and offers directly in your inbox.

QuickCompany Review- Making the Legal Process Easier For Startups

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, February 17, 2017
Many times, it has been seen that companies, especially startups, avoid legal processes due to the complexity involved.

Although the government is trying to make the process easier, still a lot has to be done in this regard. However, the good news is that a few entrepreneurs realized the need of the hour and took an entirely unique approach to solving this complex issue of documentation and make lives easier for fellow entrepreneurs.

QuickCompany Review
QuickCompany is one such startup in the legal domain which is working towards making all the complicated paperwork look less daunting for startups or someone who’s working on a very good idea, by making it easier for them to patent their inventions, trademark their business names or register their company.

The best thing is QuickCompany takes care of all such documentation, legal and process related work. Therefore, by eliminating paperwork and the bureaucracy that stands between you and your business; the company gives you the opportunity to fully concentrate on the other more important aspects of your business and focus on scaling up.

From a survey, it has been observed that out of Out of 10 startups, more than five do not have any knowledge about legal terms. They have an idea about the legality, but they are not sure about how and where to start. QuickCompany is working towards solving and simplifying this very issue.

Let’s see more about this in details in this QuickCompany Review.

QuickCompany Review- An Overview

QuickCompany is a Delhi-based technology startup solving the legal and tax related issues which startups face on a daily basis.
They are making registrations in India as easy, quick and transparent as possible. With a team of over 20 people, QuickCompany is growing quite fast and has emerged as one of the top destinations to get your company registered.

How QuickCompany Works?

The way QuickCompany’s platform works is very simple. All you have to do is visit QuickCompany and enter the name of the company you want to register.

Once you search the name, QuickCompany will show you whether the name you have chosen is available or not. If all the three fields are green, then you are ready to go ahead.

Now if your name is available to register, go ahead and select the type of the company you want to register. The pricing details are as below.

This includes the government charges as well as the QuickCompany service fees. Also, if you’re not satisfied with the services provided by the company, you can ask for money back excluding the government charges.

Now, let’s see the bouquet of services offered by the company in this Review.

QuickCompany Services


Trademark registration cost is just INR 5499, and there is no hidden cost involved. Also, the registration time is just three days with minimal documents required.

Here are the documents needed for trademark registration-

• Trademark Application Form
• Power of Attorney (Stating we are filing the TM on your behalf)
• Board Resolution (For Companies only)

Just search for the Trademark name you want to register and then to depend on the niche, you can go ahead like below.

Company Registration

As I explained above, you just need to enter the name of the business you want to register and will be done by the company.

Below are the three types of company you can register in India.

LLP: An LLP registration costs around INR 7999 and takes around 15 days to get completed.

Here are some of the documents required for LLP company registration-

PVT LTD: If you are looking for the long term and multiple partners then PVT LTD company will best suit you.

The total cost involved is INR 13499 and needs around 15 days to get completed. Almost similar kind of docs is required to get your company registered as PVT LTD as LLP.

One Person Company: This costs you around INR 11999 and involves a time duration of 15 days. Below are the documents required for the same.

Tax Related Services

QuickCompany provides two types of tax related services-

• Import Export Code and
• Service Tax registration

Import Export code registration costs you around INR 4999 while service tax registration costs around INR 2999.


QuickCompany is offering a solution to a few of the most pressing problems related to legality and documentations.

If you have still not registered your company or not registered your trademark, it’s time to do so before anyone else does. Go with QuickCompany and get these stuff done quickly.

10 Best Free Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Templates

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, February 16, 2017
When you are thinking about building a website, there is two question arises in your mind. Whether you should use a CMS or you should create your website using only HTML and CSS.

So there are so many CMS available in the market if you don’t want to stick with coding. In this article, I am talking about Joomla CMS, and it's best to free multipurpose templates that can make your website more professional, clean, mobile friendly and fast.

So let me tell you why you should use Joomla as your website CMS.

Top 5 Blogging Apps to Manage your Blogs like a Pro

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, February 13, 2017
Different bloggers have different needs, but there are some requirements that all bloggers share. They all need to create great content, and they all need to stay up to date with the latest trends if they hope to succeed.

Blogging Apps to Manage your Blogs
You need to have a clear goal and a clear purpose, and not being able to manage your blog while on the move is no way to work toward that goal. Working hard is necessary, but working smart is even better. What you need are tools and applications that will get work out of the way and let you focus on writing.

Here are 5 apps that help you manage your blog on the move:


If you have a blog, then you simply need the app for your blogging platform, no question about it. Regardless of which one you need to choose, they will all be helpful in expediting the management process and staying up to date.

It is even possible to get notifications on your smartphone that will help you respond to comments or emergencies quickly should they come up while you’re out.

Out of experience, WordPress seems to be the most well-defined and useful of the three. On it you can edit or add posts to your blog as if you were on your computer. Tumblr might even be particularly well-suited for mobile use, but know that it uses quite a bit of data.

Blogger has an app, but it doesn’t seem to save work very well and isn’t updated often enough to be reliable. All of that being said, it might be helpful to get all three of the major blogging apps so you can keep track of blogging trends.

A Virtual Private Network

Just as important as writing a blog is protecting that blog from various cyber threats. If you are out using public networks, then you need to know the risks and the ways that you can defend yourself.

The main problem stems from the fact that hackers can easily intercept any data that travels over a public network. This data can include personal information, financial data, business data, or most pertinently, the login details for your blog.

If hackers get ahold of this, then you can consider your blog as good as gone. This is why you need a Virtual Private Network to protect yourself, which is a service that you can use to connect your device to an offsite server.

This connection will be encrypted so that you can safely use public networks and know that no one can possibly know what you are using the internet for other than using a VPN.

In addition, travelers can safely know that their IP address will be hidden by the offsite server, allowing you to research whatever you need to without worries about regional restrictions or government censorship.

There are a lot of different VPNs out there for you to use, each with their own particular niche, but you need to find a VPN that will fit you and your blogging and research needs well, so you will want to find one that is well-reviewed and can suit a variety of requirements.


Research and knowledge are keys to staying ahead in the blogging world, and you need to know about every major story that comes out in your fields of expertize.

This is why you need Pulse, an application by LinkedIn that will take into consideration your requests and interests and use them to create a news feed for you that you can read while waiting for other things.

Information is blog’s lifeblood, and good information is the key to success. Yet there are simply too many things in today’s busy world in order to stay on top of everything important, much less the chaff of the internet.

The good news to this matter is that Pulse uses professional opinions from LinkedIn in order to determine what articles make the cut for your eyes. If you aren’t sure if you’re getting the right feed, then change your settings and see what you can find.

Pulse is available on iTunes and Android and is a great companion for those with a LinkedIn account or a desire to constantly learn.


Whatever your purpose in writing a blog, you have a lot of things to remember and a lot of notes to take. Evernote is your best hope to keep your appointments and notes in order so that you can spend less time organizing and more time blogging. In short, it helps you stay more productive.

Considering how it is by far the most popular third party app for scheduling and note-taking, you will be glad to know that it deserves its sterling reputation. You can take notes of more than just text.

Photographs and other forms of data are welcome for your record-keeping purposes, and there are options that allow you to collaborate with other users if your blog requires it.

While there is a premium option available that might worry or intrigue you, the main difference is the amount of data you are allowed to use. If you use text for the most part, then you will be fine with the free version.

For more data-intensive notes involving audio or photos, then you will want to get an inexpensive premium subscription. You can find Evernote for any major smartphone OS.


While Evernote is a great app for personal note taking and organization, Diigo really shines in the areas of research and annotation.

In addition to allowing screenshots and annotation, the application will actually save your annotations for later visits to the same page and uses an account you can save information to. Tagging and note-taking are easy, and you will get used to it quickly.

One of the best features on Diigo is an outliner which will either organize your information for you or otherwise follow your customizable instructions to organize it.

Another great part of the app is the varied tools that they have for groups and the sharing options within those groups. If you are a blogger that collaborates often, then Diigo is the perfect app for you.

You can download an app to help you on either your iPhone or Android device. It would be wise to investigate their website for more information and tools.

These five apps will help you to make your place in the world of blogging and enable you to continue to manage it on the go.

Whether it is research, protection or management tools that you need, you can be sure that there will be something to help you. Used together, there will be nothing that cannot stop the dedicated mind.

What other must-have applications do you use when you blog? Share in the comments below.

About The Author: Isa Cox

Isa Cox is a technology blogger for, an internet security website specializing in VPN usage. Isa writes about the importance of utilizing a VPN for all of your online activity, especially blogging.

Mysimpleshow Review- How to Make an Explainer Video like Pro

By Ashutosh Jha →
Among all the digital marketing methods, video marketing is one of the most impressive ways of marketing.

Be it a small or large business, all need to advertise their product to gain some initial customers and to scale it up. Among all kind of advertisement, video advertising plays an import role. It is the opportunity in video marketing which has forced social media giants Facebook to come up with video ads.

Mysimpleshow Review
It is the natural fact that people understand visuals better than texts. If you are active on social media, just do an experiment. First, share some text on your page and then in another post one image or video and then compare reach.

I did the same and found the post containing graphics reaches more than 18 times more than the text post. Videos even work better in such cases.

But the thing is everyone can make a good video initially. People try to mix up some audio with the images, but that doesn’t result in a video which can be used for business purpose.

Have you seen sites using informative videos for an introduction? Well, you can find many. Earlier they used to write the long text which hardly all read, but a 4-5 video can be easily watched.

Usually, people think making a self-explanatory video will take a lot of money as many services charge. But recently I found one website where you can develop self-explanatory videos free and like a pro. Your completed video will be like a professional video which can be used for business purpose. The site is Mysimpleshow, and they allow you to create a decent video free.

In this post, I am going to share about Mysimpleshow review and will let you know the mysimpleshow features. I will also explain how to make a self-explanatory video using Mysimpleshow.

Mysimpleshow Review- An Introduction

Mysimpleshow is a video making a software where you can design self-explanatory videos for presentation or ads. When many businesses are still relying on the old text-based ads, the early adopters will get the benefit.

Mysimpleshow has been developed with an aim to make informative videos easy. They are currently the market leader when it comes to promoting good explanation.

They have their office in three continents with an excellent in-house support team ready to help you in any scenario.

A great story with adequate visualization can make a great impact on the customer and mysimpleshow is making this process easier.

Why you need an explainer video?

Well, this is common! We write an introduction for any blog post also and the same is the explainer video in more efficient and organized form.

You can easily convert a page of content to just 2-3 minutes of explainer video and replace with the long content.

Here are some of the common benefits of having an explanatory video-

• Explainer videos are fun
• Explainer videos say more than just words
• Proven learning methods
• Reaches to more audiences
• Stays in mind
• Ease complexity and many others…

Features of mysimpleshow

Here are some of the amazing features of mysimpleshow apart from the fact that it is free to use.

All you need is just a four steps process to create stunning self-explainer videos.

Here are some of the other features of mysimpleshow-

• Suggest you the storyline for the message- for this; you just need to answer few questions
• Illustrates your story with images that stay in mind
• You can make use of thousands of available mysimpleshow illustrations to create videos
• You can preview your video before publishing and make changes
• Helps you to create the story
• It will suggest you to the perfect pictures for your video, but if you are not satisfied, you can use an alternative as well.
• You can record your voice or let the software talk for the story
• Once all done and you’re satisfied with the video, just publish, download and share.

There are multiple templates given for the help, and you can use any of those for template or help.
Mysimpleshow is serving all kind of audiences’ like-

• Professional
• Educational
• Personal

All these have their benefits and features. Let’s see the features of those here.




How to start with mysimpleshow?

To start with making a free video on mysimpleshow, first, you will have to create a free account. Just click on the link to create the free account and fill the required details. You can sign up through Facebook and Google as well.

One done, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard, and it will look like below-

Now to start with, just click on create a new video, and it will ask you for a couple of questions as shown below.

Select the one as per your requirement. The next step is to find the story line. You can choose from the number of available templates.

Now you will have some fields to fill as I was chosen to write your script option.

For every step, an example is given to tell you how it should be and the steps are self-explanatory. You can also check their videos for better understanding.

The next step is to select the visuals and audio. Once done, just click on the finalize video option, and you’re done. You can preview the developed video and edit for any changes.

Once you’re satisfied, just export it and publish. That’s all!

Wrapping it up!

These were all about create a video using Mysimpleshow. I hope you liked this mysimpleshow review. Mysimpleshow is a fantastic tool to start with all kind of introduction videos and video marketing. Do use this tool for free and make your business introduction better.

120+ Best Blogging Tools to Grow your Blog- [2016 Edition]

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, February 8, 2017
With the advancement of technology, almost made our work damn easy. No matter what you are doing, you will find such tools which can make your work easy.

The same also applies to Blogging. It’s no more a secret that Blogging is now a business and people are making Millions out of it. It is an art and with the help of tools, we can make this art run and shine.

Best Blogging Tools to Grow your Blog
Just for an example, a few years ago, if we had to build links, we type the keyword in the search engine and check on which all site we can make the links but what about now?

With the help of link building tools, we can get the list of all the sites, their status, ranking or say all the details about it in just a click. Isn’t Blogging tools have made Blogging easy?

There are many such best blogging tools those are making our way easy and we should use those as and when required. To get those on a single page, I have compiled the epic list of best blogging tools to grow your blog and business.

Personally, I have used many of these while others are based on the expert’s recommendations. You can use these tools without a second thought and can make your blog run like a business.

The Ultimate List of Best Blogging Tools

Here is the list of 120+ Best Blogging Tools for your reference. I have categorized all these tools in different sections so that you can pick the one which you like the most.

This post is going to be bit long so a cup of coffee is highly recommended :)

Blogging Platforms

WordPress: It is the leading CMS to start with blogging. WordPress is very popular as it has over 40k plugins to your required work easily.

Blogger: After WordPress, Blogger is widely used. It is a free platform and has good features available. You can start a blog on Blogger platform in minutes.

Joomla: Joomla is also a leading platform to start blogs and websites. There are several top sites hosted on Joomla. Drupal is also one good alternative of it.

Tumblr: recently it has become one of the top choices of blogger. Especially bloggers use Tumblr to rank their money making sites. You can find high quality expired Tumblr domain and can rank site easily.

Desktop Blog Editors

Evernote: I use this tool to make quick notes and it’s available via cloud syncing.

Desk: This is a paid tool for Mac OS and is a distraction free writing tool. Very useful for blogger using Mac.

Open Live Writer: This is one of the best tools to write and publish directly from the tool itself. Here once you will sync your blogs in the Open Live Writer, you can write and publish directly. The only this is, it works only for Windows and won’t work on Mac OS.

Blogo: Blogo is a desktop editor where you can do offline writing and directly publish to your WordPress blog from the dashboard. It is again only for Mac.

Blog Post Title Generator

I would recommend you to please check our detailed post of Best Blog Title Generator for details. Here is the list of Blog Post title generator.

• UpWorthy title generator: This is a viral title generator and will help you a lot. Great for a story like a site.

• Potent C idea generator: Will work both as a content idea and title generator for your next post

• Headline Analyzer: This is by Coschedule and is one of the best blog post title generator tools I have come across. Here you just paste whatever is in your mind as the title and it will give you the complete analysis as should you use it or not.

• Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer: It checks the emotional marketing value of a title. The higher the EMV score is, the better it will perform on social media channels.

• TweakBiz title generator: This is another great tool by Tweakbiz and helps you a lot to find the idea for the next blog post title.

Proof-reading tool

Grammarly: One of the best tool available in the market to check grammar today. It is available in both free and paid segment.

AtomicWriter: A good alternative of Grammarly. Again available as free and paid. For advanced checking, you will have to buy this tool.

Check our Top Grammarly alternatives to know about other proof-reading tools.

Ginger: Ginger is a free online proofreading tool to check the grammar and spelling and help you to write error free articles for websites and blogs.

Stock Image for Blog

Google Images: The best place to find the image for your blog post. But be careful while choosing it especially if you are not getting credit to the owner of the image. They may file DMCA and you will be in huge loss. You can check our article on How to Find Royalty Free Images in Google.

Flickr: Use advanced search to find images with a creative common license.

WP Image Suite: It is a paid WP plugin to find the image. This tools searches over 9 image sources and will give you the wide option to get the images. Also, you won’t have to provide the credit if you are using this plugin.

Canva: It is a graphic design software where you can design images and banners for your site.

Unsplash: It is a great tool to find the HD images. It’s a free source to get high-quality images.

Content Ideas

• Blog Comments: Get the ideas for the next blog post from the comments done by your readers.

• Google Trends: Check the trending topics of the current time or you can also search for the trendy topics based on your keyword.

• Ask your readers: You can also send an email to your subscribers and can ask what they want you to write. This is one of the best ways to get content ideas. You can also create a poll on your blog for the same.

• Social Media: Post some topics on your social media wall and ask your followers to suggest what they want you to write.

BuzzSumo: You can enter a website or topic and the tool will show you the most engaged topics and content shared on that.

Quora: One of the best Q&A sites where you can get unlimited content ideas. Just enter the keyword in the search box and you will get thousands of topics to write on.

Blog Submission Sites like Kingged: You can also check sites like Kingged where other share their posts and so you can get an idea what to write.

Offline Reader & Content discovery

Pocket: One of the most productive tool I am using. You can save the web pages which you want to read later or for reference purpose. You can read it later anytime.

Feedly: Subscribe to any blog feeds or search for your interested topic to discover new blogs to subscribe to.

Visitor Stat & Analytics 

• Google Analytics: The best and free tool when it comes to analytics. Given by Google, it will show you the complete traffic details, their behavior, real-time data, keywords, kind of traffic and much more. It is a must have the tool and must trusted analytics tool you must have.

9 Money Saving Tips for Bloggers [Take Action Now]

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, February 7, 2017
It is very easy to start a blog but getting traffic, making money from blog and most importantly saving that money is the big thing. In this post, I am going to talk about few best money saving tips for bloggers.

While starting a blog, every newbie faces issue regarding budget, knowledge and resource crunch.
Money Saving Tips for Bloggers
Almost every month, I receive 2-3 emails asking how to start a blog and make money with some problem listed like-

  • I don’t have much budget to start a blog
  • I am a student
  • How I can manage the time
  • I am not able to save money earned from blogging and so on…
Well, these are very generic questions and everyone face. Even I did too. Especially the last one where I was unable to save much money earned from blogging.

Then I tried many things and started making a to-do list and found significant improvements. Here in this blog post, I am going to list the main seven main points which helped to save more. I am sure this Nine money saving tips for bloggers will help you as well.

Top Money Saving Tips for Bloggers: 9 Proven Techniques

Let’s start with some of the best money saving tips for bloggers. You will find many bloggers or people living online life complaining about the saving and this post is for all those who wish to save some amount.

#1 Look for combination of Freebies

Usually, bloggers keep on searching the best blogging tools which can save their time and provide maximum ROI.

But as the price of internet marketing tools is high and so many are unable to buy. The best option for this is the combination of free tools which complete the same requirements.

For example, let’s say you need some software like Grammarly. Also, Grammarly provides many features apart from the main grammar checking like plagiarism checking, etc. which is available in only premium version.

Again the Grammarly Premium is available for at least $11.99 when you will buy their yearly plan, but everyone can’t afford this. Even you can use Grammarly premium free, but that is for only one month.

The best alternative to this is, use the free version of Grammarly and then use any plagiarism checker tool for plagiarism.

By this way, you can save some good amount of money. But there are some limitations also-

  • Premium version of tools have more features
  • You will have to manage multiple accounts

#2. Wait for Some Big Events/Holidays

During some holidays or events, manufacturers provide huge discounts and deals on their products.

Sometimes you may even find the discount up to 85-90% also which is huge. Let’s say some product cost around $100, and if you’re able to grab a discount of 90%, then you are getting at just $10.

You may find a bigger discount on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year, Easter, Christmas, etc.
Money Saving Tips for Bloggers

#3. Look for the Coupons

Coupons are the excellent way to save money on online transactions. You can get some lucrative offers and discounts using coupon codes.

There are multiple coupons sites where you can visit to get the coupon codes for a discount on any product you are purchasing online.

Recently, when I was buying hosting, I got a deal for 20%. I was about to make payment and simply checked coupons to get some additional discount and found a deal of 20%.

To get the best coupon just search “product name+ coupon” in Google and you will find hundreds of website offering coupon code. Just go through the description of the coupon and if it is suitable for you, copy it and apply.

For examples, if you are looking for American Swan coupons, just search this keyword in Google and get all the available codes.

Similarly, you can also search for “product name + offers”. For example, Ajio offers to get the offers available on Ajio.

You can also check our Tesla Theme coupon code and UniHost Hosting Review for the offers on WordPress theme and hosting.

#4. Participate in Giveaway/Contests

Giveaway and contests are a good and smart way to attract visitors and convert visitors into a subscriber.

Many bloggers and internet marketers keep on organizing a giveaway for some blogging tools, Hosting packages to attract some subscribers and promote their blogs and products. You should participate in those contests to get a chance to win the tools.

Such contests just ask you to like on Facebook, Tweet and/or subscribe which won’t take more than a couple of minutes. In response, if you will win the giveaway, you will have amazing blogging tools to use.
Money Saving Tips for Bloggers
Who knows you can be the lucky person or can be one of the lucky people? :)

#5. Reviews

You must be hearing bloggers getting some gift from companies and PRs’ to promote their brand and products.

Some companies ask you to write a review about the product and promote it in your network in exchange for some gift which may be the product.

You can approach the company which manufactures the tool you are looking to get and contact for the free copy and in response to a review post on your blog.

Recently I wrote a blog post on how to get Grammarly premium free where you can see how to approach a company to provide your free premium access to their product in exchange for a review on your blog.
Money Saving Tips for Bloggers
The benefit of this method is, you can also earn from an affiliate. If someone buys from the affiliate link of your review, then you can make a certain percentage of the sale amount which usually varies from 10-80%.

#6. Co-ordinate with other bloggers

Let’s say there are some products which you are not promoting and want to buy such products?

In such cases, check your friends’ blog or fellow bloggers’ blog. If someone from your group is promoting, just check how much affiliate commission company is providing in that product.

Let’s say it is 50%. Now approach that particular blogger and say you want to buy it from his/her link but want some part of the commission (e.g. 20-30%).

Your friend will never ignore such offers as he/she will also make some commission and you are also getting good deals.

The only thing you need to take care here is, the other person should be your close friend, or you have done any form of business together due to obvious reasons.

#7. Go for long term

You will always find companies providing great deals on long time subscription. For example, if you will look at the Ahrefs subscription, you will find 20% off on yearly subscription, and this is not just with Ahrefs but almost all the products.
Money Saving Tips for Bloggers
So if you have tried the product and you feel that it worth in the long term consider buying it for longer.

But before buying any product for a longer period, ask some questions to yourself to avoid unnecessary expenses.

  • Do you need this product?
  • For how much time you need?

#8. Diversify the investment

Many bloggers are struggling when it comes to the investment of the money they earned from blogging.

As I said, investment and saving are equally important as learning is and so you should plan accordingly. It can be something like below-

  • Invest some part to grow your blog/business through which you are earning
  • Keep some part of your expenditure
  • Invest few percentage to enhance your skills
  • Save/invest the rest of your amount
Usually, if you will see government employee investing, they don in FD or LIC, so similar fixed return funds. While IT or corporate sector employees tend to do in SIP, mutual funds, etc. apart from the traditional investment.

I have seen blogger also investing in Bitcoins, Bonds, etc. So the main thing is to diversify your investment and spread it across Fixed Deposits, PPF, Bonds, ELSS, Mutual Funds and Equity Market.

#9. Use co-working places

If you are a full-time blogger and feel working at home decreases your productivity then it’s time to move ahead and find a dedicated space for working.
Money Saving Tips for Bloggers
Well, for many people get a dedicated place for working can be expensive and so a co-working place is highly recommended.

You can opt for any of the below options-

  • Look for a co-working space like 91springbooard, Innov8, etc. where you will be issued a pass for daily/monthly/yearly basis as per sheet and facilities you require.
  • You can also get the space in partnerships. For example, you are working in the day time and so you can allow someone else (e.g. small call-center) to use the infrastructure and space during the night and can share the cost.
  • There are some companies which provide few sheets on a monthly basis at some cost.
By this way, you can increase your productivity at less cost. Here is an interesting stuff related to co-working spaces.

A 2011 Deskmag survey of more than 1,500 coworkers in 52 countries supported her findings:

  • 75% reported an increase in productivity since joining their space
  • 80% reported an increase in the size of their business network
  • 92% said an increase in the size of their social circle
  • 86% reported a decrease in their sense of isolation
  • 83% stated that they trusted others in their co-working space

Wrapping it up!

Saving money is crucial for everyone, and you should make it a habit like you earn. I have tried to cover all the important aspect of money saving tips for bloggers, and I am sure these will help you.

Don’t buy the stuff you don’t require and try to invest the money earned as much as you can. A start with the saving account can work better. Also, try the trial period of any product before buying it for the long term.

Apart from all these, you can also try the following to save money being a blogger-

  • Make monthly budget
  • Try to shop online for your monthly expenses
  • Avoid offers like buy two get one free
  • Plan your travel in advance and book accordingly to avoid surcharge
  • Use PPF, NSC, and LIC for tax exemption, etc.
I will love to know what you to save money. Also, do share if you have a fantastic money saving tips for bloggers like you and me.