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How Promo Coupons Persuade Consumers from Buying Home Goods

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Big companies understand that promotions are effective strategies they can use to boost sales and also build customer satisfaction. This strategy has been used for decades with great success across different industries. As a matter of fact, promo coupons are some of the ways businesses can promote their services without sounding promotional. Unlike advertising, using coupon codes does not necessarily come with upfront costs.

To show you how your business can benefit from promo codes to persuade consumers to buy home goods, here are some ways you can use the promotion strategy:

Discount prices

Everybody would love to get a good deal and discount coupon codes are the perfect way to get people to look for a product. During different occasions of the year like Cyber Monday, you can come up with coupon sales that will get consumers to order in bulk. Tap into holidays and events in the calendar that could draw the attention of buyers. One of the advantages of promo codes that offer discounted prices is that this method easily gets buyers crazy over the price. You could end selling more than one product due to the perceived affordability created by the coupon.

Free gifts

Another way you can use coupons is by creating a free gift for all buyers who use the coupon code. This could be something like an item that complements what the person has bought. For example, an electronics store may give out some electronic item that would help to improve their experience while using what they have bought.

With the inclusion of this extra offer alone, people will be influenced to select the products offered by the seller over competitors.

Digital coupons influence purchase decisions

According to a poll conducted by Forrester, 60% of consumers prefer to receive digital coupons, and 50% of those who use the codes are likely to visit the store once more. This means coupon sales influence buying decisions and could be used as a way to cement trust among buyers. The survey further reveals that coupons influence buying decisions and more than two-thirds of consumers who took part in the survey agreed that the promo coupon closes the deal when they are undecided about making a purchase. This shows businesses that want to not only make more sales, but also gain the trust of the market, should utilize coupon sales as a way to boost performance.

Giveaways and contests

Buying a product gives a consumer entry to some giveaways. These sales promotions are popular with businesses that deal in food items like sodas. You could also utilize them to attract more sales. Most of these businesses include the codes on the bottle caps, but you can use the same idea on Facebook and Instagram by creating a giveaway that will get new customers interested in the products you offer.

Many consumers find coupon codes on their smartphones via emails from different retailers. Even when there is no intention to make an instant purchase, the availability of a coupon presents itself as an opportunity to save money while getting what they want. You can use this method of promotion to influence buying decisions and make more sales. There are many methods you could give out the coupons including through discount deals and free gifts, which are awarded upon the buyer picking a specific product.

Importance of Business Administration for your Company

By Ashutosh Jha →
Running a business efficiently and effectively is challenging, especially if you haven’t received formal education in business administration. This body of knowledge is tremendously relevant and can guide you through starting, running, and expanding your business. It can also help you protect your company from legal action and other pitfalls that can endanger your capital investment.

Importance of Business Administration for your Company

Accounting & Finance

You are exposed to an array of topics when you major in business, including the mathematical side of business – accounting and finance. In your accounting courses, you’ll learn the basics associated with the bookkeeping process and financial reporting. You’ll get to see how financial statements are produced and how they are used in business. Understanding a balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows is key for running your business effectively.

Similarly, when you take a finance course, you’ll learn about rate of return and time value of money concepts. Learning these subjects will help you manage your money and investments. It will also help you plan out your capital structure, which is an essential part of forming and maintaining your business. Too much debt in your capital structure can spell disaster for your company, but a solid understanding of finance can help you manage that risk.

Human Resources

Understanding how to allocate human capital within an organization is critical for managing your business efficiently and effectively. The many laws governing employment, along with the role and responsibilities of your training department, are critical to understand. Human resources topics and related subjects are taught in business schools. You will be exposed to a number of important philosophies and concepts about managing labor, and how to use employees in your business.

While subjects such as quality assurance, process excellence and systems thinking are in many ways related to human resources, these concepts are taught separate from the HR. However, many business students supplement their business administration education with quality assurance courses, training and certifications. So, if you hire a business administration professional, they are likely to have a good understanding of process improvement techniques, along with strategies for managing processes and people within systems.

Sales& Marketing

Learning how to entice potential customers into purchasing a product or service is key for starting a business and being successful. Whether you’re just starting your business education or are pursuing a business admin PHD, you’ll be exposed to marketing and its importance to any company’s survival. A business admin PHD can help you design a marketing plan that is fresh, original and has all of the working components needed to penetrate your target market. Without a well-defined plan, your marketing efforts may not yield substantive results.

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication is quite important for any company and this also involves the public relation (PR) department, public speaking, meetings and much more. This administration decides what to say to media and public and what not.

Especially, the administration department become even critical when the company has to take certain stand and some limited stuff need to be out to the media. This department also take care of the brand reputation and time by time they come up with the initiative to build company online brand.

Managing Daily Operation and Facilities

Administration department is not also limited to the above areas but also, they have the great role in managing the daily operation from organization prospective.

For example, their team ensure that the resources are getting the proper facilities like transport, food, in-house first aid medical benefits etc.

Wrapping it up!

A business administration education has wide ranging implications for you and your business. If you do not have the time or means to get an education in business, then hiring someone well-versed in business is key for the success of your company. Running a business is an artform that requires careful study to master.

4 Best Benefits of Advanced POS Systems

By Ashutosh Jha →
The development of Point of Sale (POS) systems made life easier for those in service-based industries and their customers. New advances in POS software have taken inventory control and customer service to new levels of efficiency. If you haven't upgraded your POS capabilities, you're missing out on a lot of benefits. Here are just a few.

Best Benefits of Advanced POS Systems

Inventory Management

Advanced inventory control is one of the main benefits of POS software. With responsive applications, business owners and managers can track individual items or whole lots along the supply chain from order, to delivery, to final sale. Because all of the information is recorded in real time, any employee with access to the POS system can tell at a glance how many of each item is available at any given time. This not only aids efficiency, it's also an invaluable risk management tool.

Cloud-Based Options

Cloud-based POS solutions tie everything together enterprise-wide. They allow universal access to information by storing all relevant data in one virtual location. Employees using handheld scanners input inventory at the point of delivery, and the information is relayed to the cloud immediately. As stock is put into circulation, inventory is automatically updated. In turn, each sale triggers another automatic update. Stock on hand, sales numbers, and reporting are all available in real time, from any location, by anyone who needs access to that information.

Customer Service

Advanced POS systems mean providing a better customer experience. Through mobile access, you can launch effective customer loyalty programs and apply on-the-spot incentives. Software can be filtered to track and analyze individual customer preferences and behavior, which allows you to provide a more personalized, targeted shopping experience. This enables a higher level of efficiency while allowing the customer to feel like they're being catered to by a company that knows them and cares about their satisfaction.

Point of sale solutions also help your staff provide quality service that's fast and accurate. By combining automated inventory control, mobile access, and cloud-based storage, your staff will be better informed and more professional. Your customers will enjoy shorter wait times for service and faster checkouts. Using individual staff identifiers, managers can assess employees by sales volume and other useful metrics.

Mobile Access

Mobile POS software is probably one of the biggest advances, and one trend that will continue to develop in the future. Nearly 50 percent of all consumers use their smartphone to shop or search businesses locally, but wireless mobility benefits those who work for businesses as well. No longer will sales reps have to leave a customer standing there while they go to check a price. Clerks and warehouse workers can input inventory immediately using handheld devices.

Many restaurants are cutting down on turnaround times by using tablets. These allow customers to place error-free orders right at the table, with no waiting, and get their food in a more timely manner. The bill, including tips, discounts, and tax, is figured automatically, and restaurant owners can generate reports on sales by menu item or any metric they choose. This is a big help with menu planning and stock rotation.

There are different types of software available for POS systems, and many are industry-specific. If you're unsure which is the best option for your business, consult with a software development company that specializes in B2B POS solutions.

5 Great Ways To Use Social Media

By Ashutosh Jha →
Despite the bad press that inevitably follows social media, there are some fantastic ways to put it to good use. Whether you are a business owner of a company large or small, or you use social media for personal reasons, you can use it to its full advantage if you know how. Read on to discover five exciting, great ways to use social media.

Social Media Use Case

5 Best Ways To Use Social Media For Business Benefits!

Let's start and see some of the great business use case for social media and how to implement those for the business benefits.

To share and receive images instantly

How often is it that you have attended an event and wish you had taken more photos? It could even be that the vent was your own wedding and you would love to see photos of the happy day taken by the guests.

Social media allows you to reach out to guests at an event to ask if you can have copies of pictures they took, and it could be just a matter of moments before you have those images on your own device. It may be that it is you that wants to share the images with others and therefore send them via your social media page to those that want them. Discover how you can do this easily, including How To Get Photos From Iphone To Computer so you can send images that way, by visiting Moblivious.Com.

To get a job

In what other way would you be able to contact a famous company or individual so quickly? Besides there being job boards and employment companies all over social media, there are also people that you may have always wanted to contact about a job, but never had the opportunity to do so.

It is always a long shot to contact the head of a company directly with a request for employment, but confidence can go a long way. Twitter and Facebook are just some of the platforms that are used by influential people, and in a lot of instances you can contact them directly and immediately.

To find long lost friends and relatives

Before the social media explosion there was Friendsreunited.Com. This specific tool was used to find relatives and friends that you hadn’t seen in a long time.

However, nothing could have prepared society for the social revolution that was to follow, and people from all over the world, from every country, have reconnected with friends and family through the magic of social media. You can perform a search with the details you have, and if that doesn’t work, you can always put out a public post to be shared about wanting to find a specific person.

For crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is more prevalent than ever, with individuals using social media to raise funds for a variety of events and causes. You can use crowdfunding for personal campaigns such as raising money for vital treatment for yourself or a relative, or it can be used to fund once in a lifetime experiences for a deserving individual.

Musicians and artists also use crowdfunding to fund their next project, often repaying contributors with the results of their endeavors, such as albums, or pieces of art.

To share an event

Invitations to birthday parties, charity events, and even weddings can all be done via social media. If you are looking to save money by doing away with written invitations, you can create an event online and invite the relevant people. Events like these can be made public, or can be set to private so that only the invitees can see the events page.

Not only is this cheaper than sending invitations, but it also saves time as digital invitations can be sent out and received immediately.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the great ways of using social media for real benefits. You can always look for some leading social media platform and see what unique you can do to reach out to the broader and targeted audiences.

Also, as these social media platforms are quite large and a small mistake can ruin the brand identity. So, you should always avoid some common social media mistakes like not responding to queries, getting irritated with the negative comments and feedback.

If you will use social media in a good manner for the above points, be sure to get great benefits for your business.

I hope these five great ways to use social media post will help you use the social platforms in better, productive, and good manner. If you liked this post, consider it for sharing!

7 Cyber Threats and Attacks Prevention Tips For Individuals

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, June 15, 2018
As technology improves, concern with cyber security increases year by year. Hackers now have more than a few ways to hack into your most personal and secure information. In the past few years, major companies such as eBay, Microsoft, and even AOL have been victims to online hacking.

Cyber Threats and Attacks Prevention Tips
If you are following the news, then you must have heard about how the cyber-attacks have costed the organizations and individuals. These ransomware cases were one of the major attack done recently.

So, all you can do for yourself to be safe online from attacks and threads is take precautions. You can simply follow the below cyber threats and attacks prevention tips and keep yourself secure.

7 Top Cyber Threats and Attacks Prevention Tips to Implement Right Now!

Now is the time to change your online habits so that you can prevent even the smallest breaches from becoming problems. Listed below are some of the easiest ways to begin to protect yourself from hackers.

Create a Strong Password

Your password should be as unique as possible. It should be difficult to guess, even by someone who is in your close circle. Passwords can be easily generated by thinking of random sentences. The first letter of the word in the sentence can then be arranged so that they are the acronym of the password. There are also many websites online that offer random generators for passwords.

Use Different Passwords

Using the same password for different services is perhaps one of the most common mistakes when it comes to internet security. If you use the same word for every website, your entire digital portfolio can be hacked in the blink of an eye. If the hacker has access to one platform, they then gain access to all of the others.

Predictive Security

Predictive Security is a form of internet security that many large organizations use to keep their information safe. The security predicts and then prevents any threats that may happen by using the contextual analysis of data from a number of security devices and systems.

Read the Permissions

It is imperative to really read through all of the permissions of any software or applications you are going to install. Malicious apps are easily installed when users do not do a thorough check of what they are downloading. This has happened numerous times from those using the Google Play store. Be sure that you are one hundred percent sure on the amount and type of information that the app is accessing. Some applications access information such as your location, camera of your phone, and even contact information.

Look for Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are a very common way that hackers gain access to your personal information. A phishing scam can be designed as an email, or website. These will then prompt you to give some sort of personal information. Hackers then use these forms to install harmful software directly onto your computer or device. Scams look just like any typical email or website you may come across on a daily basis. Some signs of phishing scams are an abundance of spelling errors or grammar mistakes, multiple links to an email, threats about security, and even rearranged words of popular companies.

Back Up Your Personal Files

Even though it may take a few more minutes to save, backing up your personal files can really help you in the long run. Any files that are important to you should be kept in online storage, a hard drive, or on the cloud. If any of these platforms get hacked, you will at least have backup copies to go to.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best cyber threat and attack prevention tips for individuals and business. If you will follow these tips, you can be safe against the malware attacks.

10+ Free eBook Torrent Sites for 2017 for eBook Torrenting

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, June 14, 2018
If you have just landed here for the best eBook torrent then just go ahead and we will discuss multiple such eBook torrenting sites. Finding eBook torrent can be the real pain as must of the eBook torrenting sites are blocked in the majority of the regions. This blocking is majorly due to the government regulations and one can’t do anything to get it unblocked apart from implementing some tips & techniques.

eBook Torrent Sites
In this post, we will discuss 10 best torrent sites to download the eBook. You can also use these as free PDF torrent sites and download any PDF files as well.

So, let’s start with some best free eBook torrents and learn about free eBook torrenting sites which you can use from your location.

Before moving ahead with the 10+ best free eBook torrenting sites, let’s see the popular categories of eBooks.

Top eBooks categories downloaded from Torrent

Here are the top categories of books people search on these eBook torrent downloading sites.

  • Fiction
  • Computers
  • Medical
  • Science
  • Business & Economics
  • Romance
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Technology & Engineering
  • Biography & Autobiography

These kinds of PDFs are highly downloadable from the torrent sites. Use these PDF torrents sites to download free eBooks from these torrent sites easily.

Note: Before starting with any eBook Torrents, you must download one torrent downloading software to download eBooks from torrenting sites easily. These torrent downloaders can be BitComet or uTorrent which is again available for free.

The main reason behind the popularity of these eBook torrenting sites are the advantages of using eBooks over the hard copy.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of USDs to buy the hard copy and eBooks also doesn’t need any physical space. There are multiple such features of using eBook. You can take it anywhere without a second thought of carrying issues.

These reasons make the following eBook Torrents very famous and so eBook torrenting sites are getting much popularity.

Now let’s start with the 10 best free eBook Torrents Sites and see their features and how to access those sites. We will also see how to download the eBooks from these eBook torrenting sites.

10 Best Free eBook Torrenting Sites for eBook Torrents

Here is the list of 10 best eBook torrenting sites for eBook torrents. You can download any PDFs from these PDF torrenting sites for free.


BooksShare is a leading website for eBook torrents. You can download an unlimited number of eBooks from this eBook torrenting sites for free using any torrent downloader as discussed above.
At BooksShare you can’t only download the eBooks for free but also before downloading, you can read the descriptions of the eBook torrent for free. BooksShare is currently one of the leading eBook torrenting sites in the world and is accessible for everywhere.

The search facility is also available at this eBook torrent sites and so you can search for your favorite books as well.

Zooqle is not only a leading eBook torrenting site but also audio torrenting sites and video torrenting sites. They offer thousands of eBooks for free to use and download. At the end of this 10 best eBook torrenting sites, we will see how to download any eBook from these eBook torrenting sites 2017.

Again, you need a torrent downloader to download any of these eBooks from Zooqle eBook torrent 2017.

ebookee is another leading eBook torrent sites for eBook download. Ebookee is also one of the very few websites which have various categories available for eBooks.
The other features I found with ebookee is, you can find Recently Viewed eBook Torrents, Top10 eBook Torrents, Latest Added eBook Torrents and much more etc.

All these books are available free to download and use. Use any of these eBooks torrent and download any eBook for free.


ManyBooks is a freemium eBooks torrenting sites where the majority of the eBooks are free while some are available at the discounted price.

ManyBooks is providing their service since 2004 and so far, they have over 100 million downloads. With over 40k eBooks available to download, ManyBooks is one of the most professional eBook torrent site available. You can also read the brief review shared by the earlier downloader before downloading. (kickassTorrents)

kickassTorrents is one of the most famous eBook torrenting sites available on the internet. This is one of the oldest torrent site available on the net.

Follow the link shared here and you will be redirected to the eBook page where you can download eBook. They have over 1.8 million eBooks available to download. You can directly download any eBook from this Kat eBook torrent site for free.

FreeBookSpot is another leading eBook torrents site where eBooks from over 90 categories are available to download. You can download any of these eBooks from this site without even registering on the site for free.
Books from the categories like scientific, engineering, programming, fiction, etc. are available at huge volume. All these eBooks are free to use and download. This site is quite famous in USA and Canada. You can also add your own eBook here and allow others to download.

Online Programming Books

Online Programming Books is a dedicated eBook torrents site dedicated to the programming books. You can find almost all the programming books here available to be downloaded free.

Even the new languages and tools like Robotics, Big Data, etc. are available here. Books related to programming, computer science, software engineering, web design, mobile app development, networking, databases, information technology, AI, graphics and computer hardware are available here.

All these eBooks are legally available to be downloaded here and if you are starting your career then this eBook torrent will be highly beneficial for you.

01torrent is not only a famous eBook torrenting site for eBooks download but also for audio, video, TV shows etc.

You can find the details of the eBook and sizes before downloading. Just click on the download button and start downloading any eBooks available using any torrent downloader.


WorldWideTorrents is another leading torrent site for eBook download. There are hundreds of categories available on the site and you can browse through books. This eBook torrent site is again available for free and you can use like you do for any other site.


Wikibooks is one of the leading eBook torrent sites on the internet for downloading torrenting eBooks. They have the largest library of eBooks available on the internet. Just like Wikipedia site, Wikibooks is extremely easy to use and download the eBook.

Conclusion of Best eBook Torrents Site

These were some of the best free eBook torrenting sites for eBook Torrent download. These were the 10 free eBook torrent sites but it is not limited to just 10!

There are a vast number of such eBook torrent sites 2017 which can also be used. Let me name a few more here-

  • Planet eBook
  • eBook Lobby
  • Get Free eBooks
  • E-Library
  • Free eBook Canada
  • eBook 300

There are some additional eBook torrenting sites you can use as an alternative. Use these sites for the best use of eBook and download eBooks free from these eBook torrents site.

Also, if you are doing link building then you can follow these PDF submission sites for better links.

I would love to know which is your favorite eBook torrenting site. You can also check the below video to know how to downlaod eBooks from these sites. I have shown for two sites and others are also quite similar. For some websites, you may have to signup.

DreamHost Hosting Review with $97 Discount Coupon and Free Domain

By Ashutosh Jha →
Here at TricksRoad, I keep on sharing the methods I use for your reference and benefits. Few months ago I started one blog on WordPress but the hosting services that I was using was from local service provider and several times received the response from user that the site was not opening as server was down. So finally thought to move to some good and reliable hosting services. And last week I bought DreamHost Hosting.

So in this article, I am going to share the DreamHost Hosting review depending upon my experience of previous one week and will share with you the maximum discount you will ever get for DreamHost Hosting ie. $97 discount coupon code with a free domain.

About DreamHost

DreamHost was founded in 1997 from a small college dorm room and currently one of the best hosting providers across the globe. DreamHost has bought some really good vibes to the hosting industry by providing good solution.

Initially DreamHost started with Shared Hosting and over the time expanded itself with VPS, Dedicated and then Managed WordPress hosting.

Why I selected DreamHost Hosting?

At that time I was looking for some reliable hosting services which can handle good real time traffic and also cheap. So I preferred with DreamHost. Below are the few main reasons behind it-
• I got one Free domain
• I am an affiliate to DreamHost so I had discount code. You too can get the same discount by using the coupon code TRD97
• DreamHost provide custom and easy c-panel and one click WordPress installation.

Features of DreamHost Hosting

Below are the some of the main features of DreamHost Hosting-
• Unlimited Web space
• Unlimited bandwidth
• One-Click Google Apps Integration
• Custom cPanel
• 1 Free domain (Top level)
• Free guard for one year
• Free $75 Adwords Coupon
• Latest MySQL and PHPmyadmin
So this was the best option for me to go initially.

DreamHost Promo code for 80% discount

Before starting with the coupon code, let me tell you the price of DreamHost shared hosting. DreamHost shared hosting is the one of the premium hosting in the market and comes at $9.95 per month.

So the yearly charge will be $12*9.95 = $119.4

But when you will use the TricksRoad promo code TRD97, you can get this premium hosting at $22. Yes just $22 per year and in this $22, you are getting one free TLD domain which cost around $10. So ideally you are just paying $12 for one year of DreamHost Hosting i.e. $1 per month. Isn’t this beneficial?

Promo code for $97 Discount: TRD97

Now you must be thinking how my promo code TRD97 is giving such a huge discount? So let me tell you DreamHost allows their affiliate to develop unique coupon code through which their affiliate can give maximum of $97 discount. Many of the affiliate provides $50 and they take a commission of $27 but I offer full discount for TricksRoad user and don’t keep anything. Also, you’ll get a free domain here.

Discount Code for DreamHost Shared Hosting at $1.83/month: TRD97

How to Register for DreamHost Shared Hosting at Just $22 a year

If you are a newbie, let me tell you the detailed step to register the DreamHost Shared Hosting just at $22 (you’ll have to use TricksRoad $97 discount coupon code TRD97).

1. Open this link and fill you email id and password for registration.

2. Now click on continue. Here you to choose your free domain. If you have already decided, it’s well and good else you select later also. I selected as I already had decided and then click on continue.
3. Next step is choosing your plan. I will suggest you to go with yearly plan at $9.95 per month ($119.4 per year without discount).
4. Now you have to fill the coupon code and other details. Use TRD97 in the coupon code area and you bill will get cut at just $22.4. Fill the other details and complete the process.

That’s all. You are done with the process. Now you’ll have to login to the c-panel and start working. I will show you how to install and start a WordPress site with DreamHost in other article.

Pros & Cons of DreamHost Shared Hosting


Frankly speaking I really liked DreamHost shared hosting due to many reasons-
• I got it just at $22 and you can do also by using coupon code TRD97.
• A free TLD domain for lifetime.
• Excellent support.
• Dedicated and customized c-panel and one click WordPress installation.
• 100% uptime
• 97 days money back guarantee and many more
• You can host as many site as you want.


I really didn’t find any major issue with DreamHost but what I have heard is if your real time traffic is more than 500 then you may face problem with DreamHost shared hosting. In this case you may upgrade to VPS.

Over to you

This was all about DreamHost shared hosting and $97 discount coupon. Are you an existing customer of DreamHost? Do let me know your experience.

Click Here to Signup for Dreamhost Shared hosting and user promo code as TRD97.

How to Maintain Your Blog Growth Even When You Are Too Busy

By Ashutosh Jha →
As we all know to become a successful blogger, we need to write blog post frequently and also need to maintain our blog in a good and efficient way. But apart being a blogger, we too have a family, friends, and other works. So sometimes it’s tuff to manage sufficient time for the blogging. So what to do? Today we’ll discuss this as how to manage our blog even when we’re too busy.

As a blogger, we always try to keep the frequency of blog post but at the same time we’re the owner of that site also. And being the owner of the site, we think ourselves as a business man too :)

It’s true when you’ll not write any blog post for few days your traffic will go comparatively down. But as a business man would you like this to happen? Would you adjust with the blog traffic, page rank and the most significant relation with your visitors? Of course NOT.

Who will want this? We know how much time and hard work it cost to rank the blog and in building an excellent blog, so no one will want to let it down just because you do not have sufficient time and you’re busy in some other urgent work.

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When your blog will have good traffic, high ranking, nice readers and some popularity, you’ll always want to maintain it. But the truth is if you’re not give enough time on your blog, if you’re not writing posts regularly, your readers will move to some other blog and a huge loss will occur. So today we’re going to discuss how to maintain the rank, relationship with readers, traffic and popularity of blog even in the busy time.

How to maintain the growth of a blog in Busy Time?

Maintain a Blog Post Frequency

Never keep your blog inactive for long time like more than a week or two. If you’re doing this, believe me you’re having a huge loss and immediately you should write a post. If you haven’t posted on your blog for long time suppose say 2 week, slowly search engines will consider your blog as ideal or even dead sometime and your SERP will decrease and thus reduce in organic traffic. So if you’re too busy also, any how you should manage to write at least a post in a week.

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Accept Guest Posts

This idea works awesome when you’re too busy. You’re busy and so you won’t be able to write on your blog frequently then why not to try some other alternative for the blog post? And what can be better than guest blogging. But remember unless you are not having good traffic, getting approached for guest posts is little bit difficult.
But in this scenario also you can get guest post sometime using few guests posting site. One of those is myblogguest. Using this site you can offer other bloggers to have a guest post on your blog and there is a chance that you may get on a blog having less traffic also or on those blog which is relatively new.

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Check comments regularly and reply

This is the most important point. Even if you’re too busy, you should get at least 5-10 min a day to check your reader’s comment. You should never forget that these are the readers who have taken your blog to this level and if you want to be in the blogosphere, you need to have a good relationship with your readers.

And what can be a better way rather to reply in the comment? So get some time in a day to check your comments on the blog post or moderating the comment and reply them. By this way even if you’re not posting anything for few days also, you’ll be able to maintain a healthier relation with your valuable visitors.

Here I’ve maintained moderating the blog comments. Yes this is a good practice to avoid spam in the comments. Initially on this blog, comment moderation was not enabled and I got around 20 useless comments on my blog post.

Later I had to come and delete those. So comment moderation is a good practice per my view. And this will not take much time and even laptops are not required. You can do it through your phone and now for all the blogging platforms like Blogspot, Wordpress, Apps are in the market, so nothing to worry. Control your account using these apps.

Hire a freelance content writer

If you tried to get some time but still you’re not getting then you can spend few bucks to hire a freelance content writer. The main advantage of freelance content writer is - they charge less and you’ll be getting blog post regularly, so loss of visitors and SERP will not occur.
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Check readers email and try to respond

Emails are the great way to be in touch with the people. If you’ve written a good post, you’ll receive few emails appreciating your effort and also there may be few emails asking some doubt or seeking some suggestion. You should reply to both. But if you’re not getting good time, no worry at least reply to those emails in which your readers have asked some doubts or need some expert advice. Because they trust you and so have sent you an email. But if you will not reply, they may approach some other bloggers and you’ll lose one of your valuable readers and remember these readers are your customers..right?

In these period most of the emails you will receive will be related to you itself as why you are not posting, or you’re having any problem something. So answer them properly with the proper reason and buy this way you will manage to keep your visitors with you even in busy times.

Final Words

It’s justifiable to get busy as we may have some other urgent work also but planning is very important. We need to plan everything in such a way that neither personal work nor business (blogging) should get impacted

And once you’re done with your work, come back and start working immediately. But if you were out from many days, you have to tell the blogosphere that you’re back. For this you can take help of blog commenting or social media. Get active on all these and by this way you can manage to say the world that you’ve come and now working actively on your blog. You may organize any contest on your blog or facebook fan page to get maximum attraction also.

Friends these were the best ideas to maintain a good blogging life even when you’re too busy. I know you must be having some great ideas about this, please do share those in comments. Also if you liked this post, a social sharing will be very much appreciable. Thanks and keep visiting.


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