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Audials Android Radio Player Review

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, April 23, 2017
If you are a music lover and love listening radio then I have a good news for you! In this Audials Android Radio player review, I will share how you can listen to any radio channels for free.

Radio have been a great source for listening to music to all the music lovers. But the issue comes when you move to different locations.

Audials Android Radio Player Review
Recently, I came across Audials Android Radio player which helps you to listen to any of the 80k radio channels online from a different part of the world.

Audials Android Radio player is a free android app by Audials along with the recording features through which you can browse through online radio channels.

Audials is a radio player and recorder with over 80,000 radio stations including most wanted stations of the East Coast, Midwest, South and West Coast. Just record with a single click your favorite music directly and in best quality from radio!

Audials Android Radio Player Review

Audials is a leading software development company founded in 1998 and since then they are developing end-user focused applications. This is a Romania-based company having a worldwide presence. With over 100 Million users, Audials is growing very rapidly and making an impact in many different business verticals.

They create software for all the leading operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android. You can also find many software and application web based.

To get started with the Audials Android Radio player, you just need to enter your favorite artists or select a music genre, country or a local station near you. Audials Radio App will find the Internet radios for you. 80,000 radios with MP3- or AAC-Audio streams are included.

How to get started with Audials Radio player

Audials have radio player for both Android and iOS but in this Audials Android Radio player review, we will be focusing on the Android version. To get started with the app, you first need to download it from the play store. Once downloaded install it like you do for any other android app.

Now open the app and you will find the welcome screen like below.

Audials Android Radio Player Review
The functions are self-explanatory and you can easily browse through different sections for features. If you want to start with Radio, tab that option and you’ll have all the 80k online radio channels available. It will be usually sorted by popular channels.
Audials Android Radio Player Review
You can also search for your favorite channels and listen to that. You can also browse through genres for the type of music available with the app. Currently, 100+ styles of music are available in the app.

Audials Android Radio Player Review
The best thing is, the radio will be like the normal android app and you can minimize it as well while doing some other work.

If you liked any song, you can download the mp3 of that of you can do mass downloading as well. All these features are free to use.

Audials Android Radio Player Review
Another interesting thing I found with Audials Android Radio player is the wake-up alarm. You can set the alarm to wake up with your favorite radio station. This works like any other alarm.

The difference will be the music. Here your favorite radio channel will play a music.

Audials Android Radio Player Review

Audials Android Radio Player Features

Here are some important features of the Audials Android Radio player you should know to make the best use of it.

Find the Best Radio station for your Music

To search any station, enter your favorite artists or select a music genre, country or a local station near you. The app will find the match from their 80k channels with MP3- or AAC-Audio streams are included.

Top US Internet Radio Stations

You can find all the leading radio stations in the USA along with other countries free here. Lite FM, KTU, Z-100, Fresh FM, VirtualDJ Radio, Hot 97, Hard Radio, Radio Caraibes, The Beat LA, Undergroundradio, Kiss FM, Radio Kiskeya, etc. are some of the leading channels available here.

Radio Alarm Clock

An interesting feature by Audials Android radio player is the alarm clock. You can set the time you want to wake-up with your favorite radio station and wake up at the time. You can also snooze it for some time so that it can ring later.

Radio Recorder

You can record any songs in the mp3 version and save to your phone. This feature is available with all the songs. You can even do a batch operation where multiple songs can be downloaded at once. You can either download it on your phone memory or SD card or in the cloud as well.

Mobile Entertainment with Podcast

From news, documentaries and current affairs to language courses, tech reviews, and comedy, Audials cover an extensive range of entertainment with thousands of podcasts. Over 10k+ podcast is available in the app.

Wrapping it up

Audials Android Radio Player is one of the leading radio android apps through which you can listen to any online radio station. The app is free to use and has got around 5 million downloads with an average rating of 4.4.

If you liked this Audials Android Radio Player review, please share it with other music lovers.

5 Best iOS Emulators for Windows

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, April 22, 2017
Have you ever thought of running iOS apps on other operating systems? Here iOS emulators help!

If you want to run iOS apps on windows, you should get iOS emulators for windows. For all those who don’t know what is iOS emulators, keep reading this article and we will discuss it soon.

iOS Emulators for Windows
Usually, iPhones are very costly and everyone can’t afford it. But for all those who can’t afford iPhone and want to try iOS apps, iOS emulators are the best solution.

Here in this article, we will discuss 5 best iOS emulators for Windows operating system. These iOS emulators for PC will also help you to try iOS apps on your normal PCs.

What is iOS Emulator?

If you are new to this term “iOS Emulator” then here is a simple logic behind this. It is a computer program/software which helps you to run iOS apps on any other platform.

So, depending on the platform you want to run iOS apps, you will have to find the corresponding emulator.

For example, if you want to run iOS apps on Windows then download an iOS emulator for Windows. If on Android then download an iOS emulator for Android and so on.

Actually, iOS has been a favorite platform for developers to test any newly developed apps. Recently when Prisma was developed for many months, it was only available for iOS and then it came for Android.

So, if there is any app which is only available for iOS and you want to use on other platforms than iOS emulator is for you.

Using iOS emulator or simulator you can test and debug your apps on your normal PCs as well.

Use of iOS emulator

Apart from the normal use of iOS emulator for the use of gaming, apps, here are many other uses of iOS emulators.

  • Test and build the iOS apps during the software development process
  • Run the apps on multiple devices containing the same operating system
  • You can find issues while the development phase of app design and correct
  • Test your app with developer tools which are available only for simulator
  • Learn more about the XCode development experience and iOS development environment before becoming a member of iOS Developer Program

Advantages of using iOS Emulator

In the above section, we saw the uses of iOS emulators. Here we will check what are the benefits of iOS Emulators for Windows.

  • Almost all the iOS emulators available are either free or they have a free plan and so you can easily use.
  • Installation is quick, easy, smooth
  • It comes with SDK with the release of every new operating system
  • Simple system configuration needed to run iOS emulators for windows
  • Simple to use and ease of access
Now as of now we know what is iOS emulator, use of iOS emulators and advantages of the iOS emulator. It’s time to see few best iOS emulators for windows available in the market.

Although there are hundreds of iOS emulators available in the market, but we have compiled the list and selected 10 best iOS emulators for Windows for you to use.

All these iOS emulators for PC are simple and easy to use. Doesn’t require any additional configuration or technical expertise to run.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC 7/8/8.1/10 – Top 5

After compiling the list of top iPhone emulators, here are the list of top 10 iOS emulators for windows PC. Most of these are free to use and you can easily use iPhone apps for use or for development purposes.

Let’s start with the best iOS emulator for windows PC and see how they work for you.

1. SmartFace iOS Emulator for Windows

SmartFace is one of the leading iOS emulators for windows which helps you run iOS apps on the windows OS.

iOS emulators for windows
SmartFace is a full-featured integrated app helps to reduce cost, increase productivity, remove dependency and provide strategic mobility solutions. It also provides a complete feature to debug any apps which help developers to analyze the apps.

SmartFace Features

Here are some of the major features of the SmartFace iOS emulator for windows-

  • Plugins support to extend SmartFace apps and enterprise plugin supported
  • JavaScript library for better UI features
  • WYSIWYG Design editor
  • Single JavaScript codebase
  • Testing apps and debugging
  • Allows to emulate both iOS and Android apps on Windows platform
  • Network component wizards
SmartFace also supports the complete development of iPhone apps on Windows operating system. This helps the developers to develop amazing iOS apps by maintaining then cost.

SmartFace makes it easy to develop for iOS and Android on Windows with a new perspective for developing applications on Cross-Platform technologies.

How to install SmartFace iOS Emulator on Windows PC

The installation of SmartFace is similar to what we do for any other apps or APK. Here are the steps you can follow to download and install the app.

  • Download the SmartFace app/apk from this link- download
  • Simply install it by double clicking it
  •  You’ll get few screens which you can follow. You’ll have to accept T&C and then do next and finish.
  • Once installed, open the emulator and you can go to the Store section to download apps
  • Once done you can start working
Here is a video showing the working of SmartFace iPhone emulator-

2. iPadian iPhone Emulator

iPadian is one of the leading iPhone emulators for Windows PC you can use. It is available in a freemium version that means both free and premium version is available for this tool.

iOS emulators for windows
The premium version of iPadian will cost you USD 10 which supports the apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat etc. But the free version is also worth trying.

The only issue with the free version is the ad. So, if you feel ad annoying then go for the $10 plan as every penny of its worth.

Currently, the new version of iPadian is scheduled to be released in May’17 which will be focusing on discovering creative Apps and games of iOS on Mac or PC, Developers will have the opportunity to show their Apps for millions of iPadian users.

Moreover, iPadian is a simulator rather than emulator but you can do all the stuff here.

Features of iPadian iOS Emulator

  • Available for both free and premium. Free version can also get your work done
  • Access to customized store App Store in free version as well
  • In premium version, you can use any app freely with Apple App Store
  • No ads in the premium version which comes at just $10
  • Cheap product and one-time charge

Cons of iPadian iPhone Emulator

  • Free version contains lot of ads
  • Premium version cost you $10

How to install and use iPadian

Follow the below steps to install and start with iPadian iOS emulator for windows PC 7/8/8.1/10.
  • Download the app from the following link- download
  • Double click on it and follow the normal process to install the app
  • Once installed, open the app and an interface will be shown to you
  • Now go to store option and install the apps you want to start on iPhone emulator for windows

3. Air iPhone iOS Emulator

Air iPhone emulator is a must try emulator for every iOS developer. Especially if you are not much happy with the free iPadian iOS emulator then you should use Air iPhone emulator.
iOS emulators for windows

10 Things to Know before Starting a Blog

By Ashutosh Jha →
So you want to start your own new blog?
Or you want to take your blog to a new height?
This post is for you. Here I’ll discuss about few important things to know before starting a blog.

If you’re in this field you must have seen things about blogging changes every now and then but not completely. This I think is the beauty of blogging. You must have to be active in the blogosphere and on the internet to keep yourself updated.

There are millions of blogs online, but whether all are successful? Of course not. Only few of those make the name and money. Why like this? There must be some reason behind this success. If you can get those secrets and can implement on your blog too, you can be the next.

In this post I’m going to show you some important things you need to know before starting a blog. I am sure if you’ll follow these tips, you’re going to save lots of time and energy.

Before moving to those 10 things that you should know before starting a blog, first I would like to ask few questions to you. You should ask these questions yourself before planning to start a blog. So here are those-

1. Why you want to start a blog
2. Who would be your primary audience
3. What is your story (Niche)
4. Can you fill the gap of niche with your content
5. Can you commit to Blogging- Consistency
6. Are there a chance to earn from it
7. Can you be active in the online world
8. Can you handle the pressure and critic
9. How you’re going to build links and about SEO
10. What is your ultimate goal

I think these are the very basic question you should ask yourself before starting a blog or even if you’ve a running blog, you should ask these questions to plan out the things in a better way. Do let me know your answers of any favorite question in comments. I’ll love to know that.

Things you should know Before Starting a Blog

So let’s start with those points by following which you can become one of the successful blogger in the coming time. Also if you disagree with me at any point of time or you want to ask any question/doubt, please drop your question/feedback below. I’ll love to answer those.

1. Select the best category of Story

This is the very first and basic step while starting a blog. Niche selection is very important as this is going to decide your future as how other things will go. It’s always preferable to select single topic niche compared to multi topic niche especially in long race. Already I’ve written a complete blog post on Single Topic Blog vs. Multi Topic Blog. If you’ve not read this, I would suggest you to read that also because I have given a complete guide for the niche here.

Also if still you’ve lots of topic in your mind and you’re not sure (my case was similar), this is what you should do and the same I did. Take a pen and notepad and write the entire niche name on which you want to start a blog. Now write at least 15-20 blog post name for each of the niche. You will clearly come to 4-5 from the list. Now check out of the remaining, which have less competition and more chance to earn, select that niche. I am sure by this way you’ll select the best niche for you.

2. A self-Hosted blog is still best

We think about this a lot but the best thing you can do about blog hosting is host your blog on your own hosting. No matter it is a blogger or wordpress. Self-hosted blogs are far better than the free platforms like or or Tumblr. 

So, if you’re going to start a blog I would recommend you to use BlueHost hosting. This is one of the most reliable hosting I’ve ever seen. I’m using their service on my other blog and am completely satisfied with their service. You’ll get a free domain also with any hosting package.

With self-hosted blog you’ll be able to manage as per your need which is almost not possible in free blogging platform.

3. Define your Target Audience

This is the point where many newbie bloggers commit mistake. They either failed to define their target audiences or if they do, many fail to reach out to them. You need to overcome on both the scenario.

Define your audience & Reach out to them

This means select your customers from your niche. This is so simple. If anybody wants to sell a cloth, he/she needs to reach out to that person who are looking for the cloths not there who are looking for something else which does not even have any relevance with cloths. In blogging also we do follow the same things.

If anybody/group is looking for the technical tips but you provide health related tips and you’re reaching out to them definitely you’ll never convert those to buy from you or visit to you. So always select your target audience. If you’re blogging in health related domain, join those groups where people are looking for health related tips, advertise on that place where these people come. You’ll definitely rock.

Always serve only those things which people need!!

4. You should have a good Domain Name

There are plenty of websites and blogs in the world and around a million are getting registered each month. So in this competitive world you need to be unique through which people can easily remember you. If you’re starting a blog for the short term like event blogs, you can have keywords in the domain name else select some name which readers can easily remember. 

Either it should depict what you do or have to be unique. Like bloggingtips clearly says it will say about blogging tips. Whereas domains like TricksRoad or Aha-Now are something which are easy to remember. So always select the unique domain name and you should avoid below things while registering domain name-

  • No Sms words like u for you, 4 for for etc.
  • No numbers
  • Try to avoid hyphens (-)
You can check my details post on How to select best domain name.

5. Focus on Readers

Most of the bloggers especially the newbies focus on visitors and try to get more and more visits to get good income from AdSense, you should initially avoid this. I am not telling you that you should not focus on traffic. You do but focus on the contents more.

Focus on readers rather to have more page views. Write engaging contents and that content which solve other’s problem. If you’re able to do so, traffic will automatically come. And then you would be easily able to convert your visitors into loyal readers.

6. You need to be Social

Initially I too had this misconception that I’ll get the traffic from Google and other search engines but within few weeks I realized it’s almost impossible to get decent traffic initially. This is the truth. Nobody can get lots of traffic at the initial days and hence you need to use some other strategies.

So, how do you get traffic in the short run? You can get through social media. There are many social networking sites to boost traffic and you should work on those sites to get visitors. Join Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reedit and others to get good amount of traffic. You can read our post, Top 5 Social Networking Sites to Boost Traffic.

Also if you’re willing to spend few dollars you can buy ads on facebook, stumble upon or on other social sites, but if you don’t; you have to make good social media profile. Once you’ve good profile, you can easily get the traffic.

7. Design is Marketing & Marketing is Money

Neat & clean design will lead you to success. Initially when I started TricksRoad; I had a basic design which was ok.

I continued it for a month and later felt that in this competitive environment where around a millions of new sites are getting started each month, ok will not work. You’ve to be the best and then finally came with this, which is good. Isn’t it?

You should have a design which can make money for you. You need one which can drive traffic to your site and hence can lead to money. You can refer my details post on How to select effective templates for blogs and websites.

8. Long Content still works

Long content has always been a key of success and will be. Google or any other search engines still value a lot for the lengthy articles over the short articles.

Google has recently launched an in depth article section on their search result.Also the best online marketing person in the world Neil Patel says the more the content length is the more attention you get. You can check his in depth analysis on content length here.

I haven’t seen a small article went viral. Always you’ll find those articles which are at least 1200 or more viral on the internet. This is not just for the sake of length. This says while writing the post, a well research has been done and so can solve the problem in a better way.

So, you should also be ready to write the long articles if you want to get visible in search engines. You can see in the above figure, all those posts those are in top 10 are of length more than 2000 words.

9. Personal branding is essential

It has been seen that Google prefer personal branding more. You can get this idea from their social site Google+ where they focus more on the personal branding of author. So this is the time to show person behind the great content, site and business.

In fact this helps a lot. If you show your picture on the blogs, your visitor gets an idea about your personality and this helps a lot in the interaction. You should spend equal time in building the site and building your personal brand too.

If you’re only focusing on building and branding of your blog and site, no doubt people will have a good image about your blog and they will visit you often. But this will not help you a lot. 

Now suppose you’re starting a new site, you’ve to work again from scratch to make it famous. But if from the start of first blog itself, you’re working on personal branding as well you won’t have to work that much and your name and image will be enough for your readers to visit to your new venture. Neil Patel, Dino Dogan and Harsh Agarwal are the live example of this.

So it’s the time to show your face if till now you haven’t. I’ve seen many bloggers using the name as Admin, what exactly this mean. This clearly shows either you’re not willing to come outside or you’re not sure about the thing you do. And if you’re not sure how can others. Believe me you’ll get lot of benefits of personal branding.

Also, try to keep same pic everywhere starting from your blog to social sites. I agree this is bit difficult but this will help to identify you by your visitors and will add an extra point in your branding.

10. Monetization Techniques

Last but most important point while planning to start a blog. Ultimately you want to make blogging as your career and want a full time income from this. So you need to plan everything pretty well. Like choose only that niche from where you can earn money else later you’ll find bit difficult to earn.

Be sure about the monetization techniques that you’re going to use in near future to earn from your blog. You can check my article on different ways to make money from your blog. Here I have listed around 19 real and proven methods to earn from blog.

What else do you need to know? Over to you

Planning is very important before starting anything in life. This doesn’t end to blogging. If you’ve planned everything well, you will get success. And I’m sure with these points you can break the barrier. So that’s about things to know before starting a blog. If you liked this post, please consider it for sharing. Also to receive such tips directly in your email, subscribe us. It’s just a click away.

So what other things we need to know before starting a blog? Please comment.

Adxxx Review for Publisher- Should you join it or not?

By Ashutosh Jha →
The advertising industry is at peak and every business wants to get online. To maintain the need, many ad networks came in existence and provides an excellent solution.

Although still Google AdWords along with few other advertising networks like Bing, Infolinks, etc. are leading the segment of display advertising but still, there is a much scope for AdWords alternatives.
At TricksRoad, I keep on writing about different advertising networks so that you can have a better option while monetizing your website.

Recently, I came across an adult advertising network called Adxxx and in this Adxxx review, we will see whether webmasters should join it or not.

Although Adxxx is for both advertisers and publishers but we will focus majorly on the publishers’ side. So, this Adxxx review is for all those publishers who want to monetize their traffic from adult ads.

Be aware of your audiences as Adxxx is an adult advertising network and so you should understand your audiences.

Let’s start with Adxxx Review for publishers and see the features of the network.

Adxxx Review

Adxxx is a product from advertising solutions int. private limited which a Singapore-based company and running globally.

The team at Adxxx are having rich experience of online advertisement and comes with 10+ years of experience.

They have earlier done well with then CPM advertisements and have many CPM based projects running.

SEO for Startups: 9 Tips for Success

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Obvious, that SEO as a part of website search engine marketing became everybody's concern, everyone is looking for effective practices.
To begin with, let's understand what SEO optimization is. It is a set of arrangements and activities affecting the appearance of a website in the organic search result. That means, unpaid search results, in contrast to other digital marketing methods. It leads to getting more traffic and attracting more potential customers for companies.

It is important to remember, that the optimization measures, first of all, are aimed to make your website more convenient and accessible for the visitors that may be interested in it. So, it is not about the search engine, it is about your customers.

Best SEO Tips for Startups: Top 9

So let's start with some of the amazing tips for SEO for startups. These all are very basic and if you will focus on these, you won't have to spend much on the search engine visibility.

1. Do the Basics

Before you start applying more complicated means, make sure that you've already done the top priority “must have” things. The accurate titles of your site pages indicate what about the definite page is. As they are displayed in the first line of results of the search, it is much better if they are unique and give a notion of the content. But at the same time, they should be brief. Use rightly the description Meta tag. Try to understand the process of the search.

2. Avoid long and knotty URLs

They look awful both on the site and in search results and will diminish the number of those, who will share a link or try to type it from memory. Also, this is not good for your website organization. It is helpful when the user can reach an upper directory removing the part of URL. Suppose, you name it like “http://tricksroad/part1/01/34617689”. It is obviously worse than “http://tricksroad/blog/SEO/link-building”.

3. Right Use of the Keywords

Use them in page titles and URLs. They should reflect customer's needs you can satisfy. Consider the Long Tail conception. It describes the advantages of niche, unpopular search phrases that can in total bring you more visitors, than very popular, but competitive keywords. They must be something specific to your business. Let's look at custom essay writing services. They may use keywords like “essays” or “coursework”, and these words bring massive traffic but are too competitive, but if the site uses a phrase like “custom essay in Australia”, it gets the visitors, who are interested in this particular service and place. So include them into your strategy too.

4. Build Links

The number of links to your site influences its order in the search results. But it has its peculiarities, especially for start-ups. For example, the co-cited sites and conventional, mutual links may be omitted. Also, the local links from topic-related communities are measured as more valuable than that of general websites. The links on highly trusted domains provide best results. The exclusive and relevant content is the best way to get links from other sites. Also, you can analyze your competitors’ links and can build.

There are many link building tools available which will help your to check your competitors’ links.

5. Keep everything simple

It is the general advice that works both for content and the organization of your website. The content overloaded with special terms will be unfriendly and hard to indicate. So optimize it and make easy to read. And the clear organization makes your website user-friendly and easy to navigate. It should go from general content to specific content. Using text links for navigation is preferable compared to animations, drop-down menus or images because it allows search engines to crawl and analyze the site. Create sitemap.

6. Concentrate on the Content

Remember, that you should at first care about the users, and not the search engines. Don't duplicate content on your site. Keep to the topic, be logical and concise. Write comprehensive descriptive anchor text, which will give a visitor a notion about the linked page. Optimize the use of the images. Give them an optimal proper filename, utilize the “alt”-attribute to write alternative texts in case the image will be unable to load.

Also Check: Detailed Content Analysis

7. Find a balance

Both onsite and offsite optimization are important. Onsite SEO means the strategy for you inner work. It includes optimization of your sites structure, keywords, web pages, tags, titles. Offsite SEO is about inbound links and using the SMM strategy for promoting your website.

8. Use tools

There is a range of search engine tools. Google Search Engine Console, Bing Webmaster Tools and Moz Open Site Explorer tool sets will help you to optimize your web pages, to adjust site links, to find crawl errors, malware etc. They have some common features and their peculiarities. They may help you better than an invited SEO consultant. Also, pay attention to the online tools to check grammar, plagiarism, compare pages and do other work with content.

9. Analyze

The listed tool sets provide information on linking, your site performance in certain search engine results, site performance (if you wonder whether your site loads fast for the visitors), web page indexation, and even an ability to compare two websites and find out why one of them has a better rank. Utilize the information to make your site even better.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best methods for SEO for startups. As startups have a limited budget and so we have considered the budget friendly startup SEO strategy for better results.

Hope you liked this post on SEO for Startups. Please share if you want to add value to this post.

10 Best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses

By Ashutosh Jha →
Is email marketing a priority for your business in coming time?
Are you looking for the best email marketing services?
Choosing the best email marketing services can impact your email marketing campaign a lot. This article is all about choosing the best email marketing services for your business.

But if you are not using email marketing as a part of your marketing campaigns, then you must check the below scenario as for how email marketing is helping business to grow.

See the ROI per $1 spent on advertising and the revenue generated from it.
In this article, I am going to share 9 best email marketing software for your marketing campaigns which will help you to grow quickly.

How to choose the best email marketing services?

Email marketing is one of the best forms of marketing and the cost-effective too. With email marketing, you can get in touch with your subscribers directly and can make a better contact which will be highly beneficial for your business.

A good email marketing software makes your work easy and enables to create an engaging email that impresses the user and fulfill the purpose.

Moreover, the best thing that you should look into a best email marketing service is, the delivered email should not land in the spam folder.

Since the time Gmail has allowed to create more tabs with the labels, it is also necessary to deliver your email in either primary or Updates tab. There are many email marketing software whose emails land in the promotion tab and users don’t check the promotion tab frequently.

A good email marketing services should not only collect data on email services but also get potential buyers on social media platforms.

Here are the 10 top features you should look for before selecting the best email marketing software-

• It should be simple: The features should be effective but the operation should be simple

• Should be flexible: It should be highly flexible in terms of design and customizable too

• Social Media Marketing-Ready: Make sure it’s integrated with social media platforms

• Event Marketing-Capable: Should have the feature to let you promote your next event. There are many other free ways to promote your events as well but email marketing works like a charm.

• Analytics & Reporting: Should give the details like how many emails sent, open through rate, and click-through rate and their reporting for business analysis.

• No Spam: The email must not be delivered in the spam folder

• Only Primary & Updates Tabs: For Gmail users, the emails should be delivered in only primary or updates folders.

• Cost-Effective: The email marketing software should have flexi plans to cater all kind of business.

• Excellent Support: The Company should provide high-quality support 24x7 through all major modes of communication.

Here Is a List of TOP Best Rated Email Marketing Services

Si No.Email Marketing ServicesUSPReview
1Aweber·       30-days free trialVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $19/mo.
·       Easy Integration
·       Widely Used Tool
2Constant Contact·       60-days free trialVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $20/mo.
·       Email Builder
·       1GB free storage
3eFlyerMaker·       Drag N Drop BuilderVisit Site
·       Heat Map Supported
·       Free to use up to 2500 list
·       Paid plan starts at $19.98/mo.
4SalesCatalysts·       Email BuilderVisit Site
·       Segmentation
·       Free for a list up to 400
·       Paid plan starts at US$1.79
5MailChimp·       Easy IntegrationVisit Site
·       Free to use up to 2000 list
·       Paid Plan starts at $10/mo.
·       Good Support
6GetResponse·       Template BuilderVisit Site
·       Features like webinar hostingCheck Review
·       30-days free trial
·       Plan starts at $15/mo.
7ConvertKit·       Drag N Drop template builderVisit Site
·       Segmentation
·       Plan starts at $29/mo.
·       60-days money back policy
8ActiveCampaign·       Integrations with CRMsVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $9/mo.
·       Can send SMS to subscribers
9SendPulse·       Completely Free for a list up to 2500Visit Site
·       Features like A/B TestingCheck Review
·       SMS Marketing
·       Free web push notification
10Campaign Monitor·       Drag N Drop template builderVisit Site
·       Plan starts at $9/mo.
·       24x7 support

Ahrefs Review: A Powerful Tool for Link Building Campaign

By Ashutosh Jha →
Ahrefs is one of the best and the first link building tools that I have ever used. Few days ago I did an expert round up here on Link Building Tools and in the vote given by 31 industry experts, Ahrefs came at Top position with 13 votes.

Below is the image showing link building tools those came in top 5.
As we all know Links are something that search engines are mainly looking for. The more and quality links you get, the more visibility you'll have in search engine and hence the higher traffic you will get. So analysis of links for your blog or website is very useful. You keep on doing these works frequently to maintain the quality and quantity of links else you may also get penalized.

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Ahrefs Review

I've seen several people spending $400-$500 just for the link audit. So why don't you try yourself with the use of Ahrefs tool. It allows you to analyze your link profile completely and helps you to improve quality links for your blogs or websites.

Ahrefs provides a fast graphical representation that would be easy to understand for all. The tools integrated into the platform which includes:

•Site Explorer and Backlink checker
•Crawl Report
•Batch Analysis
•Domain Comparison
•Backlink Report

One of the world's best internet entrepreneurs Neil Patel also uses Ahrefs to check about the competitor’s links and Ahrefs is his top link building tools.

Ahrefs Features- Top Metrics You should look for

In a nutshell, here is a list of activities where I use Ahrefs as one of my link building tools:

• Link Discovery
• To Check and analyze the Backlinks
• Anchor Phrase
• To check from where I am getting linked
• To Create Detailed Report
So below I am going to explain this great link building tool with the help of above points for which I use this tool.

1.Link Discovery

If you're planning to start a new link building campaign or started a new campaign then link discovery could get you dive into both easy and hard to replicate links as well as give you better insights on which method will work perfectly for you and your niche.

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Ahrefs is a technical tool but the interface has been designed in such a way that even a non-technical person can also explore it very easily. It allows you to check Rank, referring page URLs, number of Internal and External links, link URL and other useful information.

For the user simplicity, you can use its filter option to check only those links which you want. Like you can sort the result by using all backlinks or backlinks/domain option.

2.To Check and analyze the Backlinks

The backlink checker tool of Ahrefs analyzes the links of your website from the external website. It will tell you how many other domains have linked your website. You can even do daily, monthly and yearly backlinks analysis.

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These reports will give you the detailed analysis of the newly added links (if you have received any new) or have lost any links. New and Lost links may be analyzed for the period of up to 2 months.

The loss of links may occur due to any of the below reasons-

• The site got down where you were linked earlier.
• The article/page is no longer available where you were linked due to some reason.
• The owner of the website has removed your tag due to some particular reason.

If in your case, 3rd is the reason, you still having a chance to get those links back. You can contact the website owner and ask for the reason for removing the links and can request to link back again.

3. Anchor Phrase

Anchor phrases are something that is very important in the SEO of any website or blog. Anchor phrase is the same that you write inside or the text inside  <a>..</a> tag. For example in the link <a href="">TricksRoad</a>,  TricksRoad is the anchor text for this link.

In earlier days, search engine was loving the sites having exact matched keywords in the anchor phrase. But now those days gone. Now if you've received 100 links from 100 different domains and all are using the same anchor tag then search engine will consider those links as spam. Instead you should use different variants of anchor phrases. Like you can try the different combination of anchor phrases while link building-

<a href=””>TricksRoad</a>
<a href=””>Tricks Road</a> etc.

Using this Ahrefs tool you can identify these links and if you find all the referring domains have used same anchor texts then you should request the website owner to edit the link or to remove it.

4.Pages/Domains linked you

Using Ahrefs tool you can get detailed report of all the pages and domains wherever you have received links. By using this report you can analyze the performance. If your links are not increasing you should check your content strategy and need to write attractive and useful content so that your fellow bloggers can link you.

5.Do an SEO Audit and Create Report

Ahrefs also allows you to run a full Crawl report on your blog and website and analyze each aspects of SEO. This report will give many results. The main points are as below-

•Titles/Descriptions for all articles
•H1/H2 tags used
•Errors accessing any pages
•Performance of pages

As you know H1/H2 tags are very much important in the SEO of any website so if you don't have sufficient amount of these tags, check your posts again and try to create. Similarly check for other errors as well and try to fix those errors.

6.Competitor Analysis

Ahrefs is one of the best tools to analyze the competitor performance. In the below report you can see I have compared my blog with one of the top blog in the industry and below is the performance. Using this comparison you can analyze other sites and can see how they are performing well and can work on your week points as well.

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Over to You

While doing expert round up on link building tools, I received so many comments and emails that many newbies don't have much idea about these link building tools and so I decided to write detailed reviews about few main tools and so here is the first.

Ahrefs is one of the most powerful research tools for your blog using which you can not only analyze your own blog but also can check your competitors as well. So try this great tool and let me know your experience. Also if you've used this earlier, please share your experience with us.

If you liked the post, consider it for sharing and also don't forget to subscribe us for awesome tips and deals.

Click Here to Visit Ahrefs for Free

BlueHost Review: Shared Hosting Services for Wordpress

By Ashutosh Jha →
There are many web hosting company in the market and all have their own features. Based on my personal experience, friends experience, I can say that BlueHost is an ultimate choice for WordPress users. BlueHost is one of the most reliable hosting service in the market currently.

Also, BueHost is one of the very few hosting company who is recommended by

What can be a bigger guarantee than this?

A product is getting recommended by the company for which the product has been designed. These all things asked me to write a BlueHost Review to help the bloggers and clear the doubts of newbie bloggers. So today I will be sharing a complete review of BlueHost and will discuss the different aspect as for why you should choose BlueHost.

Sign Up for the BlueHost Hosting and Give your Blog a Boost

About BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the most reliable web hosting companies in the world. It was started out way back in 1996 and since then it keeps on growing and is leading web hosting company in the industry. They’re attracting more than 20k new customers each month. They’re providing secured and most affordable shared web hosting solutions to individuals, small businesses, and large organizations. They have developed their own scripts which will help you install WordPress on BlueHost with a single click only.

Known for their solid reliability, Bluehost's shared hosting services come complete with generous disk space and bandwidth with lots of additional features that satisfy the complete need of any blogger and website owners.

BlueHost Wordpress Hosting Features:

As a blogger, we mainly look for the below reasons while selecting any hosting company-
  • Reliability
  • Customer Support
  • Price/Affordability
These are the 3 things that people see. The best thing with BlueHost that I have experienced till now is the single click installation. This is due to the reason that BlueHost has their own Script for this, whereas other company uses default installation. We can brief the main features of BlueHost as below-

  • Single click WordPress installation
  • One free .COM domain with any plan
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk space
  • Unlimited Email account
  • 30 Days Money back guarantee. So no risk involved.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee and WordPress average loading time of fewer than 2 seconds
  • $100 Google AdWords free credit for the advertisement
  • C-panel
  • Automatic backup of your WordPress files and databases
  • Excellent customer support
Sign Up for the BlueHost Hosting at Discounted Price

BlueHost shared Hosting Review

BlueHost offers various hosting services like shared hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress managed hosting and dedicated hosting. If you’re starting a new blog or thinking to change the hosting services, then the shared hosting is the best choice for you. As a blogger, I am going to review this BlueHost services on the basis of below ease-
  • Pricing
  • Hosting for WordPress blogs
  • Resources
  • Customer Support


I have kept pricing as the first measure just due to the reason that people first see how much cost effective the product, which I am going to buy.

BlueHost shared hosting come in 3 different packages and you can select any one of those as per your need. If you’re a beginner and going to host only one blog, Starter package can be best for you.

If you’re planning to host multiple sites, Plus package will best for you.

Or if you’re gong to host some sites where payment is necessary then, you should select Business Pro as it contains SSL certificate and dedicated IP.

My recommendation for you is to go with Starter plan. With this discounted link, you can get this just at $3.49 a month. With this, you will get a FREE .COM domain and $100 free AdWords credit for advertisement also.

Hosting for WordPress Blogs and Speed

In 2012, I first used BlueHost for one of my clients and since then I am using their services and all I can say is I am very much satisfied with their services. As I discussed earlier, BlueHost has their own script using which WordPress can be installed with a single click and you can just start a WordPress blog in 5 minutes.

The best thing about BlueHost is their servers are very much optimized for the WordPress and this is the reason that recommend BlueHost as their first preference.

BlueHost guarantee 99.9% uptime to its customers and they keep on doing this since 17 years. So they don’t have any downtime. I have seen many blogs and websites getting more than 30k daily without any downtime. So you can completely rely on their services.

Sign Up for the BlueHost Hosting at Discounted Price

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BlueHost offers an unlimited hosting resource to their customers. Unlimited resources mean unlimited disk space and bandwidth. Please remember they do have a certain limit for the usages but this limit is too high so can consider it as unlimited.

BlueHost recently partnered with CloudFlare (Free for BlueHost Users), leading content delivery network (CDN) to enhance the speed of websites and blogs that are hosted on their hosting even faster. Installation of CloudFlare CDN installation is just two clicks away from your BlueHost cPanel.

BlueHost uses c-panel which is one of the simplest and easy to use c-panel in the industry. Also, BlueHost is one of the few hosting service providers which lets you use SSH.

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Customer Support

BlueHost provides 24x7 services and support to their user via different modes of communication like chat support, Email support and on call support. You can even open a ticket for this.

The average resolution time is just 5-30 minutes. With the dedicated servers for WordPress, you’ll hardly find any issue in the service and if you’re getting also, the resolution time is so less that it will never affect your site.

As a customer of BlueHost, I will give 4.5/5 rating to BlueHost support. Moreover, BlueHost is in the hosting industry since 17 years, which is a remarkable time frame and excellent journey for any company.

At this price of $3.49 a month, BlueHost is most reliable hosting company for your WordPress. This is perfect for small and medium size WordPress blog.

Also, BlueHost offers 30 days money back guarantee which assure you that you’re not going to loose anything.

How to Install WordPress in BlueHost in 5 Minutes

Just signup using this link and access amazing BlueHost for only $3.49 and get access of Hosting C-panel. Then by using the below video, you’ll be able to install WordPress in just 5 minutes and your blog is ready. If still, you’re getting any issue in this, please comment below.

Sign Up for BlueHost Hosting discounted Rate

I hope this BlueHost Review will be beneficial for you all in order to decide the best hosting solution or you. You can subscribe us for the free quality updates. Click the below link to claim the BlueHost Hosting just at $3.49.