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7 Cyber Threats and Attacks Prevention Tips For Individuals

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, June 15, 2018
As technology improves, concern with cyber security increases year by year. Hackers now have more than a few ways to hack into your most personal and secure information. In the past few years, major companies such as eBay, Microsoft, and even AOL have been victims to online hacking.

Cyber Threats and Attacks Prevention Tips
If you are following the news, then you must have heard about how the cyber-attacks have costed the organizations and individuals. These ransomware cases were one of the major attack done recently.

So, all you can do for yourself to be safe online from attacks and threads is take precautions. You can simply follow the below cyber threats and attacks prevention tips and keep yourself secure.

7 Top Cyber Threats and Attacks Prevention Tips to Implement Right Now!

Now is the time to change your online habits so that you can prevent even the smallest breaches from becoming problems. Listed below are some of the easiest ways to begin to protect yourself from hackers.

Create a Strong Password

Your password should be as unique as possible. It should be difficult to guess, even by someone who is in your close circle. Passwords can be easily generated by thinking of random sentences. The first letter of the word in the sentence can then be arranged so that they are the acronym of the password. There are also many websites online that offer random generators for passwords.

Use Different Passwords

Using the same password for different services is perhaps one of the most common mistakes when it comes to internet security. If you use the same word for every website, your entire digital portfolio can be hacked in the blink of an eye. If the hacker has access to one platform, they then gain access to all of the others.

Predictive Security

Predictive Security is a form of internet security that many large organizations use to keep their information safe. The security predicts and then prevents any threats that may happen by using the contextual analysis of data from a number of security devices and systems.

Read the Permissions

It is imperative to really read through all of the permissions of any software or applications you are going to install. Malicious apps are easily installed when users do not do a thorough check of what they are downloading. This has happened numerous times from those using the Google Play store. Be sure that you are one hundred percent sure on the amount and type of information that the app is accessing. Some applications access information such as your location, camera of your phone, and even contact information.

Look for Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are a very common way that hackers gain access to your personal information. A phishing scam can be designed as an email, or website. These will then prompt you to give some sort of personal information. Hackers then use these forms to install harmful software directly onto your computer or device. Scams look just like any typical email or website you may come across on a daily basis. Some signs of phishing scams are an abundance of spelling errors or grammar mistakes, multiple links to an email, threats about security, and even rearranged words of popular companies.

Back Up Your Personal Files

Even though it may take a few more minutes to save, backing up your personal files can really help you in the long run. Any files that are important to you should be kept in online storage, a hard drive, or on the cloud. If any of these platforms get hacked, you will at least have backup copies to go to.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best cyber threat and attack prevention tips for individuals and business. If you will follow these tips, you can be safe against the malware attacks.

13 Best Pieces of Advice to Make Your Blogging More Eye-Catchy

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, June 14, 2018
It is always said that we should not judge a book by its cover, but it is not really the way the world works. We do see with our eyes first and we do judge what we see, even if we shouldn’t. If you want your blog to stand out among the masses, you need to create one that catches the eye and then keep it engaged.

Eye-Catchy Blogging Advice
There is always a tool to reword my paragraph and lighten some of the photos on my blog, but what can I do that is more dramatic? Blogging is still very popular and with that comes competition. Knowing how to create a blog that readers want to subscribe to is a challenge, but we have the best tips to make that happen.

13 Eye-Catchy Blogging Advice to Make your Blog Awesome

To make any blog successful, you just don’t have to write the content, you should write the content which can add value. For example, here I am sharing blogging related tips and so have written many posts which shares the blogging tips like how to start a blog from scratch, common blogging mistakes and much more.

Similarly, if you can also implement the following eye catchy blogging advice, be sure that you will get what you deserve in this field.

1. Mobile Version

It is unacceptable to not have a good mobile version of your blog. Most viewers use their mobile phones to browse the internet. If you don’t already have a mobile version, you could be losing out on a lot of traffic.

2. High quality Images

This is an important part of creating an eye-catching blog and you want to make sure your images are on the highest quality. If you are using stock photos on your blog, use the good ones or start taking your own photos.

3. Readable text

Do not use a light color text on your blog if the background is white. Your text should be easy to read without straining the readers’ eyes. Always remember that your audience has many other options, so you want to make sure they are happy when visiting your blog.

4. Catchy titles

One of the first pieces of information about your blog post would be the title. Spend some time on deciding what you want to use as a headline. This will be the deciding factor if the reader wants to read the post.

5. Good content

No blog would be successful with terrible content. You cannot make any grammar mistakes or have a post filled with typos. I would rather rewrite my paragraph than send it out with a ton of errors.

6. Break it up

Use small sections to form your paragraphs. No one want to work their way through a large block of text. If a paragraph starts looking like it is too big, divide it into two.

7. Be yourself

Readers would often connect with your personality through your writing. If you do not choose to show them this part of yourself, you could be losing out. Use a little humour or any personality traits and showcase it in your writing.

8. Variety

Blogs do have to consist of a niche, but you do not want to get too caught up on a tight niche. Give your readers some variety and write about topics that matter to you and would benefit them.

9. Storytelling

We love storytelling because we are able to put ourselves in that moment. Take your readers on a journey by telling a story that ends in a positive outcome. Use an essay reorder if you feel that you are a little stuck.

10. Lists

Readers love lists because we are able to consume a lot of information broken into sections. It is easy on the eye and can be digested quick and easily. You can use a numbering approach or bullet points.

11. Social media

Even though this one moves away from the actual blog, you need to be active on social media. You can use this to redirect your readers to your blog. Make sure your online presence all allows the reader to get to know you.

12. Write for your audience

Nothing will catch the eye of a reader faster than a topic they have been thinking about. Once you get to know your audience, you are able to write with them in mind. You are showing your readers that you care about what they want to read.

13. Show yourself

Let your readers see the face behind the blog. They are connecting with you through your writing but putting up a picture makes the connection stronger.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best blogging advice you should adopt to make your blog successful. These eye catchy blogging tips will help you take your blog to next level and make it like a business.

5 Tips to Changing Your Name After A Later Stage In USA

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Many couples tend to prefer a change of name after their wedding but not all. In fact, it’s someone’s choice to consider if they will change their name or just continue using their family name. If the couple agrees on a name change, they should take the legal initiative as per the requirements of the law. It can be a tedious process so one needs to be prepared to change almost all documents including passport, insurance documents, driving license, bank account, credit cards, insurance and health documents.

The following are essential tips you can use to change your names after marriage.

1. Have certified copies of the marriage certificate

It’s important to have various copies of your marriage certificate in advance to avoid any delay when changing your name. They show whether you are officially married or not. Having them ready will ensure that the name changing process is fast and seamless. Ensure to also have the original copies to prove your authenticity.

2. Cost of changing names

Changing of names can come at a cost after marriage especially when it is done on the passport. With a passport, you will be required to request for a new one and this will lead to you paying for the renewal. Furthermore, some certain organizations will require you to pay for the change of name. So ensure you do a good research of all the important documents you want to affect the changes and categorize them according to whether you will pay some extra cash or not.

3. Start by changing the names for your passport and ID

Changing of names can be a daunting task which requires patience. Note that you will need to provide your original passport and Identification card. It is these two crucial documents that will ensure that proper name change is effected by the other relevant authorities. Once you get an updated record of the above documents then it will be very easy to effect name change on your other documents.

4. Give Priority to Important Documents

It is very important to give priority to the important documents that you normally use on a day to day basis. One such document is the social security which is very essential especially if you are employed. To change your social security details then you must ensure that you fill in your new names on the social security name change form since it the one that will initiate the changing process. Other documents you can give priority are you ID, Passport, voter registration and driving license.

Finally, it is very important to alert your creditors, medical providers, and employer in order for them to identify you with your new name and effect the changes in their systems. Furthermore, change of name through your social media professional platforms will make it easier for individuals to identify you with your new names.

5. Setting a time limit

Once you've decided to change your name to give yourself ample time to sought things out and organize the required documents since the whole process is very tedious. This will also give you time to fulfill the needed requirements for the changing of names with various organizations. However, ensure you don’t delay since you will need to use the new name in your documents.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free

By Ashutosh Jha → Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Due to increased competition in search engine ranking, high metrics expired domains are in huge demand. You can often find people posting on social media like how to find high authority expired domains free.

A couple of days ago, I was also searching for a high PA DA expired domain and was able to get many quality domains. This tutorial is for all those who are looking to find high PA DA expired domain free.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
At the end of this topic, I will assure that you’re going to find some high quality expired domains with great metrics.

But before starting with this how to find high authority expired domains free, let’s talk about where you can use this high authority expired domains.

What you will learn in this guide
  • How to find high authority expired domains free
  • The easiest way to find powerful expired domains in any niche
  • How to buy that high authority expired domains
  • Where you can use that high authority expired domains
We will talk each of these points in detail in the coming section.

Why find high authority expired domains?

If you’re wondering why bloggers and internet marketers are so mad about this high authority expired domains, then keep on reading. I’ll discuss several advantages and uses of this high authority expired domains.

#1. Building Authority Sites

It’s no longer secret that higher metrics domains perform better in search engine compared to new domains. When we say high metrics, that means high DA, PA, TF, etc.

You can increase the domain authority of website but that takes time. So, if you want to get those high figures quickly, you can hunt for high authority expired domain.

Whenever I start a new authority blog or website, I try not to go ahead with the brand-new domain. It takes a lot of hard work to make it rankable in search engines.

Better find high authority expired domains and avoid the initial search engine submission and link building. You can directly start with your real work and get your target achieved quickly.

Another great thing about the expired domains are, it will cost you the same amount of the new domain cost.

Usually, I go to PA, DA above 10 whenever I look for a new authority blogs and you can also do the same. Don’t worry I will explain how to find high authority expired domains free step by step here.

#2. Create PBN

If you’re into Blogging/SEO, you must have heard this term!

If not, then PBN stands for private blog network and is a set of different high metrics websites used to take links for the money website. Here money website means your main website.

Although ranking with PBN is not legal as per the Google T&C but still, it works like a charm and helps you rank faster.

If you will buy the PBN links from the companies, it may cost you some good amount of investment which is not possible unless you have a sound budget.

I was just looking at few PBN links providers and see their plans. None of the good PBN services provides links lower than $100 which is not less for the newbies.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
So, it’s a good option to find high authority expired domains free and then build your own PBN. But note that PBN is not legal as per Google terms.

#3. Sell the High Authority Expired domains

If you’re looking for the quick money, selling the found high authority expired domains can be a better option.

Just find the high authority expired domains free using the methods I will explain below and sell those at some good profit.

As I remember I have bought the expired domains from the sellers at $50-$60 also and so is a good profit.

You can use Facebook groups/pages to sell those expired domains easily. Just see the below screenshot to see how people are mad about the good expired domains.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
Such domains easily get around $50-$100 depending on the link profile, niche, and negotiations.

You can also choose Flippa or Godaddy auctions to sell such high authority domains and earn money.

#4. 301 Redirect

This is just a simple method. Register the expired domain with high PA DA you found and do a 301 redirect to your money site.

By this way, a portion of the link juice of the high authority domain will be passed to your money website. The things will be even better if your expired domains have some existing traffic. For example, see the below domains-

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
The first domain in this screenshot has over 20 Million traffic as per SimilarWeb. If you’ll buy and do 301 redirects of such domains then you can expect some traffic also redirecting.

But don’t do 301 much as this may lead to search engine penalization. 1-2 domains redirect is fine but such links can be harmful.

There can be many such uses of such high authority expired domains and you should use it very carefully for maximum benefits.

Now as you know where to use high authority expired domains, it’s time to look for the exact methods to find high authority expired domains free.

How to find high authority expired domains free- step by step guide

One thing you have noted that I am using consistently the word “Free”.

Because I mean so!

If you will look into the majority of the articles on finding high PA DA expired domains on the web, those explain the use of the tool DomCop.

And DomCop is a paid tool for finding the expired domain. You can search for expiring domain for free but the expired domain section if paid one.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
And the pricing starts at a minimum of $74 per month which is not less at all. And this is the reason I decided to reveal the exact method I use to find the high authority expired domains here.

I will explain each method in detail so that you will be able to find high authority expired domains FREE. When I say free, it means completely free.

Let’s start with the main work- how to find high authority expired domains free!

Step 1: visit Expired domains website.

Step 2: Here you’ll find different sections like-

  • Expired Domain Names: Thousands of domains are getting expired on daily basis. But remember there is a grace period for these domains to be available for the public. And so, if you are looking to register such domains, chances are you may have to pay more.
  • Dropped domains: All the expired domains which have not been renewed in the grace period also, are finally deleted and are available for the public to register. These domains cost the same amount a fresh domain cost. We will mainly focus on these domains.

Visit the site and on the home page, you’ll find different sections like below.

How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
For this article, we are going to hunt for high authority .com expired domains. Click on the “deleted .com domains” link and all the deleted .com domains will be available to you.
How to Find High Authority Expired Domains Free
As you can see, there are 22 Million such domains and we can’t check each domain for the best fit and so we will do some filtration.

Step 3: Make sure you are registered on the website to get the filtration criteria. Here we will apply some filter as per our requirements.

I will be looking for the tech related domains which have at least 50 backlinks and has been deleted in the last 7 days for the better result. You can check the filter I have applied below. Also, select only available domains so that registered will not come in result set.

Step 4: After all these 7 filters I applied, I ended up with 96 quality domains among which I can find the best fit high authority expired domain.

Step 5: Now we have the list and from this list, we need to find the high authority expired domains. Here we will select the domains which have DA greater than 10.

For this, export this list in a text file from the icon shown at the top and it will export all the domain names in a text file.

Step 6: Check PA and DA of that high authority expired domains

For this visit any bulk DA checker website. I am following this one-

Here you can check the domain authority of 20 domains at a time. Just paste the first 20 domains in the box and it will fetch the DA of those domains.
Click on submit and you are done. It may take few moments to show the result. Export those result in the CSV file and apply the filter. I did the same and selected all the domains which have domain authority greater than 10 and see the result below.

So, out of 20 domains we checked, 6 domains have domain authority greater than 10 and you can consider these domains. Please note all these have backlinks greater than 50 as we selected while filtration. You can further use any domain metrics checker tool to do further analysis of the domain.

Step 7: Once you will finalize the name, go with any cheap domain name registrar and register that domain. In most of the cases, these domain names will be available at the normal price.
By this way, you can find high authority expired domains free easily.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about how to find high authority expired domains free. I hope you are able to hunt a quality expired domain now. Also, we talked where you can use these domains for the best result.

Starting an authority site or selling it for some quick money can be an ideal use of such authority domains and should be used for high benefits.

Apply these steps and share your feedback. Also, let us know if you need any other help while hunting for expired domains.

10 Technical Tips To Create Online Branding for Your Business

By Ashutosh Jha →
Starting a business is quite easy but making it a successful brand is what makes you a true leader. One can simply start a website but scaling it and making it into a brand takes years of dedication and hard work. And then something comes which people recognize just by its name.

I have personally worked with many companies online for their different part of the business and the common problem I found is the branding issue. They spend millions of dollars on marketing efforts but forget the basic part of the business, which is the brand name.

Online brand building techniques
[Image Reference: Third Party]
Have you ever wondered why, if a couple of companies are bidding for a project, despite of a higher bid, the big company most of the time win the project, why?

That's because of the power of a brand name!
Yes, if you have a recognized brand name, your client won't have any second though about working with you even though there are many others waiting in line for the same work.

So, I thought of writing a detailed post on how to create online branding for your business. This post will give you 10 solid online brand building tips for your business. These are generalized online brand building tips and so no matter what business you are, you can adopt these tips.

Why building an online brand is so important?

Well, we have already discussed this above, but let me summarize all the points once again:

  • Building an online brand creates awareness about our business, what we do, and what we offer
  • Building an online brand also help us create the buzz about the business in the market which directly impacts our growth rate
  • It elevates our credibility
  • Building an online brand allows us to gain the trust in the market which again boosts your business

And there are many such benefits of building an online brand. If you have a good brand name and you are charging more, for any business, customers are likely to buy your service or products. A perfect example is Microsoft Azure in the big data cloud space. Although there are much cheaper Hadoop cloud service providers available, Azure is leading the segment despite of being costly. That's possible because of the trust we have on Microsoft.

Online brand building techniques
I hope I am able to clear the point as for why your business needs online branding, and quickly.

Now, let’s see some important technical tips for online brand building!

10 online brand building Technical Tips on the edge!

Here are the 10 important technical tips for online brand building that you should implement right now. Here I am mentioning technical, and that's because you need to put some effort from the technical side to create your online business reputation.

#1 Research your brand name and register

This is the first step while going for your online business. In our earlier post, how to start an online business from scratch, we have also emphasized this point.

Invest your time and energy in finding the brand name for your online business. Once you have shortlisted a few names, head over to the Internet again and look for whether or not there is another business with the same or similar name. You should always try to avoid similar names or matching ones. Your brand name should be one of a kind!

Once you are successful in finding a name, you can simply get it registered legally. You may also look for trademark registration depending on the nature of the business. Brand name registration is different in different countries and so, you should look for your local laws.

#2 Create a Logo for your brand name

Yes, this is the second and another important tip for online brand building. Your logo should be designed in such a way, that it would show some meaning and somehow depict the kind of business you are doing.

Make sure it is professional and good looking, as the logo will be the face of your business and will be the first step for all your branding efforts.

You may get it done from any number of professional designers, or, the best is to use some tool on your own and see which logo is the best fit for your business. You can create a logo using Wix's platform. They are trustworthy and provide an excellent platform to create a perfect logo for your business. It’s totally customizable, which means your logo will be totally unique, and plenty of personalized design options are available which will make your work even easier.

The primary reason why I recommend people to create a logo using Wix is, Wix is one of the largest website builders in the market and so, they have plenty of data telling you what will work for your online business form an online brand building point of view.

#3 Register the domain name similar to your brand name

Yes, while selecting the online brand name, you should also make a checklist for your domain name. Make sure for the brand name you are suggesting; the corresponding domain name is available. This is quite important for successful online branding.

We have written few posts on how to select the best domain name and 5 cheap domain name registrars which you can refer to get a clear idea on the domain name selection and registration.

#4 Get a professional website/store developed

You definitely need a place where you can sell your product or list your services or simply convey the words you are trying to make. If you are looking for personal branding or trying to establish yourself as an industry thought leader through blogging, you should have a professional blog.

If you are providing a service or you are trying to open an e-commerce store, you should select the appropriate theme or template as required. You can use a website builder, which will help you create stunning websites from scratch or by customizing some existing templates. Again, Wix can help you here. They are one of the leading website builders in the market currently.

#5 Spread awareness

There are many ways to spread awareness. As we are focusing on online business and online brand building we will consider only tips which are suitable for online brand building.

To get your brand name famous, you should promote your business through a different medium. Let me summarize a few here-

  • You can make a paid promotion where you target your potential audiences through social media ads like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Google AdWords, Bing Ads. These sources will give some solid online brand awareness by spending some money.
  • Parallelly, you should invest in SEO for your business. SEO is a long-term process and you may not see results quickly but once you have started ranking, the impact is huge. Also, you don't have to spend much on SEO as you do for paid promotions.
  • Follow other promotion strategies like Email Marketing, blog promotion, display marketing etc. as well to build a brand online.

Online brand building techniques
Again, which methods you should use most depends on the kind of business you are doing. Also, be precise while selecting your audience and market. I won't be a suitable audience for a Ferrari, hope you got the point!

#6 Establish online profiles

It is quite important to show your availability on respective channels for quick brand building. For example, if you are dealing in the fashion niche, you must have a beautiful presence on Instagram and Facebook for sure. Similarly, depending on the niche and business you are in, get your availability on the suitable platforms. In general, everyone should be on the major social media platform and avoid the common social media mistakes to have a better online brand name.

#7 Be consistent with your message regardless of channel

In the above point, we ensured to have an online presence on all the major social media and other directories. But all these platforms have their dedicated audiences.

For example, LinkedIn has professional audiences while Facebook has general social communities. And so, while you will be interacting with these two different social media, you may have to manage the audience in a different way. But one thing that should not change is the message. Be clear about what you are, what you offer, and the credibility of your brand.

#8 prove that you are an expert

We need to show the world that we are the expert in something which we are offering. Only then we will get what we came for online. And this is quite important for your online brand building.

Let’s say you are offering a machine learning solution to your clients. Then you may do some podcast or webinars to show how skilled you are and how you can help business.

You may also allow some of your top leadership to speak in a public event that can attract the business community of your niche. Make sure to select the relevant events only for maximum benefits. And then you can show those events as your milestones while pitching to any client.

#9 Have a blog

Sharing your thoughts is quite important and what can be better than a blog!

Yes, with every website, one should have a blog attached where the company should share the relevant information. Especially, if you are running a tech domain, this is a must. A blog won't only help you share your thoughts but also create the wiki section for your users and of course help in the SEO as well.

You should check our detailed guide on how to start a blog on WordPress from scratch for more details.

#10 Maintain the dignity of your brand name

Again, building something is definitely hard work but maintaining the same for longer is even harder. You must ensure that there should not be something which may impact all the hard work you have done for online brand building for your business.

For that, you should deliver what you promise to your clients; do things in a legal and precise manner. Whenever and wherever possible, make your brand name make an impact. Also, you may go a bit offline to convey your words. Like you may what to produce some brandable goodies (coffee mugs, T-shirts) are the best example.

Wrapping it up!

These were the top 10 tips for online brand building. Every business, no matter whether it is big or small must focus on online brand building otherwise no matter how good your product or service is, someone with more budget will come and will surpass your name and clients.

What else you do to create and maintain a brand name?

5 Things Local Business Owners Can Do to Get More Customers to their Website

By Ashutosh Jha →
Regardless of the type of business, you are running, the most important thing you have to figure out is how to target and attract the customers. The Internet has emerged as a valuable resource in this respect. It allows you to gain brand visibility and market your products.

However, the attention of potential customers is a lot more challenging than you might think. Keep in mind that the digital landscape is always changing. The marketing tactics that work today might not give you the desired ROI tomorrow. So, what does this mean for your business?

5 Things Local Business Owners Can Do to Get More Customers to their Website
[Image Source: Third Party]
You need to come up with a working strategy to attract more customers using your website. While the Internet is a great sales tool, you need to find the right strategies that let you use it successfully. Unfortunately, you can easily get lost amidst all the tips and tricks that define today’s SEO landscape. Your best bet is to identify a few proven tactics and make them work for you. Here are 5 tips to get you started on the right foot:

1. Generate High-Quality Content

The best way to attract more customers to your site is to ensure that you always provide great content. This is because content marketing is one of the fundamentals of search engine optimization. The higher you are in organic SEO rankings, the easier it will be for people to find your business. It is also important to note that high-quality content boosts customer engagement and sharing. This has the potential to increase client leads and sales significantly.

2. Encourage Guest Posts

One of the biggest drivers of web traffic is blogging. To take advantage of this, introduce guest blogging to your website. Not only will this give you a constant stream of great content, but it will also introduce your site (and products) to a whole new audience. Blog posts are also a great way to keep track of site visits effectively, as well as identify content that is most appealing to your audience.

By allowing different people to post on your site’s blog, you will bring in more customers. This is because your viewers will get a taste of something other than what is written by you. This spices up your content, as well as augment the reputation of your business. Several online platforms offer guest posting services, for example, offers this which enables your content to reach more people.

3. Social Media Marketing

In the current digital age, your social media presence is directly linked to how many people visit your website. Think about it: platforms such as Instagram and Facebook offer an extensive space for you to share your products and improve the visibility of your brand. If you can convert even a small percentage of these views into paying customers, your business will be set for success. That said, it’s important to note that building an effective social media profile requires patience and constant effort. It also boosts engagement. Make sure you link your social media profiles with your website.

4. The Value of Customer Care

A good customer experience is highlighted by quick responsiveness to online queries and any other assistance required. It is what separates returning customers from unconverted leads. Outstanding customer care will help you attract more customers to your site. After all, satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your business to others. So make an effort to be as helpful, nice, and proficient as possible. It will make your business stand out.

5. Offers and Promotions

Creating promotions and free offers is an effective way to add new customers to your existing sales funnel. It also acts as a gateway for the purchase of higher valued products. This is because it enables people to try out your products and determine if they want to interact more with your business.

However, be careful not to go about this in the wrong way as it can have negative results. This can be avoided by ensuring that these promotions and free products are tailored to your target demographic.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best techniques using which a business owner can get with a website. Make sure you have a professional website and responsive website.

A responsive website will ensure that none of the visitors are getting issue no matter what device you are using. If you also want to get the best out of the internet, apply these tips and enjoy the benefits of being online.

One Plus 6 Silk White Edition Available Exclusively on Amazon at Rs 39,999

By Ashutosh Jha → Sunday, June 10, 2018
One Plus 6 White Edition, earlier witnessed on the company’s official website has made its way in the Indian market as well. In US, the much-awaited smartphone was listed as going on sale on June 05. However, it has also been launched in India and is exclusively available to buy on the e-commerce platform, Amazon India. One can also look for various other Amazon mobile offers at the e-tail giant.

Beautifully designed with white back and gold borders on the side of the smartphone alongside the fingerprint sensor being filled with gold colour is priced at Rs 39,999 on the official website of Amazon. The camera lining and logo of the newly afloat smartphone has also been painted in gold. The rear glass sprinkled with ‘pearl dust’ offers the device quite an interesting and shimmering look which successfully sets it apart from its predecessors and other variants in the lineup.

The Silk White edition comprises a dual-sim and boasts of 8 GB RAM and 12 GB internal storage. Just like the other variants of One Plus 6, this one has a glass body too but is much more prone to smudges as the other options. Also, the device is protected with 6 layers of glass to create a smooth white texture.

One Plus 6 Silk White Edition: Purchase Offers

All those eyeing on the smartphone can grab it via Amazon India which will be offering a cashback of Rs 2000 to the credit and debit card holders of Citibank. Along with this, an option for no cost EMI for 3 months on all the reputed banks is also available. The buyers can also claim accidental damage insurance for 12 months by Kotak 811 app.

All the users of Amazon Prime Video can get a discount of Rs 500 on all Amazon Kindle e-books. Idea users can also get cash back of Rs 2000. The owners of One Plus 6 also get the benefit to avail flight and hotel bookings by Cleartrip worth Rs 25, 000. However, on the other hand, customers who make the purchase via SBI credit and debit cards will get a discount of Rs 2000. But, one must note that this will be available only in the first week.

One Plus 6 Silk White Edition: Features and Specifications

The silk white edition of the latest One Plus 6 boasts of being run on Oxygen OS 5.1 based on Android 8.1 Oreo operating system and can also receive Android P Update. The device has a 6.28-inch Full HD + Optimic AMOLED screen with 19.9 aspect ratio. The notch display is protected by corning gorilla 5. The power of the device is the octa-core Qualcomm snapdragon 845 processor paired with 6GB/8GB of LPDDR4X RAM and an Adreno 630 GPU.

This Smartphone offers 64GB/128GB of internal storage which can be extended by micro SD card. The Smartphone offers dual rear camera. The rear camera has 16MP (Sony IMX519) +20MP (Sony IM376K sensor) setups. There is also a 16MP front selfie snapper. A smart capture mode for automatically optimized camera settings will also be available.

HDR and Portrait Mode are also available One plus also has a new feature of a Slow Motion video recording, capable of capturing 480 frames per second at 720p for up to one minute. It can also record 240fps at 1080p. There is also a new in-device video editor. The front camera now offers portrait mode as well, using a new AI algorithm with a depth-of-field effect. The face unlock feature on the smartphone is said to unlock the device in as little as 0.4 seconds.

The battery capacity is of 3300mAh with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. It also boasts of fast charging technology which delivers a “days power in half an hour”. The device does not have an official IP rating but one plus says that it survives rain and water spillage and they also advice the users not go take the phone along while swimming.

Connectivity options says that the Wi-Fi 802.11 ac, Bluetooth v5.0 with aptX and aptX HD support, NFC, GPS/ A-GPS, USB Type-C (v2.0),and 3.5mm headphone-jack, USB Type-C (2.0), Location, and NFC. The dimensions are as 155.7 x 75.4 x 7.75mm and it weighs 177 grams. Sensors on the Smartphone include an accelerometer, ambient light sensor, digital compass, gyroscope, and proximity sensor.

The Silk White edition with its matte finish and the white colour will for sure appeal the bunch of large set of buyers and will a have a remarkable sale. Go grab yours at the earliest!

8 Best Free Web Hosting Companies

By Ashutosh Jha →
Freebies are loved by all and how would you feel if you get quality web hosting solutions for free of cost? Absolutely great, right! So, check our list of 8 best free web hosting companies that offer web hosting solutions enriched with quality features and seamless functionality.

8 Best Free Web Hosting Services

1. 000Webhost

Since 2004, has been rendering free web hosting services that are free from ads. It is feature-rich platform ideal for business looking for more at less. Free website builder, auto installed, ad-free hosting, MySQL, and PHP are some of the prominent features of this site hosting service provider.

It offers a disk space of 1GB, bandwidth 10GB, database 2 MySQL databases, and Cpanel control panel. It comes with 99% guaranteed uptime and an auto installer for WordPress, Joomla, and more. The unique aspect is that it offers one hour of ‘sleep time’ on a daily basis, which implies that it will be unavailable to all including you.

2. Award space

Another amazing free web hosting company is Awardspace that has been in operation since 2004. It has been around the corner for a few times and is till leading the path.

It offers SPAM protection, auto installer, and ad-free hosting. In addition to this, one would get disk space of 1GB and bandwidth of 5GB. The MySQL database and advanced control panel system makes it a reliable and premium web hosting solution for medium and small businesses. There is no guaranteed uptime but the free version comes with service level agreement of 99.9%.

Awardspace is available in three different types and offers a discount of up to 97%, which is really great.

3. Dreamnix

Dreamnix is among few free web hosting companies offering tons of top of the line features with few limitations at free of cost. Even their concept says to try before you buy as they are offering something really powerful and impressive.

SSD-powered servers, auto installer, ad-free hosting, MySQL and PHP scripting support are some of the exclusive features of the free version. Besides a Cpanel control panel, it offers bandwidth of 1GB and disk space of 1GB. It is available with money back guarantee and if you wish to upgrade to the paid plans then you can do so with ease in just a single click.

The data centers are evenly spread to various locations and hence you will never experience any interruption or issue related to the internet.

4. Byet Host

This web hosting company claims to offer the fastest free web host platform. Might be it is because it is dependent purely on its server and not anything else.

This free host server offers numerous goodies that make it worth to consider. 24 x 7 support, ad-free hosting, auto installer, MySQL and PHP Support, 50Gb bandwidth, and 1GB disk space are the exclusive features of this hosting company. It comes with the VistaPanel control panel and offers 24 x 7 customer support even to free accounts.

It offers so much to the free accounts and if you plan to go for the upgrade options then you would get bonus benefits of SSD-driven performance and free domains.

5. Freehostia

With more than ten years of serving in the industry, Freehostia is one of the best free web hosting companies to consider. It is a large scale hosting platform that offers slices of hosting.

It delivers high-end services like dedicated servers even to the free customers. It offers a disk space of 250MB and bandwidth of 6GB. It comes with Cpanel control panel and an uptime rate of 99.9%. It offers numerous plans for incremental capacities.

The storage space is the biggest benefit of this web hosting company and if you go for the upgraded plan then you can gain some added benefits.

6. Free Virtual Servers

This is one of the finest companies owned by the Easy Internet that offers SEO and Web hosting services. They are one of the serious providers offering everything from free hosting to the dedicated server hosting plans.

Some of the features of this web hosting company are free website builder, auto installer, ad-free hosting, MySQL and PHP database support, disk space of 100MB, the bandwidth of 1GB, and Cpanel control panel. The free of cost server offers 99.9% uptime guarantee and supports FAQs and knowledge base forums. Also, there are tutorials available that flash videos, which make it a highly user-friendly option.

7. Free Hosting EU

Offering paltry volume of storage space, this free of cost web hosting service provider ensures that you get the most at the least prices. It comes with amazing features such as ad-free hosting, free website builder, MySQL and PHP database support, auto installer, the bandwidth of 4GB and disk space of 200MB.

Whether you go for the free plan or for the paid plan there is 24 x 7 customer support available for the users. This web hosting is available in three types – free, pro, and best. While two paid plans would offer you with amazing solutions, the free version is no less than them and must be given a try.

8. InstaFree

This web hosting company offer potential site owners a great deal. The free accounts hosted by this platform are hosted on SSD based storage and are generous in terms of features and services.

It offers not just free shared hosting, but also free reseller hosting as well as free VPS. Ad-free hosting, auto installer, free site builder, and MySQL and PHP support are some of the exclusive features of this website hosting service provider.

The paid accounts as well as free account offer website transfer services and uses CPanel. One major limitation with this hosting company is that it has been banned from use in some of the countries.

Whether you wish to test a company’s service or looking for an easy alternative to your website hosting needs, these free hosting site solutions can be a great option. So, check them and select the best for your website, which is free from issues and available for free!


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