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5 Best SiteGround Alternatives [ Cheap & Best Solution Included]

By Ashutosh Jha → Monday, June 26, 2017
If you are a website owner then you must have come across SiteGround hosting. They are quite popular but still, there are needs of SiteGround alternatives.

I will discuss later in this article as for why one is looking for best SiteGround alternatives. But before moving ahead, let’s talk something about SiteGround Hosting and their features. Later we will see the top SiteGround Alternatives.

There is no second thought that SiteGround is one of the best budget hosting available currently. I had few of small websites hosted their earlier. After using it for around 6 months, I found a couple of issues and then I moved to another hosting.

The two issues those I found was-

Limited traffic per website (CPU second limitation) and sometimes support can be bit challenging part as well. Especially when you need some urgent technical support, the response can be bit slow (personal experience).

Apart from these, there are few other issues which others may face due to which they might try to move from SiteGround hosting and look for top SiteGround Alternative.

We can summarize the reason for SiteGround alternatives below-

  • Cost of SiteGround hosting is comparatively high compared to another web hosting
  • There is a limitation to the amount of traffic per month
  • You might face some technical glitches if you are not from technical background
  • You may experience some delayed response from their support
So, what so ever the reason is, if you have decided to move and looking for the Best SiteGround alternatives, this post is for you.

We will discuss the 5 best SiteGround Hosting alternatives for use. We will also see how the others are the best alternatives to SiteGround. Let me quickly share the hosting like SiteGround here and then we will go in details.

  • BlueHost
  • DreamHost
  • CloudWays
  • Inmotion
  • Kinsta
Let me quickly share the different plans available with SiteGround hosting for reference.

Best SiteGround Alternatives- Top 5

Let’s start and see what the top alternative to SiteGround hosting is and how those are similar or better than the SiteGround hosting.

We will be featuring the SiteGround alternatives on the basis of price, features, and support. If you feel some other hosting service providers should also be on this list, feel free to comment and we will consider those as well.

#1 BlueHost Hosting- a Leading alternative to SiteGround

BlueHost is a leading be hosting company and is also a recommended host by the official WordPress website. They have quite a good support system and flexible pricing which starts at just $2.95/month (discounted price). You can also check our BlueHost Review for more details.

You will also get a free .com domain with the hosting till the time you will be with BlueHost hosting. I found BlueHost one of the most flexible and robust WordPress hosting. There are many tools which can be installed using 1-click including the famous WordPress.

Even their shared hosting which starts at $2.95/mo is able to handle loads of traffic and their support system is just amazing. Here are some features of BlueHost hosting I found.

BlueHost Pros

  • Very easy to start with and install CMS like WordPress
  • A free domain for lifetime
  • Can handle loads of traffic
  • Excellent customer and technical support
  • Free site monitoring and analytics are included

BlueHost Cons:

After the initial billing period, you will be charged as per the standard plan.

CloudWays Hosting- Another alternative to SiteGround Hosting in Cloud

CloudWays is another good hosting company you can think of as a SiteGround Hosting alternative. They host your website on the cloud supported by the world’s leading infrastructure companies like-
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • DigitalOcean
  • Kyup
  • Vulture
You can quickly start your business with CloudWays and host all your files securely. Also, their pricing is in the mid-range and so affordable to all. The other benefit I found with CloudWays is, you can select your Datacenter near to you. That means check from which location you are getting maximum visitors and accordingly select the Datacenter near to it.
Apart from all these, you will have all the features of SiteGround hosting or any other hosting like 1-click install, backups, support, etc.

CloudWays Pros

  • Choose your own cloud technology, app and deployments can be done in 10 minutes
  • Easy and interactive interfaces and anyone can get started with
  • Pricing depends on the infrastructure you will select and for DO, it starts at just $0.01/hour
  • Full control over your infrastructure and excellent tools available for DB management
  • Plenty of power for large sites on more expensive plans
  • Free website migration from another hosting

CloudWays Cons

For beginners, again the price can be one of the factors (although it is less) and a large number of apps and customizations, beginners will have to do little struggle as which one to choose.

#3 Inmotion Hosting –Budget Hosting Alternative to SiteGround

Inmotion is quite a famous name in the hosting industry. It is very much popular in the shared hosting segment and is ideal for all which is getting few to a small range of traffic.
Recently, they have launched a website builder platform named, BoldGrid and if you an Inmotion customer, access to BoldGrid will be free for you. It is just like any other website builder (like Wix) with some rich features.

Inmotion provides all kind of hosting services starting from shared to dedicated servers. You can select the one as per your need and budget (famous for shared hosting).

Their servers are SSDs which means you will get better performance than the hosting which uses HDDs. The WordPress hosting plan for two websites starts at $3.49 per month and you get unlimited bandwidth and disk space along with unlimited emails.

Inmotion Pros

  • All the servers are SSDs which gives you 200% better performance
  • Low cost compared to another cloud hosting
  • Excellent customer support which is available 24x7
  • BoldGrid is included in all the plans which give you the flexibility to build your website
  • Free website transfer and all the general benefits like 1-click install, backup, etc. those are all the other hosting companies.

Inmotion cons

If you are having a very high traffic website, you may experience some glitches and so not recommended for high traffic sites.

#4 DreamHost Cloud – Cheap and Best alternative to SiteGround

DreamHost is not a new name in the hosting community and they are really a very old player. Yes, their DreamHost cloud is comparatively new but gaining the market very rapidly.

Like any other cloud hosting services, DreamHost also charges on an hourly basis and is quite less than what other companies charge. I had my site hosted on DreamHost for around 11 months before I moved to NameCheap and the main reason was the support. DreamHost’s support is one of the major cons I found during my tenure. Although they respond to each query, the turnaround time is quite large.

You can check my DreamHost Review and how to start a WP blog on DreamHost in 5 minutes articles to know more.

No matter how much time you will use their servers, you will be charged for max 25 days per month. Their plans start at just $0.0075/hour which comes at $4.5/month which is less than CloudWays or any other SiteGround alternative.

DreamHost Pros

  • Very less price compared to other alternatives to SiteGround even for cloud hosting
  • All the other normal features those are provided by every hosting company
  • Servers are ready for SSH in less than 30 seconds
  • All servers are SSDs and so speed and performance will be better

DreamHost cons

The major is the timely support. You will get the full support but timing will be a constraint. Also, if you are using their shared hosting, no cPanel will be provided.

#5 Kinsta- One stop alternative to SiteGround for high traffic sites

Kinsta, you might not be well aware of but is one of the best hosting companies in the world. The major reason is not so well know is their price. Kinsta is very much costly and so everyone can’t afford it and even a small or mid-range sites should not try as well. We can say Kinsta is the most expensive SiteGround alternative.

Their servers are powered by the world’s top infrastructure, Google cloud platform and so you will not have to compromise in terms of performance.

All the plans have almost same features but start at $100/mo. and so it is not recommended and feasible for all. With all the Kinsta plan, you will get unlimited traffic but you will have to think of the Bandwidth. So, select the plan which suits your bandwidth requirements.

Kinsta Pros

  • Free site migration
  • Great and reliable cloud infrastructure
  • Regular backup and great support

Kinsta Cons

Kinsta is one of the most expensive clouds hosting in the industry

Which SiteGround Alternative you should try?

Finally, we have come to the end of this best SiteGround alternatives post and I hope you got enough alternatives to SiteGround Hosting.

If you are looking for a cheap alternative to SiteGround, then you may try BlueHost, DreamHost, or Inmotion.

If you are looking for costly and reliable SiteGround alternative then you can go with Kinsta without a second thought.

For all the options between these two, CloudWays is always there to host your website :)

Do let me know which you think to be the best SiteGround alternative.

5 Points to Take care while creating a responsive website

By Ashutosh Jha → Saturday, June 24, 2017
Now a day mobile compatibility is a basic requirement for nearly every web development project today. Of course, the effort involved in creating a mobile optimized, responsive website differs from scope to scope – a static website requires significantly less effort to be made responsive than a dynamic website with user interaction features and content in multiple formats. But the increase in mobile traffic has made it more demanding. This is the time when people like to use mobile devices, tablets for all of their work and so to increase engagement and business, one will need mobile optimized or you can say responsive design.

Below are some of the basic points you should consider while creating a responsive design. Especially if you are a company and developing the site for your client. Usually, nowadays people are so busy that they even don’t have some specific time to check your design on laptop or PC. So you should develop the application in such a way that it can work on all type of devices. You can also take help of some website builder to create the site for you. Here all you will have to do is, just drag and drop the component and rest will be done by the tool.

1. Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is the most basic thing that you should take care while creating a responsive design. Each manufacturer has their own list of screen sizes & resolutions they believe to be ideal, which in turn increases a developer’s effort. On top of that, both portrait and landscape modes have to be considered while design. Web design Mexico or web design new York or in any part of the world these should be taken care of.

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2. Design matters a lot

After the screen resolution, the later that should be taken care of is design. It’s well said that “what is seen is sold”. So to attract the customers, you should have a good design. Either you can hard code it or you can use the templates available in the market. Depending upon your requirement, choose the one.

3. Content is King

I am sure you must have heard this line..right? Yes, content matters. You have done a good design and have good resolution but what about content. With just design you can’t express the feeling, you won’t be able to convey your message to customers. For this, you need something which sales and what can be better than few sales pitch.

If you can write those by yourself, it’s well and good else hire some freelancers and get it developed so that it can sell and make an impact.

4. Loading Speed

A good web designer has to take care of loading speed as well. There are many reasons behind it.

• Web loading speed has a great impact on search engine ranking. Google give great importance to loading speed while deciding SERP. So lesser the loading time, higher the SERP. Work in a way to reduce blog load time.
• From the user point of view as well, no one likes to wait and so if the loading time is more, you are losing your business.

An ideal site has the loading time of 6 sec. If it is more than 6 sec, you should focus on reducing. To reduce it, you can check the CSS, images, and JavaScript files and work to compress those.

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5. Important Pages

Suppose you have developed some website for some client. But why you have developed? There must be some specific requirement of the client like it may be their company’s website or some product related site or for a specific reason. No matter what is the reason and purpose, there are some pages which must be there.

I am sure you must be knowing about the importance of leads in online business. So there must be something which can capture leads like a contact page or any form which can save the member information. Similarly, you should have about or few other important pages.

These were the 5 basic points that you have to consider while developing a site for your client.

Have I missed any?

GetResponse Review- A Must have tool for Marketers

By Ashutosh Jha →
If you are a marketer then you must be knowing the importance of leads. After all, our work is to get lead and convert that lead into sale…right?

But how easy to get that lead? If you’ll ask me honestly it is very tough. After all, we have to provide a genuine and solid reason to someone to get a lead and again to convert that lead into a sale.

But in recent time, many tools have emerged and those have really made our work easy. Though still we have to provide each and everything but the conversion rate has increased with the help of such tools.

GetResponse is one such tool which helps you to manage your entire internet marketing lead generation with their products like Email Marketing tool, webinar, landing page Solution, auto responders and few more. It really provides awesome features and solutions which make your job damn easy and helps you to automate your work in almost NO TIME.

Let me talk about the features of GetResponse before going into the pricing and other stuff.

Features of GetResponse

GetResponse is considered as one of the top marketing tools and is recommended by many top internet marketers like Neil Patel, Pat Fin etc. Below are some of the best features those I liked.

1. Auto Responders

This is the best thing that I liked about GetResponse. Although you will find this feature on another tool as well but the kind of delivery and customization I found with GetResponse is really awesome.
Whenever someone subscribe to your website/blog/course, instantly something whichever you have set up will get delivered to their Inbox.

Here you can either send the complete file or can send the download link. Believe me, the delivery time is really quick.

2. Landing Page Builder

When companies just charge $100-$200 just to create a landing page, GetResponse giving you this facility just by paying $15 per month extra which is very cost effective. You can design great and eye catchy landing page which will convert like a skyrocket.

Their hundreds of pre-designed themes will help you to design your desired landing page quickly and the best thing is those are highly customizable.

You can also make use of hundreds of HD images from their library to give the landing page some extra boost and flavor.

3. Webinar

GetResponse has recently made their presence in this segment and growing very quickly. Now a day webinars are very productive and quick way to build links and so many marketers are trying this out. Last year I received a mail from John Chow and Zack Johnson, world’s leading marketers about a webinar which will teach how to earn thousands from the affiliate per month.
I desperately waited till 2 AM IST to attend that webinar just to learn what they are selling. Ultimately these top bloggers will not just spend hours as it is and really I was impressed with the way they were selling Zack’s Blogging course.

So this method is really a quick way to build your email list and convert those list again and again. Ultimately those are highly targeted.

So now GetResponse allow you to host webinars on their platform at the cheap rate. When companies like GoToMeetings charge $199 per month to host a webinar for a crowd up to 500, GetResponse just charges $165 per month for the attendees up to 25000.

Still, GetResponse is in the building stage and if you are looking to organize the webinar at the very high level, I would advise you to go with WebEx which is considered as the leader in the segment.

4. Email Marketing Tool

GetResponse is a complete email marketing solution providing lots of features like Email Archive, Follow up messages, Image gallery, form builder and many other such features.

You can create a good looking email collector tool which will attract your visitor to subscribe. You can include links, audio, texts and video into your email marketing pieces.

It allows you to do split testing and so you can experiment and decide which best for you.

Also, with the help of this tool, you can host online surveys and can manage those easily.

This was all about the features of GetResponse. Apart from all these, you will also get the following with GetResponse.

• Excellent support
• iPhone application
• Video Email Marketing
• Advanced newsletter templates
• Social Media integration
• Analytics allows you to track the emails and work better


GetResponse provides these service at a very competitive price. So depending on the number of your subscribers, you can select the plan which suits you better.

What do you think?

As I mentioned above, GetResponse is one of the top email marketing solutions providing wide ranges of online marketing solutions.

The prices are also very competitive and offer 30 days of free trial as well. Though not providing any free plan but if you are serious about email marketing, you should try this.

Which tool do you use for your marketing needs?

How to Stay Secure Online Free: 5 Awesome Tips

By Ashutosh Jha → Friday, June 23, 2017
With the rapid change in technology in the digital world, online security has become a major concern. To ensure the online security you have to work hard. Almost every day we receive news where some big company has been hacked or some top security data has been leaked by hackers and so on.

The worst thing is we can't prevent this hacking to 100% but we can take some precautions using which the risk can be lowered down and you can protect yourself from such activities.

5 Tips to Stay Secure Online

Today I am going to share 5 ways to stay secure online free. These methods are completely free and you will not have to spend a single penny. In return you will get a great security. So here is the complete guide on how to stay secure online free.

1. Avoid Using Same Password Everywhere

Many of us have a habit of using the same password everywhere like emails, social media, bank accounts etc. The main reason behind choosing the same password is, it becomes easy to remember. But this habit can create some serious problem for you. If any one of your account/sites is hacked then automatically all other accounts will also be at high risk and anytime it can be damaged. Hackers usually try checking different accounts once they hacked anyone and if they succeed you will be in serious trouble.

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So the ultimate solution of this issue is to use different password for your accounts. Also while creating passwords, use strong password. Here strong password means, use the combinations of lower case, upper case, numbers and special characters. These passwords are very hard to hack.

2. Download Softwares/Files from Authentic websites

Many of us have a habit of downloading the software or any other files from any site whichever comes first the in search engine. But you should avoid this practice to stay secure online. Many of these sites either asks you to complete a survey to download the software and by doing so they collect your personal data.

Even if they don’t use the survey to collect your personal information many of the sites uses Spyware which vanishes the security and accesses your information. So be cautious while downloading the software from any sites for free. Ensure the site is genuine and have good feedback.

This includes antivirus as well. I always suggest buying the genuine antivirus as the free version of it doesn’t provide much security and it would be hard to stay secure online. Instead, you can search for some offers and get a premium antivirus at less cost.

3. Audit Who Access to What Data

This is one of the best methods to stay secure online. Between all your social profile and other online accounts, just check how much information about you has been shared online. You'll be surprised to see the amount of data found online. There are multiple online stories where someone has had hacked and identity was stolen.

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So it is a best practice is to audit your available information online and remove whichever not required or set a protection as who can see that information and who not. By this way, you can be safe with the unethical online activities.

4. Be cautious while installing programs and agreeing to T&C

On the internet, you will find many offers which will attract you and automatically you will download or subscribe those. But these may contain some type of online promotions also and you should be very mindful while doing so. If you do not want to receive junk emails or get on the telemarketer list then just check the small checkbox at the bottom of the page while signing up else very next day your mailbox will be full of promotional/lottery emails and accessing that info may harm your accounts.

Many of these websites put adware on your computer with the downloaded product which tracks your activity. Use caution whenever you are come up with these kinds of websites and be secure in the online world.

5. Use two-step authentication whenever possible

This is the best idea to keep your online accounts secure. The accounts which are enabled with two-step authentication are less likely to get hacked. Here usually one is your personal password and another password is getting sent to your registered mobile number at the time of login and so only you can access the account.

Google provides this kind of security along with many other websites. Here if you are logging to a new system, a code will be sent to your mobile and only after entering the code you will be able to access the account. If that is your personal system you can use the “don't ask code” on this system again option.

Some sites don't use the code, instead, they ask security question which you have set at the time of registration. So make the question bit difficult and tricky so that hackers can't guess.


These were the top 5 ideas using which you can be secure online. I hope if you will follow these methods you will be protected from any unusual activities.

Are you following these tips for being secure online? Or using some other methods as well? Do share your experience with us.

SSC CHSL Cut Off For All Tiers- 2017

By Ashutosh Jha →
SSC (Staff Selection Commission) is one of the most famous examinations for all the people who look for the government jobs. After UPSC and state examinations, SSC is the top choice for any candidates looking to enter the government sectors.

SSC has conducted the 10+2 combined higher secondary examination for 2016 between 07.01.2017 to 08.02.2017 in the Computer Based Mode. It was for the Recruitment of Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants, Data Entry Operators, Lower Divisional Clerks and Court Clerk at various centers all over the country.

Over 30.5 L candidates appeared for this examination across the country and here is the cut off for all the categories for your reference.

Official SSC CHSL Cut off Marks
In last few years, it has been seen that SSC CHSL Cut off predicted by the website like CollegeDunia, MockBank has been almost similar. So, you can follow such sites to predict your score and make the preparation better.

Usually, the cut off for each year is getting decided by the following three factors-

• Number of students appeared for the paper
• Complexity of the exam
• And number of vacancies for that year

Depending on such factors, cut off for that year is getting finalized. By that way, SSC CHSL 2017 was considered as easy.

For LDC, here is the predicted cut off by the MockBank-

Expected SSC CHSL Cut off Marks(LDC)
5 marks less or more but it is expected that the cutoff for LDC will be similar to the above. But as this is the predicted score and so you are advised to not consider this as original and we won’t be responsible for any distractions.

Predicted cut-offs are posted in advance to help the students know their similar score before the actual result is declared. This will help to take the decision sooner. The sooner you take the decision, the better it will be.

This gives you some extra time to make your plans. If someone is not able to clear, he/she can focus on some other examination more and prepare hard while if someone is clearing the test, he/she can focus on the next round.

By this way, it is always the win-win situation for the candidates to check their predicted score from the sites before the actual score is out by the officials. You can check more details at

Note: As of now, the result has been declared for the SSC CHSL for tier 1 and you can visit the official site to check the result area wise. Here are the important dates for the SSC CHSL-

Organization Name
Staff Selection Commission (SSC)
Name of the Exam
Combined Higher Secondary Level Examination (CHSL tier -1 )
Name of the Posts
DEO, Postal Assistant, LDC, Sorting Assistant
Total Vacancies
5,134 posts
Exam Dates
7th January 2017 to 8th February 2017
Results announcement date
March 2017
Exam date for SSC CHSL Tier – II (Descriptive)
9th April 2017
Announcement of Tier-II Result
May/June 2017
Expected Typing Test date
June/July 2017

Top PDF Submission Websites for Link Building

By Ashutosh Jha → Thursday, June 22, 2017
PDF submission sites are a good link building techniques. These PDF submissions websites are normally free and all you have to do is just create a PDF file of your post and share on these PDF sharing websites.

PDF Submission Websites
In terms of SEO, you can create a link from these PDF sharing websites back to your website and majority of these document sharing sites provide DoFollow links.

There are multiple benefits of sharing the PDF files on the PDF sharing websites. Let me share here some advantages.

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Advantages of Submitting PDFs on PDF submission websites

Here are some key benefits of using PDF or document sharing websites-

• It helps in link building
• It will also help in getting some quality traffic
• If your document will be good, another person can share also and by this way with some good and quality traffic, you will also get some good subscribers.
• The majority of the links will be DoFollow. Few document sharing websites also providing NoFollow links and there are again multiple benefits of NoFollow backlinks.
• As the referral traffic will be of high quality and so there is a great chance to convert that visitor to the subscriber.
• Will help you to boost your search engine ranking

Best practice for document sharing

As there are multiple benefits of sharing the documents and so everyone starts bookmarking their documents. But you should not simply upload the PDF or word files on these PDF submission websites.

You must do something extra which will provide you the maximum one can get from these document sharing sites.

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Here is some best practice you should do before sharing your documents and PDFs before sharing it on the below listed PDF sharing websites.

• Make a good PDF or document with good content
• Make sure to add graphics in the document. All the platforms are responsive and support mobile views smoothly and so you can use.
• Do proper formatting so that user won’t get frustrated.
• Use your website links and social media site details so that user may connect with you.
• The document should be grammatically correct and easily readable.

Once all these done, you are good to share the document on any of the below 30+ PDF sharing websites for link building.

30+ Top PDF Submission Websites for Link Building

Wrapping it up!

It is my personal experience that if you will keep you posted updated, the search engine will think that the content is being refreshed and will keep you ranking. You can check how to maintain a top ranking in search engine for more details.

The submission on PDF sharing website will help you to get some increase in your search ranking.

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Especially if you are stuck on page 2 or 3 in Google, you must try submitting documents on theses PDF sharing websites for ranking boost.

10 Best Free Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Templates

By Ashutosh Jha →
When you are thinking about building a website, there is two question arises in your mind. Whether you should use a CMS or you should create your website using only HTML and CSS.

So there are so many CMS available in the market if you don’t want to stick with coding. In this article, I am talking about Joomla CMS, and it's best to free multipurpose templates that can make your website more professional, clean, mobile friendly and fast.

So let me tell you why you should use Joomla as your website CMS.

21 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

By Ashutosh Jha → Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Website flipping is not new and recently a website was sold for $100 million. Similar to website flipping, domain flipping business is also getting on high demand and being sold for millions. Today we are going to list 21 most expensive domain names ever sold.

Most of the people who are in the domain brokering business buy domains, made those live and wait for the good opportunity to sell those. They treat the domains as an investment and sell those at many times higher price. Recently one of my friend had a domain which he bought around 10 years ago for around $200 and this year he sold that domain in $$$$$. Here in this post, I am going to share the list of 21 most expensive domain names ever sold.

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Also, the price of most expensive domain names depends on many factor like
• How short it is e.g. LL/LLL/LLLL etc
• TLD gets higher bid compared to other extension domains
• Easily pronounced domain gets good price compared to other. E.g. will get much higher price than even though both are
• There are many other factors like DA/PR/TF/PA and many others.

21 Most Expensive Domain Names Ever Sold

Here are the 21 most expensive domain names ever sold. Though giving the exact figure is difficult due to the mode of transaction done and other constraint but these are the most expensive domain names sold with known transactions.

1. - $35 M

This is the most expensive domain ever sold in the history. was sold back in 2007 for $35 million. The most expensive sale, however, actually wasn’t for a gambling or porn site. Instead, it was the purchase of in 2007 for a cool $35m. Brain Sharples, the founder of HomeAway, is new owner of this domain and accepted that he purchased it, as he did not want his competitor Expedia to acquire it.

2. $30.18 M

This deal was also very close to being most expensive domain names but lacked by a margin of little lesser than $5M. This was sold in 2012 for around $30.18 Million.

3. $17 M

This is the most recent deal happened for $17 million this year (2015) itself when Beijing Qihoo Technology Company Limited acquired from Vodafone in January 2015 for an estimated USD. The security software and mobile services company has used until now, but the .com domain was needed to drive their global strategy.

4. - $16 M was purchased by QuinStreet, an online marketing services and technology company in 2009. The website now provides life, car and health insurance quotes among others.

5. - $14.9 is owned by Gentile Philip. Gentile Philip bought this domain for £9.9 million in March 2008, which amounted to about $14.9 Million. However, this domain is not yet live and you will find a line written “Please come back later to check” while visiting this site. It seems this has just been parked for resale.

6. - $13 M

The story of should have been adapted for the big screen. In 1994 Gary Kremen, the founder of, registered In 1995 Network Solutions, the registrar, got tricked by a man named Stephen M. Cohen, who managed to get ownership of the domain name by falsifying letters and faxes. Kremen took Cohen to court and only got back the domain name after five years legal battle getting on top of this a compensation of $40 Million for lost earnings.

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Cohen had made an estimated $500.000 per month in traffic from the site during its heyday. He managed to flee the US and was later arrested in Tijuana, Mexico.

Kremen sold the domain to Escom in 2006 for $11.5 Million and it was later resold in 2010 for $13 Million to Clover Holdings. Currently Clover Holdings holds the right of

7. $11 M

This domain was sold for $ 11 million in 2001, however, new owner David Roche of this domain couldn’t actually confirm at what price the domain has been purchased, in a TV interview to BBC.

8. $9.5 M

Another adult domain which was sold in millions. This site is doing well in its category and no wonder why the buyer MXN Limited in 2007 bought this domain for $9.5 Million.

9. $8.88 M

Another adult domain which sold in million. bought in August 1997 by Rick Schwarz for $42 from a student that bought it the week before for $5. Sold in January 2015 to Czech Adult industry player WGCZ for $8.88M.

10. $8.5 M

Facebook managed to buy in $8.5 million in November 2010 from American Farm Bureau Federation who are using as their primary domain and announced they have raised $8.5 million by selling Currently is redirected to

11. - $7.5 M was sold in $7.5 million in December 1999 to Jake Winebaum, former chairman of the Walt Disney Internet Group.

12. - $7.5 M was also sold in $7.5 million in 2006. This was acquired by

13. - $7 M

Interbrew acquired this domain for $7 million in 1999. This domain is again listed for resales on

14. - $6.8 M

A single letter domain was sold in $6.8 million in 2014 to GMO Internet

15. - $5.88 M

This domain was bought in 1994 by Joel Noel Friedman, a 46-year-old Jewish American in $5.88 million. Even Google don’t have much information about this domain.

16. - $5.5 M was sold for $5.5 in 2007 to Mansion Limited of GIbraltar

17. - $5.5 M was also sold for $5.5 in 2010 to Bodog

18. - $5.1 M

ToysRUs bought this domain in $5.1 million in 2009

19. - $5.1 M

This domain was purchased by LA Group in 2000 for a price of $ 5.1 million. This domain was used to protect brand name “” of LA Group. This is biggest domain deal made for defense purpose.

20. - $5 M deal was done at price of $ 5 million in 2004. New owner of this domain is Communications. It was first registered in 1995 and resold in 2004. It is the most expensive country domain. was sold for $2 Million.

21. - $5 M

This deal took place in 2007 and is considered to be a wiser one. Michael Mann, owner of BuyDomains understood the importance of having a good domain name; therefore, he sold his company and invested in The deal was closed for $5 million.

By looking at the above deals, domain flipping is certainly a great investment and business where you can make great income. If you are seeing any good domain, grab that right now before one can do so.

I hope you enjoyed these 21 most expensive domain names. Do you know any other? Or do you own any premium domain? Do let us know in comments :)