5 Best Digital Marketing Campaign Tools to Smarten It

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, February 14, 2019
While many businesses attempt to create a digital marketing campaign independently of the tools available to aid them, why create your marketing scheme alone?

5 Best Digital Marketing Campaign Tools to Smarten It
Digital marketing tools can help you to create a sleek, organized and manageable marketing campaign that you can track alongside your other responsibilities. This guide will reveal the best tools for your needs and how to implement these.

5 best digital marketing campaign tools to lead the online business

Let’s start and see some of the major areas of digital marketing and their respective tools helping you make campaign better.

#1 Search Engine Optimization Tools

Search Engine Optimization is a necessity when it comes to your marketing campaign, and getting onto the first page of Google’s ranking results is important for your brand’s visibility and the amount of traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization Tools allow you to establish links, track your ranking and can help to improve your content.

These websites also analyze your SEO to fix any problems you may have, such as broken links and poor connections. Tools like these can help to take the pressure from your campaign by giving you a clear and simple insight into the performance of your SEO, and they can even take pains to fix these problems so that you do not need the expertise to fix these yourself.

#2 Feedback and Research Tools

Feedback and Research Tools can give you extremely insightful information about how your businesses campaign is being received by others, and there are many tools to help you collect this information and understand its impact.

Video Insight platforms can be an exciting and innovative tool to help you to utilize and analyze feedback. Voxpopme allows you to receive direct input and feedback from visitors in an engaging way, and you can even fit these into infographics and filters which can help you to find the information that you need when you need it.

#3 Social Media Tools

Social media tools can do wonders for omnichannel marketing, allowing you to integrate your social media campaigns from many platforms into one. Each social media application has its own personalized software that enables you to produce content on multiple channels and allows you to target your ads more succinctly towards specific users and your target audience.

Facebook’s Power Editor, which allow you to create specialized and highly targeted marketing campaigns individual to your company. Depending on which leading social media platforms you’re using, you may select dedicated software for that.

#4 Content Tools

To analyze the success of the content on your websites, such as your blog posts and articles, most website creators such as Wordpress, which is a great platform for blogs and journalism, have specialized analytics and targeted tools from which you can view your stats. These tools allow you to see who you are targeting, who is subscribing to your website and how many views you are getting, along with tools through which you can tailor your website to your own needs or create your blog from pre-packaged themes.

There are many content marketing tools which help you generate the content, share the content in various platforms and alert when something happens. This even helps you outreach for the link building campaigns which helps in SEO.

#5 Email Marketing Tools

If you’re looking to send the emails, email marketing tools are the solution for you. These tools allow you to send the emails on the verge. That means you can make your email delivery automated and utilize your email list in the best way.

There are email marketing services which you can use for this purpose. Some of these are free while others are paid. If you’re just starting with the email marketing, you may start with the free tools like MailChimp and MailMunch and further can select any premium tools. Even you can upgrade to the premium plan of these free software.

Wrapping it up!

There is a fantastic range of blogging tools that can help you to utilize digital marketing to the best of your ability, making the process quicker and easier. From social media to video insight platforms, these can help you to create a connected and integrated campaign which is widely viewed by your target audience and shows your business off to its best.
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