10 Most Popular Solar Blogs To Follow

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, February 13, 2019
If solar energy is your thing, you’re probably looking for a solar blog to follow to keep up to date with all the latest news and trends.

Solar resourcing is a popular method when it comes to renewable energy and looking out for the planet--and there are several blogs to keep track of.
10 Most Popular Solar Blogs To Follow
10 Most Popular Solar Blogs To Follow
But which ones are the best? We’ve selected 10 for you to keep an eye on, keeping you totally up to date on all the solar issues.

1. Renewable Energy World Blog

This daily blog supplies news and updates about solar energy as well as technology developments and reviews of suppliers within the industry.

What’s especially great about this blog is the fact that it provides consistent and constant updates. So those that visit the blog will have up to the minute information from all the latest sources within the solar energy world.

What’s also excellent about this blog is its honesty and finger on the pulse approach.

URL: renewableenergyworld.com

2. Solar Quotes Blog

This solar energy blog boasts in excess of 1000 entries that also pride themselves on being up to the minute and current.

Reader feedback demonstrates that the information in this blog is an excellent resource for information on everything from renewable energy stories to the ins and outs of the industry and its products.

If you are looking to learn about research and producers, Solar Quotes is the blog for you. It is an excellent resource when it comes to panels, batteries, the economy, installations and innovations within the sector.

URL: solarquotes.com.au/blog

3. Ecoelectric Blog

The company Ecoelectric has been operating for the past decade and focuses on building automation specifically.

It specializes in core areas of the electrical contracting industry. This involves the likes of commercial building works as well as domestic building.

They also write frequently about the involvement of modular AC batteries in home energy supply systems.

URL: ecoelectric.com.au/blogs

4. Solar Love Blog

This blog loves solar.

With over 1000 followers, the Solar Love site provides commentary and information about the industry, charting changes and key information and movements within the sector.

It's also got a little science thrown in, for those looking to fully understand the ins and outs of solar energy.

URL: ilovemysolar.com/blog

5. Solar Wake Up Blog

This site claims its mission is to "bring the top news articles to subscribers and solar executives every morning."

Priding itself on being "where the solar industry comes to read the news," Solar Wake Up's blog gives a daily debrief of the major talking points from the world of solar energy.

It has an ethos: keep its visitors informed and help make the industry ticking over smoothly and most effectively.

Each day, the blog will list key points for the day. But the articles are always intriguing and unique. The topics covered on this blog are diverse, but always intriguing and different.

Reading this blog will leave you more than informed and very enlightened.

URL: solarwakeup.com

6. Sonnenseite Blog

This blog demonstrates examples of how to overcome obstacles when it comes to solar energy use.

If you're concerned, or have issues, concerning the effects on the environment, ecosystems and the environment, Sonnenseite is bound to answer your queries and put to bed any specific worries you may have.

URL: sonnenseite.com

7. Sun Harvest Blog

This company prides itself on installing homes and businesses with the best of the best solar energy products.

Its blog mainly hones in on money saving tips for the solar energy user. It is particularly handy if you’re looking for professional advice about tax credits and exemptions.

Articles on Sun Harvest’s blog site also discuss why solar panels are excellent ways for the consumer to leave a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

URL: sunharvest.ca/blog

8. Solar Industry Mag Blog

Solar Industry Mag is essentially an online magazine for those looking to learn more about the world of renewable solar energy. It’s more industry-focused though--looking at business solar use. It does look at urban solar use too though.

It provides first-hand industry insider knowledge and opinion pieces. These might include thorough assessments of solar tools, technology, and initiatives. The info is always up to the minute and forward thinking, meaning you’re likely to have the most top-notch industry advice featured in the blog posts.

The posts are always looking to the future of the industry too.

URL: solarindustrymag.com

9. Good Energy Solutions Blog

This site looks at the process of transitioning into the use of green energy. This blog, therefore, is excellent for those starting out or hoping to research options and benefits when it comes to portable solar power.

This blog is like a helping hand or a guiding light for those kick-starting their forte into renewable energy sourcing.

URL: goodenergysolutions.com/blog

10. Pick My Solar Blog

This site examines trends and updates in the solar energy world. It also looks at localized incentives in the sector.

Another great site to visit if you're new to the sector, Pick My Solar offers the reader a guide, for free, that will help you take initial steps towards solar energy use.

Topics include how solar actually works, financing and energy metering.

URL: blog.pickmysolar.com

The Best Solar Blog for You

If you check out all of the solar blog sites listed above you’re bound to find one ideal for you.

Each one has a different niche and you’re bound to stumble across one or more that feeds you the information you’re looking for in a solar energy blog.

Can you recommend any others? Or perhaps different types of renewable power blogs that you think might be of interest to your fellow readers?

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