Top 5 Social Networking Sites To BoostTraffic And Create Brand

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, September 20, 2017
No matter whether you are an online blogger or a business owner or a social marketer, you need to showcase your product online. At the current scenario, it’s a requisite to be online to advertise yourself and your product.

If you want to become famous and successful, you have to be a brand and online market provides a great platform for branding. When it’s come to online promotion and marketing, the very first name is Social media, which has become a part of everyone’s life.

Most of your target audiences are having social media profile, so it’s a good practice to have presence on social media. If you are not visible at social media this means you are not doing the marketing, it should have done and you are losing your big base of audience.

In recent years a lot of social websites have come into existence and all of them are having their own unique features and provide something different for online marketer to build a brand and huge target audience. You can’t focus on all the sites due to you time limitation but you have to be specific as which website will give you more benefit in less time.

So today I am going to talk about the top 5 social media websites which will help you to create a brand and will give you a huge traffic to your website.

But the main point that you need to take care while joining any social media is the follower list. You should mainly focus on your target audience not simply anyone to increase the list. Here target audience means the people who are from your niche or there may be chance that they will visit your site.

I’m pretty sure that everyone are having at least Facebook profile and when you are logged in to your profile, you will see lots of advertisement from different friends. How many you really check? Yes very few.

Especially those, which are either interesting or which is from the niche you are targeting. The same applies to your followers list also. If you are having 1k+ follower on any social site but not are from your niche and someone else is having only 500 but quality one, the second will get more benefit. Because all 500 are targeted followers and at least 60-70 % of them will visit that link.

So mainly focus to create your targeted followers list. Below are some of the checkpoints I am giving which should be taken care of on social sites-

  • Create only relevant friends and followers
  • Use good images which will ask the user to visit your site
  • On your profile not only share your content, also share some good content of others. In response they may also share some of your content
  • To engage your followers, you can create polls or can ask for feedback.

Top 5 social media profile that you must have

As I said above there are huge number of social sites available and all are having their unique features. But you can’t manage all at a time due to lack of time. So today I am going to tell you about top 5 sites on which you must have your profile to get maximum benefit from online market.

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Do I really need to say anything about Facebook? Facebook is the number 1 social website in the world with more than 1.9 billion active users. 488 million users daily use Facebook through mobile phones. Just imagine if you are getting only few of it then also you will have lots of traffic for your site. In a survey it has been found that an average Facebook user is having around 138 friends.

So just think about the importance of this great social platform. I hope everyone here must be having a facebook profile but how many of you are having a facebook fan page for your business. If you have it’s well and good and if not, just create one soon. Now the question is – why facebook is the best social platform for online promotion?

  • It allows you to create your own profile as well as your brand business fan page. Using your profile people can connect with you and using your product page they can get regular updates about it.
  • It has so many apps to engage your users.
  • Your Facebook page carries your business profile, so try to have all the information like email id, your mission, aim and all.
  • While creating your Facebook page, be careful while selecting the name. Because it can be changed only once and try to choose an easy name so that your followers can remember that.
  • Try to update your fan page daily. Followers don’t like an idle profile.
  • You can join lots of Facebook groups to advertise your brand. On average each group is having more than 2k-3k users.
  • You can even add more administrators/authors who can manage your page apart from you.


Twitter is also one of the most famous social sites in the world today with a huge network of more than 230 million user and more than 500 tweets daily. With this figure you can easily consider its popularity. Almost all the business mans, politicians, brands, actors and famous peoples are having twitter profile. Like facebook you can share (here called tweet) your products/posts here and people in your network can visit that and also can re tweet your tweet.

Twitter has a limitation of allowing only 140 characters in one tweet, which forces you to write the best tag for your business just in 140 characters and I am not seeing any harm in it. But still you want to have some more, you can break the tweet like ½ and 2/2 etc. But always try to complete in only 1 tweet. You can use twitter hash tags (#) in twits to create tweet for effectively.

You can check my twitter profile @heyashutosh

Google Plus

After Orkut, Google Inc. brought another social site named Google+ and this is one of the most famous social network in the world today with more than 600 million active users. The main feature behind this is, it is a Google product and the time Google brought single sign in feature for its entire product, it’s more famous now.

Google+ is one of the neediest platforms for online marketer due to its huge network and active users. Apart from the good SEO of the site, it connects with the like minded people to get more benefit from this social platform. Below are some of the features of Google plus-
  • It is directly connected to Google so no need to create separate profile.
  • Like facebook you can create a separate page for your product/website.
  • There are several groups available and depending upon the category of your business you can join them to get the maximum benefit.
  • You can even create your own group also.
  • Google+ provides free comment box to your blog/website which you can directly add in your blog.
  • You can get a customized Google+ page unique url like I have for TricksRoad- @TricksRoad
  • Google+ provides several API to install in your websites which can engage your visitors.


With more than 265 million users, LinkedIn is most famous professional networking site in the world. Through this site many company even hire the professionals. This site enables you to create a professional profile for your business and create the connection own its own. Even you can join the groups to have most exposure in the network also. Using LinkedIn you can gain the below benefits-

  • You can create a group for your product.
  • Can build a strong connections
  • You will get new suggestions and the most popular among them.
  • With its large network you can attract good traffic to your site.


With 1 billion users and more than 4 billion page views daily, Pinterest is the best social bookmarking site currently. It is the main source of traffic for most of the blogger and online marketer. Pinterest allow you to create different boards and then you can add several pins in your board. You can even add others pin also in your boards.

You can imagine the popularity and necessity of the site from the fact that images in the posts are getting created keeping in mind of Pinterest. This bookmarking sites allows the below features-

  • You can create a business profile at this site. You can check mine @heyashutosh
  • As you can see above my username is heyashutosh. I.e. this allows you to create your own and attractive user names also.
  • You can create as many boards and then can add many pins in those boards.
  • You can even add other’s pins in your board.
  • You can connect with other social sites through it.

There are many other social networks which are also very much useful to make the brand name and to get a good amount of traffic from it like Stumbleupon, Instagram, myspace etc. I will talk about it later.

As a blogger I will highly recommend you to have at least yours and your product page in all the above social sites. This will help you to get in touch with new likeminded people and to get maximum benefit from the online market. Just you have to come up with a good plan and definitely you will rock :)

So friends go and build you profile on these social site and get the benefit. Do you think have I missed any important social network here? If yes, kindly let me know that through your comments.

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