Free Performance Tracker by BitterStrawberry to Increase Conversion

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Have you come over a situation when some marketer receives better conversion compared to the others?

Here I am considering all the external factors same but still, some get good conversion while others struggle with it. And here advanced techniques, tracking tools, and technology-enabled platforms help.

Free Performance Tracker by BitterStrawberry to Increase Conversion
Recently, I was working with BitterStrawberry network and found an exciting tool and this post is all about the tool called performance tracker. You can read my BitterStrawberry Review for more details of the network.

As we have already written a lot about the BitterStrawberry performance network, in this article, we will focus on the performance tracker tool.

What is Performance Tracker Tool by BitterStrawberry?

performance tracker tool by BitterStrawberry is a unique tool to scale your campaign and get better conversion. It also helps you scale your campaigns for maximum benefits. I was stunned to see the performance of the tool.

As the tool is powered by AI (artificial intelligence) and so you can estimate the accuracy of the tool. The company says, it is a fully-customizable solution, powered by Artificial Intelligence that will help you analyze your media buying data and target your most profitable users with free in-depth tracking and stats; and turn raw data into winning decisions.

How will the performance tracker tool help?

First of all, this is a free tool and whosoever is the BitterStrawberry publisher/advertiser can use it for free.

The tool helps you to identify your target audience, to see who they are and how to get to them, how to structure and prioritize your content, which end-benefits to communicate and so on, you need a tool that gives all the data about your user and the way they convert, so that you can maximize the performance of your traffic.

Free Performance Tracker by BitterStrawberry to Increase Conversion
Here are some best ways on which it will work for you-

  • Help you to find the profitable user segment and individual users
  • Helps affiliates, webmasters, social marketers and media buyers to analyze their campaigns
  • As it works on AI and data-driven methodology and so profit chances are huge
  • Improve ad performance by 100% by optimizing the user segment, location, and various other factors.

Together all of these makes a campaign successful and profitable. Now let’s see how this performance tracking tool helps.

How does Performance Tracker work?

As the tool is data-driven and, so it collects all the user data and its behavioral data and give it to you so that you will have enough information about your users. The data usually includes, visitor’s country, which ad they click on, the type of phone they used, what time of the day they arrived on the landing page and much more, are critical to helping you optimize a campaign to profitability.

You can simply sign up as a publisher and create a campaign to try the performance tracker. you will be aware of every change you make, and you can see easily how traffic is converting, understanding which move works and which don’t.

Features of BitterStrawberry Performance Tracker

Here are some of the features of the performance tracker tool-

Free Tool

First of all, this is a completely free tool and will be if you are a BitterStrawberry customer. Just join the network and you can get all the data about the tool.

In-depth Tracking

The tool will deliver the in-depth tracking of your campaign which may involve the following- Country, Connection type, Carrier/WiFi, IP, Device, OS, Browser.


BitterStrawberry offers you the detailed stat about your campaign and activities. You’ll have all the details about the three pillars of BitterStrawberry, HybridLinks, Smartlinks and Direct Offers.

Almost Real-Time

Data- The tool gets refreshed every 10 minutes which will give you almost real-time data. By using this you can optimize/scale your campaigns.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about the performance tracker tool by BitterStrawberry. Use this tool to scale your campaigns and increase the conversion.

Also, as this tool is for free and, so you just need to sign up for the site and start using the tool seamlessly.
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