BitterStrawberry Review- A Leading Mobile Performance Network of 2017

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, June 18, 2017
Being a publisher, I keep on experimenting different ad networks and write about my experience as well. Recently, I have across a leading mobile ad network BitterStrawberry and will be talking about BitterStrawberry review today.

Although there are many advertising networks you can’t go with any. There are many problems with many new ad networks as some don’t pay on time while other deduct a lot on the name of invalid leads.

If you are also facing with such advertising issues, BitterStrawberry is for you. Here in this BitterStrawberry review, we will talk both about all the aspect of the network. We will also discuss the features provided by the network for both advertisers and publishers.

BitterStrawberry Review- About the network

BitterStrawberry is a leading mobile advertising network for advertisers and publishers working on CPA, CPC, CPI, CPL, and Revenue Share model. They have an in-house technology platform which makes the tracking even better in terms of device, OS, country, connection, career and even time.

Due to such technology enabled platform, optimization has become better for both advertisers and publishers. Publishers get relevant ads as per their site and so the income gets increased.

While at the same time, advertisers get maximum ROI for their campaigns and best conversion.

Another notable thing I found with the BitterStrawberry advertising network is the no minimum requirement for the publisher to join. No matter how much traffic you have on your site, you can join the network. They focus more on quality compared to the quantity.

Also, all the blogging niche is acceptable here and so no matter in which niche you blog, you’re eligible to join including Adult.

BitterStrawberry Network Features

BitterStrawberry is quite a feature rich advertising network having lots of excellent features for both advertisers and publishers. This is their features which have made them the best mobile advertising network for consecutive years and several other awards.

Intelligent monetization to brag about

BitterStrawberry allows you to optimize your campaign through multi-level filtering. The filtering includes targeting by Country, Operator, Connection, Device, Operating System, Browser and Time.

In-depth localization, global-reached users

BitterStrawberry is a global ad network operating in 6 continents & 250+ markets. They currently have over 9000+ active campaigns making them one of the leading network in the segment.

Excellent Figure

BitterStrawberry provides excellent features in terms of sales cap and clicks cap. Also, they process 500 million plus clicks per month with over 4.6 million leads. This figure shows how popular the network is how much advertisers believe in them.

Dedicated Support

BitterStrawberry treats all their customers as VIP and ensures that they are getting full support as and when required. They have a team of dedicated affiliate managers helping you to optimize your campaigns and 24x7 support in multiple languages.

BitterStrawberry is a performance based network which works to increase your ROI and revenue. They operate from Switzerland and has a worldwide presence.

HybridLink® by BitterStrawberry

Usually, it has been seen that advertisers keep on worrying about the fake traffic. Although different advertising networks keep on coming with the precautions still there is a lot of loopholes.

To resolve this, BitterStrawberry  developed an unique tool that gives them a better understanding and insights on the mobile traffic, such as country, carrier, connection type, device, operating system, browser and time, but also other info that helps them understand affiliate fraud profile, such as IP pattern, session time, proxy/VPN, duplicate users, incentivized traffic, duplicate IP, user agents, cookie dropping, and fingerprints. This tool can filter and drill down to each individual conversion and if there are any suspicious increases on certain traffic targets or suspicious sources, they send that traffic to different pre-landers that verify the fingerprint and the pattern.

HybridLink is like a personalized AI assistant which works 24x7 for you. Here you can design/create your very own private “SmartLink” with the offers and rules of your choice. HybridLink gives you an option to configure the link like you want.

The HybridLink is completely free from the network and you don’t need any additional subscription for that. Just sign up once and you will get access to thousands of offers, freedom in selecting the platform as per your choice etc. at one place.

Once you are familiar with the HybridLink tool, you can save half of your time easily. You can check the below video, to know more about this.

Get started with BitterStrawberry as a Publisher

BitterStrawberry provides way more than what other networks provide to their publisher. To get started with the network, you can sign up as a publisher and complete the details asked. They have a long form of a complete page with simple questions about you and your website. Fill that form including the payment method and submit it.

Once done, you will receive a link in an email with the details. Click on the link shared in the email and sign in to your publisher account. Now you will be redirected to your dashboard and will like something like the below.

On the same dashboard, you will find the price compared to each country and the medium of promotions.

Here are some of the features provided by the network to their publisher-

  • Custom landing pages to engage more users
  • Banner optimization for better conversion by optimizing call to action
  • Unique custom-built webmaster tools for each of you
  • Over 9000 active campaigns to choose from

BitterStrawberry for Advertisers

BitterStrawberry has thousands of advertisers globally which enables the 9k+ campaigns in real time. If you are looking for the quality traffic which converts and zero fraud tolerance then you should join BitterStrawberry network. BitterStrawberry mainly focus on –

  • More leads and sales compared to volume
  • Relevant traffic so that it can convert well
  • Continuous feedback on market rates
  • Multiple optimization techniques available

If you are looking for such features and want to go ahead and taste the real meaning of conversion, get started with BitterStrawberry advertiser network today.

BitterStrawberry Marketplace

The marketplace is the section where you can find all the running offers. It has various offers available to be promoted. You can also make filters depending on the kind of offers you want to promote.

For example, I was mainly looking for education, loan, and entertainment related offers and so I selected those categories and the network is showing me the relevant campaigns only.
You are suggested to check the details before applying for the approval and promoting it. Usually, there are some traffic sources which are not allowed in some campaigns and so it is always advisable to check the details before actually promoting it.

Payment and Referral Options

BitterStrawberry has excellent referral system where you can earn 10% referral commission per user. So, this is a great opportunity to earn few extra bucks.

The network has a payment threshold of $100 and works on Net 5, weekly, biweekly and monthly basis. This seems to be a real gem with the network as you don’t have to wait for months to get your payment. Also, you can get your payment through PayPal, Paxum, Bank Wire Transfer, Payoneer, and Webmoney.

You can also find the feedback shared by their existing users below. I have taken this from Affpaying which is an advertising network review site and anyone can review any network.

BitterStrawberry Ad Network Summary

Let’s see the summary of the network. I hope after reading this BitterStrawberry review, you must have decided to go with the network or not. I will suggest you to definitely try this as the Payout are high compared to other networks.

Network Type: CPC, CPI, CPL, Revenue Share
Ad Formats: Banner Ads, Pop Ads, Redirect and Custom Ads
Minimum Payout: $100
Payment Frequency: Net 5, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly (depending on campaigns and offers)
Payment Methods: PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer, Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney, Bitcoin (Adding soon)
Referral Program: Yes. 10% commission
Payment Proof:
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