SSL2BUY Review- A Global SSL Provider Company

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, December 5, 2017
Nowadays you will frequently find websites getting hacked or security breach related incidents. There can be many reasons for the same and many steps require avoiding web and server hacks. SSL is one among those to protect users’ private information from hackers using encryption technology. Due to such importance, Google is now considering SSL as one of the top-ranking factors.

Also, the browsers like Google Chrome have now started showing “Not Secure” if you will write something on a website with no SSL certificate. So, it has become necessary nowadays to have SSL certificate on your website. This becomes necessary when you have a website which does payment transfer or data transfer.
SSL2BUY Review
But usually, I have seen people worrying about SSL like it will be costlier or need some technical expertise which is not true. You don’t need to be a techy to use the SSL certificate on your website. Recently, I was browsing through a website to get an SSL for one of my websites and landed on SSL2BUY website. They are the leading SSL certificate provider globally. This article is all about SSL2BUY Review.

SSL2BUY Review

SSL2BUY is a California based leading SSL certificate provider company operating globally. They provide the complete security solution to the business and applications. Also, they are the authorized reseller of leading brands in online security providers.

Here are some of the top SSL those are provided by SSL2BUY officially-

  • EV SSL
  • Code Signing Certificate
  • Domain Vetted
  • Organization Vetted
  • Wildcard SSL
  • SAN/UCC certificate

Types Of SSL
No matter what is the size of your business, SSL2BUY has a solution for everyone. They are the authorized partner of the leading CA companies like AlphaSSL, Comodo, GeoTrust, GlobalSign, Thawte, RapidSSL and Symantec(VeriSign).

Now as there are hundreds of SSL certificate reseller, so it is an obvious question, why to buy from SSL2BUY only?

Why choose SSL2BUY?

There are several features that SSL2BUY provides which you won’t find with any other SSL certificate providers. Here are few notable features and benefits provided by SSL2BUY.

Wide Ranges of Products

SSL2BUY is a leading portal where you’ll find all kind of SSL certificates at very competitive rates. Also, along with SSLs, they provide high-quality products for signing documents, website malware scanning and highly trusted Trust Seals from world-class certificate authorities.

Types Of SSL

24x7 Customer Support

Being an end user, this is the most key factor one should look for especially for technical products. SSL2BUY’s professional and highly experienced team will be helping you at each and every interval of certificate installation. The SSL installation is not like hosting which you buy and start using it. There are many steps after that like CSR generation, verification and configuration. the customer support team will help you with all these.

I just checked the feedback about the SSL2BUY and see what I found-
ssl2buy review
This clearly shows the quality of service the company provides. The support team is available through all modes of communication like chat, email etc. 24x7.

Very Competitive Price

Very important for everyone especially who is the first-time buyer. SSL2BUY ensures that you are getting the best rate for any certificate compared to what other sellers are giving. Just compare their price with other portal and you will experience the differences.

ssl pricing
As SSL2BUY is a leading SSL seller and so they committed to sell certificates in bulk from leading CAs and so offer quite good discounts on every product. You can check the discounted SSL certificates here.

Money Back Guarantee

SSL2BUY also offers 30-days money back guarantee on all products. If you buy any certificate but you’re not satisfied with it or want to change the type of SSL, you can do so in 30 days with no question asked.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about the review of the leading SSL certificate provider SSL2BUY. If you are running a website which incorporates the data transfer or payment in any way, make sure to use SSL certificate. This ensures the security of the website as well as the data or payment transfer.

SSL encrypts all the outgoing communication and so become hard to trace it. Also, it gives a positive impression on your customer indirectly helping you grow your business.
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