How to Decrease Ahrefs Rank of your Blog?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, November 27, 2017
If you’re a blogger, you must have heard of link building tool Ahrefs and the importance of Ahrefs rank and traffic. There are many advertisers who look for Ahrefs ranking before they buy the ad on your website.

But sometimes it has been seen that although some site has huge traffic, their Ahrefs ranking is low. So, we thought to write a detailed post depicting the step by step process to decrease Ahrefs rank.

How to Decrease Ahrefs Rank of your Blog?
But before we get actually into how to increase Ahrefs rank on the blog, let’s have some background on the tool. This will help the beginner or those who are new to Ahrefs.

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is a link building tool and SEO-instrument that allows analyzing the site optimization. It helps to find the backlinks of the sites and their parameters, to learn how to supersede competitors that are ranking higher than you, to enlarge your search traffic and analyze the search traffic of your rivals on the Internet and form your own strategies.

Ahrefs rank informs you about the sites’ traffic volume and the level of the website’s profile what concerns its backlinks. Sites that have a very large number of external links that are of a high quality (e.g., Wikipedia or have the highest domain authority score.

I am sure you know about the DA of a site. If not, I strongly recommend going through our post- how to increase DA of a blog.

For now, Domain authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score which predicts what will be the result of a website after the search done by the search engine. A website domain authority score ranges from one to 100. New websites always start with a domain authority score that equals to one.

Although there are various factors on which the domain authority depends and I have explained those in details there. But quality backlink is the major one. So, let’s talk about how to get quality backlink quickly. Also, you can check our Ahrefs Review to know more about the tool.

How to acquire quality backlink?

It is not easy to get the SEO backlinks (especially the quality backlink), that is, the backlinks that are good for the search engine optimization. Here is a piece of advice how to have the best ones:

  • Pay attention not to the quantity of links, but to their importance. It is very good to have several very reputable links, but not dozens of links to the sites having no reputation.
  • Get your backlinks by using the infographics. Infographics are coming now into the world of online marketing. You can also use infographic, an animated type of infographics. Many big companies in the world do so to attract backlinks.
  • Earn backlinks donating to non-profit sites. Donate some small amounts of money as some sites give links to those who have made donations to them. Use SEO analyzer if this sounds too complex for you.
Now as you know the method to acquire quality backlink, let’s see how to increase Ahrefs ranking.

How to increase Ahrefs Ranking?

Ahrefs ranking is nothing but the Ahrefs Domain ranking which is pretty similar to the MOZ DA only. And again it majorly depends on your quality links.

So, having analyzed your SEO ranking, you will notice that it needs to be increased. Build your own ranking strategy to become one of the first in the SEO ranking. Take the following steps to achieve this aim.

  • Try to get the whole picture of the situation studying the rankings of the competitors. That means, analyze their domain rating, the quantity of their backlinks and what URLs are presented.
  • Figure out the reasons for presenting concrete search results by Google. For example, you are a student, and you think over the question how to pay for essay. You type your search request into the search bar in Google engine. Searching, Google evaluates pages against many factors, and only those with the highest ranking will be included in the search result. Try to do so that the page you create will be positioned by Google above the top 10 pages given by Google.
  • Decide how many backlinks you need. To have the best ranking for your certain keyword, you need to own more backlinks in comparison with the top-ranking websites. Of course, it is better if many sites link to you at the same time than several sites link to your site now and then. To be competitive, you will sometimes to build links from a big number of sites.
  • In order to build a good ranking strategy, you have to understand the process of links’ acquisition by the top ten pages and what are their main link acquisition patterns.
  • Only after that start working on the content of your page. Keeping in mind your keyword, create the all-encompassing page as you can.
A very important step is the promotion of your content. Advertise your content to people that should be interested in your topic. There are several ways to do that. You can just ask people to mention your site and give a corresponding link. A smart option is to ask people to give feedback on your content. It is not only you who needs some interesting links, and there is a pretty chance that after reading your page people will give you a mention now or sometime in the future.

Wrapping it up!

This was all about how to increase Ahrefs Ranking of a website or blog. As discussed, a quality backlink is one of the most important factors while deciding the Ahrefs domain ranking.

Being said that, the number of quality backlink you have, the better Ahrefs rank your website will have. Also, here are some reference articles which you can use to gain quality backlink for free.

Again, Ahrefs is just a third-party tool like MOZ and the complete health of a website can not be idealized from a single tool. You may also want to look for Ahrefs Alternatives.

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