How to do Website Flipping- How I Sold a New Blog for $400

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Making money online was like a big scam for me initially and I was avoiding this. One day i was reading a blog post about website flipping and thought to give a try.

I was not having much money to buy a blog that time and sell it after modification so thought to start a blog. This is my story of making a simple blog and selling it in $400 in just 2 month.

I will try to make you understand each and every step I followed and you can do the same to earn money online. It took me couple of months but I can say this for sure that now I can make such blogs in a month also.

how to website flipping

So, if you are an experience blogger then it will be easy for you to do so but if you are new then also you can do the same. The only difference is just you will take some extra time like me but you will earn for sure.

So let's start with the exactly path that I did from scratch. I am sure this guide on How to do website flipping will help you in your journey.

How I sold a 2 months old blog for $400: A Complete Guide on Website Flipping

These are exactly the same methods that I followed some time ago and still following almost same. You can also follow these methods and get success. Follow these footprints and get success in website flipping. So lets start with Website Flipping secrets.

1. Niche Selection

This was most confusing and hard task for me. I was quite confused while niche selection. First I was thinking to start an entertainment blog as those are easy to build but as my main aim was to earn money from selling it so I dropped that idea. Then the second priority was technical blog for me and as this is a global topic so chances are there to get good profit.

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Since technology is a large domain and one of the most competitive so I selected just a small niche from technology domain and started working on it. The niche that I selected was related to Windows operating system. I was providing tips and tricks for Windows OS and also was writing blog posts to solve issues related to windows like how to install it, how to boot it like this. To decide the niche and topics, I took around 5 days.

2. Domain Name Selection

The next step was to select a good domain name for the site and finally I decided to go with EMD (exact matched domain) as this helps a lot in ranking as the main keyword/part of it is already the domain name. Sorry, I can't disclose the name but it was a three word name and was quite good. It was a .com domain as top level domains get more preference and also, people have the tendency to use .com as a default address.

3. Theme Selection and Hosting

Again I was on the verge where I had to decide whether I should go with rich WordPress or easy Blogger. Since my main aim was to sell the blog and so i decided to go with WordPress and bought a single WordPress Godaddy Hosting. It is best in less range for a single website. You can also check BlueHost for best hosting.

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Note: Don't worry if you don't want to spend on hosting and want to use Blogger then also you are good to go. Usually you'll not find buyers for a blog which is hosted on Blogger platform and if you'll find also the price that you'll find will be less. I have sold one blog in initial days which was on Blogger :) but as said got very little money.

Then I selected a very basic theme. Actually it was a premium theme but got free from one of the website. So brand new blog was live in a week (I know I took more time and you can do this all in a day as well.) But later I boost up my selves and did the other thing fast.

4. Creating Pages and Initial Articles

Right after the blog was live; I created the basic pages like About Us, Contact, Privacy etc. and also published couple of articles of around 800 words each. This helped in initial crawling before submitting to the directories as some directory manually analyzes your site before approving.

5. Submitting Site to Search Engines and Directory

This is the first step towards traffic. I manually enter the site into all the major search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing, ask and few more. Also I submitted manually in an around 50 high PR directory to improve the ranking of my blog.

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I would suggest you to submit in more as some of those may not approve you or many take more time like a month or even more to approve. So the more you will target the better result you'll get.

6. Number and Quality of articles I published

My targeted was to publish 2 articles (guide/tips/tricks) each week and 2 how to resolve article each week. So total 4 articles a week. I was writing tips & tricks articles of around 700-800 words and How to resolve article depending on the issues. I was including screenshots and videos wherever required.

So in couple of months I was having around 30 articles and all were highly targeted to the niche.

7. How I got Initial Traffic

As my domain was a brand new domain and so getting traffic directly from search engine was not possible. So I worked on social medias and blog commenting. I was mainly targeting Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Stumble Upon. These are awesome social sites for the traffic.

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Try to post in different groups on Facebook and Google+ manually but if you don't have time use HootSuite. It's awesome tool to schedule your post on social media. Even the free version of Hootsuite allows you to post on 3 social media sites.

The most important thing to get more traffic is to engage the people. If somebody liked your post, don't forget to thank them and try to involve in conversation.

Also, I worked simultaneously on On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and started getting traffic.

8. I made around 1500+ email lists in just 1.5 Months

Yes! That's correct. I added the subscription box after around 15 days since the time my blog was live. But you should not make this mistake. Try to build email list from the first day itself. This will help you to increase traffic and also will help you to earn money.

how to grow email list

1500+ email id in just 1.5 months is not bad at all. What i used to build this list is the call to action forms after each post and i appealed my reader at the end of the post to subscribe. This helped me a lot to build this list.

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Apart from this, I used content locker in "How to resolve section". If you are providing quality information then believe me your user will not hesitate to enter email id to access the resolution. My 55% of the email was from content locker.

9. Monetization

The very important step in online business, site monetization. Nobody will buy a site which generates nothing. My primary focus was on Google AdSense and affiliate marketing. AdSense was the major contributor of my earning from that site but as I sold the site just in 2 month so didn't receive any payment till that time (AdSense release payment after 20th of every month). I entered the AdSense code after 15 days since the time blog was live.

10. Sold the site for $400 in 2 months

Finally as my main aim was to test flipping that blog and earn money so I put the blog for sell and in 5 days found a buyer and we finalized on $400. This was not a bad deal at all considering the time and money i spent on the blog.

In total I spent $1.5 for a .com domain and $2 for hosting (2 months). So total I spent around $3.5 for that blog.

But still I think if I could have worked more and had not sold the blog too early then I might have received around $1k. Below are few points that I want to mention depending upon my experience and if you want to do flipping you must read these.

learn from mistakes and grow

1. Post more articles. Posting 2-3 articles a week is not enough if your aim is just selling the site too fast.
2. Install Analytic from the first day as Buyers will ask you to add them in Analytics first.
3. Keep the proof of each earning no matter how small those are. You have to give proof to buyers.
4. Start collecting Email ids from the first day itself.
5. Make social profile for your blog. I made this mistake by not making any Facebook, Google+ pages.
6. Most importantly don't sell in just 2 months as I did. Take some time. I did because I wanted instant money.

Now it’s your turn!!

That's all. This was my journey for the first website flipping. I bought and sold many blogs after that and I love to do it. Currently I don't have any live blog but just few days ago I bought a new domain and now will start working on it. But this time I am planning to make it a long time blog but not sure I would be able to. Because each time I think to keep for long time but gets distracted in the half way and sell that :)

I would love to know about your experience about website flipping. Have you sold any? Please do let me know your experience/thought/suggestion in comment. Also, if you have any doubt in this feel free to ask.

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