Holiday Marketing Strategies: Use Holiday for Marketing Plans

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, January 3, 2018
When it comes to clever marketing schemes, nothing is better than the holidays, and so one should focus on Holiday marketing strategies.
Seriously, since there are so many big and small holidays out there now, you can have a plan for every single day. From using it as a marketing ploy on social media, even just to garner attention to your account, to having actual sales.

Some businesses benefit more than others, like a donut shop making more sales on National Donut Day (which is in June). It can be fun looking these up but remember there are some serious holidays as well. You can use more serious holidays, like Ovarian Cancer Awareness month as a way to help the folks that visit your business blog or social media pages.

Now let’s start with some of the best holiday marketing strategies which can make give your marketing campaigns a boost.

5 Best holiday marketing strategies to boost your next marketing campaign

Here are some of five best holiday marketing strategies which you can implement in your marketing campaigns. You should analyze and use these holiday marketing plans to boost your sales in the next holiday.

Blog about It

Blogging about holidays can be both fun and serious, and it depends on the holiday and your business. You may want to blog about the importance of family holiday time if you have a business that works to bring families together. You may want to blog about holidays that revolve around healthy eating or exercise if you are in the business of health and wellness.

Not sure what all the holidays are that are out there and want to know before Facebook tells you about them. There are a few different websites out there that you can check to find out about daily, weekly, and monthly holidays. You can also check our best events for event-based blogging to get details of the holiday.

Meme It

These days’ memes are one of the easiest ways to get content to go viral on social media. If there is strange, or even serious, a holiday that goes along with your business model it could be wise for you to create a holiday meme to share online. The more people that share it, the more visits you will have to your social media page, which could easily convert into sales and future business.
Memes are fairly easy to make if you have a photo editor. Simply pick a photo and add some text to it, and share.

Try Infographics

Infographics are pretty popular as well. They aren’t as difficult to make as you may think they are, and you can also find free infographic makers online. This is a great way to get people more interested in your business through holidays.

Maybe you run a floral or gift business and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You could create an infographic telling people what the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts are and maybe even percentages of sales of certain popular items, like chocolates and flowers.

Create an easy-to-share campaign

Although it is very hard to know which content will go viral still, data drove content works better.

One of my earlier posts received around 2.8k Facebook shares which were amazing. This post was all about dealing with AWS free and without any coding language and so users found interest.

Similarly, you should also frame the content in such a way that your visitors/buyers can share it with their network.

In a recent study done by Ogilvy, it has been found that 74 percent consumers rely on word of mouth as their top influencer to make their purchasing decision.
So when someone receives the details or link to your product from a friend, it makes more impact than just seeing it in a Facebook ads or post.

Just create the quality post and be sure of the recommendations.

Include online deals

It has been seen that people tend to shop more during holidays due to the various offers going on. Holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are among the top if we consider US region.

In the recent 2016 Black Friday event, Adobe has come up with the data that over $3.34 Billion has been spent on the shopping which is 21.6% more than the previous year. Also, business has seen the tremendous growth of the shopping from mobile, and it has turned to be $1.2 Billion which is 33% more compared to previous year.

Online marketers plan for these days in advance and design their campaigns accordingly. They offer a huge discount on some attractive benefits to attract the customers. You should do this as well while making holiday strategies.

Wrapping it up!

Using holidays, even the most obscure ones, for your business is a great idea, and still somewhat creative. It is just about researching to find the holidays that are suitable for what your day and making them stick with the people that might need to use your business.

I hope these Holiday marketing strategies will help you to plan and set up your next marketing campaigns for the coming holidays in a better way.

Do share your feedback on this and let me know for any queries!

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