Everything You Should Know About Virtual Offices in Malaysia

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, January 15, 2018
The Southeast Asian paradise of Malaysia is more than just a tourist hotspot. It is also a popular destination for small businesses, as there is plenty of support for investors and a healthy real estate market. Many choose to launch from virtual offices – Servcorp Malaysia is a top provider and guarantees quality workspaces.

Everything You Should Know About Virtual Offices in Malaysia
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The virtual office is an alternative leasing arrangement. It is best suited to small businesses and lone entrepreneurs who are not ready for a full-time office. In fact, it works wonderfully as a support system for an existing home operation. The tenant gets to keep their low-cost routines, but they also add a suite of top-class corporate resources.

Keep reading to learn about virtual offices and why they’re a popular choice for businesses in Kuala Lumpur.

How Does the Virtual Office Work?

The defining feature is, ironically, a lack of a feature. Virtual offices do not sell or rent tenants any kind of physical, private space. Instead, they provide access to a range of tools that can be used to boost mobile operations (such as a home-based business).

There is a central facility located in the CBD area of Kuala Lumpur. Tenants can visit this building and make arrangements with onsite staff. There are also conference rooms that can be hired and privately used. However, the expectation is for most work to take place offsite.

Where Can I Find a Virtual Office?

The highest quality offices belong to providers with an international reputation. Therefore, they have the money to be associated with some very prestigious neighborhoods. You’ll find premium facilities right in the center of the city, in close proximity to major retail districts.

Though you won’t have an office here, the address of the facility is yours to use on company mail and other communications. Being able to present a formal, professional addresses is important, especially if you run the business from home. It adds a sense of credibility.

Why Should I Use Virtual Offices?

This is a big question. There are all kinds of benefits to leasing a virtual office. For one thing, it is a great way to save cash. There are no logistical expenses to pay for because you don’t have to maintain a full-time office. Heating, lighting, and other expenses aren’t applicable.

For this reason, virtual leases contribute to better risk management and future-proofing. You’re not responsible for anything beyond paying the monthly access fees. It takes a lot of the unpredictability out of renting. There is nothing to break down or cause you trouble.

Do Virtual Offices Support Networking?

Despite not being a tangible space, the virtual office is still a great way to network. This is because, with the right vendor, you’ll have access to all kinds of local events and communities. For instance, many of the Servcorp facilities host networking nights and other opportunities.

It’s important to realize that opening up and learning from fellow entrepreneurs is vital to success. Certainly, if you’re new to Malaysia and want to get ahead, it’s a good idea to start connecting with local figures and organizations.

Why Going Virtual Is Easier Than You Think

Many business experts believe that super flexible workspaces are the future for all enterprises. There are countless advantages to being able to work from any location with an internet connection. It makes the entire world attainable, even for smaller companies.

If you want to create opportunities in a new market, you can now do so within days (and for a fraction of the price). This is why virtual office solutions are changing the way business behave, structure their operations, and plan for the future.

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