How to Maintain Your Blog Growth Even When You Are Too Busy

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, June 14, 2018
As we all know to become a successful blogger, we need to write blog post frequently and also need to maintain our blog in a good and efficient way. But apart being a blogger, we too have a family, friends, and other works. So sometimes it’s tuff to manage sufficient time for the blogging. So what to do? Today we’ll discuss this as how to manage our blog even when we’re too busy.

As a blogger, we always try to keep the frequency of blog post but at the same time we’re the owner of that site also. And being the owner of the site, we think ourselves as a business man too :)

It’s true when you’ll not write any blog post for few days your traffic will go comparatively down. But as a business man would you like this to happen? Would you adjust with the blog traffic, page rank and the most significant relation with your visitors? Of course NOT.

Who will want this? We know how much time and hard work it cost to rank the blog and in building an excellent blog, so no one will want to let it down just because you do not have sufficient time and you’re busy in some other urgent work.

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When your blog will have good traffic, high ranking, nice readers and some popularity, you’ll always want to maintain it. But the truth is if you’re not give enough time on your blog, if you’re not writing posts regularly, your readers will move to some other blog and a huge loss will occur. So today we’re going to discuss how to maintain the rank, relationship with readers, traffic and popularity of blog even in the busy time.

How to maintain the growth of a blog in Busy Time?

Maintain a Blog Post Frequency

Never keep your blog inactive for long time like more than a week or two. If you’re doing this, believe me you’re having a huge loss and immediately you should write a post. If you haven’t posted on your blog for long time suppose say 2 week, slowly search engines will consider your blog as ideal or even dead sometime and your SERP will decrease and thus reduce in organic traffic. So if you’re too busy also, any how you should manage to write at least a post in a week.

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Accept Guest Posts

This idea works awesome when you’re too busy. You’re busy and so you won’t be able to write on your blog frequently then why not to try some other alternative for the blog post? And what can be better than guest blogging. But remember unless you are not having good traffic, getting approached for guest posts is little bit difficult.
But in this scenario also you can get guest post sometime using few guests posting site. One of those is myblogguest. Using this site you can offer other bloggers to have a guest post on your blog and there is a chance that you may get on a blog having less traffic also or on those blog which is relatively new.

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Check comments regularly and reply

This is the most important point. Even if you’re too busy, you should get at least 5-10 min a day to check your reader’s comment. You should never forget that these are the readers who have taken your blog to this level and if you want to be in the blogosphere, you need to have a good relationship with your readers.

And what can be a better way rather to reply in the comment? So get some time in a day to check your comments on the blog post or moderating the comment and reply them. By this way even if you’re not posting anything for few days also, you’ll be able to maintain a healthier relation with your valuable visitors.

Here I’ve maintained moderating the blog comments. Yes this is a good practice to avoid spam in the comments. Initially on this blog, comment moderation was not enabled and I got around 20 useless comments on my blog post.

Later I had to come and delete those. So comment moderation is a good practice per my view. And this will not take much time and even laptops are not required. You can do it through your phone and now for all the blogging platforms like Blogspot, Wordpress, Apps are in the market, so nothing to worry. Control your account using these apps.

Hire a freelance content writer

If you tried to get some time but still you’re not getting then you can spend few bucks to hire a freelance content writer. The main advantage of freelance content writer is - they charge less and you’ll be getting blog post regularly, so loss of visitors and SERP will not occur.
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Check readers email and try to respond

Emails are the great way to be in touch with the people. If you’ve written a good post, you’ll receive few emails appreciating your effort and also there may be few emails asking some doubt or seeking some suggestion. You should reply to both. But if you’re not getting good time, no worry at least reply to those emails in which your readers have asked some doubts or need some expert advice. Because they trust you and so have sent you an email. But if you will not reply, they may approach some other bloggers and you’ll lose one of your valuable readers and remember these readers are your customers..right?

In these period most of the emails you will receive will be related to you itself as why you are not posting, or you’re having any problem something. So answer them properly with the proper reason and buy this way you will manage to keep your visitors with you even in busy times.

Final Words

It’s justifiable to get busy as we may have some other urgent work also but planning is very important. We need to plan everything in such a way that neither personal work nor business (blogging) should get impacted

And once you’re done with your work, come back and start working immediately. But if you were out from many days, you have to tell the blogosphere that you’re back. For this you can take help of blog commenting or social media. Get active on all these and by this way you can manage to say the world that you’ve come and now working actively on your blog. You may organize any contest on your blog or facebook fan page to get maximum attraction also.

Friends these were the best ideas to maintain a good blogging life even when you’re too busy. I know you must be having some great ideas about this, please do share those in comments. Also if you liked this post, a social sharing will be very much appreciable. Thanks and keep visiting.
Ashutosh Jha

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8 comments to ''How to Maintain Your Blog Growth Even When You Are Too Busy"

  1. Hi Ashu,

    Helpful post! Often part time bloggers or even full time bloggers fail to maintain their blogs; here's when these tips would be helpful. Always it is advised not to stop updating your blog for too long. Guest post is a great way to get content on your blog by other bloggers. Nowadays we have tons of freelancer bloggers as well to do the same.

    Again, coming to checking mails for readers... yeah that's great way to retain readers on the blog, isn't it? To be honest I received only 1 appreciation mail in my inbox till now lol.

    I enjoyed reading this post. Shared this post on LinkedIn. Thanks for sharing some good tips.

    Rohan Chaubey.

    1. Thanks a lot Rohan !! I'm really enjoying your company bro and thanks for sharing.

      We should not leave updating our blog because this give a wrong impression to our readers as well as the search engines. Thanks for the comment and kep visiting :)

  2. Hello Ashutosh,

    I think the reason why many leave their blogs mostly unattended to has to do with the fact they thought blogging was an easy thing to do and an easy way to make money but when after sometime the results aren't coming in, that's when things are left to deteriorate.

    I do love those tips you shared with respect to how to combat that.

    1. Thanks much Emmanuel for sharing your thoughts here. First i welcome you at TricksRoad and i agree with you. Many people think initially that blogging is an easy work and an easy way to earn money online. But later they understand the issue related with this and then leave blogging.

      But i think before staring any business, we should understand about the market, future, work and investment about that. This helps in deciding the business and work in better way.

      Thanks once again and i'm very glad that you liked this post. Keep visiting :)

  3. Hi Ashutosh,

    I seen you over at Aha!NOW and thought I would pay you a visit. I'm glad I did because you have something good going on with your blog.

    Being too busy can become a problem for us bloggers. It's easy to fall behind in posting and like you said, traffic will go down. I know I have seen it on my blog.

    I like the ideas you suggest expecially the guest post one. I didn't know there was a posting site we could go to. And checking comments is important because it let our readers know their value their input. I will take your suggestion and try checking every day.


    1. Hi Vernon,

      First of all a warm welcome to you at TricksRoad and very much thanks for the wonderful comment.

      I agree with you, a time comes when we get very much busy in some other stuffs and getting less time to manage our blog at that scenario also, we need to take care of blogging and we can manage this with little prior plan.

      Guest posting is the best way to manage blog and keep the frequency of post in those time. There are few other sites also which provides such opportunity but myguestblog is best among them.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, keep visiting!!

      Have a nice week ahead.

      Ashutosh Jha

  4. Hi Ashuthosh
    Keeping the blog update for regularly increases the SERP, replying comments will help in building relationships, regarding guest post now Google is taking it serious for bibing dofollow links some people are doing it, rest of the article is very good,keep it up Go Ahead.

    1. Hi Siddaiah,

      Great to see you here. You're among the few bloggers to whom i landed in the beginning and learnt a lot of blogging. Thanks for being so supportive.

      I agree with you, fake back linking is considered as a spam but guest posting method is still rocking. But one have to care full while guest posting. We should try to use nofollow attribute in the links. By this way, we can never get penalized by Google or any other search engine.

      Thanks for the valuable feedback. Keep visiting.
      Ashutosh Jha


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