13 Best Pieces of Advice to Make Your Blogging More Eye-Catchy

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, June 14, 2018
It is always said that we should not judge a book by its cover, but it is not really the way the world works. We do see with our eyes first and we do judge what we see, even if we shouldn’t. If you want your blog to stand out among the masses, you need to create one that catches the eye and then keep it engaged.

Eye-Catchy Blogging Advice
There is always a tool to reword my paragraph and lighten some of the photos on my blog, but what can I do that is more dramatic? Blogging is still very popular and with that comes competition. Knowing how to create a blog that readers want to subscribe to is a challenge, but we have the best tips to make that happen.

13 Eye-Catchy Blogging Advice to Make your Blog Awesome

To make any blog successful, you just don’t have to write the content, you should write the content which can add value. For example, here I am sharing blogging related tips and so have written many posts which shares the blogging tips like how to start a blog from scratch, common blogging mistakes and much more.

Similarly, if you can also implement the following eye catchy blogging advice, be sure that you will get what you deserve in this field.

1. Mobile Version

It is unacceptable to not have a good mobile version of your blog. Most viewers use their mobile phones to browse the internet. If you don’t already have a mobile version, you could be losing out on a lot of traffic.

2. High quality Images

This is an important part of creating an eye-catching blog and you want to make sure your images are on the highest quality. If you are using stock photos on your blog, use the good ones or start taking your own photos.

3. Readable text

Do not use a light color text on your blog if the background is white. Your text should be easy to read without straining the readers’ eyes. Always remember that your audience has many other options, so you want to make sure they are happy when visiting your blog.

4. Catchy titles

One of the first pieces of information about your blog post would be the title. Spend some time on deciding what you want to use as a headline. This will be the deciding factor if the reader wants to read the post.

5. Good content

No blog would be successful with terrible content. You cannot make any grammar mistakes or have a post filled with typos. I would rather rewrite my paragraph than send it out with a ton of errors.

6. Break it up

Use small sections to form your paragraphs. No one want to work their way through a large block of text. If a paragraph starts looking like it is too big, divide it into two.

7. Be yourself

Readers would often connect with your personality through your writing. If you do not choose to show them this part of yourself, you could be losing out. Use a little humour or any personality traits and showcase it in your writing.

8. Variety

Blogs do have to consist of a niche, but you do not want to get too caught up on a tight niche. Give your readers some variety and write about topics that matter to you and would benefit them.

9. Storytelling

We love storytelling because we are able to put ourselves in that moment. Take your readers on a journey by telling a story that ends in a positive outcome. Use an essay reorder if you feel that you are a little stuck.

10. Lists

Readers love lists because we are able to consume a lot of information broken into sections. It is easy on the eye and can be digested quick and easily. You can use a numbering approach or bullet points.

11. Social media

Even though this one moves away from the actual blog, you need to be active on social media. You can use this to redirect your readers to your blog. Make sure your online presence all allows the reader to get to know you.

12. Write for your audience

Nothing will catch the eye of a reader faster than a topic they have been thinking about. Once you get to know your audience, you are able to write with them in mind. You are showing your readers that you care about what they want to read.

13. Show yourself

Let your readers see the face behind the blog. They are connecting with you through your writing but putting up a picture makes the connection stronger.

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best blogging advice you should adopt to make your blog successful. These eye catchy blogging tips will help you take your blog to next level and make it like a business.
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