DreamHost Hosting Review with $97 Discount Coupon and Free Domain

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, June 14, 2018
Here at TricksRoad, I keep on sharing the methods I use for your reference and benefits. A few months ago I started one blog on WordPress but the hosting services that I was using were from the local service provider and several times received a response from a user that the site was not opening as the server was down. So finally thought to move to some good and reliable hosting services. And last week I bought a DreamHost Hosting.

So in this article, I am going to share the DreamHost Hosting review depending upon my experience of the previous one week and will share with you the maximum discount you will ever get for DreamHost Hosting ie. the $97 discount coupon code with a free domain.

About DreamHost

DreamHost was founded in 1997 from a small college dorm room and currently one of the best hosting providers across the globe. DreamHost has bought some really good vibes to the hosting industry by providing good solutions.

Initially, DreamHost started with Shared Hosting and over time expanded itself with VPS, Dedicated, and then Managed WordPress hosting.

Why I selected DreamHost Hosting?

At that time I was looking for some reliable hosting services which can handle good real-time traffic and also cheap. So, I preferred DreamHost. Below are the few main reasons behind it-
• I got one Free domain
• I am an affiliate to DreamHost so I had a discount code. You too can get the same discount by using the coupon code TRD97
• DreamHost provides custom and easy c-panel and one-click WordPress installation.

Features of DreamHost Hosting

Below are some of the main features of DreamHost Hosting-
• Unlimited Webspace
• Unlimited bandwidth
• One-Click Google Apps Integration
• Custom cPanel
• 1 Free domain (Top level)
• Free who. is a guard for one year
• Free $75 Adwords Coupon
• Latest MySQL and PHPmyadmin
So this was the best option for me to go initially.

DreamHost Promo code for 80% discount

Before starting with the coupon code, let me tell you the price of DreamHost shared hosting. DreamHost shared hosting is one of the premium hosting in the market and comes at $9.95 per month.

So the yearly charge will be $12*9.95 = $119.4

But when you will use the TricksRoad promo code TRD97, you can get this premium hosting at $22. Yes just $22 per year and in this $22, you are getting one free TLD domain which costs around $10. So ideally you are just paying $12 for one year of DreamHost Hosting i.e. $1 per month. Isn’t this beneficial?

Promo code for $97 Discount: TRD97

Now you must be thinking how my promo code TRD97 is giving such a huge discount? So let me tell you DreamHost allows their affiliate to develop a unique coupon code through which their affiliate can give a maximum of $97 discount. Many of the affiliates provide $50 and they take a commission of $27 but I offer a full discount for TricksRoad user and don’t keep anything. Also, you’ll get a free domain here.

Discount Code for DreamHost Shared Hosting at $1.83/month: TRD97

How to Register for DreamHost Shared Hosting at Just $22 a year

If you are a newbie, let me tell you the detailed step to register the DreamHost Shared Hosting just at $22 (you’ll have to use TricksRoad $97 discount coupon code TRD97).

1. Open this link and fill in your email id and password for registration.

2. Now click on continue. Here you to choose your free domain. If you have already decided, it’s well and good else you select later also. I selected as I already had decided and then click on continue.
3. Next step is choosing your plan. I will suggest you go with the yearly plan at $9.95 per month ($119.4 per year without discount).
4. Now you have to fill in the coupon code and other details. Use TRD97 in the coupon code area and your bill will get cut to just $22.4. Fill in the other details and complete the process.

That’s all. You are done with the process. Now you’ll have to log in to the c-panel and start working. I will show you how to install and start a WordPress site with DreamHost in another article.

Pros & Cons of DreamHost Shared Hosting


Frankly speaking, I really liked DreamHost shared hosting due to many reasons-
• I got it just at $22 and you can do also it by using coupon code TRD97.
• A free TLD domain for a lifetime.
• Excellent support.
• Dedicated and customized c-panel and one-click WordPress installation.
• 100% uptime
• 97 days money-back guarantee and many more
• You can host as many sites as you want.


I really didn’t find any major issue with DreamHost but what I have heard is if your real-time traffic is more than 500 then you may face problems with DreamHost shared hosting. In this case, you may upgrade to VPS.

Over to you

This was all about DreamHost shared hosting and a $97 discount coupon. Are you an existing customer of DreamHost? Do let me know your experience.

Click Here to Signup for Dreamhost Shared hosting and user promo code as TRD97.
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