How to Promote Your Websites using Online Forums

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, June 14, 2018
Driving traffic to the website/blogs is the first step towards success. Earlier also I talked about the different ways of driving traffic to the blogs.

Tips To Promote Your Website

If you’ve not read those below are the links-

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There are other ways also to promote your blogs online for free. The most common is online forums. Several webmasters aren’t using this method but believe me it’s fabulous.

Just what you’ve to do is to select few forums from your niche and use the below techniques to promote your site easily. Below I’m giving you few most popular online forums’ name –

How to Promote Website Using Online Forums

Here I’m going to list few best techniques to get the best from the forums-

Complete your profile

This is the very basic and first step to promote your website. Join any site and complete your profile to 100%. A fully complete profile works great to show your identity. This attracts the visitor to spend some time on your profile.

Darren Rowse from Problogger says he follow or even checks only those people who have complete profile on the account as well as a real profile photo. So complete your profile after joining these forums and mention about yourself, your site name and details and your contact information.

Introduce yourself

Yes this is the second step you should follow. After completing your profile, introduce yourself, your website in a good way to the other members of the forum. This will help you a lot.

At least 20% of the active member will visit your site and if you have good content/product they may be your regular visitor also. In every forum there is a section called ‘Introduce Yourself’. Use this section very efficiently and ask for the review also.

People will visit your site and will tell you about the good and bad things about your site. This will give you many benefits-
  • Help you to increase the traffic
  • By review, you can improve your site
  • Help you to increase reputation

Focus on Quality not on Quantity

Whenever you’re joining any site or community first remember this ‘Give More Take Less’.

Yes if you’ll remember this, you’ll get the most of it. Use forum to help other and in this way people will start knowing you and slowly you will be a trusted name on those forums and people will start following you.

Talk influential

Just to increase the numbers of posts on the forums, don’t post anything. This is not going to help you. You’ve to talk in such a way that people will get influenced with your words. Else people will start ignoring you and you will simply waste your time there.

While writing any post or submitting any answers to the questions just think these are the people who will take your business to the next level and so write accordingly. Believe me this is going to work great for you.

Forum Signature

You must be thinking this is a very common method. Right? Yes this is. But are you using it to get the best out of it? Are you getting enough clicks on your signature link? No. Think about the reason.

There must some controversial and hot topic in every forum. Comment on those posts and you’ll see the effect. Similarly start a new thread on the hot and controversial topics and you’ll find the increase in number of clicks on your signature’s link.

Final Words

These are just 5 among many ways to promote your website using online forums. But I’m sure you are going to get lot of publicity through above methods.

Friends you must be using another or similar kind of tricks to get online exposure. Do share those. If you liked this post, a pin will be highly appreciable.
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  1. Hi Ashu,

    Yes, online forums do provide an opportunity for promotion. Even those and Yahoo answers allow to post links to your blog/site if they are relevant enough.

    Thanks for sharing this Ashu. Good day!
    Rohan Chaubey.

    1. Yes Rohan. Almost all the sites allow us to share the link but the only condition is, it should be relevant not just to increase the link.

      Thanks for the comment and keep visiting !!

  2. thanks a lot! i wish to get the resources.


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