5 Tips to Changing Your Name After A Later Stage In USA

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Many couples tend to prefer a change of name after their wedding but not all. In fact, it’s someone’s choice to consider if they will change their name or just continue using their family name. If the couple agrees on a name change, they should take the legal initiative as per the requirements of the law. It can be a tedious process so one needs to be prepared to change almost all documents including passport, insurance documents, driving license, bank account, credit cards, insurance and health documents.

The following are essential tips you can use to change your names after marriage.

1. Have certified copies of the marriage certificate

It’s important to have various copies of your marriage certificate in advance to avoid any delay when changing your name. They show whether you are officially married or not. Having them ready will ensure that the name changing process is fast and seamless. Ensure to also have the original copies to prove your authenticity.

2. Cost of changing names

Changing of names can come at a cost after marriage especially when it is done on the passport. With a passport, you will be required to request for a new one and this will lead to you paying for the renewal. Furthermore, some certain organizations will require you to pay for the change of name. So ensure you do a good research of all the important documents you want to affect the changes and categorize them according to whether you will pay some extra cash or not.

3. Start by changing the names for your passport and ID

Changing of names can be a daunting task which requires patience. Note that you will need to provide your original passport and Identification card. It is these two crucial documents that will ensure that proper name change is effected by the other relevant authorities. Once you get an updated record of the above documents then it will be very easy to effect name change on your other documents.

4. Give Priority to Important Documents

It is very important to give priority to the important documents that you normally use on a day to day basis. One such document is the social security which is very essential especially if you are employed. To change your social security details then you must ensure that you fill in your new names on the social security name change form since it the one that will initiate the changing process. Other documents you can give priority are you ID, Passport, voter registration and driving license.

Finally, it is very important to alert your creditors, medical providers, and employer in order for them to identify you with your new name and effect the changes in their systems. Furthermore, change of name through your social media professional platforms will make it easier for individuals to identify you with your new names.

5. Setting a time limit

Once you've decided to change your name to give yourself ample time to sought things out and organize the required documents since the whole process is very tedious. This will also give you time to fulfill the needed requirements for the changing of names with various organizations. However, ensure you don’t delay since you will need to use the new name in your documents.

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