5 Killer Tips to Generate Traffic without SEO or Social Media

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, November 4, 2018
After looking at the title of this post, you must be thinking is this possible?

You want traffic, and you must have heard that SEO/SMO is the necessity to get traffic. I’m not declining this fact, but SEO/SMO is the best way to generate organic and continuous traffic. But we can also get enough traffic from other sources.

Getting traffic on your website/blog without SEO is of course possible and the main thing is – It is quick, easy and less time consuming and of course FREE.

So now you must have been thinking, how? Today in this post I am going to show you the 5 killer ways to get instant traffic to your blog just by spending few minutes per tips.

Blog Commenting Method

I’ve put this method at the top because of its popularity and importance. Blog commenting is the best way to generate traffic for your website. What you have to do is to make a list of blogs (of course select the one which you like) and whenever you write a post, visit those blogs and leave a meaningful comment.

Now suppose you have added only 10 blogs in your list and you left comment on all 10. At the worst condition at least you’ll get 20 unique visitors (I’ve considered only two per blog) on your blog. Now suppose each user are only seeing 3 pages of your blog and so you will have -

10*2*3=60 Page views

This is the minimal page views you’ll get. I’m telling you my experience. At the start I commented on one blog around a month ago and till now I’ve received more than 100 page views from that URL. This has not been done in a single day but of you are getting 100 page view for one comment, isn’t it’s a great source of traffic?

Also if you want to generate even more traffic from this method, you can include the CommentLuv enabled blogs which shows your latest blog post along with your comment. You can find the high PR CommentLuv enabled blogs here.

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Search and Pull Method

This is also one of the best methods to pull traffic and the easiest one. In this tricks all you have to do is find the popular NICHE and bring the already existing traffic back to your blog/websites. This seems to be easy and exciting right? Yes, it is. Just you have to follow the below two steps and you’ll be able to drive good traffic-

  • You have to find the popular blogs with relevant posts as soon as they are getting published. Don’t worry. I’m not asking you to find this. Google Alert will do this task for you. Yes you heard it right. It’s a free service provided by Google. All you have to do is set up a Google alert for the topic you want to have the traffic. Suppose I’ve written a blog on how to start a free blog, then I will set up a remainder something similar to ‘start a free blog’. And whenever Google will find the similar topic on any popular blog, it’ll send you an email on your registered email id. You can set up a Google alert by this link and can set up the alert like below-

  • Now whenever any post will come on the internet, Google will send you a free alert right in your inbox. As soon as you receive that, visit the blog, read it and leave a meaningful comment. Now once a user will visit that website which is already very famous, they’ll also read comments and as you’ve left a good comment they’ll definitely visit your blog.

Tip: Never provide your home page URL while commenting. Provide the address of your particular post and also use recent post widget to engage users more.

For this subject line, I’ve created a Google Alert and I usually get 3-4 alerts a day. That means you’ll comment on 3-4 good blog. Suppose each blog is sending you only 5-5 users and each user is seeing only 3-3 page, so total number of page view will be-

4*5*3=60 Page Views

As your comment will be the first/second so chance of getting traffic with this method is more.

Link others in your post

Yes! You heard it right. This is one of the most common mistakes that a blogger. They always hesitate while adding other’s link in their post. But you do it. Suppose you’re writing any good post and you know someone has written a good case study about that, link that. There is several benefit of it-

  • When that person will find, you have linked his/her post, they may share your post in their social profile. Now just imagine if a blogger having good social profile shares your link on their profile, how much traffic you can get?? This is the usual case. At least in return they’ll tweet you.

  • They can even link you back on their post in return. Isn’t this awesome? If above 2 conditions are not happening, nothing to worry. Open your email account and write a cool email to him/her. You can simply write the following-
Hi, Mr./Ms. …

Good Morning !!

I am a blogger, blogs at so and so blog (provide URL here) and while writing this post (name your post), I found your case study (provide URL) very useful for my readers. I’ve put a link to it in my post (provide your post URL).

It will be very kind of you if you can visit my post and provide suggestions and if you’ll find it interesting, kindly tweet.


If the first two-point will not work, I am sure the third is definitely going to work. So now you have great traffic and a good network with a good blogger. I’m considering only 100 page views through this method. But be sure you’re going to get far more than this count.

Use signature in your emails

Let all the emails that you send with the work headers, link your blog. Now a day peoples are so crazy and busy in their life that they don’t have much time to search your blog or put manual effort to type URL. So the best way is to put a link to your blog and enable the LAZY :) people to access your blog with a single click.

How many work-related emails you send daily? 20 for now. Yes, I’m considering only 20. Provide a link to your blog in your signature. Now suppose only 10 of them have clicked on your link and have seen only 3 pages each, you are going to get-

3*10=30 page views.

How much time this method cost you? Hardly 1 minute and that too a onetime investment :) Isn’t this a killer method to generate traffic.

Use Intro method to get traffic from forum

This is also one of the best methods to get traffic. People generally use the forum to answer and ask questions. In the answer by providing the link to your blog, you are going to have couple of benefit-

  • Good Traffic
  • Backlinks. This is going to increase SERP and DR of your blog.

Now it’s time to start another trick in these forums.Start a new thread for discussion for your newly post. Just write ‘I’ve written a good article on this topic and wanted to share with you all. Let me know your view on this’. If this is a popular forum and has 1000s of the user a day then there is a chance that at least 100 will visit your link. I’m considering only 2 page views per user in this case because they have to write about your post in the forum soon. So total page views will be-

2*100= 200 page views

But remember all forums don’t provide this facility to start a new thread for your post. So before doing this read their T&C.

Final words

So, friends, these are the best 5 methods to pull the best traffic to your blog and that too without any SEO or social marketing. I’ve given the least estimated traffic you can get as a newbie from these sources.

So in total, you will be having 200+30+100+60+60=450 page views and think how much time it cost you, hardly an hour? Again this is the least traffic you can get. You’ll get much more than this. And if only 5 of them will share your content on their social profile, you are going to get massive traffic again.

So start using these methods and let me know which tricks you are using to get the traffic on your blog apart from SEO and social marketing. Also, do let me know if I’ve missed any great source over here. Thanks for your time and kindly share this post, if this has helped you!!
Ashutosh Jha

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2 comments to ''5 Killer Tips to Generate Traffic without SEO or Social Media"

  1. Dear Ashutosh,

    Very good tips. "Link others in your post" -- i think is it guest blogging. is it safe.

    Satish Kuma rIthmasetty

  2. Hi Satish,

    No this can't be considered as a guest blogging. Here what we're doing is, whenever we write a post and find some points are well explained on some other blog or site link that in your post. This will give positive impression to the user and user may like to get some extra info about that topic.

    Coming to guest blogging, yes it is said that in 2015 it is not much valuable but what i think is- If you're doing it for branding and traffic, it's still safe and rocking but if you're doing it just for links then it's time to stop. Hope you'll agree with me :)

    Thanks for your time. Let me know your thoughts on this !!



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