5 Best Google Fonts for Blogs & Websites for Better Readability

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, November 5, 2018
When it comes to readability, Website and blog fonts along with font size and line height play very important role.

There are many best Google Fonts for blogs and websites which can increase the readability and user experience a lot.

You may find many sites those have excellent content and design but as they are not decorating their fonts and text and so the whole site looks ugly.

Below are some of the things which you should consider apart from the blog design to have a good user experience in terms of text-

• Good and easily readable fonts
• Spacing between words and lines
• Font colors

For a better user experience and readability, you must work on all these above factors and believe me these are not hard at all. You just have to spend a couple of more minutes to all these.

How Fonts affects the user reading experience?

Some time ago, a study was done on Wikipedia user on the different font size and below is the result. This graph shows how font-size impact the accuracy of reading. They also checked the line spacing but fount it not impacting big.

Choosing the best fonts for your blogs and website is bit tricky and you should think about it before finalizing. The best way is, think from a user perspective or ask your friends how they feel by looking at your web page.

In an another research by Hyunjin Song and Norbet Schwartz, it was found that if you have to take action or have to complete some work, simple fonts are far better than the fancy fonts.

Let’s see what they did-

Two groups of people were given set of directions to complete. One group received directions in a simple font and the other group received direction in a fancy font.

The experiments reveal that the group which was given the directions in simple fonts just took 8.2 minutes to complete the work compared to 15.1 minutes taken by another group who had fancy fonts. So the group with fancy fonts took 86% longer than the group with simple fonts.

So while reading simple fonts works better compared to fancy fonts.

Again they conducted a research on the printed card. The first card was having simple fonts while the other one was having fancy fonts.

People thought that the designer who designed the card with simple fonts are lazy or less skilled compared to the designer who designed with fancy fonts.

So what’s the conclusion?

From the above two experiments, it is clear that-

• Different situation has different need of fonts
• If it is a text just for reading purpose, Simple fonts work better
• If you are designing any card or menu etc. fancy font works better

So now let’s start with some best Google Fonts for blogs and websites. Also, you should not change the fonts very frequently and so while deciding any font, stick to it.

5 Best Google Fonts for Blogs and Websites

All these fonts can be easily found on Google Fonts and can be used on any site just by incorporating a single line of code. These fonts are free to use.

I have incorporated both heading and body text in the example so that you can get an idea what you want exactly.

So let’s start with the best Google Fonts for blogs-

1. Lato Bold + Lora

I personally love this font and am using it at multiple places. Let’s have a quick look at the heading and body font design using this font-

2. Bitter + Muli

3. Playfair Display Bold + Droid Serif

4. Oswald + Cabin

5. Raleway Semi-bold + Roboto Light

Wrapping it up!

These were some of the best Google fonts for blogs and websites and you should use these for better user reading experience.

Just give a try and let me know how your blog turned out after using these awesome Google fonts.

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