Top 5 Sites to Make Money by Doing Micro Jobs Online

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, November 4, 2018
Freelancing is getting the priority for youngsters and this is a very good sign. They now try to become self-dependent which is a great sign for the society.

The latest technology has made the online work very easy and reliable. Even a newbies are earning $$$ easily from freelance works.

make money online by doing small tasks
If you could have asked about Online money making to any person 10 years before, you must have received the answer like it is a scam but now those days were gone. Thinking has been changed and people are trying to become self-dependent, Work without Boss, No boss etc types jobs and for these online freelance, works are awesome.

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If you’re in blogging and want to make money online, freelancing is for you. Doing small jobs online has become a trend and every people want to earn more and more just by doing some small works.

A large number of Students, Moms, retired professionals or even current professionals are doing small jobs online to earn money. They just work on some freelancers’ sites and earn good revenue.

Top 5 Sites to Make Money Online by Doing Simple Tasks

There are multiple freelancers’ sites through which you can make good online money.

1. Fiverr

This is the first site which gave me shock as well as a way to earn online money by doing small works.

make money online on fiverr
Fiverr is a biggest online market place for micro works. Here people are selling their skills for $5 and you can get n number of works done online/offline just for $5. Every work/service/product is termed as Gig on Fiverr. So when someone buys anything from Fiverr, it is called as a Gig.

People are making thousands of dollars every month my just selling simple gigs and you too can. Fiverr is free to join and you can list any service that you can do. Every service that you are willing to sell will be for $5 and whenever you will get any order, Fiverr will deduct $1 from it and you will be paid for $4. This is not a bad deal at all. Generally, all the service that you'll find over Fiverr takes usually 5 min-2 hours for completion.

Here you can sell anything which comes in your area of interest like if you're good in content writing to offer the content/article writing service for $5. Similarly, if you are good in SEO/copywriting/design works etc., sell those services and earn money.

NOTE: There are few things that you should remember like never do any work till the time people buy your gig. You'll find many people asking you to complete a work in the message and they will pay you later. Never ever do that. I remember my first time over Fiverr and I received a message from one guy that he wants me to make a good portfolio about his newly launched company. It was a big product but he was only willing to pay $15 and as I was a newbie, I did that work for him. He asked 4-5 time for changes and I did. Later when I asked about money, he stopped replying my messages and he never paid. I complained to Fiverr but as that guy never bought my service and so Fiverr people didn’t help me.

I am writing this so that you should not fall into such trap because it really feels like a looser when you work hard and people don't pay you for that.

So, start making money by doing micro jobs through Fiverr from today itself and I am sure you'll get a lot of success.

As from the above picture you can see, this guy has already sold more than 9957 gigs and has an order of 242 in the queue so in total 10199 total orders which have makes $10199*5 =$50955.

Isn’t this interesting???

2. SEOClerks

This is another online micro jobs place where you can sell anything you want. It also works on the same principle like Fiverr do but the only difference is here you can sell your service for as many dollars you want compare to $5 on Fiverr.

make money online on seoclerks
Whatever you will earn by selling your service on SEOClerks, SEOClerks will keep 20% of it as a commission. So if you have sold a service for $5, you'll be paid $4 similar to Fiverr.

On SEOClerks also, link building, Article writing, Logo designing, Graphics designing are the most popular services and you can make money online just by doing micro jobs here.

3. Envato Studio

make money online on envato studio
Envato is also like Fiverr and SEOClerks but you'll find many more professionals here. The services at Envato start from $20 and can be up to $1500.

On Envato, you will find more professional people than other sites because many companies do their business through Envato. So, if you have skill, Envato is one of the best platforms to start with and you can make money online by doing micro jobs.

4. Zeerk

Another online micro jobs market place where you can sell any services from $5-$200. Zeerk is comparatively cheap compared to Fiverr and SEOClerks and you can get the work done on Zeerk cheaper than other online market place.
make money online on zeerk
On Zeerk, Graphics design, Music, SEO, animations are the most popular services through which you can make 100's of dollars daily by doing micro jobs.

5. GigBucks

GigBucks is a similar online market place where you can sell any gig from $5-$50. It's a micro jobs site where millions of freelancers and employers are exchanging business very months.

make money online on gigbucks
Similar to other market place, on GigBucks also, you can sell your skills and can earn decent income. They have broad categories for Advertising, Business, Graphics, Music, Programming, Technology and many others. Using GigBucks also, you can make money online by doing micro works.

The founders of GigBucks recently sold the site in auction on Flippa.

What about you?

These were the top 5 micro jobs market online through which you can make money online by doing micro jobs. Which sites you are involved with and how you are earning money as freelancers online? Do let me know in comment.

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