Why You Should Send Handwritten Letters Instead of E-mail

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, April 15, 2022
Are you also thinking that in this digital world, personal touch is missing somewhere?

Well, one of the things that I am going to discuss today will somehow solve this problem for you. If you are in the business and trying to get a personal touch with your customers, start sending them handwritten letters instead of e-mails. There are various benefits of it which I will talk in details today.

Why handwritten letters are better than emails – 6 reasons

Let’s talk 10 points on why handwritten letters are better than emails –

#1 Letters get opened

If you are doing email marketing then you must be knowing about its open rate. As per MailChimp, the average open rate of email is only 22.7%. Although this is good compared to many other marketing medium but when it comes to handwritten letters, numbers are amazing.

In fact, handwritten letters should not be even included in such comparison as it enjoys an amazing open rate of 99%. This is not abnormal as when someone sends you a handwritten letter, it is directed to you, written with personal feel and so who won’t open it. Handwritten letters are so special where the sender put a lot of efforts writing it. So, even if the receiver doesn’t know the sender, still they open it.

#2 Long lasting impression

Think about sending a thank you note to your customer that too handwritten, how your customer will feel. What would be more authentic than this rather than a generic typed email.

Not only this, handwritten letters are doesn’t create impression one time, usually people keep such letters in their drawing room and open multiple times leaving a long-lasting impression.

#3 Separate you from competition

Emails are very simple to draft and send to someone. It is also economical where you draft/design the email only once and can print thousands of copies. This is exactly what your competitors are doing and if you are also doing the same then how you will stand out? One simple and easy thing that you can do for communication which will keep you at a better place than your competitor is - handwritten letters. It will definitely make your customers surprised and even if they don’t open the letter immediately, they will open later for sure. Usually, the generic emails your competitors are sending largely goes into spam or promotion tab which usually no one opens.

#4 Handwritten letters are memorabilia

If you are thinking of solving multiple things with just one thing, probably handwritten letter is one of the best. With handwritten letters, you don’t only send a personalised note to your customer but also works as a branding. Usually people consider handwritten letter as a gift and they save it for longer period and keep opening as and when they want. Also, as such letters are kept in their drawing room and so even the guest have a look and works like a free and authentic promotion.

#5 Affordable way to create a relationship

It is always a misconception that handwritten letter will take hours to write and send. This is not the case and in fact it is the most affordable and time saving way to build a relationship with your customers. We should appraise the handwritten letter writing service offering which makes such work damn easy in the best pricing.

Compared to handwritten letter, Email is impersonal and text message have limited features and again takes time to write it. Comparing all, seems handwritten letter are affordable, impactful, and time saving way of marketing.

#6 Sending handwritten letter is easy

When you have penned down all the letters, sending those is the last thing you can do. It is not difficult to send those as nowadays there are bunch of courier companies and even postal services who can do this for you at the minimal charges. If you are sending such letters more frequently, you can have a corporate tie up with the courier company and then will take care of the admin stuff.


These were some of the very important points to consider when you are confused with handwritten letter vs email. I am sure by now you must have understood how important and beneficial it is to send your customer handwritten letter. Let me know your thoughts on this.

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