How To Improve Digital Branding

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, April 15, 2022
Depending on the nature of your business, digital branding strategy may change but you need for sure. Especially after the pandemic, almost every industry is focusing more on getting online and in such scenarios, the importance of digital branding is even more.

Now digital branding is not just about setting up a website, adding a basic logo and submitting the site in Google console for auto-indexing. A lot more needs to be done and, in this article, we will talk the same – how to improve digital branding?

7 successful steps to improve digital branding

Here I am going to talk about some of the very important steps to improve digital branding. When there is a lot of competition now, standing out is a real challenge and through this article, we are trying to solve the same.

#1 Business logo

Well, I am not definitely talking about a logo which has been just sketched for the sake of logo. Your logo should talk about brand identity. Take any big company – Apple, Target, Tesla, etc. all have one thing common and that is – strong brand identity.

These companies have tried to connect with their customers in such a way that next time when they see their logo, immediately it should be recognised. A logo should be good enough to talk about what you are doing so that users can relate to it. A few things those you should keep in mind when getting a business logo developed-

  • Avoid complicated designs as your customers would like a simple yet effective one which is easy to recognise and remember
  • Select the colours which is your branding colour and suits your aspirations
  • Don’t make it look similar to your competitors when you are going for logo design
  • It should be adjusted to use in other branding materials like website, merchandise, cards, advertisement, and others

#2 Brand story

Storytelling is one of the most demanding skills these days and there is a reason behind it. The better story you tell your customer about you, your brand, your business, the better they will be able to connect with you. The only thing that you need to take care of while storytelling is authenticity. Trust is always built with transparency and so when you tell the story, it should be transparent. For example, if you are telling a story about one of your existing customers like how they benefited by using your product, then you should have facts and figures that are pretty transparent.

Below are some points you should take a note in order to say your story with full impact –

  • Numbers should reliable and with full transparency
  • Try connecting with your audience at personal level
  • Be consistent
  • Be at your word

#3 Professional website

In digital business, your website is the shop or office or whatever you say and so it should be professional and completely depicting your business. Your website content should be authentic and it should connect to your users. For some important pages where you are selling, you may consider using landing pages as well. Following are some of the important elements you should keep in a business website-

  • Keep your pages brief and don’t overload with texts
  • Use proper combination of colour and fonts on website
  • Use CTA properly, have the navigation sorted

#4 SEO

SEO is search engine optimisation which gives you visibility in the search engine. When you are new, you may consider getting some paid traffic but you can not run your business with just paid traffic. You need free and quality traffic which can only come from search engines and for this SEO is best. If you have in-house SEO capability it’s great, else get it outsourced. Also, there are majorly two parts of SEO activities - On-page SEO & off-page SEO and a balance between these two should be maintained. For detailed on-page SEO, you can follow our guide. Following are some of the top pointers you should note while doing SEO of your business website -

  • Highlight and focus on your main & additional keywords
  • Use keyword research tool to get the best keywords for your website and pages
  • Do a thorough competitor research to understand how they are ranking
  • Incorporate all important pages in your website - about, contact, services, privacy policy etc.
  • Keep an audit on your brand mention and backlink

#5 Brand messaging

Building a brand is not easy and so brand messaging is one of the things that your website or company should say clearly. Every aspect of your brand message should encourage your customer to take some action on your website - it may be buying something or contacting you. Here are a few examples of brand messaging -

  • Coca-cola says - To inspire moments of optimism and uplift
  • Nike – Just do it
  • Red Bull – Red Bull gives you wings
  • Geico: 15 minutes or less can save you 15% or more on car insurance
  • Walmart: Save money. Live better

#6 Social media marketing

SEO alone might not be sufficient enough to pull all the traffic you need. This may be due to many reasons like - SEO is not giving you expected result or you are in a competitive niche where it's taking time to get the expected result or maybe you are in a fashion or wearable niche where quality traffic may come from social media. You should target some of the best social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn for your major targeting strategy. Below are some of the common hacks for getting the best result from social media marketing-

  • Have interaction with your users, engage with them, answer them
  • Keep sharing posts, photos, videos at regular intervals. For this you may use social media post planner tools like Hootsuite
  • Have an idea when your followers are mostly active and schedule your posts accordingly to get the best result

#7 Email marketing

Another great form of marketing is email marketing where you don’t have to spend much and results are impressive. Start collecting the emails using some form on your website and then re-target those emails with some offers using email marketing. The great thing is there are many email marketing services that you can use to send automated emails, and can do A/B testing as well. A few things to remember while doing email marketing-

  • Emails should be easy to read
  • Should be scheduled carefully
  • Emails should fulfil the motto of what you want to achieve


These were some of the quick ways to improve digital branding for your business. Apart from all these, you may follow content marketing, PPC marketing, and more to get you the best. You should also work on brand protection to ensure it’s going in a positive and expected way.
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