What Methods of Website Promotion to Choose in 2021

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, June 18, 2021
The strategy of website promotion has always been among the focus points of any business that aims to be successful in the recent decade. The truth behind the importance of making one’s site noticeable on the Internet is simple. How frequently do you go further than the second page of Google search results displayed?
Even ten years ago, when there was the need for me to hire someone to do my homework, I preferred to pay all my attention to the top-5 pages and not more.

Website promotion methods in 2021

So, if your business is present online, it exists. But if it is present among the top search results of your users, then it’s, most probably, prosperous. See six website promotion methods relevant for 2021 to improve your project’s effectiveness the most.

#1 Search Engine Optimization aka SEO

The use of SEO measures is a vital part of any website’s promotion. No matter what ways you are going to choose besides it, SEO is the core solution. It’s been relevant since the very first day of appearance, and actually, SEO specialists became wanted by small and large businesses.

The evolution of methods came along with the development of search engines themselves. It’s important to admit here that nowadays, nobody would recommend you using so-called Black Hat SEO methods to pump your website’s positioning. Those are inappropriate choices that raise your page to the top extremely quickly (that’s why they are most popular among fraud companies), but then your website gets permanently banned by the search engine operator (Google, for example).
To come up with effective SEO, one should use only allowed and acceptable solutions. They will take more time to bring the result, but that result will become your long-term asset bringing huge profits.

#2 Social Media

SMM serves as one more perfect promotion instrument for many website owners. Shareable posts are your key solutions to make social media users like your content and post links to your website in their profiles, which will impact the way search engines perceive and rank your site. The more shares and clicks your link gets, the better is your website’s overall quality becomes for Google.

The point is, SMM requires a thorough approach towards the choice of contents, target audience, and, of course, the network itself. For example, you won’t be successful with the promo campaign if you focus on entertaining content and pick LinkedIn as your main marketing platform. So, stay attentive here.

#3 Google My Business

Google My Business (aka GMB) is an instrument that can promote your brand even if you don’t have a website. It allows controlling the information about your company in a search system and Google Maps. With a functioning website at hand, that personal profile of your business available at Google becomes a powerful tool to attract even more traffic, especially that generated by local clients. 

Additionally, this effective promotional instrument requires minimum investments. Potential clients will be able to get trustworthy first-hand info about your business without the need to google things a lot, and a well-designed Google card will let you stand out from the crowd of competitors.

#4 Contextual Advertising

Contextual ads look like text and picture banners. Search systems show it on their own pages and the websites belonging to their partnership network. It is you who chooses the target audience that will see your context ads. This promotional method has a lot of benefits to offer. Among its features, there are high effectiveness, control and result tracking flexibility, and the opportunity to start a campaign quickly.

#5 Pay Per Click Ads

This one partially refers to the contextual ads, as they mostly use the PPC model. Those are ads published to the target audience and taking money away from your marketing account only after a potential client clicks the banner and gets transferred to a website you promote.

That means, here, you pay only for target actions the user commits. It’s how you get the traffic that is highly possible to convert from regular visitors to real clients. PPC advertising is an excellent way to optimize your promo expenses.

#6 Guest Blogging

The most common causes of guest blogging are articles (or other types of content) published by a company at third-party websites and containing backlinks to that company’s page or blog. It became much popular within the recent decade, and there are clearly understandable reasons for that.

The key moment is that the guest blogging practice brings benefits for the article’s author and the third-party resource publishing it at a time. The author has the opportunity to promote their website almost for free, generates new traffic, attracts new users, and gets a better search engine ranking.

In turn, the third-party publisher gets a unique, high-quality article for free. That’s not only the additional interest from their readers but a couple of new pages in search indexes. Profit!

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