Imonomy Review: In-Image Advertising platform

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, May 9, 2017
With the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence, a lot has been changed with online advertising.

With in-image advertising, the publishers are not just bound to the traditional banner and sidebar ads. There are many companies now who provide in-image advertising options but recently, I came across Imonomy. In this, we will discuss Imonomy Review and will focus on the publisher’s part.

For all those who are new to the term in-image advertising, here is a simple walk-through from Wikipedia.

“In-image advertising is a form of contextual advertising where specific images on a website are matched with related advertisements”.

Here the advertising networks use the data about the images and make the images like ads depending on the tag, name, etc. as contextual ads do. If the user is moving their mouse through images for a certain amount of time, ads will be shown to them.

So, it is more like personalized ads and so works well.

If you’ve ever come across such ads, you might have experienced the following-

• When user takes their cursor through the image, ad will start showing
• You can close the ad manually
• Once you’ll click on the ad, it will take you through the advertisement site like other ads do
• If In-Image ads have been used in the different form and if the pop-up ad has been used then the user will see pop-up ad upon taking mouse on images.

Let’s start with Imonomy review and see how publishers can use it to monetize their websites effectively.

Imonomy Review

Imonomy is an in-image advertising network from Israel serving the advertisers and webmasters worldwide. They are regarded as the pioneer in visual semantic tools and ad-related technologies.

They started their operation in 2012 and currently have operation globally.

About Imonomy’s In-Image Platform

Imonomy works by analyzing text from websites and match them with copyright free images sourced from its database and include them as in-image ads along the content.

Their in-house technology enabled platform will analyze the text on your web page and will show only relevant ads. This is the reason Imonomy is known for showing highly relevant ads on the web pages.

They are also able to drive rich user engagement on a web page and work on a freemium model that shares its revenue generated through ads with its publishers.

The in-image advertisement has another major benefit in terms of spaces occupied on the website. It doesn’t need any extra space on your site and accommodates the image space.

Currently, the network monetizes 800 million images and receive around 22 Billion impressions from 20+ countries. They have over 13k publishers who deliver such a huge figure.

Who can join Imonomy as a publisher?

Imonomy’s content recognition technique ensures that your website will only show relevant ads. If you are a publisher and looking to monetize your site other than the traditional banner ads, Imonomy is for you. It provides excellent conversion rates and CPM and also engagements as well on the site.

So, if you have decided to go ahead with the Imonomy’s network, please read the criteria to join them. You should also note that they don’t accept all the blogs and so you should make sure of it before submitting.

Recently, I was crawling some web pages and found quality traffic is one of the major factors they check before approving any site in their network. They accept only those new publishers who receive at least 150k daily pageviews.

Imonomy's Features

Here are some of the major features for publishers one should look for before joining the Imonomy network.

Effective Monetization

Imonomy’s in-image platform generates incremental revenue for you and so can be one of the top choices for your site’s monetization. They also optimize the impressions on your ad using RTB technologies and real-time Big Data analysis to maximize your CPM.

Only Relevant Ads

This is another excellent Imonomy feature one should look for. Show the ads only to those are where users are intended maximum. For example, above the fold of any websites gets maximum visibility and so can be the center of attraction.

Also, the technology-enabled tool will make sure premium ads with higher click-through rate are getting displayed, considering the relevant ads.

Smooth Integration

Once your website is accepted in the network, integrating the ad will be damn simple. Just add a few lines of JavaScript and HTML code and you’re done.

Also, this doesn’t impact the SEO at any cost. Unlike AdSense, ads will start showing immediately. In case, you need further help, Imonomy’s publishers’ development professionals are always there to help you out.

How to start with Imonomy Publisher Account

To get started with the Imonomy publisher network, first sign up using this link. Here you’ll have to fill certain details.
Once you have filled these details, their executive will connect you with the result. If you’re accepted into the network, you’ll have to complete the profile and setup the ad units.

Imonomy for Advertisers

If you an advertiser and looking to reach to your potential customers easily, the Imonomy advertisement is for you. They insure you are getting good ROI and visibility so that your campaign will succeed.

Imonomy’s tools ensure that your ads are showing to the location, users are majorly into ensuring high visibility and engagement.

The tool also uses Big Data, and user behavioral analysis to show the ads. And so your ads will be shown to the relevant group of people who can be your target audience and not the generic.

The team will also help you optimize your campaigns ensuring you are spending little and gaining the max you can get. By this way, you will have great ROI from each campaign.


Imonomy is a leading in-image advertising platform which uses big data, data analytics for the best advertising solution.

If you are a webmaster and looking to monetize your site through the images, Imonomy is for you. But before applying for the publisher account, make sure your website is ideal to be accepted.

Do try the network to monetize your site and share your feedback with us!
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