Why Is Outsource SEO the Best Way to Expand Your Agency?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, June 23, 2020
If you're an early-stage business owner and looking to expand to the next stage, there can be few challenges here. Some of the biggest challenges can be managing the digital marketing works. Especially SEO, managing social media, PR, and more. In this post, we will be talking about whether it will be a good idea to outsource SEO for expanding the SEO agency.
Why Outsource SEO

#1 When Is the Best Moment to Expand Your Agency?

It depends on the method that you are going to use. For example, you can use outsource SEO immediately after you have finished implementing all the systems for your other services. This is possible because all you need to introduce SEO services, with this method, is a little time to find a good agency and some money to market your service. Although it has both pros and cons, with good management you can get rid of the negative parts and make use of the positive ones to make a massive profit.

Of course, there are other methods that you can use as well. In this article, you will find out the most used methods to expand a digital marketing company, what is the best alternative, what benefits will you get from using it, and more useful information that will help you expand your agency lighting fast.

The first thing that you should know is how many alternatives you have, what they are, and find out if they are the best choice for your agency. Keep in mind that each agency is different and there's no one solution for all problems. So, outsource SEO may be good, but in some cases, it may not be the best solution for you. Below you will find what methods you can use to expand your agency.

2. What Services Can You Introduce for the Expansion?

As a digital marketing agency, it is obvious that you need to introduce a new service if you want to expand. Of course, you could stay niched but you probably already know that most clients are seeking agencies that offer as many services as possible. They want to get everything from a single place, they want convenience. So it is in your best interest to make sure that your digital marketing agency offers as much convenience as possible.

The first thing that you need to think about when it comes to introducing a new digital marketing service is about what type should it be? Should you introduce a paid method like PPC management? Or maybe you should introduce an organic one like SEO? Both of them have their pros and cons and sometimes it is hard to choose.

Rule number one in marketing is to listen to your client. So if most of your clients desire a certain service then that is the one that you should introduce. Otherwise, you will have to risk it. The best way is to find a method that will reduce your risks as much as possible.

The solution for that is outsourcing! You will not need to risk a big investment in a new service. But the problem with that is that the services that can be outsourced are limited. You will not be able to outsource any paid services like PPC management. It will be too risky to let your client's money in the hand of another agency. So all you have to do is to choose from an organic method.

3. Why Is SEO Your Best Alternative?

From all the organic digital marketing methods out there, SEO is the one that has the potential to bring the most result to your clients. It is also the method with the highest potential profit for your agency. The only direct competitor to SEO is social media management. But all the platforms have the same big problem. If the platform falls, all the work disappears as well. On the other hand, SEO focuses on the website and on the user experience. For this reason, it is a more stable method.

Unlike social media, search engines are mainly used to solve problems. And that is the best way for a business to acquire new leads. Moreover, they are quality leads that need the products or services offered by the business. So, even though it takes longer to see significant results from SEO, a much bigger part of the traffic obtained through this method will be converted into customers.

As you may already know, SEO services cost much more money than other digital marketing services. The prices also vary greatly and it is possible to find a very good SEO agency that has very low prices. You can make use of this opportunity to introduce the services using the outsource SEO method and get a very big profit margin. But a question remains, wouldn't it be better to create a new department and provide the service yourself?

4. Should Your Outsource SEO or Create a New Department?

It depends. The biggest problem that you will encounter in the creation of a new department is to find team members. Most SEO experts work as freelancers, while others open their agency. So it would be very hard to find good members of your team. And even if you manage to find them you should compare the cost of their salary and the tools with the costs of outsourcing the service completely.

You may have the surprise to find out that it will cost you more money to create your SEO department than to outsource it from an SEO agency. Moreover, the team of an SEO agency may have years of experience working together. This will ensure that the results that they will be able to produce will be better than a newly formed team. Of course, this is correct only if you find a good SEO agency partner.

As you can see, in most situations the best option to expand your digital marketing agency is through the outsource SEO method. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to crunch the numbers and find out which option is the best one for your business. In this article, you will only find information that will help you make the best decision for your agency.

5. 2 More Benefits Offered by Outsource SEO!

Aside from the ones presented above, there are 2 more big benefits that you will obtain through using the outsource SEO method:


The period needed to create a new SEO department from scratch is much longer than it will take you to introduce the service through outsourcing. You can use the difference to develop other aspects of your business. This will indirectly increase the results that your agency will obtain from this expansion.


This is another important resource for your agency. You should not waste it on a method that will not bring you as many benefits as the simpler one. If you outsource correctly, then you will not only reduce the costs of money and time but effort as well.

In the end, everything in this article is based on the assumption that you will find a good SEO agency that will be able to provide high-quality services at a low price. But it is so easy to find an agency that offers such a good opportunity? It is not easy, but it is not hard either. If you follow the right steps, then with some research you will be able to find one fast enough.

6. To Which Agency Should You Outsource SEO?

Follow the steps below and you will find a good agency in no time:

List. Make a list with all the agencies that offer outsourcing services. Make sure that they do not ask for exorbitant prices. Only note those that would leave you with a good profit margin.

Results. Check the results produced by the agencies. Eliminate from the list the ones with unsatisfactory results. Most SEO agencies will present their results on their website.

Reviews. Ideally, you want to speak directly to the clients of the agencies. First-hand reviews are the best one, but if this is not possible then check the reviews left on the agency's website.

Test. By now, you should only have a few agencies left on your list. Start with the one that you fancy the most and test their services. That will help you imagine how a long-term collaboration will work out.

7. How Can You Market That You Outsource SEO to Your Clients?

There are 3 methods through which you can do the marketing:


Market the product like your own. You provide it and that's it. This method has the risk of affecting you when the truth of your outsourcing the services gets to your clients.

Partial outsourced

You do not need to be explicit, but if you are asked you admit that some parts of the process are outsourced. Almost every company outsources a part of their task, so it will not cause you any problems.

Outsourced. If you are asked, admit that you fully outsource SEO. If your clients are happy with the results they will not care. But if they are not, then you may lose them. Only you can decide to choose which method you are going to use.

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