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By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Friday, June 26, 2020
At TricksRoad, we have talked about many advertising networks which we try on our different sites. Lately, I tried another advertising network AdMaven and this post is all about my experience with AdMaven.

AdMaven Review
As earlier also I have shared, we should not simply trust all the ABC advertising networks. Personally, I have seen many ad networks come into existence, running for a few months/years, and then leaving the niche without paying the publishers.

So, whenever I try any new advertising network for either running ads or monetizing our traffic, I dully check their background. And when I am fully satisfied then only I sign up for the network.

It’s been around a few months since I signed up for AdMaven and I am enjoying working with them. In this AdMaven review, I am going to talk about this amazing network.

AdMaven Review - Introduction

AdMaven is a global advertising network which allows the advertiser to buy the quality traffic and publishers to monetize their traffic.

With over 13+ years of experience, AdMaven is an avant-garde, innovative, digital display advertising network. AdMaven strives to improve the CTR and conversion rate for the advertisers while at the same time provide good yield to the publishers. AdMaven’s team always tries to maintain balance between the sites in their network and the traffic.

AdMaven offers over 12 Billion daily impressions to the advertisers to get the best from it. And this number is increasing on a day to day basis.

AdMaven Network Features

As said, AdMaven is a global advertising network and is in the industry for quite a longer period now. They follow all the majors to ensure the quality of the network. Following are some of the top features of AdMaven-

Dedicated Support

Have you been worried why your ads are not performing well or ad not showing on site?

Well, this happens with almost all the advertising networks including Google Ads. But the best thing with AdMaven is, their dedicated support team is there to answer your queries. You won’t have to wait for days and weeks to get the resolution. The team will also help you achieve your ROI goals.

Easy Integration

This is another AdMaven feature we liked. Within 5 minutes you will be able to set up any kind of ads starting from push notifications to screen ads.

Dedicated Account Manager

AdMaven also offers you a dedicated account manager and an admin panel which helps you to get all the details of your ads. Account manager helps you in every step and ensures your experience is transparent.

AdMaven Ad Formats

AdMaven offers various types of ad formats which help you to select the one as per your requirement. Below are the ad formats offered by AdMaven-

#1 Push Notification

Push notifications are the best way to monetize your website without occupying the space on your site. It is like normal push notification and works great on both desktop and mobile phones.
Push Ads

#2 Pop Up Ads

You must have come across this ad on many websites which has some good traffic. This will be a kind of full page ad and when the user will click on it, they will be redirected to a new page. This kind of ad performs well compared to others.

#3 Banner Ad

This is like any other banner ad we have. The great thing about AdMaven banner ads is, it aligns with the content and look and feel of your site. And it won’t look like an ad instead a kind of image inside your content.

#4 AdBlock Bypass Solution

A lot of publishers complain about their decreasing ad revenue due to the adblockers. But the great news is, AdMaven’s inhouse technology has created solutions which can bypass ad blockers like EasyList, and others. It has been seen that due to this ad, the revenue of publishers has been increased by 20-30%.

AdMaven for Advertisers

If you’re looking for dedicated and quality traffic with a dedicated account manager who will ensure the ROI of your campaign, AdMaven is for you. Here are some of the top features of AdMaven for advertisers-

AdMaven for Advertiser
As said above, starting a campaign with AdMaven is just a three-steps process. You sign up with AdMaven, appear on the sites, and get the targeted traffic. 

Join AdMaven as Advertiser

AdMaven for Publishers

AdMaven provides equal benefits for publishers as well by increasing the revenue with different kinds of ads. The best thing about AdMaven is the transparency. You will be getting all kinds of reports like where ads are being shown, RPM, revenue, and more.

Here are some of the reason why 25000+ publishers are using AdMaven to monetize their traffic-

AdMaven for Publishers
With AdMaven self service platform you can start monetizing your traffic in just three steps-
AdMaven for Publishers Steps
AdMaven offers the monetizing solution for both websites and mobile phones. Even if you are having a link shortener website, you can monetize that traffic. Although AdMaven works with direct traffic, they accept network traffic as well.

Payment Information

AdMaven is quite flexible with the payment system. AdMaven offers you to get payment using multiple payment methods-

  1. PayPal
  2. Payoneer
  3. bank wire transfer
  4. Bitcoin
  5. Paxum
  6. WebMoney
  7. Epayments


This was all about the AdMaven review where we talked about how it can help you monetize your traffic. And being an advertiser how you can get the targeted traffic.

AdMaven is one of the fastest growing networks with 25K+ publishers generating over a Billion of traffic everyday. And you can join as a publisher and monetize your traffic.

Join AdMaven today and monetize all your traffic.
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