Influencer Marketing Trends and Stats For Brands in 2020

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Saturday, May 2, 2020
Internet marketing is changing very rapidly from traditional marketing to influencer marketing. In this post, I am going to talk about some of the top Influencer Marketing Trends and Stats in 2020.

Influencer Marketing Trends and Stats
You might have heard many influencer platforms are opening every day which is connecting the influencer to the brands. And these agencies are getting massive success also. And this trend is not going down in any way shortly. 93% of marketers have been practicing influencer marketing these days.

You might also have been seen YouTubers, Instagram marketers earning thousands of dollars just by recommending the products. And all these are a result of influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing trends and stats in 2020

Here are some influencer marketing trends which are going to dominate the industry in 2020 and beyond.

#1 Rise of Micro influencer

Although the definition of the influencer is a debatable topic among the community but anyone who has good following can be considered as an influencer. You may consider Kylie Jenner as an Instagram influencer who charges $25000 for a post on Instagram or small influencer who just charge a few dollars for the same.

It is expected that the micro and nano influencer is going to rise in 2020 and beyond. This may be since macro-influencers are charging a lot and companies are not much comfortable paying the heavy amount.

This decision by the brands is also influenced by the fact that who is driving more sales and conversion. And in this aspect also, an influencer is giving more results compared to the celebrity.

Compare to celebrities, micro-influencer is more preferred not just because of the cost but also the influence. Usually, a micro or nano influencer will have around 10k-60k or 70k followers and charges less for the recommendation.

So, if you see in the same amount of let’s say $25000, a brand can have several micro-influencers on board. And it has been seen that these micro or nano influencers generate 41.7% more engagement compared to big (or Macro) influencers who have usually 500k-1M followers. Considering these facts, it is predicted that the nano and micro-influencer will be getting more visibility and opportunity in the market.

#2 Long-term partnership over assignment basis

Earlier, influencers were getting hired or connected on need-basis. This means, when a company had to do some marketing campaign, they used to connect to the influencers. But now in 2020 long-term influencer partnership is more preferred over the assignment basis partnership.

There are many reasons behind this-

  1. 1. When the same influencer is recommending/promoting various campaign of the company, users get more confidence which is a great benefit for the brand
  2. 2. The amount influencer charge for the long-term partnership is way cheaper than the assignment basis. Usually, you will find a difference of 40-50% on yearly or for a couple of years.

And the same goes for all kinds of influencer-based marketing like video marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. And as said, in all these, we have micro and nano influencers. For example, in social media influencer marketing, you will have separate Facebook influencers, Instagram influencers, Twitter influencers, Tik Tok influencers, and more.

There are many platforms where you can find these influencers. You can connect with them online on the marketplace, or connect with them through their website and more.

#3 Video is more preferred for advertising

Yes, video is the new base of content marketing. It has been seen that video provides 135% more organic reach than the image and another type of content. Here are some of the supported influencer marketing trends stat for the video-

  • More than 80% of business uses video for their marketing campaign
  • 6 out of 10 people nowadays watch an online video rather than television
  • All social media are full of video content nowadays and this clearly shows how video content is going to change how marketing was done earlier

As per the study by Burst Media, every $1 spent on influencer marketing earns $6.85 to the company. This is huge compared to the other form of marketing. Along with the video, the podcast also is playing a very important role in influencer marketing.

#4 AI Will change influencer marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping all the sectors including influencer marketing. In this segment, AI is helping the brands to find the right set of influencers quickly.

It helps the companies to identify those influencers who have real followers, better engagement, and a higher chance of generating better ROI. Here are some of the ways using which AI is helping influencer marketing to make better decisions-

  • Image recognition with artificial neural network (ANN)
  • ANN can be used to decide the incentive as well
  • Predicting how much influence a particular influencer will generate
  • Eliminating the fake followers and influence
  • Ensuring the guidelines are being followed

Influencer Marketing Marketer Stats

Here are some of the amazing influencer marketing trends and stat about the marketer as per the experience of the organization worked with them.

  • As per the report by socialpubli, 93% marketer use social media influencer
  • More than 80% of marketer believe that influencer marketing is successful and will be more in the near future
  • Again, as per the report by socialpubli, micro influencer’s post receives way higher engagement and reach compared to celebrity or macro- influencer
  • As per the report by Rakuten Marketing, 36% marketer uses micro-influencers
  • Market research company Linqia’s report says, 89% of marketers use engagement to measure the success of campaigns
  • 35% of marketers also say that influencer marketing has better ROI (return on investment)

Influencer Marketing Consumer Stats

We all know how much a consumer trust the influencer and every brand take the benefits of this belief. Here are some of the influencer marketing consumer stats-

  • 87% of consumers are influenced by the influencer to make a purchase
  • 65% of users have said that at least they discover a new product through influencer every week
  • 56% of female users who follow influencers follow the following categories- beauty, fashion and entertainment
  • 54% of male users who follow influencers follow the following categories- gaming & tech category
  • 70% of female users prefer Instagram influencers more
  • 31% of users also recommend an influencer to their friends which is a very positive sign

Wrapping it up!

This was all about the influencer marketing trends and stats in 2020 for the brands. There is no second thought that influencer marketing is leading the internet marketing segment and every brand should focus on these more.

As the stats show, the ROI on influencer marketing is pretty more compared to many other forms of internet marketing.

What is your thought on influencer marketing in the coming days?
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