Which Headset to Choose? 3.5 mm Jack Headset vs. USB Headset

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Congratulations on landing your new job. As you take your first workplace orientation, you find out that you are required to bring your wired office headset for work. Since you are the only one who is going to use the headset, it is best to choose one that is right for you. With a plethora of headset models to choose from, which one should you get?
Although choosing a headset might be a mundane matter, there is a lot to consider. Choosing the type of connection to your office PC is one consideration that can significantly affect your performance at the office. Here is a thorough comparison between USB Headsets and 3.5 mm Jack Headsets, their specific advantages, and disadvantages.

3.5 mm Jack Headsets

The original way of connecting your wired office headset to your PC is through the use of 3.5 mm jacks. This type of headset sends and receives signals through a three-channel communication interface with your computer.

One channel is dedicated to the microphone while the other two channels are for the left and right stereo channels. One advantage of a 3.5 mm jack is that most phones and portable music devices manufactured today can accommodate and are compatible with 3.5 mm jack headsets.

However, the sound output quality of 3.5 mm wired office headsets is limited to the quality of the soundcard or integrated sound chip connected to your motherboard. If you do not have a high-quality sound card, then it follows that you will not get the best sound quality and voice recognition.

If your work is dependent on making clear conversations over your headset, then your work performance may be affected as well. On the other hand, if your computer is equipped with a high-end sound card, then a 3.5 mm jack headset will be a more practical choice.

USB Headsets

USB headsets are connected to your computer using any available USB port. USB headsets are not as standard and are priced higher as compared to 3.5 mm headsets. Most USB headsets have built-in soundcards that convert and amplify audio and voice quality.

So, with a USB headset, you are ensured of high sound and voice quality independent if you have a crappy onboard soundcard. Although USB headsets are more expensive, they may be a cheaper alternative since you will not have to replace your computer’s soundcard to improve sound quality. This is one of the must have laptop accessories as well.


The built-in soundcard feature of USB headsets also allows you to free up your computer’s soundcard, which you can use for other purposes. For example, you can assign your computer’s soundcard to play background music through speakers while dedicating your USB wired office headset for taking in business calls.

Improved Sound Quality

The built-in soundcards of USB headsets were designed explicitly for headset usage, unlike with the soundcard of PCs that allow speaker connections. USB headsets offer better audio quality that you can tweak further to your satisfaction.

Extra Layer of Noise Cancellation

Some high-end USB headsets come with an extra layer of noise cancellation that is powered through the USB connection. Although there are high-end 3.5 mm headsets that offer the same, the noise cancellation features need batteries for power.

If your work is dependent on high-quality audio and voice transactions, you are risking your performance on the amount of energy left on your 3.5 mm headsets batteries.

Voice Recognition

The sound processing system within USB headsets also allows for better and more accurate speech recognition. USB headsets are even more effective in reducing if not eliminating ambient sounds so that your speech is heard without difficulty at the other end of the line.

USB headsets and 3.5 mm headsets both have their advantages, which are based on their designs. The best way to know which type of headset to purchase is to properly consider port availability, soundcard quality, and your budget.

It is also better if you can test both types of headsets on the computer that you are going to use.

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