Knowing the Core IT Technologies through CompTIA A+ and Why to Use Exam Dumps

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Armed with technical and real-world knowledge across a broad range of issues, a CompTIA A+ certified is expected to move with tenacity and skillfulness. Mobile devices, networking, operating systems are only a few of what candidates handle with proficiency as newly certified.

As you journey through getting your own CompTIA A+ badge, you will naturally stumble upon a wide selection of important IT technologies. In the process of earning your CompTIA A+, you will embark on a life-long learning experience that will groom you to be the best in your chosen IT career.

So, this article aims at highlighting the CompTIA A+ credential and its two related exams. As well, we’ll dwell on exam dumps as a reliable tool for your exam prep.

How Does CompTIA A+ Elevate Your Knowledge of IT Technologies?

Among the core technologies that you’ll come across include data management, cloud, and security. Discovering more of these is paramount in your performance as soon-to-be A+ certified helps desk technicians, service desk analysts, and technical support specialists.

The above-mentioned three technologies, among many others, have transformed the industry since its arrival, with more and more advancements made through the years. The CompTIA pass now exams saves you the trouble of being well-informed in network protocols, cloud, and virtualization compared to other certification providers.

Its core series have placed value in tackling these areas. Alongside these, there’s also more highlight of cybersecurity and hardware requirements. As you exert time studying for the badge exams, you’ll be exposed to these areas as much as possible.

At the same time, every IT professional knows how important learning the scripting language by heart is. Through your training, you’ll be exercising this very skill necessary in thriving as a professional.

What Skills Will You Develop on the Way?

It’s worth repeating that you will be able to put your problem-solving skills to the test as you begin plunging in the A+ credential. Precisely what you will be trained to enhance is the way you approach each issue at hand, as you extend further beyond PC repair.

As shortly made known earlier, you’ll be handling a variety of hardware components and devices. You will have to successfully identify and operate on each as a skilled A+ professional should capably be. As you make progress, you’ll be diving into the different types of networks, cloud computing ideas, and client-side virtualization.

You will also be tasked to thoroughly cultivate discernment on managing mobile devices, operating systems, security vulnerabilities as well as taking note of operational procedures. Finally, you’ll practice your skills in software along with hardware & network troubleshooting.

What about CompTIA A+ Exams?

Accomplishing two exams is the final card in obtaining the CompTIA A+ badge. The first one is the CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (Core 1) while 220-1002 (Core 2) is the other. Each test contains a maximum of 90 questions with a corresponding 90-minute duration.

For exam 220-1001, you’ll need to showcase your grasp in cloud computing, mobile devices, hardware, network troubleshooting, virtualization, and networking technology. However, you must equally display a high level of understanding in exam 220-1002, too. Here, cleverly maneuvering your way into software troubleshooting, configuring operating systems, operational procedures and expanded security is necessary.

A lab or field experience for as long as 9 to 12 months will best prepare you in meeting the exam topics with more apt and proficiency.

What Should You Use to Study for Tests?

There are various methods to prepare for A+ exams and unarguably essential resources to bolster your understanding of many areas. A selected few are the advantageous online classes, ageless books authored by pioneering IT minds, along with the immense help of state-of-the-art virtual labs. Each strongly contributes to your knowledge of the CompTIA A+.

If you manage to combine all these together with one defining material that is exam dumps, then you’re up for a good start.


A lot of sites will try to convince you as to why their exam dumps are the best. With the however, they won’t attempt to shower you with anything less than they can promise. Their free vce files, along with their CompTIA A+ Premium Bundle will speak for themselves.

If to opt for free braindumps, then just get access to the and make use of these dumps NOW. But if you are aimed at becoming number one in your CompTIA assessments, then purchase the package for two exams at $70. This bundle includes two expert-verified practice tests, two study guides, and two video tutorials for 220-1001 and 220-1002 relatively.

However, as free and paid dumps are vce files, install the VCE Exam Simulator. This helpful software will not only let you open these exam dumps but will also mimic the environment of the actual assessment. With the VCE Player you’ll be acquainted with what should be expected in the main test.

What Are the Positions in Store for a CompTIA A+ Certified?

After long, studious planning and acting in the pursuit of this credential, you need a guarantee that you have somewhere to pour out all of what you’ve worked hard to learn for. Fortunately, the road is wide for professionals possessing the CompTIA A+, especially for entry-level jobs.

Opportunities in positions such as associate network engineer, system support specialist, data support technician, technical support specialist, service desk analyst, end-user computing technician, desktop support administrator, field service technician, and of course, help desk technician, are in full spike.

With the A+ in your list of badges, it shows that you really mean business. As PayScale claims, an average CompTIA A+ accredited specialist earns up to $61k yearly.


Without a doubt, CompTIA is one of the most internationally recognized providers of vendor-neutral IT certifications. And as you become CompTIA A+ certified, you won’t just claim the chance of learning the core IT technologies but you’ll also carry the weight of the IT provider’s legacy.

Whether you are a raw, aspiring candidate or a full-grown, experienced professional, your CompTIA A+ allows you to stand a chance among everybody else in the game! Just survive through two tests, 220-1001 and 220-1002 and enjoy all the benefits this badge can get you.

And this is where the with its paid or free actual exam dumps can help. Good luck!

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