Difference Between Twitch vs Mixer for Gamers

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, March 1, 2020
For gamers, there are different streaming options. However, they do not all have the same features. Nonetheless, the two most common platforms are: Twitch and Mixer.

While most new gamers who want to start streaming get confused about which one to keep, both of them have their pros and cons, and so, when it comes to picking the right one for your needs, it draws down to choice.

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Our article today tries to uncover the difference between the two. What are the significant differences between the two? Let’s get started.

A brief introduction for both platforms

Twitch is a company owned by Amazon. Initially, we knew it as Beam. The e-commerce giant bought the app at an estimated two billion US dollars. Users who have Amazon Prime also get to access Twitch for free.

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Mixer, on the other hand, is a streaming service owned by Microsoft. It is a significant competitor, and according to research, the company has been working hard to ensure that it does not repeat the mistakes that Amazon Prime made.

Build an audience on both services

Both Twitch and Mixer have their significant shares of struggles and benefits.

For instance;

Twitch allows users to stream both gaming and non-gaming content. Meaning, there are many streamers, which makes it difficult to gain an audience instantly. You have to be patient with the site when you start your twitch career.

Mixer, when compared to Twitch, has a low count in terms of audience. However, in recent times, people are moving into the platforms, especially after one of Twitch’s famous gamers moved to this platform.

The potential of earning

In both platforms, earning is possible if you get viewership. Achieving this means that you can start advertising on your channel. Twitch has an affiliate program, which makes it easy to earn. You can also apply for a partnership program – it may take longer, though.

Mixer gives the opportunity, too. But you have to acquire a partner status for this to happen.


We have to compliment both sites for the efforts they do in ensuring that users have an easy time using the platforms.

In Mixer, they have an FTL (Faster than Light) protocol, which reduces delay when interacting with other gamers and audience. You can also stream from your Xbox console if you do not have a laptop. An additional notable benefit is that you can co-stream with other players and audiences.

Twitch is also user-friendly in terms of providing its users with analytics, the user interface is interactive, and navigating through VODs (Videos on Demand) is super straightforward. By the way, users can also stream via PS4 and Xbox.

When comparing the two: users compliment Mixer for an excellent support team than that of Twitch. Mixer has even a mobile app for mobile gamers.

None of them, however, is compatible with Nintendo Switch.


If you are still wondering the best one to choose, the best way to solve this is to think about your priorities and needs first. Each of these platforms presents their fair share of weaknesses and strengths; choose depending on what you want to achieve and do.

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