6 Must-Have Gaming Accessories [Updated]

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Australia has a reputation for being the smallest continent in the world. The country is also well-known for a lot of things such as big deserts, glorious beaches, and the Outback. A report by Digital Australia 2020 said that video game playing is prevalent among two-thirds of Aussies. So it is no surprise that an online computer store Australia is the perfect hub to get gaming accessories from.

Must-Have Gaming Accessories
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The Australian gaming industry has been at the forefront of innovation since The Hobbit adventure game came out in 1982. The development of games did not stop there. From the classic video games to apps and personal computers, the games continued to progress even up to this day. An online computer store in Australia helps to enhance the complete gaming experience with the following must-have peripherals.

Must have Gaming Accessories

Here are some of the must have gaming accessories which every gamers should have. I have selected these best gaming accessories based on my experience and you can have these in your bucket as well.

#1 Gaming Headset, Microphone, and Holder

When you play a game, you get engrossed in what you are doing. So you use a padded,
comfortable headset to hear the game directly and privately without bothering anyone else in your household. The best headphones are the ones that filter unnecessary outside noise yet possess high sound quality. A microphone – built-in or otherwise – can put your communication skills to the test while you are in the game. Lastly, it would help if you had a headset holder so that you can quickly grab your gear when a game is about to start.

Best Gaming Headset
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#4 Gaming Keyboard

There are two types of gaming keyboards–

  1. 1. the regular one, and
  2. 2. a mechanical keyboard

Some people prefer the conventional type because they use a different accessory for the game controls anyway. And some like the mechanical ones best because it is customizable by changing the control keys and its colour. It is a matter of preference, but equally important when playing a game.

Best Gaming Keyword
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#5 Gaming Mouse and Mouse Mat

Gone are the days when a roller-ball mouse roamed your mouse pad. Nowadays, mice are either optical or laser. Nevertheless, even if your favourite game is a PC-based, Australian-made Fruit Ninja, you would still need a mouse to control your sword. A mouse is essential to PC gaming as air is to humans. Speed is critical in gaming.

Gaming Mouse and Mouse Mat
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So, the higher the DPI (Dots Per Inch), the faster your cursor’s reaction time will be. Pair it with a desk-length mouse mat that helps you – and your character – move without thinking about the boundaries and sudden stoppage in the middle of your game.

#6 Gaming Chair

Games take up much of your time. What may seem like five minutes could easily turn into five hours, so comfort is the name of the game. Get a comfy gaming chair to avoid the back-breaking pain due to prolonged sitting time.

#7 Gaming Glasses

Prolonged exposure to radiation from your computer screen can make you dizzy and nauseous. It is worse if it leaves you with poor eyesight. If you feel that you cannot leave your game after you start, then it is best to get yourself some gaming glasses to protect your eyes.

#8 Wheel and Pedals

Are you a fan of racing games? Or are you just preparing for when you can drive a real car? When a mouse cannot cut it, buy a gaming wheel and pedals for the ultimate car chase enjoyment.

Wrapping it up!

Whether you are a Pac-Man fan or a sucker for the Australian-created QWOP, gaming accessories are a must in PC gaming. Get the most out of your game play by completing your accouterments before getting your game on.

With all these must have gaming accessories, I have also included the list of some products. If you would like to buy, you can check those and buy accordingly.

Also, if you are a gamer and know better gaming accessories then do let me know in the comment section.
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