Best Link Building Tips & Why It's So Important for SEO

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Sunday, February 23, 2020
The world of SEO and digital marketing is always changing, and it’s important to make sure you keep up with the newest developments and innovations. Link building for SEO is nothing new, but this practice has certainly changed over the years to reflect Google’s algorithm updates and online trends.

It’s important to stay up to date on the current link building strategies to help your business grow and avoid using outdated methods that could get you punished. This guide will give you some best practices, tips, and an understanding of exactly why you need to focus on link building in your marketing strategy.

What is Link Building?

Link building is the process of acquiring external hyperlinks from other websites leading back to your site. These links are also referred to as backlinks, inbound links, or external links. Therefore, the goal with the practice of link building is to get more websites to post links back to your website. These hyperlinks need to be high-quality sources coming from credible locations, such as industry experts, other companies, or even highly rated bloggers.

Hyperlinking to another website is considered a form of word of mouth marketing. It’s not only important for SEO, but also for increasing traffic to your website, building your company’s reputation, and getting more organic eyes on your content.

Avoiding Black Hat Link Building Tactics

For SEO experts and digital marketers, link building can be a trickier process than it seems. When PageRank first came out, marketers quickly learned how to manipulate the system to drive more hyperlinks to their sites with tactics that are now considered black hat marketing tactics.

Black hat SEO link building tactics may include:

  • Posting links to your website on message boards, as comments on other blogs, and in guestbooks
  • Adding your website to article directories
  • Embedding your links in widgets and press releases
  • Guest blogging on other websites and stuffing your post with links back to your website
  • Injecting hidden links into other websites
  • Exchanging links with other websites

Google uses intelligent software and AI algorithms to determine how websites are ranked within its system. That means the crawlers are able to detect low-quality links and even penalize some websites for using them. Instead of trying to manipulate the system, focus on implementing the best practices for link building outlined in the tips below.

The Best Link Building Tips to Implement Now

Here are some of the best link building tips you can use to drive high-quality links to your website and help your SEO strategy:

Reach out to other experts in your industry. Not only will this produce high-quality links, but it will also help you develop valuable relationships by networking.

Produce highly valuable content on a regular basis and share it on social media, with influencers in your niche, or on user-generated content websites like Medium. This can get your content seen by writers and bloggers, who may provide you with editorial links. These types of links are the best kind you could get because they are organic and harder to come by.

Look for industry experts that have broken links on their pages, reach out to them, and offer your content as an alternative.
Use list articles to find websites in your niche that might be valuable for link building relationships.

When promoting your website to influential people, write personalized messages that make your efforts look more genuine.

The Value of Link Building For Your SEO Strategy

We’ve discussed what hyperlinks are and how link building works, but you might still be wondering why you should care about link building at all if it takes so much time and effort. The reality is that link building is an important part of your SEO strategy.

Search engines use links to determine how to index websites and determine the rank a website should have within the SERPs (search engine results pages). A hyperlink is seen as a type of confidence vote or endorsement, which tells Google that others consider your site to be an expert on that field or subject. The more expertise that Google thinks you have, the better you’re going to rank for those specific keywords.

Ultimately, the more websites that have high-quality hyperlinks linking to your website, the higher your rank is going to be. That’s why it’s important that you follow the best practices and avoid using outdated tactics that could hurt you more than anything else.
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