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Are you looking for a site where you can send invite of greeting messages to someone loved one? Then this article is for you.

There is no doubt that Evite is one of the best sites for online invitation, party ideas, and greeting cards. Evite allows you send these for both paid and free. While many cards which will like to send to your close one may be premium but there are many free cards also.

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So, if you’re not satisfied with the options those Evite provides you, then you can look for these best Evite alternatives. These top sites like Evite allow you to send invitation, cards, and party ideas to others for free. All these top Evite alternatives are free and paid. That means, you can use these free for some limited use and when needed additional, you may subscribe the paid option.

Before going to the Evite alternative sites, let’s understand what are Evite sites?

What is Evite?

Evite is a social planning website for creation, management, and sending an online invitation. Evite was started in 1998 and since then they’re the leader in the industry. Evite offers a clean and easy to use interface using which you can send invitations very easily.

The working of the Evite site is very simple. Let’s say you’re organizing a party for 20 people. So, you create the event and then put the email ids of 20 people whom you want to invite. Then Evite will send them the invite on behalf of you.

Evite (link) is one of the best online invitation sites using which you can send the invitation to your loved ones. As we said, some of the features and options of Evite are paid while others are free and so, if you’re looking for more free options, then look for the below Evite alternatives.

10 top Evite alternatives | Sites like Evite

Here is the curated list of top 10 Evite alternatives. All these sites like Evite offer you to send online invitations free, cards, and other plans free.


Anyvite is one of the top Evite alternatives. It allows the users to design creative cards as per their choice free. You can create the cards with just one required field. It can be integrated with Twitter for easy sharing and promotion. To send the invite you can even use the email id from your Gmail id. The most favorable thing about Anyvite is, you can even sell tickets. For example, let’s say you have any premium event and for that you can collect the charge as well.

Anyvite has a mobile app as well which allows you manage the event from mobile as well. For full features, you can try their premium plan which starts at $24.95 per month.


CircleUp is another top site like Evite which allows you to create online invitation by email id. The application allows you track the event of any size. CircleUp doesn’t only help you send the invitation for the event but also track them for attendance. The event page will also show whether the invitee will be attending the event or not.

This is similar to what Facebook shows on its event page. The drawback of CircleUp application is, it may not be as easy to use as Evite.


Celebrations is another top site for gifts which can be flowers, gourmet gifts, handcraft baskets, and more. It is much more than just sending online invitations. Celebrations.com says itself as family of brands and contains dozens of brands.

Celebrations.com allows you to plan parties and gives you various ideas and templates for events. They have thousands of designs available and you can select the one as per your requirement. Celebrations.com is being considered one of the best sites for party organizations and invitations.


Shindigg is another site like Evite which offers you to create and manage events online easily. With Shindigg, you can even create a premium event and collect money on the same platform. You can promote your event to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

With Shindigg, you can easily create the event page, sell tickets, collect money, and market your event from the same platform. The features of Shindigg are awesome and so, we say Shindigg as one of the best alternatives to Evite.


Purpletrail is another top site like Evite which offers invitations, cards, planers, and gifts. You can use Purpletrail for the event announcement, party invitation, sending cards to your loved ones, and other related ceremonies. With more than 50k+ gift cards and templates, Purpletrail is one of the leading sites for events and invitations.

Many of these cards and templates are free while some are paid for which you need to pay. Usually their cards pricing is around $1.39 per card. The only drawback I found with Purpletrail is, minimum you need to order 20.


Punchbowl is a standard site for all kinds of online invitations. Just enter the email ids of invitees and invite in almost no time. They also have android and iOS apps using which you can manage the invitations from phone and keep track of who all is attending and who not.

Punchbowl can also help you with the party ideas and topics around it. You can also see the recent parties done around the surroundings. The site is one of the best Evite alternatives which works amazingly well for parties and cards.


Similar to what Evite is doing, Paperlesspost also does almost the same thing in budget. And so, we have kept Paperlesspost as one of the best alternatives to Evite.

Be it a holiday, birthday, weddings, parties, and others, Paperlesspost will never disappoint you with its amazing cards, templates, and gift ideas.

There are many cards and flyers which are available for free while some designs have been kept premium. Usually, the premium gift cards cost around 2 coins and you need to buy coins from the package. The more you buy the lesser price you need to pay. This sometimes may look extra burden to the users which are a drawback of Paperlesspost platform.


Minted is another Evite alternative where you can gift items for everyone. Yes, they have different sections like kids, arts, stationery, and more. This makes the user experience better and users can get what they’re looking for directly.

I found Minted little costlier compared to the other sites like Evite.com and the price starts at $2.6 and the minimum quantity is 25. The more quantity you will buy the cost will be reduced. Also, the great thing I found about Minted is, you can even select cards in different sizes like postcard, classic size, grand size, and more.


Smilebox, as the name suggests helps you send smiles to your closed ones. Smilebox is another great site like Evite offering to tell your stories of your life. And they mean it the way they have put up this line.

You can create a slideshow, send cards, create events and send invitations, create collages, and flyers. All the designs are just a 3-step process where first you choose the template, then customize and finally share the invitations. Please note all these 3 steps will be executed online. So, the invitees will receive a virtual card.


How can we forget our own Facebook.com? Yes, you can create the event on facebook and invite others to attend. The only problem with the Facebook invite is it is not so user-friendly like the other 9 Evite alternatives shared above.

Most of the time, Facebook invites are left unnoticed and so for some serious events, you should avoid this. Although you can create Facebook invites for promotions and creating a buzz but invitations should be done using any of the above online invitation sites.


These were the top 10 Evite alternatives which you can try. These sites like Evite will be very helpful if you’re not finding Evite good due to any reason.

I have personally tried many of these and they provide some amazing services. Till the time, you don’t have a premium event, you can try their free cards, flyer options and get your work done.

Have I missed any good online invitation sites used for events? Let me know in the comment box below.
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