12 Best Safe ROM Sites to Download ROMs

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If you have been looking for the best ROM for your game to play on emulators, then this is the right place. Here we will talk about some best safe Rom sites using which you download safe ROMs. This best safe ROMs sites 2019 will provide you the best ROMs for all your favorite games.

All these safe Rom sites have been checked carefully and are free from any kind of virus or malware. And so, freely you can download safe Rom from these sites.

12 Best Safe Rom Downloading Sites [Best Safe ROMs Sites]

Let's start and see some of the best Rom download sites. As said above, all these sites are safe to use and download. You can download all stuff related to game Rom for free.

#1 Gamulator

URL- https://www.gamulator.com/roms

This is the best safe ROM site currently available. Also, Gamulator is currently the best featured ROM site and emulator. They also keep on expanding their library with the new games regularly.

Gamulator allows you with two kinds of downloads-

1. Managed based download
2. Direct download

No matter which download you’re using both is safe and secure for you to download. The website lists the major ROMs like GBA, Mame, Sens, NDS, NES, and more.

#2 Romsplanet

 URL- romsplanet.com

Romsplanet is another great addition to our list of best safe ROM sites that allow you free download GameCube, GBA, WII, SNES, PS2, PSX, N64, and more. Along with the safe ROMs, Romsplanet also offers free emulators and games to you. The platform helps you reimagine the best hits of 80s and 90s on your computer and smartphones. Romsplanet offers clean files for both emulators and ROM software for you to download and all these are completely free to use.

#3 DopeROMs

URL- https://www.doperoms.com/
DopeROMs is another best safe ROMs site which has a huge library of ROMs to be downloaded. It is also a site for interactive video games and allows you to play backups. And then you can play these backups of games on either on your mobile phone or computers as you want.

DopeROMs is having one of the largest libraries of thousands of ROM to download in a safe and secure environment. Even by category if you’re not finding the desired ROM, just use the search bar at the top and get the desired safe ROM.

#4 ROM Hustler

URL- https://romhustler.org/

ROM Hustler is another best ROM site having a huge library for both ROMs and Emulators. You can also find a lot of games available on the site. You can find the ROM just by providing the keyword or by selecting through the console.

The site ensures that your device will be free from malware and any kind of virus. The listed ROMs and Emulators listed here are based on user reviews and votes. Also, they have a mobile version site which is also quite helpful.

#5 CoolROM

URL- https://coolrom.com.au/

If you’re looking for the best ROM 2020, CoolROM is the solution for you. It is also one of the safest ROMs available. CoolROM has more than thousands of emulators and ROMs available on the site.

All the major ROMs are here available for downloads like Atari, Neo, Sega, and more. The site also lists the top 25 ROMs and also top 25 Emulators. From here also you can select the best suitable ROMs for you.

#6 Romania

URL- https://romsmania.cc/

Romania is a professional site offering the best ROMs download. The site offers the best ROMs, Emulators, and BIOS. You can also play these online. Either you can select the safe ROM from the list or can use the search icon to search the best ROM for you.

Romania also lists the top 100 games to be played. Once you’ll browse the site, you’ll come to know why Romania is the best ROM downloading site.

#7 Retrosic

URL- https://www.retrostic.com

With 51 consoles, 83000+ ROMs, and 383 emulators, Retrosic is one of the best ROM sites. Just name the popular ROM or emulators and you’ll get there.

The best thing about Retrosic is, it offers you the safe download link and doesn’t allow any .exe file. All you have to do is, just browse through the game you want and start playing in no time. If some game is not working, you can select the emulator available which can help you play those games.

#8 The Eye

URL- http://the-eye.eu/public/rom

The Eye is a kind of repository where you can find all kinds of files related to ROM and Emulators. The eye holds ROMs for more than 60 consoles which cumulatively make 3 TB+ storage. The best thing about The Eye is you can find almost all the ROM sites for almost all the consoles you can think of.

#9 Emuparadise

URL- https://www.emuparadise.me/

Emuparadise claims to be the biggest retro gaming website on the earth and somehow this makes sense as well. A properly arranged site with proper categories to download safe ROM fast and secure.

Emuparadise also has a community where you can discuss any requirement or any kind of issue. Along with the safe ROMs, you can also download games, ISO, video games, music, guides, and more. Emuparadise also allows you to play the games directly in the most secure environment.

#10 Emulator Zone

URL- http://www.emulator-zone.com/doc.php/roms.html

Emulator Zone is one of the oldest ROM sites available. The site provides all the details about the ROM, Emulators, updates, download links, games, and more. All the top-level games like Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and more are available here.

#11 Vimm’s Lair

URL- https://vimm.net

Vimm’s Lair is another safe ROMs site in 2020 and is available since 1997 and is considered as one of the oldest ROM sites. The site provides us classic ROMs and Emulators. The site has almost all the classic games released in the US with more than 10 different game consoles. All the ROMs have been categorized nicely and you can even use the search criteria to find some.

#12 ROM World

URL- http://www.rom-world.org/
Looking for one place where you can get the best safe ROMs for Atari, Nintendo, Sega, and Sony and all their models and platforms?

ROM World is the solution for you. A simple site dedicated to ROM where you can find the console for all the major players in the market. Even if you’re not getting the ROM you were looking for or not in the language you were looking for, just send them an email and they will update quickly.


These were the best safe ROMs sites. You can use any of these sites to download ROMs and emulators as required. We have a separate post for iOS emulators for windows also which you may check if looking for specific emulators.
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