10 Best Classic Video Games For PC

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Classic video games are the kinds of games that will tug at your heartstrings and bring in waves of nostalgia to a player because of their charm and simplicity. It doesn’t even matter if you’re a devoted fan or just a casual player.

Classic video games all have meaning to anyone, no matter how small it is. Getting your hands on some classic games is an easy task now more than ever since there are ways to play these games legally. Not to mention that playing them with the right equipment like https://www.razer.com/gaming-mice can go a long way in enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Best Video Games for PC
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The great thing about classics is that you don’t need a high-end rig to enjoy them. Building a PC from scratch with just the minimum requirements is all you need to start playing classic games.

It will take a bit of research to find the best components for a budget PC, so if you want an option that takes care of all that, look into budget-friendly refurbished computers. You may get an older PC for less, but rest assured that reconditioned models run just as great as a fresh-from-the-box unit does.

You can be confident with pre-owned PCs because they have warranties, and they’ve been looked at and fixed by experts, so they can be sold again.

10 Best classic video games for PC

So, if you’re itching to try classic video games on the PC but don’t know which game to start with, this list helps you find out which ones are readily available.


Considered to be the first-person shooter that changed the course of history, Doom is a beloved franchise by id Software that started way back in the ’90s. Doom is playable anywhere and everywhere, and there’s a rich history behind the game you can learn about through No Clip's three-part video documentary.

It’s a great game to re-play, but many people go for the more modern version, which has been available since 2016. The revamped version still lives up to the classic and retains the same flair of the original.


It’s another classic FPS from id Software that focused more on multiplayer gaming and wowed everyone with its new 3-D graphics, which was relatively new in 1996. It supported up to eight players of multiplayer play and had maps specifically made for wreaking havoc against other players.

System Shock 2

This is the precursor to the beloved BioShock series as it is seen to have a similar narrative and style to some degree. This classic sci-fi horror FPS puts you in space to try preventing an infection from spreading. This is a great game to pick up if you want to scare yourself silly while still enjoying the story and gameplay.

Grim Fandango

This is a more underground but beloved classic adventure game developed by LucasArts in the late ’90s. Grim Fandango follows the tale of underworld travel agent Manny Calavera as he ushers the recently departed on their journey through the land of the dead.

Baldur’s Gate

This is a classic game many people still play to this day because of its devoted following. Baldur’s Gate is essentially a Dungeons and Dragons game brought to life through a digital medium and is an iconic RPG that many believe has set the bar for this genre.

Chrono Trigger

This is a Japanese RPG classic developed by the big names of the industry in the ’90s. Chrono Trigger is a game loved like no other by many. A timeless RPG classic about traveling through time, Chrono Trigger is one of those RPGs that demand your attention and successfully does just that with its enthralling story and charming 16-bit graphics style.

Half-Life 2

One of the most beloved PC titles of all time, Half-Life 2 is considered a masterpiece by fans. It earned a 10/10-star review on the gaming platform Steam, where you can download and play said game.


Another game still being played to this day, StarCraft is a real-time strategy game that relies on a player’s action per minute to progress successfully and win the game.

Resident Evil 2

Horror games look up to Resident Evil 2 because of its story, cinematic appeal, oppressive atmosphere, and creative level design. A remake of the game came out this year; however, many still enjoy the thrill of the classic game.

Diablo 2

Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo series is one of the most well-known PC games, with its second game the most famous in the lineup. As an action role-playing, hack-and-slash game, Diablo 2 defined this genre because of its solid gameplay, which many others have tried to emulate.

There are also classic games, like the original Pong, Pac-Man, and Space Invaders, which are playable online. Just follow the links, and enjoy the night away.

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