How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working?

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The answer to the question- How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working?, will be as easy as you would expect it to be. There are many factors into play including how good your website was initially, whether you had SEO done before, and even how much SO your competitors have invested in. Thus, the answer digital marketing experts give is that "it depends".

How Long Does SEO Take to Start Working?
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An SEO agency will usually claim that it will take you about four to six months before you can start seeing results. It is critical that you know that in that period you will only start seeing results, there is a lot of growth you will achieve over time.

Does ranking matter?

Yes, the ranking might give you a sense of how well the SEO is functioning; but no, it is not the final goal you want to achieve. While being placed in a higher rank in the search engine page is good to look at, it is useless if you don't get any leads or sales. It is important that you rather see your goal as generating more sales and leads rather than just being on top of the search engine results.

Factors affecting SEO

There are many factors that affect how long it will be before you can start seeing results of your SEO investment


Your content is the most important part of your website. Having proper content that people enjoy will translate into more traffic and higher rankings in search engines. While it might seem simple, creating well-written content will take a lot of time and money.

You can make a content plan like what all you will publish and when you will publish those. Also, you should stick to it. You may use the content planning tool like Trello or Google spreadsheet. Below is a simple content plan for a month-


Your keywords are your golden tickets to bring in your targeted customers. Thus creating content with required keywords will generate you the quality traffic you need. You may use the keyword planning tools to find easy-to-rank keywords which can actually rank in search engine.

Your business

Your business plays a key role in your SEO. It will give you an idea about how you want your SEO optimized. The methods of SEO for an international conglomerate are different than the ones used for a local dentist.


The more competition you have, the longer it will take for you to see results.

A standard timeline for the first few months of SEO

No two websites are the same, each one has its own history and the amount of time and money invested in it. While it is not to make a timeline that every website conforms to, here is the most plausible situation you will be in the first few months along with the results you might expect.

Month one

In order to effectively plan out an SEO strategy, research is Key. The first month is usually focused on gathering data on your website, thinking up of keyword strategies, researching and finally planning everything out. The period of research will vary between each site. If you are able to manage to do the research part quickly, you can soon move on to making technical changes to your website. A few big sites though require more than a month in doing research.

Month two

This is usually when you start working on the technical aspects of the SEO work. You will start using the data you've collected from your research to modify your website. In some cases, the website will have to be completely overhauled and this might even take months. Instead of wasting time waiting for the website to be back up, you could invest your time in creating better content for your pages and linking profiles. During this phase, you won't be able to see any increase in traffic until the technical work is complete

Month three

This is when you should start focusing on creating better content for your website. Work on your FAQs, company information, product descriptions, articles, and blogs. You could start optimizing your content while working on the technical aspects, but that can be a bit hard on your budget. Once you have started working on your content you must see an improvement in your ranking and should be getting more traffic. Don't keep high expectations that this little increased traffic will lead to better sales.

Month four

You must continue to invest in creating better content, optimizing the look and feel of your website and creating a healthy link profile. In this period, you must start seeing a significant increase in your rankings, organic traffic, and lead generation. While this is great you must remember it is just the starting.

Month five

Once you have your website's content and technical features optimized, you must start focusing on increasing your traffic. You must get started on the social media management part of your plan; this will help you produce better content while also increasing the direct traffic for your website. You must still be focusing on new and optimized content as it will help you increase your ranking while also possibly investing time and money into PR or media outreaches. By now you must start seeing more and more traffic pouring into your website through SEO and this should be translating into significant growth in your leads and sales.

Month six

Once you have noticed that the traffic on your website is growing towards your final goal, you must start working on converting this traffic into leads and sales. Conversion rate optimization is important in cashing in on the increased traffic. After this you must start focusing on creating better content and promoting it, you could also get creative with your website. The specific path that you must take depends on your company and the goal that you have in mind for your website.

An SEO is a long-term investment, the more the time you invest in it, the better the returns you will get. So, make sure you are ready to invest in SEO for a period of six to twelve months if you want to see results. Investing in SEO for just a month or two will be a waste of your money.

Although, SEO is a daunting subject matter whether it is unfamiliar to you, it’s crucial that you have some fundamental knowledge and review of your potential SEO agencies. In case you have any queries concerning how to pick an SEO service, you may want to get in touch with Search Media.

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