How to Hold a Perfect Local Social Campaign

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Do you want to know how you can increase the range and effectiveness of your local campaign? Then you are in the right place.

A social campaign can give your company that little push to reach the target group and thus boost your brand awareness. Such a campaign doesn't have to be as expensive as you might expect.

How to Hold a Perfect Local Social Campaign

How To Hold Perfect Local Social Campaign

Let's start and check how you can manage your social campaigns in a better way and make it profitable. Read below how to put your company in the spotlight.

1. Create a memorable message

Make sure that your message sounds as specific as possible. What do you want to make clear to your potential client with the campaign?

Try to summaries this message in a single sentence. In this case 'less' is 'more': keep the advertisement or campaign simple.

At the same time, an advertisement must be stimulating and distinctive so that customers are persuaded to take a look at your business.

2. Determine the target group

When you have set goals, it's important to find the target group that meets this wish. To create the clearest possible audience, it’s essential to be specific. One way to identify your ideal customer is to answer yourself several questions:

  • Do I focus on men, women or both?
  • How old are my potential customers?
  • What is the level of education of my clients?
  • How do my potential customers receive information?
  • What is the income of my customers?
  • What do my customers do in their free time?

The more questions you can answer, the better you get a picture of your target group.

3. Go for local Social Media

Social media, and especially Facebook, offer the possibility of having several local site pages under your main company page. This way you can help customers who are looking for a local branch.

Creating local location pages on social media has many advantages.

More visibility:

Social media can improve the online visibility of your local campaign and increase your website traffic.

Consistent brand:

Every local page automatically has the same profile and cover photo.

Access to all pages:

As the main page administrator you have access to all local pages. In this way, you can post messages or place advertisements anywhere, or only on some pages, in a powerful wave.

Local posts:

You can easily promote your posts locally by setting sponsored ads with your local target audience.


As a franchiser, you can clearly see how many people are interested in your campaign.

4. Go viral with discount codes and vouchers

People love discount codes. And once they have it, they also want to use it.

Suppose you have an online store and during checkout, your customers can get a discount code (for the next order). There is a high chance that they will come back soon for the next order.

5. Use the power of video

Video marketing continues to rise in popularity: in 2020, video is expected to make up more than 80% of total internet traffic.

With such statistics, your target audience probably watches online videos at least occasionally. That means that if you make great video content for your brand, there are chances that your potential clients will watch it.

6. Invest in promotional materials - custom stickers

Small promotional gifts are a great way to thank people for their attention. At the same time, such gifts strengthen your brand. For example, you can print custom stickers with your company logo on it: it will hardly cost you any money, and your customers will have your company name and contact details within reach in the coming months.

Remember that the visibility of your brand is not only short-lived. If you give away gifts of low quality, your company will make a wrong impression - the more creative the sticker is, the better results it can bring. The recipient will appreciate a unique, personal gift. Maybe he or she will post something on social media, which will put your brand in the spotlight even more.

7. Take your campaign to the street

For campaigns that focus mostly on people, there is no better way to gain brand recognition than to get in touch with potential customers. Order and spread custom designed t-shirts. Cool t-shirts with fresh design always draw attention and provoke interest, so don’t hesitate to invest money in this type of advertisement.

Make your campaign visible on the streets!

From a pop-up on the street to professional artists, a flash mob or people discovering a new world with VR headsets, the possibilities are endless.


There are many ways to promote your business. However, reaching out to local people is always a good idea to start. We hope that our ideas will help your company grow and achieve great statistics.
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