What is the Custom Plastic Fabrication Process?

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, May 27, 2019
The custom plastic fabrication process might look like it is an easy job when one talks about it, but in reality, it takes a lot of planning and closely examining the inputs and the outputs of the whole process for that to take place. custom plastic fabrication process is when the plastic products that are of no use for us, like the bottles and chairs, glasses, brushes and other plastic stuff that we do not like to stay at our house anymore.

All of these products can be turned into a molten form and then shaped into one final product. All of this takes place in seconds, yes this process is very fast, but that does not mean that it is an easy thing to do. A lot of research and technology is required for people to be able to do it for that matter, to be honest.

The design of custom plastic fabrication

1- The first thing that is done is a prototype is made; it is so that one must know what the desired output would be and how it would look like.

2- The design experts then take the prototype and create a 3D prototype model so that they can easily notice any possible problems that might arise during the process of fabrication.

3- Here there is time for suggestions and advice and some time to try and improve the design, and any other modification that might be needed can also take place here.

The custom molding and casting

1- For huge products that need to be made, the plastic casting process is for them.
2- All the plastic products are melted down in casting, a proper ratio of raw plastic materials and resins is added along with the dies, and then the mixture is melted into a liquid form.
3- Then the liquid is injected into custom-built fabrication mold, and allowed to cool for that matter.
4- Then it is forced out of the mold so that the next injection can take place and another product can be made as well.

Drape forming

1- When a plastic sheet is heated to take a shape that you want, like the windshield of motorcycles
2- That is done normally from plastic sheets that are cut into the rough shape and then heated and drooped into the perfect curve that the customer would need.
3- All the drilling and welding also comes under the drape forming as well, so that any plastic can be turned into the shape that the people demand.

End product

1- The polishing and buffing are needed so that the product may look and feel nice and so that any rough edges can be taken care of at this stage of the process now.
2- Any silk screening or mirror attaching is all done in this part of the whole plastic fabrication process so that the product is completely ready to be shipped to the customers.

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