Benefits of Behavior Change Marketing in Digital Spaces

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Thursday, May 30, 2019
In the modern era, digital spaces are the primary arena for individuals to interact with their community, voice their opinions and receive information about a variety of topics. The digital arena is the leading platform for e-commerce, information distribution and public debate. It, therefore, provides an abundance of information in relation to motivations and values of the general public.

This information is vital in order for any digital agency to influence sustained behaviour change. Read on to find the benefits of behaviour change marketing in digital spaces.


The growth of digital technology has revolutionised how the general public can be reached and influenced. Those attempting to change behavioural patterns have the ability to reach their intended audience in real-time on digital platforms. This produces a powerful and emotional connection to a subject matter or message, with the ability to reach a wider audience than is offered from traditional print and other non-digital media.

Digital media platforms are inherently consumer-driven, making them the most effective platforms to utilise when developing behaviour-influencing content. All digital and social media platforms include psychographic targeting tools, which deliver content to an individual based on their interests or previous online activity. This allows your message to reach the specific audiences whose behaviour you intend to influence. For any powerful digital campaign, outreach is a major method.


The concepts of exchange, rewards and incentives are integral when attempting to influence behaviour change in others. Digital and social media platforms utilise incentive-based marketing in order to influence consumer choices. No other marketing platform has the reach and ability to influence individuals in the same way as digital platforms.

Human beings are inherently influenced by the actions of others within their social communities. Using digital platforms, leading brands and retailers monetize this social trait by engaging influencers to promote their product or service. This motivates other members of the online community to make the same purchases.

The desire for human beings to mould to ‘group behaviours,’ can be utilised in order to created sustainable and wide-reaching behaviour change. When the desired behaviour is promoted as an aspirational or pro-social trait by leading influencers, other community members are encouraged to follow suit.


Due to their interactive and real-time nature, digital platforms heighten the level of community engagement to behaviour change campaigns. Rather than simply reading and forgetting an individual message, digital platforms allow organisations to create social forums and interactive applications that continuously reinforce the desired behaviour change.

Individuals are more likely to remain engaged and motivated to pursue and keep a changed behaviour when they are supported by other members of the community. Digital platforms enable high levels of engagement through the creation of online social networks, a community that no other platform is capable of forming.

Online weight-loss and healthy living programs are a prominent example of digital platforms creating an interactive environment that stimulates sustainable behaviour change in a broad online community.


The built-in analytics on digital platforms make it easy to evaluate and demonstrate the success of a behaviour change campaign. Many of these analytics are free to view and easy to understand. This enables organisations to monitor how their campaigns are performing and make any required amendments.

Just some of the analytics provided on digital platforms include:

  • Conversion rate
  • Number of likes
  • Number of views
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Web traffic
  • Segment traffic

Creating sustainable behaviour change through marketing requires a people-centred approach. By utilising the principles of sociology, psychology and anthropology, organisations are able to understand the motives of the general public and influence sustainable behaviour change via digital spaces.
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