iPad for Business - 3 Reasons You Need iPad for Mobile Working

By Ashutosh Jha → Last Updated on Monday, March 4, 2019
Working remotely is a beautiful thing. I'm currently sitting by a pool in coastal Vietnam as I'm writing this.

Even if you're based in an office, mobile working is important. Whether you're on a business lunch, on-call from home, or simply in a different part of your office, being able to communicate and share files from anywhere is a huge advantage.

iPad for Business
If you're looking to take your work mobile, you need to use your iPad for business communication and file sharing. Find out why below. 

#1 Remote Desktop Access

This is one of the most useful business features of an iPad. Say you've ducked out for a lunch meeting, and you need to access a file that isn't stored on the cloud. No laptop, no problem.

Apps like Microsoft Remote Desktop let you use your laptop or desktop from your iPad, allowing you to access files that aren't stored remotely. It basically turns your iPad into a mini version of your main computer!

#2 Mobile Business Communication

You can often use your cell phone for business communication, but it's not always the most effective method. Maybe you need to use your phone for a call while still taking notes, or maybe your business phone is in the cell phone repair store.

The iPad, when paired with the right apps, is an incredibly powerful tool for business communication.

Slack is one of the most popular apps for business communication, and for good reason. Slack allows you to chat with your office, host video and voice conference calls, create different channels for different teams, and message team members directly. Slack can be accessed from your iPad, your phone, and your laptop, depending on where you are in the field.

#3 Remote File Sharing and Storage

There are a plethora of great apps for cloud storage and remote sharing, and all of them are ideal for use with the iPad. The iPad allows adding a level of detail that you can't access with a cell phone. 

Dropbox is a classic app for remote file access, but my personal favorite for ease of use and quick sharing is Google Drive.

These apps are not only useful for sharing files amongst team members and business partners. It's useful for sharing with yourself. With remote file sharing, you can snap a quick photo with your phone, and access it immediately on your iPad or desktop to do some detailed editing or to add important text information.

Optimizing Your iPad for Business Opportunities

Now that you have the lowdown on why an iPad can help take your business mobile, it's time to learn how to optimize these opportunities. Using your iPad for business communication and file sharing won't help much if you don't know how to properly market your business.

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